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"Video Games" Jungkook X Reader (SMUT)

“Video game”

Jungkook x Reader (SMUT)

You headed over to the BTS house. Video game day for Tae, Jungkook and you. You were having a friendly competition to see who would get the highest score by the end of the week. You were way ahead of them jungkook coming in second and Tae last.

You knocked on the door and to your surprise you couldn’t really hear anyone. Jungkook opened the door smiling “hey Y/n!” He said happily. “Hey Kookie! Ready to lose” You teased. He laughed a bit and looked at you for a second “Tae had to go do somethings so it’s just me and you” his voice a bit shakey. You two would be together by yourselves, it made you nervous but excited.

“That’s alright you and I can play while he’s gone” you said as you walked inside. He smiled “alright I got snacks and everything ready” he smiled. You two headed to the room and played for about and hour.

“Y/n you have to be cheating!” Jungkook whined your score being a lot higher than his. “I’m not cheating maybe you’re just bad” you giggled. You glanced over at him, his hair was a bit messy from him running his hands through it. You looked back at you screen and breathed deeply. Jungkook was a very attractive guy and you found yourself staring at him more than once. You looked over again and saw him biting his lip, and then something rose in you. Your mouth started to became dry and you couldn’t look away. “Ha i got you!” He boasted. You looked back at the screen to see your guy dead.

“You’re losing it Y/Nickname” he laughed. You playfully pushed him and laughed a bit. Next round you two were neck and neck “your gonna lose again” he teased “oh yeah” you replied. You smirked and started to tickle him and play with his controller. “Hey” he said trying to pause the game “no cheating” you giggled but didn’t stop. “Y/n stop it” you said through laughing. “Or what?” He teased him tickling him more.

He finally paused it and he quickly tackled you, his body against yours. He had your hands pinned down and was super close to your face. “You couldn’t handle me winning could you” he chuckled.

In that instant you don’t know what came over you but you leaned forward and kissed his lips. He didn’t pull away maybe out of shock but you were so glad. His lips were super soft and they almost tasted sweet. You wrapped your legs around him trying to pull him closer. He let out the softest moan against your lips as soon as his lower body pressed against yours. To your happy surprise he was kinda hard.

He pulled away looking down at you “y/n” he said almost barely audible. You looked up at him and bit your lip he looked so damn good. “Jungkook” you said with a soft moan. He bit his lip and leaned down to you “please I want you” you whispered against his ear.

He groaned and stared kissing your neck, he let go of your hands and caressed your breast. You moaned at The feeling of his touch. You pulled your shirt down a bit so he could get a better feel. His face although very red was also very full of lust. He wanted you as much as you did him. He made his was from your neck to your breast sucking sloppily on your nipple as he played with the other. You squirmed under him out of pleasure moaning at every flick of his tongue.

You couldn’t take it you wanted him you needed him inside you. You started to rock your hips again his feeling his completely rock hard member. “Please jungkook I need you, I need to feel you inside me.” You started to untie his sweatpants quickly pulling out his thick member. His tip was already wet from precum. As you moved your hand softly up and down his shaft he stopped your hand. He looked down at you with hooded eyes “y/n I already know I won’t be able to last long that’s not gonna help either” he said with a little laugh. You smirked “that’s ok I don’t think I will either” you said pulling him down into a kiss.

He deepened this kiss as he slid his tongue into your mouth. “Are you really sure about this about me?” He said softly looking into your eye. “Jungkook I’ve had the biggest crush on you forever, I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather be with” you said making him smile. He spit on his hand a bit to lube himself up. He rubbed your clit softly but was amazed by how soaked you already were. “Wow y/n you’re so wet” he said breathy. “Wet for you” you said back. He let out a soft groan at your words.

He took the head and rubbed it up and down your folds and almost in sync you both moaned. He slowly pushed himself into you. His member felt so big so thick and it couldn’t feel any better.

He started to move slowly making sure not to hurt you but even more making sure not to bust already. “Y/n you’re so warm around me” he moaned. You were about to say something back but he started moving faster. “Fuck” you said louder than you wanted. “I hope you know you’re all mine now” he said with a smirk. “I wouldn’t want it any other way” you said with out hesitation.

He started speeding up a bit you could hear the sound of skin slapping which only turned you on more. He held you close as he moved asking ever so often if you were ok.

You felt your high coming and he must have to. He moved faster feeling your walls tighten around him. “Y/n let’s cum together” he said softly as he pulled you into a kiss. You nodded, he moved deeper in you, your walls almost pulling him deeper. He groaned loudly and reached down to rub your clit “cum for me beautiful” he said breathy.

You felt the coil in your stomach break almost like a damn breaking. You felt a rush of heat and pleasure as you came. “Jungkook!” You moaned loudly him riding out your high before pulling out. He quickly grabbed an old shirt across the room. He pumped once and let out the throatiest moan as he came.

He looked at you both of you catching your breath he pulled you close and kissed you lovingly. “Hey! I’m home guys! We’re are you?” Jungkook franticly pulled away. “Shit Taes back!” You said his eyes wide you fixed your skirt and jungkook fixed his pants.

“Here” he gave you your controller and started the game. A few seconds later Tae came into the room “there you two are! Have you been playing all day?” He asked sitting beside Jungkook. He looked at him for a second “damn she must be winning cause your face is beat red.” He chuckled and Jungkook and you just looked at each other and laughed.

Something More - Theo Raeken

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Summary: Theo and Y/n are fwb, the pack has no acknowledgement on their status. 

Warning: some smut,fluff and terrible writing 


“Hey Princess” Theo smirked making his way toward Malia and I “ugh get a life Theo” Malia groaned he stopped in front of me “can I catch you after school?” he looked at me expectantly “in your dreams” I fought back the small smile that wanted to make an appearance “your already there” he winked walking away to his locker near the end of the hallway. Damn that boy really knew how to make me melt.

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                        - PART III

Kai Parker x Reader
           (x The Mikaelsons)
word count
: 3 289 
* gif by lightwoodxalec

Y/N stood in front of the mirror in her bedroom , fixing her dress and curling her hair in slight waves. The was a knock on the door and she quickly left the curling iron aside , jumping towards the door.
“Wow.” said Kai , his eyes going wide. He cleared his throat. “You look amazing.”
“Thank you.” she smiled. “I’m almost ready. Just a few more minutes. You can wait inside.”
Kai stood awkwardly at the door starring at her. He had thought there was no way for him to fall harder for her , yet there it was. The urge to kiss her and hold her in his arms was overwhelming. Y/N glanced at him and pulled him in her room , closing the door behind him.
“Don’t be nervous. The party won’t be that big.” she said noticing his look. “I asked Klaus to reduce the guest list.”
Y/N bent over picking her shoes. Kai glanced at her quizically. “Converses ? Really ?”
“I’ll need comfy shoes if I want to dance with you all night.” she smiled sitting on the bed next to him.
Kai smiled back at her , thinking about what was on her mind. She wanted to dance with him all night quickly putting on her shoes and tying the laces before getting up.
“I don’t dance , Y/N. Specially not in front of people.” Y/N tilted her head giving him the look stretching her hand for him. Kai got up , taking it and pulling her a little closer. “Okay, one dance.” he said softly.
Y/N smiled at him , swinging his arm across her shoulder as they walked of her bedroom together.. Slowly they made their way down the hall where Rebekah and Kol popped up.
“Y/N !” exlaimed Rebekah , her eyes falling on the converses she was wearing. “No. No , no… Take those off ! They don’t go with that dress.”
Kol laughed under his breath at his sister’s comment , not taking his eyes off Y/N. “Relax Bex. It’s her party , she should wear what she chooses. You look perfect , darling.” he said smiling at her , then shooting dangers with his eyes at Kai who’s eyes were on Y/N too.

The party had turned out bigger than either Kai and Y/N had expected. It was like Klaus had compelled the entire town to come and celebrate with them. Even tho there were so many people and the fact she hadn’t seen Klaus or met his siblings before , she spent most of the party with him talking and drinking.
Kai kept his promise and they danced to the first song together then they retracted one of the corners , having a drink.
“Come dance with me.” Y/N asked Kai smiling. He shook his head. “Did you really think I’d let you off the hook after one dance ? Not a chance. Please ?”
“I don’t dance Y/N , you know that.”
“Sure you do. Just let go and follow my lead.” she smiled.
Y/N took his hand , pulling him out of his seat and after her towards the dancing crowd. There wasn’t much space for them to move and their bodies pressed together all the time. She threw her hands in the air , smiling at him and jumping as the rhythm wient. Kai couldn’t help but smile and laugh too. He relaxed a bit and let go , both of them dancing in perfect sync. Y/N turned around pressing her back against him , his hands on her waist. All off the sudden a slow song started playing and he twirled her around. Their eyes met as she hooked her hands around his neck , his hands on her waist.
“I thought you said you didn’t dance.” she teased.
He smiled at her resting his forehead on hers for a moment.
“I guess for you I’d do anything.”
Kai wanted to kiss her so badly in that moment , her eyes drifted between his eyes and his lips. For a moment it felt as if they were the only two people in the world again. Y/N felt butterflies flap their wings in her stomach and her heart flutter. Kai was perfect , absolutely perfect. Y/N was getting lost in his brilliantly blue eyes , drowning in them. His hands on her waist felt so right. All she wanted was to feel him closer to her , to feel his soft lips on hers. She pulled his face closer to hers , his lips hovering over hers almost touching.
“Can I steal her from you for a moment?” Kol asked interrupting them , placing a hand on Y/N’s shoulder.
Y/N blinked a few times still starring at Kai , thinking about what would’ve happened if they hadn’t gotten interrupted. Wishing … they hadn’t been interrupted. Kai unhooked her hands from his neck , as she seemed frozen in place.
“Um yeah… sure.” said Kai kissing Y/N on her forehead before drifting away in the crowd. He didn’t want to get the wrath of an original on him , but also couldn’t help being angry they got interrupted just as he was about to finally kiss her.

Kol placed his hands on Y/N waist as she hooked hers around his neck.
“You OK , love ? You seem a little … distracted.”
Y/N blinked a few more times , glancing for a moment at Kai who was making his way through the crowd. She wanted to kiss him , to somehow turn back time a few minutes and kiss him before they got interrupted.
“There are too many people here…That’s all.” she smiled nervously thinking about how Kai had nearly kissed her and how right now he was left alone in the crowd. “Klaus has gone a little overboard this time even though I specifically asked him to keep it small.”
Kol stroked her cheek with his fingers.
“Nonsense. You deserve a lot more , love.”
Y/N smiled at him. Kol was nice , she couldn’t imagine why his brother would keep daggering him repeatedly over the centuries. The Mikaelson family relationships were hard to understand sometimes. They loved and cared for each other , but also crossed each other.
“What did you do to get Klaus to keep you daggered for so long ?” she asked curious.
“You know my brother. Every little infraction his siblings do ends up with a dagger in the heart.” said Kol. “Lets not talk about this now , shall we ? I would much rather talk about you. Your hopes , your dreams…”
Kol had been watching her the entire night. Y/N made him feel in a way he hadn’t felt in a long time. Not since Davina. Her smile , her eyes .. her endless positivity and kindness. She acted like a human , but she wasn’t. Klaus had told him she was special but he hadn’t meant the fact she was a thrybrid , no. He had meant the way she responds to life. Kol wasn’t sure how exactly but barely a day since he had met her , he felt himself falling in love with her.
“Hopes and dreams?” she smiled. “I don’t know. What more can I ask for ? I have everything - people who love me and care for me , a family. A best friend…”
Y/N thought about Kai , glancing at him through the crowd. He was talking with Klaus. She smiled knowing two of the most important people in her life were getting along. Kol tilted her chin , gazing into her eyes. He smiled at her and she felt butterflies flap their wings in her stomach , then she felt guilty for feeling that way.
“What about a boyfriend?” Kol asked suddenly. Her cheeks flushed and she looked away for a moment.
“No. That I don’t have. Maybe at some point …”
Kol took her hand twirling her around as the song kept playing , then dipped her pulling her closer to him afterwards. Y/N laughed , feeling out of breath , like the walls were closing in. The crowd seemed to push them closer together.
“OH I LOVE THIS SONG!” Y/N said excitedly as another song started and Kol laughed with her. They danced and jumped , Kol couldn’t take his eyes off her. The way she moved , how her eyes sparkled drew him even more towards her. He wanted to pull her closer to him , to feel her warmth and kiss her rosey lips. Y/N had taken his breath away since the moment he had first seen her.
The music slowed down as if reading his mind. Kol snaked his hands around her waist , resting his forehead on hers.
“You are amazing.” he said smiling , his hot breath on her face intoxicating her. “So full of life. I like that about you… I haven’t felt like a human in a long time and beign around you I do. You’ve awoken something in me , Y/N.”
Y/N felt her cheeks blush and she smiled at him , getting lost in his eyes. His accent was starting to do things to her and she found herself wanting to kiss him. Her hands lightly brushed against his hair , pulling him a little closer to her.
“Do you want to go some place a little more private darling ? It’s too noisey here to talk.” said Kol , unhooking her hands from his neck.
Y/N blinked a few times , wondering what’s wrong with her. How could she want to be with both Kai and Kol at the same time ? Both of them had made her feel things she hadn’t felt in ages. Kol smiled at her , taking her hand and leading her away from the crowd.

