wow intensifies

How to attract INTP    [personal experience]
  • INTP and ENFJ are watching a TV show.
  • ENFJ: *randomly connects some dots and comes up with a complex theory about a main character's death*
  • INTP:
  • INTP: *stares at ENFJ*
  • INTP: :|
  • INTP: holy shit?!
  • INTP:
  • INTP: wow
  • INTP: you're completely right why didn't I come up with this?
  • INTP: *heart eyes intensifies*
  • INTP: wow, you're BRILLIANT
  • INTP: *moves closer and grabs waist*

1) i had to do some research on the anastasia musical and everything in here is from the wikipedia page lol.  2) oak is a B L E S S I N G and i was so happy to get this request and write this.  3) i wish there was more oak stuff in fandom but so does everyone.  4) i love ya’ll

title: in a crowd of thousands
fandom: hamilcast
pairings: oak x reader
rating: t
word count: 4323

request: I sent this into a different blog but I think they deactivated?? And I was wondering if you would write it? It’s a Oak x reader request where the reader is good friends with Daveed and during a Hamilcast party he brings them and introduces them as ‘the newest broadway star’ after they got the lead in Anastasia and they hit it off with Oak really well and they kiss/plan a date for just the two of them?

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*so I’m on the phone with my friend and sending her gifs at the same time*


Friend: Bow chicka bow wow 

*few gifs later*

Friend: *Bow chicka bow wow intensifies*


Mass Effect Companion Cards - Garrus and Legion! 

Ah these were stressful but yet incredibly fun my goodness. I can’t wait to order the cards! TOA intensifies.

Edit: Wow! I’m so glad you all love these. If you have any requests on who I should make next feel free to let me know!Also wouldn’t these look sweet on a phone case?