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Gravity Finale - The Movie

So back when Weirdmageddon 3 had just aired and I was still kinda figuring out what to do with myself after the end of Gravity Falls, I decided to put together a little personal project and edit together the last four episodes of the show into one big Gravity Falls movie. Dipper and Mabel vs. The Future, Weirdmageddon Part 1, Escape From Reality, and Take Back the Falls.

I basically spliced together the episodes by cutting out all of the unnecessary fades to back that would otherwise interrupt the flow, and doing some audio crossfade work to make sure the cuts weren’t jarring. What I created is (hopefully) seamless transitions between episodes that just look like normal angle cuts. To do this I had to sacrifice like one or two jokes (ex. “Oh no there’s Bill!! That’s what you guys were thinking right?”) but the payoff is something that’s actually really neat to watch.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, click here to see a preview of the concept! This preview consists of the very end of Dipper and Mabel vs the Future transitioning into the very beginning of Weirdmageddon Part 1

I even then went so far as to edit the aspect ratio of the episodes to give it a more cinematic, film-like feeling.

^^^ Like that

The end result is 1 hour and 46 minutes of Gravity Falls goodness that I titled “Gravity Finale”.

And I never ever did anything with it, like, I think I told maybe one or two people about it.

But today I watched it and I was like “wow people would probably be interested in this, right????”

So, here I am. Giving you guys your very own link to watch Gravity Finale! Let me know what you guys think if you check it out, I’d love to hear how I did in editing a movie-like Gravity Falls experience ^^

Click here to go to the Google Drive page and see it for yourself!

An Unlikely Meeting ~ Finn Wolfhard x Reader ~ Part One

As I stood gripping my phone in my hands I decided that standing in this long-ass line was totally worth it. In about an hour, I would be meeting the cast of Stranger Things. I would be meeting Finn Wolfhard. I tried my best not to squeal out loud. I had been compressing bursts of excitement all day so I had no idea what was going to happen when I actually met them. Actually, I had been compressing bursts of excitement since I bought my tickets to Toronto Comic-Con. I was hoping that I didn’t embarrass myself when I actually met everyone.
Before you knew it, the line had gone down and you were at the very front about to go in. The security guard moved the barrier aside and you went through. It was a wonder you didn’t start screaming profanities at the sight. A few other people were in front of you and you started at the right side of the table. It was Gaten Matarazzo. He took a poster off the pile and signed it in silver sharpie.

“Hi!” He said with a smile, “It’s so nice to meet you! I’m Gaten.”
“I’m, Y/N, and it’s great to meet you too. Would it be okay if I took a picture?”
“Of course! As long as I can get one with you as well!”

You took a picture together on your phone and then one on Gaten’s as whenever a fan asked for a photo he always got one too. You took your poster and went to meet Caleb who stood up, took a picture with you and signed your poster, grinning ear to ear the entire time. Then it was Noah’s turn. He wasn’t in his seat at the table though. He had his sharpie and was standing ready to engulf you in a big hug. 

“I’m Noah. Thanks for coming. It’s great to meet you!”
With a quick flick of his pen, your poster was signed and he took the picture of you two together.
“Thank you so much, Noah,” You tried to keep your tone from reaching an unnatural height, “It’s amazing finally getting to meet you.”
“You too!”

Millie said hello as she signed and asked you your name, where you were from and if you were excited for season two. You had a little conversation and a photo before you moved on to Finn who was stood up like Noah. He was about to hug you when everything went black.
“Is she okay? What happened?”
“I don’t know! I was going to hug her and she collapsed. I think she’s waking up…”

You opened your eyes to see that five very worried faces were looking down at you.

“Oh, my gosh,” Millie said, “Someone go get the medical guy!”
She ran off somewhere to fetch someone. Caleb and Gaten followed.
“Are you okay?” Noah asked, “It’s Y/N, isn’t it? What happened?”
He and Finn knelt down and helped you sit up. With a very anxious look on his face, Finn handed you a bottle of water.
“Did I faint?” You asked in a quiet voice, “I’m so sorry.”
Finn looked stunned, “Why are you apologising?! You don’t need to be sorry. The others have gone to get some help.”
“Thank you.” You smiled and Finn smiled back,
“No problem,” He replied, “Is there anything else you need?”
“I don’t think so. Except for my poster.”
Noah and Finn laughed.
“You just fainted on me and you’re worried about that? You can have all the posters you want if you promise not to die on us.”
You laughed along with Finn and Noah. “In that case, I want a hundred posters so I can cover my whole bedroom with them.”
Noah smiled. “I like you Y/N. You’re easy to get along with.”
“Yeah,” Finn agreed, “Except for the fainting thing. That’s just a huge pain in my ass.”
More laughter. And more. Even though it made your head hurt you couldn’t help it. 