Kai sat a little outside of the crowd at the party. He didn’t feel comfortable around all those people , specially since he barely knew anyone except Y/N. She was still dancing with Kol and both of them had been pushed closer together. Kai felt an anger inside , watching her dance with someone else. He had been so lost in his thoughts , he hadn’t even noticed Klaus coming to sit with him.
“You like her.” Klaus said , taking a sip from his bourbon. “Don’t deny it , it’s all over your face.”
Kai took a sip from his glass , looking at the floor for a few moments before replying. Of course he liked her , he was even starting to think he is in love with her. He hadn’t know what being in love with someone felt like until he had met her.
“Even if I do , she doesn’t feel the same way about me. How can she ? She is so pure and kind… I am the exact opposite. The black sheep , the abomination … I don’t deserve to have her even as a friend.”
Klaus patted his back.
“I used to think the same. Then I met Cami. She saw good in me just like Y/N sees the good in you. You might not see it , but she likes you too. I know her well , probably better than she knows herself… Y/N cares about you.”
Kai looked back at Y/N dancing with Kol, her hands around his neck and his hands on her waist as they danced to the slow song. He looked at the way she was looking at Kol and the way he was looking at her.
“Doesn’t seem like it.”
Kai watched as Kol took Y/N’s hand pulling her behind him away from the crowd , and suddenly he felt as if his heart is being ripped out of his chest. He finished his drink quickly and got up , heading outside unable to watch Y/N in someone else’s arms anymore.The anger he felt burned inside his veins. A couple was walking down the street , Kai felt his anger take over blurring with his vampirism into one emotion - hunger. He vamp - ran towards the couple , not even boring to compell any of them , and sank his teeth into the guy’s neck while the girl ran away screaminng. After he had drained every drop of blood from the guy’s veins he chased after the girl , quickly catching up with her.
Nothing to be afraid of , sweetheart.” he compelled her , taking a step closer. His hand pushing off the hair from her neck , his fingertips feeling her blood flowing in her veins , her heart racing. Kai looked into her eyes , which resembled Y/N’s so much and suddenly he snapped out of murderous mood. He had let his anger take over and he didn’t want to be this person anymore. He wanted to be good … for her.
Go home and forget you ever met me.” he compelled the girl and then quckly went to dispose of her dead boyfriend’s body.

Kol pulled her into one of the darker corners of the room. They talked and talked , more like Y/N talked telling him her story , what she likes and dislikes. The more they talked the more Kol fell for her. There were things they had in common - music , movies , books. He promised to let her browse his collection of books collected over the years and her eyes glowed at his words.
Then he told her about his life , how it had felt amazing to be a witch again even if it was for a little while. Y/N had no idea how long they talked and she was starting to really like Kol , the ‘happy homicidial maniac’ as he had reffered to himself.
“You are a true sight of beauty.” Kol said gazing into her eyes slowly leaning in. “There is something I’ve wanted to do all night.”
“What ?” she asked her eyes meeting his for a moment. Kol cupped her face , his lips hovering over hers.
“This.” he said , pulling her lips into a gentle kiss.
Y/N felt like she was flying a different kind of warmth she hadn’t felt in years , not sure before she turned , spread through her body. Everything felt perfect until the peck of guilt showed up again. Kol pulled away gazing longingly into her eyes.
“Do you want to go out with me sometime ? Friday maybe?” Kol asked smiling , tucking in a strand of hair behind her ear.
“I’d love to…but not Friday. I’ve made a promise for this weekend which I intend to keep.” she said smiling. She and Kai had planned a movie weekend at the local cinema. He had been so excited to see the new Baywatch there was no way she’d cancel. “How about Monday ?”
“Monday sounds perfect , darling.”

Kai returned to the party , bumping into Rebekah at the entrance.
“Out for a quick bite ?” she asked smiling , wiping a drop of blood from Kai’s chin. “You know , the party is filled with humans right ?” she said smiling.
Kai kept looking at the ground , trying to figure out a way to tell Rebekah that he wanted to be alone. Except that wasn’t the truth. He didn’t want to be alone , he wanted to be with Y/N.
“I know , I just … Excuse me.” he said pushing his way past her , looking for Y/N in the crowd. His eyes searched for her and finally found her in one of the darkened corners with … Kol. He was leaning in , his hands cupping her face and then he kissed her. Kol kissed Y/N. In that moment Kai felt as if his heart was being ripped out of his chest. He turned around only to find Rebekah right behind him , her gaze following to where Kai’s had been a few moments ago.
Kai felt crushed and angry … a different kind of anger. Jealousy.
No matter what Y/N had said , in the end he just knew he’d lose her… and now he knew to who.
“Ignore him.” said Rebekah. “He will back off eventually.”
“It’s not bothering me.” Kai lied. “We are just friends. Y/N is free to do whatever she wants with whomever she wants.”
Rebekah tilted her head and started to say something but stopped herself. Instead her hand reached for his and she pulled him onto the couch a few meters away , compelling the couple making out there to find another place to ‘chat’.
“So … Tell me , how did you end up in that Prison World ?” she asked curious , taking a sip from her drink. “I heard Bonnie bloody Bennett had something to do with it… ”

The rest of the party was a blur. Rebekah had been super nice to him , keeping him company and listening to him talk and talk about everything… but Y/N. Somehow she had managed to distract him and by the end of the party he even danced with her for a little bit. Around 1AM he walked upstairs heading into his bedroom , the party was slowly starting to clear out and Y/N was still talking with Kol. He didn’t feel like interrupting them , not trusting himself being around her at the moment.

Kai laid awake in his bed that night. Thinking , or more likely trying not to think. Specially about what he had seen earlier at the party. Every time he closed his eyes he could see Y/N in Kol’s arms , he could see them kissing. If only they hadn’t been interrupted … like Kol did it on purpose or something. It would’ve been him who’d kiss her and hold her like that. There was a knock on the door and a moment later Y/N popped her head inside.
“Can I come in ?”
Kai stared at her. She looked so beautiful , her smile making his heart stop for a whole minute.He pulled himself into a sitting position and gave her a slight nod.
“Shouldn’t you be in Kol’s room ?” he asked trying to keep his voice indifferent.
Y/N sat on the edge of the bed , a sigh escaping her lips. “You saw ?”
“Well , I don’t want to be in Kol’s bedroom. I want to be here. With you.” she said pulling herself onto the bed. “I’m sorry I left you alone at the party. You seemed to have fun with Rebekah though … ”
Kai noticed something different in her voice as she said that , a hint of jealousy. No , he had imagined it. Why would she be jealous ? He fell silent for a long moment , looking at the ceiling but not at her. Y/N titled his chin until he met her eyes.
“Are you OK ? You seem upset ?”
“Yeah , I’m … I’m fine. Just tired.” he said managing a small smile. No matter how much the thought of Y/N being with someone else angered him , she still managed to make him smile even when he wished he would vanish into thin air. “There were so many people at that party … It was exhausting. Klaus and Rebekah are fun though.”
Y/N snuggled closer to him, resting her head on his chest listening to his breathing and feeling his uneven heartbeat. He was lying and she wanted to know why , but knew better than to push on the subject right now. Usually Kai would’ve wrapped his hand around her by now , it was taking him longer this time.
Why won’t he hug me? she wondered.
Just as she was about to ask he wrapped his arms around her pulling her closer than ever. As nice as it had felt being in Kol’s arms , being in Kai’s felt different .. like they were two pieces of a puzzle , a perfect match.
“Are we still on for the movie weekend ?” he asked suddenly. Kai had been worried that now Y/N would start ignoring him to spend time with Kol and would probably cancel their plans.
“Yes. Just the two of us. As promised.” she said smiling.
“Can’t wait.” he said and Y/N could hear the smile in his voice.

MASTERLIST March / April 2017
“Kiss Me Already”, George Weasley x Reader

request: from anon: “13 with george” | coming up, anon! hope my writing doesn’t suck as much as my crummy attitude does rn, maybe writing some georgie will help me feel better :) welp hope you like all this damn fluff, i’m such a nerd

prompt: “would you just shut up and kiss me already?”

warnings: lol guys do i ever having warnings??? i am all fluff ok

   “How–could–you?” George was trying his hardest to get his words out despite his hysterics.
   “I thought it was rather hilarious,” you replied to him as he continued to chase you throughout the corridors.
   When his laughter came to a slow, his speed increased and he caught up to you rather quickly. You felt the familiarity of his arms around your waist, his chin nuzzled into your neck, the quiet sound of his fading giggles in your ears. You grinned at it, at all of it.
   “You thought it was hilarious to use the tickling charm on me in the middle of Defense Against the Dark Arts? Seriously?” he asked you, pretending to sound annoyed, but the curl of his lips told you otherwise. He clearly found it quite amusing, too.
   You scoffed, whirling around and pushing on his chest. “Certainly made my Monday a bit better, watching you squirm in your seat and stifle your laughter as Umbridge was seething–”
   “Will it be as funny next time when I do that to you?” he asked, his eyes swimming with delight.
   You backed away, but his fingers grabbed at your waist too quickly for you to keep on running away playfully. “No, no way!” you told him, giggling through exasperated breaths. “You know the rules for this prank war we’ve made, Georgie–no copying previous spells or charms used. Tickling charm is out. You’ll just have to come up with something better for next time,” you winked at him and saw his cheeks go rosy.
   The two of you continued to laugh and stumbled out onto the very empty courtyard. It was like a ghost town. The sun shown down on the two of you; you could feel the warmth on the back of your neck and you breathed in the sweet, spring air.
   “Who would’ve thought that my own girlfriend could out-prank me?” George inquired, peering down at you, his grasp around your waist tightening. “I mean, blimey, I dunno anyone at it better than me and Freddie–we’ve always been the best. Always.”
   You proceeded to twirl your hair with one finger and said, “You got your work cut out for you then, Georgie,”
   You felt his hands in your hair and a laugh escaped his lips. “Yeah, yeah…don’t you worry…I’ll be back to being the number one prankster in no time–guess I’ve been a bit distracted because I love you so bloody much–”
   He stopped quite abruptly, even before you could wrap your mind around the words that had just escaped his mouth. You could feel the hold on your waist loosen, and color flooded George’s cheeks. His eyes were wide and searched the courtyard for any sort of escape from this moment, but there was none. “W-what?” you asked him, your lips forming into a smirk.
   “Wow,” he replied, sounding exasperated. “I-I’m so sorry, I just…this was not how I wanted to say it to you, darling, I had this entire evening planned for just the two of us–and I was going to wait for a special moment–because you deserve that, and I can’t believe I’ve just bloody ruined it–”
   You cut him off. “George–”
   And he did the same to you. “I’m–I’m so sorry, I’ve been really wanting to say it, I suppose–I just can’t believe myself right now! I can’t believe I’ve let it slip–”
   “Georgie!” you laughed, placing your hands on his chest and feeling the rise and fall of it as his nerves continued to take a toll on his heavy breathing. You smirked again, not believing this hectic and scattered side of him, and he closed his eyes and shook his head in utter disbelief. You giggled a little to yourself, brought your hand to his cheek, and told him, “I love you, too.”
   His eyes reopened with a flutter and you noticed a small little smile forming before he began spewing out words once again. “Well that…that makes me really happy,” he was noticeably taken aback, “…but…I didn’t ruin it, did I? We can just forget about it, Y/N, and tomorrow evening I’ll just say it in a way so you know I really mean it–it’ll be perfect–Merlin, I can’t believe it, I just can’t–”
   But you placed your finger gently to his lips and he stopped, taking you in. You bit your lip and peered into his eyes before saying, “Oh it was perfect, Georgie–now would you just shut up and kiss me already?”
You quickly pulled him closer to you, taking in his surprise as he wrapped his arms gingerly around your waist before sinking into you. His lips moved in sync with yours, hungry and passionate and clumsy. When you pulled away suddenly, he cleared his throat before smirking a bit. “Perfect, huh?” he winked and you nodded. He quickly nipped at your neck and you tightened your embrace. He was certainly back to his old self–calm and cool and suave. He winked once more before asking, “Who said you could stop? Just kiss me already,” he mocked.
   You playfully swatted him with the end of your sweater sleeve before jumping up and wrapping your legs around the back of his waist and hungrily kissing him as if you had all the time in the world.

