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ten women i have been warned against becoming: ob edition

“The Girl Who Takes Up Too Much Space, always, her shoulders too wide in stairwells, her hips too big in doorways, her voice too loud in classes. This woman does not understand the art of crumbling, of curling herself tight like the spiral of a fern, soft, delicate, unwilling to reach out the ivy of her fingers to grasp onto what should rightfully be hers. This is a beast, an elephant, a moving mountain and she is capable of flattening you, she is capable of ruining you, she is capable of making you feel as small and insignificant in her life as she is supposed to be. You are this woman’s footnote to history, you are her side note in song lyrics, you are constantly interrupted by her with a witty joke you wish you thought of. I asked what the problem was with being a steamroller instead of a sunflower and I was laughed down.” - (inkskinned)

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Important News for the Winx Club Live Action Movie!

Warner Bros.-based Hollywood Gang has partnered with Italy’s Rainbow Group to develop and produce a live-action movie inspired by the animated and popular global Winx Club TV series. This comes after Netflix recently announced it ordered two seasons of programming this year for an animated Winx Club spinoff series from Rainbow called Winx Club Wow: World Of Winx. 

I think it’s finally hit me that this whole experience is really happening. So far I’ve just been at a standstill. I haven’t been able to do much, and it all felt so surreal. But now things are really falling into place, and I’m making appointments and scheduling classes and making reservations. And in a little over a month, I will immerse myself into this new culture that I have learned about but have never truly experienced. And I’m just so excited to learn and to grow and to live and to become an entirely new version of myself. 

Hi Taylor in 2 weeks my brother and I are going to be traveling to Houston to see you and I’m so excited to see the show again! It was incredible seeing you last time in Cali but I can’t wait to see you in Texas! ❤️👯 also wtf is my smile in this picture I was honestly just so excited I didn’t know what to do but you and Chris look good! taylorswift pledging2heartbreak

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Oh that’d be awesome! Just send me the details and everything and I’ll be there!

We’re still unsure. I, myself, still have no idea what date will it be. I wish I would be free at that time. But I’ve to warn you I’m not good at speaking and listening as reading xD

But wait… is skype video conference cost money? it’s not as free as voice call is it? Perhaps we better use Google Hangouts, you know? it can record ours and automatically upload it onto the host’s YouTube account! and it’s free! we only have to have a gmail.