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Us Against the World

A/N: Wow, one more chapter and this story will be done!! Once Spiderman Homecoming comes out, this story will be redone to fit into movie canon, so keep an eye out for that! In the meantime, feel free to send in more requests about Peter Parker!! I just love that boy and I wish he existed so that I could shower him with love and affection

Part 1, Part 3

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(Y/n)?” Your name is accompanied by your being shaken like a rag doll. (Y/n)!”

Your eyes fly open, and the shaking stops. Peter’s staring at you, his face pure fear and drained of color, but he looks so, so relieved to see that you’ve woken up. You don’t remember passing out; all you remember is sinking, exhausted, onto a stone bench to catch your breath, keeping a careful eye on the ferry that Tony Stark was pushing to shore.

Either Peter had rushed to find you after Tony Stark had swooped in to save the day – no, you think groggily, looking up at the dark sky, he’d probably gone home first – or Ned Leeds had ratted you out. You know where Ned lives, and you swear you’re going to hunt him down and kill him tomorrow.

With a growl, you try to get your legs under you, but they refuse to cooperate. So it looks like you’re stuck here with Peter. You settle yourself back onto the bench with an exasperated sigh.

At his gasp, your hand flies to your nose, wiping away the wet warmth that trickles out from your nostrils. Peter passes you a white handkerchief, starched and neatly pressed, which you take and press to your nose, watching the white fabric bleed into red.

“What are you doing here?” You mutter, looking at your bloodied hands, at your Converse, anywhere but at Peter Parker.

“Uh, I was about to ask you the same thing,” Peter says hesitantly, arranging himself awkwardly on the bench. “Weren’t you in –”

“– In jail?” You ask primly, arching an eyebrow.

Peter flinches. Face scrunched up in misery, his eyes stay glued to the grass underfoot. You sure have a way of burning people’s pain into them; which, in your opinion, is more useful than your current skills-set. But you can’t very well tell him that you’ve come back to check up on him, see that he hasn’t killed himself swinging off buildings. No, you have too much pride for that.

Much to your relief, Peter does not press you for details – nor does he whip out his phone to call the police.

“I came back for a little bit,” You say instead. “Why are you here?”

“I heard you,” He admits quietly. “I heard your voice. When I was on the ferry. You were screaming my name.” He slides a wary glance over in your direction, probably wondering if you’ll blow up again. “You were helping me back there, right? Thanks.”

You’ve thought so hard about what you’d say to him – I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was angry. I thought you betrayed me. You did betray me. I was scared you were going to die. I would have gone back to the Raft if it meant that you could live. But now nothing comes out.

“Not playing hero tonight?” You quip sourly, when the silence becomes unbearable.

His expression crumples. You’ve never seen Peter like this before. Your sunny, optimistic, energetic Peter. Peter who is a force of nature and who always knows what to do. But now, he looks lost. As if his entire world has been ripped out from underneath him.

His emotions push at you, a strong and tangible thing. There’s helplessness. Guilt. The words – “But I’m nothing without the suit!” – looping through his mind, over and over again. An image of Tony Stark, his eyes redlining with anger as he snaps, “What the hell do you think you were doing?”

There’s a loud crack, and you startle, your eyes open wide, back into the park. Your mouth opens and closes soundlessly, surprised to be back in your body. It’s odd to feel the heavy sensation of arms and legs again. A sharp axe buries itself in your skull. Your stomach flips, but you don’t think you’ll vomit. Your bones hurt considerably, but that, too, is a passing feeling.

“Stark took back the suit,” You guess, wiping at the blood pouring out your nose with Peter’s handkerchief, already stained with red poppies.

His pained expression tells you everything. At first, you don’t think Peter’s going to say anything, but then the words rush from his mouth. “He was my hero. I-I wanted to be just like him. I thought – by helping people, I could, even if it was just a little bit.” He shakes his head. “He wanted me to be better than him. But I don’t know how.”

