wow i will not recover from this

me, an autism w schizophrenia: i can literally never recover this is not something i can recover from it is a permanent part of who i am

random people on the internet: wow this is anti-recovery

This is a picture of the Mirror’s October 10, 2017 article:

Does George Michael’s heartbreaking last interview reveal a key clue to his death last Christmas?

The former Wham! singer opened up on losing his first ever love and the death of his mum in tragic scenes

George channelled his heartache into an ongoing legal battle with his record label, Sony. He had felt his 1990 album Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1 was marketed poorly and accused Sony of “professional slavery”.

Lifelong friend and former manager David Austin, who was co-director and executive producer on the 90-minute documentary, said George learned that Anselmo was dying during the court case.

He says: “All these things happened at the same time. Obviously nobody knew, he hadn’t come out at the time. He was on the stand… he hadn’t come out, his boyfriend was dying, he was holding this close to his chest, which was just devastating for him.”

George lost his High Court battle in July 1994. “The whole thing was a complete waste of time,” he says.

Bought out of his contract by Virgin, his grief inspired the 1996 album Older, including his ode to his lost love, Jesus to a Child. But as George started to cope with his grief, he was dealt another devastating blow.

“I had about a six-month period where things were OK and then I found out that my mother had cancer.”

In December 1996, Lesley was told the disease was terminal and she was allowed home from hospital to spend a final Christmas with her family.

George was at her side for her final few days at London’s Charing Cross Hospital in February 1997.

“I was so spiritually crushed after mum died,” says George. “So crushed and felt so bloody picked on by the gods. For all of my adult life she was phenomenal. Terrible, horrible loss.” He admits he “hit rock bottom” in the following years, sinking to a new low from which he never fully recovered.

“I took it very, very badly,” he reflects. “I’d never felt that kind of depression. It was something different to grief. It was on top of grief, I was grieving for my mother still, but it was something else. It was the darkest time.”

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hi!!! I just wanted to ask if you know any fanfic where Yuuri or Viktor are doctors?? btw I LOVE your blog!

Hi! Thank you for this request! I LOVE this AU! Let me know if I missed any!

Doctor/Nurse AU

oxytocin and serotonin by half_n_half, Not Rated, 10k (WIP)
Yuuri loves being a surgeon. He understands that the hours are long and the immense responsibility that comes with holding a human heart in your hands is nearly crippling, but something makes it all worth it. Little did he know, the years put into medical school would wield something greater than adrenalin.
Victor Nikiforov. WOW! Amazing so far!

Stretch by cosmonaut_field, Teen, 19k (WIP)
Competitive figure skater Viktor Nikiforov injures himself on vacation right after winning another gold medal and is in need of a physical therapist. Enter the quiet Dr. Katsuki. Great fic!

Butt Stuff by Plumpie, Explicit, 9.7k (WIP)
AU in which top Japanese male figure skater Katsuki Yuuri is recovering from an invasive (and frankly, quite embarrassing) surgical procedure, and his visitation nurse turns out to be terribly, terribly attractive. If only they had met under less humiliating circumstances. SO GOOD OMFG I LOVE THIS FIC

Paging Dr. Katsuki by katsudon_s
Night shifts are never particularly fun for Yuuri, but a certain patient might be able to change that. Omg I love this so far!

got me weak in the knees (doctor, please) by wartransmission, Gen, 9.9k
For as long as he’s known himself, Viktor Nikiforov has never been the type for gossip.That being said, it was a surprising thing that he got intrigued at all by their resident physician. Very cute!

shaky when i came to be by apollothyme, Gen, 4.3k
He goes for another triple axel just as his breath is about to run out again, only this time something is wrong. He knows it as soon as he jumps into the air, but by then there’s nothing he can do. AU where Victor became a doctor instead of going into figure skating and Yuuri is a lucky patient. LOVE!

it must be the caffeine by cyanoscarlet, Gen, 1.5k
“If it’s any consolation, I only got hot water from this thing,” Victor admits, tapping a hand over the button for the 3-in-1 coffee. “It cost a quarter, too.”
Katsuki lets out a sound between a snort and a laugh. “Wow, that sucks, Doc.” Let it be known that The Doctor Is In (Love). Thumbs up!

Chemistry of a Car Crash by super_queer, Not Rated, 6.5k (Omegaverse)
Katsuki Yuuri gets into a car accident and the doctor caring for him is Viktor Nikiforov. Features fluff, and a Viktor that doesn’t know how to ice skate. I haven’t read this, but it was rec’d to me by a follower!


I tried to make them kinda different, but in the end they still wound up pretty similar, Please Forgive.

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Straight White Boy Problem #986

Some of my bros are always holding protein shakes or gatorade bottles because they are always working out and I’m like. Yes dude. I respect the hell out of that. I love having fit bros! But what I DON’T respect is when BRADY is holding a Gatorade bottle because he doesn’t work out and is usually using gatorade to recover from a hangover and I’m like wow dude you are so smart I should be like you JUST KIDDING I don’t get drunk every FRIDAY night! Just every other Friday night and sometimes saturday

Ong Seongwoo; brother’s best friend

Member: Seongwoo // Wanna One

Genre: Fluff

Request: Can I request scenario with Seongwoo where he’s your older brother’s best friend? Like he’s known you since you were in middle school so he’s like a second brother but now you’re going to start university and he starts to notice you’re not the same little girl anymore


