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How to attract INTP    [personal experience]
  • INTP and ENFJ are watching a TV show.
  • ENFJ: *randomly connects some dots and comes up with a complex theory about a main character's death*
  • INTP:
  • INTP: *stares at ENFJ*
  • INTP: :|
  • INTP: holy shit?!
  • INTP:
  • INTP: wow
  • INTP: you're completely right why didn't I come up with this?
  • INTP: *heart eyes intensifies*
  • INTP: wow, you're BRILLIANT
  • INTP: *moves closer and grabs waist*

Pairing: (Pairing? Threesome?) YuTenSol. YutaxTenxHasnol.
Word counting: +3.000
Warnings: +18 because this is pure smut.

Day 2.237 and counting. An explanation of what was going on that afternoon between that walls would have been impossible to give to just any person. The SM building, a huge mole of modernist bricks and high class technology, holded inside a great quantity of secrets. But it was normal with so many people going here and there inside it with their own lifes and personalities. However, if the building’s stones could speak, a lot of people would tremble confronting what they had to say. But for now, the walls were still just inanimate objects unable to speak, and Hansol had a particular esteem over them because sometimes, the vapor that condensed on the practice room’s mirror was not just due to the intense hours of practicing. This time, it was, better say, fault of the hot mess curling between the wall and his body.

With sweat dripping down his face, the intensity things were catching could be told with no problems. It had been long now, since he didn’t see or hear the thai member of NCT struggling to be quiet. Because the hall was long but it was half empty at this hour and the sound reverberated easily. You never know who can be around. 

Flop. Another piece of clothes dropped on the wooden floor leaving them two almost reduced to just skin and flesh. Getting rid of everything but that and their bubbling feelings. 

They could feel the way his own lips were getting a plump complexion for the heated kissing-biting make out. Hansol was fully rejoicing on the sensation of the boyfriend he had long missed grinding against his body like the thirsty young boy he was in real life. A lot of promotions that included, apparently, everyone but him had him sexually deserted until this very moment.

“Why are you still so clothed?” he asked funny, looking down to a very excited Ten

“Why?” he replied smiling naughtily, perfectly knowing that the only thing still covering him was his underwear “Because i want you to take it off for me”

“As you wish”

The blonde showed a clear smile on his soft lips before he hooked one finger on the waistband of his boyfriend’s underwear and, not without going back to his mouth again, he started pulling the piece down. Slowly teasing him he pulled them just by one side, enough to make Ten taste the feeling of freedom. But as soon as Hansol felt the tightening of Ten’s embrace, waiting to feel that delight provoked by the air on what had started to be an erection, he released the band making the elastic material return to its first place. That was funny for him but not that much for Ten.

“Ah, c’mon, stop making me wait”

I am making you wait? I don’t think so NCT-U’s Ten”

Well, the thai could admit his part of fault in that with a tingle of compassion since he had been turning Hansol down for a while. As he debuted with the first unit of NCT he was too tired of waking up early, rehearsing and recording to also add a plus exercise at nights that also had to be a little bit furtive to managers and the rest of staff. But that was not something he could change so easily. His arms, laced behind Hansol’s neck, helped pulling him into a mellow kiss. True fawner technique.

“Please?” he whispered only an inch away from Hansol’s lips that quickly turned into a smile of concession.

The blonde’s slim finger went down Ten’s chest and traced a tasty line on the middle of his flat tummy to end slipping his hand inside the underwear. A sigh escaped the youngest when he felt the direct contact on his length and crashed on Hansol’s sweaty neck causing an electric whip on his nerves’ endings. His hand traced all the extension of his member to the tip and then his hand wrapped around it feeling how it became harder under his touch. He slided his closed hand down and up again slowly, provoking Ten’s stomach to tense with the alluring lust spreading all over them. Even after many months, Hansol hadn’t forgotten how pressure-raising was to make the other twist out of pleasure, so he started to stroke the throbbing length of his lover lightly in a constant move.

“Don’t stop” his words that came out suffocated hit on the blonde one sending yet another spark to his body.

“No, I don’t intend to stop”

The room quickly became full of small drowned whimpers and the repetitive sound of skin grazing skin as the blonde one kept playing with his boyfriend’s member flawlessly. 

When he looked up to him, he found him leaning on the wall with his eyes closed and his parted lips, and he had to bite his tongue with the view, unable to keep the words for coming out. Talking dirty was reserved for very closed spaces like their room but it wasn’t the case. And when the thai’s lashes fluttered rapidly Hansol knew he was about to moan out loud, and despite all the times he could have denied it, he was dying to hear it. It was ready to fall down his pretty lips.


The way he hissed the boy’s name was hot, yes, but that was not what he expected and/or wanted, by far.

