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Cherry Red II

Pairing:Min Yoongi x Park Jimin

Genre:Smut with plot?

Word count: 5.3k

Summary: Yoongi’s had enough of Jimin playing around, and realizes some things on his own

Note: I am telling y’all now, I have no idea how to write smut, I winged it all, I have no experience, I need references, I had no references but you asked for it so here! You! Go! Ohmygod it’s finally done I’m pretty sure I screamed in relief in the middle of class once I finished. I am so sorry if this sucks, this is my first ever Yoonmin smut, I don’t know how to write smut ohmygod please be gentle (Not proofread btw)

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Upon arriving at their shared suite, Yoongi had never seen Jimin dash for his room as fast as he had when they stepped in. Taehyung and Jungkook staring with wide confused eyes as their hyungs merely laughed and teased an exasperated Yoongi.

The presidential suite had three separate bedrooms, all of which contained their own bathroom. Namjoon and Jin one shared without much protest from the other members, Yoongi and Hoseok were paired together which left the maknae to create chaos in a room of their own.

Yoongi sat on his bed as he dug through his bag for something to wear, when Jin said get ready for dinner, it often meant that they were going out for the night and going back to work tomorrow. Yoongi had almost forgotten they were in the middle of a tour. Yoongi reached for his black ripped jeans, throwing a shirt similar to the one he was wearing over his shoulder as he made his way to the bathroom. Upon passing the open door that lead to the living room, Yoongi caught sight of Jimin; in nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist.

Jimin stopped just as Yoongi had, noticing the older boy just the same. Yoongi blinked repeatedly as his mouth hung slightly, trying to make sure he wasn’t imagining things. A smirk made its way to Jimin’s face and he hadn’t tried to control it. His hand gripped one end of the towel that was tucked into his hip as he took slow steps towards the door. Jimin eyed Yoongi with a newfound confidence, and Yoongi wasn’t sure if Jimin was faking it this time or not. Yoongi stared at Jimin’s slow moving figure, the dancer’s fingers leisurely pulling at the white fabric. Yoongi gulped down the saliva that began to gather in his mouth, watering at the idea of seeing what Jimin had been keeping under those tight leather jeans during countless performances.

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Seeing Larries reblog all the Jamaica quotes/gifs has me so :|. I don't know how people who believe they're together can justify that knowing what we do about what was going on last year. And all of the tags that are like "wow that must've been amazing" and "i'm so jealous". Idek. :|

Anon, did you see my post about Jamaica?

I don’t think Harry needed to stop his life when Jay was sick (or Louis, for that matter), and I don’t know that Louis wanted him to, but flaunting being drunk in Jamaica while your lover’s mother was sick and dying is…

Well, it certainly doesn’t fit the “pick someone who’s supportive” image to me.

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I aspire to write as beautifully as you do some day

oh my god anon thank you… and thank you to the anons who imply i have a nice “style”??? because i don’t even think i have a writing style?? I mean i’d like to think that i’ve come to a stage where my writing is nice/easy to read and flows ok, but idek if i have a style… i feel like it’s really generic haha…

how does one even acquire a writing style…????

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i have had like three people recently tell me that i'm thirteen, even though i'm turning 20 in august. the first one was a waitress that gave me clam chowder, the second was a man on an airplane that gave me cranberry juice, and the third was just now at home depot with my mom. and so we went into the line and i was holding this big thing of plywood, and she was holding this tube but the tube didn't have a tag on it so she was like, "oh, i'm gonna go back to the shelf and get one with a tag on it." and he said, "oh," and kinda looked at her like, "how are you gonna leave this infant here in line alone?" but he let her do it, and he said, "okay, i guess i'll wait to ring you up then," and i said, "nope, i've got money." and he looked at me like, "wow, you have money?" and i was like "yeah" so he pressed the cash button and i said "no i have a credit card." like, "how - wow, how do you have a credit card, like, you're so young you're like thirteen?" "yeah, got a credit card." "wow. that's so amazing that you have a credit card. that's so crazy cause you're so young. wow... a credit card... wow."

i have homework
i have homewor
i have homewo
i have homew
i have home
i have hom
i have ho
i have h
i have
i hav
i ha
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i a
i am
i am p
i am pr
i am pro
i am proc
i am procr
i am procra
i am procras
i am procrast
i am procrasti
i am procrastin
i am procrastina
i am procrastinat
i am procrastinati
i am procrastinatin
i am procrastinating


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10 photos/gifs of ur bias tag

I was tagged by protectchahakyeon​ who deals with my squish feels and weird as hell snapchats

Ashley I feel like you’re trying to kill me by doing this I managed to narrow it down to 11 pictures and it was the hardest thing I’ve had to do

So this is my bias, his name is Minho but I call him squish (how is it possible to look so cute when simply tying your shoelaces??)

he’s the cutest squishiest person like…

he’s also really dumb idek look at this embarrassing nerd

and he makes a really hot girl 

and he has a nice face i guess

he’s just really pretty ok

and when he wears contacts I die

and he’s really good with kids

he’s such a mom tbh

and he’s just a giggly ball of sunshine

yeah i love my cute squish a whole lot 

ok I tag greasylocket and illa-illaus ^^

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heeyyyy could you maybe link me to some of your favorite artists in the fandom? xxxx

omg this is such a difficult question idk how to reply to it bc i genuinely love all artists in this fandom so much wow„ but i will try ok here are some in no particular order

radadusta – 4ever an inspiration and incredibly talented
rubycurls – such a cool art style i love everything they do so much
– makes amazing pencil drawings and is the nicest person !!
thrina – their work is so unique and love their use of colors„ v v talented
dreamyletters – makes AMAZinG comics and i love their brushes?? wow
pygmylouis – 4ever impressed by their consistent style and gr8 ideas how
aboutchopsuey – makes rlyrl y rly cute comix that i love soso so much
channybee – they are s  o   talented and have such an eye for colors
cyrilliart – they are incredibly talented with traditional art i am in awe
aki-anyway – they have the coolest art style & their work is rly neat
tippingvelvets – the creator of weird cats which i am 4ever in love with but also does other stuff that are amazing
cargsdoodles – has the COOLEST style i love all their work so muc h
skunkstripezayn – they have the PRETTIEST brushes n colors n everyth ign!!!!!! who do i need to kill to lear n
girlwiththeteasart – rly cool style„ everything they do is so gr8 wow 
meuphrosyne – i LOVE their art they do a lot of traditional n realistic stuff love lov elove
karukara – uses cool graphics n has great ideas all the time„ idk how whoa
nwalmaerx – rly special style and v v nice colors!! 
coconutwishes – traditional and digital art they are great with both im 4ever impressed 
lepomiere – SUPEr talented traditional artist idek understand how
danny-spikes – so cool and well done stuff love everything they do
– super cool colors!! v talented 

also i recommend this gr8 post by aki-anyway that lists p much all 1d artists!! 

•ᴗ•   *✲゚* .