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Remember kids, it was Taylor’s idea for Sparkly Dress Fearless Taylor and Ringleader Red Tour Taylor fight

Have you ever really thought about how many users there are on tumblr? On ao3? Wattpad? Have you ever stopped to think about how many people are in your fandom? How that shy girl in the back of the class could be reading gay fanfiction right now? How that one football player sitting with his phone in his lap could be reblogging bxb fanart? Hell, even your teacher could spend their free time on tumblr! Fans are all around us and we have no idea. 


introduction | rocky | eunwoo | moon bin | mj | jinjin

TW: a lot of mentions of blood & also kidnapping

  • Blood ritualist
    • Nobody knows for sure what happens in MJ’s ritual room because he’s claimed the top floor of their three-floor coven house
    • They just know not to go in the room to the right of the stairs if there’s a red ribbon on the door handle until MJ tumbles out of the room, exhausted and usually coated in a light layer of blood 
    • If you press your ear to the door handle you can hear vague chanting and sometimes a little humming if MJ’s taking a break
      • One time Sanha tried snooping and sat outside the door watching the crack at the bottom of the door for movement
      • he heard MJ’s chanting fade into silence and there was a flash of bright light
      • and then there was a knock on the wall somewhere behind him
      • Sanha doesn’t even dare go up MJ’s stairs now poor baby
    • Gets results like 777% of the time because he’s really good at what he does, bless his heart

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Hello, Unit 214, you’ve made a lot of trouble for us, so I’m going to make sure that from now on you stay where you belong. I’m not going to hurt you, I’m just going to hmmm clip your wings a little bit.

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Was going through the Drift tag on tumblr and liking beautiful pieces of art to look at in my likes later. I kept thinking, "Wow, these people have very similar art styles." Only just realized it was all your art... I'm SO sorry for spamming your activity feed. ;-;

Oh no! It’s absolutely no problem at all! ❤️ I’m glad to hear you like them all! 

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according to shaladins, since my datemate is 6 months younger than me, i'll be a pedophile if i'm still dating them after i turn 18... bc i'll be an 18 year old dating a 17 year old... wow... (sorry i'm just salty)

this now in: all relationships between 17 year olds and 18 year olds are now cancelled, all 18 year olds who have been rendered single have to go and find partners who are at least 25 years of age now, 

Exciting Things Ahead

So guess who finally got an AO3 (Archive of Our Own) account? That’s right, this trash can did! Anywho just a little update that I plan on extending my Blind Lance AU and making it into a full fic, so wish me luck! I hope you like it! Also, my account is watsonthebox (shocking, I know). I will update you all when I’ve posted. Thank you for all the love and support!!!  °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °

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What's the captive prince about? I kinda wanna read it but I'm not totally sure

*prepares a powerpoint*

First, I highly recommend not getting advice on whether or not to read the books from people who haven’t finished them. From all the things I’ve seen while going through the TCP tag (which I rarely do anymore because wow, people can’t keep their hate out of tags apparently  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯), most if not all of the people who hate the books have not finished them.

And now on to what TCP is about. *clears throat*

The Captive Prince is a trilogy following Damen, the crown prince of Akielos who was betrayed by his half-brother and sold to their enemy, Vere, as a pleasure slave to Prince Laurent. The first book is basically Damen hating Laurent and Laurent being an asshole to Damen. Here is where people make judgments and stop reading.


From there, the books go on to reveal the true antagonist who is NOT Laurent. The books are not as they seem from the first book. (Excuse me while I get overdramatic here. I’m not very good at explaining things) The Captive Prince is about Damen overcoming some prejudices and Laurent overcoming his traumas. It is also about falling in love with the person you shouldn’t and wouldn’t want to fall for. They learn to work together to defeat common enemies and along the way, things just happen. Despite what some people like to say, once you get through the first book and about a half of the second book, things start to change and it’s not about hate-fucking and an unhealthy relationship, trust me.

Seriously, I have no other way to explain it.


  • rape
  • incest
  • pedophilia
  • abuse

Please note that none of these pertain to the actual couple, although there is one scene where there is something of an explanation in the third book as to the feelings driving what actions had occurred.

Do you ever wonder if Dan and Phil follow all the Phan tags and then you’re just having war flashbacks of all the things you contributed towards them and then you’re just like “Wow, what was going through my mind at 3 am when I wrote this.”

