wow i'm already imagining it

I want to apologize to the people who started following me between the end of Agent Carter Season 1 and Episode 9 of Season 2. You had no idea how insufferable I am when Angie is on screen. She was just here for 2 minutes. Imagine if she would have been here for the whole season.

In a way, y’all got lucky there.

this is so stupid i’m so sorry (the luke thing the anon’s talking about)

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✨ overdramatic ✨

when he gets a small cut from opening a “very hard to open” water bottle and he freaks out more than he should.

cal x you

word count: idfk actually 669 ;^)

genre: comedy, fluff probably

You tried hard to stifle in the laugh that was desperately trying to escape. How hard is it to open a measly bottle of water? And how long exactly is it supposed to take?

“You know, this isn’t funny.” He mutters, still struggling to twist the cap.

“You know,” you mimic. “it kind of is.”

He side-eyes you, giving you his infamous glare but stops immediately when he feels the cap move. “Finally!” He lets out, a smile creeping onto his face. 

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