wow i've never heard of this before

  • someone: WOW you don't look 21 like, at all
  • me: thanks i've never heard that before ever, in my life, not even once... also i lied and i'm actually 621 but, y'know. details

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I'm listening to Dr. D.r.e, and wow. I've never heard it before, and it reminds me of dre, like...was he inspired by it??

oh yeyeye!! Not so much Dre specifically, but the group he was apart of- N.W.A.? His first & middle name is from Dr Dre, and his last from Eazy E- but his attitude and character is more inspired by Tupac’s upbeat, thoughtful & charismatic attitude

Rick and Morty Episode Idea
  • *first half of the episode SUCKS and doesn't line up at all*
  • (In the garage)
  • *rick is fiddling with a weird looking machine*
  • MORTY: W-what are you doing R-Rick?
  • RICK: W-what does it look like I'm doing Morty! Our-our whole plot line is all messed up M-Morty!
  • MORTY: aw geez Rick.
  • RICK: Those little *burp* shits have been fucking around for a y-year and a Half now!
  • *Rick fiddles with the machine more before a portal opens*
  • *Rick and Morty go through the portal into a weird looking dimension never seen before*
  • MORTY: Where are we?
  • RICK: The screen writing dimension.
  • MORTY: A-aw geez Rick... you've really done it this time.
  • RICK: shut up Morty.
  • *rick bursts into a room and beats up all the screen writers in a montage with Mmmbop by Hanson playing over it*
  • RICK: Seriously?! They have a shitty music taste too?
  • MORTY: R-Rick... you, you know I've been thinking... and you haven't stuttered ONCE since we got here.
  • *Rick pauses and squints his eyes as if he is thinking*
  • RICK: you're right Morty...
  • *pause*
  • RICK (Cont.): even the voice actors are horrible.
  • *rick opens up a door that reads RECORDING DO NOT OPEN*
  • *Justin Roiland is standing by a microphone looking startled*
  • MORTY: w-who's that RICK?
  • *Justin is heard in the background saying the same thing but with a very slight delay*
  • RICK: he's the biggest ass hole I know.
  • *justin heard again*
  • MORTY: why's he copying us Rick?
  • *pans over to Justin looking mortified and trying to keep up*
  • MORTY: d-didn't you say we shouldn't open paradoxes Rick?!
  • RICK: T-that doesn't matter right now... just get him MORTY!
  • *screen fades out to sounds of screaming and grunts*
  • *fades in*
  • *Rick and Morty walking into the living room*
  • MORTY: w-wow Rick... I've never beaten up my own voice actor before.
  • RICK: m-maybe now they'll *burp* behave and Write s-ome good comedy
  • *fades out*
  • *end credits*
Epic Weirdos
  • INTJ, ENTJ, and ENFP watched Suicide Squad for the first time...
  • INTJ: *swoony sigh*
  • ENTJ: *smiles at INTJ*
  • ENFP: INTJ, what was THAT!
  • INTJ: hmmm? Oh... I was just thinking how much better the world would be if more people were like The Joker and Harley Quinn...
  • ENFP: ...what?!?!
  • INTJ: I mean, if everyone pursued relationships the way he did everyone would be better off. He was totally himself right from the get go, crazy and torturing and all, and then, he didn't go chasing some girl because she was "beautiful" he was drawn to her mind, but even then, he waited and was testing, logically calculating if the relationship would work. He wasn't going to jump into it lightly! He made her WAIT to see if they would work and to see if she was really devoted to him or not. And She Was! And then he was all, yeah, this might actually work! And then he totally devoted himself to her 100% and was protective and caring and respected her for who she was, crazy and all, and they never pretended to be something they weren't and it was epic and amazing and literally the ONLY romantic relationship ever seen that was done right!!!
  • ENTJ: Wow! I'm impressed INTJ, I've never heard you open up about relationships like this before! (Leans over to put arm around INTJ)
  • INTJ: (Leans into ENTJ and smiles)
  • ENFP: ...How on EARTH does this work! We watch some mushy movie and you sit rolling your eyes, huffing in annoyance, but we watch a total action movie with -albeit- epic weirdos for the couple and you guys are sitting closer than I've ever seen-
  • ENTJ and INTJ: *jump up*
  • ENTJ: uh...I'll get more popcorn!
  • INTJ: Anyone need more soda?
  • ENFP: ...and the moments over...

