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Peter Pan Imagine/Mine

Imagine Peter finding out you had sex with a lost boy

Warnings:Smut, cursing,violence,possessive Pan

You came on this island because you were lost, you no intention on finding love, or anything of that nature, for you simply only wanted to find yourself.

Peter found you , you were crying at your window, you were begging for someone to take away your pain, you didn’t care who, or even what it was, you were willing to do anything and everything, that’s when he showed up.

Peter saw you and tapped your shoulder.

“(Gasp) Who are you ?” you say in shock

“Oh did I forget to introduce myself? I’m Peter, Peter Pan.” he smiles

“I’m Y/n.” you say with a sniffle

“Hi Y/n, are you okay? I see that you’re crying, and those don’t look like tears f joy love.”

“No I’m not, I’m miserable here, I just want to go, be free, do as I please, I feel like I’m trapped here.” you say as you start to cry again.

“Hey hey hey, It’s gonna be okay.” he said

“No it’s not.” you cry

“Yes, it is.” he says

“How do you know?” you ask

“Because , I’m going to take you, take you away.” he smiles

“To where?” you ask

“To a place, where you will never, ever have to worry about grown up things again.” he says 

“Where is that?” you ask

“Neverland.” he smirks

Ever since that day you became a lost girl, you were from Neverland, you usually hung out with Peter Pan.

If you weren’t with Peter, you were with the lost boys. Playing games, acting rough with one another, telling stories, and scaring each other at night.

Peter was right, he told you were free to do whatever you wanted to do, you could be anywhere you wanted to be,and go wherever you wanted to go. Nobody could stop you.

As the days go by, the days got hotter, so you would wear less clothing, this, was a problem.

You would wear shorts, a tank top, and some sneakers.

The lost boys couldn’t help but stare, I mean you had ass and tits, what boy in their right mind wouldn’t stare? 

And since you were always so active you were really fit, and had curves in all the right places, everybody noticed, especially Peter, but you would have never guessed.

One day you get ready to head out, you do the same old routine, brush your hair, put on your clothes, and with a little magic help you put some makeup on.

You walk outside and join the lost boys as usual.

“Hey Y/n.” a lost boy said, his name was David

“Hey David!” you smiled

“How are you?” he asked as he sat next to you

“Great actually, even though it’s hot.” you say

“Yeah man it’s really hot, we might go to the lake today, I heard.”

“Awesome!” you shouted

David stared at you, looking up and down, admiring your body ,“Yeah so like , I was thinking-” 

“Listen up guys.” Peter interrupted

“Today we are going to the lake, so bring your swimming attire and stuff, head back here in 15.” he says as he looks at you

“You come with me.” he says

“Yeah sure!” you say with no questio to where you were going

He brought you to his cabin, you’ve only been there a couple times, once on your first night because you were scared, and two times because you were totally drunk and Peter wanted to keep you with him, so that any of the lost boys wouldn’t get any ideas.

“Why am I here?” you asked

“You need a bathing suit yes?” he asked as he cocked up an eyebrow

“Yes.” you said as you smiled

“Well, here you go.” he said as he pointed to his bed

There were about 5 bathing suits to choose from, each decorated beautifully.

“Wow…” you said

“I had the mermaids make them, I didn’t know your taste so I thought they’d make a couple so you could pick your favorite one.” he said

“Thank you!” you said as you hugged Peter.

Peter was shocked , you guys never hugged, but he hugged you back, but as soon as he did, he wished he hadn’t.

Hugging you meant having you close to him, his arms wrapped around your curves, it was unexpected, and he felt, almost attracted to you, which he didn’t like.

Peter clears his throat and you back away quickly. “Oh my goodness Peter I am terribly sorry.” you put your head down

“Don’t be love, now hurry up and change, I’ll be waiting outside.”

“Wait!” you almost shout

“Yes love?” he said

“Don’t you have to get dressed?” you ask

Peter lifts up his shirt , exposing his trunks were under his shorts already. But you were staring at something else, you have never seen his body, not like that.You quickly snap out of it and look at him.

“Oh right!” you smiled and nod your head

You get dressed and pick out the green bathing suit, it had green vines and flowers on it, basically looked like you were a fairy.

You step outside but holding a towel so that you’re kinda covered

Peter noticed some of the boys trying to take a peek, with that Peter takes off his shirt , “here.”

He hands it to you.

“Oh thank you Peter.” you say as you put it on.

You all head to the lake, once you get there , you all start to undress and jump in the lake, it was pretty easily the best day you had so far.

There were games, food, and music of course, you guys basically spent the whole day their,and even at night you built a campfire to stay even longer, because it was the summer, so it was still pretty warm at night.

You have about two drinks in you so you were feeling pretty good, well that’s when David came and started chatting you up

“Sup.” he said

You giggle “Sup” you said back

“You having a good time?” he asked

“This is probably the best time of my life” you said

“Haha same!” he said 

You just smile and giggle some more

“You know, you’re really beautiful.” he said

“Stop” you say but blush

“No no no , it’s true.” he lifts up your chin.

“Thank you David.” you smile

“You wanna get outta here?” he asked

“And do?” you said a little protective

“Just talk, I promise.” he had his pinky out

“Then of course.” you smiled, and your pinky and his pinky interlocked with one another

You walk along the lake, just talking about, everything, and nothing.

“Wait so you used to pay the flute?” you laughed

“Hey hey hey I was the flute master!” he said

You playfully push him and laugh even harder

“Oh I’m sure you were!” you giggle

David pushes softly against a tree, rubbing your hair, and looking deeply into your eyes

“David, what are you doing?” you ask

“Something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.” he says

He then kisses you, softly, but then roughly, it was something you had never experienced before, for this was your first kiss since you came to Neverland.

He then takes you deeper into the woods, undressing you, and you didn’t mind, you were loving every second of it, how sexy it was to have a boy basically drool all over you. It was such a good feeling, and you didn’t want it to stop.

Sooner than later, he’s inside you, you’re moaning and whining and just a mess, David covers your mouth because you get too loud, but you just smile and giggle and he laughs a little too.

“This is super dangerous, anyone could catch us.” you say

“Like I care?” He says

Well little did you know, Peter was watching the whole time, fire was in his eyes, he was furious, he didn’t know he wanted you until he couldn’t have you, you know how Pan was, he wanted you all to his self, he was selfish.

As he watch David fuck you all he could think about was how he could do it better, it was such a sick thing to think, but he did. He wanted to push David away, he wanted to take over, he wanted to show him how it’s really done, but he didn’t. He waited, and he watched, for he had a plan for the both of you.

The next day you all you could think about was your night with David, you both decided to keep it on the downlow, since neither of you wanted to be in a relationship, well he didn’t, you on the other hand wouldn’t have mind one, but oh well.

You ate breakfast, and this time before you ate Peter didn’t make an announcement, like he always does, it was strange, but you all let it go.

Peter was quite all through breakfast, he didn’t make a word, everyone was kinda freaked out by it because usually he would chat up a storm.

You were a little freaked out as well so you decide to go up to him

“Hey Peter.” you say with a smile

He smiles back and nods as he continues to eat

“Are you okay?” you ask

He puts his thumb up and smiles as he still has his mouth full

“Oh great, well it’s just because you haven’t talked, you know.” you said

He put’s his hand on his belly signaling that he was really hungry

“Oh gotcha!” you said with your thumbs up

You walked away still a little worried, this was not like Peter.

After breakfast you guys waited around until Peter gave orders, but all he did after he ate his breakfast was walked into his cabin

“Uhm, is he gonna give us our chores?” A lost boy asked

“Felix?” you asked

“I’ll go check it out.” he said as he rolled his eyes

Everyone knows Felix was Peter’s best mate,, so you usually go to him for anything if Peter wasn’t around

Peter was sitting on his chair, playing with whatever he had in his hand,

“Sup Pan.” Felix said

“What do they want Felix?” He said in annoyance

“They want to know why you’re so quite.” he said as he sat down

“I’m playing a game.” he smiled

“What game?” Felix became interested

“David and Y/n went off alone the other day.” he looked at him

“Oh yeah? And what happen?” Felix asked

“What do you think?” Peter said in a stern way, smile was gone, and he just had a mean cruel look on his face

“Oh… OH!” Felix said

Peter nodded , looking away, thinking more and more about you two.

“Are you okay?” Felix asked

“I’m going to make him suffer, and her beg for my forgiveness.” he said in such a evil way.

Felix looked at Peter, “Don’t hurt em Pan, you know I’m just looking out for you , I want the best for you, you’re my best mate.”

“I know Felix, now, let’s go, we don’t want to scare them too much.” he laughed and got up from his chair.

You see Peter head out his cabin and then rush back to the campsite,

“He’s coming!” you yell

Everybody goes into position and sits down

“Today we actually need food supplies, so we can split up in groups of 3′s.”

Oddly enough, he puts you, him, and David in a group.

It was awkward as hell, half because you two just had sex, but second because Peter wouldn’t even talk!

You would ask him questions and he would reply with one word answers, it was so annoying and frustrating.

As the days go by Peter would talk more and more everyday, and it was like nothing was wrong.

