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wow , wow , wow , wowza ! icb this blog has any followers at all since i’m never here but i love my dottir so much like she’s the angel of my heart & & i’m so glad people are acknowledging her existence ??? it’s only been uh — something like five or six months but this blog has really allowed me to appreciate reaching cross-fandom & & building a character from the ground up, it’s been a wild ride so far & & we’re definitely not done yet , so thank you to everyone who’s stuck with me this far ! in the spririt of this holiday season , i’m so THANKFUL for each & & every one of you for the support , the kindness & & the friends i’ve encountered ! y’all deserve a medal for being a quality human being , but i guess you’ll just have to settle for my undying gratitude & & love !

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What would happen if Lance died and the rest of the team goes back to Earth to tell his family, like

-They all had a vague sense that his family was large, but w h a t (Hunk definitely already knew but he’s too sad to be telling the team these things because Lance should be doing it)

-His family already thought he was dead/missing, and the team now has to explain, no, he wasn’t dead, he was saving the universe

-Everyone is crying now

-The team feels especially bad now, because they were all worried about themselves, but none of them has ever heard Lance talking about missing his family besides Coran

-Now Coran feels bad that he never further helped Lance with this problem

-Pidge is mad at herself for always talking about her family and not thinking about how Lance had a family too

-Hunk is now realising that he had been shoving Lance away right when Lance really needed him

-Keith has hardly ever met people like this . They are telling them that Lance is dead and yet they’re still joking like Lance would and Keith can’t handle it??

-Shiro hears from Lance’s family how he was Lance’s hero and he already kind of knew, but “oh wow, I treated this kid horribly when he was just trying to impress me I am a horrible leader”

-Allura regrets pushing Lance so hard. She once nearly drove everyone into a star once just to go a home she knew was already long since destroyed, but Lance never tried to leave? And yet she still yelled at him. He honestly had more to return to than she did, but she never even considered it

(Wow, I love langst. And wow, I am bad at getting ideas down. This sounded better in my head)

“Hes an asshole.” Finn Wolfhard

Plot - This is an AU where Finn, Noah, Gaten, and Caleb are sort of known for getting in trouble and Y/N starts to talk with Finn, her best friends (Millie and Sadie) hate them all. 

Pairing: Finn Wolfhard x Reader

“We went on a date last night.” I whispered to my friend, Millie. “You went on a date with Finn Wolfhard?! Are you insane? You know his reputation, he’s a grade A asshole. You’re going to end up hurt.” She replied, her voice a little louder than a whisper. “He was really nice to me yesterday, I think you judge too quickly.” I rolled my eyes. “I think you judge too slowly!” She retaliated. “Okay, what about his friend, Gaten? You liked him for a solid year, even when Sadie told you he was an asshole.” I responded, clenching my fists. “That’s different, I didn’t think he was an asshole at first, but a week ago, you were talking about Finn and his dickyness.” She retorted. “Actually, I was talking about how it was unfair he got in trouble for asking a question, even though he asked it in a rude way.” I smirked, knowing I got her with that. “But still, he is an asshole, and just be careful.” She responded, walking into the school.  

“Hey ladies.” Finn smiled, sitting next to me and my friends at the lunch table. “Uhm, what are you doing here?” Sadie asked him, sending a glare his way. “Is it wrong I want to sit by my favorite girl?” He asked, hugging me, making my cheeks go red. “Y/N? What the hell?” Sadie asked, now looking at me. “Just go with it.” Millie mumbled. Soon enough Finn’s other friends came and sat by us; Noah, Gaten, and Caleb. “Oh great, there’s more.” Sadie rolled her eyes. “Why are you so againsts us?” Gaten asked. “Because you’re all assholes.” Sadie responded, pushing her food away. “How? I haven’t done anything to you!” Gaten responded, I could tell the conversation was going to get heated so I nudged Millie so she could try and calm Sadie down. I would have done it myself but I was sitting the furthest away. “Yeah but lets face it, you aren’t the most well behaved group of people, and all of you have gotten into a physical fight.” Sadie retaliated. “That doesn’t make us assholes, It makes other people assholes.” Noah responded. Ohhh shit.

Y/N: Sadie! What the hell was that at lunch?!

Sadie: I don’t know, why don’t you tell me?

Sadie: Finn came to sit by you, are you guys a thing or what??

Y/N: i don’t know. We went on one date, it was nice, i enjoyed it.

Sadie: Y/N, hes an asshole, you know you are going to get in trouble, or hurt, or something

Y/N: None of them were being mean during lunch, you started it.

Sadie: Yeah, because they all suck.

Y/N: you don’t even know them

Sadie: Jesus, Y/N! Have you heard what they’ve done?? Its public knowledge at this point.

Y/N: Its rumors. Do you really think they would actually destroyed that gas station?!

Sadie: Yeah, they would! Anyone dumb enough would.

Y/N: the reports also said a few freshmen, it never said names.

Sadie: but we all know it was them, i mean it’s obvious.

Y/N: They get in fights and argue with teachers, they don’t rob people.

Sadie: Text me when you open your eyes.