Suddenly Millie, Gaten and Caleb came rushing in with a doctor behind them. Finn stayed next to you as you were examined and asked questions about the fall. He asked if you were experiencing dizziness or nausea. Because you were he told you it was probably a concussion and he was going to take you out back where you could get rid of it.
“When we’re done,” Finn said to you, “We’ll come and see how you’re doing. And I’ll bring your poster, don’t worry.”

You both shared a smile as you were taken off for an aspirin and a rest. Despite the fact you collapsed, this was quickly turning into the best day of your life.
You almost went into cardiac arrest when Finn and the others came into the room you were in.
“How are you doing, Y/N?” Finn asked
“Better. Much better.”
“Good. Do they know why you fainted?”
“They’re saying that it was because of the excitement and the fact I haven’t eaten.”
“If we’re not keeping you from anyone,” Millie said with an encouraging smile, “You could come to eat with us. We’re not the ones paying for it so you don’t have to worry about that.”
“Sure.” Gaten cut in, “As long as you don’t steal my fries.”

You grinned and called your mum to tell her that she didn’t have to come and take you back to the hotel for another few hours. As you walked out and to the cars that were there to take everyone to dinner, Finn struck up a conversation with you. 

“Did you fly here? Where from?”
“I live in Vancouver, actually. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.”
“As if we’re both from Vancouver.  What are the chances, huh?”
“Apparently they’re quite high for us.”
“Apparently so. Now, where shall we head for dinner?”
“I don’t mind. It’s up to you guys, considering you’ve let me tag along.”
“Don’t mention it, Y/N, and don’t worry about your poster,” he chuckled, “I’ve got that.”
“Thank you so much.”
You got in the back of a matte black Jeep, in the middle of Finn and Millie. The others were in the car behind. Millie looked down at your Doc Martens.
“Your boots are to die for!”
“Thanks,” you smiled, “I got them from Camden Market in London when I went in the summer. They’re limited edition.”
“Well, they look good on you, Y/N, if you don’t mind me saying.”
“Of course not! And thank you.”
“Okay,” Finn leaned over, “I’m feeling really left out. Is nobody going to tell me how hot I look in this jacket?”
You and Millie burst out laughing and at the same time and said, “No.”
“Wow. I’m hurt,” Finn held his hand to his chest as if he had been wounded, “I hope we get to the restaurant soon. I’m being bullied in this car.”
You and Millie carried on laughing, you couldn’t help it. Once the two of you composed yourselves a little she took her phone out and went on Instagram.
“Okay you two, photo for my Insta story. Smileeee!”

Millie took the photo and made you give her your Instagram name so she could tag you and follow you. Finn did the same. Before you knew what was happening, you had follow requests coming in.

You have five new follow requests:


As you pressed accept, you wondered how two hours ago you were lining up to meet your heroes and now you were in the back of a car going to dinner with them and getting follow requests on Instagram from them. What was this life you had just randomly been dropped into? Not that you were complaining…

You were sat between Finn and Noah and the others were across from you. Gaten had insisted that you dine at Nando’s and nobody had a problem with that since you were all starved. You were having the time of your life. Millie was asking you about your life in Vancouver, and everyone else was listening in eagerly.

“So,” Millie was leaning on her hands listening intently, “You’re a straight A student, but you must do other things too!”
“Yeah,” You thought for a moment, “I dance.”
“You dance?” Finn raised his eyebrows
“Yeah. Ever since I was four.”
“Damn,” Millie looked impressed, “Have you got videos?”
Shitshitshitshitshit Finn is going to see me dancing, your thoughts were getting very loud indeed. “Yeah. I do.” You got your phone from your bag, found the Instagram account for your dance school and gave them the phone. Mille angled it so that Finn and Noah could see too. You tried really hard not to start blushing.
“You are so good, Y/N!” Finn said
“Yeah!” Millie agreed, “Do you compete?”
“We do, yeah.”
“I’m not surprised,” Millie handed your phone back to you, “Anything else we should know about you? Are you hiding any more amazing talents?”
“Not really. I write for fun, but other than that I’m pretty normal. You know, nothing special.”
“Do not say that.” Millie looked serious, “You’re special. I’m just so glad we met you.”
“Yeah,” Gaten added, “It’s actually really great to have you here. I don’t have to hear Millie complain about how she wishes she wasn’t surrounded by boys all the time." 