Everything went back to normal until one day Peter asked David if he could join him for dinner in his tent, he needed to talk to him about something

Your head shot up like a deer in head lights, sure it was almost a month it happen, but still maybe Peter found out, maybe he knew this whole time? You don’t know but you were freaking out

Peter and David sat in the tent eating their dinner, and talking about random things, Peter played it off pretty well

“So how’s hunting for you?” he asked

“Oh man it’s good, I feel like I could catch a fish with my bare hands in a couple of weeks.” he said

“That’s great!” Peter said

You began to walk up to David’s tent, along with all the other lost boys, how can you not wonder what was going on?

“So, how was she?” Peter stopped smiling and looked at David straight in the eyes

“Uhm, I don’t know what-” 

“Cut the bull shit David.” Peter looked at David “Now, how was she?” he asked

You were shocked, how did he know? How would he even find out? You both swore to keep your mouths shut.

“You know Pan, I’d rather not say.” he said

Peter laughed “Oh come on, we’re both young men, we both know what goes on, did she give to easily?” he winked at him

“You know what Pan I gotta go” as he starts to walk out of the tent, almost out the door Peter stops him in his tracks

He looks him dead in the eyes, and laughs with a evil smirk on his lips. “What’s wrong David? Is this making you feel uncomfortable? Because I know? Because I can imagine what it was like? Fucking her brains out?” 

David had fear in his eyes and so did you, you were frozen, you had no words, and now, all the lost boys knew.

David had fear in his eyes, his heart was racing, stomach was turning, and he was sweating up a storm.

“Did you really think you could hide it?” “That it would be your guys little secret?” Peter asked

“Why do you care so much about who Y/n sleeps with anyway?” he got the courage to ask

“What?” Peter asked, a little taken back “What does that even mean? “

“Is it that bad? That she could be attracted to someone other than you? Are you threatened that she could maybe be taken from you? It’s not like you wanted to sleep with her!” he yells

Peter looks at him, he is about to loose it, he is about to loose all of it, he could feel the anger rise up in him, as he is about to punch the shit out of David you scream “Peter wait!“ 

Part 2?
Party Time // Kim Yugyeom (Got7)

Description: You two attend his surprise party and you’re curvy and you wear a dress that shows off all of your curves. While at the party, some people hit on you, which makes him jealous. 

Type: Kind of angst and implied smut…?

Pairing: Yugyeom x Reader

Word Count:

Requested: Yes

i looovvveee your writing it’s really good :)))) i wanted to request a Yugyeom scenario where the reader is curvy (like, bigger thighs and all that stuff) and she goes to a party with him and she’s wearing a dress and he gets jealous? sorry if it’s confusing :) thank uuuu :D

Author’s Note: Hey y’all! How’s it going? Can’t believe I almost have 2,000 followers! I know I haven’t been posting a lot, but I’ve been busy with school. I’m sure you all understand since you’re probably really busy with school or work also. Hoping to post more often, but now I have a 500 point research paper coming up that I have to do for my Advanced Composition class. I’m probably going to have fail it, so it’s all good. 

Anyways, thanks for the love and support you’ve given me with this blog and I hope you enjoy this scenario! 

Also, I’ve edited this like twenty times and I keep changing stuff, so I’m just going to stop because if I don’t then I’ll never get it posted. 

The introduction is weak and not really an attention grabber, but I’ve been working with it for the past 2 hours trying to come up with something better and I’ve had no luck, soooo enjoy! 

The old clock that hung on the wall in the livingroom chimed and echoed throughout the dorm indicating that it was 7 o’clock. Currently, I was at the boys dorm with Yugyeom getting ready for his surprise birthday party that the rest of the members of Got7 and I planned for him. It is his 20th birthday and as of right now he thinks that I am going to take him out to dinner tonight, but instead I’m going to take him to where we are going to have the party at.

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anonymous asked:

Hc for chocobros confessing to their crush pls :)

This turned into like all over crush HC but I hope you like it! 

Noctis -
- First if this boy likes you then you’re probably ‘the one’ honestly.
- This boy forgets he is both a prince and handsome af when he starts considering asking you out.
- Thinks things like - oh Gods what if they reject me? What if I’m not good enough?
- Once pushed by the other chocobros *cough* Gladio *cough* to get on with it he will finally go for it.
- Makes sure to bring you to a secluded place ( boy he has to work hard to even get the chocobros off his back ).
- Does that whole ‘rub the back of his neck and look at the ground’ thing when he is speaking.
- Pretty blunt when he confesses though just like “hey I like you okay, like uh more than friend like… do you feel the same way?”
- And Gods he is so cute when he confesses its a rare moment when he isn’t trying to put up a wall to conceal his emotions or try to act tough.

Gladio -
- Okay if he likes you you know it right away or you think he is just being his flirty self.
- Because man he is touching and using cheesy pick up lines to make you laugh.
- Also ‘flirts’ with others to try and see if your jealous/ get your attention.
- Talks about you 24/7 to the bros like “man their gorgeous” and “their so caring… I wouldn’t mind marrying someone like that”.
- Totally confesses when you least expect it ( maybe like just at some restaurant when your in the middle of eating ).
- Got some food on your face cue him just dipping in and kissing that area.
- Cue you going bright red.
- “Ha you look adorable like that, I wanna see that expression more often, tomorrow same time? I’ll let you pick the diner” ;).

Ignis -
- Iggy here takes his time to confess to you.
- Like Gladio it’s kinda obvious he likes you based on how much he takes care of you ( almost you’re like the royalty of the group ). 
- Okay but calls you princess as a joke when you’re being stubborn but it’s just an excuse for the cute pet name.
- Causal ask the chocobros about you/ your interest a lot “do you think they would like this key chain?” Or “okay Noct I’m aware you don’t like this veggie dish for dinner but perhaps _____ would”.
- Not that he is the OCD perfection type but he would set up like a cute scenic picnic on a hill for it. 
- Doesn’t care if the bros are watching from behind a bush his like ‘good you guys can see how it’s done’. 
- Moves your hair behind your ear when your zoning out enjoying the view.
- Gives you a smile with “you’re so beautiful ____ - may I call you mine?”.

Prompto -
- Sweet baby sun shine here is obvious with his crushes ( the boys can tell before he can even tell he is falling for someone ).
- Falls hard and fast.
- Tries to spend as much time as humanly possible with you like using you as a model for his photos or running around town with you to try new food.
- Gushes about you much like the others but Gods he never stops “wow I wish they were here with us right now I bet they would love this store - hey look! This stuffed chocobo is their favorite color! Omg I should totally get it for them. Wait! This stuffy is even bigger oh my-” Noct buys the plushy to quickly get them out.
- Gives you little presents constantly leading up to his confession, also low key PDA tbh this boy is very affectionate ( of course as long as you’re okay with it ). 
- Tries to put off the confession because he is sooooo scared of rejection ‘why would they want me when the other guys are so much smarter-stronger-royal?’
- Finally loses it when Gladio threatens to ask you out if blondie doesn’t hurry up ( it being just a tactic to get him moving ).
- Sets up a photo shoot for you - tells you too look away from the camera dramatically for the pic but when you turn around he is there with a flower and stutters out a “will you go out with me!”


Can’t say I didn’t warn you. The proof is right there. Bitch about my fanfiction and you’ll be exposed.

Do I look like I care about what Tite decided at this point? No. 

Do I look like I care about your opinion written in horrid English? No.

But I know that a bunch of you are bullies and go about hurting other people who don’t deserve it. So I’m exposing you. I’m showing the fandom the shit you do. This isn’t the first time that’s happened to me and I’m tired.

I’m tired of you guys playing victims when you’re bullies.

I’m tired of you having nothing to do but to harrrass artists and telling them what to write or draw.

I’m fucking tired of you defending the ending and Kubo to people who don’t give a damn anymore.

And I didn’t say you guys were salty. I said I was salty. You’re putting words that I didn’t say or write.But that seems interesting. Because that part was written at the end of chapter three, in a long ass note. This means that you took the time to read the chapter and the note. I wish I had so much free time! I mean, you really took the time to read all that only to leave me a rude review? Wow! That’s going too far in your harrassment. 

My advice, ignore IR fanfiction as I ignore IH fanfiction, enjoy your canon, go to therapy because harrassing others isn’t healthy, find ways to be more positive, help others, and stop leaving reviews in my fanfics. I won’t block you, but I’ll expose you time and time again. 

Also, your canon killed Bleach. Think about that.


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

After your little brawl at the house party last week, things were a little shaky for about a hour or so. Kells was really pissed that someone had the balls to say something like that in his house.

But after that things were back to their normal hectic ways.The boys were the boys, they drank, smoked, and skated like usual.

You however had broken out of your usual Netflix schedule.

You had somehow, between constant requests for nudes, managed to meet a really nice guy on Tinder.

His name was Evan and on paper he was the perfect guy for you.

He was only a year older, he was attractive, he had a job and was chasing a career in computer design. He seemed to respect that you were a virgin and seemed to be purely fascinated by it. He asked questions and you answered.

The conversation was easy and you had began to feel comfortable enough to set up a little lunch date.