“Fuck you too!” I yelled at my phone. Sadie was the one with her eyes closed, Millie too for that matter. Neither of them has ever actually talked to either of them. Caleb and I were friends in middle school. He wasn’t the worst, yeah he got into one fight, but he didn’t even punch first!

My phone started ringing, pulling me out of my thoughts. “Hello?” I answered, not bothering to look at caller ID. “Y/N? Hey! Its Finn, wanna hang out?” Finn asked, his voice muffled. “Where?” I asked. “The quarry nearby? It’d be a nice view.” He responded. “Uhm, I’ll think about it.” I answered, unsure if I should really go or not.

Fuck, sadie got in my head. Yeah, they have all been in a fight, and the rumors of the gas station make sense. I just don’t want to believe it. Finn was the nicest guy i’ve ever met. We went on one date yes, but we were talking before hand, it was maybe a month before he asked me out. It wasn’t like he was a complete stranger. He was funny and lifted my mood so much. Both Sadie and Millie noticed when I started talking to him. They didn’t know I was talking to Finn, they just knew he was making me happy and they were okay with that. Of course they didn’t think that after I told them who it was. They thought I was crazy. I would always bring up that they were happy I was happy, but they didn’t want me to be happy with him. It was hard to not villainize him when everyone else was.

Y/N: Yeah, i’d like to hang out, i’ll be at the quarry in 15.

Finn: Okay, see you soon.

On my walk there my heart raced. I knew I liked Finn, but I knew that if he was who everyone thought he was I’d have to stop talking to him. I knew I’d ask him about the gas station, and all the fights he gets into. God I was nervous.

“Hey cutie.” Finn greeted, giving me a hug when he saw me. “Hey.” I mumbled, still in my thoughts. “Are you okay? You seem out of it.” He asked, looking into my eyes. “Wow, it really is a beautiful view.” I ignored his question and sat at the edge of the cliff. “I can only think of one thing more beautiful.” Finn responded, sitting next to me and putting an arm around me. “You.” He added. “You’re so cheesy.” I chuckled, trying to hide the blush on my cheeks. “But seriously, what’s wrong?” He asked again. “Finn? What happened with the trashed gas station? Was it you and your friends who did it?” I asked, refusing to look him in the eyes. “Everyone thinks it was. Im assuming thats why your friends don’t like me.” He started, looking down at the water. “Me and Gaten were meeting Noah and Caleb at the gas station, we were going to have a bro’s night. We just wanted some candy and soda, gas stations are cheap so we went there. It was dark, daylight savings had just happened; It was only 6. Gaten and I heard alarms, and then glass shattering, we ran away from the gas station, just across the road. Noah and Caleb were already there. We saw 3 guys in ski masks run out of the store with crowbars and tons of food. When the police showed up, we were the only ones there and of course the leather jacket makes me look like a bad guy, so they blamed us. We went to court and they found the people who actually did it, but that didn’t change what everyone already thought.” He finished, looking me in the eyes.

“Wow, i’m sorry.” I replied, unsure of what to say. “For?” He asked, pulling me closer. “Well, everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy, and it was hard for me to not listen.” I responded, looking away. “I’m glad you didn’t.” He smiled, making me blush yet again. “Y/N?” He asked. “Yeah?” I responded, looking back at him. “Thanks for not believing them, i don’t know what I would have done if you did,” He answered, before I could respond he kissed my lips softly. “Me too.”



1 A.M Slushies

The lid squeaked under the faucet as it shot mounds of blue slushie into the large plastic cup. Once it weighed down Richie’s hand enough, he dragged it to the neighboring flavor and pulled the handle to mix them. He didn’t let go until the red started to spill over the dome lid, reflecting the neon lights above him. He smiled and stabbed a straw through it and slurped it down. From Behind him, Beverly jabbed her straw through the wrapper and stuck it into her piña colada flavored slushie. He slowed down in the candy aisle and waited for her to catch up as she glanced at the newly stocked fridges. 

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Me: I have very high standards!
Everyone: -submits their fanart/fanfics-

I’m sorry. Not really. I just love all your fanarts.

Emotional (D.L.)

I didn’t even know what time it was when we decided we’d go inside and make ourselves comfortable to go to sleep. This house party at Dereks place had been going on for hours, and let’s just say, we were pretty wasted. I wasn’t drunk to the point where I didn’t know what I was doing, but I was drunk enough to be talkative and fun and just giggly. 

When we, and by we I mean Derek, KDL, Tyler and his girlfriend, reached the living room, the couple immediately took the couch and made themselves at home, clearly ready to call it a day. Me on the other hand, I wasn’t really in the mood for sleeping yet. We were having so much fun and I just didn’t want the night to end too soon. I just kind of got to know them all, over Derek, I may add. Derek, who I have been seeing and talking to for about two weeks. By seeing I mean that we only had one sort of date yet; we went to Venice spontaneously and got food afterwards. You could say we were intrigued with each other, we talked and texted a lot and it was obvious that we had some sort of connection. 

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Oz the Great and Powerful - sentence starters

1. “From this moment on, I shall be your faithful and loyal servant until death.”

2. “Is that it? Is that… my throne?”

3. “I am on no one’s side. You know that.”