Everyone’s food arrived and you had to elbow Finn a couple of times because he kept stealing your fries.
The six of you closed Nando’s. At eleven pm (pun intended) you all stood up and slipped into your jackets. You could see the Jeeps with the blacked out windows at the curb. You really didn’t want the night to end, and neither did Millie.

"Hey. I’ve got an idea, just tell me if it sucks, okay Y/N?”
“How about we meet for breakfast tomorrow. It’s our last day and we can spend it however we want. It would be cool if we could spend it with you.”
“Really?” You genuinely were surprised
“Of course! Meet us at the Waffle House down the road from here.  And then we can go from there.”
“Okay then. What time?”
“Well,” Millie looked at Finn and Caleb and rolled her eyes, “They like to sleep in, so shall we say ten?”“
"Yeah, that works for me. I think my mum is outside, so I’ll see you in the morning.”
Millie pulled you in for a hug, “Of course, and I just wanted to say, I’m really glad we met you.”
“Me too.”

You said goodbye to the others and almost went into cardiac arrest for the billionth time today when Finn gave you a hug. When you met your mum she asked you about your day and how it was going to dinner with the cast of Stranger Things. She didn’t really understand the full capacity of what had just happened to you. You were so wrapped up in your evening that you completely forgot to tell her you fainted and how it was the reason you made five unlikely friends today.

You got up extra early and took a shower, even though you weren’t meeting everyone until ten. You thought it would be best to leave yourself plenty of time to get ready and make your way to the restaurant. Once you were out of the shower you dried your hair and braided it. You went with really basic makeup, not wanting to overdo it too much. As for your outfit you put on some high waisted black jeans, a white cropped sweater, and of course your Doc Martens. At about nine fifteen you said goodbye to your mum who was spending the day shopping and headed to the Waffle House. You googled its location last night when you found that you couldn’t sleep from excitement.
“Y/N!” You turned around and saw everyone coming down the street, “Hey!” Millie engulfed you in a hug and then so did Finn.
“Hey!” You smiled, “I think you guys are in the same hotel as me.”
“Seriously?” Noah asked, “We could have a movie night tonight if you are!”
“Oh my, yes!” Millie clapped her hands together in excitement, “Are you in the Hilton too?”
“Yeah. I thought we were in the same because of the road you came down.”
“Guys we can talk about this over waffles,” Caleb sighed, “I’m really hungry.”
And with that you went in to get seated, still talking about your plans for the evening.
Time skip to the evening…
“I can’t believe you two dragged us round Sephora for an hour and a half,”  Gaten sighed, “Look at my arms! They’re covered in lines of lipstick!”
“And mine,” Finn said
“They’re swatches,” Millie rolled her eyes, “And stop complaining. Y/N and I have been kind enough to let you pick the movies tonight.”
“Do you guys mind if we stop at my room on the way up? I want to ditch all this stuff and change.” You asked

You all stepped out of the hotel elevator and to your room. The boys waited outside while you and Millie went in. Your mum still wasn’t back.
“What shall I put on,” you said to Millie from your bedroom
“Go with comfy but cute.”
You put on some black cotton shorts and a tank top along with some fuzzy socks. Before running out to Millie you took your hair down and ran through it.
“Come on,” You smiled, “Let’s go.”

When you went outside the boys all gave you the look up and down before heading back to their room. Millie dressed into something similar to you and grabbed a tonne of blankets from the bedroom and sat down together in front of the flat screen. When the boys came back from getting changed, Caleb and Noah ordered room service. Pizza, of course. Finn came and sat down next to you so you were between him and Millie. 

“God Finn you are such a blanket hog.”
He laughed and moved closer to you causing a shiver to run down your spine.
“Better?” He whispered

Despite the fact that you had just met Finn and the others, you could see the tight friendship forming. New connections, new relationships, new start. You wondered what would happen with Finn. Especially Finn.


So this started out as something I was writing for @thoughtfullyyoungduck as they requested it, but it’s turned into a lot more so there will be more parts, but bear with me as I have shit loads to do, honestly.



OK!! we talked....😱 long post again..

