wow i'm bad at edits i'm so sorry


behold… the seven second challenge… i’m so sorry (fair warning: i curse. i am a person who curses. i’m so sorry. forgive me. young children, do not follow in my miserable footsteps.)


I remember that one day when I stumbled upon Bigbang’s Lollipop MV on youtube, i was intrigued by the ‘pink jumpsuit guy’, so I went into the comments to see who is who. 'That was G-dragon’ it said, and i was like “wtf is a g dragon?” but i was curious and bored so i decided to check the related videos, one video led to another, and oh look! that pink jumpsuit guy is now my bias. I never knew I would be laughing, crying and spazzing over a korean band, but hey! look at me now, i’m hella broke i’m happier than before!

I’m really not good at putting my feelings into words but If I would ever got a chance to meet this precious guy, i would just say “thank you for existing”. and i would probably hug him if i’m allowed to.  A thank you is probably not enough for all the things he have given to me. One thing I wish for him is to always be happy. Keep smiling Kwon Jiyong.

Happy Birthday! ♡♡♡