wow i'm actually feeling sorry for her

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Wow, spent a good couple hours reading anything Bakugou related on your blog and I must say I'm hooked! :D Your writing style is wonderful and you capture his character well! (I'll also assume you do for all others too~) If it's possible could I ask for a HC with Bakugou with a Fem! SO who likes to cook for him and have him try things? Maybe have her saying 'how does that taste?" 'Say Ahhhh~" etc and what he would do/say/think/feel. Thanks! :D

i’m sorry this took so long to answer (’:

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  • he is in Love
  • his heart actually swells when he gets fed
  • actual heart eyes from across the kitchen
  • brags to all his friends that his s/o makes amazing food
  • when he hears her say “say ahh”, he’s dying inside 
  • highkey in love and tries to hide it by being like “hmpf why should I fuking ‘ahh’?!”

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Hi! did you ever get around to reading that deity deku fic you mentioned? and if you did what were your thoughts on it? because I feel like I've read everything in the tododeku tag lol and I don't know what to read anymore so I'm looking for recommendations tbh. Sorry if I'm bothering you in advance

wow i actually didn’t the heck. thank you for reminding me!

have you read Technicolour Demonstration? it has everyone (including dadmight and the class) realizing that endeavor is  shithead and should go to jail. im surprised i’ve never recommended it before, since it’s one of my favourites. 

@pitviperofdoom wrote her reverse Petal Steps au, called Death’s Aigis, where shouto is “persephone” and izuku is “hades”. i loved it to bits and i kinda like it more than its partner (probably bc its longer lol).

@todoroukis also wrote a couple new fics (which i’ve yet to read, but is on my to-die-for list), so check out their stuff!

  • me, on a date: so how do you feel about donna noble?
  • them: i hated her, she was too bossy and loud, and so rude to everyone. and she was too old a companion!!! i was happy when she finally left
  • me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: i'm sorry but i have to go home right now, immediately.

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Wow, I'm sorry I spelled her name wrong but as a feminist I would presume you would want to know who you are reblogging from in order to not support sex trafficking. There was really no reason to be so rude about it, my mistake for thinking that just because you say you are a feminist that you actually are.

I’m sorry but as far as I am aware anguisettesnakedtruth has not trafficked anyone and there is zero suggestion she has. I’m so very, very sorry that your brand of feminism feels that only certain women deserve to speak, that complying with your ideas of what they should be is paramount. But I’ll continue to support the idea that feminism is for all people, so you can feel free to go and fuck yourself.