You tip your head up to stare at Cancer twinkling far, far away. This is your first real glimpse of the night sky, away from the city lights of Queens. You’d never thought you’d miss seeing the sky and stars, but now you long to grab every cubic centimetre of the murky blackness and clutch it to your chest.

Willing your voice not to crack, you speak slowly. “You like chocolate fudge cheesecake. You like strawberry milk. You want to pursue a career in photography when you grow up. You’ve smuggled chemicals out of the lab to take back home. You go dumpster diving with Ned on Tuesdays and Sundays. You wish you could give Flash Thompson a good punch so he’ll leave you alone. And you have a massive crush on the uber-popular Liz Allen.”

Hugging your knees to your chest, you rock back and forth on your tailbone. You still can’t quite bring yourself to look at Peter Parker’s pale, moon-glazed features. “You’re not Iron Man 2.0. You’re Peter Parker. You’re Spiderman. It doesn’t matter what you do, or how you change, suit or no suit. No matter what, you’ll always be a hero.”

You peek through a curtain of hair to find Peter staring at you, studying your features as though he’s never seen you clearly until today. You get a feeling in your stomach reminiscent of free fall.

“You’re Peter Parker,” You say again. “You don’t have to aspire to be Tony Stark. As you are now, stopping robbers and saving people from car crashes and fires . . . You’re already being better than him.”

“You really think so?”

“I just said so, didn’t I?”

“Thank you,” Peter says softly, smiling for the first time since you’ve started talking.

Nod. This time, your legs are steady enough to support your weight. Having said your piece, you sling your bag over your shoulders and stand.

“I’m sorry,” Peter blurts out, pinching his lips together.

You stop dead in your tracks, saying nothing, but willing him to continue. The back of your hand smears the beginnings of tears across your eyes. The last thing you need now is a reminder of what the two of you used to have; it’ll only make it that much harder to go.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have let them take you away.” Sorrow deadens his voice. “I should have done something. (Y/n), I know you probably hate me now, and it’s fine if you do, but I just want to you to know that I’m so, so sorry –”

He breaks off with an umph, catching and holding you steady right after you throw yourself into his arms. You crush your face into Peter’s chest, your tears wetting the front of his shirt. It’s a cold night, but Peter’s arms are warm around you as he pulls you closer. His hands are nervous butterflies, moving from your shoulders, to your hips, to your arms, as though he isn’t quite sure where to put them.

“I’m sorry, too,” Your words come in tight bursts, hot tears streaking down your cheeks. “For everything.”

“It’s okay,” Peter whispers, pressing his cheek to the top of your head. “It’s okay. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

You can only sob harder into his shirt.

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So I was introduced to your art a while ago, and wow. Like, I was looking through some of your oldest posts and was like "wow wish I could do that, this is amazing" and I just found your tumblr and found out you've grown so much in ways I didn't even know was possible. Your art is so advance and unique and I wish I could see your work endlessly because it fits my aesthetic to a T. Have an excellent day you are crazy talented and hard working.

Thank you so much! I always get discouraged that I am not improving or expanding. Im trying my best to solidify some foundations in my art and the more I learn, the more I find that I have a lot more I need to work on haha. I hope to keep improving and share cool aesthetic stuff with you! Ahh thank you so much for a such a kind message! 

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Request: GOT7 and BTS using one waiting room... enough said.

The members bowed as the entered the male waiting room. The staff directed them to their section as the stylists and coordinators rushed in with their supplies and equipment.

The boys dropped their bags onto the floor and took off their jackets as they were preparing for the stage rehearsal.

“Oh!” Jackson exclaimed. The others looked to see what he was looking at. “It’s Bangtan!” he said, waving excitedly at the boys at the other corner. Bangtan looked at GOT7 and smile before replying with a wave as well, making the rest of GOT7 wave back.

As it normally is, the leader is always suppose to greet the other leader. Once Jaebum took off his jacket, he made his way over to greet and handshake Namjoon, Bangtan’s leader.

“Sunbae,” Jaebum started, “how is everything so far?” he asked as the members from both groups started interacting with one another.