Marner - Part III

(1) (2)

Word Count: 1897

Player: Patrik Laine (Winnipeg Jets)

feat. Mitchell Marner (Toronto Maple Leafs)

Warning/s: brotherly teasing? @theamericannight, this is the last part

Originally posted by puckducky

“Y/n, come on, wake up!”, Chris complained while nudging your side with his foot.

“Get your gross feet away from me, Christoper.”, you growled.

You hadn’t even noticed that you had fallen asleep. The last thing that you remembered was that you tried to do the last of your reading week assignments. But that book you had to read? Damn. How did the author write it without dying of boredom? It made you contemplate on whether you should go to sleep again, risking not being able to sleep through the night. Even waking up at 4 AM was better than that book though.

“I will if you answer your damn phone.”, Chris muttered in annoyance.

It only then dawned on you that your phone was angrily buzzing. And because you had set it down on the coffee table, the upper part of the table was vibrating in sync with the phone. Which resulted in a loud noise that you really wanted to stop. You carefully stuck out your hand - eyes fluttering open slowly - and you answered the call without even looking at the caller I.D.

“Hello?”, you questioned as you sat up on the couch.

“Hey, babe. Did I wake you?”

Of course, you forgot that Patrik wanted to call you before the game! Thank god Chris woke you up. Otherwise, you would’ve been really mad at yourself.

“Oh, hey Pat. Yeah, kinda. But it’s fine. Homework was just really boring so I dozed off.”, you explained.

“How’s home?”, he asked on the other end of the line.

Reading week coincidentally lined up with your Mom’s birthday, so your parents insisted on flying you home to visit them. You missed them, so you took the chance. And you couldn’t say no to your Mom. 

All she wanted was to spend her birthday with her family. With all the work she did raising three kids she probably would’ve deserved a freaking Parade! But if your trip and her birthday could’ve been in any other week, you would gladly switch. Patrik’s first game after his concussion was coming up, and you really wanted to be there.

Especially, since you had been scared shitless when you got the initial call from Ehlers, late at night when they were still in Buffalo. That one game! You didn’t miss a lot of his games, but you missed that one due to college, so you missed that he was injured. As a result, you didn’t want to miss any more games, kind of scared that he would get hurt again.

“It’s great, my brother is annoying though.”, you replied, glaring at Chris. 

Chris was staring at you. He didn’t even try to hide the fact that he shamelessly listening to your conversation. In response to your glare, Chris rolled his eyes. A very Marner-move that you learned early on. But Chris turned his eyes back to his phone, although you could see that he was still listening. Human decency was not his strong suit.

“Chris?”, Patrik chuckled.

“Yeah, that one.”

“And the other one?”, Patrik asked carefully. You let out a sigh.

“Same old, same old.”

Ever since your fight when he was in town, Mitch hadn’t talked to you. It was childish, annoying and it obviously hurt you, but he just flat out ignored your existence. It was hard not to be in contact with him anymore, considering that you used to call each other every other day and now it was like you were strangers.

Steph called you a lot too, and instead of her calls stopping too, they evolved into the occasional Mitchell-Update. You didn’t really want to talk about it, but Steph insisted that Mitch was sorry. He just couldn’t get over his own pride and apologize or talk it out. According to her, it was only a matter of time. But that didn’t change anything. And it didn’t make anything better either since Mitch was unwillingly involving your parents in the whole drama that he was creating.

“He’s gonna come around.”, Patrik assured you.

“I know. But-”, you started, but you cut yourself off when you heard another voice on the other end of the line.

“Come on, loverboy. Just tell her you miss her and tell me what Pizza you want!”, Ehler’s muffled voice whined. 

You burst out laughing, scaring Chris who didn’t expect anything. Chris looked at you like he was having a heart-attack, but you just shrugged it off.

“Was that Nik in the background?”, you asked when you finally calmed down.

“Yeah, he’s annoying. Is it too late to move out?”, Patrik joked.

“I think it is. But be careful, remember, Nik isn’t very patient when it comes to pizza.”

“Wait a second.”, Patrik chuckled.

You stayed on the line, a little confused but not for long. Soon you could hear them bickering over the pizza like an old married couple, making you laugh even harder.

“Ok, I solved the pizza thing.”, Pat said, a smile evident in his voice when he heard you laughing.

“What I wanted to ask is how you’re feeling. You ready for your first game back?”, you wondered, a little worried still.

“I feel great, don’t worry.”

“It’s only been seven games. Your sure don’t want to make it eight?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I appreciate your offer, but from now on you’ll have to share me with hockey again. I’m going to die of boredom when I have to miss another game.”

You grinned at his words, twisting the bracelet on your wrist.

“Fine. But be careful. Last thing we need is another 3 AM waiting session in the hospital. I’ll kick your ass myself if you scare me like that again.”, you warned.

“I won’t. But seriously, you owe me when you come back.”

“Why do I owe you?”, you chuckled.

“You’re gone for a whole week. Unfair move.”

“Aw. Sounds like someone’s missing me. And I owe you shit, remember that feeling when you’re on the next road trip.”, you cackled.

“Wow. You are so mean.”, he fake gasped.

“Yeah, but I miss you too, so we’re even on that one.”

Chris looked back up at you, raising his eyebrows. You shot him a filthy look, rolling your eyes at him.

“Chris, Y/n, dinner is ready!”, your Mom called from the kitchen. 

You turned around to see her smiling at you, your Dad sitting at the table with his tablet. Mitch was there too, looking at you, although he looked away when you met his eyes. Wow, very mature.

“Sounds like you gotta go.”, Patrik mumbled.

“Yeah, I gotta. When are you heading out to MTS Centre?”

“In about an hour and a half.”

“Good luck. You’re ready to play. Kick some Shark ass.”, you assured him.

“I will. Love you.”, he said

“Love you too.”, you replied before you removed your phone from your ear and hung up. Chris was still looking at you, wiggling his eyebrows.

“What’s your problem, Christopher?”, you muttered.

“Are you blackmailing that guy, or why is he putting up with you for so long?”, Chris snorted.

“Of course not. But you got a girlfriend at some point so truly everything is possible.”, you retorted as you made your way over to the kitchen.

“Y/n, Chris, stop teasing each other.”, your Mom scolded. 

You plopped down on your usual seat, Mitchell’s eyes burning themselves into your skin as you passed him. Your brothers were annoying. How did you manage to grow up with these two in the house without going completely insane? You looked up from twisting your bracelet again, right as Chris sat down on the opposite side of the table, still smirking at you.

“You’re going soft, sis.”, he chirped.

“I’m not!”

“Oh totally. And why are you playing with that bracelet the whole time?” Chris had noticed your repeated motion back on the couch, and now you were doing it again. He was too curious for his own good.

“Nothing.”, you shrugged off.

“I like it. Is that a new one?”, your Mom asked, playing the food on your table. Did your family hate you? Mitch was obviously still mad at you, so you really didn’t want to tell them the deeds about the bracelet. 

“It’s not mine.”, you muttered quietly, sending her a begging glance.

“Then why are you wearing it?”, she asked in confusion, not getting your hint.

 Everyone was looking at you, as you visibly blushed. Chris laughed, trying to cover it up with coughing, but you didn’t seem to be able to outrun this.

“It’s Patrik’s. He gave it to me, okay? It’s one of his hockey superstitions that I wear it. Now can we please eat?”, you complained, ready to hit your face against the wall multiple times.

“Aw, that’s cute. I like that guy.”, your Mom grinned at you, but she didn’t remain on that topic and instead started to put food on Mitch’s plate.
Is it too late for an adoption when you’re already 18?

“Move over.”

You looked up in surprise, but you demonstratively crossed your arms in front of your chest and didn’t move. Did Mitch seriously just talk to you? All night he had kept ignoring you, but now you finally got your mind off it as you watched the Jets game, only for him to stand in front of you.

“Move over.”, he repeated. You pulled your legs to your body and moved to lean against the armrest, Mitch plopping down on the couch next to you. 

“Seriously? You ignore me for months, and that’s the first thing you say?”, you scoffed.

“I’m sorry, okay?”, Mitch sighed, looking at you directly.

“For what exactly? You have to be a little more precise there.”

“I shouldn’t have been so harsh and ignored you after you told me. It’s your decision who you date. And I’m okay with it.”, he admitted quietly, but you could hear that he was fighting himself for every word.

“What made you change your mind?”, you asked, voice a lot softer than before.

“I thought it was going to be a short thing. But like you said, it’s been months. And hockey players don’t just involve someone else in their pre-game stuff unless they’re sure that it won’t change anytime soon.”, Mitch explained hesitantly.

You looked down to the bracelet on your wrist and then back up to Mitch.

“So does that mean that you’re not longer mad?”

“I haven’t been mad at you for a while now. I just didn’t want to admit it.”

You pulled Mitch into a hug, and you actually heard your brother chuckle. 

“I’m sorry that I kept it from you. I should’ve been honest with you from the start.”, you apologized. 

“It’s okay. We were both acting stupid.”

You pulled back and faced the TV, only for Mitch to snuggle into you, both of you watching the game in silence.

“So you really love him?”
“I do.”


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A/N: A dance practice with Hoseok goes better than you thought it would…I’ve been dying to write this👀It’s inspired by 1MILLION Dance Studios Aquarius choreography by Jin Lee(watch the video and you’ll get a better picture) 

Today Hoseok said you guys were going over choreography and you couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. Sure, You’ve danced with him before but this dance was different; it was a partner dance and you’ve never had to get that close while dancing. He made this choreo and he thought it’d look better with a partner; that partner being you. You stepped into the empty dance studio tossing your bag to the corner. Hoseok hadn’t come in yet so you started your stretching routine. Pressing your arm straight across your chest you stretched the muscle on your upper arm; you did it with the other arm and dropped your upper body down to stretch your thighs.

“You’re actually early? I could’ve sworn you were gonna be late.” Hoseok walked in with his usual dance attire and his phone in hand.

“When have I ever been late?” You defended with a playful attitude.

“Last week.”

You knelt down to tighten your shoes. “Give me a break, It was one time Hobi, one time. And in my defense traffic was bad that day.”

“Whatever you say…” He laughed and went up to the speaker to hook up his phone.

“Have you practiced? I know it’ll be different once we do it together but knowing it on your own gives you a good foundation.”

“Um, yeah I know it.” You were slowly growing nervous from the anticipation.

“Then lets go over it without the music real quick.” He left his phone and went to stand next to you his back facing the mirror.

“5, 6, 7, 8!” He called out the counts and you both started to dance smoothly. You watched your self intently, trying not to loose focus; that didn’t last long. “Wait, no…” You mumbled, you missed a move. Suddenly you completely lost beat and as soon a Hoseoks hand touched your waist you froze.

“You good?” Hoseok looked at you with a confused expression.

“Sorry, sorry, I lost the rhythm. Turn on the music I’ll be able to catch it better.” He nodded while going to turn the music on. It began to play and you were immersed in the sound. You let the rhythm guide your moves and you were doing good; you even dare to say you looked great. Hobi noticed it to, the music gave you a special touch of confidence; even your expressions changed. As good as you looked you were dancing solo. When you had to get down and close behind him your cheeks heated up and you kept a odd distance behind him.