engineer!Shepard and Tali (and sometimes Legion) headcanons bc why not:

  • They occasionally work together in engineering and exchange knowledge about the drive core and just ships in general.
  • They tinker w/ their combat drones off missions and occasionally have  friendly arguments over which one is better. Legion also joins in on this bc drone squad.
  • If Tali needs help w/ her suit repair, she asks Shepard for help since they’re less likely to mess her suit up. (also bc she has a hardcore crush on them duh)
  • Back to the drone thing, they will usually host “drone olympics” in the cargo bay. They put their drones through numerous trials to see which one is superior. Some of the Normandy crew comes to watch it and they place bets on which one will win. Legion was originally allowed to participate, but then it won so many times that they just assumed it was cheating and banned it. (Fun fact: it did) If Tali and Shepard are in a relationship and the olympics ends in a tie, Shepard offers a tie-breaker in their quarters. (wow I wonder where they heard that from…)
  • They basically be huge fucking nerds together. :’)

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you tagged your post "actuallyschizoid"- i googled schizoid but i'm still kind of confused, do you think you could explain what it means like, in the context of your life? sorry if it's personal, i've just never heard that term before and the info i've found is very sort of clinical and i find it confusing

Yeah nah thats valid, the resources out there are all rly clinical and misleading imo. I don’t like most of the official information published, and some of the stuff said about it definitely contributes to me usually keeping schizoid things on the DL. So, read on for elaboration…

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Hey wow this selfie party is making me gayer by the minute™, thank you. Um I also have a question on the about page: what is a "gold star lesbian"? I've never heard the term before. Thank you in advance!! 💖

A gold star lesbian is “a lesbian that’s never had sex with a man” aka a penis, bc it was coined by terfs. It’s really Yikes™ bc it invalidates lesbians who have had a hard time with compulsory heterosexuality, rape victims, as well as trans girls and their girlfriends. It’s just not a good term tbh.


  • me: wtf is up with the gorillaz. apparently they were popular a decade ago. these songs are so random. the lyrics mean nothing. the videos are even more random. why does she have a giant head in her closet. now i know why i've never heard a single song by them before
  • *five days later*
  • friend: wow iTunes says you've listened to these Gorillaz songs each 20 times already
  • me: *sweats nervously*

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So a weird thing happened to me. I play Skyrim on the 360, and a while ago my character got the swirling leaf aura that a Spriggon usually has right after I killed one. I've had it for like ten levels now. It went away once but came back again after that. I was wondering if you'd heard of something like that before and know a fix. Thanks! Love your blog.

Wow. I’ve never heard of anything like that happening! :O Seems like a cool glitch though :D I only found fixes for it for PC users, but if it doesn’t bother you much, keep on going! I also read that it might go away on it’s own eventually.

- Katrin


All of you in the Sasuhina fandom are so kind. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so welcome to a pairing before! I look forward to drawing and seeing all of the artworks/fan fictions you all post :D I’m pretty new to the ship so if you have any fic recommendations, I would love some!! This is my side blog, so if you see someone named kungfuskittle follow you.. that’s me!

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Sheila, you've probably heard this before, but the actress playing Elektra on the new season of Daredevil looks so much like you (at least imo). I've passed photos of her on my dash and was like "oh wow new cosplay" before realizing it was not, in fact, you.

I HAVE HEARD THIS SO MANY TIMMMMMMMMEESSS. I usually don’t post these kinds of posts either, but I have literally heard this elektra chic looks like me so much. 

And…. I guess so!??? With my blacker hair maybe. I dunno. I never think any of these people look like me but there you have it. 

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Bro, One Direction has never been on my radar before, i don't think i've ever heard a complete song of theirs since i don't even listen to the radio but i read that Buzzfeed article and was like; "this is suspect, i don't know enough though", so i turned to tumblr for more info and your blog caught my interest. 3 days in i'm a confirmed babygater, Larry & Ziam and Ive dl Zayn's album which is the new soundtrack of my life. I've fallen down a rabbit hole that has One Direction. Send help.

LOL  Ok, wow. Allow me to apologize in advance. Once the honeymoon period is over your suffering will be endless. 

This is what the last year has been like: