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Peter Pan Imagine/Mine

Imagine Peter finding out you had sex with a lost boy

Warnings:Smut, cursing,violence,possessive Pan

You came on this island because you were lost, you no intention on finding love, or anything of that nature, for you simply only wanted to find yourself.

Peter found you , you were crying at your window, you were begging for someone to take away your pain, you didn’t care who, or even what it was, you were willing to do anything and everything, that’s when he showed up.

Peter saw you and tapped your shoulder.

“(Gasp) Who are you ?” you say in shock

“Oh did I forget to introduce myself? I’m Peter, Peter Pan.” he smiles

“I’m Y/n.” you say with a sniffle

“Hi Y/n, are you okay? I see that you’re crying, and those don’t look like tears f joy love.”

“No I’m not, I’m miserable here, I just want to go, be free, do as I please, I feel like I’m trapped here.” you say as you start to cry again.

“Hey hey hey, It’s gonna be okay.” he said

“No it’s not.” you cry

“Yes, it is.” he says

“How do you know?” you ask

“Because , I’m going to take you, take you away.” he smiles

“To where?” you ask

“To a place, where you will never, ever have to worry about grown up things again.” he says 

“Where is that?” you ask

“Neverland.” he smirks

Ever since that day you became a lost girl, you were from Neverland, you usually hung out with Peter Pan.

If you weren’t with Peter, you were with the lost boys. Playing games, acting rough with one another, telling stories, and scaring each other at night.

Peter was right, he told you were free to do whatever you wanted to do, you could be anywhere you wanted to be,and go wherever you wanted to go. Nobody could stop you.

As the days go by, the days got hotter, so you would wear less clothing, this, was a problem.

You would wear shorts, a tank top, and some sneakers.

The lost boys couldn’t help but stare, I mean you had ass and tits, what boy in their right mind wouldn’t stare? 

And since you were always so active you were really fit, and had curves in all the right places, everybody noticed, especially Peter, but you would have never guessed.

One day you get ready to head out, you do the same old routine, brush your hair, put on your clothes, and with a little magic help you put some makeup on.

You walk outside and join the lost boys as usual.

“Hey Y/n.” a lost boy said, his name was David

“Hey David!” you smiled

“How are you?” he asked as he sat next to you

“Great actually, even though it’s hot.” you say

“Yeah man it’s really hot, we might go to the lake today, I heard.”

“Awesome!” you shouted

David stared at you, looking up and down, admiring your body ,“Yeah so like , I was thinking-” 

“Listen up guys.” Peter interrupted

“Today we are going to the lake, so bring your swimming attire and stuff, head back here in 15.” he says as he looks at you

“You come with me.” he says

“Yeah sure!” you say with no questio to where you were going

He brought you to his cabin, you’ve only been there a couple times, once on your first night because you were scared, and two times because you were totally drunk and Peter wanted to keep you with him, so that any of the lost boys wouldn’t get any ideas.

“Why am I here?” you asked

“You need a bathing suit yes?” he asked as he cocked up an eyebrow

“Yes.” you said as you smiled

“Well, here you go.” he said as he pointed to his bed

There were about 5 bathing suits to choose from, each decorated beautifully.

“Wow…” you said

“I had the mermaids make them, I didn’t know your taste so I thought they’d make a couple so you could pick your favorite one.” he said

“Thank you!” you said as you hugged Peter.

Peter was shocked , you guys never hugged, but he hugged you back, but as soon as he did, he wished he hadn’t.

Hugging you meant having you close to him, his arms wrapped around your curves, it was unexpected, and he felt, almost attracted to you, which he didn’t like.

Peter clears his throat and you back away quickly. “Oh my goodness Peter I am terribly sorry.” you put your head down

“Don’t be love, now hurry up and change, I’ll be waiting outside.”

“Wait!” you almost shout

“Yes love?” he said

“Don’t you have to get dressed?” you ask

Peter lifts up his shirt , exposing his trunks were under his shorts already. But you were staring at something else, you have never seen his body, not like that.You quickly snap out of it and look at him.

“Oh right!” you smiled and nod your head

You get dressed and pick out the green bathing suit, it had green vines and flowers on it, basically looked like you were a fairy.

You step outside but holding a towel so that you’re kinda covered

Peter noticed some of the boys trying to take a peek, with that Peter takes off his shirt , “here.”

He hands it to you.

“Oh thank you Peter.” you say as you put it on.

You all head to the lake, once you get there , you all start to undress and jump in the lake, it was pretty easily the best day you had so far.

There were games, food, and music of course, you guys basically spent the whole day their,and even at night you built a campfire to stay even longer, because it was the summer, so it was still pretty warm at night.

You have about two drinks in you so you were feeling pretty good, well that’s when David came and started chatting you up

“Sup.” he said

You giggle “Sup” you said back

“You having a good time?” he asked

“This is probably the best time of my life” you said

“Haha same!” he said 

You just smile and giggle some more

“You know, you’re really beautiful.” he said

“Stop” you say but blush

“No no no , it’s true.” he lifts up your chin.

“Thank you David.” you smile

“You wanna get outta here?” he asked

“And do?” you said a little protective

“Just talk, I promise.” he had his pinky out

“Then of course.” you smiled, and your pinky and his pinky interlocked with one another

You walk along the lake, just talking about, everything, and nothing.

“Wait so you used to pay the flute?” you laughed

“Hey hey hey I was the flute master!” he said

You playfully push him and laugh even harder

“Oh I’m sure you were!” you giggle

David pushes softly against a tree, rubbing your hair, and looking deeply into your eyes

“David, what are you doing?” you ask

“Something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.” he says

He then kisses you, softly, but then roughly, it was something you had never experienced before, for this was your first kiss since you came to Neverland.

He then takes you deeper into the woods, undressing you, and you didn’t mind, you were loving every second of it, how sexy it was to have a boy basically drool all over you. It was such a good feeling, and you didn’t want it to stop.

Sooner than later, he’s inside you, you’re moaning and whining and just a mess, David covers your mouth because you get too loud, but you just smile and giggle and he laughs a little too.

“This is super dangerous, anyone could catch us.” you say

“Like I care?” He says

Well little did you know, Peter was watching the whole time, fire was in his eyes, he was furious, he didn’t know he wanted you until he couldn’t have you, you know how Pan was, he wanted you all to his self, he was selfish.

As he watch David fuck you all he could think about was how he could do it better, it was such a sick thing to think, but he did. He wanted to push David away, he wanted to take over, he wanted to show him how it’s really done, but he didn’t. He waited, and he watched, for he had a plan for the both of you.

The next day you all you could think about was your night with David, you both decided to keep it on the downlow, since neither of you wanted to be in a relationship, well he didn’t, you on the other hand wouldn’t have mind one, but oh well.

You ate breakfast, and this time before you ate Peter didn’t make an announcement, like he always does, it was strange, but you all let it go.

Peter was quite all through breakfast, he didn’t make a word, everyone was kinda freaked out by it because usually he would chat up a storm.

You were a little freaked out as well so you decide to go up to him

“Hey Peter.” you say with a smile

He smiles back and nods as he continues to eat

“Are you okay?” you ask

He puts his thumb up and smiles as he still has his mouth full

“Oh great, well it’s just because you haven’t talked, you know.” you said

He put’s his hand on his belly signaling that he was really hungry

“Oh gotcha!” you said with your thumbs up

You walked away still a little worried, this was not like Peter.

After breakfast you guys waited around until Peter gave orders, but all he did after he ate his breakfast was walked into his cabin

“Uhm, is he gonna give us our chores?” A lost boy asked

“Felix?” you asked

“I’ll go check it out.” he said as he rolled his eyes

Everyone knows Felix was Peter’s best mate,, so you usually go to him for anything if Peter wasn’t around

Peter was sitting on his chair, playing with whatever he had in his hand,

“Sup Pan.” Felix said

“What do they want Felix?” He said in annoyance

“They want to know why you’re so quite.” he said as he sat down

“I’m playing a game.” he smiled

“What game?” Felix became interested

“David and Y/n went off alone the other day.” he looked at him

“Oh yeah? And what happen?” Felix asked

“What do you think?” Peter said in a stern way, smile was gone, and he just had a mean cruel look on his face

“Oh… OH!” Felix said

Peter nodded , looking away, thinking more and more about you two.

“Are you okay?” Felix asked

“I’m going to make him suffer, and her beg for my forgiveness.” he said in such a evil way.

Felix looked at Peter, “Don’t hurt em Pan, you know I’m just looking out for you , I want the best for you, you’re my best mate.”

“I know Felix, now, let’s go, we don’t want to scare them too much.” he laughed and got up from his chair.

You see Peter head out his cabin and then rush back to the campsite,

“He’s coming!” you yell

Everybody goes into position and sits down

“Today we actually need food supplies, so we can split up in groups of 3′s.”

Oddly enough, he puts you, him, and David in a group.

It was awkward as hell, half because you two just had sex, but second because Peter wouldn’t even talk!

You would ask him questions and he would reply with one word answers, it was so annoying and frustrating.

As the days go by Peter would talk more and more everyday, and it was like nothing was wrong.

Everything went back to normal until one day Peter asked David if he could join him for dinner in his tent, he needed to talk to him about something

Your head shot up like a deer in head lights, sure it was almost a month it happen, but still maybe Peter found out, maybe he knew this whole time? You don’t know but you were freaking out

Peter and David sat in the tent eating their dinner, and talking about random things, Peter played it off pretty well

“So how’s hunting for you?” he asked

“Oh man it’s good, I feel like I could catch a fish with my bare hands in a couple of weeks.” he said

“That’s great!” Peter said

You began to walk up to David’s tent, along with all the other lost boys, how can you not wonder what was going on?

“So, how was she?” Peter stopped smiling and looked at David straight in the eyes

“Uhm, I don’t know what-” 

“Cut the bull shit David.” Peter looked at David “Now, how was she?” he asked

You were shocked, how did he know? How would he even find out? You both swore to keep your mouths shut.

“You know Pan, I’d rather not say.” he said

Peter laughed “Oh come on, we’re both young men, we both know what goes on, did she give to easily?” he winked at him

“You know what Pan I gotta go” as he starts to walk out of the tent, almost out the door Peter stops him in his tracks

He looks him dead in the eyes, and laughs with a evil smirk on his lips. “What’s wrong David? Is this making you feel uncomfortable? Because I know? Because I can imagine what it was like? Fucking her brains out?” 

David had fear in his eyes and so did you, you were frozen, you had no words, and now, all the lost boys knew.

David had fear in his eyes, his heart was racing, stomach was turning, and he was sweating up a storm.

“Did you really think you could hide it?” “That it would be your guys little secret?” Peter asked

“Why do you care so much about who Y/n sleeps with anyway?” he got the courage to ask

“What?” Peter asked, a little taken back “What does that even mean? “

“Is it that bad? That she could be attracted to someone other than you? Are you threatened that she could maybe be taken from you? It’s not like you wanted to sleep with her!” he yells

Peter looks at him, he is about to loose it, he is about to loose all of it, he could feel the anger rise up in him, as he is about to punch the shit out of David you scream “Peter wait!“ 

Part 2?

things i saw at this years pride festival:

a tv with an xbox set up with just dance 4 with like six people playing

a person in an inflatable pikachu suit dancing nearby

people taking off their shirts and splashing each other in the fountain water bc it was hot out

karaoke with a really fucking sizeable crowd (the dude singing went “chubby guys can be sexy see” and was dancing while he sang)

an obligatory babadook sign

a person with an asexual flag who directed me to where they sold more pride flags than just the bi and rainbow ones. we got our picture taken together.

a woman wearing a shirt that depicted a rainbow bear hugging a baby bear the colors of the trans flag with the text “mama bear” and wow what a fucking family am i right

couples of all shapes and sizes and colors holding hands

a lot of people with rainbow mexico flags (texas yall)

a lot of people handing out flyers for things glued to popsicle sticks so they could be used as fans which is hella smart advertising

little trans kids totally decked out in beads with their parents

sexual stuff i saw:

one (1) guy in a leather puppy mask (wish he hadnt been there bc wow dude i dont need to know what gets you off)

two (2) guys in lowkey bondage gear who were literally just standing there talking to people

one (1) guy wearing a shirt that said “come in me bro”

its fucking 2017 can we stop pretending pride is a fucking orgy fest based on like 10 pictures

acting like gay men are perverts who prey on children how original

“Ever heard the phrase ‘a dream is a wish the heart makes?’”

Ted: “Uh… I think?”

Carl: “It worries me. My dreams usually seem like reeaeaally bad wishes.”

Ted: “…do I want to know?”

Carl: “Well, I once had a dream* that Obi-Wan Kenobi and I were fighting bad guys with lightsabers made out of dixie cups.”

*yes, this is an actual dream real-life Colin had

(artist’s rendition)

Ted: “I… wow.”

Carl: “We were in the cantina for a while, but the dixie cup lightsabers kept breaking, so we constantly had to make new ones.”

(artist’s rendition)

Ted: “I mean, they do serve a lot of drinks there. Maybe they have some paper cups in the back you could borrow.”

Carl: “Eventually, Jabba the Hutt captured us, and locked us in an inescapable cell with walls made out of perpetually-melting cheese.”

(artist’s rendition)

Ted: “…you’ve got to be joking.”

Carl: “Nuh-uh. A 100%-real dream I had when I was, like, 11.”

Ted: “If that was a wish your heart made, I don’t want to know what your nightmares mean.”

Shrek AU by Andavs 

I’m going to start by saying that the fact that Andavs has been able to make a Shrek AU not only good but incredibly enjoyable to read shows the level of talent that this person has. (We knew they were talented already because of their art but that’s not the point).

Despite this being a Shrek AU, the scenario of supernatural creatures being rounded up and auctioned off doesn’t seem too unbelievable for canon Beacon Hills and I could totally see that happening. I think that makes these two universes mesh together really well and, although I feel slightly bad admitting it, Stiles does make a great donkey. Though I do feel sorry for him only being worth five shillings. That’s a complete bargain for the king.

I love Stiles’ immediate half-hearted snark towards Derek the second he regains consciousness and the fact that Derek was watching over him, whether that be to keep an eye on the guy that’s just stumbled half dead with his wrists raw onto his property (stay out’a my swamp!!) or for other (wow, he sure is pretty when he sleeps) reasons. 

Either way, I adored this little ficlet and oh, how I wish there was more. 

(Oh! And their matching tattoos were a great touch!)

✎ 𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕗𝕖𝕔𝕥 | 𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕟𝕠𝕟 (𝕡𝕥. 𝟚)

ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢ: reader x hansol

ɢᴇɴʀᴇ: romance (but not fluff yet)

ꜱᴜᴍᴍᴀʀʏ: I don’t want to spoil it lol

part one   part two

“Guys I think -”

“But this would be better if -”

You were cut off so many times by Cindee and other staff. You were all in a meeting debating on concepts for Seventeen’s next comeback. It was only the first day and you were overwhelmed with opinions and options.

“Y/N, do you mind getting us another cup of coffee from the break room?” Cindee looks up from the scattered papers on the glass table.

“No, not me, I’m good, thank you Y/N.” Vivi kindly rejects as you stand up.

You really wanted to ask Cindee why you were you being bossed around when you had so much potential in this field. But you had to stay quiet and prove your name, they had high expectations for a foreigner like you. 

“Of course.” You breathe out before leaving the conference room. 

Why do I have to make the coffee runs? Don’t my ideas matter too? 

You walk into the break room, preparing Cindee’s 5th cup of coffee. If you had to be honest, you were a little worried about the amount of caffeine she’s consumed today.

You try hard not to add so much sugar, obviously worried about your supervisor’s health. “She’s really bossy, huh?”

The sudden voice made you jump and you turn to see Vernon. You sigh in relief and continue mixing the sugar into the coffee. “Yeah, but that’s the point of being a boss, right?” You can hear Vernon laugh softly.

“You seem really tense.” 

“Do I?” You finally face Vernon, holding the cup of coffee. “Yeah, what’s bothering you?” He crosses his arms. You were shocked he was so interested in your stress and worries.

“Well, I came here to work. However, this isn’t the work I thought I’d do.” You refer to the cup of coffee in your hand. 

“I just- I have so many ideas for you guys and Cindee won’t listen to me, and she keeps sending me to get coffee!” You rant to Vernon and he listens to every word that slips out of your mouth. 

“Do you want to tell me the ideas? I’m more than interested in what you have in mind.” Vernon sits at the small table in the center of the break room.  

You debate if you should just tell Vernon the ideas you anticipated for someone to hear, or go back to Cindee. Technically, Cindee was working for Vernon, so that makes Vernon her boss, kind of. 

“I don’t see why not.” You sit across from Vernon and spill all your ideas. 

“So since the title track has a more rock tone and it seems very powerful, I think we should go with clothes like this, with bright vivid colors in the music video. And for the live stages, you guys can wear suits like this…” You show Vernon pictures you took of your portfolio from your phone. 

“Wow, those are amazing. We’ve never done a concept like this, I really like it Y/N.” Vernon scrolls through the images in your phone and you smile. You were glad someone finally heard you out. 

“Thank you, I just wish Cindee and everyone else would listen to me.” 

“Let’s go tell them.” Vernon stands up and your eyes follow him. “What? Just barge in and tell them?” You hesitate and stand up to Vernon’s level. 

“Why not? Your ideas are amazing and unique, the boys will love them.” He opens the door and you don’t move. 

“What if they don’t like it?” You think of the worst scenario of you being rejected on your first day. “But it only matters if we like it, not them.” Vernon had a point. The concept was something they were going to be wearing and performing in the whole duration of promotions. 

Without arguing anymore, you follow Vernon back into the conference room. 

As soon as the both of you walk in without knocking, all eyes were on you both. “Sorry to just barge in, but” Vernon closes the door behind you. “Y/N has really good ideas for our concept and I think you all should hear her out.” 

Vernon points the attention on you and you nervously pull out your portfolio from where you were previously sitting. You swear Cindee was burning holes in the back of your head. 

Regardless, you gain the confidence to show the whole style team and management your ideas for the concept. You go through the whole explanation just like you did with Vernon.

Their reactions were very positive and a lot of nodding and agreeing. At the end of your unexpected presentation, everyone claps; including Cindee. You look over at Vernon who was smiling widely at you. 

“Let’s get the boys in here and see what they think, lovely concept Y/N!” One of the management staff spoke. 

Soon all the members filed in and glanced over the sketches and ideas you created. You explain to them what you had in mind, hoping they’d love it just as much as Vernon. 

“I really like this idea!” Joshua pointed to a sketch and you thanked him. 

“I told you.” Vernon nudges you and you smile. “Thank you for helping me.”

Someone clears their throat and you look to see Cindee. “Y/N, can I speak with you outside?” You hesitate before answering, “Sure.” 

You follow Cindee outside the crowded conference room. “I don’t know how to tell you this but, you did well.” You were surprised at how straight forward she was. “Thank you!” 