Originally posted by 080717

  • damn that gif has my booty poppin
  • alright let’s do this shit
  • seongwoo is your older brother's handsome af best friend
  • so two have known each other since your cringy middle school years
  • yeah he even caught you dying your bangs with kool-aid one time
  • your life almost ended right then and there
  • it didn’t really matter though tbh because he just saw you as his best friend’s dorky kid sister
  • but you’d always had a giant crush on him
  • I mean look at him??? who wouldn’t
  • you turned down all your countless not really suitors because you KnEw deep down that oNe DaY seongwoo would fall madly in love with you
  • spoiler alert: it never happened
  • as you grew older, you matured and your crush subsided
  • not completely though
  • your heartbeat would still speed up every time he got a little too close, or playfully teased you
  • eventually you reach your second year of high school
  • seongwoo and your brother, daniel though you call him euigeon to piss him off, are long off to college
  • seongwoo still visits the house frequently, as daniel hasn’t moved out yet
  • you and seongwoo have gotten a little closer to the point where you consider him like family 
  • family that you have a huge crush on
  • but by now you know he doesn’t see you the way you see him
  • you get asked out by the cute guy in your chemistry class, bae jinyoung, and for the first time, you accept
  • he’s definitely handsome - he was voted most handsome for freshman superlatives until park jihoon transferred 
  • he’s also pretty popular with the girls
  • seongwoo finds out from your brother and teases you endlessly about your first boyfriend
  • but one time your friend describes how they feel about their boyfriend, and you realize something is wrong because
  • you don’t feel that way about jinyoung
  • you test it out, but he doesn’t give you the feeling he should
  • he doesn’t give you the feeling seongwoo did
  • when you break up with jinyoung, he’s surprisingly okay with it
  • you found out later this is because he had developed a crush on an older transfer student from china
  • fast forward two years later, and you haven’t seen seongwoo in at least a year, ever since daniel finally moved out
  • for your high school graduation, daniel, of course, comes to support his lil sis
  • and can you guess who he brings with him
  • that’s right
  • the pope
  • wait what,,, I mean seongwoo
  • and he’s definitely gotten more mature and handsome
  • what what you don’t realize is
  • so have you
  • when seongwoo spots you in your cap, gown, heels, and makeup, he does a double take
  • you look completely different from when he last saw you
  • and suddenly he realizes this little girl he’s always known??
  • she isn’t a little girl anymore
  • well he’s shook
  • and he’s wondering like,, why is he getting flustered over his best friend’s little sister??
  • the one who wore only boy’s clothes until 8th grade and dyed her hair with kool-aid in middle school???
  • no of course he couldn’t be attracted to you
  • but then he catches you laughing at something daniel says and his heart is all like “!!!”
  • and he’s like ‘maybe I’m sick??? yes!! that’s totally it I probably have a cold there is no other explanation’
  • after the summer, you end up going to the same college as the two of them
  • and you meet up with them on a regular basis
  • sometimes daniel can’t make it, so it’s just you and seongwoo
  • and you two get mistaken for a couple way too often
  • you’re always the one to deny it first, thinking it makes him uncomfortable when that happens
  • he doesn’t really know why, but he wishes you wouldn’t be so adamant about it
  • daniel starts disappearing more and more often with shady excuses, so you and seongwoo hang out alone more often than you do with daniel
  • one day, daniel slips away again and you’re getting really suspicious now because:
  • “did he just say,,, he had to wash his cats?”
  • “yeah,,,”
  • “didn’t he say he had to wash them last week??”
  • “he could be very conscious of his cats’ hygiene needs,”
  • “seongwoo,,, he washes his cats like every two months,,,”
  • “,,,that is suspicious indeed”
  • and so next time he flakes on meeting up, you two decide to secretly follow him
  • he’s pretty clueless, so he leads you right to where his destination is
  • and boy oh boy
  • your big brother seems to have a little crush
  • or a big crush
  • that happens to be mutual
  • basically, you catch him making out with one of your close friends on the campus lawn
  • both of their faces turn bright red when you step out from behind a tree and confront them
  • “so… secretly dating one of my friends huh?”
  • “y-y/n~ please don’t be mad~” 
  • “well, tbh,,, I don’t really have the right to be mad”
  • and they’re all like “??? what”
  • “actually,,, I’m dating jaehwan,”
  • daniel is shook
  • “jaehwan? kim jaehwan? from the soccer team?”
  • seongwoo is like 99.98% sure he’s sick again because like,,, his chest is tight all of a sudden??? and his throat feels like it’s closing
  • he’s like ‘why am I feeling sick so much recently I was always fine before’
  • later, back at their apartment, when daniel mentions jaehwan and you, seongwoo rolls his eyes like a 12 y/o boy
  • “they can date or whatever, I don’t care what she does or who she dates”
  • well that sounds an awful lot like he does care, daniel notices
  • and he smirks
  • “bro you jealous”
  • “whaT??? jealous?? of who??”
  • what, ong seoNGWOO?? jeaLOUS?? ofc not never
  • “of jaehwan, dumbass”
  • “why would I be jealous of jaehwan lmao”
  • “maybe because you like my sister”
  • “,,,, i never said she did”
  • #seongwoo #exposed
  • “so she makes you blush then huh”
  • “sHUt tHe F–”
  • surprisingly, daniel is actually hella chill about it
  • or maybe not surprisingly
  • daniel’s pretty chill tbh
  • so basically he becomes you and seongwoo’s biggest shipper and secret matchmaker
  • for instance seongwoo conveniently becomes your assigned tutor when you’re failing your math class
  • and wOW when you need a ride, daniel convEniENTLY can’t make it, but sEoNgwoO certainly can :))))
  • and cOnVEniENTLY you and seongwoo find yourself locked in a classroom one night, after you had to retrieve your misplaced textbook
  • certainly not the work of someone whose name starts with d and ends with aniel
  • you’re like “but the janitor knew we were gonna be in here??? how did we get locked in??”
  • and he’s like “,,,, dunno" 
  • cue awkward avoidance of eye contact
  • after many unanswered calls to daniel, seongwoo suggests you let it be
  • after all, it’s not like daniel will pick up
  • “,, what does that mean?”
  • and after about ten minutes of occasional small talk (but mostly awkward silence), seongwoo decides to ask a question he really doesn’t want to know the answer to 
  • “so,,, how are you and ,,, jaehwan?”
  • “what about him??”
  • “isn’t he your boyfriend?
  • “oh hahaha,, I just said that to get back at daniel for lying to me”
  • “wait so,,, you guys aren’t actually together?”
  • you’re like: “nope”
  • and he’s like ‘this is my chance!!
  • “y/n?”
  • “hm?”
  • he waits until you look up from your phone
  • and then bOOM, he plants one right on your mouth
  • you almost die right then and there because !! ong seongwoo is kissing you !!
  • and you can feel the smile on his lips when you recover from the shock and start kissing him back
  •  and wow this is better than any kiss you’ve ever had before
  • seongwoo moves his hand to behind your neck, pulling you closer
  • when you finally break apart bc you need to breathe
  • though sacrificing air for kissing seongwoo is something you wouldn’t be against
  • seongwoo swallows and finally says: “I like you”
  • and you’re trying not to scREAM bc like
  • “I’ve waited way too long to hear that,”
  • like the dumbass seongwoo is i say, as I sigh over how dreamy he is, he’s clueless
  • “wait what??”
  • “I’ve had a crush on you since middle school, seongwoo”
  • and daniel chooses this moment to violently swing the door open and shout “i kNEW IT”
  • yeah he gets his ass beat
  • #worthit

Future master in training

Yay! I’ve updated finally! Thanks a lot for your patience and support.

Well, I made this outfit design in 2012 (wow!!) partially based in those from Birth by Sleep. Curiously, I was thinking in Sora training to become master when I designed it five years ago. And now, knowing that Sora is officially travelling to Olympus Coliseum for training (Thanks KH 2.8!), I decided it was time to recover it with a bit more mature Sora!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I’m thinking on posting the original 2012 design on Instagram just to compare (✿◠‿◠)

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superficial things i wanted from missy in S10 before it aired: a regeneration scene of simm to gomez, seeing missy’s tardis, missy saying “you WILL obey me,” flirting with bill, being generally a diabolical badass bitch.

things i actually got: great character development, a lot of heartbreak, and shipping twissy suddenly and without warning (cue more heartbreak)

things that happened that i wish i could have seen: missy doing tardis maintenance like why was this not filmed ?!?

Drummer! Ong Seongwoo

Masterlist can be found (here)

Summary: college! au + brother’s best friend! au
Based off: Seongwoo’s gif & this prompt (@dailyau & @fullhomosapien)
Genre: fluff
A/N: Everyong literally witness my meltdown upon seeing the musician’s gif of Seongwoo. I was watching Master Key while typing and thanks to that, all the fics that that are coming out during my hiatus are all Ongniel 

“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.”

