wow i'm such a creeper

The Nine O'clock News

Today my chemical romance were photographed together for the first time since the bands breakup and pwrbttm are in the shit. No word yet on how deeply in the shit they actually are but allegations against them are piling up. Creeper meanwhile have done nothing of note today except be wonderful as always.

That was the news.

Okay, for those tumblr prepsters, you know all those pictures of really fancy/preppy guys dressed up all nice and they’re lounging around on the pristine lawns of some mansion, or even just standing around looking super fashionable? I’ve always wondered to myself, “Where do these guys even come from? Do they even exist, because a lot of these preppy tumblr photos don’t seem to come from fashion shoots.”

And then one day I went to Venice and saw this guy when I stopped for a dessert at the Florian. So I suppose those kinds of guys are really out there!