He stood up and stopped your movements. “Wait, stop one second. It’s a duet Y/N, you have to get close. You don’t dance next to me you dance with me.”

Hoseok started over the music and you both repeated the beginning of the dance and with his hand on your hip you did the rather risqué dance move.

“Good, just like that.” He praised you for your boldness. You couldn’t help but feel a little cocky now, knowing the dance showed off your assets well and he was right next to you taking it all in. You quickly spun around to get into position behind him. You had to get really close and you surprisingly pulled it off. The music was at top volume and it seemed to take you both to another place. Your movements were precise and in sync. His hands would occasionally guide your hips.

You bunched the fabric of his shirt between your fingers and leaned back while rolling your torso back and he leaned down to do the same. Your cheeks burned in anticipation, knowing the part you dreaded most was up next.

“Relax, let your weight rest on me.” He warned you of the part to come and you nodded. You propped your leg up on him and languidly rested one arm on his and the other on his shoulder. His arm wrapped around your waist to keep to stable and he leaned back. Your body was clean and elegant in the position and it was soon over quicker than he would’ve liked. At the very end his hands crept onto your almost bare stomach while your hands were in your hair.

“Wow…” You panted in disbelief, you actually managed to finish in one piece.

“This dance really fits you.”

“Aw, thanks Hobi.”

“I mean, I couldn’t tell if you were trying to seduce me or the mirror with those expressions.” You pressed your lips together in slight embarrassment. You did take the dance seriously. “Well, you always tell me your expressions make the dance. It was supposed to be sexy…”

“And it was sexy, trust me.” He rubbed the back of his neck.

You blushed, “Good.” You giggled at your sudden streak of charisma, he was loving it.

“You know,” He cleared his throat while he walked closer to you, “you never cease to amaze me.”

“Oh really? And why’s that?”

“One minute your blushing because I’m holding your waist, the next your dancing like I’m a pole and your a stripper.”

“Huh? I know you didn’t just compare me to a stripper? First of all, you made the choreography, if I really looked that risqué then that’s what you intended.” You snapped.

He swiftly pulled you flush against him now your chest were pressed together.“H-hoseok?”

He gave you a smug smile, seeing you this flustered was cute. “Why wouldn’t I want to see a beautiful woman dance the way you just did.” He cooed. You were shocked to say the least; hes never come on to you like this before. He looked into your eyes and you swallowed nervously and he brought his lips to yours gently. You were about to pull away but you found yourself wrapping your arms around his shoulders and giving in. He tilted his head and you hummed in content.

“Seriously, can you guys do that some place else.”

Oh no. You jumped away with a yelp, wiping your mouth as you burned in mortification. Hoseok groaned in displeasure with his hands still on your waist. The boys were coming in one by one and Hobi cleared his throat.


“Um, I, um- I’m gonna go see you guys later.” You went to get your bag and tried to dash out but you were halted by a hand on your wrist.

“I have to go-”

“Wait- Next weeks practice is gonna be twice as long, so we’ll have more time to warm up.”

“O-ok, I’ll see you next week then… Bye guys!” You waved goodbye and rushed out with grin large enough to put Cheshire Cat to shame.

If only next week would come quicker…

50+ Followers & Karasuno Mistletoe Special!

AN: Happy Holidays, everyone! As a thank you for 50+ followers, I wanted to write Christmas scenarios of you under the mistletoe with our favorite Karasuno boys. They, uh, turned out to be quite long…. Daichi will be shown first and the rest of the boys will be under the cut. I hope you all enjoy!

DAICHI: School had been out for winter break for about a week now, and that meant that volleyball practice had been on hiatus due to the holiday season. It was quite relaxing for everyone, really, but the team had missed each other so much that Coach Ukai agreed to hold a small holiday get-together before everyone left on vacation (thanks to Takeda-sensei’s begging).

As one of the older managers, you helped Kiyoko and Hitoka decorate Coach Ukai’s home with tinsel, candy canes, and per Hitoka’s request, mistletoe.

“_____-chan, you know it won’t be Christmas without mistletoe!” Hitoka beamed, shoving the plastic plant to your chest.

You pouted. “What if you and Yamaguchi fell under the mistletoe!? Will you really kiss him?”

“_-____-chan!! You don’t have to actually kiss under the mistletoe!! T-that’s just tradition!!” her cheeks burned a bright red.

Knowing the boys, you knew that if you, Kiyoko, or Hitoka fell under the mistletoe with them, they would probably attempt to kiss either of you, without any hesitation at all. But you only wanted to kiss one person, and one person only.

The whole team had finally arrived around dinner time. Sugawara was the only one dressed appropriately with an ugly sweater. But your attention was focused on Daichi the entire night. He looked so good in green….

Your relationship with Daichi would not have existed without the volleyball team. You didn’t meet him until you and Kiyoko joined as managers, and you were so thankful for that. You fell for Daichi almost as soon as you met him. He was friendly, reliable, smart, and so much more. He was simply amazing.

You were chatting with Sugawara about his sweater when Daichi approached you two.

“Thank you for planning all of this, _____-san,” he smiled. Boy, did you love that smile.

“It wasn’t all me,” you messed with the hem of your sweater. “Kiyoko and Hitoka-chan helped, too.” You noticed that the his mug that was once filled with hot chocolate was empty. “Do you want more hot chocolate?”

Daichi gave you his signature smile that made your cheeks flush. “I’d like that.”

You grabbed his mug and he followed you into the kitchen.

“_____-san,” he said. You turned to look at him with curious eyes. God, you were so cute. “Can you do me a favor?”

“Of course. What do you need?”

“Can you look up?”

Confused, you looked up and your eyes widened. You saw one of the mistletoe hanging from the ceiling. Had you hung that there earlier…?

“M-mistletoe,” you stuttered.

“You know what people do under the mistletoe, right?” Daichi teased.

“Of course I do!”

“Then can I kiss you?”

You felt your face burn as hot as the stove. Had Sawamura Daichi really asked you to kiss him under the mistletoe? How could you decline?

Instead of answering verbally, you leaned into him slowly. He cupped your face with his hands and kissed you. His lips were so soft and boy, did he know how to kiss. You could feel every emotion he felt fo you. You felt like you were melting into him.

Christmas was your new favorite holiday.

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Finally (Chanyeol Scenario)


Hi omg i was hoping you would open your ask can I please request a scenario with chanyeol and reader they’re close friends who like each other but haven’t made a move Reader is invited to their concert after seeing chanyeol performing playboy and artificial love plus his abs reveal . She can’t help but feel turned on she gets flustered around him after the concert he noticed and takes advantage of the chance to finally make her his. I hope its ok would be happy if you accept it thanks 


this took actual years, i’m so sorry. i have been really sick lately and my ass has been too weak to do anything but I’m better now. 

- Admin JC 

Word Count: 1900+

Genre: Fluff | Smut

Excitedly, you drove to the café; where you were going to meet Chanyeol. He told you he had some good news to tell you so you couldn’t wait to see him. You saw the café and swiftly parked in front. Before you got out of the car you checked to see if you looked okay. You walked in and looked around for Chanyeol. Once you saw a big hand waving at you you simultaneously smiled. When you reached the table, Chanyeol got up to give you a hug. Then he pulled your chair back for you. 

“Wow what a gentleman.” You said giggling at Chanyeol’s blushing face.

“Yeah, yeah. Anyways! It’s been a while, how are you Y/N?” He said trying to play it off. 

“Horrible, now that I saw you.” You jokingly said pulling a frown. 

“You’re annoying sometimes you know that?” Chanyeol said dramatically sighing. 

“Wellllllll, you said you had something important to tell me?“ 

 "I see someone is eager. We haven’t even ordered drinks yet Y/N.” Chanyeol then flashed you one of his breathtaking smiles. 

“I can’t help it! You know I’m a curious person okay.” You said trying to act as if his smile didn’t have an affect on you. 

“Let’s get drinks first.” Afterwards he called over the waiter. You both ordered iced coffees. 

“Okay tell me now!” You said eagerly. 

“Okay, I got you tickets for EXO’s upcoming show!!!” Chanyeol said enthusiastically. You opened your eyes widely, and almost choked because of how excited you were. You went over to where Chanyeol was sitting and gave him a tight hug. 

“I thought they were sold out?!? You’re the greatest Chanyeol!" 

"I did some work and managed. Okay um Y/N? I kind of can’t breathe.” You let go of him and smiled widely. 

“Oops.” Once you got him from your ‘meet up’ with Chanyeol, you called your friend Lisa. After telling her the news she started fangirling with you. 

“What if they show their abs Y/N? How will you ever survive?” You almost got a nose bleed at the thought. 

“I’m most likely going to end up doing something embarrassing.” You sighed and silently hoped you wouldn’t pull something stupid at the concert. 

“I want to lick Xiumin’s abs…” Said Lisa drifting off into her own world. 

“O K A Y, anyways I’ll call you on Saturday to tell you everything." 

"I’m just stating facts okay! And yeah you better not forget." 

"BYE LISA.” With that you layer down on your couch happily. Thinking of the concert made you feel all giddily. You started moving around and giggling on the couch like a crazy person. After getting yourself together, you got up and made yourself a snack. 

It was the day of the concert and you couldn’t be more excited. You had already put out your outfit the night before. You quickly slipped your clothes on and put on some light make up. You jumped excitedly in front of your mirror before leaving. When you arrived at the venue you instantly called Lisa. 

“I. Am. Here. Lisa." 

"Oh my god Y/N, I’m like shaking and my ass isn’t even there." 

"I have to get everything out right now because I can’t embarrass myself in front of Chanyeol." 

"Of Course You Can’t.” It was as if you could see Lisa in front of you giving you a smirk. 

“Stop. Okay I’m going to scream for as long as I can, will you join?" 

"Well of course. I’m going to scream ‘I LOVE XIUMIN’, therefore you should scream 'I LOVE CHANYEOL’." 

"That is embarrassing Lisa. What if he heard me." 

"You are in the parking lot Y/N, why would he be there? He has to get ready.”

“Okay true, let’s start at the count of three." 

"1,2,3!” You guys said in sync.

You bought some fries at the concession stand near your entrance (to your seat). Sipping on your coke you made your way to your seat. You scrolled through your timeline while you were waiting for the show to start. You started tweeting about how excited you were and even took some selfies. You quickly put your phone away after hearing the music start.

Your heart started beating rapidly when you heard “Artificial Love” start playing. You knew you weren’t ready to see Chanyeol and that cane. It was going to trigger you big time. The worst part you were in the front row, so you were going to get a FULL view of it. Yet you kept your eyes glued to Chanyeol the entire time. The way he moved he hips around filled your head with dirty thoughts. You felt yourself getting aroused at his swift movements. Chanyeol turned his head towards you and saw you in the crowd. He gave you a smile as he continued to grind on the cane. You silently cursed him in your head; it was like he knew what he was doing.

To your misery today was also the day Chanyeol was going to reveal his abs. You told yourself you wouldn’t turn into a fan girl when he revealed them, but you couldn’t contain your emotions. You started jumping up and down screaming like a little girl. Caught in the moment, you didn’t even get embarrassed. You were glad Chanyeol didn’t see you, or so you thought. 

Backstage you looked around anxiously for Chanyeol. You heard someone call out and you quickly turned to see who it was. To your surprise it was Xiumin.

“Hey Y/N! I’m glad you could come!” You smiled widely at Xiumin. 

“Hi, I’m glad too! By the way do you happen to know where Chanyeol is?” You couldn’t wait to tell him how great he was and how proud you were. 

“Yeah he’s actually waiting for you in the dressing room.” Xiumin said kindly.

“Oh okay thanks. It was nice to see you again Xiumin!" 

"It was nice to see you too Y/N.” And with that you made your way to the dressing room. Of course on the way you got lost and had to ask for help, but eventually you made it. You knocked on the door twice. Chanyeol called out a 'come in’ through the door. You walked in a saw Chanyeol looking sweaty and wearing a shirt with the first three buttons undone. You felt yourself blush thinking about ways you could make him sweaty. 

“You were amazing out there!” You said forcing yourself to calm down. 

“Really? You think so?” Chanyeol chuckled at you. 

“Yeah, um especially your dancing.” You said flustered. Chanyeol gave you a confused expression. 