  • A drummer for a College Band and plays for a lot of music festivals
  • Despite not being a ‘professional’ band, there are lines of people waiting for them to perform
  • He started learning to play drums at a very young age
  • 7 years old Seongwoo wanted to be different from his peers who were playing piano and violin, so he chose to play the drums
  • At the start, he was really bad
  • Mainly because he was a really hyper kid and just couldn’t sit still to the point where the teachers had to tame him with candy
  • As time progresses, he improved a lot
  • He started out the band with his best friend, Daniel, who plays the bass
  • They organised an audition and soon enough they had Jaehwan as the lead vocal, Minhyun for the keyboard and Sungwoon for the guitar
  • They started out by joining competitions like the ‘Battle of the Bands’ soon hit popularity because good songs + pretty cute people = instant success!
  • This equation doesn’t make any sense irl like at the people who slept at nu’est smh
  • Seongwoo loves his drum sets A LOT
  • Since it was the first thing he bought with his own money after receiving his paycheck from songs he had done demos for
  • While he plays for the band, he teaches drums to children at a nearby orphanage while juggling with his studies as a medical student
  • Has a fanclub who literally goes to watch him to perform so they admire his handsome profile while playing drums 
  • If only they can see the 4587 horrendous photos of Seongwoo he sends to his streaks on Snapchat 
  • His studies are pretty decent even when he is super busy all the time
  • Had the highest amount of votes for ‘Most likely to conquer the World’ for his college superlatives because he is literally everywhere ngl
  • Hands down won 'Most Handsome’ by a landslide 
  • He is the drummer but he gets a lot of singing lines because, for some ungodly reason, he can do both at the same time without breaking a sweat
  • hi where do I sign up to worship ong seongwoo
  • His drumsticks are really cute since it was the one he used since young so they still had those spongebob stickers he and Daniel had stuck when they were younger
  • Here’s the thing, you were Kang Daniel’s younger sister
  • You grew up seeing Seongwoo by your side since the day you came back from the hospital tbh
  • He had been there when you still had your braces and even time when you got them removed
  • Or witness your emo phase where you had those embarrassing bangs you proudly cut yourself and pretty much wore fishnet stockings along with you skull decorated converses everywhere
  • But you had been his #1 supporter from the start on his musical skills
  • Like you did listen to his playing with a serious expression and critique his performance later on
  • Daniel was done with the two of you
  • You always had a huge crush on him like whenever Daniel read you bedtime stories, you will be like 'seongwoo is my prince charming!!!!’
  • Daniel gets so flabbergasted when you see you want to marry him cause he’s like ‘no no Seongwoo is my bromate! You can’t have him!” (oneniel detected)
  • I mean have you seen him?? 7 years old Seongwoo is just as fine as he is now;;;;;;
  • Which lead to Seongwoo using that to tease you in middle school to give him your gummy bears
  • You did deny it, saying it was a silly turn but good lord, your crush grew bigger as he and your brother became more mature and started breaking hearts
  • The only thing you had against him was your height
  • Like you were the same height with him when you were 12 and he was 15
  • Whenever he goes 'Didn’t you used to like - ’ 'HI SHORTIE!’
  • It was in your family genes since Daniel was already one head taller than Seongwoo by then
  • But when you turned 13, you had moved to an all-girls boarding school as your mum had previously been an alumni and religiously believed that 'all-girls school is the best education for a young lady’.
  • You only dropped by home occasionally but you never really had the chance to see Seongwoo since he was always busy
  • Daniel did tell you that he had drums practice, theatre performance or even a football game
  • You only got updates through photos that you begged Daniel to send whenever he could
  • While you had gotten more mature and the crush on Seongwoo fizzled, you were just sort of interested in his well-being???
  • He was the like the ex you never had LOL
  • But also because you had 0 male interaction in your school so like technically the last person you ever had a crush on was still Seongwoo so you were sort of attached 
  • When you finally graduated high school and came back to your hometown to join the local college
  • You had been meeting with your few friends the last few day but Daniel wanted to introduce you to his bandmates that you had been hearing a lot of
  • You didn’t have a clue who played in it since he refused to share with you but their songs were very much to your liking
  • Especially that one voice who always sung the bridge
  • You dropped by the garage since Daniel wouldn’t be moving out until 3 months later when he graduated from university
  • Daniel greeted you with a laugh as he started showing you his member
  • Your jaw dropped when you saw the drummer fiddling with his drumsticks like he was rly CUTE,,,,,
  • Your brother introduced you to the rest of the bandmates but your eyes were pretty much set on the drummer
  • Let’s just say you had the shock of your life when you realized it was Seongwoo
  • But wow your heart literally skipped a beat when he pat your head and went all 'who’s the shorty now huh?’
  • Like it was supposed to be teasing but knowing he became taller than you just made you go ???? what is my heart doing
  • Photos really didn’t do him justice or maybe because Daniel is just bad at taking photos but Seongwoo literally looked amazing - just like before
  • Your heart accelerated when he moved in to give you a hug and whispered in your ear that he was glad to see you
  • The younger you would probably have thought he was in love with you but age can really change someone
  • Best friend’s little sister - that was all you were to him
  • College went on as usual and Seongwoo sometimes dropped by to have lunch with you since you took the same major unlike Daniel
  • You two definitely became closer as he also sort of tutored you when you needed help for your chemistry class
  • Close enough that you asked him what do you do when you were asked out by the cute guy in your physics class, Park Jihoon
  • In your mind, you were hoping that it would like one those sappy romcom where the male lead gets jealous and say something like don’t accept him and go to me instead
  • But this wasn’t a drama but reality instead
  • This time it really hit you that you needed to completely move on when Seongwoo was amused and asked you to accept him right away
  • So you did but you realized something was wrong
  • You didn’t feel anything with Jihoon
  • You did blush when he fed you but  it wasn’t like with Seongwoo where you felt your heartbeat skipping so fast and your stomach was doing summersaults
  • On the other hand, Seongwoo didn’t exactly know what the heck was going on with his feelings
  • When he saw you at the garage, no longer dressed in your brother’s hands me down and in something fitting and grey contacts on, his heart wasn’t listening to his mind
  • You were clearly his best friend’s sister so why was he reacting to you this way ???
  • He pushed it behind him, telling himself that there was definitely some sort of explanation for that
  • Maybe he just wasn’t feeling well that day or you know he just misses you,,,, 
  • As friends, that’s all, nothing more than that
  • You definetely weren’t good for his poor heart 
  • But he really didn’t know how he had become frozen in his seat and his head started spinning when you had told him your boy dilemma
  • He wanted to tell you to say no, to be with him instead yet his throat felt dry and something else had come out
  • Something a brother’s best friend should be saying instead
  • “Go for it! I will be there if you need more advice.”
  • It was a week later when Daniel had brought up the topic on you and Jihoon
  • Apparently, things were going pretty well with you two as you had already told your parents about it
  • But Seongwoo scoffs at the news, saying that you were most definitely going to get your heartbroken since jihoon was a fuckboy
  • Daniel was like, “why are you being so salty???”
  • Daniel was like “yeah sure whatever you say bro” but it’s like the boys instinct or whatever, he knows that Seongwoo definitely had something on you
  • While you didn’t think you were 'in love’ with Park Jihoon, it still hurt when he had dumped you like Seongwoo had predicted
  • After all, he was your first boyfriend but Daniel was having none of it and make sure you didn’t spend your time moping around
  • He told you in order to recover from your heartbreak, you should learn a new skill and be productive
  • You thought it was pretty ridiculous but you comply since well, he was still your older brother
  • You were like 'oh i really want to learn a music instrument since young!’
  • Conveniently, Daniel has read an article 'somewhere’ that playing the drums really helps with heartbreak (can anyone sense the amount of sarcasm in this sentence)
  • Even better, Seongwoo was free to teach you in mastering the drums like wow such good timing amiright???
  • Even if Daniel placed the opportunity right in his hands, he still didn’t think it was right
  • He was extra careful around you and honestly, you made a really good student
  • You learned things really quickly and you made the effort to practice as much as you could afford to
  • But the atmosphere between you changed
  • You couldn’t get one technique so Seongwoo came over and place his arms around your back and settle his wrist on yours to guide you
  • You could hear his breathing and just the scent of his which smelled like peppermint and fresh laundry
  • You turned around and like your face is barely inches away from his
  • You noticed all the small things you had never seen before
  • Like the mole under his eyes, his sharp jawline along with his deep set of mesmerizing eyes
  • He backed off immediately and that was when you knew your answer
  • Two heartbreaks in a month wasn’t something you’d be proud of but what could you do about it?
  • Daniel didn’t know anything as he passed you tickets during dinner for the college festival his band will performing in two days
  • It will your first time seeing them live and while you wanted to be excited, you couldn’t help but think of Seongwoo
  • You had ruined a perfectly good friendship but you knew the tension you both had wasn’t going to go far,,, it had to end somewhere
  • Two days later, you were amongst the crowd but Daniel found you immediately and waved which you did the same
  • Seongwoo looked surprised at your presence as you noticed him whispering something to Daniel
  • You didn’t pay much attention but looked at the list of songs they were performing
  • Great! Your favourite song was on the list
  • The festival started and like everyone else, you immersed yourself in the music
  • When your favourite song started playing, something seemed to be calling out to you as you looked at the band
  • There was an uncomfortable thing tugging at your mind when your favourite line was coming up
  • That was when it happened
  • Seongwoo sung the lyrics of your favourite line
  • But this time, you locked gaze with him
  • It seemed like no one else was beside you as you two shared the moment of him seemingly dedicating that line to you
  • “When you love someone so much that it overflows. It’s so amazing because this is how it is.”
  • “You’re such a soft-hearted person. Every time you are silently in pain, even if I have to give my all, I want to make you smile again.”
  • As it moved on to the next person, he smiled at you and nodded
  • When it was time to see them backstage, rather than talking to Daniel, Seongwoo whisked you away to the empty waiting room
  • “When I was teaching you …. I wish I had pulled you in and do this.”
  • He leaned in and kissed you, taking your breath away
  • Soft lips pressed against yours for the first time and you leaned in
  • You moved his hands and placed it on your waist
  • You gasped when he tugs your lower lip with his teeth and you could feel him smirking
  • He continued kissing you as he picked you up by having your legs wrapped around his waist
  • Everything came to an end when there was a knock and you could hear Daniel shouting that the stage crew wanted everyone to leave in 5 minutes
  • He gently set you back on the couch and you giggled as you buried your head in his chest
  • It ended up with you having messy hair and his white buttoned up being wrinkled
  • But it didn’t matter anyways when you both laughed at each other
  • “Feelings mutual huh?”