So you were currently getting dressed, and panicking the whole time.

This shirt is either too conservative or the skirt was too revealing. Maybe a dress? But you cant sit properly in a dress.

You groaned as you flopped on your clothes covered bed, then you saw it.

The perfect outfit. 

A black t-shirt, camouflage design pants and black combat boot styled platforms.

You threw on the outfit and quickly did your makeup, nothing crazy or extravagant, just eye shadow and lipstick. 

You gave yourself one last check in the mirror to make  sure nothing was out of place.

Satisfied with your appearance you left your room and headed downstairs, it was noon, so most of the guys were still sleep.

So you weren’t expecting to see Kells on the couch playing 2K.

‘Hey, where you going all dressed up?’ he asked as he kept playing.

You look around to make sure no one else is awake before you almost giddily sat next to Kells.

‘I’m going on a date.’ you smiled.

Kells paused the game and turned to you fully.

‘Really?’ he asked.

‘Yeah, I met him on Tinder, and he knows that I’m…you know, and he’s totally OK with it.’ you said excitedly.

‘Oh wow, really? I mean that’s awesome, I hope it goes well.’ he said.

‘I’m meeting him for the first time today, at that cute little cafe around the corner, nice and public. Just in case, but I think maybe he might the guy that I can…yeah.’ you blushed.

‘Well I wish you the best of luck, you should head out. Wouldn’t want him waiting.’ Kells said as he went back to his game.

You look at the time and jump up.

‘Oh! You’re right, bye.’ you said as you rushed out the door.

‘Bye.’ he said as you left.

Once you were gone he cut the whole game off and covered his face with both his hands.

‘What the fuck?’ he groaned to himself.

He hated the idea of you going on this date, with some stranger you met online. For all anyone knew this guy could be dangerous, you could walking into something dangerous.

So out of worry he woke up Slim and told him they were about to do some James Bond type shit.

He was only watching out for her, making sure she was safe, that was all. He wasn’t jealous, just concerned for his friend.

Believe It Or Not. Part 1.

A Stiles Stilinski Imagine!

Summary: the story of stiles and y/n. This is going to be a multi part imagine, and each part will follow the story line for each episode! I will update each part as soon as possible. So stay tuned(:

The first day of school was tomorrow, of course I wasn’t particularly excited. Except for one reason maybe, cheerleading try outs. Tomorrow is the first day of my sophomore year, and you’re not allowed to try out to be a cheerleader for the Beacon Hills lacrosse team as a freshman.

I remember going to all of my twin brother’s, Scott, lacrosse games last year. I would watch the cheerleaders and they always looked like they were having a lot of fun and to be honest, I just wanted one of the uniforms. I never had to worry about missing Scott play while watching them, he sucked so he was always sitting on the bench with Stiles. Yet, my mom Melissa dragged me along every time anyway no matter how much I protested.

I was practicing one of the cheer routines in my room to make sure I was more than ready for try outs tomorrow when I heard a loud banging noise that sounded like it came from outside my house. I walk down the hall to my brother’s room and stood in the doorway as he looked out the window.

“Did you hear that?” I asked him.

“Yeah stay here,” he said as he grabbed his baseball bat, “I’ll go see what it is.”

“Scott I really don’t think the bat is necessary. It’s probably just the wind.” I laughed.

He just looked me in the eye and sighed, “what so I can’t be cautious?”

I moved aside so he could leave his room and watched as he jogged down the stairs. I mentioned we were twins, not identical though. We actually look nothing alike. You could say he got more of the Delgato side of the family and I got more McCall.

I started walking back to my room when I heard what sounded like two pairs of voices screaming and I ran to the edge of the stairs.

“Scott, you okay?” I yelled to him worriedly.

“Everything’s fine it’s just Stiles.”

I laughed when I heard the name, of course that dork of a kid wouldn’t knock on the door like a normal human. Stiles and Scott. Two names that just went together, they had always been best friends. That being said, I had known stiles my whole life too since he practically lived at my house. We were friends too, I mean not close or anything but definitely cared about each other because we had one person in common, Scott.

He’s the dumbest smart person I’ve ever met. I think he’s adorable though. So yes, I have a little crush you could say, on my brother’s best friend. Although it’s always just remained a crush considering how many times I hear the name, “Lydia Martin” leave his mouth. I’ll never understand his obsession though, she’s honestly such a bitch and she has a boyfriend, Jackson, anyway. And he’s just an ass.a hot ass, but still an ass.

Stiles will never stop liking Lydia, and maybe it’s better that way. Nothing could ever really happen between us considering I’m Scott’s sister, and the fact that he doesn’t like me anyway.

I watched from my window as they moved further away from my house, Stiles frantically moving his arms while explaining something my brother.
So I went to bed, I needed a good nights rest if I wanted to be on the squad.

My alarm went off very Loudly on the little table I had next to my bed. On any usual day, I’d hit snooze about seven times. But today I hopped right out of bed and got dressed. I wore my favorite pair of ripped skinny jeans, high top white converse, and a light purple lose three-quarter length shirt. I straightened my hair and pulled one piece from each side back and pinned it. Then I headed downstairs where my mom was making eggs.

“Someone’s ready for their first day.” She smiled at me and set a plate down on the table for me to sit.

“I really want to make the team mom.”

“Me too.” Scott yawned as he walked down the stairs taking his seat next to me.
“Well, first line anyway.”

I smirked at how tired he was, I heard him finally come home from being with stiles at like 2 in the morning.

“Why so tired, Scotty?” I asked innocently.

To which he just rolled his eyes and nudged me. We finished our breakfast with mom, as we talked lightly about the day ahead of us. Scott and I started walking to the car and just for fun I kicked him in the back of the knee cap and he fell into the wall on his left side. I laughed until I saw he was holding his side.

“Hey are you okay?” I asked walking closer to him.

“Yeah im good, im good,” he answered rather quickly and then continued, “just sore.”

“Sore from what? You haven’t had one practice yet.”

“Just don’t worry about it y/n.”

He turned his back and stepped in the drivers side of the car, slightly hurt I decided to drop it and get in the passenger side.
The car ride to school was rather quiet other than the songs playing on the radio. Once we parked he ran off to go meet stiles. And they started walking towards the school.

I reached in the back of the car to get my bag only for Jackson to pull up and park right next to us.
He got out, looked at me, and then laughed.

“Nice ride, McCall. Brother still have false hope of making first line?”

I was having none of this today.

“Nice hair, Whittemore. How many bottles of hair gel did that take?”

His smile fell and he just walked away. Pleased with myself, I gained the smile he lost and went to go meet my brother and Stiles. As I approached scott had just dropped his shirt back to down to his side, I was super confused.

“I knew you guys were gay for each other but no PDA in public please.” I snapped.

“Wow, you’re hilarious. How do you do it?” Stiles asked me, dripping with sarcasm. I just winked back at him. And they continued their conversation with me there.

“All right, well, if you don’t believe me about the wolf, then you’re definitely not gonna believe me when I tell you I found to body.” Scott said.

Body? Wolf? What?

Stiles mouth gaped open, “you- are you kidding me?” He hit Scott.

“No, man, I wish. Im gonna have nightmares for a month.”

“Oh god, that is freakin’ awesome. I mean, this is seriously gonna be the best thing that’s happened to this town since- since the birth of Lydia Martin. Hey, Lydia- you look- like you’re gonna ignore me.”

I watched the bitch red-head completely pass by possibly one of the nicest people in the world, God I hated her so much.

“It’s true love Stilinski.” I joked.

“Yeah whatever.” He winked back at me.

The bell rang, so I started to walk towards the front doors of the school. “Alright guys, see you later.” I offered as I turned my back to them and started walking. Little did I know Stiles was watching me walk away, but Scott knew.
- - -
“Stiles, if you’re going to check out my sister, please make sure im not here.” Scott joked walking next to his best friend.

Stiles looked at him in confusion.

“Y/n? No- I wasn’t- no.”

Scott just laughed and shook his head, Stiles may be the smart on in this friendship, but scott isn’t dumb.
- - -
I sat in front of stiles, and next to scott in our class as the teacher mumbled on about the body or something, I don’t know exactly I wasn’t listening.

I bit the bottom of my pen as I pretended to read the syllabus in front of me. But then I noticed Scott acting off. He was looking all around then he made eye contact with me. I questioned ‘what the hell’ the best I could with my facial expression but he just looked at my with same confused stare and looked down to his desk, I stayed focused on him worried.

After a few seconds he shifted his gaze to the door of the classroom and just kept staring at it. I glanced back at stiles and he just shrugged and returned to his syllabus. Within the next ten seconds, a crazy pretty girl with brunette hair walked through the door.

“Class, this is our new student, Allison Argent. Please do your best to make her feel welcome.”

She smiled shyly as she walked to the only empty seat, behind scott. He turned around and her eyes met his, all he did was hand her a pen. To which she said thanks.

That a boy Scotty, I thought. Can’t be on first line without a girl by your side.
- - -
I walked past the new girl standing by her locker, poor Allison was being bombarded by Queen Martin already. Scott and Stiles were diagonal from the two girls and I approached them as they were talking to this other girl, I walked up right as she was saying-

“Can someone tell me how new girl is here all of five minutes, n’s she’s already hanging out with Lydia’s clique?”

To which Stiles answered, “Because she’s hot. Beautiful people herd together.”

I scoffed.

“Always wondered how you’re not apart of her clique, y/n.”

Stiles commented, then looked shocked that what he said actually came out of his mouth. Did he just call me beautiful in some backwards way? I didn’t say anything, I figured I would just let it drop.

(Scott heard it though, and he smiled between his sister and his oblivious best friend.)

Scott was staring very intently over towards Allison.

“Scott, at least blink to look like less of a creep.” I hit his shoulder. But he just smiled at me and didn’t say anything.

- - -
Lacrosse and cheerleading try outs were at the same time. They got one half of the field and we got the other. To say I was nervous was an understatement. I sat on the bleachers because we still had 15 minutes until we started our tryouts and lacrosse was getting ready to start. I sat at the very top, I watched as Allison and Lydia made their way up to the empty space next to me considering it was the only space there was. Allison sat next to me, not super close, there was still a little space between us.

She smiled at me and I smiled back.

“Hi I’m Allison, we have that class together right?” She reached her hand out toward me, and I took it.

“Yep, nice to meet you too I’m y/n. Welcome to beacon hills. Nothing exciting ever happens in this town.”

We both laughed, “so you’re going out for cheerleading?”
She asked. Catching on that I was wearing one of the uniforms.

Which apparently seemed to grab Lydia’s attention because she leaned behind Allison and looked at me, and before I could answer-

“You. Are going out for cheerleading?” She questioned, brows raised.

I smiled sweetly at her, “as a matter of fact I am! Thanks for the support Lydia it means a lot, truly.”

Allison slightly laughed and then smiled at me, “it was nice meeting you, y/n.”

I just nodded in response and turned my attention back towards the field as the boys began tryouts. Until I heard allison ask Lydia a question.

“Who is that?” She pointed at Scott!

“Him? Im not sure who he is, why?” Lydia answered.

“He’s in my english class.”

I leaned over towards Allison, “that’s Scott McCall. He’s amazing, you’d really like him.”

She looked at me and continued, “how do you know him?”

I smirked and looked her in the eye, “he’s my brother.”

I stood up to go to my tryouts, “wish me luck” I whispered at the girls as I walked down the steps of the bleachers.
- - -
I walked in my house with the biggest smile I think I’ve ever had on my face. I entered my home with my backpack in one hand, and new & ironed cheerleading uniform in the other. I set my stuff down in my room quickly before heading to Scott’s room to see how the rest of his tryouts went.

I walked in to see my mom waiting by his bathroom door.

“Hey mom.” I greeted.

She smiled, “so how’d it go?”

“I made it!” I giggled as I went to hug her.

“Sweetie that’s amazing! My little cheerleader. Oh, and Scott made first line!” She informed me as she pulled away.

“Really?” I said excited for my brother, and that’s when he walked out wearing nothin but a towel.

“Mom! Y/n!”

Momma didn’t waste any time, “is this a party or a date?” She asked.

“Maybe both.” He answered with a small smile.

I crossed my arms, “and what’s her name?”


“ALLISON THE NEW GIRL? SCOTT WAY TO GO!” I lightly punched his chest.

“I talked to her at tryouts, she seems super nice.” I added.

I left his room because the convo between him and mom got kinda, weird. As I walked towards my room my phone vibrated in my back pocket, it was stiles.

I answered.

“Yo y/n are you going to that party tonight?”

“Hmm, go to a party with a ton of people I don’t talk to? Orr stay home and walk around the house in my new cheerleading uniform? I choose number two.”

“Oh congrats, I knew you’d make it!” He said very sweetly, thank god this WASNT a real conversation because I was hardcore blushing.
“But no, please go with me and Help me keep an eye on scott?”

“Keep an eye on scott why-”

“Awesome y/n thanks! Get dressed and I’ll be there in ten.”

He hung up and I rolled my eyes, I didn’t need to change from what I was already wearing but I re-brushed my hair and applied more mascara.

I heard the screech of the jeep in front of my house signaling that Stiles was here. I walked out and hopped in the passenger side and quickly got my seatbelt on not realizing he was staring at me until I looked up.

“What?” I demanded.

“Nothing, sorry. You just look pretty, that’s all.” He scrambled nervously for the words.

“Thanks.” I blushed and then he started driving. He had complimented me many times like that before, and it always makes my heart flutter. But I can never let myself get too happy. Because even if he calls me pretty, he calls Lydia beautiful.

We arrived at the party and he came around and opened my side of the jeep for me.

I laughed, “what a gentlemen.”

We walked into the party and saw scott dancing with Allison. Hell yeah I was so proud of him for landing a girl.

“I hope something good comes out of them.” I whispered to Stiles looking at them.

“I just hope he doesn’t rip her to shreds.”

I looked at him, “what?”

“Nothing!” He said quickly and loudly causing some people to look, “I’ll go get us drinks.”

I stood exactly where he left me glancing around at all the people here. I really did need to get out more, I barley know any of their names. I shook my head and looked to find scott and allison again. Instead I found Allison by herself and Scott rushing to leave the party. As Allison followed, Stiles came back and I pointed out to him what was going on.

“I hope my brothers not screwing this up by being a dick.”

“I don’t think it’s his fault,” stiles said so quiet I barely heard it, “here hold these.” He handed me the drinks and left me again.

He never came back, I ended up having to walk home from the party. Was I pissed? You betcha.
- - -
I didn’t talk to scott that morning, nor Stiles when I saw him.

He quickly realized I was ignoring him and ran down the hall until he caught my arm.

“Hey, y/n are you okay?”

I didn’t look at him, “yeah, think im catching a cold though. That’s what happens when you walk miles to your own house after your friend leaves you.” I snapped.

“Jesus y/n im so sorry. I had something really really important to take care of.”

I scoffed at his lack of detail, “so am I going to get an actual explanation?” I smiled to lighten the mood, I wasn’t going to stay mad.

“Just trust me when I say it’ll never happen again?”

I laughed at how adorable he was when he’s sorry.

“Just this once, Stilinski.”

We both walked outside to see that Scott had just made up with Allison too.

“Alight I gotta go, Scott and I have practice.” He said to me.

And before I could even say- “okay, see ya.”
He was already walking away.

So I watched him walk until I couldn’t see him anymore.

Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place

A/N: Ahhhh my two faves! Undertale Sans and Underswap Paps are here to wreck you. US!Papyrus will be called Paps for non-confusion purposes. Enjoy! 
Des: You hated being stuck in the car between Sans and Papyrus. Especially when they knew your weaknesses. (Reader Insert)

Of course you got stuck in the back seat between Sans and Paps. The two biggest pranksters and kings of bad puns. You were cursing Papyrus and the smaller Sans for doing this to you. How convinent that the trip was going to take three hours also. 

“Are we there yet?” Sans asked cheekily, knowing that it annoyed his brother. Papyrus gripped the steering wheel tightly, back straight. 

“I’M IGNORING YOU FOR THE REST OF THIS TRIP, BROTHER.” Papyrus muttered, keeping his eyes on the road. He took up a conversation with his doppleganger in the passengers seat up front. You tried to focus your mind on their conversation, but you could feel two snarky grins baring into you. 

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As You Wish

Title: As You Wish

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Word Count: 2 000

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: There is some kissing, the reader tends to get a little flustered around Cas, if that needs a warning, and a swear word or two.

Request from @the-tomboy-fangirl : Well I’ve had this idea for a imagine in my head, where you like to watch movies with Cas and you watch The Princess Bride with him and after that every time you ask him to do something he say “As you wish” and you don’t get it right away but when you do you kiss him and say I love you to :3

Summary: The reader and Cas watch The Princess Bride together and Cas decides he’s going to tell the reader he loves her by saying “As you wish” every time she asks him to do something.

Author’s Note: Okay @the-tomboy-fangirl , I hope this is what you were hoping for! And wow I haven’t written a One Shot in a while! I’m sorry if you guys prefer these over imagines, but imagines are shorter and they’ve been all I’ve had time to write lately. I hope this makes up for it! And I’ll try to write more full-length fics in the future. -xoxo Katie

P.S. This is set in a season when Cas still has his wings, it doesn’t really matter which one, I just thought the teleporting was useful for this fic.

If you want to read any of my other fics please check out my Masterlist

*Gif is not mine, all gifs used on my blog are from Google Images.*

       “Why did the Pirate keep saying ‘as you wish’?” Cas asked as the end credits of The Princess Bride started rolling. You reached for the remote and muted the volume, then turned to face the confused angel.

       “Wesley,” you corrected, “kept saying ‘as you wish’ because it was his way of saying he loved Buttercup.”

       Cas tilted his head to the side. “But why not just say what he meant?”

       You thought about this for a moment and then decided to say, “Because sometimes it’s easier to be indirect.” You smiled and watched Cas process this information with the same unyielding focus as he always did, laughing softly as his face scrunched up. It wasn’t that you didn’t think it was a valid question, just that you found Castiel’s innocence endearing. It was just one of the many reasons you fell in love with him.

       “So Wesley said ‘as you wish’ as a way of conveying his love for Buttercup, because being direct can sometimes be difficult?”


       “And that works?”

       You smiled and pointed at the T.V. screen. “Well, obviously it did.” Cas seemed to think about this for a moment and you decided that would be a good time for you to head back to your room.

      You hated to leave. Watching movies with Cas was always the highlight of your night – though you supposed doing just about anything with Cas would be the highlight of your night – but you had to head out for a hunt tomorrow morning and you needed to get some sleep. In fact, you probably shouldn’t have stayed up at all, but watching Cas take in the characters and the stories, seeing how involved he got with anything you showed him, it made you feel an unrelenting sense of joy. Watching his reaction was almost as satisfying as the actual movie, and you wouldn’t miss that for the world - even if it meant you fell asleep in the back of the Impala tomorrow.

      “Okay Cas, I’m gonna turn in for the night,” you said as you got up from your spot on the couch and straighten your shirt. The trench coat-clad angel merely gave you a slight nod of his head, clearly deep in thought, and you sighed as you stared off down the hall.

      You knew Cas wasn’t trying to ignore you, that he was probably just dissecting the movie in his head and trying to understand every little bit of it, but it still hurt when he blew you off like that. Maybe Castiel would never care for you the way you cared for him. Maybe it simply wasn’t possible for Cas to love like you did, to feel as deeply as you felt. The thought struck cord in you and you glanced back one last time at the man you loved, who was still paying no attention to you. You pulled your arms tightly around yourself and shuffled back to your room.

      The next day you were woken up – once you finally managed to fall asleep – by an unforgiving Dean, relentlessly banging on your door and eventually coming into your room to turn on the lights. You groaned in protest and pulled the covers over your head, but you knew he wasn’t going to leave until you were walking around. So hauled yourself out of bed – albeit rather reluctantly - and got ready for the hunt.

      When you walked into the war room you found all three of your boys waiting for you - Dean sitting in a chair with his feet up on the table, Sam glaring at Dean, and Cas … looking straight at you. His stare burned through you and made you feel exposed. Did you have something you face? Was your hair sticking out at an odd angle?

      You were pulled from your thoughts by a cheerful voice. “Hey, Y/N,” Sam said, smacking Dean’s feet off the table and smiling at you. “Are you ready to go?” You quickly dragged your gaze from Cas and settled on Sam. He was dressed in a plaid shirt and jeans, as usual, and his duffle was seated at his feet.

      “She better be ready, we’ve been waiting for half an hour,” Dean cut in before you could speak. You bristled and scowled at the grumpy hunter, but ignored him and returned your gaze to Sam.

      “Yeah, I’m ready. Let’s go,” you said as you grabbed your bag off of the floor from where you’d dropped it. You reached into your pocket to check the time - a half an hour, I think not - but found it empty.

      Damn, I forgot my phone, you thought bitterly. You contemplated running back to your room to get it, but the bunker was so big it would take you at least five minutes.

      Your stare drifted to the Angel in the corner of the room.

      “Hey Cas?” he turned to face you. “Any chance you wanna poof back to my room and grab my phone for me?”

      You felt a little bad for asking Cas to get something you shouldn’t have forgotten in the first place, but before you had a chance to dwell on it Cas’ face seemed to light up and he said, “As you wish,” then disappeared. You scrunched your face up at his odd choice of words but had your phone in your hand before you could even think to say anything.

      You closed your fingers around the offending device and thanked Cas, trying desperately to hide the blush that always seemed to spread across your cheeks whenever he was close to you. You threw your bag over your shoulder, gave Cas a kind smile, and started heading towards the stairs leading out of the bunker.

      You could have sworn you heard Cas sigh behind you.

      After a week away from the bunker you were immensely grateful to be heading home. To get to sleep in your own bed and take a shower in a non-mold-covered bathroom, but most of all to spend some time with Cas without the presence of monster guts or dusty old books…

      The thought made you smile as you packed everyone’s bags in the back of the Impala - Dean currently checking out of the motel and Sam making sure you hadn’t left anything in your rooms. Cas was standing on the other side of the Car when you looked up to see if there was anything you’d missed. You spotted a bag on the floor near him.

      “Hey Cas, can you hand me that bag?” you asked as you shoved Dean’s duffel out of the way to make room for the new addition.

      Cas immediately bent down to retrieve the army green bag and bring it to you. Then he said, “As you wish,” as he handed it over, his fingers brushing yours ever so slightly.

      You quickly bunched your hand into a fist and tried to focus on the task at hand - and definitely not on how surprisingly soft his skin was, or that he smelled like soap and men’s cologne, even though you knew he used neither of those things…

      You shook your head back and forth as if that would actually make you forget about the man standing next to you, then looked up at him and said, “Thanks,” completely missing whatever he’d said when he handed you the bag. Had he said something? You remembered his lips moving.

      You closed the Impala’s glossy black trunk and opened the door for the back seat. Cas’ shoulders visibly fell as you walked away.

      Once you were back at the bunker, and after a thorough shower and tossing your dirty hunting clothes in the wash, you made your way to the bunker’s industrial grade kitchen to make yourself a cup of tea. You had the water boiling and the teabags out when you went to open the cupboard and – all the mugs were on the top shelf. You let out a groan of frustration and started to yell at whoever would listen, that someone better get their ass down here and stop putting things where they knew you couldn’t reach!

      With all your yelling you almost didn’t hear the flutter of wings at the door – almost – and before you knew it Cas was standing in front of you with a troubled look on his face.

      “Y/N, are you okay?” Cas asked as his eyes scanned over your body to check for signs of injury – at least that’s what you assumed he was looking for. His stare made you feel vulnerable, and suddenly very silly for making such a big deal about a mug. You knew it wasn’t Cas who put it there, you were really yelling at one of the Winchesters, but … here he was.

      You looked down sheepishly. “Um, well – I kind of just wanted a mug from the top shelf.” Cas tilted his head to the side and an involuntary flush spread over your cheeks. Now you felt very, very silly.

      “So you’re not hurt?”

      You shook you head no and Cas’ body seemed to relax. You felt bad for scaring him.

      “But, uh,” Cas locked eyes with you, “do you think you could get the mug down for me?”

      Without saying a word Cas inched closer to you and reached above your head, forcing you to back up against the counter, and retrieved the mug from the shelf you couldn’t reach.

      He was so close to you, so close, that you felt like you couldn’t breathe. Since when did Cas ever get this close to you? And why hadn’t he broken eye contact?

      You numbly reached for the mug in his hand, mentally preparing yourself for the brush of his fingers against your own, but when you grabbed hold he didn’t let go. You looked back up at Cas, as your gaze had momentarily slipped to your practically joined hands, and you found Cas still looking at you with that same intense stare.

      You half-heartedly tried to pull on the mug but his grip was like iron, and then just as you were about to open your mouth to ask him what he was doing Cas said, “As you wish.”

      Memories suddenly flashed through your mind. Of Cas saying that before, of you not knowing why he said it, and then … of you watching The Princess Bride. Of course! Cas had asked you what Westley meant by saying ‘As you wish’ to buttercup, that was what he was thinking about when he’d ignored you that night. But that meant…

      Recognition surged through you and your breath hitched. That meant … Cas loved you.

      You didn’t give yourself time to think or rationalize, and before you knew it your hand was on the back of Cas’ neck, your fingers tangling in his hair, and then your lips were pressing up against his. Cas seemed to stiffen at first – probably from lack of practice – but he quickly relaxed and wrapped his hands around your waist, the mug digging into you hip just slightly as you didn’t give him a chance to put it down.

      Once your breathing had slowed and you finally separated yourself from Cas – to your own surprise – you said, “I love you, too.”

      The angel looked stunned for a second, and then a bright smile spread across his face. Ho long had he felt like this? How much of your life had you wasted not kissing him?

      You were just about to ask, but before you could you were jolted back to reality by the high-pitched wail that came from the kettle, dragging you from your thoughts. You quickly ran to unplug the rude appliance and when you turned back around you found Cas standing behind you, holding out the mug. You reached for it and this time he let go, but not before using your grip on the cup to pull you towards him and place a light kiss on your lips.

      You didn’t protest when he kept doing it for the rest of the night.

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I just wanted to pop in and say that I'm really impressed by how you manage to play Joker, Bruce Wayne, and Logan so perfectly when they are such different characters. You're amazing. ^_^

Wow, I was having kind of a mediocre day and this really, really cheered me up. Thank you so much for saying something like this - I appreciate it so much. I wish I knew who you were so I could like smother you with adoration I FEEL SO OVERWHELMED. There are so many great writers in this roleplay and I’m just honored to be able to write with them.

Rainey Days - Theo Raeken Smut Part 3

Warning; None but the next part will have some smutty smut!!!

Word count: 1k

Disclaimer: This is kind of a rules reversed kind of thing so its just like Rainey days #1 but with HER BEING THE ONE TO GO TO THEO!!! Smut in next part sorry boos just makes things more interesting.

