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Was going through the Drift tag on tumblr and liking beautiful pieces of art to look at in my likes later. I kept thinking, "Wow, these people have very similar art styles." Only just realized it was all your art... I'm SO sorry for spamming your activity feed. ;-;

Oh no! It’s absolutely no problem at all! ❤️ I’m glad to hear you like them all! 

Do you ever wonder if Dan and Phil follow all the Phan tags and then you’re just having war flashbacks of all the things you contributed towards them and then you’re just like “Wow, what was going through my mind at 3 am when I wrote this.”

Friends cancelled plans for the third weekend in a row…

another thing is that…….poly ships barely happen in canon. people get pumped for lgbt rep IN CANON and that alone is something we have to hope and are constantly made to question and doubt the legitimacy of. people who go ‘UM POLY SHIPS EXIST’ in response to that just….don’t get it? bc they’re thinking purely in a fandom sense. it’s not about ‘let them all date lolz silly fangirls’ it’s about ‘oh wow maybe the writers/creators will actually walk the walk because showing two girls having romantic feelings for each other in media, let alone two of the main characters, is still A PRETTY BIG DEAL UNFORTUNATELY and that’s more important than your personal ship preferences!’ like if anything, i could turn that around on you. just keep shipping whatever. no one’s stopping you. there’s nothing inherently wrong with liking a f/m ship more than a f/f ship, or just being neutral to shipping and not really caring either way. but understand this is always going to be important for more reasons than ‘MY SHIP!!!’ and if you automatically think a f/f or m/m ship is pandering and you’re so angry about it being canon that you have to start reaching for any excuse to deny it…..well, you can say ‘i’m not being homophobic that has nothing to do with it’ (most of you will say this) but you kinda are?

and trust me, on the very, VERY rare occasion that any ot3 is actually canonically implied or confirmed… does not stop shipping wars. like, at all. instead, you end up like me…..being called out for ‘mono-shaming’ of all fucking things.

I’m a fucking mess. I just watched the Supergirl finale, and…I knew what was coming. It was spoiled days ago. I’ve seen it all over my dash, but when it actually happened, I started sobbing. It hurts so much. This feels worse than the Flash or Arrow, maybe because I know Westallen and Olicity are going to be just fine. Barry will get out of the speed force, and everyone on the island is ok (well, maybe not ALL, but #FelicityIsImmortal). But Mon-El….😢😭 that felt like a real ending. He’s never coming back, and it hurts so bad.

I was tagged by @everyone-is-gay to do the ‘’my url playlist’’, thank you so much sweetheart!!

I’m tagging: @wandererharry @louisprotectionsquad @harryharryharry @louisshomesharry @milkshakelarry @la-paritalienne and whoever else wants to do it can say they were tagged by me :) 

I just realised this is going to be really long wow

S: Sign of the times by Harry Styles

U: Under Pressure by Queen

M: Moons birds monsters by MGMT

M: Mrs potato head by Melanie Martinez

E: Edge of the Earth by 30 Seconds to Mars

R: Room for 2 by Dua Lipa

T: Time by Pink Floyd

I: If I could fly by One Direction

M: Mama by My Chemical Romance

E: Eraser by Ed Sheeran

A: A.M. by One Direction

N: New Americana by Halsey

D: Death of a bachelor by Panic! At the Disco

U: Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey

T: Thnks fr th mmrs by Fall Out Boy

T: The quiet things that no one ever knows by Brand New

E: Everlasting gaze by The Smashing Pumpkins

R: Royals by Lorde

F: Friend please by Twenty One Pilots

L: Life on Mars by David Bowie

I: I miss you by Blink-182

E: End of all days by 30 Seconds to Mars

S: Seize the day by Avenged Sevenfold

  • My BPD: Anyways you're unnecessary and you should kill yourself
  • Me: What? No, that's stupid why-
  • My BPD: They're all out without you right now having a good time because you aren't there and they didn't want you there; they're not even thinking about you you aren't even going to hear from them ever again because they don't want to talk to you and they're better off without you
  • Me: that's tru u right :/
Continuation of my Pokemon Go text
  • Kota: What the hell I thought we were a band! No one gets left behind!
  • Nagito: Nu-uh. It's "Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten." Get it right Ko.
  • Kota: Wow I'm feeling the love now... How'd you guys even end up going with MY GIRLFRIEND?
  • Takashi: I was in the kitchen when I saw her tip toe down the stairs then i figured out that I might as well go with her.
  • Nagito: I was sneaking out to get some practice then when she mentioned Pokémon Go I tagged along.
  • Kyohei: I was going to get a glass of water when I saw these three putting their shoes on and figured that I might as well walk Little Yamada.
  • Iori: I couldn't sleep so I went with them.
  • Kota: ... You're all traitors.

I recorded this for Lex because I promised that I would do something ridiculous for them and when someone asks for ridiculous they get ridiculous

I wasn’t even going to post this but Per begged me to so he could reblog it and even though this was never meant to see the light of day HERE WE ARE 

Edit: Per apparently did a Karezi thing based on this song a year ago WOW APPROPRIATE ART 

Every "How to please/piss off the signs" post ever:
  • Aries and happiness: tell them they're swell
  • Aries and anger: tell them they suck
  • Taurus and happiness: inform them of their usefulness
  • Taurus and anger: inform them of their uselessness
  • Gemini and happiness: let them know they're swell
  • Gemini and anger: let them know they're the worst
  • Cancer and happiness: speak to them about how much they mean
  • Cancer and anger: speak to them about how much u h8 them
  • Leo and happiness: find creative ways to let them know they're wanted
  • Leo and anger: find creative ways to tell them they're an ass
  • Virgo and happiness: compliment them on their personality!
  • Virgo and anger: compliment them on their stupidity
  • Libra and happiness: post sticky notes around the house with friendly messages
  • Libra and anger: sharpie their forehead with dicks. Just fucking dicks, man.
  • Scorpio and happiness: nod at them from across the room to let them know you approve
  • Scorpio and anger: flip them off with both hands from across the room and slam the exit door behind you as you run away because they started to vault chairs and tables to kick your ass
  • Sagittarius and happiness: just tell them how u feel
  • Sagittarius and anger: just tell them how u feel
  • Capricorn and happiness: binge watch their favorite shows with them
  • Capricorn and anger: tell them you'll have a movie marathon with them and stay up through all the movies until you get halfway through the last one then say you're tired and that you're going to bed
  • Aquarius and happiness: compare them to your favorite characters to let them know how much u love them
  • Aquarius and anger: compare them with ur least favorite characters to let them kno exactly where they are
  • Pisces and happiness: smile @ them
  • Pisces and anger: frown @ them
  • And y'all be like
  • ...
  • wow that's so me omg

The year is coming to an end which can only mean two things: realizing that I didn’t get shit done this year and making a follow forever 2013 edition! Go check out these blogs because they and the people who run them are all pretty rad!

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I’ve been working a bunch on toning my legs and wow brb admiring my calves