“Wrong name, baby” by that point Ten had already buried his face on the naked crook of Hansol’s neck and was patting on his embrace. He was focused on that pleasure, intensifying, invading his entire self from his member to the rest of his body, that pleasure that had started making him arch his back.

“No, i know, i meant…” he tilted his head to the side making Hansol look in that direction to meet their previously called friend’s eyes. He, who was standing leaning on the door’s frame "Yuta"


“Knock knock” he said ironically “Bangging in the practice room? Wow”

Hansol’s hands took a break from their previous actions, to focus his attention on the newcomer.

“It was unplanned”

“My ‘wow’ intensifies. At least go to the toilet, it has a bolt” The smirk on Yuta’s face said it all. He wouldn’t have changed a thing about how their choice turned and Hansol knew that perfectly. Honestly what he was watching only made him drool “But hey! keep going if you want, i mean, i think Ten is dying there, his face is making me pity him” he pointed to the youngest who, effectively, was suffering a meltdown on the absence of Hansol’s ministrations and was left alone with the occurrence of rolling his hips in the other’s hand. 

This worked as a reminder for Hansol of what he really was up to, and resumed it, earning in return another body roll of the youngest. He hated when he did that, when he rolled his body against his crotch and made him hard too. He hated the way Ten made him love it and need it like a godsend. His wants exploded filling him with pure lust. He had to end it already so he made his hand take a firm and quick pace while the other hand softly landed over his boyfriend’s half open mouth because, well, he knew Ten already and he knew his “bad habits” such as being fucking loud, so it was better to avoid them. Not many seconds of pumping him fast made Ten exhale a deep breath through his nose that was just warning about the situation.

“Can you please stop bitting my hand please?” Said Hansol giggling 

What a useless question. Ten’s body just taunted under his, together with the arising of goosebumps on his skin. The way his whole structure trembled was enouugh to know that he hit his high.

Hansol smiled to himself with the panoramic and thought it was just a matter of minutes for him to be enjoying like that. And what is a minute more on his already long waiting. 

Just like this, the korean pulled his hand off the youngest’s pants and replaced the one on his lips using his own lips, welcoming another long and paused wet kiss. He loved to kiss Ten. It was weird at first, when he started doing it because they were supposed to be partners and nothing else but as the time went by it became a luxury that he liked to grant to himself. He lasted longer there caressing Ten’s mouth with his tongue. 

“What are you gonna do now?” He asked almost breathless 

 “Go down? On my knees?”

“Oh, i like how that sounds” he hissed with a grin. He was about to ground Ten on the floor, honestly, but there was one pretty little thing that made him turn around curious instead “Do you plan on standing there for the whole thing, you perv?” kinda accused Hansol to the boy still leaning against the door frame.

“More or less” Yuta honestly answered. He walked towards the wall where Ten was still calming down his breath. Surprised, Hansol freeze looking how he discharged his coat and his shirt aside. Then Yuta rested his hands on Hansol’s shoulders where he pressed his lips on a delicate way and went all the way up on his neck. His hands traced the opposite path from his naked shoulders to his hips. “One man can’t go promoting with the group without the risk of his boyfriends leaving him out of sex life or what?”

“I would say that 70% of the times we have sex, in any combination, it’s because you started”

Ten giggled still with his eyes closed “At least 60%” he cooed. But, as expected, he did not listen at all and kept drawing circles with the tip of his fingers on the oldest’s skin. 

“Hansol” the called hummed with his eyes closed already swimming on the pleasing feel of Yuta’s tapping “You know what i want? Badly i have to say”



“And me?” Yuta chuckled with the low question but Ten could have prooved the dark shine on his eyes.

“Of course, but let Hansol have it first, would you?” he lowkey wanted to protest but he nodded since it was fair enough, in sight of the situation “And now…” he made a dramatic pause before speaking on the blonde’s ear “put your hands on the wall”

He hesitated for a split of second, but then he did so and pushed his trembling hands on the wall, catching Ten in the way and lacing fingers with him. Being the one against the wall, he felt the weight of the oldest leaning on him when Yuta pushed him down. The youngest had a mix of feelings when the third factor of their fun started hungrily kissing the blondie’s neck and back while his hands roamed down his body playing with his soft skin. Because it was a flattering view but he was feeling envious of them. The way Hansol was now pressed to his own body, didn’t help either, since he was able to feel the hardness under his pants tastefully grazing against his thigh. He also could tell very well what the korean was feeling with Yuta’s touches because his long lashes were shaking on an erratic blinking and he recieved his heavy breathing on his face.