4. “What do you know about goodness? Deep down, you are wicked.”

5. “How hard could it be to kill a wicked witch?”

6. “S/he’ll get over me. They always do.”

7. “You gotta really seem contrite. You gotta sell it. Maybe you could even cry, can you cry? I could cut up an onion.”

8. “Someone might need our help. Not that you care.”

9. “Would you like to try and stand?”

10. “You’re going to leave me alone on a road in the middle of nowhere?”

11. “It’s crying again. What do I do?”

12. “Fine. Fine! You wanna come, come. We’ll all go; it’ll be a big party.”

13. “Great! Let’s go kill ourselves a witch!”

14. “Did those crows just say we were gonna die?”

15. “Hate the dark forest! Hate the dark forest!”

16. “It’s got a knife!”

17. “Good work. You just sneezed away the plan.”

18. “On the day my father/mother died, we lost a kind and noble leader and a dark shadow was cast across this land.”

19. “Well you see, when I agreed to be king/queen, I hadn’t realized how complicated all of this was….”

20. “I think we should run.”

21. “Help! Catch me, please!”

22. “Just because s/he jumped off the cliff, you’re gonna jump off the cliff?!”

23. “One bite is all it takes. One bite and your world will change forever.”

24. “It is imperative that you act like the great leader they think you are.”

25. “Do you grant wishes?”

26. “I’ll put on the show of a lifetime. The likes of which the land of ____ has never seen!”

27. “The only person you’ve got fooled is yourself.”

28. “You were crying pretty hard. Was that for me?”

29. “Wow. You fooled everyone. That was your greatest trick yet.”

30. “So those are fireworks.”

31. “I know that your wickedness is not your doing, and should you ever again find the goodness within you, then you are welcome to return.”

32. “Not so fast. You and I aren’t finished yet.”

33. “Look what you’ve done to me!”

34. “Is it on? Is this thing working?”

35. “Well if it isn’t the most beautiful witch in all of ____.”

36. “What you displayed was real courage. Your father/mother would have been more than proud.”

37. “And now it’s time for some gifts.”

38. “You look good with a smile.”

39. “To you I give something that I have never given to anyone: my friendship.”

40. “I know it’s not the family you had in mind.”

41. “Wow. What a get-up.”

42. “Make me walk!”

43. “You know, you shouldn’t be so mean to me all the time, ____. After all, I’m the only friend you’ve got.”

44. “You’re not my friend, _____. I don’t need a friend.”

45. “I don’t want to die! I haven’t accomplished anything yet!”

46. “Get me out of here and I’ll do great things! Please! Give me a chance!”

47. “Thank goodness! I thought I was dead…. Unless you’re an angel? Am I in Heaven?”

48. “I saw you fall from the sky.”

49. “Spiteful little things, aren’t they?”

50. “Where am I exactly?”

51. “We’d better hurry, or your reign will be over before it’s begun!”

52. “I don’t think I like witches.”

53. “You’re not a witch.”

54. “You know what I think we need? A little music.”

55. “It’s a music box. You’ve never seen one?”

56. “No one’s ever given me anything just because they wanted to.”

57. “You don’t know much about witches, do you?”

58. “May I have this dance, my lady?”

59. “Help me! Somebody save me!”

60. “I’m gonna die! It’s gonna eat me!”

61. “You are going to make the best king/queen that ___ has ever known.”

62. “As my new assistant, all you need to know are the three ups: show up, keep up, shut up.”

63. “I shall blow a fanfare.”

64. “Thank you for the tour.”

65. “Wait a minute. No one said anything about killing anybody.”

66. “Don’t think of them as lies. Think of them as stepping stones on the road to greatness.”

67. “But… I want to go with you.” 

68. “I’m not as delicate as I look!”

69. “I’ve waited so long to meet you.”

70. “Serves you right.”

71. “Nice work, we lost ‘em.”

72. “Well, it was the best I could do under the circumstances.”    

Not So Platonic is Finished!

Wow it’s been a crazy ride, guys, but this monster of a fic is finally done, and I may or may not be crying right now. 

Thank you so much to everyone who supported me along the way and helped make this fic such a success, and to those who haven’t read it yet, well… here it is! :)

anonymous asked:

Idk if it was just me that found this so weird. But in the escapist video Jack did today, he didn't do his normal outro. Instead he said "Goodnight everybody". It could be nothing, seeming how he's done that before. But It did catch my eye. And I've turned into a detective this month with the antipocolypse. Everything unusual is a suspect for Anti hints.

Did he? I haven’t got enough time yet to watch it, but wow, if he didn’t do a normal outro, and that he even said “Goodnight everyone”…
Do you mind if I stay awake the whole night? I have a bad feeling about this… - Mod Lily


Aitsu no Daihonmei (His Favorite) -

Despite the fact that i draw romantic things, i hate the romance genera. Mainly because either the protagonist annoys the bee-jegus out of me or the drama (such as a miscommunication) is a cake on. So it’s rare for me to find one i like

Especailly BL manga, i truly hate the ridiculously handsome over powering seme who constantly rapes the pretty, jealous,whinny, weak uke.