“Why are you all the way across the room?” You usually always took the chance to hug and initiate skinship with Chanyeol, so it was weird for him to see you so distanced. 

“Oh! Sorry.” You sat next to Chanyeol and awkwardly looked up at him. Chanyeol thought about your previous comment. Then he thought about your red face when you guys made eye contact during 'Artificial Love’. Suddenly he gave you a small smirk. You gave him a confused expression. 

“Uh what’s up?” You said hesitantly. Chanyeol then placed his hand on your thigh and brought his face towards yours. 

“Why are you being so shy Y/N?” He said in a low voice. 

“I don’t know wh-what you’re talking about.” Slowly you turned your head away from him, but he quickly brought it back with his hand. 

“I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself anymore.” He said tilting his head slightly. 

“Chanyeol, what are you doing." 

"I’m going to do what I’ve wanted to do for a long time Y/N, but only if you let me of course.” He flashed you a beautiful smile that literally took your breath away. 

“Tell me what that is.” You whispered getting more comfortable with the closeness. 

“Making you mine.” He said with a blush growing on his face. 

“Then do it.” And with that you slowly closed the space between you two and kissed him. The kiss was filled with sweetness and passion. You almost felt intoxicated with his taste. Everything felt so right. You never wanted it to end.

You sat yourself on Chanyeol’s lap and continued your make out session. He started pulling your shirt off at a slow pace. Then he turned your bodies so he was on top of you on the couch.

You instantly wrapped your legs around him while your fingers got lost in his silky hair. You finished unbuttoning the rest of the buttons on his shirt and started kissing his neck. Chanyeol let out a deep sigh as you sucked on his collarbones.

He moved his hands towards your jeans and pulled them down. He pulled back and took a moment to admire your body.

“You’re so beautiful Y/N.” He gave you a look filled with love, longing, and lust. You smiled widely and pulled him back in. Pulling his pants down you continued to give him love bites all over his neck. You didn’t even care that people would notice them, all that mattered was this moment. Chanyeol put his hand on your bra strap and gave you a look that said 'can I?’. You nodded and smiled at how cute he was. 

He easily undid your bra and started playing with your nipples. You pushed your head back against the cushion. You softly moaned his name, and you felt him groan against your nipple. You could tell it turned him on, because you felt him get harder against your leg. 

“I can’t wait any longer Y/N.” Chanyeol looked at you straight in the eye. You took time to realize what was happening. You finally had him where you wanted him for a long time. Inside you were screaming but on the outside you had yourself collected. 

“Neither can I.” You said still staring deeply into his eyes. He took a condom from the table next to the couch and slipped it on. He quickly took off your panties. He placed his tip at your entrance and slowly thrusted into you. After a few slow hesitant thrusts he rapidly picked up the pace. You started grazing your nails against his back. You tried to keep your moans in because you didn’t want anyone to hear. But once you were reaching your climax, you couldn’t contain them. You moaned out Chanyeol’s name in a desperate tone. 

“I’m close too baby.” He said as a response. 

“On the count of three okay baby?” You gave out a small okay. 

“1, 2 … 3!” He felt your walls clench around his length. Keeping eye contact with you he rode off his high. He took the condom off and tossed it into the trash can. He turned to his side and looked at you genuinely happily. 

“I’m so glad you’re finally mine.” He said with a gummy smile. 

“Hey! You never even properly asked me out.” You said teasing him. 

“Okay, well. Will the great Y/N become my girlfriend?” He asked in a formal tone. You giggled at him and gave him a small hit on the shoulder. 

“Ow don’t abuse me! I’m just doing what you asked of me!” He said holding onto his shoulder over dramatically. 

“You’re so annoying, but yes I’ll be your girlfriend." 

"Well we should probably get dressed or we will have some awkward explaining to do if another member comes in.” He said chuckling. 

“Right! Whoever’s last is a rotten egg!” You said after quickly getting up and collecting your clothes. 

“Hey! That’s not fair you started before you even finished your sentence!!!” You looked over at him and gave him a smirk. 

“Sucks to be a loser!”

-Admin JC

WWE Imagine: Dean Ambrose x Seth Rollins x Reader

WWE Imagine

Appearances: Dean Ambrose x Seth Rollins x Reader
Author’s note: Thank you for the lovely request I hope you enjoy :*
Requested prompt: Dean and Seth invite you to their moq feud photo shoot, and things get a little heated for you, Seth and Dean offer to help you out.
Warnings: Smut, Language
Word Count: 2806 sorry I got super into this one!

You walk through the revolving doors into the huge reception area with Seth flanking your left and Dean on the right. They had invited you to their photo shoot promo for the feud they were having currently on WWE Monday Night Raw. Of course, the feud was staged as Seth and Dean had actually grown quite close. You had been friends with Dean and Seth for about the same amount of time as they‘d been in the main roster, as you were hired around the same time as the Shield.

Dean walked up to the petite young blonde woman working at front desk to sign you guys in, and you stayed with Seth in the waiting area.
“ Wow, This place is nice” you whisper to Seth while ogling the huge quarts pillars that towered from floor to ceiling. Each pillar was adorned in ornately sown ribbon that cascaded from the top and moved like a spiral waterfall to the base of the pillar, where it was then tied in a intricate bow.
“ Yeah, it looks like something Xavier would build in Minecraft” Seth chuckled staring at you rather than the pillars you spoke of. “ Ok, all done!” Dean’s booming voice reverberated through the huge building in his usual care-free tone. Seth and you both cringed and shushed him as several people in the waiting area jumped and looked up from their magazines.

“ God Dean! Shhhh!” You scorn turning red at the attention Dean had brought to you three. “ Oh, whats’ the big deal? Its not like we know them!” Dean whispered quietly to you, gesturing to the other people in the waiting area. “ It’s rude.” Seth said simply also looking a little uncomfortable at the attention Dean had brought to you. “ Pfft” Dean fussed.

“ Mr. Ambrose, Mr. Rollins, and Miss Y/L/N ?” Another young blonde called from a large arched doorway, man what was this, Fifty shades of grey? You wondered to yourself as you followed timidly, close behind Dean and Seth, taking Seth’s hand for comfort. “ You ok?” Seth whispered looking a little concerned. “ Yeah, just feel a little out of place..” you said looking at the floor. Seth rubbed soothing circles into the back of your hand with his thumb. “ Yo, what’s wrong?” Dean said, turning and walking backwards so he could see your face. “ Nothing, just feeling awkward” you reiterate to him. He smiles, “ Hey, no worries doll, its just some pictures then we are out of here.” he says soothingly winking at you.

“ Right this way please.” the blonde chirped, eyeing your hand and Seth’s quickly.

“ Ok! Today we are taking some promotional pictures of you and Mr. Rollins for the cover of WWE magazine!” a short man with a to-tight vest and pant suit on said to Dean, while throwing one side of his scarf over his shoulder. He held a huge camera with a even bigger lens attached on the end of it. You stood awkwardly just off the green screen set looking nervously at your feet, or anywhere really but at your two best friends, shirtless and oiled up. Dean wore his signature blue jeans, a little tight in all the right places, and a ‘Ambrose Asylum’ shirt, his hair messy as always, falling slightly into his eyes. Seth wore his signature Leather pants, padded in the thigh and chin area, hugging his bum tightly, with no shirt, exposing his ripped upper body. His hair fell freely over his shoulders.

“ Need a napkin?” Dean teased catching you drooling over Seth, you turned bright red.
“ Fuck you!” you retorted. He smiled his lopsided grin and you couldn’t be mad long, you beamed back at him.
“ Hey, if I were her I would stare too!” Seth teased further, flexing and kissing his bicep mockingly.
“ Don’t be so full of yourself Rollins, if I wanted to see you naked I would just Google your nudes!” you shot back, making him turn red.
“ That’s a low blow!” he says a little aggravated. He was right it was. But little to his knowledge, you did Google them quite often. “ Ouch! Burn!” Dean laughed.
“ Enough!” the photographer said irritated, “ You! You go sit over there and quit distracting them!” he pointed at you and then to a set of three director type chairs about five feet away. You hurried to the middle chair, looking at the ground, your face burning. You could hear Dean and Seth snickering behind you. They really were the sight to see. You had always thought they were attractive, but as the photo shoot went on, and Dean lost his shirt you were becoming more and more aware of the growing dampness in your panties. You fidgeted in your chair, rubbing the water bottle you were given conspicuously against the tight jean material that cover you. It was hot to imagine them fighting like they were being made to look, maybe fighting over you? Your mind wandered.

“ We will take lunch then start again when you get back.” the short photographer said quickly flipping his scarf again, and running his hand through his short skrillex style hair before marching quickly to the back room.
“ Can’t wait!” Dean said under his breath, his voice laden with mock excitement. Seth was all eyes. You were busted. And you knew it. He stared at your hands on the water bottle. You quickly stood, jumping from the chair and half jogging the remaining distance to meet them, a little short of breath and very flustered.
“ Enjoying the show Y/N?” Seth wasted zero time calling you out.
“ Uh yeah, I mean., it’s interesting to watch how one of these things are made..” you scramble to find a answer.
“ Yeah, very interesting.” Seth said eyeing you up and down, his tongue running over his bottom lip slowly.
“ Hey, you guys want to go grab some food? I’m starving!” Dean said oblivious.
“ Yeah I’m pretty hungry too.” Seth said, his eyes never leaving yours. You blushed, your eyes dropping to the floor and a shiver running through your body at the thought of his words.
“ Yeah, f-food..” you stumbled.
“ You ok Y/N?” Dean asked eyeing you.
“ Perfect!” you recovered and fell in to sync with their footsteps as you walked towards the entrance. As you walked towards the big arched doorway that lead into the quite reception area, Seth stopped and grabbed your arm twisting you so that you were against the wall, they still hadn’t changed from the photo shoot, so he was shirtless a arm on either side of your head.
“ What are you doing?!” you say your voice going up a octave from shock.
“ Bro?” Dean stopped looking back at him, also a little shocked.
“ Y/N here seems to be a little to interested in our photo shoot Mr. Ambrose.” Seth said running one of his hands along your jaw line, causing you to shiver.

“ Is that so?” Dean said, his voice lower as he realized what Seth was saying. He walked over to you , Seth angled himself so that Dean was on one side of you, and he was on the other, no escaping.
“ I think she likes our feud.” Seth says teasing you. You look around the hallway, the doors to both the way you came and the great Reception area were closed, the hallway empty.
“ Is that so?” Dean asked his voice a little husky as he leaned in closer his lips grazing you ear.
“ Uh, Um, I….” You stuttered, your thoughts jumbled at the thought of both Dean and Seth being this close to you.
“ Oh I think that’s a ‘yes‘!” Seth smiles, leaning in to kiss your neck softly and biting you just under your jaw, causing you to moan softly.
“ Defiantly a ‘yes‘!” Dean laughes, his hand wondering south of your navel making you whine beneath Seth’s mouth.
“ Oh someone Defiantly likes us to fight! She‘s soaked.” Dean teased you through your pants.
“ You want us to fight over you Y/N?” Seth asked his voice husky, his mouth never leaving yours.
“ Ahh, Mhmm” was all you could get out between Dean’s hands on your breasts and mound and Seth’s mouth on your mouth and neck.
“ Ohhhhh!” you nearly scream as Dean’s hand slides down the front of your jeans and panties, cursing your soaking mound.
“ Oh God!” you moaned out softly trying to be quite.
“ Not here guys!” you protest writhing beneath Seth’s mouth and Dean’s hand.
“ And why is that?” Dean asks, sliding two fingers into you quickly, thrusting them back and forth.
“ AAAHH! Dean! What if we get caught?!” You moan between clenched teeth trying to keep your voice down.
“ Isnt that the point?” Seth says sweetly into your ear. “ But if you want we can move it into the bathroom there” Seth amends after a harsh look, he gestured towards a door to your left.
“ Please?” You moan, Dean’s fingers still working your pussy.
“ If that’s what you want darlin’” Dean says removing his fingers, to your surprise he then puts his fingers in his mouth, licking your juices off of them, never breaking eye contact with you.
“ Now!” you nearly moan, following hot on Seth’s feet into the bathroom. It was a spacious single stall, much to your luck.
“ Off, Now” Seth ordered gesturing at your cloths, he already out of his shirt and the sight of him unbuttoning his pants makes you tremble, your fingers quaking as you hurriedly slip out of your jeans, you both jump as the door behind you opens, Dean slides In, he looks you over, you’re bent at the waist, your ass hanging out of your jeans, exposing your Boy-short underwear.
“ Oh, nice view!” Dean says, smacking you lightly on your behind. You yelp playfully.
“ Come on hurry up” Seth says, pulling his leg out of his pants.
Behind you Dean is already out of his pants, you turn just in time to see him pull down his boxers, His erection springs free and you gasp, he was big. Very big. He follows your eyes and smiles his lopsided grin, winking at you once again. Pulling your legs free of both your pants and panties, you’re left exposed, Seth moves forward, helping you pull your shirt off, he slings it into the floor behind him. From behind you feel Dean unbuckling your bra, and Seth pulls it the rest of the way off, discarding it with your shirt.