“Don’t worry, babe” Yuta told Hansol with a sweetened voice “I’m going to be gentle with you

There was the doubt of whether that you was a plural or a singular but with that words his hand slipped down Hansol’s boxers without any previous warning making him gasp. The japanese boy didn’t have to ask, at this point he exactly knew what he liked and how. He pulled his pants down to his knees together with his underwear in one go, that simple action was already blissful and the feeling of Yuta’s lips brushing his nape just topped it. Then Yuta brought his fingers to his tongue, carefully weting them good to very slowly slip one inside his boyfriend who started tensing. 

 "Relax"  The air in his lungs was quietly released making his muscles loose a bit “Is not like it’s the first time”

He pushed the second digit in and started moving them inside him, now triggering a wave of ease on his boyfriend who parted his lips so close to Ten that he made him want to kiss them. The japanese boy let Hansol adjust to the new feeling, twisting his fingers until he felt it was enough. And then he took his member and slid it across his boyfriend’s ass tenderly.



“What did you say, baby?“ 

 "Yuta” he whined earning a cocky smile in return.

 It was torturous how slow he went inside him. Overwhelming how he was feeling more and more full by the second, all of him. Then the brunette thrusted inside Hansol who accidentally bumped onto his other boyfriend that has no way to go out of his place in the middle of his arms. Yuta sinked on him again hard enough to have to hold him down with his hands gripping on his hips. A string of a high, drowned noise resounded inside his throat and then, another thrust that was blindingly pleasuring. Building a constant pace that fulfilled the practice room with the smell of sex, they kept going .

The back and forth swinging on top of him did not make anything but make Ten’s blood burn with the arousal of being just there, trapped, unattended and still clothed. His length was aching out of neediness, the rhythm of motions was like being fucked with clothes on, so unsatisfying and frustrating. He too wanted to feel the whole thing… If only his hands weren’t pinned on the wall he could help himself. He wasn’t even able to close his legs since the oldest was in between.

“Hansol” enough problem was to shut any sound down to now answer to that imploring call so he just looked at the speaker through the blonde wet locks of his hair that were falling on his eyes “Can you at least let me… let me…”

That sentence became unfinished as that loud moan Hansol had been holding for some minutes finally scaped making Yuta smile victorious once again.

“Babies, Haechan is in the studio like at the end of the hall so everybody keep it quiet”

It must be a joke, right? This kid was about to have a scolding as soon as they were done, Hansol swore it over his name. 

“Hansol, let me loose” although the sweet melting of the youngest’s voice made his dick twitch, Yuta shaked his head on the blonde’s shoulder 


“Hansol please”

“You heard” he answered in the middle of the thrusting that had them three wheezing “Yuta says no”

“But…but i need it…”

“I don’t want to let you go, either. It really gets me to see you like this”

“Oh my god” Ten cried. Meanwhile the japanese hit some special spot on his boyfriend who had to bite his lip almost painfully “This are my fave pants don’t make me ruin them”

But what else could he do, the dry humping had him so close of finishing already. He felt it coming down his entire body, his legs shaked and his eyes watered slightly. And he also knew he wasn’t going to be listened so at that point he abandoned himself and moved his hips upwards against his boyfriends’ current move, meeting Hansol’s length trapped between their bodies. It felt so nice for the oldest, so desperately erotic…

“Yes” Hansol moaned “You see how it’s better this way…Do that. Yesss. Help me cum, baby”

The fastest Yuta moved in and out his boyfriend, the more vivid Ten felt Hansol’s dick grazing on him, eager for the orgasm. That’s why he listened to him and kept it grinding against his hard member. He was about to cum, even closer than Ten, it was too much, too many things happening at the same time and so long since he wanted it. His breathing cut off for a split of second and he heard himself clearly and loud moaning like he told Ten not to do earlier. He melted over his youngest lover like one of the best times he had ever done. But i didn’t stop there because Yuta needed a few seconds more, pounding inside him and making the already good orgasm bigger, until his nails dug on his hips. His movements were becoming too sharp as he felt all of Hansol’s warm tightening around his cock and hugging it so suggestively. He wanted to huff and pull his hair but holded himself back and finished inside him just sinking his nails further on him.

The oldest felt himself shaking with the high a lil bit, his hands finally abandoned Ten’s wrists and his head kind of flopped on this one’s shoulder. The brunette pulled out and looked at the thai member all sweaty, blushed and panting, he was, resuming, worned-out. His fingers lifted his chin to look at his bright teary eyes.

“You are so pretty” he smiled back, he really loved to be called those type of things “Need me to help down there?” Yuta watched the youngest shake his head slightly, blood rushing to his cheeks making them flush even more.

“Not anymore” this seemed a bit fun to the boy who asked. 

“You were that desesperate to get wet all alone, huum?” Ten only looked away from his eyes not wanting to answer to that question but anyways Yuta smiled and catched his lips giving him a candid kiss because that’s exactly what boyfriends do “Next time, then. How are you feeling?”