However if u want to read something that goes beyond ur expectation read Aitsu no Daihonmei! This BL has plot/character development and isn’t bombarding the reader with porn. In fact we are in 9th vol and the main characters hasn’t even done it yet (wow it’s a record!)

Our main character is Yoshida (uke) who is actually (surprise!) consider ugly by everyone (personally i think he’s cute). Yet Yoshida is kind, pure and naive person who can defend himself, speaks up his mind. he is consider manly by his peers. He gets confessed by the most handsome dude in school. Our seme, Satou, behind his kind smiles and flirtatious natures, is a twisted sadist resulted from being bullied as a child/tormented in training camp/uncaring family. 

It also happens that Yoshida had defend Satuo when they were kids.

Despite the fact that everyone calls Yoshida “ugly” Satou couldn’t love him any less. And because of Yoshida’s caring nature Sato is opening up more and be  true to his emotions. 

I just love this, i love the fact that anyone could relate the story’s one or more aspect. We all think that we might be too ugly or too broken to love and be loved. Yet this BL manga i happen to come across by accident yesterday, amazed me! It’s cute, funny, witty, hot and enjoyable to read! i highly recommend it!!!!!

it also has my spirit animal in it->


other reading recommendation

A Silent Voice

My Love Story

Honey And Clover

  • Obi: Good job, Kirito.
  • Kirito: Thanks Dad.
  • All the Pharmacists: .....
  • Kirito: ...Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Ryuu: You just called Obi "dad".
  • Suzu: You said "Thanks Dad".
  • Kirito: What!? No I didn't. I said "Thanks man".
  • Yuzuri: No. You definitely said "Dad"
  • Obi: Wow Kirito, do you see me as a father figure?
  • Kirito: NO!!! If anything, I see you as a bother figure.
  • Shidan: Hey! Don't talk to your father like that.

adreadfulidea  asked:

Hi, I just wanted to say that I recently read your meta on Betty and Megan Draper and I really loved it. Back when the show was on it was rare to find anyone who empathized with one of those characters, much less both of them. You drew the parallels between them very well - I had forgotten Megan was a non-smoker when she met Don! It also occurred to me that Betty is often dressed in blue while Megan is in pink or red; colors we would say contrast but that are also paired together culturally.

Oh wow thanks so much for this message! The character development on both characters was so, so beautifully done in that series. I love how gradual yet clear Megan’s mental and emotional decline is, it’s so sad and poignant. It really shows how Don’s narcissism, entitlement, and misogyny chews up everyone he loves and spits them out in a far worse state than they were when you met them. 

I can understand why people loathe Betty; she’s an abusive mom, she’s racist, she has ignorant attitudes in a lot of ways…but too often, the hate she gets isn’t for any of that, it’s for being a traditional woman in the 1950′s and reflecting the values she was indoctrinated into having. Betty isn’t to blame for giving up her dream career to marry a charming fur salesman. It’s not her fault that her mother’s abuse made Betty hate her own body and internalize all displeasure to the point that she can only express distress in psychosomatic symptoms. And some viewers even hate her for growing a spine, confronting Don, divorcing him, and trying to get what she wants out of life! That I really can’t understand. Betty is flawed in dozens of ways but she’s such a worthwhile portrait of what a lifetime of sexism, privilege, and shaming can do to warp someone’s ability to connect with other people. 

And Megan! Why do people hate Megan! She’s bubbly and competent, she’s sexually liberated, she is kind to children, confident, well-dressed, artistic, she has cool friends…at the beginning of her run on the show, at least. Don shrinks her world so dramatically. She loses her career. She loses most of her friends. She has to devote her time to managing Don’s drunkenness and unpredictability and coping with his cheating and mistreatment. And at the end of that, after years of trying to put a brave face on things, people think she’s greedy or a gold-digger for wanting some of Don’s money in the divorce. It’s so unforgiving. Like, yes, Megan is a brittler, darker, more miserable, more petty character by the end of the series but none of that was her fault. The only thing she did wrong was marry a guy two weeks after banging him. 

Needle And A Thread

shawn mendes x reader

prompt: you’re a celebrity and friends with shawn. After a series of unfortunate events, you find yourself locked on Shawn’s balcony alone. With him, a guitar, a fire, and your feelings

Today was the day that Shawn was throwing his incredibly popular celebrity parties. Shawn would invite almost every single celebrity to his extremely exquisite, luxury penthouse in L.A. We would laugh, sing, dance, and hang out like normal friends would.

I walked through the door and I immediately felt the bass of the incredibly loud music thumping in my ears. Tons of recognizable people dance around me. I was then greeted by one of my best friends, Hailee Steinfield.