“ Oh!” You gasp as Seth grabs your hips, picking you up easily, crushing you to his chest, you wrap your legs around his waist, his exposed member presses against your soaking, wanting opening. You kiss him harshly, he shoves his tongue into your mouth, and you lace your fingers into his still damp hair.
“ Ready?” he asks huskily into your mouth.
“ Please” you almost beg. He lowers you slightly, then thrusts upward, ramming himself into you hard.
“ Ah! Oh God Seth!” you Groan, burying your face into his neck gripping his shoulders for support.
“ Get ready Darlin’” You hear Dean from behind you, Then you feel him at pressing himself against your bum. “ Relax” He coaxes, his hands on your hips.
“OOOOOOOH!” You pant, he pushes into you, filling you. Your pussy clenches around Seth causing him to moan out. “ God Y/N!” he grunts into your ear, his teeth grazing your earlobe. You’ve never felt this full, it was amazing, having Dean’s huge cock in your ass and Seth pounding into your dripping mound was driving you crazy, they continue to pound into for several minutes making you moan out loudly.
“ I’m-I’m-I’m” is all you can manage the pleasure of being pounded sending spasms through your whole body.
“ I’m cumming!!” you nearly scream, your nails digging into Seth’s shoulders as you buck against their cocks.
“ Ohh Oh God Dean! Seth!” you moan loudly, your body quacking as you ride your orgasm out.
“ Oh god Y/N you’re so tight!” Dean grunts behind you, working hard as he pounds into you.
“ All fours?” Seth asks over your shoulders, in response Dean slides out of you quickly causing you to moan out at the sudden emptiness. Seth follows, pulling out of you, you lower your legs to the ground, then kneel, getting to your hands and knees. Seth also bends, pulling your head up and kissing you hard, his tongue forcing its way into your mouth and exploring, you moan into is mouth.

Behind you, Dean positions himself at the entrance of your soaking wet pussy, then pushes into you, making you clench around him. “ Jesus!” he grunts, his hands finding your hips once more, he uses them to push you into him, you rock back meeting every one of his thrusts. Seth kisses you for another minute and guides your hand to his cock. You pump him vigorously, making a circular motion with your wrist.
“ Y/N!” he moans out. You move your attention to his cock, licking him from base to tip, and swirling your tongue around the tip, licking the hole as you do.
“ MMMMMMM” is his only response. You smile and take him as far as you can into your mouth, Behind you Dean is driving you crazy, hitting the perfect spot over and over, you were close, you didn’t know how much longer you could take it.
“ Dean!” you moan around Seth “ I’m close!” You whimper
“ Me too Baby me too!” Dean growls slamming hard into you, sending you over the edge. Dean isn’t far behind you, he thrust twice more then pulls your hips back hard, barring himself as deep as he could into, cumming hard into you.
“ Y/N!” He snarls
Seeing this sends Seth over the edge, and he moans out your name, “ Y/N, I’m about to cum!” he warns giving you time to pull him out of your mouth, but you wrap your lips around his head and suck hard, wanting to collect all of it, he grunts and his fingers wrap into your hair, he grips it tightly as he unloads into your mouth.
“ Gaaaaaah” he sighs out breathlessly,
“ God Damn Y/N” Dean says behind you, pulling out of you slowly, making you moan softly.
“ God Damn yourselves Ambrose!” you giggle, slowly getting to your feet and collecting your clothing.
“ Damn! It’s been 30 minutes! They’re probably looking for us!” you announce, the panic in your voice evident.
“ No worries, get your cloths on” Seth says, sliding his boxers on and one leg after another into his leather pants. You quickly slide you panties back on, secretly aroused by the thought of still having Deans load still in you. You are all dressed in record time, slowly you open the bathroom door and nearly scream as you are surprised by the tall blonde receptionist gawking at you. She was trying to keep a professional demeanor as Dean, unaware of her presence, pushes you out of the door, and follows right behind you. Seth emerges last, and the young woman gasps, a look of shock clear on her face. You turn Bright red and Dean estranges smug looks with Seth.
“ We were just checking their-uh….Make-up!” you say quickly.
“ Yes of course” the blonde smiles at you, trying not to laugh “ They are awaiting you at the set” she says firmly, looking first you, then Dean and Seth up and down, assessing your distraught appearances.
“ Thank you” you say rather harshly, dismissing her. As soon as she is out of ear shot the boys erupt with laughter.
“ That wasn’t funny!” you scorn.
“ Sure it was, lets go finish this shoot so we can get out of here, I’m starving still aren’t you Dean?” Seth winks at you, making you flush
“ Famished” Dean responds smacking your ass as you turn away from them, walking towards the entrance of the set.
“ Oh Hey!” Seth calls behind you “ I still have your water bottle, what it back?” Seth cackles behind you, you turn and shoot him the finger, making Dean laugh.

Imagine #1:Niall Horen Smut:Sweet and Slow

Your POV

  “Stop it Niall!” I yelled playfully as he chased me upstairs. I ran into our room and locked it behind me, just before he can reach me. He wants to see what I bought from my earlier shopping spree today. He normally wouldn’t really care about what I bought, but this time was different only because he saw the Victoria’s Secret bag. “C’mon babe, just let me have a look” he begged giggling breathless from the other side of the door. “No, I told you its not for your eyes” I teased. It actually is for his eyes. I was saving it for our up coming anniversary. 

He kept banging on the door “I will break this door down!” he shouts. I quickly looked for a place to hide the bag. I run around the room like a crazy person trying to find a spot to put the bag. As Niall is still banging on the door I end up emptying the bags contents in my normal place I keep my bra and underwear. Then I just set the bag on the bed and open the door.

“Hi babe” I smile at him as he pushes me aside and run to the bed. He grabs the bag and terse it to pieces before realizing nothing was in it. He look at me and frowns. “Where is the stuff” he says like a five year old. I look at him at laugh at his cute childish behavior. He crosses his arms and puffs out his bottom lip. “Aww baby, are you sad?” I tease giggling. I walk over to him and sit on his lap. He nodded his head “I just wanted to see what you got” he pouts childishly again. “Please let me see it he begs” he begs moving his arms around my waist. 

“No I already-” I started but was quickly interrupted by feeling a tickling sensation on my sides. “S-STOP NIALL, I CANT” I laughed as tears started to for in my eyes. “Then let me see what you got!’ he manipulated. I know if I don’t he probably won’t stop this, and I can’t take much longer. “OK FINE” I give in. The tickling stopped right as I said that. Ofcourse. 

I got up and got the lingerie. I heard a gasp from behind me. Either he was shocked at my hiding spot or he is shocked by the lacy piece I’m holding. I don’t own anything like this. Without turning around I go straight to our bathroom and get changed. He wanted me to show him, so Im defiantly going to show him. I was saving this for our anniversary but Ill find something new

I look in the mirror. Wow, he is defiantly going to like this. I tease my hair and add a little bit of a light pink lip butter. I glance at myself in the mirror one last time before I walk out the door. Niall was layed back on the bed shirtless, playing with his fingers. I clear my throat and his head immediately shoots up. His eyes nearly popped out of his head and his jaw hangs wide open. I look at him and bit my lip innocently 

“This is what i bought, do you like it” I ask. He is at a loss of words. “B-baby, your-your better than a model” he breaths and I blush. Model? Hmmm. I look around the room and spot what I was looking for. There it is. I walk over to the desk slowly letting my hips sway. I grab the camera and hand it to him. He looked confused for a second, but quickly caught on. “Your my model” he smiled pleased. But obviously more pleasing will be done soon, considering the bulge in this pants.

“Now go against the wall and show mw what you got” he said while turning on the camera. I do as he says while trying to conceal my smirk. He stars snapping pictures as each one is taken with maximum lust from him. “Oh gosh your so gorgeous” he says taking more pictures.

He starts to breath heavily causing me to slowly become wet. His breathing becomes irregular and puts the camera down. ‘Baby i can’t take it anymore” he says running over to me. His hands slide up and down my sides as his soft lips meet mine. He kisses with passion and want, but pulls away “Baby I need to feel you, nice and slow” he says breathless. Those words caused the dampness   between my legs to increase. “I need to feel you too” I reply as he attacks my neck causing me to gasp. 

“I need you so bad” he mumbles on my neck. I moan in response as he starts to suck and nibble on my neck. His hands snack to my butt and gives it a little squeeze. “Jump” he mumbled and carried my to the bed, his lips still not leaving my neck. He lays me down and pulls away. I look up at him innocently, his eyes glued to mine. He takes off his shirt and pants, leaving him in only boxers. His bulge is bigger than what I remember last. He then goes down to the bottom of my legs kissing his way up my thighs, stomach, boobs and up my neck to my lips. 

Our lips play agains one another in sync. His tongue finds his way into my mouth and starts exploring. My hands grasp his bulge teasing, then slid up his chest, up to his blonde soft hair. After what seems like ages on making out he pulls away. “Im going to make love to you baby, I’m going to feel all of you nice ad slow. Its going to be different this time” he whispers as he unclasps my bra throwing it aside. he stares down at my breast and attacks them by sucking kissing and nipping at them, causing my wetness to seep threw my cotton panties. He kisses down my stomach and pulls my panties off. “Damn baby, your drenched down here” he gasps. His boxers now getting tighter and tighter. He wastes no time to pull them down, causing his erection to spring out, then quickly puts on a condom. He kisses back up my stomach and stops at my neck, positioning himself. He usually gives me oral a little bit before we do this, but I guess her can’t wait. I can’t wait either. I crave his cock.

“Are you ready” he asks and I quickly nodd my head. I need him now. He slowly slides himself in my pussy, causing me to yelp. He is so big. He props himself on his elbows while he slowly starts to thrust in me. Each thrust reaches deeper and deeper, touching places inside me, never touched before. His cock harder than a rock. My moans starting to become louder and louder. “Oh yeah baby, you like that, your so sexy” he grunts under his breath. His pace starts to quicken, but still remains fairly slow. “Ugh baby your so tight, I’m going to cum” he grunts loudly. “O-oh me t-to” I managed to say. My moans and his grunts started becoming uncontrollable “I-i feel all  o-of you baby, all that tight pussy of yours” he moans. And at that we both loose it. He spills into his condom and my pussy tightening and cumming around his cock.

He collapses next to me, both of us with irregular breathing. He then pulls the covers over us. “That was amazing” he breathed, while spooning behind me. I nod as my eyes begin to feel heavy. That was the best sex we’ve had in a while. “i love you baby’ he said kissing my hair. “i love you too” I mumbled to him slowly falling asleep. He didn’t lie when he said he wanted to feel all of me.

Hey guys:) sorry if the ending is bad, I hate myself for it. Anyway this was requested so if you want to read a different imagine with a different boy, please let me know. Its literally 4:00am so I’m gonna go but ill talk to you soon. Hoped you liked it! :)

A dream come true (2)

Pairing: Chris Evans x reader

Words: 1703

A/N: Hi there people!! Sorry this took so long but I’m still drowned in exams… Anyway, I managed to write this second part and the lovely @kbrand0 helped me correcting my mistakes and now… here it is!! Enjoy!!

Previous parts: Part 1

Tags: @spnwriting1 @avidfanficwriter @blacktithe7 @jerkbitchidjitassbutt and @cassjoream (if you wanna be added or removed from this list let me know!)

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“You’re kidding right?” asked Jade after telling her about the incident with Chris Evans.