So if you read part one and two….well you would know how my son came in his shorts for me. So I told him how we needed to talk and we ended up doing so 2 days after it happened. The day after, I woke up and thought I dreamt the whole thing! He went to his friends house for the day which he had already planned to do so I didn’t get to see him until the day after. So when I saw him I was waiting in the front room of our house for him to walk in. I dressed in jeans and a blouse just to try and keep things stress free (saying this because I know you little naughty followers want me to wait naked for him to walk in!) and when he walked in I got up to greet him. I kissed him and he kissed me back a very small peck. He seemed a little shy so I asked him if we could talk about the other night. He said okay and we sat on the couch next to each other. I put my hand on his thigh to keep the closeness between us. I told him that everything that happened was natural and that it was okay. I told him that he always makes me feel good and I was only delighted that I made him feel good too. He looked at me and confessed he was a little embarrassed by the event because his own mother turns him on and he thought it wasn’t normal. I let him know that I understood why he would feel that way but there was nothing wrong with anything. Being his mother or not it was normal to be attracted to a woman’s body. I have to admit the whole conversation we were having Had me so nervous yet excited. I didn’t know how it was all going to go and I desperately wanted to know how he felt about it. I asked him if he was attracted to me and he told me he had been for a while. He told me he had been trying to build the courage to tell me!!!!!! He has thought about us doing that for some time. He seemed very nervous and unsure telling me all this as if I were trying to pull a prank so I finally told him that it turned me on seeing him like that and that I thoroughly enjoyed it. We talked about our attraction a little more and he told me how good it felt yet it was still a little strange. I agreed but then I told him that we have a special bond and that I love him more than anyone and that making him feel good and have an orgasm for me was one of the many best experiences I have had as his mother. OMG you guys don’t even know how good this all was to talk about. I am trying to keep this post short by editing out all the “wow it was so hot” and “we were both shaking” and all those comments that took up so much writing. But anyways, after we talked for a while I let him know he could still talk to me and I am still his mother and I would love to make him feel good any time. He has no plans for tomorrow and he said he wanted us to have a day spent at home together so OMG we will see where that takes us!!!!!

BTS Reacting To You Hiding Your Face The First Time You Take Your Makeup Off In Front Of Them


He’d initially be concerned when he seen how uncomfortable you were, hiding behind your hair and keeping your hands around your face. His heart would drop a little at how shy you were so he’d come over to face you, pushing one side of your hair back kissing you softly. He’d gently trail soft kisses down your neck to try and make you relax a bit. “(Y/N), you’re so beautiful. I could just stare at you all day long.” he’d say before lifting your shirt over your head, continuing the soft kisses down your torso until his lips were sitting just above the waist of your jeans. He’d grab the sides and begin to slide them down, staring up at you. “Every inch of you is perfect.” lifting one of your legs over his shoulder he’d press his tongue against your womanhood making your head tip back as delicate mewls escaped your lips.

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the discussion about how jiraiya was not the best teacher got me thinking about my headcanons for what naruto learned on his training trip that wasn’t fancy jutsu

(there is absolutely no basis in canon for any of this, I just wish it were true)

  • how to manage a spy network
  • infiltration (+constructive application for his [presumably] unique henge)
  • honestly, a lot of the nastier side of ninja life that doesn’t involve killing people?? it’s implied jiraiya does a lot of dirty work for konoha when he travels so…..
  • how to not look like a ninja in a civilian town
  • how to not look like a ninja in a foreign hidden village
  • seals, because dammit, jiraiya, teach him about his parents even indirectly 
  • he’s an uzumaki he’ll pick it up quickly
  • the fact that he is occasionally a girl (or neither a girl nor a boy, but that’s less common) and is willing to use her gender identity to stop jiraiya perving on the baths (because that’s his goddaughter and he feels creepy and old now)
  • (the other visitors to the baths are v grateful)
  • how to cook (and use poison, but mostly cook)
  • that cute civilians do not take “wow, you’re really scary!” as a compliment
  • (‘but that’s a standard compliment, why did she get angry at me? ow! it was just a question! …what do you mean civilians don’t consider that a good thing?’)
  • that cute civilians will accept (non-poisoned) baked goods in apology
  • how to walk in high heels
  • how to read and write kanji more thoroughly by editing icha icha (and stop it being Porn Written by a Man™)
  • (in konoha, kakashi is crying happy tears)
  • (anko, after stealing one to find out why, is cackling)
  • a surprising amount of formal etiquette from that time she was dragged into the narutoverse equivalent of a finishing school when jiraiya was off doing Research
  • that nice kimono are heavy and hot and too much work, why do we wear them
  • his alcohol tolerance
  • jiraiya’s alcohol tolerance
  • other people’s alcohol tolerance (in general)
  • how to avoid a group of angry drunk missing nin while trying to keep your angry drunk godfather quiet and compliant 
Catch Us

a short 1.6k word blurb about dry humping niall until he comes in his pants :))

