wow i'm lame but pls


hello everyone! i’m shannon and I’ve been running this blog for a good amount of years, though for the past year or two it’s kinda morphed itself into a Liam Payne appreciation blog because well, I love that boy very much.

For the on the road again tour, I’m going to their August 5th date at MetLife stadium in new jersey and I’m lucky enough to have gotten a fairly close seat on the floor (if you wanna know where, please feel free to ask this just isn’t what this post is about) and I just want to take advantage of it in the best way possible - by making sure Liam knows how much we love him

So i’m putting together a little project that I already brought up with the squad where I’m going to be making rather large posters for the show and holding them up for Liam to see. And I wanted to incorporate other Liam fans that appreciate him just as much as I do.

Which is why I’m asking you guys to submit poster ideas to me for the concert (if you don’t want to share that’s totally fine and understandable, especially if you’re going to your own concert) but I thought it would be nice to get a bunch of Liam appreciators’ ideas and make sure Liam sees and knows how much we love him.

You can do this by submitting me ideas through my ask or submit box, and i’ll be making a running list of all the submissions that are sent to me and the top ten signs are going to be made for the show! All of the others will be printed multiple times and handed out to fellow Liam fans that I run into at the concert (there will be about 200 of these)! And if you want any sort of credit (name/twitter/tumblr) put on it, I will be more than happy to include it!

So please feel free to submit your ideas or come talk to me if this is a show you are also going to (especially if you’re a fellow Liam fan), I would love to meet up with you there! But really, please help me show Liam that we love and support and appreciate him, and that he’s a wonderful and amazing part of this crazy ride that is one direction! I would really, really love to have as many of you part of it as possible!

I’ll be accepting ideas until June! That way I have the start of summer to put together the signs! But I’ve gotten a few already and they’re really wonderful, so please think it over and take your time! If you have more than one design or saying idea, let me know! Literally, I will take anything into consideration! Thank you again!