“Ah, no need to call me ‘sunbae,’” Namjoon grinned, “you’re the older one here!” he chuckled. “It’s been going well. We just finished composing another song for our next album.”

“Wow,” Jaebum nodded, extremely impressed. The leaders continue to talk as the other members began to talk to each other. Jackson leaned on Jaebum’s shoulder and joined in on the conversation.

“I wish we could do that,” Jackson sighed. “PD-nim always makes us write these compositions and lyrics, but he always writes our songs for us.”

“But,” Jaebum interrupted, “his songs are good! They fit our style.”

“No, no, no,” Jackson shook his head, “I think Rap Monster’s songs are more of our style. They’re deep with meaning and are beautifully composed.”

“Jackson, my man,” Namjoon chuckled as he pulled in Jackson for a hug. “You’re too kind, you’re too kind.”

“I’m serious though,” Jackson laughed as they pulled away from their hug. “If I had the same writing skills as you, I would definitely write songs for our group.”

Jaebum made his way over to the mirror where his stylist was as she pulled him out of the conversation. He sat down and noticed Hoseok sitting next to him as he was getting ready as well. The two greeted each other.

“Are you ready for the broadcast?” Hoseok asked with a smile. This would be one of the first times Jaebum’s talked to Hoseok, and he’s always heard that his smile is so contagious that you smile as well. Jaebum now fully understood what everyone was talking about.

Jaebum responded with a nod, making his stylist a bit angry as he was moving his head too much. “Yeah,” he said aloud. “Though, I’m a bit worried with the microphones. Last time we were here, Mark’s wasn’t working correctly and we all had to switch to hand-held mics.”

“Oh, that’s tough,” Hoseok said in response. “But, hand-held mics are pretty good! We use them all the time! I think they get a better grasp on our voice and they project our voices better to the audience!” 

Wow, Jaebum thought. Hoseok could literally help anyone even with such a small complaint like the use of microphones.

“No you can’t!” Taehyung laughed as Bam Bam scrunched his nose.

“Can too!” Bam Bam argued back. 

“Alright, let’s bet!” Taehyung suggested. 

“I’ll bet my lunch box today!” Bam Bam nodded. Taehyung gasped in shock. Why would anyone ever bet their lunch for the day? No matter. He bet the same thing, sure that he would never lose his lunch.

Suddenly, Bam Bam let out a loud burp, making everyone in the dressing room stop what they were doing and turn their attention to him. “Not bad,” Taehyung nodded, subtly impressed. “But, not good enough!” Taehyung swallowed a bit of air before belching out a burp, louder than the first one.

“That was just a warm up!” Bam Bam snickered. “I’ll show you a real burp!”

Just then, Jinyoung came back from the bathroom, with Seokjin who accompanied him, and saw the two members with their burping contest. “Yah!” he screamed from the door way. “What do you think you’re doing!”

“Taehyung-ah!” Seokjin screamed out as well as the two of them went on over to the burping duo. “Just what do you think you’re doing?”

“Uh,” Taehyung coughed as he stood there looking at the ground, “having a burping contest…”

“Why on earth are you doing that? Here? Out of all places?” Jinyoung scolded Bam Bam as Bam Bam looked over at Taehyung who was getting nagged just as much as him.

Seokjin and Jinyoung continue to lecture their respective group member, meaning that their bet was a draw and they couldn’t continue with their competition. However, they both had a sly smile on their face. This wasn’t over, it would definitely continue another time another day.

“Golden maknae?” Yoogyeom asked as Jungkook nodded his head. “Why do they call you that?”

“Because!” Jimin interrupted as he wrapped his arm around Jungkook’s neck, “He’s a good singer, a good dancer, a good rapper, and a really great performer!”

“Hyung,” Jungkook coughed as he looked at Jimin, “please take your arm off of me.” Jimin apologized as he did as he was told.

“Hyung!” Yoogyeom said as he tapped Mark’s shoulder as Mark was sitting next to Yoongi. “Why don’t you guys give me a title like that?”

Mark paused the music from his phone as he looked up at Yoogyeom. “What? Golden maknae?” Mark asked. Yoogyeom nodded. “Well… Um…”

“Because you could be the platinum maknae,” Yoongi interrupted as he pulled the earbuds from his ears. “Platinum is higher than gold–”

“Hyung!” Jungkook wailed as he pouted at Yoongi.

“It’s just a suggestion!” Yoongi said as he gave a cheeky smile to Jungkook. Jungkook scrunched up his nose as he turned his back to his hyung. “I love you too, maknae,” he snickered. He put his earphones back into his ears as he drowned everyone out again.

“Yah, hyung, why don’t you talk to Mark hyung?” Jimin suggested as he pointed at the two on the couch who were next to each other but were busy on their phones. 

“We already greeted each other!” Yoongi said as he paused his music once more. He took an earphone out and tapped Mark who paused his music. He offered his hand to Mark and the two shook hands while giving a little bow. “See? We just greeted each other twice!”

“I have snacks!” Youngjae announced as he came back with bags of food. Hoseok was done with styling so he went over to Youngjae to help him distribute the food to both of the groups.

Youngjae passed a bag over to Yoongi. “Suga-sunbaenim! This is for you!”

Yoongi happily took the food and asked Youngjae to sit down next to him as Youngjae nodded and sat. “Y’know, you might be my favourite member,” Yoongi grinned as he slung his arm around Youngjae.

“Hyung!” Jimin frowned as he heard of the compliment.

“I meant in his group! Not ours!” Yoongi explained. 

“Jungkook,” Yoogyeom called out as Jungkook looked up from his bag of food. “Do you have a favourite GOT7 member?”

Jungkook raised his brow as he stuffed his mouth with food. “That depends… do you have a favourite Bangtan member?”

Yoogyeom and Jungkook squinted at each other, pretty sure they were thinking the same thing. “One the count of three, “Yoogyeom began, “we’ll shout our favourite.”




“Maknae!” Yoogyeom and Jungkook shouted in unison. They lifted their arms in the air and high fived each other as if they both won the lottery. 

“Wait, I’m a part of the maknae line!” Jimin said, feeling a bit excluded from the younger ones’ fun.

“Me too!” Youngjae said raising his hand. He looked over at Jimin and the two high fived each other. “We’ll be each other’s faves,” Youngjae suggested. Jimin nodded in agreement.

“Excuse me!” Yoongi scoffed, “I just said you were my favourite!” Youngjae couldn’t hear Yoongi’s comment as him and Jimin were deep into their conversation about what it’s like being one of the youngest in the group. Yoongie sighed, tapping Mark’s shoulder.

Mark looked up in confusion as he stopped his music once more.

“1993 buddies?” Yoongi asked with a smile. Mark smiled back and nodded as the two bumped their fists together.

All the boys continued to interact with one another before Bangtan was called in for a wardrobe change followed by the stage rehearsal. They bid a farewell to each other as everyone exchanged hugs, high-fives, handshakes, and laughs.

GOT7 remained in the room. They gathered near each other as most of them were already done with their hair and make-up. One thing was for certain: they would hope to share a waiting room with Bangtan again as soon as possible.

themod444 replied to your post: You have a lovely choice of titles for your boys,…

Ok, wow, these keep getting better and better. I love “Celestial Rose” and “Dreamcatcher” in particular~ One part of me wishes that I could take giving titles to my guild more seriously

Thank you~ Celestial Rose is for Kamali because he’s so pretty. Drayce will give Loukas the Dreamcatcher name because he’s never actually seen him sleep and Loukas takes it because “Fuck you, Dray” :D

I have quite a list of titles. It’s all the matter of them actually fitting (You have no idea how many potential titles take up 16 characters…) and which ones fit best to their profiles I’ve made for them - and the potential roles they could play in a potential eo5 fanfic :3c

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if you need a rec, i think portreehq is pretty cool! daddariorpc did a nice opinion about them.

wow, bringing up my love @daddariorpc ? if kellen talked about something, there’s already a 12/10 chance i already looked at it tbh. i really like the premise of the rp, it’s dark and it’s something i could see myself joining if i had muse for something more twisted, or was a bigger fan of mumu rp’s. i wish ‘em the best of luck, but i don’t think it’s a fit for me right now. thank you though, sweetness !

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Do you know any good reincarnation/multiple lives au's? Like cloud atlas or something. You guys are awesome, I love you <3

Oh wow I wish there could be a kaisoo story inspired by Cloud Atlas!AU (I haven’t come across any by far?) So, hopefully there’s gonna be one in the future C:

Now to the request - dear anony you hit the jackpot *w* cause when there’s a reincarnation/multiple lives au, it’s legit more than good heck these ones will emotionally fuck you up either in a good or bad way:

  • Kaleidoscopes - i just T___T

  • Athanasia - (this one counts too) TT_______TT

  • Aegis - hunger games au + mama au very A++++ i can’t tell the main element that makes this story fit into this category because it’s highly spoiling hah

  • Edge of You and Me - edge of tomorrow au + mama au extremely quality story (contains the same particular element as in Aegis)

  • Arbitrage - yup of course you can’t miss this one /sobs again T^T

  • The Four Times Kyungsoo and Jongin Could’ve Met - this one is fluffy and lighthearted (to heal your chest pains from all the fics above) 

  • The Bottom Line - dope af - the ending is where the fun begins :)))

  • Curing his Fear of Love - ot12 + kaisoo-centric w/ some sesoo (Jongin is a vampire and Kyungsoo is his dead lover reincarnated)

  • yesteryear - reincarnation!au / soulmates!au for the love of kaisoo please please read it. this is The Fic of the Year to me i shit you not. must. read. it. 

Btw, all of them are from 5k to 49k most of them are between 10~20k words (which i absolutely dig) and holy crap i just love these AUs so much ;;;;;

Please enjoy!^^ 

- Admin J

A quick MITAM review for you from me.

1.) Hey Angel - What a way to kick off this album…! A tall and dominant song. That beat is like a train coming at you, and I liked this from the first listen. I looove the “Bittersweet Symphony” resemblance it has, I also hear some Oasis in this tune. Love the anthemic vocals. The way Harry sings “Hey angel, tell me do you ever try to come to the other siiiIIIIIIde?” like, dammmmmm. I love how rocky he can get his voice to sound.. Flawless delivery. Fantastic tune. 

(I’ve given my opinion on the next three songs many a time, but some quick thoughts again.)

2.) Drag Me Down - Still a JAM, still a favorite of mine. This a song that takes a stand, this is the song you take with you to war. It pulses. Love the slick groove, the brash guitar riffs, and the powerful lyrics. Harry’s high notes… 10 stars in the book for him. And his little laugh at the end.. pls. 

3.) Perfect - I actually find myself loving this more and more. It’s like the perfect pop song. It follows the pop-song-recipe to the dot though, but it’s still a little cheeky, which I like. The way Harry sings the word “rendezvous” is enough reason to love this song. 

4.) Infinity - The last minute of this song with the crescendo is the best part for me. I think the choruses and verses before that are okay, but I love waiting and getting that build up.. and the there’s just fireworks everywhere. Absolutely love the Coldplay-esque ending with Harry’s high notes backing it. 

5.) End of the day - I was so hopeful when I heard Harry’s first verse. Love the lyrics in that first verse. “I told her that I loved her, was not sure if she knew. The roof was pretty windy and she didn’t say a word.” Suuuuuch charm over those lyrics. I love the piano trotting along to Harry’s vocals, it’s a light, airy start, but it falls through on the choruses for me. I don’t love them, they’re too jarringly out of place. I appreciate them taking the risque, but no :p But then we come to Liam’s verse, and he sounds so good. A very cool high-note from Louis in this, and the high-notes from Harry towards the end are fantastic. (Can honestly say that Zayn didn’t strike my mind not even once whilst listening to this album the first time. Didn’t miss his high-notes or vocals at all, the other boys, (mainly Harry as he has most of them,) are nailing the high-notes like it’s nothing. 

6.) If I Could Fly - Love how they stripped it down, and that we get to hear the strings and the piano so clearly. The vocal delivery from the boys is again, so damn good. It feels like they’re standing in your living room singing to right to you, it’s so intimate-sounding. So believable. The way Harry sings “I hope that you don’t run from me,” breaks my heart. The way he pronounces the word ‘me’ especially. His voice slightly breaks on that word, and it just feels like longing. Gorgeous. “I’m missing half of me,” again, amazing. His voice is so layered, and in this song he evokes emotion. It’s warm, and he brings that air of desperation that you want to hear in a song like this. At least I do. And the way Harry goes up in falsetto at the end there, and his voice backing the other boys towards the ends… Regardless of what’s inside of you, forget it … tears. 

7.) Long Way Down - So serene and organic. Def brought me back to “Drops of Jupiter” by Train, and I get a slight John Mayer feel from the guitars on this, and that’s a huge compliment. Gorgeous guitar tone, love the hooks. Love how Niall sounds on the first verse, and Louis on his verse. I’m not a massive fan of his voice, so I prefer it when he leans back with his vocals like he does on this tune. Lovely. And again, Harry… Fucking brings IT. This song feels like a warm Summer’s day. It feels like a light breeze. Like the first sip of coffee in the morning. Like a warm hug. I love it.

8.) Never Enough - When I first heard this song, I was so puzzled and surprised lol. It gives me a Jungle Book feeling or The Lion King vibe or something, haha. But I absolutely dig it. It’s unstoppable. The ‘HOAH’s’ are wicked. Such a catchy song. “Lips so good I forget my name.” Yes, niiiice one. “Come Owwwn!” AH! I’m also so madly in LOVE with the sax on this!! So funky and cool. Again, Harry drives the chorus in a superb way. Love when Liam is riffing and backing Harry in the background towards the end, so slick and effortless from Liam. You can tell that they had a lot of fun with song, it’s like the no-holds-barred song on the album. FUN, FUN, FUN song. 

9.) Olivia - Beatles vibe allllll the way, and what’s not to love about that. I love how they’re not afraid of trying new things and exploring new landscapes. Love the strings and the horns. Love this; “This isn’t the stain of a red wine, I’m bleeding love.” Also the lyric “Don’t let me go”, a nice little throwback to Harry’s song titled the same..<3 And the bridge is sooooo pretty, oh my gosh. The way harry sings, When you go, and I’m alone, you live in my imagination. The summertime and butterflies, all belong to your creation.” so lovely, love those lyrics too. The way in which he alters his voice to fit each song on this record blows me away. This song requires the sweet in his voice, and you get exactly that. Everything in this song is so delicately arranged. “”Olivia” was Harry’s genius.” - Bunetta. TRUTH. 

10.) What A Feeling I got emotional listening to this song, it was love at first listen. They’ve used the 70′s and 80′s influences in a fantastic way with this song. I feel like I’m listening to a concoction of the best parts in songs from bands like Bee Gees and Fleetwood Mac. They’ve gone old-school, but they sound CURRENT. It’s still highly original. Swaying, sexy beat, KILLER chorus, great lyrics, fantastic instrumentation, the bridge, vocals, every piece of the puzzle fits. I want to go road-tripping with this song, windows rolled down, wind blowing in my hair, total bliss. Or go roller-skating with my friends and get drinks afterwards. California-vibing. “What a feeling to be a king beside you somehow.” Always down for guys who address women as queens. (We need more of that in music today.) When the instrumentation stills and you hear their harmonies.. wow, and then the beat kicks in again, and you get those soaring harmonies in the background over the lyrics “I wish I could be there now.” I could cry, it’s so beautiful and impactful. This song is a scintillating collection of beautiful melodies and sky-scraping harmonies, and this is now one of my favorite songs.. ever. 