Originally posted by lunabeta

After the events that happened with Theo you didn’t see him for a good week after that. It all happened after the most incredible sex of your life, you guys got into a heated argument about all the things he did to the pack and after that he was gone.


‘Wow that was amazing.’ You breathed out. Plopping down on the other side of your bed slipping your underwear on then your bra. He laughed out in response nodding his head yes while slipping on his boxers too. “If I would have known how good you were in bed, I wish I would have not hated you back in beacon hills.” He said. He sounded non judgmental when he was talking but he the way he said it he was almost accusing you. “Maybe if you weren’t such a psychopath maybe the pack and I would have trusted you.” When that came out of your mouth you knew it hit him right where it hurt. You knew that would hurt him because he came to NY to get away from his past and you brought it up and it just about brought it back. “Wow can’t get over that can you, you know what? This- this was a mistake.” That caught you off guard and hurt a little bit. You really felt a connection with Theo and he saying that really hurt. After taking a deep breath you said, “I think you should just leave,” He cut you off before you could say anything else. “I was just on my way out.” He said as he put on his clean flannel. As he walked out of the door he left it open and that pissed you off enough for you to say something you never thought would come out of your mouth. “Have a nice day murderer!” Then slammed the door, you knew you shouldn’t of said that because it was a sensitive subject for everyone that experienced murder back in Beacon hills. You just said it to hurt him as much as he hurt you. But, it still didn’t make you feel any better.

End of flashback  

Trying to get your mind off Theo you thought it wouldn’t hurt to go out for some drinks with your girls and try to get a rebound. So that’s just what you did, calling about 5 of your best girl friends and decided to go out to a club on the west side of the city aka Brooklyn. They planned it before you could suggest not going to Brooklyn, plus Theo doesn’t own Brooklyn so it’s not like you’re not allowed to go there. So slipping on your tight black lace dress that came up just about to your mid thigh and flares out on the bottom, and your nude pumps that laced up to just right above your knee. Tossing your hair in loose curls and light but sassy makeup on you were just about ready to go. You threw back a shot of Vodka and threw your fake ID in your purse you were ready to go. Calling a cab you rode a short ride to up town Brooklyn and met your friends out front of the club. The club was called Club Echo and was very exclusive to get into but your friend Clair had some connections so she got you guys in easy breezy. You looked hot and so did your friends, you were sure you could get a cute rebound boy for the night. You and your friends found a booth right in the center of the club where all the action was. You knew you wouldn’t see Theo here because this was a very exclusive club and clubs like this really weren’t really his thing.

A few drinks later, you were feeling lightly buzzed but not any better about Theo. You knew you wouldn’t feel better until you apologized to him. So you shot Scott a text and asked him where Theo’s apartment was. He gave it to you but only after teasing you a bit about how you want to know where he lives and being the ‘protective big brother’ he is, telling you to be careful. You thanked him and headed on your way to ‘try’ to find a cute boy to take home with you.

Sadly, by the end of the night you had zero luck in the boy department and zero luck in getting your mind off Theo. So parting ways with your friends you grabbed a cab and went on your journey. When you got there you were impressed that you actually made it this far. Just like the events before, it started raining and now you were the one surprising Theo at his door. So sweet talking the door man to let you in and the front desk lady telling her that Theo was your friends and he really needs your help she finally gave you permission to use the elevators. The ride up to the 10th floor was long and very nerve raking.

One knock, that’s all it took, right as you were about to do the second knock the door swung open revealing a very wet and naked Theo. You were shocked that he open that fast but he was more shocked that you were there. He was standing there in all his gory, with just a towel hanging loosely around his waist and water still dripping from his toned frame. You starred again but this time it wasn’t just you starring. Theo was very shocked on what you were wearing, in Beacon Hills you were not much of a dress girl so the dress you had on tonight was something so different for him to see on you. Looking back up at him his eyes were slowly trailing down but snapped back up to your face with a dazed look. You mirrored him. “I didn’t know where else to go.”

Ok wait.  At first read, Sgt Jack Jackrum sounds like a case of unfortunately uncreative parents.  But then later you find out he picked it himself.  Jackrum had to pick a boy name and he imaginatively came up with Jack.  Wow.  Good job man.  That’s right up there with Polly who literally named herself after a crossdressing song.  I kind of wish we learned what the others’ boy names were beyond nicknames, because so far I have to say the winner for most creative name would have to go to Jade/”Carborundum”.  The troll was literally the most imaginative good job guys.  

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❁ You’re beautiful

♧ I wish we were friends in real life

✖ I would give you the greatest hug

☆ I relate to a lot of the same things you go through

✌ You’re awesome


I wish that an indicator of how rich you were wan’t how big a house you had or how fast your car was. but instead how much you helped people?

Like “ Oh wow that guy must be super rich he just gave that homeless woman £20″ or “ That lady must be so rich if she can afford to take a whole week off to volunteer at a shelter!” “Can you imagine how rich they must be if they can afford to donate all those clothes to the needy?” 

The New Girl

Summary: You’re the new girl in school, and you take special interest in Jackson.

Genre: Fluff, angst, comedy

Length: 1895

Requested HERE

You walked into school with your dark skinny jeans, tight, low-cut tank top, and your studded leather jacket. Even though it was only your first day at the new school, you felt like you owned the place with how everyone turned their heads to watch you walk in. You could already hear the whispers and the rumors spreading about why you had transferred to school in the middle of the semester, but none of them were right.

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A Week Long Birthday: Shownu Scenario

Originally posted by sonhyunwoomx

This is dedicated to @cloudsofsonder . Happy birthday!!

It takes a special kind of person to date an idol. They have to be patient, supportive, and understanding. Most importantly though, they have to be willing to sacrifice. Sacrifice physical affection by going weeks without seeing them. Sacrifice their time with them, having to share it with the world. Sacrifice special occasions, such as birthdays. Yes, it truly took a special someone. To Shownu, you were that person. And he was going to miss your birthday, again. 

“I’m sorry,” Shownu breathed into the phone for the hundredth time. 

“It’s okay.” You tried to comfort him, but it appeared that his guilt was too much for him. After three years of dating, Shownu had never managed to make it to your birthday. While it did hurt you initially, you understood he had to work. He was living his dream. Who were you to whine about one missed day? 

“It’s not, and that’s why I’ve made a few arrangements.”


“Yes. Have you ever heard that a persons birthday is actually a week long?”

“A week long?”

“Yeah! So, the whole week leading up to your birthday you will receive something.”


He quickly cut you off. “Stop right there. I’ve already made the arrangements. Your first package will arrive tomorrow. Sadly, I won’t be able to talk much.” He paused, “So I wrote notes too.”

“You didn’t have to do that Hyunwoo. I don’t need anything.”

He chuckled. “You’re so selfless. Please Y/N, let me spoil you. For all the missed birthdays and big events I missed. I really wanted to do this for you.”

“Fine, if you must.” You smiled at the sound of his laugh. “But I’m only accepting this because I love you.”

“I love you too. I have to go now, let me know when your first gift arrives.”

“Will do. Goodnight babe.”

“Goodnight sweetheart, and happy birthday.”

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Destiel + mistaken for someone else...if you're still doing prompts

modern au, engaged!deancas because why not amirite lol

dean looks between the brands of diapers with a critical eye, holding up a pack of Pampers against a pack of Huggies. each has a picture of an adorable newborn on it, smiling their little toothless smiles up at him. they both tout great absorbency and comfort for the wearer, and easy disposing. 

he honestly doesn’t see the difference. 

glancing down at the baby in his arm, he holds the packs up in front of his nephew. “what do ya think, little man? you want Huggies or Pampers?” 

henry stares up at him with his fingers in his mouth, then lets out an almighty fart. 

“couldn’t have said it better myself,” dean agrees. “Huggies it is.” 

he puts the Pampers brand back on the shelf and tosses the Huggies in his shopping basket along with baby powder and wipes. finished with baby supplies, he wanders the rest of the store, adding a package of deli meat to make sandwiches for lunch and fresh apples for homemade apple-cinnamon pie to his spoils before heading for checkout. 

as he passes through the box dinners aisle to get to the front, dean spots a familiar dark head of hair and blue eyes. he grins, slowing to a sneak and shifting henry and their basket to one arm as he tiptoes up from behind. he slides his free arm around cas’ waist, feeling cas startle slightly, and when cas turns to look at him, dean leans in and presses their lips together, trying not to smile into the kiss. 

cas tenses briefly, then relaxes, returning the kiss with more enthusiasm than dean expects, but is pleasant nonetheless. dean pulls away with one last nip to cas’ full bottom lip. 

“fancy seeing you here,” he says with a dopey smile. “i thought you were supposed to work late tonight. and what are you doing at the store anyway? i just went shopping like two days ago. i’m only here now ‘cause henry needed diapers.” henry coos in commiseration at his name, and dean shifts him in his arm again. 

cas is giving dean a weird, bemused look, biting his lip like he’s trying not to laugh. he’s not very successful. dean frowns. “what’s so funny, cas?” 

cas finally gives up trying to contain his laughter, and he nearly doubles over in his mirth. 

now dean is really confused. “what?” 

“i have no idea what you’re talking about, man,” cas says, mock-wiping a tear from his eye. he grins brightly up at dean. “i don’t even know who you are.” 

he pauses, and his blue eyes give dean an obvious once-over. dean suddenly feels self-conscious, and a sinking feeling begins taking root in his gut. 

‘cas’ meets his eyes again and gives him a wink. “you are definitely hot, though, so feel free to kiss me again.” 

dean feels a realization come over him. “wait. you’re not cas?” 

apparently-not-cas shakes his head, still smiling like he’s enjoying a joke at dean’s expense. “nope! my name’s jimmy. i don’t know anyone named cas.” 

dean flushes and wishes a hole would open up and swallow him into the earth. “oh my god,” he groans, running a hand over his mouth. jimmy giggles, which is not helping anything, because fuck, he’s adorable. those are not thoughts i should be having, what the hell, winchester. “i’m so sorry, man, i thought you were my fiancé. i can’t believe i did that. wow, this is awkward. i’m actually surprised you haven’t slapped me yet.” 

“honestly, i don’t mind at all,” jimmy shrugs, and he really doesn’t seem bothered. “not everyday a hot guy kisses me out of nowhere in the middle of walmart.” and he winks playfully.

dean flushes harder, and coughs awkwardly in his embarrassment. he rubs the back of his neck, giving jimmy a sheepish smile. “uh, yeah. i, um. yeah.” 

breaking the moment, henry coos again, and dean remembers he has his nephew to be taking care of. his baby nephew, who just witnessed everything that just transpired. shit. 

dean shakes the feeling of dread at the thought away, looking back at jimmy with an apologetic smile this time. “guess i need to get this little man home,” he says, bouncing henry in his arm. “he really needs a change.” 

“well, it was nice meeting you,” jimmy says, tossing one of the box dinners he’s been holding into his basket. he gives dean another blinding, gummy grin as he turns to continue his shopping. holy shit, he looks just like cas. “maybe we’ll run into each other again sometime.” 

“uh, yeah, sure,” dean says absently, and he watches jimmy saunter off before shaking himself again and finally making his way to the checkout. 

turns out, ‘maybe’ is actually a promise, and dean runs into jimmy several more times at the store. the most memorable is when he has cas with him; jimmy and cas immediately get along like a house on fire, and dean realizes he’s going to hell when he wakes up sandwiched between them some three months later, matching rings on all their fingers. 

he’s pretty okay with that. 

(honestly u should have seen that end coming lmao) 

send me a pairing + word/phrase

ships-sailing-in-the-night  asked:

I LITERALLY CANNOT STOP STARING AT THE PIECES! THEY ARE SOOOO FUCKIN' GOOD! Like...Gadf;dfh ;oak I can't wrap my head around that they are painted........*wow, this is some good shit*......*mind explodes*

THANK YOU!!! I’m still shook that you guys thought they were stills!! I’m really critical of my work, so I never think that they’re good enough. I always have things that I wish I could have done better. But EVERYONE SAYING THEY LOOK LIKE STILLS IS JUST THE BOOST OF CONFIDENCE I NEEDED!! 

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Supernatural 5sos part 9 *requested* The end 2/2

Part 1
Part 2
Part 2.5
Part 3
Part 4

Part 5
Part 6

Part 7
Part 8

Ashton ghost:

The long breath was your last. Of course your parents mourned. Your friends mourned. To them you were gone and never coming back. Ashton hoped. He knew there was a chance for you to come back. Days turned into weeks and he began to accept you would never come back. A small percentage of the dead become ghosts and the chances of you becoming a ghost was small. Just when he had lost all hope he was wondering around the school. People walked through him like they always did. People gossiped in what they thought was secrecy and he went back into being nothing. He had been pretty much alone for the past 90 years (apart from the odd supernatural creature who stumbled his way) and he was going to be alone once again. Walking the halls he bumped into someone. Looking down he saw you. His mouth dropped open.
“Are you not going to help me up?” you asked repeating the first thing you had ever said to him.
“Y/N!” he shouted helping you up with no second thought,
“I see in my absence you haven’t lost your guppy face.”  
“I thought…”
“I’m sorry. You can’t get rid of me so easily,” you smirked before hugging him. He held you close and refused to let go for a few minutes.
“I don’t want to get rid of you. Ever.”
“Well that’s good since I think we will be together as ghosts forever… Did you go to my funeral?”
“Were people crying?”
“They were hysterical.”
“That’s good, well it’s not… but it’s nice to know people care about me so much.”
“I care a lot. A lot of a lot. I love you Y/N,”
“I love you too Ashton.”

Michael vampire:

You both walked outside to see if you could find out if Michael was still a vampire.
“Well you aren’t burning in the sun!” you said cheerfully.
“If you haven’t noticed I’ve never burnt in the sun…” he replied in a bored tone. He walked over to a log and pulled it apart in anger his fangs showed.  “I’m still a vampire!” he shouted. He stormed back into the witches house with you following him. “What are you playing at?”
“Well I lied. There is no cure for being a vampire…. However. I have let you have the best of both,”  she explained. “You still have the powers of a vampire but you have a soul and your immortality has gone. In shorter terms. You are a human in every sense of the word – you just have vampire skills.” You both nodded understanding what she meant.
“How can I trust what you say?” Michael asked.
“Find out for yourself,” she passed a knife to Michael. He raised it to his finger and sliced his finger which caused him to bleed. He gasped. Normally he would heal instantly. His immortality was truly gone.
“I’m human,” he gasped dropping the knife to the floor “Y/N, I’m human!” he picked you up and spun you slightly.
“Sorry to interrupt the happiness. But I would like to warn you, human or not you are being hunted down by an angry family of vampires.” Putting you down Michael smirked,
“So Y/N, are you ready to live your life as a fugitive?”
“Yes,” you grinned back. You would do anything to stay with Michael. Even if it meant giving up your old life.

Luke Veela

It took a few years to realise that you couldn’t get pregnant. You and Luke tried and tried but it never worked. Eventually you went to a doctor who finally told you what you had suspected.  For a while you felt as if you couldn’t look at Luke. You felt as if it was your fault.
“I’m sorry Luke,”
“What for?”
“That you had to be mated to someone who couldn’t give you children.”
“I would rather I had you and no children then millions of children and no you,”
“Millions of children?” you smirked. It felt good to do something that wasn’t a frown. “We both know why I can’t have children.”
“The curse.” You nodded  at his answer. You both sat there in silence until you had an idea.
“We could adopt?”
“Well I was cursed because an orphan veela stole the stone. If we adopt we could stop another veela family being cursed by an orphan veela. I mean we have a new family stone and it hasn’t been used yet. If we adopt an orphan veela the stone will then belong to them and their descendants.” Luke grinned.
“That is a great idea Y/N. We can go talk to the council and see if that logic works but I don’t see why it wouldn’t. you are brilliant.”
“I know,” you grinned. You stood up, “Lets go now.”
“Yeah why not now? We’ve been trying for years and now we can go see if we can finally get one.”
“I’m so glad I got fated with you Y/N,”
“I’m glad too,” you blushed. You really were. You were Luke’s soul mate and he was yours. Your bond was so much stronger than any other married couple. You would never fall out of love or get divorced. You would be together forever.

Calum werewolf

Your prediction was correct. Calum would become the greatest Alpha. Well, the greatest alpha you know. You can’t really make a judgment. Especially when biased. But the wolves respected him and followed him through everything he said and not through orders but through love and loyalty. They even accepted his judgement to help Michael the ex-vampire and his girlfriend hide in their camp as their wolf scent will mask their scent from the vampires who were trying to kill them. Of course people were a bit weary at first but after a few months they were truly part of the family. When you gave birth to a boy the wolves were happy they had found the new Alpha to be. When your son turned 10 he changed for the first time. You couldn’t have been prouder. Of course to anyone else having your son turn into a giant dog may have been strange but since The Luna was guiding you she helped soften the blow of strange things. When he was 16 you were shopping in town with him looking for new school supplies when he bumped into a girl knocking her flying. He quickly grabbed her and from that moment he never let go. You took them both back to the camp and told Calum what happened.
“Remember when we met?” you asked,
“Yeah, you missed the fact I had turned from wolf from to a boy.”
“I was distracted.”
“Distracted by my handsomeness?”
“Shut up Calum,” you pushed him slightly.
“you also called me a puppy. Last time I checked puppies weren’t the size of cars.”
“I wish they were. How great would that be. Giant puppy. I wish you were a giant puppy.”
“you are so lucky I love you. You are so strange.”
“But that what makes me great!”
“Yes it is.”