“Y/N! It’s been so long, I missed you!” Hailee beamed, engulfing me in a hug

“Haiz! You look great!” I giggled. “So who’s here?” I asked

“Taylor Swift, Fifth Harmony, Justin Bieber, Bella Thorne, Gregg Sulkin, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, One Direction, Zendaya, Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas, DNCE, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevigne-“

“Okay Hailee. I get it. There are lots of people here” I chuckled

“Well you were the one who asked!“ Hailee laughed

“Whatever. Anyway, what’s new with you?” I asked

“Nothing really, we just started filming ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ a few weeks ago, so that’s fun”

“Aww, that’s so cool. I just started recording my 3rd album”

"That’s awesome! But I wanna talk about something else” Hailee smirked while wiggling her eyebrows

“Okay… What do you wanna talk about?” I questioned

“Let’s talk about Shawn” Hailee beamed

I immideately blushed, “Haiz, you already know that I have the biggest crush on him. What else do you need to know” I nervously giggled  

“I just wanted to make sure that you still like him because you guys are definitely my OTP”

“Do you wanna go dance” I suggested trying to change the subject as ‘Same Old Love’ by Selena Gomez started playing

“Sure” Hailee agreed while dragging me to the dance floor

Hailee and I danced like no one was watching, even though everyone was. I guess you could say that we were on everybody’s Snapchat stories that night. As we were dancing, I noticed that a certain black haired girl came to dance with us. I noticed who it was and immediately squealed.

“Selena! I’ve missed you so much! How have you been?” I asked going in for a hug

Selena giggled, “I’ve been great girl! How are you and Shawn?”

My smile immediately dropped. Why did she ask about Shawn and I? “Um… Shawn and I aren’t a thing?” I replied

“Oh,” Selena looked confused, “It’s just that Hailee told me-“ Selena was cut off

“-Nothing! I told her nothing” Hailee yelled from behind me

“Well you obviously told her something” I answered

“Oh, don’t worry about it. Selena’s just…..drunk!” Hailee hesitated

“What- I am not drunk!” Selena retaliated

“Oh! I think I just heard Taylor calling your name! Bye Sel!” Hailee waved whilst pushing Selena towards the direction of Taylor. That was odd. After that weird encounter the night seemed to calm down a bit. Everyone was just sitting in the kitchen and living room talking and laughing. It was fun, we all felt like we were kids again. None of us saw each other as, just regular people.

“Hey! Do you guys think it’s time for the fire pit jam sessions!!!” We heard Dinah Jane from Fifth Harmony yell. Tons of people started yelling, expressing their agreement. Fire pit jam sessions is what Shawn would do at all of his parties. We would all go out to the balcony and sit around and sing songs together. Shawn’s balcony was beautiful. It was surrounded by couches that were attached to the edges and in the middle was a beautiful fire pit that could be used for any occasion. The view from the balcony was breathtaking. The city lights resembled stars in the midnight sky and it felt like you were looking at space through a telescope. 

I noticed Shawn taking his guitar outside as everyone else went to go throw out their drinks. My friends and I don’t drink so we were heading straight for the balcony. Right when I opened up the door to the  balcony I felt a hand push me into the balcony and lock the door behind me. I fell to the ground and was extremely confused. I turned to look at the glass door and noticed Hailee, Selena, Dinah, Normani, Lauren, Ally, and Zendaya all smiling and waving at me. I started banging on the door telling them to open up. I was immediately stopped when I heard a voice from behind me.

“Are you okay?” A voice chuckled. It was Shawn. Oh my god it was Shawn. I didn’t turn around because I knew that I would be even more embarrassed than I already was.

“Yeah I’m fine” I spoke in a shaky breath. I glared at my friends through the glass as they were all watching the ordeal in curiosity.

“You can come sit down if you want, I don’t bite” Shawn laughed. Gosh. Shawn’s laugh was the most beautiful thing ever. I slowly turned around and began walking towards Shawn. He was getting his acoustic guitar ready for the jam session.

“Why are you walking so slow? You act like I’m gonna try to murder you” Shawn joked. I noticed my slow pace and then began to walk at a normal pace. I sat down on the couch on the right side of Shawn. He looked around and then looked back at me.

“Where is everyone?” He asked

“Probably putting their drinks away?” I answered. I had no idea what was going on and I had no idea why my friends had done this. Shawn nodded his head. After a while of him tuning his guitar, he started to play a really nice tune.

“Wow. That sounds beautiful Shawn” I commented, absolutely breathless.

“Really? It’s something from my new album” He blushed

“I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar but I haven’t found anyone to teach me yet” I smiled

“I can teach you” Shawn replied nonchalantly

“Really?” I asked in shock

“Of course, you’re one of my best friends” Shawn smiled

“Do you think you can teach me something right now?” I inquired

“What do you wanna learn?” He asked whilst raising his eyebrow

“I wanna learn the bridge to Stitches” I answered

“Alright” Shawn agreed.

I moved to sit next to Shawn and he placed the guitar on my lap as he started to teach me.

“Here?” I asked placing my fingers on a whole different spot on the frets. Shawn and I have been playing this game for a while now. He would tell me where the notes were and I would place my fingers in a totally different spot. It was quite entertaining

“No Y/N, you know where you’re supposed to place your hands. How do I even put up with you anymore?” Shawn giggled. Oh my goodness. I’ve never heard Shawn giggle before and it was beyond the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.