Requests are always open & Feel free to inbox me anything at all  ♡

i guess people are so used to oversharing on shit websites like this that the concept of “just because I do not talk about this issue Online does not mean I do not care about it” is a completely alien concept to them.



this is my primarily hobbyist shit that i happen to occasionally hammer out personal shit about every now and again.

i get enough political shit from my friends, from my family, and from even overhearing discussions sometimes at my work, because I work at a fucking college where they teach advanced courses in social justice oriented issues, teaching, therapy, and people recovering.

i do not want to talk about Trump on here. that fuckin narcissist is in enough prominence. i can’t look at twitter while logged out or on any fucking news site without headlines that are a heady mixture of inconsequential fart he made and actually damaging shit he’s trying to do.

do you get that?

don’t let this website guilt trip you into constantly engaging with political shit that makes you fuckin nauseous

“Buried” (Chapter Three)

Well… Tony and Steve see each other again. It goes about as well as you think lol Excited to hear what you guys think!

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Enjoy :)


South America

“Mister Stark!” A woman came jogging towards him through the soft layer of mud, one hand stretched out invitingly, the other trying to keep her hat on her head as the helicopter wound down. “I am so happy you made it! We were starting to think no one would ever come!”

Tony waited until he was clear of the helicopter before answering. “Sorry about the last minute reply. We spoke on the phone right? You must be–”

“Melissa.” She supplied helpfully, shaking his hand and leading him onto drier ground. “Forgive the mud, it’s the end of the season you know, so we had an early burst of rain and it about washed us out.”

Tony glanced down at his sturdy boots and jeans. “A little mud isn’t going to hurt anything. It’s not like I’m wearing two hundred dollar shoes.” Tony smiled faintly at the pretty blonde, thinking about another blond ten years ago who had just outright laughed about the amount of mud Tony was trudging through.

He definitely preferred the pretty girl who apologized for the mud.

“Rain is coming already this year?”

“Yes, we are actually packing up a week early because the weather is changing too quickly. Can I take your bag?”

“No.” Tony laughed a little and hefted his backpack. “It’s fine. Heavier than it looks, don’t want you struggling with it

“Why did you bring a bag? Are you staying overnight here? I assumed you would be staying in the city?”

“I’d like to stay here.” Tony admitted. “I’d like to see the camp and site and take some time to make an informed decision. My dad funded this for so many years that I’m not going to just shut it down because I took over.”

“I was so sorry to hear about Howard.” Melissa put her hand over her heart sympathetically. “He was so wonderful about funding this project and when it got bigger he even paid for the security team we needed to–”

“Security team?” Tony interrupted as they ducked under the low door of a thrown together cabin. “Why a security team? I wasn’t aware that there were more than just college kids and some staff at the site. There wasn’t anything in the file about a security team.”

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bomberguy77  asked:

Do you have stress and panic issues ?? It seemed like you have...

I do have stress issues and… no I don’t mean it like “ohh i feel pressured! I’ll whine about my stress on the internet!” I mean like an actual health condition. Whenever I feel worried about something or sad, I usually don’t show emotions. I’ll always look happy no matter the situation which is good and bad.

I’m a very optimistic person, but the bad part about this issue I have with stress is that since I don’t show emotions I have no idea if I’m stressed or not UNTIL my body starts acting up. Like, horrible stomachaches, I feel like I can’t breathe like a panic attack out of nowhere, things like that and I’ve ended up in the hospital more than once only because I hold my emotions inside and as a way to let all of that out, body starts acting up like that.

Sad thing is that I don’t know what’s up until I reach the critical point, like I get a horrible stomachache and then I’m like “oh wow so I WAS worried about that after all”.

That along with other chronic illnesses I have makes it a really difficult situation for me. This isn’t something you can recover from, so… I’ll just have to learn to live with it, and hope it doesn’t kill me lol

Fair Date

Summary: It’s your birthday, and your best friend, Peter Parker takes you out to the fair.

Word Count: 1,866.

A/N: This was written for my main hoe @heaventide since it was her birthday earlier this week. She deserves nothing but love and happiness, but she also deserved this fic too. I fucking love you dude!!! ps: tell me if you guys likED THE CAMEOS I INCLUDED

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anonymous asked:

What if Jason found a half dead kitten on the street and nursed it back to health?

Jason and a kitten, yessss!!!!! (im on mobile sorry for everything.)

He finds the kitten in an alley while he’s getting some dinner because he’s too tired to cook. He crouches down to look at the tiny, scruffy kitten on the dirty ground, lying on their sides, meowing softly.

Jason stops. Of course he stops. The kitten is thin and obviously hasn’t eaten anything filling in a while and Jason should leave the kitten or find an animal shelter but the kitten purrs and Jason isn’t strong enough to leave them to die.

He gets some towels when he arrives at home so the kitten will be warm and comfortable. Jason goes online and reads some sites how to nurse back a kitten to health because he knows jack shit about how to take care of an animal. He buys everything the kitten might need because his money might go to worse places than this.

It takes weeks before the kitten can walk around more than ten minutes.

Things that definitely happens after Fangs (yes, that’s her name) is up and healthy:

Fangs finding Jason’s chest the most comfortable place to sleep and Jason doesn’t move so he doesn’t wake her up. Damn his good heart.

Fangs snuggling to Jason’s neck when he’s laying down and then walking over him and Jason phones rings and Fangs steps on his face and yes, cat hair in his mouth. Nice.

Fangs hissing when there are strangers in Jason’s apartment. So like the first time Duke comes over, Fangs hisses at him from the table and–

“Wow, dude, why is she looking at me like she wants to kill me?”

“Huh, yeah that sounds pretty serious. Don’t worry I will protect you.”

“Har-har-har. Why do you even have a cat?”

“She blackmailed me to take care of her. She’s dangerous.”

“You’re a dork, oh my god.”

Ok, but Jay waking up from a nightmare and Fangs just snuggling closer and licks his face and “yes okay thank you cat but that’s not comfortable at all.”

Jason trying to let her go after she recovers and he opens his window and everything but she just stays on his bed and meows. “Yeah, I wouldn’t leave either.”

Fairy Tail Chapter 543

Well I didn’t predict this…

The Avatar arc, where Natsu beat god… Wow is this fitting.

We open up where everyone is recovering from the blast, but without skipping a beat Gray has a plan. Ice Make another ship with Lyon.

Erza and Mira are gonna take Acnologia. Yeah remember this.

So we cut to Lucy and the other cats in the air. Freed has a really good idea to make a Jutsu Shiki, that way Acnologia can’t nuke them while charging magic. We then get a flash back to the first time Lucy and Natsu met.

Wow way to end this emotional flashback with a panty shot. I joke, but this scene is reeally nice. Nice call back, nice emotion, nice characterization.

In fact this whole opening is really good. How do they fuck this up? Well we cut to the ravines…

Y’know Natsu having this speech about how dragon’s are gentle and like humans, as well as the idea that dragon slayers being both human and dragon, would actually be a really strong and appropriate speech. If we didn’t have that the scene in Natsu’s heart where he rejected the dragon power! Not only that, but in the heart, Natsu didn’t take the advantage to have Igneel in the noble role that he should’ve been. Instead, Igneel was an expository machine.

Oh this scene… For those of you who don’t know, that little girl is Sonya from the dragon cry movie. Her backstory with Acnologia is considered one of the worst things in the film. But that was bad mainly because of the idea that Acnologia became a world destroying dragon slayer because of this girl he may have had a thing for. Well I’m glad that it does try to justify that Acnologia had lost his family and his land as also a motivation, but as someone who’s seen the movie will know HE ISN’T BOTHERED HIS PAST ANYMORE! He doesn’t care anymore, and while you could make the argument that he became like that and embraced his destruction, no time has been given in showing this tragedy or his shift in mentality. It’s almost like Hiro wanted to have his cake and eat it too, like in Rave. Having Lucia as the sympathetic villain, while Endless was the natural disaster. The problem is, both physical and spiritual Acnologia, are both Acnologia! It’s hard to ring out any sympathy for him, when he’s spent all this time being a monster with no nuance.

Back to the fight…

Natsu survives massive blast Acnologia released (presumably because of Wendy), and this happens….

Natsu gets the power of all 7 dragons… Fuck off! No, this is bullcrap! You want to know something? I actually like Natsu! I don’t hate him like others do. I genuinely think, as a character, there is a lot of likability to him. But this? NO! You don’t deserve this moment, why? Because this was a job for the the 7 DS, not. just. Natsu. There was a reason why only Haru could defeat the dark bring, because as rave master only he could destroy it. But this, this bullcrap. Just made so Natsu can take the spotlight and seem awesome, while negating all the build up of watching the 7 DS fight alongside each other. Fuck off. 

Also, what does this change? First of all, 7 elements doesn’t tip the scale in your favor. Look at God Serena who had 8 elements! It didn’t matter, he still got owned. Then there’s this little bit from last chapter…

If no magic works on him, even DS magic, regardless of how many you’re using at once, it will result in the same way.

back in the real world

The ship is complete and Lucy for no reason turns into her Aquarius form. Yeah there’s no reason for that. She does reference Aquarius, but it’s not like the gress is going to add Aquarius’s feelings to the shere.

And now this…

Okay, so by we’ll take Acnologia, it just means Erza will force him to the ground. Thanks Mirajane for not being relevant to that. Also these swords. Now what was it that you said last chapter Erza?

So I guess non enchanted swords can still work, huh? Now, I’ve heard the idea that it’s just the force of the attack that pushes him down, I could buy that. But the problem is when you’ve spent all your time just talking about how nothing will work on him, seeing this inconsistency is just hollow.

Also I love the actual dragon slayers don’t get to put up a fight against the dragon and are struggling with just his human body, While the non dragon slayer, without help, is effectively gaining the upper hand. I guess it’s just cause, say it with me for probably the last time folks, She’s Erza.

On a positive note I do actually do like the coordination here, with Juvia and the ice makers getting acnologia on the ship.

Also I really like this scene with Carla offering a hand to Chelia. It’s really small, but it works.

Great way to undercut Lucy’s badass moment with another panty shot. I wouldn’t mind it if this wasn’t the end all be all moment for this grand plan. Let Lucy have some badass dignity while casting this.

“You’re the King”… I think I know what will be Acnologia’s last words.

Post Chapter follow up: This fucking chapter, wow… I’ll start with the positives. The opening is strong, it shows all the character as competent, it creates a fast paced setting where they need to act fast, and it’s great.

There are great moments of character here. From the combination of Gray, Juvia, and Lyon, to the moment shared between carla and chelia with no dialogue, to Lucy’s memories.

But then the chapter takes such a turn for the worse. It piles up inconsistencies from previous chapters. Things that could be vouched for, like the strength to launch swords strong enough to force Acnologia or Natsu’s speech about the kindness of dragon, feel like backtracking in the narrative.

The worse is now we have a villain trying to be sympathetic, but it’s so late in the game it doesn’t work. Add on a character quite literally stealing the spotlight from the other 6 who we’ve spent years on building up, just because the main character needs to shine.

This chapter is not the worse, but unlike the others the majority of it, isn’t spent on something that’s good, like Lucy’s moment or character’s getting a spotlight. It’s weighed down.

Final Verdict: 4/10

  • Starts strong
  • 2/3s of the chapter is lazy writing
  • Inconsistency

“i was hoping you could write something where like, you have a bestfriend for a long time and you always insult eachother and joke around A LOT until you let him spend the night and you both start complimenting eachother and get all flustered and he ends up awkwardly trying to kiss you and etc. ( the more blushing and awkwardness, the better )”

This person messaged me to give extra details, which you can totally do because it’s easier for me to write! I combined it with this request cause I thought they fit well together:

“Could u make one when ur walking out of school to go home + u literally bump into him + he decides to walk u since ur houses r in the same direction + when u get to ur house u invite him in + watch a movie, cuddle, kiss and cute fluffy stuff happen😊”

Word count: 2.9k

You watch the clock on the wall, counting down the seconds until the bell rings. It’s the last period of the day on Friday, and right now the second hand is the only thing standing in between you and the sweet freedom of the weekend. 5…4…3…2…1… the bell goes off at last and you jump up and exit the classroom before the teacher can assign last minute homework.

Once you have all your things and you’ve waved goodbye to your friends, you push open the front doors of the school and step out, breathing in the crisp air with a smile. Ahhh, Fridays. Like the tasty dessert after an unpleasant meal. You adjust your backpack straps and start walking home, thinking about what you’ll do with your weekend.

The sidewalk makes a right angle and you cut the corner a bit, walking across the grass. As your feet hit concrete again, something slams into you and you fall over.

“What the-” you look up, trying to identify your attacker. An outstretched hand descends from the sky, and behind it, there is a concerned face saying “Sorry, sorry, sorry!” It’s your best friend and crush, (c/n).

You grab his hand and let him pull you up, brushing the dirt off your butt. “Thanks for that,” you say sarcastically.

“Sorry!” he says one more time, hands held up defensively. “But I must say, it’s your fault for walking right in front of me like that. I don’t have the best reflexes when I’m on a moving bike,” he adds, reaching down to pick up the fallen bike in question.

You laugh. “My bad, you’re probably right. Bike is okay?”

He pats the bike and nods. “Better question is, are you?”

“Yeah I think I’m good,” you reply, pretending to check for broken ribs. “Bones are all intact.” You flash him a smile and start walking forward again.

“Fantastic,” he says, walking his bike beside you. “Heading home?”

“Yes, I’m very excited to veg out in front of the TV for several hours.”

“Same,” he agrees. “Why don’t I walk you home, to make sure you don’t get yourself into any more accidents?”

“See, the problem with that logic is you’re the reason I fell over in the first place,” you point out. Plus your house is on the way to his anyway, but you decide not to mention that.

(C/n) thinks about this for a second. “I guess you could say you…fell for me?” He grins charmingly.

You clap a hand over your mouth to keep from laughing. “Wow, we really need to work on your pickup lines,” you tease. Of course, you secretly think it’s cute as hell, and you have no problem with being on the receiving end of said cheesy pickup lines. That won’t stop you from giving him a hard time, though.

“Are you suggesting you’re better at this than I am?” He arches an eyebrow in a silent challenge.

“Definitely,” you say confidently.

“Alright then, impress me with your flirting skills.”

“Okay, get ready for this cause you’re gonna be blown away.” You smile and flip your hair for extra effect. “Are you a fire alarm? Cause you’re loud and annoying,” you finish, smirking at his expression as he processes what you said.

“That was not a pickup line!” he protests.

“Well, it was true!” you tease.

He shakes his head disapprovingly. “This is why you’re still single.”

“Hey!” You punch him in the arm. “Like you’re any less single than I am.”

“Fair enough,” he concedes.

“And I think I should warn you that you can’t get girls by running them over,” you advise sagely. “Generally not considered very romantic.”

“Really, cause that’s what I’d call making the first move!” he jokes.

You sigh. “Hopeless. Absolutely hopeless.”