“No! He run after me to give me back that damn condom!” your friend laughed hysterically making  you blush while everybody in the bar looked in your direction.

“The positive side of this is that now he knows you practice safe sex… he might be interested…” she teased.

“God stop! I’ve never been so ashamed in my life! This is not how I should have met him” you cried.

“OK, OK, I’m partly sorry” she said.

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aresmarked  asked:

XD okay obligatorry punana punch, you can't have one set of idiots

B) I was waiting for this one too hahhaa

who cooks normally?: They’re actually both pretty decent cooks?? Ever since they were little whenever one would help out in the kitchen the other would kind of be roped into helping out too so they both cook, they’re pretty in sync in the kitchen. Also Yin keeps using the damn ‘kiss the chef’ apron so March just refuses to kiss her in that apron no. Nope. Nuh-uh. Nice try ya lil shit.

how often do they fight?: They like to tackle each other sometimes. But y'know that’s just best friend shenanigans. They don’t typically fight, just have sassy back and forths and the occasional wrestling. 

what do they do when they’re away from each other?: Since March is a year ahead of Yin and goes to Beacon earlier, they’re already starting to delve into this problem, which is a big problem for them a bit since they’re used to seeing each other everyday and now that might not be the case. But then again they text each other constantly, even before March went to Beacon, so nothing too bad about that.

Sometimes when they miss each other too much they’ll call each other though. Usually talk about stupid mundane things and end up talking till two AM or something because they’ve got too much to talk about all these things happened to me today and you weren’t there and when they’ve finally realized it’s way too late at night and they have to get up early tomorrow but they don’t want to hang up yet. Then they’ll admit it. I miss you.

nicknames for each other?: March-y, March Madness, Mar-Mar, Marchifer (“Is that your full name?” “NO god YIN STOP SPREADING LIES.”), and like 400 other names that don’t really stick but Yin keeps making them up because nicknaming is a fun activity this is what Yin does to keep herself busy ok

March rarely calls Yin by anything other than Yin or dumb doofus, but sometimes she calls her cowgirl, or my girl. Or Yinnifer to combat Marchifer (“Is Yinniffer your real name??” “Ok seriously dude, how dumb are you?”)

who is more likely to pay for dinner?: March has been paying for Yin everytime they go get food since they were tiny kiddos, it’s not gonna change anytime soon. At least Yin pays her back…two months later.

who steals the covers at night?: March certified blanket hog Wukong. Yin is left cold at night a lot but March is a light sleeper so whenever she feels Yin’s shivering too much or fidgeting she wakes up and realizes oh it happened again. She wraps up that dumb lil shit in a hug and gives her a drowsy kiss on the temple then snuggles asleep again and Yin can’t even remember why she was mad in the first place.

what would they get each other for gifts?: As children, due to insufficient funds, they’d have to just make things for each other. Cards, potato alarm clocks that somehow was also a gun (thanks Aunt Ruby!), my class’ art project here you can have it happy birthday sort of haha. When they’re older they get money, and they know each other well enough to know what to get (March likes anything sickeningly cutesy, Yin likes things she can tinker and play with like a wind up toy or something so she’s got something to do if she’s bored)

But the handmade cards is a hard thing to outgrow and it’s kind of an inside joke that they give each other cards and have a competition to see who did a better job with the cards, so it’s an ongoing competition. Bu they also love all the thought put into the cards c:

who remembers things?: Before they even actually get together, dates were important to them, they’ve had a long friendship. March remembers all the dates and stuff, but just forgets what day it is sometimes and it doesn’t really hurt Yin too badly but she makes a hammy big deal out of it because she just likes annoying March. But then in the future March has to be the one to remember things because Yin’s forgotten them. So March just tells her that today, today’s the day they did this, haha yeah you used to get mad at me because I forgot what today was, no it’s ok, don’t force yourself to remember. You know now.

who cusses more?: Yin is definitely Yang’s daughter.

what would they do if the other one was hurt?: They were probably the one hurting each other, tackling each other to the ground, hitting each other at the back of the head. These two i fucking swear.

Yin would probably laugh at her, and March would just roll her eyes because Yin probably deserved it.

oh god but if someone else hurt them? aLL BETS ARE OFF. You’ve either got a trigger happy cowgirl mad at you or a superstrong protective kung-fu girl about ready to kick your ass into the next millenium. You’re fucking screwed buddy.

who kissed who first?: MARCH DID IT she did it the whole family cheers and pops party poppers and champagne in the distance. (except Blake. poor mama Blake.)

who made the first move?: MARCH oh my god and it’s because of circumstances haha. BUT YEAH SHE DOES IT everyone give her a pat on the back she is not as horribly oblivious as she looks she fuckign did it kids.

who started the relationship?: They sort of both did? It was more along the lines of, March realizing just.

“Wow, you just. Really liked me. All this time.”


“Even when we were little kids!”

“It’s not hard to imagine.”

“Uh do you like me now?”

“…do you?”

“Well yeah I like you.”

“…I don’t know if you mean like, or like-like IT’S REALLY HARD TO TELL WITH YOU.”

“I sort of–well, it’s not like my like for you has lessened!! I think I’ve always loved you???”

“With what everyone says it’s like we’ve been dating since pre-school apparently!”






“…but ok but are we really, actually, really dating because you’re kind of dumb about this and I don’t know if you really understand the situation–”


And then kiss. And then after kiss.

“Whatever you can’t do take-backsies on this what are you four?”


just embarrassed

characters: hinata, kageyama, various others
pairings: hinata/kageyama
summary: kageyama’s not very good at accepting praise, least of all from hinata

The volleyball connects with the back of Hinata’s head with a thunk, and the middle blocker crouches on the gym floor with a surprised yelp, holding his throbbing head as the ball slowly and innocently rolls away.

Shooting a glare over his shoulder, he snaps crabbily, “What the hell! I was giving you a compliment!”

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Once upon a time, there lived an unhappy beautiful maiden named Tsunderella. She’s a blonde young girl with a very distinct facial characteristic, the scowl on her face.





The narcissist stepmother of Tsunderella and her 2 f*cking stepsisters rang the bell as they call her.

“Tsunderellii~ tsuntsun~ tsunderella~  MY ASS!!! These bullshits keep calling me whatever they want!” Tsunderella stomped her feet on the ground as she went to the room of ‘The Three F*cketeers’, the name she had given to them.

“What the hell do you want???!” Tsunderella slammed the door and yelled at them.

“You, go wipe out the dust on my mirror! I couldn’t see my beautiful face anymore. And also clean the floor.” Lady Narcissist pointed out her big mirror on the wall.

“WTF?! Where’s the dust huh?! I just cleaned it this morning!” Tsunderella retorted.


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Ok, so this all started Wednesday morning. I am a morningperson and because of my work schedule, on my days off I am always up at the crack of dawn lol. It was around 7am when I got a DM on twitter from TaylorNation saying, “Hi, we noticed your support for Taylor and would love to know more about you!” So they told me to leave my information and such, which I did of course but I wasn’t sure what it meant exactly. So Wednesday goes by and I don’t hear anything and I was starting to think ok, nothing is probably gonna happen, but I was still holding out for something. So Thursday morning comes along and as soon as I get out of work, I decided to go out for a run. This was around 10:30. It was raining out but I didn’t care at all lol. I am about halfway into my run when my phone rings, now I couldn’t see the caller ID because my screen was all fogged up but I answered it anyway. When I answered it turned out to be Kevin from TaylorNation calling me! I was so out of breath at this point from the run but when I heard this I started going nuts lol! He asked me if I had a few minutes free and I wanted to say yes, but I was out in the middle of nowhere and had no way of writing any information down so I told him to give me just 10 minutes and I would call back, to which he said of course no problem. I booked it home, cutting my run short and burst through the house! My mom saw the hurricane that came in and said, “What’s going on??” “I got a phone call I have to call them back now!” I called back and spoke to Kevin and he gave me all the information and such about a secret event that was taking place in Rhode Island. So once he gave me all the information and such, I was starting to take this all in lol. I ran down and told my mom and she was of course excited for me and said that she would have no problem taking me, since I currently don’t have a car at the moment. By the way, my mom and aunt are so amazing for coming with me and putting up with just waiting more or less for like 6-7 hours lol. Now it becomes a waiting game all Thursday and Friday to which my nerves and anxiety and excitement spike through the roof because of everything that was going to happen Saturday! I was freaking out over what to wear, what the hell I was going to say to her when we met, if I was going to be able to make any friends there and such. I was pretty much a nervous wreck those two days lol. But then Saturday comes along…

Saturday comes, and so my mom, aunt and I leave around 1:30pm. The meeting time was between 4-4:30. It was only an hours drive but because the weather wasn’t really cooperative we wanted to make sure we got there on time. Well, we ended up getting there at 3 lol so we had an hour to kill. We ended up going to Dunkin Donuts quickly to grab some drinks, then headed back to the parking lot to wait, at this point it was 3:15. An interesting fact, when we drove by the parking lot, literally right down the road like 30 feet there was a house that was roped off and a cop was guarding. My mom was like, “I bet you that’s her house!” We couldn’t see it too well because there were trees in the way but as it turned out, later when we escorted to her place, that was indeed her house! So, the meeting time ended up taking a little longer, they were running behind schedule a little bit, my guess being maybe they had to bring the food and everything inside because of the weather but I am not too sure. Eventually though they started processing us and herding us into these small shuttle buses. I was one of the first people there, so along with 9 other people, we were the first to pull up to her house! We get out and are led into the garage where a guy was there to wand us down and such. It was kind of funny, he was saying to us, “The reason you guys are here, the reason you were picked, is because you look relatively sane. We want you to have a great time, but just don’t be weird.” I seriously wanted to say to him, “You have a bunch of Taylor Swift fans inside her house about to meet her and such. You really think we aren’t gonna get a little crazy?” lol! Anyways…after that, we were brought up like 3 flights of stairs until we actually got into the house part of the house lol. They brought us into this living room, where all this food was set up. I have to say though what got me the most about this room was the view though, it was amazing! If it wasn’t raining it would have looked even more beautiful but the view she has of the ocean was just incredible! We were all just taking it in, and for a few minutes everyone just hovered around the food table because we were all nervous about sitting on her furniture lol! After a few minutes though we all ended up walking around and sitting down, getting to know each other. There was a piano right in the corner of the room, and I ended up taking a seat on the bench next to it. While we were talking, slowly, more groups started to come in. There is a letter to Taylor from George Bush on a table congratulating her on winning some awards (I can’t remember which awards though lol). More time goes by and more people are piling in, and slowly me and our group kind of inch closer to another room where we see all these pillows on the floor and couches and chairs, so we figured that was where we would be listening to the album. We were waiting by the stairs and were wondering if Taylor was upstairs, which she probably was so we all kept looking upstairs every now and then to see if she would come down lol! At one point a few of us were talking and thought it would be cool if we started a sing-a-long! A girl name Alli, in our group was like, “What song?” and replied to her, “You even have to ask that question?” lol of course Shake It Off! Everyone was afraid to be the one to actually start it so it took us a few times before finally I said, “Ok, what if we start out soft and build it up?” They all agreed , so we started singing! I kid you not guys, five seconds into the song, everyone else saw and heard us, and started singing along! We had everyone joining in! There was a camera there and he started filming us! We ended up singing the entire song it was so much fun! After wards, a couple people from TaylorNation came up and started chatting with us a bit, and they looked at me and said, “You were at GMA for Red Release Week right?” Like seriously right now? They know who I am apparently! I told them yes I was there, and they asked me who I was with at the time so I started throwing out some names, Cindy, Bianca and I was about to name more when they broke in and said, “Yup! We think you guys are awesome!” Mind blown right there lol!

