wow i'm not going to tag them all

Oh man remember when I thought I would scan all my recent art and upload it what a joke

Overwatch Tarot

hey so idk if ill ever draw this but here is how I picture an overwatch tarot deck playing out

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  • My BPD: Anyways you're unnecessary and you should kill yourself
  • Me: What? No, that's stupid why-
  • My BPD: They're all out without you right now having a good time because you aren't there and they didn't want you there; they're not even thinking about you you aren't even going to hear from them ever again because they don't want to talk to you and they're better off without you
  • Me: that's tru u right :/

Marauders headcanon that Sirius goes out and gets a shit ton of piercings one day, pretty much everywhere, and James thinks they’re awesome and wants some but Lily threatens to break up with him if he gets more than three, so the marauders all go out to get the two of them pierced and they try to talk Peter into getting some, but he wusses out last second. So James gets three, sticking to Lily’s rule while Sirius gets his tons, along with a few (more?) tattoos, holding Remus’ hand the whole time, because even holding hands can’t deduct from this level of punk rock. When they turn to Remus and ask if he wants any, he quietly says no, and no one presses him, that is, not until they get back to Hogwarts, two of the four newly pierced and being ogled by every witch and wizard they pass in the hall. It’s been almost two weeks and Remus has slowly started speaking to the two less and less until one day, Sirius explodes and asks why he is avoiding them. Remus says he doesn’t really like piercings and they kind of freak him out and make him uncomfortable, but he didn’t want to spoil his friends’ fun. Later the marauders all go out and Remus overhears people whispering rudely about Sirius and James’ piercings and Remus FLIPS OUT. Full on screaming and cursing and defending his friends. Then he turns to the other three and says he wants some piercings, before storming off from some awestruck people that are now completely horrified of this unassuming stranger. Later, when he tries to convince them to take him to get pierced, his friends refuse to take him, not letting him do something he’ll regret. And maybe, just maybe, over time Sirius and James slowly take out their piercings and let all the holes grow shut, even though Moony is speaking to them again and everything has returned to normal.