You arrive in front of your house, but hesitate before walking up to the door. You don’t want to stop talking to (c/n). “Hey, (c/n), uhh…you wanna come in for a bit?” You bite your lip nervously.

(C/n) grins. “Okay, sure.”

He parks his bike against the side of your house and then follows you through the front door.

“Are you hungry?” you ask him as he looks around the house, taking everything in. He nods absentmindedly. You search through the kitchen for something worth feeding (c/n). After a minute or so you emerge from the pantry with a bag of microwaveable popcorn, and hold it up, shaking it up and down. “Popcorn?”

(C/n) looks up. “Perfect.”

You put the bag in the microwave, which emits a chorus of pops. (C/n) comes over, making popping noises with his mouth. You laugh at him. “You weirdo.”

“Dude, we should totally watch a movie,” he says suddenly as you pull the finished popcorn out of the microwave. “We’ve already got the popcorn, haven’t we?”

You shrug nonchalantly, hiding your eagerness to spend two plus hours with (c/n). “Why not, it is Friday after all.” You lead him down to the basement and plop down on the couch in front of the TV. He sits next to you, close enough that your thighs touch. As you open Netflix, he puts an arm around your shoulders. “Netflix and chill?” he asks, wiggling his eyebrows.

You laugh. “You’re still not cute. Getting warmer though!” You scroll through the available movies, conscious that (c/n)’s arm hasn’t left your shoulders.

“Let’s watch a horror movie,” (c/n) suggests, jiggling his leg excitedly. You can feel it against your leg. You groan. “God no, I’ll be screaming in your ear the whole time.”

He shrugs. “I can take it.” He grins. “I’ll protect you from the scary monsters,” he says teasingly.

“Okay, fine,” you relent, sighing. You have to admit that watching a horror movie with your crush protecting you doesn’t sound like the worst thing in the world. You come across the movie Sinister. “Is this a good one? Looks pretty scary,” you say.

“Hell yes. Hit play.” You start the movie and settle back against the couch. (C/n)’s arm is still around you.

The movie starts out tamely enough, with Ethan Hawke’s friendly puppy face and nothing particularly terrifying. You eat your popcorn contentedly, your hands occasionally bumping into (c/n)’s. After a little while you rest your head on his shoulder, and he doesn’t object. You smile, knowing that he usually hates physical contact and would push anyone else away.

It doesn’t take long for things to take a turn for the scarier, however. Some scenes, you just know something is coming, and tense up as the suspense builds. (C/n)’s arm tightens around you in response, pulling the two of you closer each time. Other times there are completely unexpected jump scares, and as predicted, you scream loudly every time.

At one particularly bad jump scare where the demon Bughuul suddenly appears in the garden, you screech in terror and hide your face in (c/n)’s shirt. He chuckles and you feel his arms go around you, shielding you from the outside world. “Wow, you weren’t kidding,” he says, as though impressed by how scared you are. You peek up at him to see him looking down at you in amusement. “How are you so unaffected?” you ask him, bewildered at his completely calm demeanor.

“Nothing can faze me,” he says proudly.

“Ooh, you’re so manly,” you say sarcastically. “What happens when I do this?” You tickle his sides, and he shrieks. You laugh hysterically at his reaction.

As he recovers he points to the screen. “Okay, let’s pay attention, we already missed an important plot point!”

You oblige, sitting up a little but still leaning partially into him, his arms still lazily encircling you.

A while later the movie draws to a very dramatic close. You breathe out as the camera pans out on the box of films, the excitement seemingly over. But right before the end of the movie, Bughuul’s face suddenly pops up. You scream again and dive into the safety of (c/n)’s shirt, wrapping your arms tightly around his chest. You feel him shaking with laughter under you. “You’re such a wimp,” he teases.

You flip him off without lifting your head. You’re very comfortable and not about to move. (C/n)’s heart is beating right by your ear. When he chuckles it rumbles in his chest. “I don’t mind, it makes me look tougher by comparison,” he adds jokingly.

You get an idea, and sit up a little bit. “Hey (c/n).”


“Wanna sleep over?”

“Really?” He starts to smile.


“Okay, let me run home and get my stuff.” He tries to get up but you’re still lying on his chest.

“Don’t leave,” you whine, “just call your mom.”

He laughs and moves a strand of hair behind your ear. “I live like practically next door, it’ll only take a second.” He tries to stand again. “Get up, you lazy ass.”

You roll away, grumbling. Already feeling sleepy, you don’t move as he goes upstairs and leaves your house. Your eyes close and you lie still, waiting for him to return.

You wake maybe fifteen minutes later to (c/n) shaking you. “(Y/n)! Did you seriously fall asleep?”

You rub your eyes. “Wha-” (C/n)’s concerned face comes into focus. “Maybe you should go to bed right away,” he suggests.

“No!” You jump up, fighting the sudden dizziness and trying to act awake. “No way, not before dinner.”

He grins. “And what is dinner, exactly?”

You ponder this. “Takeout? What do you want?”

“Chinese,” he decides. You nod in agreement. “Good call.”

Half an hour later you’re sitting criss cross on the basement floor across from (c/n), with rice, dumplings, chicken and noodles between you. As you feast, you tell stories.

“Okay, your turn. Most embarrassing moment,” you challenge him.

“Oh, god.” (C/n) groans and covers his face with his hands, laughing slightly. “Oh man.”

“This is gonna be good.” You rub your hands together excitedly.

He makes a pained face and sighs in resignation. “Okay. So picture this. I’m like 10 or 11, sitting in class, nervous as hell cause I’m about to give a presentation. Funny thing is, I have no idea what it was about. I think I was so traumatized I forgot.”

“Go on,” you encourage him, not without a hint of sadistic enjoyment.

“So the teacher calls me up to present and I walk up to the front of the room. I almost fall over cause my legs are shaking so much. But I make it up there anyway. And then…I totally freeze up and just stand there, staring out at the class.” He winces at the memory.

“Dude, that’s not that bad,” you say, a little disappointed.

“Oh no, it’s not over yet,” he replies grimly. “As I stand there paralyzed, I feel something warm on my leg…” (C/n) grabs a nearby pillow and hides his face in it. His muffled voice comes out: “I peed my pants in front of the entire class.”

You burst out laughing. He removes the pillow and glares at you. His face is red, which only makes you laugh harder. He throws the pillow at your head. “Stop laughing at me!”

“Okay, okay.” You stifle a last giggle. “Honestly that wasn’t even that bad,” you reassure him after a moment.

“Oh really, have you done it too?” (C/n) grins and raises an eyebrow at you. It’s your turn to throw the pillow at him. “No way!” you say, laughing. Then you notice the pillow landed in the noodles. “Whoops.”

“Okay, I think that’s our cue to clean up,” (c/n) decides.

You put all the leftovers in the fridge and clear away the plates. After you kill a couple of hours playing video games, you decide to set up your sleeping bags so you can lie in bed and talk for several more hours.

You lay them down side by side and climb into them, facing each other. You’ve put on your pajamas, which consist of shorts and a camisole, and quickly realize that the air conditioned basement and thin sleeping bag are a bad combination. After a couple minutes you start shivering.

(C/n) notices and frowns. “You’re cold,” he says.

“Oh, nah, I’m fine,” you deny weakly. “It’s like a sauna in here.”

“Yeah, right, I can practically hear your teeth chattering. Come here.” He beckons with his finger.

You scoot closer to him like a large worm wriggling sideways. He smiles. “Just get in here,” he says, pointing into his sleeping bag.

You giggle nervously. “In there? With you?” Your face is suddenly warm even though you still feel cold.

“Yeah, there’s plenty of room,” he says, opening up the sleeping bag to show you. “And it’s very thick and veerry comfortable.” He grins.

“Okay, if you say so,” you respond casually, though inside of course you’re totally freaking out. You unzip your bag and clamber over to his, sliding inside. Immediately (c/n) puts his arms around you and pulls you into him, pressing you close against him. You can feel his skin against your bare arms. Warmth radiates from his body.

“Wow, you’re really warm,” you whisper, already feeling the comfortable heaviness of sleep pressing in.

He smirks. “Told you.”

“Thanks for letting me invade your personal space,” you say jokingly.

He smiles. “My pleasure.” After a moment he adds, quite out of the blue, “You know, you have a really nice voice.”

“What?” You lift your head and look at him, furrowing your eyebrows.

You feel him shrug next to you. “Your voice. It’s just…really soft and soothing. When I hear it it’s like I’m being wrapped in a fluffy blanket. I could listen to you talk forever.” He shakes his head, smiling. “It’s like…listening to really good music. I don’t know.” He looks away, blushing.

“Oh, thanks…” you smile slightly. Your face feels warm and you wonder if you’re as red as he is. “I like your voice too.”

(C/n) starts stroking your hair lightly, which gives you chills (the good kind). After a moment he says quietly, “And your hair, too, it’s so soft, and like, perfect.”

You reach up and ruffle his adorably fluffy hair. “I like yours more.”

He chuckles, and even though you’ve turned the lights off you can tell his whole face is pink. “Honestly everything about you is perfect,” he whispers.

Your heart starts to race, and you’re close enough to feel his heart beating rapidly as well. “Really?” you whisper back, at a loss for words.

“Yeah.” He lifts a finger up to your mouth and softly traces your lips. You’re so nervous you couldn’t move if you wanted to, and you don’t.

(C/n) looks up at you and back at your mouth, and then leans in as if trying to kiss you. But you’re both still lying on your sides, and your noses bump awkwardly. You stifle a giggle. He laughs too and hides his face in your neck. Then he props himself up with one arm so he’s leaning over you, and for the second time, he brings his face to yours. This time, your lips connect.

You feel as though fireworks are going off around you. He strokes your face with one hand as he kisses you, and when you pull apart several seconds later, he’s staring intently into your eyes, as if he sees something inside them.

“(Y/n), I really like you,” he murmurs in a husky voice.

You reach up and play with a bit of his hair that’s sticking out, hardly able to believe this is happening. “I really like you too,” you whisper almost inaudibly.

(C/n) smiles. “Well, that works out nicely,” he says, and you laugh giddily. He kisses you on the forehead before settling back down next to you. He pulls you into him and you rest your head on his chest. You can feel his heart still beating fast, but after a few minutes it slows along with his breathing. Exhaustion settles heavily over you from the rough week at school, and wrapped comfortably in (c/n)’s arms, it doesn’t take you long to fall asleep.

I only want you

Summary: Kyungsoo’s friends seem to think he has a dirty mouth but Jongin personally loves it.


The moment Kyungsoo trudges in sluggishly into the classroom and plops down on his seat, that’s when his head nods forward and promptly falls onto the desk with a loud thud. Sehun, who watched his friend make his entrance, stares at him oddly before shrugging his shoulders and going back to texting Chanyeol about a new bubble-tea place he found somewhere near the school.

The class hasn’t even begun and yet, Kyungsoo can’t even lift his head from his desk. His eyes are too tired to open. He heaves a low sigh as his body relaxes and he falls asleep for a few short minutes because soon enough the chair beside his own is being moved back to let a body sit on it. Kyungsoo faintly recalls hearing Sehun greet the person but the elder is far too tired to open his eyes to greet them.

“Is Kyungsoo sleeping?”

Sehun shrugs his shoulders again, laughing at a picture Chanyeol sent. “I don’t know, but look at this! Chanyeol made his dog dab!” Sehun bursts into laughter, eyes scrunching up cutely, white teeth on full display.

Jongin rolls his eyes but joins in with his friend. His eyes flit over to Kyungsoo’s slumped form and frowns. “Soo?” He murmurs, closing in slowly to wrap his left arm around the elder’s waist, leaning his head on Kyungsoo’s shoulder. “What’s wrong, baby Soo?”

Kyungsoo, despite having his forehead pressed against the desk, flushed a deep red all the way up to the tips of his ear. He groans lightly, huffing and turning his head to be able to face Jongin, eyes still closed. “Long night,” he mumbled, letting Jongin lift his head up to bring him towards his chest so that he can rest his head there instead. There’s a red imprint on his forehead from being pressed against the flat surface of the desk for a little too long.

“Did you stay up watching anime again?” Jongin asks in a low voice, dragging his fingers through Kyungsoo’s brown silky hair to lightly scratch his scalp to which he receives a satisfied hum. Jongin gets a soft no and soon enough Kyungsoo’s head becomes heavy enough for him to know the elder has fallen asleep.

“Are you sure you two weren’t up messing around in his bedroom last night?” Chanyeol asks as soon as he sits down in his assigned seat next to Sehun. Both males fist bump each other before turning their heads to face Jongin and the sleeping boy on his chest. “Cause I heard soft moans coming from there yesterday night.”

Jongin narrows his eyes at the tall ball of cotton candy, quickly catching on to what he’s implying but not wanting to spill anything unless Kyungsoo ends up getting upset with him. “Kyungsoo and I weren’t together last night so I don’t know what you heard but I’m sure as hell it wasn’t him moaning. It was probably Baekhyun or something.”

“But Kyungsoo hyung doesn’t live with Baekhyun, he lives with Chanyeol and I and we both heard him moaning last night.”

This sudden information makes Jongin smile in the inside. He knows Kyungsoo is probably faking his sleep to not deal with the two balls of too much energy. Jongin is always amazed at his boyfriend’s acting. “Maybe he was in pain?”

Chanyeol snorts, shaking his head and turning around to face Sehun. Both males roll their eyes, leaving Jongin to overthink things as usual. “He was moaning your name,” Sehun says with a knowing grin on his lips. “He must have been having a wet dream about you.”

The door to the classroom opens and Baekhyun comes in with his hair now dyed a dark shade of brown. “Hey guys,” he greets cheerily, placing a bag of muffins on Sehun’s desk and a cup of coffee on Chanyeol’s desk. “What’s wrong with Kyungsoo?” He asks, coming forward to sit in front of them on a single chair he pulled out from one of the desks.

“He was moaning Jongin’s name last night.” Sehun snorts as he pops a piece of blueberry muffin into his mouth. He moans at the delicious taste, almost choking at the half-lidded look Baekhyun sends his way. “Are you satisfying your boyfriend, Jongin? I mean he was probably using a dildo cause you’re not doing your job well—”

Kyungsoo rouses from his sleep with half-lidded eyes and puffy lips. He stares straight ahead at Sehun who is still grinning, hand gripping the muffin in his hand. “Shut the hell up, Sehun. Jongin’s dick always gives me the best orgasms.”

Jongin’s entire face flushed a deep red, yet he smirks with pride when Sehun and Chanyeol start choking. Baekhyun rolls his eyes at his sleepy friend. “Leave it to Kyungsoo to say dirty things so early in the morning.”

“Huh?” Kyungsoo blinks several times as he attempts to wake up from his drowsy state. “It’s so true, though!” He whines, nuzzling his nose into Jongin’s neck like a needy kitty. “I love Jongin’s dick, it is the best I have ever had.”

“You can always try other dicks you know,” Chanyeol comments as soon as he’s breathing again, though his face is still flushed.

“I only want Jongin’s dick in my ass, now shut the fuck up and let me sleep.” With that, the brown haired male snuggles impossibly closer to his boyfriend and falls asleep again.

Jongin has no idea what just transpired in a matter of minutes but he’s not mad at whatever happened either. Baekhyun looks shellshocked, Chanyeol has spilled his coffee all over his jeans, and Sehun won’t stop grinning.

“Wow, he wasn’t even embarrassed about us knowing what he was doing last night.”

Kyungsoo’s eyes open once more and he focuses them on Chanyeol. “I wasn’t having a wet dream, stupid. I stepped on a fucking lego last night.”

“Since when do you even play with legos?” Baekhyun wonders out loud, taking a chocolate chip muffin from the bag. His question goes unanswered so he busies himself by stuffing his mouth with sweet bread.

“Well, then why were you moaning Jongin’s name last night?”

“Cause we were having phone sex,” Jongin deadpans, turning his head to meet his lips with Kyungsoo’s. Kyungsoo’s lips stretch into a lazy grin, eyes twinkling with pure love for Jongin.