His large hands gripped tight onto your waist, calloused fingers creeping up under the hem of your top, his touch lingering at your warmed skin. Straddling his lap, his lean body was slumped back into the red and black couch that wrapped around the rear of the tour bus. His legs were spread wide beneath you, his feet pressing hard into the floor as he tried to steady himself and worked to hold himself off. You could feel him straining hard in his thin sweat shorts, his throbbing length pushing roughly against your own clothed heat. His head was tipped back, resting on the back of the couch as he willingly bared all of his pretty freckle-laced skin for you to have your way with.

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embarrassingly, i cried while drawing this ~ 30 day otp challenge

some fave oneyplays things

✩ how gullible chris is. ding dong could say “did you know that mario was actually designed in 1960 by walt disney and then nintendo bought the rights in the 90’s?” and chris would be like “REALLY? :0”

✩ julians sarcastic little “wow.”

✩ ding dong going “mmmhm.” (usually when bullshitting chris)

✩ ding dong’s editing. its so good. we love u boy

✩ julian getting anxiety over the games

✩ when they go off in a tangent talking abt irl stuff. like “hey remember when we did this/went here/ate this” its cool, i just like hearing stuff like that

✩ ding dong’s whole tragic anime backstory

feel free to add on ur faves but these are just mine :0!



             “And you know what I really hate?”
“That choker scarf?”
            “This choker scarf!” 


Hello everyone ! Welcome to my 5k+ Follow Forever (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

I reached 5k followers two weeks ago (i’m almost at 5.1k now) even though I haven’t been really active this last month (I was working…). Sorry about that >w< I didn’t expect to reach 5k one day (and since it’s almost time for me to go back to school ;;w;; I made a “back to school” FF ! featuring my baby Killua ♡ yes, AGAIN) Thank you so much to all of you !!!! For those who started following me a few days ago, I hope you’ll find my blog interesting enough to stay, and for those who have been following me for so long, I couldn’t thank you enough. Thanks to all of you for liking my edits, for reblogging them, for tagging me, for sending me asks, for trying to know more about me… It motivates me to create even more edits and try making better edits each time.

 I’ve met wonderful people here, even if I don’t talk to you much, I really do appreciate you, and love the fact we’re mutuals. I love fangirling in the tags a lot, you might have seen it haha. When I reblog edits I always try to put some comments in the tags or even “wow this is pretty”, because maybe if you see this little comment of mine, it’ll make you smile or feel good for the day :) And for my dear mutuals, being followed back by such talented people makes me feel great ! Thank you so much ! I love you all ! ♡

Here, I will list awesome people with great blogs. You should check them out ! ♡♡ Some are really talented graphic/gifmakers, some are amazing artists, some are people I really love seeing on my dash because they seem so nice and caring… ♡♡ I hope Tumblr didn’t mess up my italicized and bolded urls bc it always does… >w<

|| Bolded : Mutuals || Italics : fav graphics/gifs makers and fav art blogs ||



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The Girl From the Journal (Pt 2)

Part 1

Surprise! I finished the second part to my soulmate AU! Sorry it took 62 years to finish. Enjoy!

A/N: In this AU, Riverdale is a much bigger city than it is in canon, so the Riverdale Register is much bigger as well. Also, shoutout to @birdlovesafish for giving me the idea for Betty’s nickname that Polly’s kids call her. Thanks, lovely!

Betty Cooper stumbled through the revolving glass doors of the tallest building in town, the Riverdale Register. Betty took a look around the recently renovated lobby, her eyes widening in awe at the pristine marble flooring and state of the art computers on every desk from the receptionist’s right in front of her, to the reporters’ in the back room. 

“May I help you?” The man standing behind the reception area asked in a nasally voice, his nose turning up to the tall ceiling at the sight of Betty and her too-tight ponytail and wrinkled baby blue skirt clumsily sliding her way across the recently mopped wet floor. 

