wow is this a shinee hobby

Leo Sun

They’re always energetic, and seem to eradicate any sadness you felt once they come around. They never fail to make you chuckle or smile as they are always so fresh and positive! If you ever need someone to boost your confidence and make you feel like a shining star, then get yourself a Leo Sun, because their happiness and brilliantness will radiant onto you.

- Mod Libra 🍬

My life has been almost filled to the brim with Leo’s, and I am glad that have been living the life I have been because they bring fun, yet they still support when it’s vital to our friendship or/and trust for each other! They also understand when I tell them that I just love to write up my notes for my classes as my own hobby (wow what a surprise lol!), and they do support me in general. They’re like the sunlight that suddenly enters your room, and you feel a lot more optimistic when they make their entrance, and you just feel better in general around them!

- Mod Aquarius 💋