“Okay. Enough of that. I think you’ve got it down let’s try to put it together and sing along.” Shawn suggested

I started to move my hands across the frets, playing the melody. Shawn and I then started to sing together

“Needle and a thread

Gotta get you out of my head

Needle and a thread

Gonna wind up dead

Needle and a thread

Gotta get you out of my head

Needle and a thread

Gonna wind up dead

Needle and the thread

Gotta get you out of my head

Needle and a thread

Gonna wind up dead

Needle and the thread

Gotta get you out of my head

Get you out of my head”

“Wow Y/N! That was great, you’re a really fast learner” Shawn was clearly impressed with me. I started blushing

“Only because you’re an even better guitar teacher” I giggled. Shawn pulled me into a hug. Shawn smelt so nice, and he was so cute. I’m surprised that I haven’t started crying just thinking about his beauty. Oh my god, why am I so weird? Shawn and I pulled away but before he could let go of me I noticed something on his face.

“Oh my god Shawn, you have glitter on your cheek” I laughed.

“Can you please get it off of my face?” Shawn laughed back.

I straddled his lap and picked the glitter off of his face and then turned to look him in the eyes. I suddenly realized how close we were. His arms were still around my waist and our faces were only centimetres apart. Before I knew it, our lips were touching and my arms were around his neck. Shawn’s lips were as soft as cotton candy and they tasted like strawberries dipped in chocolate. I was absolutely melting in his arms. Shawn and I pulled away and stared at each other in silence.

“I’m so sorry” Shawn spoke, breaking the silence.

“Sorry for what?” My mind was racing. Did he not like me? Did I just ruin our friendship?

“I’m sorry for not telling you that I liked you” Shawn smiled

“Oh my gosh. That’s great I thought you were going to reject me. I like you too Shawn” I sighed in relief.

“But I really do like you. You’re incredibly smart, lyrically gifted, and you have a magnificent personality. You truly are a magnificent human being, inside and out, flaws and all.” Shawn admitted. I was in a complete daze. Everything that Shawn had just said was absolutely marvellous.

“Wow, that was so beautiful and poetic” I giggled. I was blushing so hard right now.

“Shawn, you are the most handsome man that I have ever laid my eyes on. You are an incredibly sweet gentleman and your smile lights up my whole world. Your giggle is pretty cute too” I beamed

“That was so sweet Y/N. I’m guessing we’re dating now?” Shawn raised his eyebrow

“If you want to” I answered

“Well, I was actually just about to ask you out on a date to that Italian restaurant that you always wanted to go to, and yes we are a thing now” Shawn replied

“Great. I’m glad to call you my boyfriend and I would love to go on that date with you” I smiled

“Good. I’m also glad to call you my girlfriend.

“Finally!” A voice yelled. I heard the balcony door unlock and everyone started to pour into the balcony.

“You’ve been pining after her for way too long dude” Nick Jonas commented. I got off of Shawn’s lap and sat down right beside him.

“That was the cutest thing that I have ever seen in my entire life” Lauren Jauregui commented

“And that was all thanks to Hailee” Zendaya added

“What do you mean?” I asked in curiosity

“Well I may or may not have been planning to lock you two on the balcony until you finally confessed your love for each other” Hailee giggled

“Thank you for that Haiz” I smiled

“Anything for my best friend” Hailee laughed sitting down next to me. Everyone started settling down and the jam session soon started.

Maybe I should go to parties more often.

A/N: Wow that was incredibly cheesy :/


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awe what happened love? do you wanna talk about it?

I’m on this behavior support team for the school I work at – and I’m literally the only one who has done ANYTHING tangible for the team: all the documents, spreadsheets,  lists of rules, new certificate designes, note taking,  scheduling … all me,  yet I’m treated like a God damn infant by everyone else because position-wise and age-wise, I’m the lowest and the youngest. 

My two bosses (who are also on the team)– two middle aged ladies. literally speak to me like I’m a child; yet they rely on me to get everything done. And to make matters worse,  the one guy on the team who is actually only a year older than me and who I thought had my back, stole an idea that I’ve been presenting to the team for the last 6 months! He restated it basically word for word,  and everyone was like “Wow,  Phil! That’s such a great idea.  Oh my god,  that’s amazing!” but they dismissed every word when I said it; and the only reason I can see why is because he’s a tall MAN and I’m a young looking woman.

And I was so mad as they were all discussing this “great idea”, but I couldn’t even talk or else I’d just break down in tears in the middle of this fucking conference room full of school officials, so I just sat there and continued doing the rest of the fucking work that the whole team is supposed to be responsible for.  

And then finally,  one of my bosses goes “Oh,  that’s kinda like Ary’s idea” and I’m thinking: THANK YOU! YOU JUST REALIZED THAT,  HUH? 

But then she continues and goes “but it’s better because …” and she starts listing all these reasons that were NEVER part of my idea and that I specifically spoke out AGAINST! 

And I was like “I never said that … what I said was-”

But then she just cut me off and began talking about something else – which ended up being extremely ironic (as well as salt in the wound) because it dealt with recognizing staff members who always go above and beyond and help everyone out, even when it doesn’t really benefit them in any way. 

I’m fucking livid.  

And all I can do now is cry because they’re my bosses and I did volunteer to be on this team. 

Silly me – I thought it’d be a good thing. 