“Yes! I’m looking for a Mr. Jones,” she explained once she had made her way safely over to him, holding onto the counter tightly with one hand and smoothing down her blouse with the other. “Um, he left something of his at my sister’s cafe this morning and I’m here to return it.” 

“Do you have a name?” the man wanted to know, glancing down at his computer briefly to check something before flicking his eyes back up in her direction impatiently. 

“Uh, I do. But whatever name you give him won’t mean anything to him,” Betty informed him, her words coming out rushed and jumbled as she scrambled to explain herself. “He doesn’t actually know me - I mean apparently he writes about me, but he’s never met me. Well technically he met me this morning, but it was only briefly and I don’t think he really even looked me in the eye or-”

“Rambling crazy lady with a journal,” the man spat, cutting her off and eyeing her with a look of annoyance as he picked up the phone on the counter to punch in a number. “That’ll be enough of a description for him, thanks.” 

“Rude,” Betty muttered under her breath, backing away from the desk and rubbing her arms up and down uncomfortably as she waited for the receptionist to make his phone call. 

“He’ll be down in a moment,” he told her. “Try not to touch anything while you’re waiting. In fact, try not to even look at anything breakable until Mr. Jones arrives.” 

“Well okay then,” Betty mumbled, making her way over to the wall on the opposite side of the reception area where she found row after row of noteworthy articles from past news editions, framed and polished for the entire office to read. 

Betty scanned the wall, taking in title after title until one particularly lengthy column that sat at the very end, nearest to the staircase, caught her eye. It was written by the very man of whose journal she was lugging around in her purse, and as curiosity got the better of her, she began reading until she was completely immersed in his words, just as she had been when she was reading his journal. 

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Here’s me throwing a little appreciation to everyone who makes my time on this website for dumdums worthwhile! I wanted to do something a little different instead of just listing all my favs, so i’ve written just a little blurb to thank you for making me so happy <3 I hope you all manage to find your tag lol this got a bit long (might have to do a cheeky command+f heh) compliments / blurbs under the cut!!

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ok so i’ve been getting vagued a lot and i just wanna give a response. i don’t want to push anyone out of a fandom, i want people to feel comfortable in a fandom. however, constantly seeing things about a canon ableist character in tags from a lot of different blogs is so tiring for many people.

i’ve talked about this issue before, i’ve even replied to a post from one of those blogs about rpf, and then i saw a blog that had s//t in the title about a canon ableist character.

also, it’s not like morris delancey is the only option to write about for mike faist. mike!!!! the newsie!!! the good nice newsie who dances in king of new york. ‘but i want him to have a brother’ wow!!! mike has a brother!’ he’s called ike!!! wild!!

i hope everyone involved in this don’t stop writing, that’s not my intention. i just feel that people should think about what they’re writing and what that character is like in canon.

i won’t change my opinion on the matter.

edit; @sea-creature-anons i saw u guys post about this so i thought i’d tag u!!

WOW. Just WOW.

Fight For My Way is an amazing drama!

The concept is simple and easy to understand. The outcome is predictable but what engages you it’s the road to get there. And I feel so identified with both of the main characters (especially Dong Man). I love the setting! Them living in not a fancy neighbor, which is a very real context for a young person living alone. The editing (lightning and coloring) are good.

The acting and writing are so good that one can easily see what’s in between the lines in the relationship of Dong Man and Ae Ra. In two episodes they’ve given us enough insight on the present and backstory to get the idea that they are too much friends to try and think about being something more… But it isn’t as if they haven’t thought about it.

Throughout episode 1 I was pretty sure Ae Ra had a one-sided “crush” (*cough*love*cough*) but then the flashback came at the very very end and it totally changed my mind. Now I’m expectant to see what will be the factor to make them realize that they live (they’ve always have) like a married couple. And not just because of the trust between them but also because of how they support, truly know and care about each other. At the end of episode 2, Ae Ra didn’t ask him “Hey, what’s wrong?”, she just said what he needed to hear and Ae Ra said it because she believes in those words. The same as him protecting her, reminding her that even if she tries to look tough and scary to others, he knows she isn’t indestructible. They both let each other see their most vulnerable sides. IF THAT’S NOT A COUPLE RELATIONSHIP THEN WHAT.

Their relationship is so satisfyingly full of life that it makes me excited (and a bit anxious) on what’s to come. Especially knowing that they both have had another romantic interests…

I want to see them accomplishing their dreams, so that it my hopes go up in accomplishing my owns. That’s the level of conection I feel with this story.