A few minutes later, we were finally ushered into the room and everyone started sitting down. There were four chairs, one in each corner of the room and each had a sign saying “Reserved” so we knew Taylor would be sitting in one of the chairs but didn’t know which one lol. I ended up sitting on one of the couches and everyone was chatting and nervously waiting for her to come in. Sure enough, 10 minutes later, She comes down the stairs and into the room and of course everyone started screaming and clapping! She ended up sitting in one of the chairs further away from where I was but I didn’t care I could see her perfectly and I was excited! She sat down and said hi to us all and told us how she had been planning these for the last 7 months and that all of us were hand picked to be there. She also said this, “I had a feeling that this was going to be a fun group, I had a good feeling. And then while I was upstairs I heard you guys singing Shake It Off, and I was like yup! This is a fun group!” Of course my group and I were grinning from ear to ear lol! What was so great was that as she started talking about the album and such, she would be looking around the room and she would point people out and say, “Aren’t you so and so? I’m so glad you made it!” Or she would point out how she was stalking certain people and comment on their photos on Instagram and what not. But she just seemed to happy to see each and every one of us! So we started listening to the album and all I will say about it, is that it is amazing! I mean I know some people are worried about her being completely pop on this album, but honestly the entire album sounds incredible and I think it’s her best one yet! So we listened to the album, and I noticed, she made eye contact with me a lot, and she would hold my gaze each time for like 5-10 seconds which was like holy wow! Lol! She was so great though, she would lip sync along with every song and was dancing and moving around in her chair and such it was great! Halfway through we took an intermission and she comes back out with her baked goods of rice krispie treats and cookies. There was a huge crowd around her, so myself and a few others just kind of hung back and spoke to each other and waited. She was getting closer to us and we all started freaking out! I was trying so hard to keep them all calm lol but it didn’t work out too well. So next thing we know, she walks over to us and of course who does she make eye contact with first and speak to first? This girl right here, who is shaking and had no clue what to say lol! She walks up to us, looks at me and says, “Hi! How are you?!” Now…this is how elegant and articulate I was with my first encounter lol, “I’m doing great! How are you?!” As I am shaking uncontrollably lol, she replied, “I am doing good! Do you guys want a snack or anything?” She is looking at me as she says this and all I could say was, “Uh…sure! Why not!” smacks forehead! Lol, not the most classy but at this point she was already walking away, trying to get to everyone. Once intermission was over we all sat back down and waited for her to come back in. A couple of the girls next to me were thinking she was going to sit in a different part of the room, so we all started freaking out that maybe she would sit closer to us!

Sure enough, a few minutes later, Taylor walks out with Olivia and hands her to a fan, stating that Olivia is a very chill cat and her most people friendly cat lol. Now where did she sit? Over on our side this time! She said we should know her well enough by now that she likes to switch things up! So all the people in the back like myself, now had a front row seat! We started listening to the second half of the album and she still made so much eye contact with me would hold her gaze for like 10 seconds and give me a smile, so I was already like this night can’t get any better! After we finished listening to the album, we of course ended it with a dance to Shake It Off! Then we were all ushered back into the room where they had kept the food so we could get separated into groups for a picture and such. They grouped us pretty much based how when you got to the meet up location so I look down at my wristband and saw the number 1 and was like…crap! Lol because that meant I didn’t have a ton of time to figure out what I was going to say to her lol! So while we waited for them to get everything ready, my group and I were like…”We should do another sing-a-long!” And so we decided on 22 and started singing. Sure enough, five seconds into it, we had the entire place going again and they started filming us again! It was a blast! Once that was over, they called our group and we went into the hallway and the first person in our group goes in. As that was going on, Andrea walks up to us and said hi to us and gave each of us a hug and thanked us for being here and always supporting Taylor. She told us how they felt like Christmas elves and that Taylor was the one who was planning all this and that Taylor was the one who wanted to do the listening sessions at her homes. Andrea told us that Taylor said, “I wouldn’t even have these homes if not for them.” We all thought that was so sweet and I said to Andrea, “I think that’s what makes her truly remarkable and sets her apart from so many other artists. She truly respects and appreciates her fans and it’s because she has this deep connection with them that her fans are so loyal to her.” Andrea agreed with that and said that we were all so amazing and she felt really safe and reassured that Taylor was in good hand with the fans. I laughed and told her, “We got her back don’t worry!” She laughed and yes you do! She chatted with us for a few more minutes before finally heading off to greet other fans and such. By that time, I was the next person in line to meet her, and my nerves had shot up again! As she was saying her good byes to the two girls in front of me, they said to me, “Are you ready?” I was like….”Not really…” lol but then the next thing I know they literally pushed me into the room!

I get pushed into the room and Taylor turns around, sees me and starts doing this little dance! Now, it’s Taylor and because of her energy, how can you not be compelled to dance too?! So I do a little dance with her as I am going up to her, and she gave me a huge hug and said, “Thank you so much for being here! Are you have a great time?” I replied, “Yes I am having an awesome time, this has just been so amazing!” She then said, “What did you think about the album?” I told her I thought it was absolutely incredible, and then she looked at me and said, “I really loved watching you listen to the album! The way you moved, and with certain lines, I could tell that they struck you on a deeper level.” I told her that was true and a few of the songs really hit me on a much deeper level. And then while I was as composed as I could be I looked at her and said, “I just really wanted to say, thank you for doing all that you do, and for putting your music out into the world. Not only are you an incredibly talented musician, but you are just such a genuine, loving person and that’s what I admire most about you. You have influenced so many around the world, and you influenced me to be the best person that I can be. And it’s through you and your music that I have made so many incredible friends and you alongside them have been there for me when I needed it most, especially last year when my family was going through a rough patch.” I then gave her a brief overview of my mom and how she was a two time survivor and how her music along with you guys just got me through that time of my life. She then replied, “You know it’s always so hard to hear about that, and I can’t imagine anyone in my family going through that, and the fact that you had to go through it twice. And seeing your loved ones in pain like that, and seeing them in even more pain from the medicine that is trying to help them survive. It’s so hard. That’s why most of the time I donate to cancer.” I also told her that seeing her videos and reading the articles about her visiting the kids in the hospital just hits me so hard and moves me so much and that was one of the things I admired her the most for. After I said all this she looks at me with this big smile and says, “Thank you so much….you are so sweet! No, you really are so sweet thank you so much!” And of course I kind of looked away I was probably a tomato at this point and before I can say anything she was like, “So I think we should take a photo! What do you want to do?” I really had no idea lol I told her, “I said I have no idea, I am just so incredibly humble about this whole experience and just happy to be here I didn’t even think about it!” She smiled and laughed and then replied, “Well…I think we kind of need a photo though! Do you wanna just hug it out? Or you can hold the grammy, (The grammy she has is for Safe and Sound) or we can sit? We can do whatever you want!” I honestly didn’t know so she looks at me and says, “Ok how about this! You can hold the grammy and I can hug you!” I said, “That will work, sure! Let’s do it!” So we took the photo and after she gave me another huge hug and said, “Thank you so much for being here, and especially for sharing your story with me!” I told her, “You share your life with all of us, and I cannot thank you enough for doing all that you do.” She said thank you and told me I was sweet again (cue the tomato! Lol) and as I was walking away she said to me, “So I am going to see you some concerts soon right?” I looked at her and said, “Actually, I am going to be a GMA the end of the month!” She looks at me, fist pumps and then shouts, “Yay! I will see you there then at GMA!” I thanked her one more time before grabbing my photo and then heading out the door where they had a goodie bag waiting for me.

Guys, I literally cannot believe any of this happened, it still feels like it was all a dream! But I am going to say the same thing I said to Taylor. I am so grateful to all of you and so incredible honored to be your friends. You guys have been there for me, no questions asked and I cannot even begin to say how much you all mean to me. You all are so incredible and amazing people and to call you guys friends, it is amazing. I love you all so much and I know none of this would have ever happened if not for you guys. I am so glad to have you all in my life!

dreamingincastles Ashley here you are! My SS story lol!


Can you please do an imagining for me with hayes and if it’s ok can it be long? I moved to America and I don’t have friends I’m home schooled I was penny boarding when I fell hut my knee and my bored went into the backyard of the house next to mine (GRIERS house) i didn’t think people were home I jumped the fence, hayes caught me. He was heading to the beach I went with then we penny board together he asked me on a date and I say no then we argue and he kisses me. Thankyou👑

(But guys, because she was so descriptive with what she wanted I can put sooo much more effort into the imagine. Please request like this^ If you have the time, I’ll be able to make you something you like😊)

Living in a huge place like America with only your parents as friends is never a good look but of course me being the home schooled loner ends up with that look. I’ve lived here for a month and so far it’s been horrible, I miss home. The only thing that I actually look forward too is penny boarding at the end of a day full of maths, literature and physics.

“Bye,” I shouted to no one in particular as I slammed the front door. I hopped onto my pastel yellow penny board and began to skate, smiling I turned in the direction of McDonalds. Between you and me, I don’t really like my mom’s food, it’s either undercooked or overcooked – either way, it’s horrible. I started to pay attention to a car speeding past me, that’s a nice car I thought. Of course, because my attention was focused on the car I ended up going over a small-ish rock which ended in my losing my balance and falling onto my knees. “Great,” I groaned as blood trickled down my leg. I hopped back onto my penny board deciding that the best thing to do would be to go home and get a band aid (bandage/plaster).

Once I was outside of my house, I looked up seeing that my next door neighbour was pulling out of his driveway. Smirking to myself, I decided to look around. Upon approaching the house I looked around, not suspiciously at all. Nobody should be in, I thought as I jumped over the fence. Wow, the garden was massive. A pool sat directly in the middle with five sun loungers surrounding it, I walked over to it taking in just how nice it was. That’s when I heard a door slam, shit.

I turned around slowly and cautiously when I saw a boy about my age staring at me curiously. Walking over to me he questioned, “Erm, are you lost?”

“I, er, um, I was just getting my ball,” I stuttered.

Looking round, he replied, “I don’t see a ball,” He told me laughing sarcastically.

“It must have gone in the other garden, sorry,” I mumbled, starting to walk away he called after me.

“Wait, what’s your name?”

“Y/N,” I told him smiling, “You?”

“Hayes,” He replied, “Fancy coming to the beach Y/N?”

“Yeah, I guess,” I agreed shyly.

At the beach

Me and Hayes had been together for about an hour and so far there had been no awkward moments, I’d found out so much about him – We were polar opposites yet we got on so well. I smiled at him, staring into those beautiful eyes of his as we spoke about my home but how America had just go a whole lot better.

“So, Y/N – Want to go on a date sometime?” He questioned, me confidently.

“I, um, I’m sorry I can’t,” I replied, suddenly getting awkward.

“Why?” He inquired.

“Well my parents are strict and I have school and just a lot of stuff and yeah I just,” I rushed.

Getting annoyed he replied, “I can see you’re making excuses, if you don’t like me then all you have to do is say.”

“Excuse me? No I’m not making excuses. Something are just more important than boys and if you don’t like that then I guess I’ll just g-,” Cutting me off with a kiss, I gasped. At first I didn’t react but it didn’t take me long to melt into the kiss, our lips moved in sync. It was perfect.

Breaking away from the kiss he smiled, “You’ll just what?”

“Doesn’t matter,” I replied, blushing.


May 2016


“OK, so they’ve both had breakfast and I’ve packed everything they might need. Please aim to get them into bed by 8 at the latest, otherwise they are really grumpy. Here are emergency contact details for their doctor and key people who can help if you need it. Leo eats everything in sight so be careful with anything little and James likes to run straight into the pool so maybe keep the doors locked. Um…..” Jaime rambled on at me while Adam and Kyle played with the kids int he background.

Jamie and Kyle were going to the premiere of Kyle’s new film in New York and decided it was best to not take the kids on such a short trip. So Adam and I were babysitting them for a couple of nights. It was a big deal all around: Jaime had barely left Leo with anyone but his dad since he was born, and neither me nor Adam had the most experience looking after 2 under 4 year olds.

But this was going to be great, that’s what I kept telling myself. I was, after all, the one who volunteered us as babysitters when Jaime first mentioned it.

We were babysitting at Adam’s house in LA because it has a pool (and it was unseasonably hot for May) and I was basically living here now.

“Jaime, we’ll be fine. Don’t worry! We got it covered! We’ll swim, have some lunch, play with the cats, then Tay is going to make a delicious kid-friendly dinner and snacks, we’ll watch a cartoon movie, and the wee men will be in bed snug as little bugs by 8pm latest. Promise.” Adam said wrapping his arms around me from behind.

“I know….i’m just anxious….just wait till you guys have some of your own!” Jaime said laughing slightly, making us smile at her.

“Ok, you guys get going or you’ll miss your flight! We’ll facetime this evening before you head to the premiere.” I said walking towards the doors and Jaime and Kyle said goodbye to their boys.

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