“But I also want to warn you.” Her sudden change in mood worried you. “Warn me about what?”

“I see how close you and Vernon have gotten so quickly. I assume you’ve both came to know each other before you met here. But, don’t get too friendly, remember you’re just a stylist and he is an idol. It’s highly inappropriate for you to develop anything stronger than a employee and employer relationship.”

Cindee was right. Vernon can’t be your friend. You simply work for him. 

“Understood.” You nod and she smiles. “Great, good work today.”

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author’s note: how was it? I hope you all like this mini series as much as I love writing it! I’ll work on part 3 once this gets to 17 notes!

anonymous asked:

Hc for chocobros confessing to their crush pls :)

This turned into like all over crush HC but I hope you like it! 

Noctis -
- First if this boy likes you then you’re probably ‘the one’ honestly.
- This boy forgets he is both a prince and handsome af when he starts considering asking you out.
- Thinks things like - oh Gods what if they reject me? What if I’m not good enough?
- Once pushed by the other chocobros *cough* Gladio *cough* to get on with it he will finally go for it.
- Makes sure to bring you to a secluded place ( boy he has to work hard to even get the chocobros off his back ).
- Does that whole ‘rub the back of his neck and look at the ground’ thing when he is speaking.
- Pretty blunt when he confesses though just like “hey I like you okay, like uh more than friend like… do you feel the same way?”
- And Gods he is so cute when he confesses its a rare moment when he isn’t trying to put up a wall to conceal his emotions or try to act tough.

Gladio -
- Okay if he likes you you know it right away or you think he is just being his flirty self.
- Because man he is touching and using cheesy pick up lines to make you laugh.
- Also ‘flirts’ with others to try and see if your jealous/ get your attention.
- Talks about you 24/7 to the bros like “man their gorgeous” and “their so caring… I wouldn’t mind marrying someone like that”.
- Totally confesses when you least expect it ( maybe like just at some restaurant when your in the middle of eating ).
- Got some food on your face cue him just dipping in and kissing that area.
- Cue you going bright red.
- “Ha you look adorable like that, I wanna see that expression more often, tomorrow same time? I’ll let you pick the diner” ;).

Ignis -
- Iggy here takes his time to confess to you.
- Like Gladio it’s kinda obvious he likes you based on how much he takes care of you ( almost you’re like the royalty of the group ). 
- Okay but calls you princess as a joke when you’re being stubborn but it’s just an excuse for the cute pet name.
- Causal ask the chocobros about you/ your interest a lot “do you think they would like this key chain?” Or “okay Noct I’m aware you don’t like this veggie dish for dinner but perhaps _____ would”.
- Not that he is the OCD perfection type but he would set up like a cute scenic picnic on a hill for it. 
- Doesn’t care if the bros are watching from behind a bush his like ‘good you guys can see how it’s done’. 
- Moves your hair behind your ear when your zoning out enjoying the view.
- Gives you a smile with “you’re so beautiful ____ - may I call you mine?”.

Prompto -
- Sweet baby sun shine here is obvious with his crushes ( the boys can tell before he can even tell he is falling for someone ).
- Falls hard and fast.
- Tries to spend as much time as humanly possible with you like using you as a model for his photos or running around town with you to try new food.
- Gushes about you much like the others but Gods he never stops “wow I wish they were here with us right now I bet they would love this store - hey look! This stuffed chocobo is their favorite color! Omg I should totally get it for them. Wait! This stuffy is even bigger oh my-” Noct buys the plushy to quickly get them out.
- Gives you little presents constantly leading up to his confession, also low key PDA tbh this boy is very affectionate ( of course as long as you’re okay with it ). 
- Tries to put off the confession because he is sooooo scared of rejection ‘why would they want me when the other guys are so much smarter-stronger-royal?’
- Finally loses it when Gladio threatens to ask you out if blondie doesn’t hurry up ( it being just a tactic to get him moving ).
- Sets up a photo shoot for you - tells you too look away from the camera dramatically for the pic but when you turn around he is there with a flower and stutters out a “will you go out with me!”


First supernatural!au for 2018! 

BTW this one is written in Changbin’s POV cuz it fit better and I’m trying something new.

BEWARE: This is unedited AND posted at 1am. 

“Changbin! Changbin! Changbin!” I heard an annoying, screechy voice whisper behind me during the history lecture. “Pst! Changbin!” I felt a crumpled piece of paper hit my head, making my blood boil. Being a vampire, I wasn’t good at holding in my true feelings.

“y/n? Do you have something to say to the class?” Yes, saved by Professor Bae. I sighed when I heard the girl giggle. Fucking giggle.

“Haha, nope Professor Bae! Just to Changbin.” I wanted to sink down into my chair or just fling y/n across the room, even though I don’t promote hurting woman, I know the half vamp, half witch could handle herself. 

Prof Bae just sighed, and the class did the same.

“Please Miss y/n, we’ve discussed this. Do I need to move you?” Yes, yes, please. 

“Hm, even if you did, I’d still bother him. So please don’t waste your time.” I clenched my jaw, irritated at the annoying girl who I had to deal with my whole life. I’ve known her since we were in diapers, we were neighbors. Her mom was a vampire while her did a warlock. I knew them well, and both were pretty quiet and reserved, I don’t know how they made y/n. 

“Just y/n, please stop talking.” The girl zipped her lips, and thankfully, I didn’t hear any more from her. As soon as the bell rang, I darted out of the class. Unfortunately, I had 5th period with her, so I had to see her in about 3 hours. 

“Changbin! Bin! Binnie!” I heard her yell. Fuck, can’t I catch a break? I used my vampire speed to escape from the girl, but unfortunately she was just as fast as me. Thankfully, she needed to go to class. 

“Hey, looks like your girlfriend is looking for you.” My friend, Chan, teased. He slung an arm around my shoulders, which I immediately threw off.

“First, don’t touch me. Second, she’s not my girlfriend.” I grumbled. Y/n is probably the most annoying girl on the planet, but the thing that annoys me the most is that people actually think I’m in a relationship with this girl, and that I like her? Like that appalls me, I have an image to uphold. 

“Yeah, ok, but she totally likes you.” He teased. I shook my head. 

“Even if she did, I wouldn’t bat an eye at that girl. I like strong girls, not annoying little girls like her.” Chan laughed loudly, making the hallways echo. I really don’t know how I became friends with the most talkative guy in school while I’m the most untalkative.

“Whatever you say, Binnie.” 

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Artwork based on a prompt of @princey-must-slay , this is me playing with the toddler versions of the sanders sides!

I have some experience with babysitting multiple toddlers at once (at our church) so i can certainly tell you who’s who.


Energetic Boi. Wild, likes to be the center of attention. Once he gets your attention he will tell you all about his adventures.

“So what did you do last weekend? Battle a dragon witch? Wow, i wish my weekends were exciting like that!”


That one clingy toddler that just loves to attack you with hugs when you least expect it. One of the few ones that is able to share toys.

“Patton, be ca- OOF”


Quiet, timid boi. Hard to gain his trust, but once you do he’ll cling onto you and never let go. Doesn’t like strangers.

“Hey there buddy, do you maybe.. wanna play with the others, i have to..oh-okay then.”


Calm, and very clever for his age. Really wants to learn how to read and write, will often ask you what words mean.

“What words do you want me to read? Wait, is that my shopping list? Did you.. did you get that from my bag?”

Party Time // Kim Yugyeom (Got7)

Description: You two attend his surprise party and you’re curvy and you wear a dress that shows off all of your curves. While at the party, some people hit on you, which makes him jealous. 

Type: Kind of angst and implied smut…?

Pairing: Yugyeom x Reader

Word Count:

Requested: Yes

i looovvveee your writing it’s really good :)))) i wanted to request a Yugyeom scenario where the reader is curvy (like, bigger thighs and all that stuff) and she goes to a party with him and she’s wearing a dress and he gets jealous? sorry if it’s confusing :) thank uuuu :D

Author’s Note: Hey y’all! How’s it going? Can’t believe I almost have 2,000 followers! I know I haven’t been posting a lot, but I’ve been busy with school. I’m sure you all understand since you’re probably really busy with school or work also. Hoping to post more often, but now I have a 500 point research paper coming up that I have to do for my Advanced Composition class. I’m probably going to have fail it, so it’s all good. 

Anyways, thanks for the love and support you’ve given me with this blog and I hope you enjoy this scenario! 

Also, I’ve edited this like twenty times and I keep changing stuff, so I’m just going to stop because if I don’t then I’ll never get it posted. 

The introduction is weak and not really an attention grabber, but I’ve been working with it for the past 2 hours trying to come up with something better and I’ve had no luck, soooo enjoy! 

The old clock that hung on the wall in the livingroom chimed and echoed throughout the dorm indicating that it was 7 o’clock. Currently, I was at the boys dorm with Yugyeom getting ready for his surprise birthday party that the rest of the members of Got7 and I planned for him. It is his 20th birthday and as of right now he thinks that I am going to take him out to dinner tonight, but instead I’m going to take him to where we are going to have the party at.

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BITCH starters!

“Son of a bitch!”
“Fuck you, bitch!”
“Bitches are female dogs, dogs bark, bark is on trees, trees are part of nature, nature is beautiful, thanks for the compliment!”
“Bitch? Do you know who I am?”
“Karma’s a real bitch.”
“Wow, ain’t that guy a bitch?”
“She is a bitch! B-I-C-T-H!”
“I’m a boss ass bitch!”
“Damn, bitch!”