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Sea go on tweet and see that tweet that Louis, responded to several with a "wow". It has a stylisonhome, so I was glad he replied to a larry. I went to look and in fact everyone is Larry. One of them has the picture of Louis in a shirt with the rainbow. The other the girl has Harry's website and the other reading her friends in which she replied are all Larry. I'm crying.

Here’s the tweet:

And you’re right, @stylinsonhome is a Larrie. Here’s what she posted:

And incidentally, this was in her Twitter as well:

Interesting headers:

Nice team that was tagged. Thanks for the message!


I’m locking up the rest of my hair this week.(look at how good that one is doing its almost been 10 months!! I need to retwist and a line up lol. Also look at my face breaking tf out again.also you can tell when I got high.)😊
Also I made a new blog. When shit starts popping off I’m going to use that one way more.

i’m bedrunkedned and it’s all very good and it fells like my brain is swinming (don’t worry, this is really not ra regular occurence for me, the last time i got drunk was in september) but this is amazing i fhave friends to get drunk with (one of them is pissing in the toilet now) and also fuck trump and may oh, hold on, I’m feeling a bit lessdrnk now.

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Wow, this Clarke is so beautiful (I feel like all month I've been repeating myself, but, hey, they are!) plus the two pict... oh, right, drawings: they match each other perfectly! When I finally find out what art board are I'll probably be back asking to put them both on Redbubble

I’m glad you like the Clarke drawing! I might wait until after inktober to upload it on redbubble because I might make a few minor adjustments to this one.

Every "How to please/piss off the signs" post ever:
  • Aries and happiness: tell them they're swell
  • Aries and anger: tell them they suck
  • Taurus and happiness: inform them of their usefulness
  • Taurus and anger: inform them of their uselessness
  • Gemini and happiness: let them know they're swell
  • Gemini and anger: let them know they're the worst
  • Cancer and happiness: speak to them about how much they mean
  • Cancer and anger: speak to them about how much u h8 them
  • Leo and happiness: find creative ways to let them know they're wanted
  • Leo and anger: find creative ways to tell them they're an ass
  • Virgo and happiness: compliment them on their personality!
  • Virgo and anger: compliment them on their stupidity
  • Libra and happiness: post sticky notes around the house with friendly messages
  • Libra and anger: sharpie their forehead with dicks. Just fucking dicks, man.
  • Scorpio and happiness: nod at them from across the room to let them know you approve
  • Scorpio and anger: flip them off with both hands from across the room and slam the exit door behind you as you run away because they started to vault chairs and tables to kick your ass
  • Sagittarius and happiness: just tell them how u feel
  • Sagittarius and anger: just tell them how u feel
  • Capricorn and happiness: binge watch their favorite shows with them
  • Capricorn and anger: tell them you'll have a movie marathon with them and stay up through all the movies until you get halfway through the last one then say you're tired and that you're going to bed
  • Aquarius and happiness: compare them to your favorite characters to let them know how much u love them
  • Aquarius and anger: compare them with ur least favorite characters to let them kno exactly where they are
  • Pisces and happiness: smile @ them
  • Pisces and anger: frown @ them
  • And y'all be like
  • ...
  • wow that's so me omg
Continuation of my Pokemon Go text
  • Kota: What the hell I thought we were a band! No one gets left behind!
  • Nagito: Nu-uh. It's "Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten." Get it right Ko.
  • Kota: Wow I'm feeling the love now... How'd you guys even end up going with MY GIRLFRIEND?
  • Takashi: I was in the kitchen when I saw her tip toe down the stairs then i figured out that I might as well go with her.
  • Nagito: I was sneaking out to get some practice then when she mentioned Pokémon Go I tagged along.
  • Kyohei: I was going to get a glass of water when I saw these three putting their shoes on and figured that I might as well walk Little Yamada.
  • Iori: I couldn't sleep so I went with them.
  • Kota: ... You're all traitors.

I recorded this for Lex because I promised that I would do something ridiculous for them and when someone asks for ridiculous they get ridiculous

I wasn’t even going to post this but Per begged me to so he could reblog it and even though this was never meant to see the light of day HERE WE ARE 

Edit: Per apparently did a Karezi thing based on this song a year ago WOW APPROPRIATE ART