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i need somewhere to dump this im sorry but i just love my boyfriend so much. we've known each other for years but we've only just started dating and he's just imperfectly perfect to me. we complete each other. he's the most amazing guy in the world and i ask god everyday what i did to deserve him. my heart is filled with love and goodness <3

Aw wow! That is absolutely wonderful ☺ I’m really so happy for you dear 💞

wow there was this awful point in my life where i craved the gaze of my idol and now im fucken blessed he doesnt interact w/ me compared to some of his other intense fans (plus, when my friend took me to the photo-ops at wizard world (she was a fan of everyone else besides him so  she had no reason to fear his grip of power) i saw he squeezed my shoulder considerably tight in comparison to my friend????? was that a fear grip????? a warning??????? oh my god im sorry tom hiddleston jesus christ???????????) 

boyfriend! vernon

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  • ok honestly he’s attracted to u from the very moment he meets you
  • like as soon as he laid eyes on u he’s like…… holy shit…..
  • omg ok so one day wonwoo forces him to go to the bookstore w him and vernon’s like …ok
  • and he’s there and he’s kind of bored as hell as he goes thru the isles of books
  • and he doesn’t know how the hell he does it but he accidentally knocks over a pile of books onto the floor
  • and he feels cold sweat form on his skin bc omg omg omg this is a quiet store he’s 100% sure everyone in the store heard him omg what if he gets yelled at
  • and thats how he meets u :-) the cute person working at the bookstore 
  • u come in to the same isle as he is and he doesn’t even notice bc he’s frantically trying to pick the books off the floor
  • and when he finally does notice u is when u help him pick the books off the floor
  • like his heart nearly jumps out of his chest twice
  • the first time bc wow u really scared him for a second there like where did u even come from???
  • and the second time is when he realizes that you’re really really cute and definitely his type
  • he kind of just stops what he’s doing and stare at you in awe 
  • but then when u finish picking up the books he finally snaps out of it and hes like “oh my god im so sorry i didn’t mean to it just…. happened”
  • and u giggle bc wow he’s so cute flustered
  • and he freezes bc????? that was the cutest giggle he’s ever heard in his life?????
  • so by this point he’s hooked like he wants to know ur name and he wants to know u better
  • but he ends up leaving the store without knowing either bc he couldn’t muster the courage
  • beats himself up over it for days
  • after the trip he constantly asks wonwoo when’s the next time he’s going to the bookstore and wonwoo just gives him this look like “since when did u like the bookstore…..”
  • wonwoo eventually gets the hint tho and takes him
  • vernon goes there w a plan
  • as soon as he sees u at the cashier he’s like “hey do u remember me?”
  • and ur like “ lmao how could i not”
  • and he tries to be smooth as hell and leans on the counter but he kind of slips his elbow off the edge
  • and u giggle again and vernon almost wants to die
  • he clears his throat and tries to ignore the rising heat in his cheeks
  • “uhm… so i was thinking… i really felt bad about knocking over those books the other day so can i take you out for some coffee as an apology?”
  • he tries to be smooth and suave but the red tint on the tip of his ears and the way he couldn’t keep his eyes still told u other wise
  • and ur like “u mean on a date?”
  • and he kind of chokes on his spit but then he’s like “y-yeah”
  • and ofc u agree bc hello??? hes cute as hell
  • so ur first date he’s the absolute gentlemen
  • opens the doors for u and makes u walk on the inside of the sidewalk
  • he even pays for the date
  • after coffee you decide he’s a pretty cool guy and you guys end up walking around town
  • and after a while into your date vernon loosens up and begins cracking his lame jokes
  • and he learns that he really loves the way your laugh sounds
  • before you guys even know it its late and he offers to walk you home
  • somehow throughout the date he mustered enough courage around u to say “i want to make sure you’re safe”
  • and one date turned into two dates and then three and then you guys are official
  • u learn over time that he’s more than just the cute clumsy kid at the bookstore
  • like he’s very hardworking and serious about his passions
  • he brings you to the studio so u can see him work
  • for ur anniversary he makes a rap for u!!!! and its about how much he likes u and appreciates you being in his life
  • asks u to hang out a lot, like coming to the dorm w him or to go out for a short walk
  • when you’re out on dates he likes having his arm around your shoulders or waist
  • and basically u being near him
  • always has his arm draped around u actually
  • one time u guys go to a carnival and he tries his best at games until he wins u a giant bear
  • like hes so proud he even tells u to take a picture w it
  • then he goes home to show it off to all the members 
  • “look what i did for them today :-)”
  • surprises u sometimes with how cheesy he is
  • like outta nowhere he’ll throw u a lame pick up line
  • and ur like ???????? woah that came from nowhere
  • tries to look tough!!! but in the end he’s just ur cute bf that blushes a very bright red when u catch him looking at you
  • in fact, he’s always looking at you
  • and thoughts like “i cant believe theyre mine” “wow theyre so beautiful” cross his mind more than often
  • would most likely take secret pictures of u on his phone
  • and set it as his wallpaper
  • and get teased by his hyungs
  • loves talking to you about anything in general, he just loves being around u and hearing your voice
  • even though he’d childish sometimes he can get serious when the time comes for it
  • sometimes he has worries about things like his job and career, or even your relationship but he wouldn’t want to put the weight on your shoulders by telling you about them
  • he wouldnt discuss those things until he’s about to burst tbh
  • its just a habit
  • like he wants to seem like everything’s ok just so that you wouldn’t worry abt him
  • he might end up telling u tho when you guys are out late and the world feels quiet and its just you two alone
  • that’s when he feels the most vulnerable
  • loves to cuddle!!!!! especially before bed
  • he loves to have u in his arms but he also loves having him in your arms, with his head resting on ur chest
  • he’s kind of rly whipped for u and ur like his safe haven 
  • he can have all kind of worries in the world but by ur side he’ll feel safe and comforted
  • and ofc he’ll want you to feel the same way
  • he’s kind of awk but he’ll try his best to comfort u and to let u know that he’ll always be there for u
GA, GC, CG, CT, AA, AC and AT: order fast food from EB

Words: 1,652

Rating: G (death mention, mild innuendo based on blood color)

Characters: John Egbert, Equius Zahhak, Nepeta Leijon, Karkat Vantas, Kanaya Maryam, Tavros Nitram, Aradia Megido, Terezi Pyrope

Ships: Meowrails, implied Karezi (mainly <3<), one-sided Karnep

Sequel to this. Part three is on the way here.

EB: welcome to ecto burger, home of the slime shake, how may i help you?

CT: D –> Do you have any products that do not originate from the slaughter of beautiful creatures

EB: um

EB: we have salads?

EB: theyre pretty awful though

AC: :33 < equius this is not the time for your squ33mishness!!

AC: :33 < we have to eat m33t to live, its that simple!!!

CT: D –> Yes but

CT: D –> It

CT: D –> Makes me uncomfortable


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