Holy shit you guys.. the majority of the items that were stolen from my car a few weeks ago have been recovered. To those of you that helped me out with my amazon wishlist or on paypal THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!After the incident I was incredibly angry at myself and at the person that took my shit but wow all of you amazing people just kept sending me nice messages and positive vibes! I really didn’t expect this nor did I ask for it but nonetheless you guys were there to support me and I honestly wish I could better express how appreciative I am. I hope to give back to you guys by continuing to provide fitness advice and hopefully some video tutorials in the future (as well as selfies lol) thank you guys 💕💕💕

Being Best Friends With John Murphy And Dating Bellamy Blake Would Include:

• You trying to hide your relationship from Murphy

• Bellamy disagreeing with you

• “I’m not afraid of Murphy” “I’m not saying you are, but I hate you picking fights with him, he’s my best friend and him finding out would only make things between you two worse”

• Hating Bellamy for a while when he banished Murphy

• “He hasn’t done anything to get banished, Bell! You don’t know him”

• Murphy being very suspicious of you and Bellamy most of the time

• “You know, you’ve been spending a lot of time with the king, and i’m not trying to say anything but-” “but nothing, Murphy. Nothing is happening between me and him”

•  Murphy finding out when he saw you two during a hunt making out

• “You get the hell away from her!”

• Him immediately punching Bellamy

• “Guys, listen to me, alright? I love you both and i’m sick of you two arguing. I know you’re mad Murph, but I love him and I promise he isn’t that bad, he’s just a dumbass!”

• The two always glaring at each other when your back was turned

• Murphy threatening Bellamy ( in a non-criminal way though )

• “If you do anything to hurt her, I will make your life a living hell. You’ll wish you were dead, Bellamy”

• Always trying to convince Murphy that Bellamy isn’t bad

• Both of them trying to hang out with you more than the other

• “(Y/N) just skip work today, stay with me for a little” “Murphy, I know what you’re trying to do because Bellamy tried it yesterday”

• You always forcing them into situations where they’d have to talk to each other and get along

• “Wow, sorry guys, acid fog. We are stuck in this cave, together, for a whole few hours. While we’re stuck here though, why don’t we play a little game of ‘never have I ever?’” “wow, (Y/N), didn’t know we were back to being ten year olds on the ark” “Murphy my feelings are hurt, Bellamy do you agree with Murphy? Tell him he’s just being a grouch!” “sorry, (Y/N), no comment”

• Them pretending to hate it but secretly enjoying it a lot because they loved seeing you happy

• Even somewhat getting along at times without having to pretend for you

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You aren’t here anymore.
I wish you were.
—  6-12-17//1:52am

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

After your little brawl at the house party last week, things were a little shaky for about a hour or so. Kells was really pissed that someone had the balls to say something like that in his house.

But after that things were back to their normal hectic ways.The boys were the boys, they drank, smoked, and skated like usual.

You however had broken out of your usual Netflix schedule.

You had somehow, between constant requests for nudes, managed to meet a really nice guy on Tinder.

His name was Evan and on paper he was the perfect guy for you.

He was only a year older, he was attractive, he had a job and was chasing a career in computer design. He seemed to respect that you were a virgin and seemed to be purely fascinated by it. He asked questions and you answered.

The conversation was easy and you had began to feel comfortable enough to set up a little lunch date.

So you were currently getting dressed, and panicking the whole time.

This shirt is either too conservative or the skirt was too revealing. Maybe a dress? But you cant sit properly in a dress.

You groaned as you flopped on your clothes covered bed, then you saw it.

The perfect outfit. 

A black t-shirt, camouflage design pants and black combat boot styled platforms.

You threw on the outfit and quickly did your makeup, nothing crazy or extravagant, just eye shadow and lipstick. 

You gave yourself one last check in the mirror to make  sure nothing was out of place.

Satisfied with your appearance you left your room and headed downstairs, it was noon, so most of the guys were still sleep.

So you weren’t expecting to see Kells on the couch playing 2K.

‘Hey, where you going all dressed up?’ he asked as he kept playing.

You look around to make sure no one else is awake before you almost giddily sat next to Kells.

‘I’m going on a date.’ you smiled.

Kells paused the game and turned to you fully.

‘Really?’ he asked.

‘Yeah, I met him on Tinder, and he knows that I’m…you know, and he’s totally OK with it.’ you said excitedly.

‘Oh wow, really? I mean that’s awesome, I hope it goes well.’ he said.

‘I’m meeting him for the first time today, at that cute little cafe around the corner, nice and public. Just in case, but I think maybe he might the guy that I can…yeah.’ you blushed.

‘Well I wish you the best of luck, you should head out. Wouldn’t want him waiting.’ Kells said as he went back to his game.

You look at the time and jump up.

‘Oh! You’re right, bye.’ you said as you rushed out the door.

‘Bye.’ he said as you left.

Once you were gone he cut the whole game off and covered his face with both his hands.

‘What the fuck?’ he groaned to himself.

He hated the idea of you going on this date, with some stranger you met online. For all anyone knew this guy could be dangerous, you could walking into something dangerous.

So out of worry he woke up Slim and told him they were about to do some James Bond type shit.

He was only watching out for her, making sure she was safe, that was all. He wasn’t jealous, just concerned for his friend.

Skyscraper // Park Chanyeol

Pairing: Chanyeol (EXO) x Reader

Genre: Fluff/Business AU (there’s like an ounce of sad but mostly fluff)

Word Count: 4.6k+


Author’s Note: So I make a member of EXO the ‘bad guy’ in this. (Don’t kill me.) Also, why is Chanyeol so perfect? I mean just look at him. He deserves the world~

First days were always stressful and scary, but exciting at the same time. You finally landed a job at a big company, leaving behind your life of horrible retail jobs that made you want to rip your hair out. You needed to pay off your tuition for the degree you were finally putting into use.

As you pulled up to the gigantic skyscraper you felt the “first-day jitters” wash over you. You saw the dozens of men and women dressed in their suits and you glanced down to your outfit. You couldn’t afford top-of-the-line business clothes yet, but you still wore one of your nicer suits. First impressions were important. As you strolled up to the office you felt a bit out of place but continued to try to find your way around. As you weren’t paying attention you accidentally bumped into someone knocking some papers out of their hands.

“Oh! I’m so sorry!” You apologized as you were bending down to help pick some of their things up.

“You’re new aren’t you?” They spoke in a surprisingly low, but sweet voice. You looked up to see a very handsome man with wavy brown hair. He had a small smile on his face. You felt your heart skip a beat as you mentally scolded yourself for being so clumsy in front of him.

As you both stood up you were shocked to see that he was also very tall. He chuckled at your shocked expression and held out his hand.

“Chanyeol.” He smiled, “Do you work in this building?”

You shook his hand and introduced yourself, looking up at the tall building.

“I’m on floor 34 I think?” You stated unsurely,

“It’s my first day.”

“Well well. You must be the new marketing rep huh? Follow me.” Chanyeol said starting towards the building.

‘How did he know I was the new rep…’ You thought to yourself as you scrambled to follow him.

As you made it up to the 34th floor you felt nervous again. You looked over at Chanyeol and he was softly humming a song. For some reason his presence helped you relax a bit. Even though he towered over you, he seemed like a gentle giant.

When you walked out of the elevator you were surprised to see a huge elegant office space. It wasn’t all gray and dull, it was crisp and modern. Chanyeol noticed your child-like surprise and smiled down at you.

“Pretty nice right? Let me show you around.” He said. You smiled as Chanyeol showed you around the huge office space, introducing you to some of his friends like Yixing and Baekhyun. Everyone you had met was really nice and welcoming.

You beamed as you made your way through the last section of the office where you would be working. You and Chanyeol had become decent acquaintances at this point as well. He was super easy to talk to, as you found out that he was actually in the marketing division with you. You thanked him for running around and showing you where everything is.  

Chanyeol smiled back at you before grabbing your new ID from reception and handing it to you, explaining what it all does before realizing you weren’t listening, rather just staring at your new ID.

You stared down at the badge with a huge grin on your face.

“What are you so happy about?” Chanyeol asked, grinning right back.

“It’s my first ID,” you laughed, “I’ve wanted one for so long.”

Chanyeol chuckled a little bit, “I’m sorry but that’s adorable.”

You pushed his arm a little, smiling with a blush spreading across your cheeks..

After you got your employee badge and got situated at your desk. Chanyeol left so he could actually do his job. He worked right across the hall so you knew if you needed help he would be right there. You sighed happily and realized you had been smiling ever since you got here.

Er, well, since you bumped into Chanyeol.

A few hours passed and you felt good. You didn’t feel lost and the people you’ve encountered were really nice. You haven’t met your boss yet but there was a big meeting later where you would meet him. You were completely engrossed in your work when Chanyeol startled you by knocking on your window.

“Geez, you scared me.” You exhaled as he smiled at you. Man, this guy really was a ball of happiness, he never seemed to stop smiling.

“Sorry, but to make it up to you why don’t I buy you a celebratory first-day lunch?” He said.

“Alright, but only if I can buy you a ‘thanks-for-helping-me-around’ lunch tomorrow?” You beamed back and he just nodded. You grabbed your ID and followed him out. Maybe this place wouldn’t be so bad to work at, especially if you met more people as nice at Chanyeol.

[Several Hours Later]

You were finally done with your first day, and you were ahead of schedule on all the work you needed done! As you gathered your things it was your turn to sneak up on the giant of your new friend Chanyeol.

He had his back towards you but had some weird thing strapped to his head. As you got closer you saw he was punching a tennis ball that was strapped to his head? What?