AN: There we go! That is the end of my supernatural 5sos series! I’m so glad you guys have enjoyed this enough to want 9 parts! I mean wow! I don’t think you know how happy you have made me feel! I’m sad it has come to an end. Of course I will write other imagines in the future if you want to read them or even request them!  But this series will have a place in my heart :)


speaking of things i wish other people were writing so i wouldn’t have to:

bokuaka where akaashi is crazy drunk when bokuto meets him (bokuto is designated driver for other people at a party bc he never ends up drinking but likes hanging out) and drunk!akaashi is a riot and keeps giggling and having stupid ideas and bokuto’s like “WOW this guy is cool!” and they hang out for a while and bokuto ends up giving him a ride home too bc he’s wayyy too drunk to be left to walk home alone

and akaashi definitely tries to get on that (though drunk akaashi’s seduction techniques are less than great. he just clings onto bokuto’s arms like “man you are fckn weird lookin’ but damn is it working for youuuu~!”) and he tries to walk into his apartment but he falls up the stairs and can’t get back up, so bokuto has to carry a stranger into his apartment. akaashi immediately accosts him like “ok, take me now!” (bonus points if he somehow managed to get naked while bokuto wasn’t looking) and bokuto’s like “yeah no, you’re way too drunk for that” and akaashi’s like “if i was drunk could i do this?” and falls off the bed and nearly hurts himself.

so bokuto’s really torn bc he cannot have sex with this dude right now but he also can’t leave him alone bc he’s going to die?? probably??? so bokuto just keeps refusing him and sits with him until finally akaashi passes the fuck out on top of bokuto and bokuto falls asleep there

and wakes up to extremely grump hungover akaashi who is like “why are you in my apartment” and bokuto explains and so akaashi is super embarrassed and decides to buy him lunch in exchange and bokuto has a chance to get to know him and he’s just… like.. the least bubbly person ever

and akaashi is like “yep see i’m no fun, now leave me alone forever” but for some reason the crazy guy who drove him home and didn’t sleep with him is suddenly like “NO I LIKE YOU FIVE THOUSAND TIMES MORE NOW” and proceeds to do his best to woo akaashi

and he does ofc somehow

Settle Down Kids (Simon D x Reader

You met Kiseok through your best friend Hyuk-Woo. You and Hyukwoo have been besties for 6 years now, way before he got signed in AOMG, you supoorted each other and been there for each other when you needed someone. At first you didn’t want to meet the guys, you didn’t want to get involved with his work, but he insisted. One night you agreed on going out with them, so they can finally meet the infamous friend who Hyukwoo speaks so highly.
That day you decided to go all out, you wore a black bodycon dress that was a few inches away from your knees with a very generous cleavalage, you straighten your curly hair and wore a maroon lipstick with gold smokey eye and sharp contour, with your favorite blood red heels. Whe you entered the V.I.P area Hyukwoo rose to his feet and hugged you with a bright smile
“You are late”
“I like to make an entrance, also do you see my eyeliner? that shit does not happen on it’s own”
You defended making you chuckle. He was well aware of your love with make-up, he turned to the guys who already had their eyes fixed on you. Especially Kiseok.
“Guys this is my best friend, please be kind”
You greeted everyone with a friendly handshake, introducing yourself. Last one to take your hand was Kiseok, who took your hand and let a gentle peck on your knuckles, making you lose you lose your cool for a sec.
“Pleasure to meet you love”
By the end of the night you had exchanged numbers and a kiss on the cheek. He was determined to get you, but he knew this was not going to be easy, if it was any other girl he could bring her to his home for an exciting night, but you set the boundaries, he was so intrigued by that strong flame in your eyes, the confident way you walked and talked, you were comfortable in your own skin, you were flirty, bold, you were refreshing.
“Such a woman”
He said to himself when you left as he saw your car getting lost in the busy road.
Now he was no stranger to dating, he had his ways of flirting. But with you it was like he met the female version of himself, especially when it came to texting. He always let the girl kinda sweat, being cold and playing the game of waiting, leaving texts on read, replying casually. The problem was you were just like that, it took hours for you to reply, sometimes you would even reply the next day, you dissmissed his cold texts, but out of the blue you would say something flirty which got him riled up. He had to win you over, you made it a very exciting game for him, it was like you both tried to make the other give up and say something sweet, sometimes it was you sometimes it was him, he never knew who was going to lose.
Your first date was dinner over his place, it was classy but also in the comfort of his own home. When he opened the door he was stunned. You wore a maxi gauzi red dress with thick straps and V shaped cut, your hair up in a slick ponytail, you wore a nude lipstick and dark brown eyeshadow and cat eye eyeliner, with beautiful golden low necklace that touched your sunkissed skin. That night was the night he realised how much he wanted you, the playfull personality, the firey eyes, the seductive smirks, your strong personality. A true queen for his kingdom.
It’s been a year and you are officially together. It was like you were made for eachother, so alike. Which was the reason why the people that knew you did not understand how you haven’t killed one another. You were always teasing, always playing around, it was so fun to watch you two go at it.
Today was one of those days. Hyukwoo invited you over to the studios since it was a slow day and you gladly joined them. You sat in the living room joking around with the others
“Babe can you-”
You said to Kiseok who looked at you suprised. You smiled at him, it was time for the jokes, as soon as guys saw you devilish smile they knew they were in for a treat.
“You don’t even-”
“I don’t care”
You cut him off again. You stared eachother for a moment, until he pulled you in and got you in a headlock.
“What did you say?”
“Fuck off Kiseok”
You said, struggling to get out of his tight grip.
“Put her in her place”
You heard Elo say and the other laughing. That’s when you got a bright idea, you took his hand and bit into it. He yelled but did not let you as he attempted to suffer through it, but you bit harder, he let go off you and you could finally sit up and fixed your hair
“What’s wrong with you?”
“You were the one that put me in a headlock”
“And you bit my hand like it was your steak”
That’s when Jay decided to join in the fun, but stop the bickering.
“Settle down kids”
“Shut up Jay”
You said together. You looked at eachother and fistbumped, Jay pouted and leaned back in the couch
“The only join forces when they want to insult me”
You laughed at Jay. Kiseok then decided to play a joke on you and get revenge for his sore hand.
“Babe can you get my phone from the other room?”
You groaned and got up, walking to the room he was before.
“Your phone is right here”
Seonghwa said, but Kiseok shushed him. He run behind you and when he saw you go in he closed the door and locked you in.
You said and knocked the door. You heard him laugh, the other walked over to you and saw kiseok laugh hysterically
jukyung said smilling at his silly CEO. You kep banging at the door, after 5 minutes he let you out and you punched his chest
“You never want to have sex with me do you?”
You said and walked away from him. He smiled at your empty threat
“I always want to have sex, I wanted this morning but we didn’t have time”
He stated. He knows how private you were, you hated talking about your sexual activities, it was personal. You turned to him and walked to him, wrapping your hands around his neck pretending to choke him
“Do you want to die?”
Everyone laughed at the scene. They loved how silly you were with eachother, it was like you were friends more than lovers. You unwrapped your hands from his neck and he put his around you waist lifting you off the ground and over his shoulder.
“What was that sweety?”
He said. You punched his back and kicked your feet, telling him to put you down, he walked to the living room and then put you down
“You are such a jerk”
You said and sat down in the couch. He sat next to you, he tried to touch you but you pushed his hand away
“I’m a jerk, I carried your ass here. You are welcome”
You went for a punch but he caught your hand and turned your wrist in a very uncomofrtable position making you flinch and pull your hand away from him.
“I hate you so much, motherfucker”
“Once you have kids I will be a motherfucker”
Everyone was stunned by Kiseok’s jokes. He teased you but it was never in a dirty way, so they were mad hyped about this. You hid your face in your hands in embarassment, he placed his hand on your back but you pulled back
“No,get the fuck off of me”
“Hey guys do you want to play a game? It’s called, how much of a weak bitch my gf is”
“No I want to play another game. Guess who is not having sex tonight, I vote for Kiseok”
You fired back. Everyone was clenching their stomachs not able to control their laughs, this was such a gold moment for them. But Kiseok was not done, far away from it
“Fine. Don’t come purring to my ear while you cuddle me”
“You don’t even cuddle. Your back is turned to me all the way to the other side of the bed, sometimes I think you cheat on me with Seonghwa, cause you hug him more than you hug me”
By now the guys controlled themselfs and just watched the show that was going down. Seonghwa even whispered to hyukwoo his wish of having pop corn right now. Kiseok and you were going at it pretty hard, you were smilling at eachother in a teasing way, rilling eachother up was 50% of your relationship. The guys don’t know how you havent’s end up in a fist fight
“What? I hug your clingy ass all night, everyday I am the one that says goodmorning and gives you a kiss”
“and then I feel your stanky ass breath”
Kiseok licked his lips to hide his smile, he knows you can keep this up all day
“all those other complaints. Wow girl”
Jay defended his friend, adding fuel to the fire. He never wanted this to end
“I don’t need no goodmorning”
“Yeah that’s why she cried when a car almost hit us from my side”
He said to the guys. It was true you were pretty sensitive when it came to car crashes and kiseok getting hurt.You kept bickering for a while but then it died down. It was finally time to go home, you did your night routine and layed on the bed with one of his big shirts, he layed next to you and cuddled you, your face buried deep on his chest as he caressed your hair as you tangled your feet.
“Good comebacks today. I’m proud of you”
You said to him. His chest shook meaning he was laughing. He kissed your head and brought you closer
“Thank you baby. I love you”
“Love you too”

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