“Hella… sticky”

“Sorry” Hansol blunted knowing how the thick liquid he spilled was what was making him feel that way. 

“Nah… it’s okay baby” the sweaty blonde hair was brushed by Ten tenderly “You enjoyed that don’t you?”

“Pretty much, yeah”

“Yuta doing you is unusual” 

“And great, i know” Added with his reloaded ego but Ten was already kissing Hansol cheek lovely

“You know what? You are adorable and I love you”

“I love you too . I love you two

“Are you holding a pillowtalk without the actual pillow?”

“Can you please let us have a romantic moment?” Ten reproached as he looked over Hansol’s shoulder “Wait, where are you going?”

Yuta had put back all his clothes on and he was now fixing the messed locks of his hair on the mirror. This made the two other boys’ joy become a bit dimmer. 

“To Music Bank” he checked the hour on his phone “I came upstairs to pick up my bag and call Haechan but something got me distracted. Don’t tell Taeyong i was late because of this, i apreciate my life. Goodbye honeys ”

And like that, Yuta left the room with the two other boys astonished with the perfect normality in which he acted.

“This boy is a lost cause. Why are you dating him, Ten?”

“Me? I guess it’s a mix of things. What about you? You are dating him too”

“Still i don’t get to understand why, that’s why i am asking” The thai giggled 

“Five minutes ago you were more than okay with him”

“Look who is talking. We didn’t need to touch you to …”

“Well, if i recall it correctly i got to debut first. I don’t even want to think what went on night after night with you two in the room when i wasn’t home”

“Fine, fine, he is not that annoying” both of the boys started laughing and getting dressed unhurriedly and chatting. Not promoting has sometimes a good side, like those moments for themselves where you can laugh without worries. 

“You know he knows how to be sweet if he wants”

“Of course i know. Just like it happens with you, I miss him when he is not around. It’s deeper than just sex, you know that” Hansol was feeling bad and Ten was aware of it because it was difficult to not feel the same. Debuting seemed to be delaying too much in Hansol’s case but that was not the only thing that upset his heart. The three of them happened to be on different units and places all the time. He shook his head trying to wash away this sharp thought “So it’s 127 recording on Music Bank today?”

“That’s what it looks like”

“They are going to be out?”

“It looks like Firetruck promos are a bit too long so until late, probably, they won’t return”

“Do you want to come to my room?”


“Play Overwatch” Ten faked an eyes roll but then laughed “And if we stay up until late we can wait for Yuta and ask him if he want to sleep with us”

“Sure. But why would you need an empty room to play Overwatch? You need to be that concentrated to shoot virtual people?” mocked the youngest 

“No. But every time i win i’m doing this” Hansol put the palm of his hand on his boyfriend's face and after brushing his lip with his thumb, he kissed him deeply.

That was a good plan. Anyways Hansol was used to play Overwatch for hours and Ten didn't even know who you had to shoot at. No chances of winning over him. 


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(1/2) I'm sure I'm one of countless others but just. Thank you so much for creating Always Human. The world you created is so vibrant and colorful and intricate and beautiful, and, although Sunati, Austen, and the AH world are not without their unique complications and struggles (which really only serve to make them more honest and real), it's a rare thing when any well-conceived version of the future is not some dystopian nightmare, but instead a world suffused with serenity and hope.

(2/2) Thank you so much for giving me hope–not only for a bright and beautiful future for the world (especially now, when it is so uncertain), but also for a bright and beautiful world where queer people like myself can fully enjoy and experience their bright and beautiful love stories. It honestly means the world.

Oh my goodness, wow, thank you!
*blushing intensifies*
This is everything I hoped to convey with Always Human and it’s absolutely heartwarming to read this. I am indescribably satisfied right now :D Thank you so much for such a sweet ask, I’m really really happy you enjoyed Always Human <333

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:I just

I suspect this may be a partial ask? I’m not sure? Feel free to re-send if there was more to the message :)

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Google transalate intensify 1.-Wow, we have no seen December in a long time, does she still feel something for Xahji? And OMG that redesing it AWSOME! How is she been all this time :D? 2.-I still do not understand how you do not have your own gallery yet, you and your art is amazing, keep doing a good job :D

She’s moved on from Xahji… that was never going to work out. (everyone ships Xahji with Snazzy, anyway) Sam is okay, kinda sentimental about stuff and things, but pulling through okay.

(also thank you <3)


Mass Effect Companion Cards - Garrus and Legion! 

Ah these were stressful but yet incredibly fun my goodness. I can’t wait to order the cards! TOA intensifies.

Edit: Wow! I’m so glad you all love these. If you have any requests on who I should make next feel free to let me know!Also wouldn’t these look sweet on a phone case?