You leaned against the doorframe to his small office and watched him as he punched the tennis ball until it hit him right in the eye. You doubled over laughing at him.

You also successfully startled the poor guy and he jumped back as he heard your laugh fill his office.

“Jesus dude you scared me.” Chanyeol said, laughing a little under his breath. But you were too busy trying to control your laughter as the tennis ball was still bouncing wildly around his shoulders.

He finally laughed loudly  with you and pulled the weird thing off his head, “You want to try? It’s actually pretty fun outside of getting hit in the face.”

“I’ll take a rain check.” You said, still giggling a little.

“You done for the day? I’ll walk you out!” He smiled at you. You agreed and waited patiently as he gathered all of his things, even the weird tennis ball toy, and shut down his computer.

As you both were walking out to your cars you talked casually, as if you had been friends for a while. Something about Chanyeol was really sweet and comforting, he made you feel at home from the second you met him.

“So… I don’t know if you know this but there’s a big company formal tomorrow night. It’s black tie, all of the higher-ups will be there.” Chanyeol said.

You stopped in your tracks. “What? But I’ve only been here one day! Are you sure I have to go?”

“Yeah… I would. They take note of whoever is not there and it isn’t good.” He said back, giving a lopsided smirk at you.

“But… I… I don’t think I’ll be able to dress that nice… I don’t really have a lot of clothes…” You said sadly, looking down at the worn-out pair of heels you wore today. They were your comfiest pair, but maybe you should’ve gotten some new ones or something. They looked old.

Chanyeol placed a comforting hand on your shoulder, “Hey, I’m sure you’ll look great! Don’t stress too much okay?” He gave you a genuine smile as you nodded hesitantly back at him. You really weren’t sure what to wear, maybe your roommate would have something nice…

You two finished the short walk to your cars and said you goodbyes for the night. As you got into your car you sighed. You knew you didn’t have enough money to go buy a new dress, but maybe a nice pair of sleek black heels would be nice.

[The Next Day]

Work went well again today. Everyone was really nice, Chanyeol was a little more busy but still stopped by to say hi and check in on you. Even his friends made a bit of an effort to make you feel comfortable. But now you were back home and trying to figure out how you were going to look for the formal tonight.

You did go and buy a pair of stunning, sleek, and tall black heels. The price tag broke your spirit a little, but you’d be fine living off of cheap ramen for dinner for a while.

Your roommate let you borrow this gorgeous gown she had. She wore it to her sister’s wedding, so you guessed it was nice enough for tonight. It was long and fell over your body nicely. It was black and had a high-low skirt on it. Seemed pretty simple, but still elegant. Hopefully you would just blend right in. You were worried it wouldn’t be nice enough. Yes, it was beautiful - but still a bridesmaid’s dress.

Hours passed as you prepped and groomed yourself to look as nice as possible. You makeup done extravagantly, you hair falling in smooth waves and your accessories were limited - but tasteful. You felt extremely confident for tonight. You looked great, maybe you would even impress some of your colleagues.

As you arrived at the formal you immediately spotted your tall friend waiting at the door with a few of his friends. You think they were Kyungsoo and Jongin? Geez, you were so bad with names. They turned and entered the building after a moment and you wished you walked a little quicker so you could say hi to them. Oh well, there is the whole night.

You trotted over and grinned widely at the sight of your friend in a tuxedo, “Wow Chanyeol! You clean up nicely for a guy with a tennis ball problem.” You both laughed at the memory as his eyes looked you up and down.

“You clean up nicely too! I told you that you had nothing to worry about. I mean look at those stunning stilettos!” He wooed, making you feel even more relaxed.

You fidgeted with your purse a little as you saw these drop-dead stunning women walk in with their gowns. Each of them had to be thousands of dollars. You swallowed loudly but heard your gentle giant clear his throat.

“Why don’t we head on in? It’s getting cold out.” Chanyeol offered. You nodded a little, trying to lift your spirits again. You were just a marketing representative. It’s not like you had to impress all of your colleagues with luxury.

Boy, were you more wrong.

As the night went on you heard more and more whispers, and felt more and more eyes glued to you. You tried your best to ignore it all and have fun with the few friends you did have. Trying your best to be invisible and hide in the midst of all these judgemental looks.

What was this anyways? It seemed like a high-class prom, rather than something business related. You sighed as you sat back down at your table. Deciding to take a break for a minute by checking your phone.

That. Was. A. Huge. Mistake.

After a few minutes of scrolling aimlessly, numbing your brain to your surroundings for a second you felt someone tap your shoulder to try and get your attention. When you turned and looked, it was no one other than your boss, Kim Junmyeon.

You quickly scrambled to your feet, stumbling a little before greeting him. He greeted you back, but he seemed a little annoyed at you. You faked a smile at him as you tried to avoid his gaze and talk about the formal.

“These decorations are so nice! How often does the company throw these things?” You chuckled awkwardly.

“Well. This isn’t a thing. It’s a very formal affair, where the higher-ups of the company reward our hard-working employees with a relaxing evening with their colleagues.” He said back to you, a hint of venom lacing his voice.

‘Shit, my bad.’ You cursed inwardly as you tried to feign ignorance, hoping he would go easy on you since you are a very new employee.

“Do I not pay you well enough?” He spoke randomly.

“Hm? Of course you do sir! What makes you-” You stammered before being interrupted by him again.

“It doesn’t seem that way since you couldn’t bother to dress appropriately for tonight. Tell me, is this dress from your high school’s homecoming dance? Maybe a graduation party?” He squinted his eyes at you.

That’s when you felt a whole lot of people turning their attentions to you, gossiping and sharing judgemental opinions in secret.

“I - I, uh, I’m sorry sir. I have only worked for two days and-”

“And you couldn’t bother to go purchase something acceptable?”

Your mouth hung open as you were too shocked to say anything. You were completely humiliated by your boss of all things. You felt so helpless under his stare and tried to think of something - anything to say to get him to at least leave you alone.

“I am truly sorry sir. I underestimated tonight. It won’t happen again, I swear.” You looked down to your feet. The black, shiny material glistening under the ballroom’s lights. Too bad the shoes weren’t even close to being impressive enough.

“Mmm.” He hummed, seemingly liking your response enough to leave you be. He turned on his heel to walk away as several women prowled after him. As for you, you were left on your own. The small scene left plenty of people waiting around and watching for your next move. Since apparently they had nothing better to do but to watch you crumble. You quickly grabbed your phone and wallet and headed to the nearest stairwell. Tears pricked in your eyes and you pleaded with yourself to hold them in until you were alone.

As you sat on the stairs you tried to compose yourself. You felt small. You tried to dab your eyes and readjust yourself so you could get back to party, even if you felt like a mess you shouldn’t look like it. You did have pride in yourself, but it sure it didn’t seem like it here.

You heard the stairwell door shut behind you and you quickly stood up and brushed yourself off, trying not to look like a loser to the person that just saw you. Even though you were sure they knew what you were doing there.

When you turned around you were surprised to see Chanyeol, looking down at you with sad eyes and downturned lips.  

“Oh, h-hey Chanyeol… I was just getting some fresh air…” You lied, avoiding eye contact.

“Fresh air in an old stairway?” He spoke softly, you weren’t hiding anything. He could see just how upset you were.

You just turned and looked away from him, trying to avoid the awkward conversation. You didn’t have many friends at the company, and you really didn’t want to lose one due to you just being emotional. You weren’t even sure if anyone would talk to you after being ridiculed by one of the higher-ups.

Your back was turned to Chanyeol, and you knew he wasn’t the type of man to leave you alone and upset, but all you wanted to do was curl up in a ball.

You looked down at your outfit for tonight. The one that at one point made you feel beautiful. Yet, it was also the one that made your boss humiliate you in front of so many people. Your shoes weren’t thousands of dollars and designer like the rest, but you really thought they were decently nice. The dress wasn’t fancy, and compared to every other woman’s outfits, yours was good enough for a high school dance, not a fancy business formal. You sighed to yourself, well at least they didn’t say anything about your hair or makeup. You worked on yourself for almost two whole hours trying to make yourself look presentable.

When you were too busy feeling down about yourself that you didn’t hear Chanyeol move closer to you. You tried to ignore it and hoped he was leaving.

It was when he gently wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you back into his chest you realized he wasn’t going anywhere.

You looked down to see his hands softly intertwine with yours and settle on your stomach. You held your breath as you couldn’t quite process what was even happening. Why was he holding you?

You stayed frozen but questioned softly, “What are you doing?”

Chanyeol leaned his head down and rested his chin on your shoulder, “You look absolutely amazing.” His deep voice was laced with pure, genuine truth.

Your breath hitched slightly, you weren’t expecting this from him, none of it.

He continued, “I don’t care what anyone else says, because ever since you bumped into me a few days ago, I haven’t stopped thinking about you. Your smile, the cute blush that settles on your cheeks when I’m around, the way you try so hard at everything you do - even when you aren’t being thanked or praised for it. Honestly? Everything you do, I can’t get you out of my mind.”

His words affected you, and you felt a tear trickle down your cheek but you stayed frozen in his arms.

“I know I’ve only known you for a couple days… but I have feelings for you. And I’m not about to let the girl I like sit in a nasty stairwell and feel bad about herself.”

You moved in his arms to turn around and look at him. When the two of you made eye contact, you saw how much care and sincerity he held in his eyes. His arms wound themselves tightly around your waist before pulling you in for a hug.