11.) Love You Goodbye - Another full-volume tune… The intro has a short haunting feel to it, which I love. "If tomorrow you won’t be mine, won’t you give it to me one last time.“ Uh, YEAH! So hot. When the music stills and you just get Harry singing “Oh why you wearing that to walk out of my life,” beautiful. Love the guitars near the end in this song too. Good stuff. 

12.) I Want to Write You a Song - Oh, be still my heart. With minimal guitar strumming and vocals, this is simplicity at its finest. It doesn’t bite at you with a complicated melody or a lot of production, it kinda just nudges you on the shoulder and invites you in. I love that you can hear someone writing softly under this song, a very clever detail. This song is a treasure. The melodies, the harmonies…The way they go up in falsettos, just exquisite vocals. But Harry’s verse after the bridge.. It makes me weep. The way he sings “Everything I need I get from you, and giving back is all I wanna do,” God, those lyrics and his earnest delivery hits me right in the heart. I couldn’t be more in love with this song. <3

13.) History - First thought; the perfect camp fire, sing-a-long tune. Very catchy, sweet lyrics, homely vibe. A flavored, rootsy and wooden tune. Not a fave, but I love the sentiment. I love what they wanted to get across with this song. And it’ll probably grow on me.. :)

14.) Temporary Fix - Would’ve loved to see this in the original edition! Kinda has that The Kinks, The Strokes vibe to it, which I dig. And again, color me impressed! Harry’s deep timbre, his almost growling vocals on this dirty little number crawls up my thighs. Again, he alters his voice to fit the sentiment and the mood of the song.. He’s incredible okay. “Your body is saying everything, I don’t have to read your mind. Feel you on my neck while I’m calling a taxi. Climbing over me while I climb in the backseat.” What a lovely imagery… And Harry’s scream… Yes. I’m about this life. I love this song. 

5.) Walking in the Wind - Again, would’ve loved to see this one on the main edition, it’s too good for it not to be, imo. This track is right up my alley, and I feel like it has Harry written all over it. They’ve drawn all the right influences from Paul Simon on this, from the drumming beat to the vocal delivery, it’s all very Paul Simon-y, in the best way. The first verse is one of my favorite lyrical parts on the album. Excerpt from it; “If you’re lost, just look for me. You’ll find me in the region of the summer stars.” Ahh.. beautiful. Love the vocals from all of the boys on this so much. The chorus is amazing, and Harry killsss the bridge too. Towards the end, Harry is driving the chorus, but he’s also the one doing backing vocals and the high notes, and Harry on top of Harry is gold in my ears, haha :)  A deeply warm, spellbinding, tasteful song. 

16.) Wolves - Love the chorus, love the “Ooh-ooh-ooh’ hook. Again, Harry is sounding fantastic. “When the wolves come out, headed straight for your heart, like a bullet in the dark.” Love that line. I get a little early Coldplay/Bruce Springsteen feel on this tune, and I love that. Cool number. 

7.) A.M. - Such a delightful and sweet closing number. I love the message this one has, it’s so relatable. A total chill, unpretentious song. It feels like we’re there with them, talking, drinking, hanging out as friends. It’s so conversational. “We’re just swimming around in our glasses. And talking out of our asses.” I adore this song, and I want to hug it. 

This is a strong, melodic, coherent and absolutely charming album that veers from moments of absolute greatness to moments of touching simplicity. It’s a very well-crafted and detailed album, yet they have left room for some rough edges. It’s artistic and exploratory. It’s got so much HEART. And they’ve never sounded better. Individually and together. I’m so incredibly proud of them, and seeing them love this record as much as I do, absolutely warms my heart. I’m so fucking proud of what they’ve created whilst touring and living hectic lives. And if you keep in mind what happened prior to this album, it’s even more impressive. I love these boys, and I hope they get a ton of praise and critical and public acclaim for this album. They deserve all of it and more. *pops the champagne*