Marinette's Fashion dedication and all the work she puts into details



I love the post going around saying that Marinette isn’t shy, she isn’t, but has a lot of spunk. I almost want to expand on that with her fashion designer-ness. Not really to inform anyone because I’m pretty sure everyone under the sun has noticed except me because wow, do I feel slow not realizing!

How long have I been in this fandom again?!?!!?!

So, most obviously, we learn in-show that Marinette has made hats, loves making hats:

“No, Manon, it’s not done yet!”

“Everything is handmade…”


And even a banner:

(If I’m missing something, please do tell! :D )

All of those were obvious, she and others say outright that Marinette has made those things.
We even see her making the Pigeon Hat for the competition:

So why do I care so much about this? Because it wasn’t until I re-watched episodes yesterday that I noticed Marinette’s purse:

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Since I was tagged by @worldofbeancraft​ here’s Vaard

Full Name: Vaard (no surname taken since being in Azeroth)
Gender and Sexuality: Male, Heterosexual
Pronouns: He/Him
Ethnicity/Species: Draenei
Birthplace and Birthdate: Shadowmoon before the Legion invasion of Draenor/ Now Outland.  Winter baby.

Guilty Pleasures: Sleeping when he’s supposed to be working.
Phobias: Fel taint.  He won’t get near the stuff/thing tainted unless he forces himself.  It’s a paranoia to the point of nightmares of being corrupted himself.
What They Would Be Famous For:  I wouldn’t say famous, but he would definitely be that one strict teacher or mentor everyone has horror stories about or gives sympathies to anyone under him.
What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For: Nothing he would intentionally do on purpose unless it was a misunderstanding.

OC You Ship Them With: None currently.  He’ll probably be single until the day he dies.
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: None there either unless someone just really hated him for reasons.
Favorite Book Genre: He says theology but loves mythology, especially when it comes from other races.
Least Favorite Book Cliche: Children’s picture books. 

Talents and/or Powers: Nothing of significance.  He’s average when it comes to the Light, has a knack for teaching or getting things done but is a decent writer when it comes down to it although he hates the process of writing itself.

Why Someone Might Love Them: Despite his abrasive personality when you first meet him, he is a big softy deep down and fiercely loyal to those he cares about or anyone who knows him well enough for him to feel comfortable to open up that much.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: He’s stubborn, bull headed, bossy, strict, leaves little room for error and doesn’t always talk enough to get his point or expectations across as clearly as some may like.

How They Change: He used to be quite different, not as coarse and reserved until the invasion of Shattrath where his wife and two children were killed.  His hatred for the Legion and Orcs after what happened in Draenor, and the loss of his family left him hardened and reserved that only gets worse as he ages.

Why You Love Them: Despite his flaws, he can be a big huggable bear sometimes.  He was one of my first characters that really drew me in and he’s changed a lot since I first started playing him, but he’s one I always go back to as one of my more favorite experiences in WoW.

Who You Tag: @insert-nerdy-username-here   (I’m not sure who else hasn’t done this yet, so I’m tagging everyone who wants to do this!)


*Requested* Imagine slow dancing with Kol and kissing him for the first time.

( I hope you like this cute one right here and I apologize for not finding a better gif, but it´s hard to find one that fits. Btw, didn´t have that much time for editing so I apologize for any mistakes. I will edit it later. Enjoy my lovelies!)

Words count: 706

Your name: submit What is this?

It is a chillyevening in Mystic Falls and you strolling through one of the historical event in the town square. It´s just the town´s habit, throwing events like that almost every damn week. 

Suddenly you bump into someone while walking backwards after you admired some antic jewelry, which is offered in one of the little stores. You turn around, recognizing the smirk in front of you in an instant.

Kol: “Look who we have here. The lovely Y/N. What brings you to such a dull event?”

Y/N: “I was about to ask you the same thing.”

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Music and Lyrics of a Love Song (Takashi Ninagawa SITS Fanfic)

Saturday morning. I woke up with bright rays of sun shining from the window. I glanced to my side and saw my boyfriend’s sleeping face. I ended up sleeping in his room again. I really think he should buy a bed. We barely fit in his sofa. We were so close together I can feel his breath in my ears. I blushed. I propped my elbows and stared at him. He’s so cute when he sleeps. You would never imagine this same face becomes a monster when he’s in the zone. I chuckled. Staring at him made me want to kiss him. I mentally slapped myself. Naughty me. Well, he won’t know, right? I lowered my face and stole a peck on his lips. I giggled.
“Aren’t you a sneaky one?” Taka’s eyes were open, staring right at me.
My eyes widened. “We’re you awake all this time?!” I shrieked. “Since when?!”
“A few minutes before you.” He smiled.
I pouted. “Then why did you pretend to be asleep?”
He laughed. “I was trying to see what you’re gonna do. And I say, I was surprised. I didn’t think you would steal a kiss from me.”
I felt blood rise to my cheeks. “It’s so embarassing.” I hid my face in his chest. He hugged me and I could feel him laughing. “It’s fine. I do that thing too.”
I glanced up him. “You what?!” Did I hear him right?
He just smiled then kissed me on my forehead. “Get up now. We’ll go somewhere.” He unwrapped his arms around me and got up from the sofa. I got up too and went straight to my room.
With no idea where we are headed to, I picked a simple pink dress to wear and matched it with a doll shoes. After taking a quick bath, I dressed up and put on a little make up. Lipgloss and light pink blush. I hope I don’t look over-excited for our little walk.
I heard a knock on my door as soon as I got dressed. “Yes?” I answered. “Are you ready?” Taka asked behind the door.
“Yes. I’ll be there in a sec.” I quickly fixed my hair then went to the door and opened it. Taka was wearing his usual outfit, a shirt under a jacket, black pants, headphones around his neck and a cap as a disguise, but he looks hotter in them now, if that is possible.
He stared at me for a few seconds then looked away. I saw a faint blush on his cheeks. I blushed too, seeing that. He returned his gaze at me and stretched out his hand. “Let’s go.” I nodded and took his hand. We left the house with our hands interlaced.