You hugged him back immediately, relaxing a little in the comfort of his warm chest. You placed your hands on his chest before laying your head against it. You were practically cocooned in the arms of Chanyeol. He had calmed you down from the events that happened earlier, but now you were trying your best to process the confession.

As you both stood there, basking in the comfort of each other’s touch, you both started to sway a little to the dull hum of the music inside. Chanyeol rested his chin on the top of your head and you giggled at the feeling.

He reached up and grabbed one of your hands, holding it up to the side before leaning back to look you in the eyes.

“Wow… never thought I’d get to share a dance with the cutest girl here. But now look at me!” He smirked down at you. You giggled weakly as you looked down at your feet.

The hand that is holding yours slowly brought your knuckles to his lips. He closed his eyes and  gave you a slow a sweet kiss on the back of your hand.

You both just swayed there for a while, back and forth, until the song ended. Then you saw his eyes light up again.

“I have an idea, meet me at floor 87 in 10 minutes. Don’t be late!” He smiled before clumsily turning a jogging away. You just giggled as your tall, lanky friend left the stairway.

You sneakily walked to the elevators, successfully avoiding the eyes of others. Once you got in you realized floor 87 was one of the highest floors in this building. You felt a bit of childhood glee at the thought of being so high up as you clicked the button and made your way up.

Stepping out of the elevator, you saw a wall of windows enclosing a huge balcony with some comfortable chairs and couches outside, but the lighting was only from the moon and stars. It looked quite comfortable, and you made your way outside despite knowing it was a bit chilly at this time of night.

You clutched your arms as you looked up at the beautiful stars, they shined so brightly this high up, and the lights of the city didn’t hide them like when you were on the streets below. You kicked off your heels and placed them in one of the chairs, stretching out your aching feet and you continued to rub your arms, trying to generate some heat.

As if he was waiting for the perfect cue, you heard the glass door slide open and shut again and turned to see Chanyeol struggling to hold everything he was carrying. You walked over and helped grab a large blanket from his hands. He was also holding some pocky, a couple of sodas, and some fuzzy socks.

You looked at him confused, “Where did you get all of this stuff so quickly?”

He placed all the things on the ground in front of one of the couches, “From my office of course, they put way too much storage space in there for me. So I sneak in snacks and stuff all the time.” He plopped down on the soft cushion before patting the space next to him. Silently asking for you to sit next to him.

“…Can I do that too?” You said, giggling a little at the idea of wearing slippers around your office in secret. You sat down next to him while opening up the folded blanket and placing it over the two of you.

“Of course silly.” He said, looking down at your smaller form nestling into the thick fuzzy blanket. He reached down and picked up the pocky, letting you pick one and nibble on it.

“I always come up here when I’m stressed. Or sad. Or bored. It’s quite nice up here.” Chanyeol said.

“It’s breathtaking really.” You nodded, looking out at the vast expanse of the city below you.

“No… I don’t think so,” He said, causing you to turn your head and look at him in confusion.

“The only breathtaking thing I see… is you.” He said, a hint of shyness in his voice.

You blushed harshly and you were sure it was noticeable with the way Chanyeol chuckled at you. Man, he was really your knight in shining armor today. He made you feel better when you were at a real low, he got you away from that stupid formal, and now he was showering you with compliments and affection. Two days ago you would have never guessed this to be happening at your new job.

When he saw the content look on your face as you looked away from him, he quickly reached over and placed a chaste kiss on your forehead, causing you to squeak in surprise.

If you thought you were blushing before, you were crazy red now.

You two just sat there for a while, laughing over dumb jokes, staring up at the stars and trying to find constellations, eating snacks.

The stress from before was completely gone from your mind, you were happy and having a great time with your friend.

‘Friend? That didn’t sound quite right anymore.’ You thought inwardly, he had confessed that he had feelings toward you. And… if you were being honest with yourself. A guy has never gone so out of his way to make you feel good. He was really sweet and charming.

Alright. You had feelings for him too, damn it. How could you not? He was your gentle giant.

“Hey, uh… Chanyeol…” You said nervously.

He turned his attention to you, “Hm?”

“What you said earlier, in the stairway… You meant it, right? You weren’t just saying it to get me to stop crying or anything?” You asked, fiddling with your fingers as you waited for his response.

He sighed loudly, before tossing his arm over your shoulder and pulling you into his body.

“Of course, sweetheart,” His arm tensed, “B-But if you don’t see me that wa-”

He was about to move his arm away before you cut him off, “No I do!”

He relaxed and let his arm fall right back around you. You stuttered before saying, “I like you too… Yeollie.”

He hummed a little at how cute you were being. Acting all shy under him and avoiding eye contact. He slowly took his other hand and tilted your head to look at him.

Your breath wavered as he leaned a little closer.

“Can I kiss you…?” He asked, trying not to make you feel uncomfortable.

All you could do was nod before he slowly brushed his lips over yours. You both smiled a little before giving each other a real kiss, attaching your lips pleasantly. You could taste the fuzzy soda and sweet pocky on his lips and it made you giggle a little. The kiss was cute and gentle. Nothing heavy, just sincere and nice.

He pulled away after a second and rubbed his nose against yours, causing you to laugh at the playful gesture.

He sat back and looked at your with bright eyes, “Quick, movies or dinner?”

You looked at him still smiling, “What do you mean?”

“I’m planning our second date, cutie.” He winked at you as you hid your face in your hands. Could he get any more perfect?

“As long as we can laugh and have fun as usual I don’t really care.” You beamed back at him, and he pulled you in for a quick peck against your lips.

“Ah, perfect. It’ll be a surprise then.” He smiled.

What a night. Going from horrible and embarrassing, to sweet, full of fun and happy. And you had no one else to thank but Chanyeol. The man who had been there for you since your beginnings at this company.

[One Year Later]

Ding! You squealed happily as the elevator doors opened on the 87th floor. You looked out and saw your handsome boyfriend, Chanyeol sitting on the same couch as the night he kissed you. It became your spot on the tall skyscraper, others usually ignored it, so you practically claimed it as yours.

The year had been exciting. You got together with Chanyeol, befriended plenty of his friends and made several of your own, your mean boss Junmyeon left for another company which promoted Chanyeol to his position! Luckily for you, that also meant you got promoted to his assistant. You thought people would hate you for getting the promotion just because of your boyfriend, but they saw how well the two of you worked together on a professional level, so nobody really minded.

The two of you were so severely in love. You moved in with him after 8 months, and you felt the same endearing affection and giddiness with him everyday. Of course, you two fought and had arguments and bad days, but you never could stay angry for too long. The two of you were constantly being told, “Oh just wait until the honeymoon phase is over! Then it’ll be real.” But in all honesty, you didn’t care, and neither did he.

You walked out on the balcony and sat next to your man.

“So the note you left said you had a surprise for me?” You asked as you leaned your head on his shoulder.

“Yep. You know me, always full of surprises…” He said, and you noticed the nervous shake in his voice.

You sat back and looked at him, “Yeollie, what’s wrong?”

He turned to you, giving you a quick smile and he held one of your hands, “Nothing is wrong, my love.” You tilted your head, confused as to what was up with him.

But then he pulled the small black box from his pocket and got down on one knee.

Funny Coming From You - J. A.

A/N: Hello, I’m still alive. School has been pretty stressful, my teachers are bombarding me with homework and tests but I had to make some time to write.
This one is pretty short, I apologize for that but I still wanted to put something out. I really hope I didn’t dissapoint you.
Fun fact: The second-to-last line (which is probably my favourite) was actually the first thing I thought of even tho it doesn’t make any sense lol just thought I’d share this with you guys

Rain. One thing that wasn’t very common in sunny California. But here you were, stuck inside the house, water pouring down from the sky. There was no way you could go outside. Everyone was in the living room, you sitting on the floor with Zach to your right, Corbyn, Daniel and Jonah on the couch and Jack in one of the bean bags. The atmosphere wasn’t the best seeing as everyone was on edge because of the stormy weather outside. The silence felt weird, the house was normally buzzing with noise yet today no one seemed to be in the mood for talking.

The room stayed quiet for another hour or so and at this point you were dying of boredom, aimlessly scrolling through your phone with the occasional interruptions from Zach who was showing you memes he thought were funny. Corbyn had been texting Christina the whole time, Jonah and Daniel started playing rock, paper, scissors and were probably at round 239 already and you were pretty sure Jack had fallen asleep. What you didn’t expect was for him to speak up, making you jump up from your seat on the floor after hearing his voice, hitting your elbow on something next to you in the process and crying out in pain. That caused Jack to stop mid-sentence and start laughing like crazy, dropping his phone that had been recording the scene in front of him. You narrowed your eyes at the boy, ready to give him a piece of your mind after he finally stopped laughing. But you didn’t get a chance to do so.

“Wow (Y/N), did I sweep you off your feet…well, your bum in this case” That earned him a few snickers from the guys and an eye roll from you. “You wish, Avery. Your voice hurt my ears so much I had to take my mind off the pain somehow” you replied, gesturing to your elbow that was now turning red. Jack just looked at you, shaking his head with an amused smile on his lips. The relationship between the two of you had always been like this. You had a similar humour and were both fluent in sarcasm, as Daniel liked to call it. Teasing and throwing sassy comments at each other was something that happened on a day to day basis. Of course you had your serious moments; Jack was actually your go to whenever you needed somebody to talk to, he’d always let you rant and complain without interrupting once. Not many people got to see the serious and caring side of him and you were glad he opened up to you but one thing was for sure: Both of you preferred your playful banter.

“Funny coming from you, if I recall correctly your neighbour once called the cops ‘cause he thought somebody had broken into your house and was holding you hostage. But it was actually just you “singing” in the shower” You remembered the day very vividly, replaying it in your mind. Jack had laughed at you for ten minutes straight when you had called him to tell him the story. You quickly racked your brain for a good comeback, smiling mischievously when you came up with one “At least I don’t record myself when I’m having one of my sold-out shower concerts. You on the other hand weren’t that smart. I’m pretty sure all your fans would die to hear your cover of “The A Team”. Does that ring any bells?” You saw him pause for a second, eyes widening, without a doubt remembering that terrible video. You smiled sweetly and sent him a quick wink but just a second later you saw a smirk forming on his lips. Preparing for the worst, you bit your lip and watched him open his mouth. But he was interrupted when Jonah decided to throw in a comment.

“I seriously can’t with you guys. Why are you so stubborn? Just kiss already! The sexual tension is getting too much to handle” Your mouth formed an O and your cheeks turned a deep shade of red. Trying to hide behind your hair, you glanced at Jack and noticed the slight blush on his cheeks. You just looked at each other. There was no need to talk, you could see everything in each other’s eyes. Instead, you just smiled at him which turned to a grin after a second “Aw, Jacky, are you blushing?” Jonah groaned and got up from his seat “You two are the reason I’ve lost all faith in the human race” You just laughed, hitting your elbow again, sending Jack into a fit of laughter, everyone else joining too.

Start Over?, Jack Maynard Imagine

-gif not mine but his smile <3-

- Jack and Y/N don’t get along at all and are forced to sped the day together-

-Sorry I haven’t been writing much lately, Ive been drowning in schoolwork.-


You were at your apartment with your group of friends. You were in your bedroom looking around for the two tickets you had bought a couple days ago. You were supposed to take your boyfriend but he decided to dump you two weeks before hand.

They were for a play and you were sure you could go on your own if worse came to worse. Maybe you could take one of the boys. When you find them you hold them up and say, “victory” proud of yourself.

You walk out of your bedroom and find Caspar, Joe, Josh, and Mikey all sitting on their phones. Oli was out of town on a book tour and Conor was on his way over with Jack.

“Do any of you want to go to a play?” you ask anxious to get a yes from someone.

No-one jumps up from excitement and you instantly felt rejected. After a minute of silent Joe finally gives in with a groan.

“I can’t today I’m too busy with editing” Joe gives you a small pout and you look to the other three.

“Josh and I have lunch plans and Mikey has that Tinder date” they all nod to you and you groan.

“Conor is coming over with Jack soon so maybe take one of them” Joe gives you the option and your eyes twitched as he said Jack’s name.

“I’ll ask Conor” you say walking away into your bedroom.

Out of all of the boys, Jack was your least favourite. Everything about him made you fire up inside and you wanted to smack him for most things he said. You knew he was definitely not fond of you either and the two of you both always tried to not be alone together. You always had to go out in groups so the two of you didn’t argue. When there was no other choice, the two of you would talk and one thing would lead to another and you’d be yelling.

You change into a cute dress which was cropped in the front but attached in the back. It was dark blue and looked great on you. You let your hair fall and you brush it out so it sat nicely.

You hear your apartment door close and you were excited to see if Conor could come.

“Hey Con” you smile brightly as you walk up and hug him, ignoring his younger brother.

“Wow you look great” Conor says, looking to the guys with a confused face, “Did you and i have plans?” he turns his head back to you.

“No but would you like to?” you ask pulling the tickets out magically.

“Ohh, Y/N I wish I could but I was gonna take Jack home in a bit and then make a video with Alex” Conor gives you a small frown and you sigh, “maybe Jack-“

Before Conor could continue his sentence you bluntly said no. Conor was taken by surprise and you look to Jack to see his face fire up.
“Good cause i didn’t want to go, not if its with you” Jack fires back and you had to stop yourself from yelling at him.

“You guys have to go together” Conor says angrily and you and Jack were both confused at his anger, “I’m sick and tired of you two not getting along, you’re going, Jack I’m leaving so you cant get home until you go with her” Conor gives you a quick hug and then leaves.

You look to Jack and frown.

“Looks like you got yourself a date Y/N” Joe laughs, stopping when you glare at him. There was still an hour before you had to leave and the boys all hung out for about forty minutes before they left too.

Eventually you were stuck in a room with only Jack and it was silent. You were both on your phones.

“Are you really gonna wear that?” Jack teases your dress.

“Yes i am and you’re gonna be seen with me” you angrily say, not removing your eyes from your phone. You became a little insecure about your choice during the silence which followed that conversation and you decided to get up and change.

You hear Jack chuckle when you get up but you ignored him. You search through your wardrobe  once again for an outfit and struggle. You didn’t know how you would look in anything. You didn’t know why you wanted to impress Jack, but you did.

Finally you find yourself a short black dress which was loose at the bottom but tight fitting around the top. You throw it on and head out to see Jack in the same position you left him in. He looks up from his phone briefly and lets out a small grin at your outfit before quickly hiding it.

“Is something wrong?” you ask crossing your arms.

“Didn’t think you’d actually change” Jack laughs.


“Because I didn’t think id be able to distract you from the time” Jack nods his head towards a clock and you turn your head to look at it.

“Shit Jack, we were supposed to me there 10 minutes ago!” you yell. Jack did a pretty damned good job at distracting you, considering you thought you had way more time.

You quickly call a cab and grab your purse to wait outside with Jack. The entire cab ride there was silent besides your foot tapping angrily. When you get there you run up to the front desk and show them your tickets. Jack followed shortly behind you.

The lady stared at your tickets and glared at the two of you huffing from rushing to the play.

“Sorry, no access for people who are late” she points to the sign behind her and you could feel the hatred in her eyes.

With out throwing a fit, you simply walk out of the building silently with Jack right next to you.

“I didn’t know they could do that” Jack says to you to break the silence.

You felt tears starting to form, you didn’t know why, but they were there, “Jack Maynard, you’re a dick” you say as tears begin to fall lightly.

“I’m a dick? I didn’t mean for you not to see the play!” he yells and you jump back from him.

His face lightens when you jump and you could tell he felt bad. Before he could say any more, you turned away from him and started walking. You didn’t want to get in a cab with him. It was only a play but you’ve been planning to see it for a while and you were excited.

On your walk home, you dried your eyes and just walked silently when a cab rolled up beside you. The door opens and you see Jack inside, he hands the driver money and then jogs to catch up to you.

“Y/N, look I’m really sorry” Jack says with a sincere look in his eyes.

“It’s whatever” you say angrily, not looking at him.

He stops you from walking and pulls you over to the side of the side walk. He looks you in the eye and you look away from him.

“Look, I’m really fucking sorry I’m such a dick to you” he apologizes again.

“You can say sorry but that doesn’t mean anything will change!” you yell, tears forming again.

“Well maybe we can just start over and try to be friends, I don’t think you’re that bad sometimes” he says giving you a half hearted smile. You laugh and he smiles wider, “see it is possible to get along”.

You shrug your shoulder in response, “I guess it wont hurt to try”.

“Exactly, now can i take you to a movie to make up for the play?” he asks trying to make up for what happened.

“Sure, but it’s not a date” you lay down the rules.

“C’mon, it wouldn’t be that bad if it was, would it?” Jack asks with a cheeky smirk.

“No it wouldn’t, but its not what i want right now” you laugh pushing his shoulder.

He nods his head and the two of you call another cab and go to the movies. You and Jack started to get along and you were surprisingly happy in his company.

possible inspiration for cdi animations

yes, for these ones.
i propose to you that people drawing them knew full well what they are doing and were doing it for a reason: making the world look weird, unsettling and silly. judging by the today’s people’s reaction, they managed to achieve it i’d say.
but still, where did they even get the inspiration for such a weird movements? 
they seem even weirder for non-slavs who watched disney in their childhoods, but im a slav and when i saw those weird cutscenes ive been attacked with a sense of deja-vu - ive seen this wizard who eats space on the screen and can’t seem to keep the consistent shape somewhere already

“Wow, a talking fish” and other cartoons of Armenfilm are all animated really interestingly and bear a certain reocurring theme of weirdness clashing and fighting with mundane. “In blue sea, in white foam” was about normal boy kidnapped by a weird king of sea and thrust into the word of freaky creatures who look and move not unlike Zelda CDi’s characters, and “Wow, a talking fish” is about a guy attempting to outrandom the wizard of random. 
Zelda CDi animators were team of amateur russian animators who, if really borrowed from Armenfilm cartoons, I wish also took the idea of normal vs weird and not animate Zelda, Link, etc in such an overt way as the other characters. 

Actually, I think what really hinders the cutscenes is a weak-ass writing and story as it is as plain and normal as other stories in the series. i just wish the writers had fun and turned up the snark.
Still I think the riducule is undeserved, for an underpaid team of students they did their best and created something truly unique. I wouldn’t even call it a bad animation tbh, it just needed a clearer direction, much better writing and more time to polish.

If you want to see where I’m coming from you can watch this cartoon. Ideally, I think this is how CDi cutscenes could look

As You Wish

Title: As You Wish

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Word Count: 2 000

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: There is some kissing, the reader tends to get a little flustered around Cas, if that needs a warning, and a swear word or two.

Request from @the-tomboy-fangirl : Well I’ve had this idea for a imagine in my head, where you like to watch movies with Cas and you watch The Princess Bride with him and after that every time you ask him to do something he say “As you wish” and you don’t get it right away but when you do you kiss him and say I love you to :3

Summary: The reader and Cas watch The Princess Bride together and Cas decides he’s going to tell the reader he loves her by saying “As you wish” every time she asks him to do something.