“Where are we going?” I asked as we walk down the familiar streets of the town. He glanced at me a bit. “Somewhere.” He vaguely answered.
I did not question any further and just excitedly anticipate where he’ll take me.
We arrived at a café. It’s a little hidden from the main road. The place is cute and comfy. There were only a few people in there, so we don’t have to mind Taka being spotted by paparazzis. We sat on the the corner spot of the coffee shop. The place might be secluded but we still have to be careful.
I ordered chocolate chip pancakes and iced mocha while Taka ordered caramel pancakes and caramel milk tea. I popped a slice of pancake in my mouth. “Mmmmm! This is so good.” I heard Taka chuckled. “You just love to eat.”
I pouted. “But it’s really tasty. How about yours?” He sliced his pancakes then brought a slice in front of me. Huh? Is he going to feed me?
“Open your mouth. My arm’s feeling numb already.” He said, bringing the fork near to my mouth. I opened up and ate the pancake. “I-it’s good too.” I managed to say, feeling embarassed.
He opened his mouth and said. “Aah.” I stared at him dumbfounded. “Feed me too. You should return the favor.” Though feeling shy about it, I also fed him. “It’s good. But I like my caramel pancake more.”
I smiled. “You just love caramel too much.” And we both laughed. We continued chatting as we ate.

When we finished our breakfast, we walked to a nearby park and sat on the bench. We just looked at the people walking around. He suddenly started to hum. I glanced at him. “Is that the new melody you’re working on?”
He shook his head. “This one’s a love song.” He stared at me and I saw myself reflected in his eyes. “It’s for you.” He smiled. I saw a faint blushed appear on his cheeks.
I smiled back at him. “Thank you. That’s a beautiful song.” I gave him a peck on his cheek and he became redder that he is.
“I need to write this down before I lost the melody in my head.” He said. My shoulders fell. Does this mean our date is already over? He made no signs showing that we’re leaving. He pulled his phone from his pocket and started drumming his fingers on it. I took a peek of what he’s doing and I saw him using an app that looks like his synthesizer at home.
I stared at him and smiled to myself. He’s lost in his own world again. I did not bother him anymore and pulled a notebook from my bag. I jotted down words that came to my head. Unknowingly, I was able to write lyrics for a full song.
“Are you done?” I looked up at Taka and saw him staring at me. His face is so close to mine. “I-I thought you were composing.” I fumbled at my words.
He nodded. “But I finished a few minutes ago.” He glanced to my notebook then back to my face. “Is that lyrics to a song?” I bobbed my head.
“May I see it?” I handed him my notebook and he read through the words I wrote. A smile crawled upon his face. He held my hand and suddenly stood up. “Let’s go home and start working on this. I think your lyrics fit perfectly to the melody I finished.”
I nodded and stood up. With that, we went home, straight to the recording studio to work on the new song.

After a few hours of working on the song, finally we’re finished. “All done!” I stretched my arms feeling fulfilled. Taka wrapped his arms around my waist. “Good job. That’s my girl.” He rested his chin on my shoulder.
I can feel his warmth around me. I want to stay like this forever.
Taka stretched out his hand and grabbed the computer mouse. He clicked on a file and the beautiful song we just finished played. He sang my lyrics. It’s like he’s singing it only for me.
I closed my eyes and let his singing voice drown my thoughts. “This will be our song. I won’t let anyone hear this yet.” I opened my eyes and see him looking earnestly at me. “Yes. It’s our secret love song.” We shared a passionate kiss as the song of our love plays.

~Yey done! This is my second fanfic for Taka. And I did this for my lovelies liaamari17 and ichthy-s. Lia-chan and Tia-chan (wow your names do rhyme :D), I do hope you like this one. I know you both love Takashi.
To everyone who would read this, I hope you would like this too! Happy reading! :)

@ddlovato: THANKS JIMMY!!!! 😭😭😭 #dearzachary was one of the most heart-breaking, infuriating yet inspiring documentaries I’ve EVER SEEN. @jimmyfallon - you owe me a TON of tissues!!!! To anyone who hasn’t seen this documentary - you HAVE to see it and then tell everyone you know… My heart is broken but still filled with hope and I hope to meet Kate and David Bagby someday even if it’s just to give them both a giant hug. Well done Kurt Kuenne for one of the most touching tributes to a friend/family ever. #wow