Author’s Note: Okay @the-tomboy-fangirl , I hope this is what you were hoping for! And wow I haven’t written a One Shot in a while! I’m sorry if you guys prefer these over imagines, but imagines are shorter and they’ve been all I’ve had time to write lately. I hope this makes up for it! And I’ll try to write more full-length fics in the future. -xoxo Katie

P.S. This is set in a season when Cas still has his wings, it doesn’t really matter which one, I just thought the teleporting was useful for this fic.

If you want to read any of my other fics please check out my Masterlist

*Gif is not mine, all gifs used on my blog are from Google Images.*

       “Why did the Pirate keep saying ‘as you wish’?” Cas asked as the end credits of The Princess Bride started rolling. You reached for the remote and muted the volume, then turned to face the confused angel.

       “Wesley,” you corrected, “kept saying ‘as you wish’ because it was his way of saying he loved Buttercup.”

       Cas tilted his head to the side. “But why not just say what he meant?”

       You thought about this for a moment and then decided to say, “Because sometimes it’s easier to be indirect.” You smiled and watched Cas process this information with the same unyielding focus as he always did, laughing softly as his face scrunched up. It wasn’t that you didn’t think it was a valid question, just that you found Castiel’s innocence endearing. It was just one of the many reasons you fell in love with him.

       “So Wesley said ‘as you wish’ as a way of conveying his love for Buttercup, because being direct can sometimes be difficult?”


       “And that works?”

       You smiled and pointed at the T.V. screen. “Well, obviously it did.” Cas seemed to think about this for a moment and you decided that would be a good time for you to head back to your room.

      You hated to leave. Watching movies with Cas was always the highlight of your night – though you supposed doing just about anything with Cas would be the highlight of your night – but you had to head out for a hunt tomorrow morning and you needed to get some sleep. In fact, you probably shouldn’t have stayed up at all, but watching Cas take in the characters and the stories, seeing how involved he got with anything you showed him, it made you feel an unrelenting sense of joy. Watching his reaction was almost as satisfying as the actual movie, and you wouldn’t miss that for the world - even if it meant you fell asleep in the back of the Impala tomorrow.

      “Okay Cas, I’m gonna turn in for the night,” you said as you got up from your spot on the couch and straighten your shirt. The trench coat-clad angel merely gave you a slight nod of his head, clearly deep in thought, and you sighed as you stared off down the hall.

      You knew Cas wasn’t trying to ignore you, that he was probably just dissecting the movie in his head and trying to understand every little bit of it, but it still hurt when he blew you off like that. Maybe Castiel would never care for you the way you cared for him. Maybe it simply wasn’t possible for Cas to love like you did, to feel as deeply as you felt. The thought struck cord in you and you glanced back one last time at the man you loved, who was still paying no attention to you. You pulled your arms tightly around yourself and shuffled back to your room.

      The next day you were woken up – once you finally managed to fall asleep – by an unforgiving Dean, relentlessly banging on your door and eventually coming into your room to turn on the lights. You groaned in protest and pulled the covers over your head, but you knew he wasn’t going to leave until you were walking around. So hauled yourself out of bed – albeit rather reluctantly - and got ready for the hunt.

      When you walked into the war room you found all three of your boys waiting for you - Dean sitting in a chair with his feet up on the table, Sam glaring at Dean, and Cas … looking straight at you. His stare burned through you and made you feel exposed. Did you have something you face? Was your hair sticking out at an odd angle?

      You were pulled from your thoughts by a cheerful voice. “Hey, Y/N,” Sam said, smacking Dean’s feet off the table and smiling at you. “Are you ready to go?” You quickly dragged your gaze from Cas and settled on Sam. He was dressed in a plaid shirt and jeans, as usual, and his duffle was seated at his feet.

      “She better be ready, we’ve been waiting for half an hour,” Dean cut in before you could speak. You bristled and scowled at the grumpy hunter, but ignored him and returned your gaze to Sam.

      “Yeah, I’m ready. Let’s go,” you said as you grabbed your bag off of the floor from where you’d dropped it. You reached into your pocket to check the time - a half an hour, I think not - but found it empty.

      Damn, I forgot my phone, you thought bitterly. You contemplated running back to your room to get it, but the bunker was so big it would take you at least five minutes.

      Your stare drifted to the Angel in the corner of the room.

      “Hey Cas?” he turned to face you. “Any chance you wanna poof back to my room and grab my phone for me?”

      You felt a little bad for asking Cas to get something you shouldn’t have forgotten in the first place, but before you had a chance to dwell on it Cas’ face seemed to light up and he said, “As you wish,” then disappeared. You scrunched your face up at his odd choice of words but had your phone in your hand before you could even think to say anything.

      You closed your fingers around the offending device and thanked Cas, trying desperately to hide the blush that always seemed to spread across your cheeks whenever he was close to you. You threw your bag over your shoulder, gave Cas a kind smile, and started heading towards the stairs leading out of the bunker.

      You could have sworn you heard Cas sigh behind you.

      After a week away from the bunker you were immensely grateful to be heading home. To get to sleep in your own bed and take a shower in a non-mold-covered bathroom, but most of all to spend some time with Cas without the presence of monster guts or dusty old books…

      The thought made you smile as you packed everyone’s bags in the back of the Impala - Dean currently checking out of the motel and Sam making sure you hadn’t left anything in your rooms. Cas was standing on the other side of the Car when you looked up to see if there was anything you’d missed. You spotted a bag on the floor near him.

      “Hey Cas, can you hand me that bag?” you asked as you shoved Dean’s duffel out of the way to make room for the new addition.

      Cas immediately bent down to retrieve the army green bag and bring it to you. Then he said, “As you wish,” as he handed it over, his fingers brushing yours ever so slightly.

      You quickly bunched your hand into a fist and tried to focus on the task at hand - and definitely not on how surprisingly soft his skin was, or that he smelled like soap and men’s cologne, even though you knew he used neither of those things…

      You shook your head back and forth as if that would actually make you forget about the man standing next to you, then looked up at him and said, “Thanks,” completely missing whatever he’d said when he handed you the bag. Had he said something? You remembered his lips moving.

      You closed the Impala’s glossy black trunk and opened the door for the back seat. Cas’ shoulders visibly fell as you walked away.

      Once you were back at the bunker, and after a thorough shower and tossing your dirty hunting clothes in the wash, you made your way to the bunker’s industrial grade kitchen to make yourself a cup of tea. You had the water boiling and the teabags out when you went to open the cupboard and – all the mugs were on the top shelf. You let out a groan of frustration and started to yell at whoever would listen, that someone better get their ass down here and stop putting things where they knew you couldn’t reach!

      With all your yelling you almost didn’t hear the flutter of wings at the door – almost – and before you knew it Cas was standing in front of you with a troubled look on his face.

      “Y/N, are you okay?” Cas asked as his eyes scanned over your body to check for signs of injury – at least that’s what you assumed he was looking for. His stare made you feel vulnerable, and suddenly very silly for making such a big deal about a mug. You knew it wasn’t Cas who put it there, you were really yelling at one of the Winchesters, but … here he was.

      You looked down sheepishly. “Um, well – I kind of just wanted a mug from the top shelf.” Cas tilted his head to the side and an involuntary flush spread over your cheeks. Now you felt very, very silly.

      “So you’re not hurt?”

      You shook you head no and Cas’ body seemed to relax. You felt bad for scaring him.

      “But, uh,” Cas locked eyes with you, “do you think you could get the mug down for me?”

      Without saying a word Cas inched closer to you and reached above your head, forcing you to back up against the counter, and retrieved the mug from the shelf you couldn’t reach.

      He was so close to you, so close, that you felt like you couldn’t breathe. Since when did Cas ever get this close to you? And why hadn’t he broken eye contact?

      You numbly reached for the mug in his hand, mentally preparing yourself for the brush of his fingers against your own, but when you grabbed hold he didn’t let go. You looked back up at Cas, as your gaze had momentarily slipped to your practically joined hands, and you found Cas still looking at you with that same intense stare.

      You half-heartedly tried to pull on the mug but his grip was like iron, and then just as you were about to open your mouth to ask him what he was doing Cas said, “As you wish.”

      Memories suddenly flashed through your mind. Of Cas saying that before, of you not knowing why he said it, and then … of you watching The Princess Bride. Of course! Cas had asked you what Westley meant by saying ‘As you wish’ to buttercup, that was what he was thinking about when he’d ignored you that night. But that meant…

      Recognition surged through you and your breath hitched. That meant … Cas loved you.

      You didn’t give yourself time to think or rationalize, and before you knew it your hand was on the back of Cas’ neck, your fingers tangling in his hair, and then your lips were pressing up against his. Cas seemed to stiffen at first – probably from lack of practice – but he quickly relaxed and wrapped his hands around your waist, the mug digging into you hip just slightly as you didn’t give him a chance to put it down.

      Once your breathing had slowed and you finally separated yourself from Cas – to your own surprise – you said, “I love you, too.”

      The angel looked stunned for a second, and then a bright smile spread across his face. Ho long had he felt like this? How much of your life had you wasted not kissing him?

      You were just about to ask, but before you could you were jolted back to reality by the high-pitched wail that came from the kettle, dragging you from your thoughts. You quickly ran to unplug the rude appliance and when you turned back around you found Cas standing behind you, holding out the mug. You reached for it and this time he let go, but not before using your grip on the cup to pull you towards him and place a light kiss on your lips.

      You didn’t protest when he kept doing it for the rest of the night.