All three boys scrunch their eyebrows in disgust. “Gross,” they chorused together. “Yeah, like get a fucking room.” Sehun grunts over a mouthful of muffin.

“How about you man up and fuck Baek already, Sehun? I mean you’re not that innocent either,” Kyungsoo rolls his eyes, biting his lip to hold in a moan when Jongin’s fingers trail lightly down his neck. Goosebumps appear on his flesh. “Don’t you remember what happened four days ago?”

“God, please don’t say it!”

Baekhyun jumps up from his seat, slamming his hands against Chanyeol’s desk, scaring the taller male and causing him to burn his tongue. “Oh Sehun likes me? What the actual fuck?”

“Who wouldn’t like you, though? You’re sexy as fuck, Baekhyun,” Chanyeol mumbles over his cup of coffee after recovering from burning his tongue.

“What happened four days ago?” Baekhyun looks way too eager and excited to know and Kyungsoo has always loved to make Sehun flustered. “Come on, tell me, Kyungsoo!

“I caught him—”

“Kyungsoo, no!”

“Dry humping his pillow while moaning your name.”

Jongin bursts into loud laughter, bending forward with Kyungsoo still snuggled close to him. “Wow, Sehun. And you call Kyungsoo and I gross.” He continues to laugh at a miserable Sehun who won’t stop banging his head against his desk.

“Shut up!” Sehun whines, looking like a kicked puppy as he stomps his feet on the ground. “You’re the worst Kyungsoo. I hope you choke on a dick.”

Kyungsoo offers him a smirk, his teeth showing. He winks at his friend. “I’ve already choked on Jongin’s.”

“What the fuck!”

Joonmyeon, the class president makes himself present as he sits beside Baekhyun. “Um, I hope you guys know that class has been canceled and you all have been sitting in an empty classroom for the past half hour.” He giggles behind his hand but quickly shuts up when Sehun yells, throwing the muffin wrapper at Kyungsoo.

“Jongin! Can’t you stuff your fist in Kyungsoo’s mouth to shut him up?” Sehun couldn’t stop his cheeks from flushing no matter how hard he tries because Baekhyun keeps on winking at him obnoxiously and Chanyeol won’t stop waggling his eyebrows.

“I would rather have Jongin shove his fist up my ass. I bet that would feel—” This time, though, all the other boys leave the table, as they can’t handle Kyungsoo and his responses, and quickly scurry out of the classroom to get away from the shorter male and boyfriend.

Kyungsoo and Jongin stay alone in class giggling at each other but soon enough it ends with them kissing a whole lot. “You know,” Kyungsoo murmurs as he lightly touches Jongin’s chest over his shirt, “I really wouldn’t mind having your dick up my ass right about now,” he hums, placing his lips against Jongin’s heated skin.

Jongin lets out a low groan and soon enough he’s leaving the classroom with a firm grip on Kyungsoo’s wrist. They pass by their group of friends who are standing by a tree outside in the courtyard.

“Gonna go choke on Jongin’s dick, Kyungsoo?” Sehun calls behind after the couple as they pass him, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun.

“Gonna go fuck Baek’s ass, Sehun? Probably not. I bet Chanyeol will, though!” Kyungsoo yells over his shoulder, squeaking in shock when Jongin picks him up and throws him over his shoulder, slapping his ass to shut him up.

“They’ll both fuck me!” Baekhyun yells with an excited grin stretched on his lips.

“Jongin!” Kyungsoo whines, giggling as his boyfriend starts groping his ass in public. He gives his friends a thumbs up before disappearing from view.

Sehun is left behind with a scandalized look on his face as everyone milling around the courtyard turn to face him and openly laugh. He ducks his head in embarrassment, jabbing Chanyeol in the ribs when the taller male nods his head in approval, muttering, “I’m so down for that,” and flicks up his middle finger to Kyungsoo and his boyfriend who have disappeared around the corner of the building.


As soon as they are inside of the apartment Kyungsoo shares with Chanyeol and Sehun, Jongin backs Kyungsoo against the front door and begins to kiss the breath out of him. “You’re too fucking much, Kyungsoo,” Jongin breathes hotly against his boyfriend’s lips.

Kyungsoo tugs up Jongin’s shirt to rid him of it, splaying his hands all over his boyfriend’s toned torso. “Less talking and more fucking,” he mumbles against the younger’s lips as Kyungsoo presses himself closer to Jongin, grinding his lower half against the younger’s firm thigh.

“Impatient today, huh?” Jongin muses, pushing his boyfriend back to pick him by his thighs and bring him to his bedroom where Jongin proceeds to strip his needy boyfriend and himself from their clothes. “You were so fucking sexy today, Kyungsoo. I love that dirty mouth of yours, especially when it’s around my cock,” his hot breath fans over Kyungsoo’s dusky nipple before a wet tongue makes contact with it.

“Jongin,” Kyungsoo releases a breathless moan, bucking his hips up to brush his cock over Jongin’s chest. Another moan leaves his swollen lips when Jongin wraps his mouth around his nub and sucks hard enough to leave a bright red hickey in its wake. “Jongin just,” he chokes on another moan, body writhing on his green bed sheets as Jongin leaves wet, open mouthed kisses down his heaving torso, down his soft toned stomach, scattering feathery kisses across his hip bones and pelvis, straight down to the small patch of hair surrounding his hardened arousal.

Jongin nuzzles his nose against the base of Kyungsoo’s cock, inhaling deeply to commit the smell of Kyungsoo’s natural scent to memory. He lets out a low moan, lips tugging at the corners as his fingers grip the elder’s thick thighs to spread them apart to better accommodate his body between his boyfriend’s legs. He then brings up his fingers to slide them through his boyfriend’s pubic hair, smiling when Kyungsoo whines at him to stop teasing.

“Alright, baby,” he coos in a gentle voice, bringing his hand up to wrap it around Kyungsoo’s leaking cock. “Tell me what you want me to do to you,” Jongin’s voice is breathy, filled with lust as he drags his slick tongue over the head of his boyfriend’s swollen arousal.

Kyungsoo’s mind is turning into liquid right before Jongin’s eyes. Soft wispy moans leave his mouth, red-tipped fingertips slide through Jongin’s damp locks to grip tightly. “I want…” he sighs in pleasure, thighs twitching at having Jongin’s hot mouth over his cock, swallowing around him. “I want you to fuck me hard, drag your cock in my walls, feel me clamp around you, oh,” his hips buck upwards, back arching off of the bed, “hear me moan your name, listen to me scream in pleasure, watch me choke as I come, Jongin please!”

Jongin wastes no time and hurriedly grabs the bottle of lube he keeps in Kyungsoo’s drawer, not bothering to roll on a condom knowing they are both clean. He takes his time stretching his boyfriend’s winking hole until it can fit four of his fingers.

“Might as well, fist me if you have all four of your fingers in my ass,” comes Kyungsoo’s breathless voice.

Jongin chuckles, curling his fingers upward to brush them lightly against Kyungsoo’s sensitive bundle of nerves. “I just might if you keep talking like that to me.”

Kyungsoo clenches around Jongin’s fingers, lips forming into a smirk as he lets out a wanton moan. “I would like that very much, Jongin.”

The squelching sounds surrounding his fingers, heavy breathing and low moans have Jongin going crazy with wanting to claim Kyungsoo already. “Are you ready, Soo?”

A small nod of the head and Jongin is balls deep inside of Kyungsoo’s hole, hot velvety walls clamp his dick in a vice grip. If Kyungsoo keeps holding onto him like this, he’s not going to last a minute. “Relax baby,” Jongin plants his hands beside Kyungsoo’s head, sliding his dick in and out experimentally, checking his boyfriend’s face for any discomfort but only finds pure bliss instead. At that, he sits back on his shins, gripping Kyungsoo’s thighs to bring his lower body closer so that his ass is basically on Jongin’s lap.

Kyungsoo’s heart leapt into his throat at the intense look Jongin gives him and brings his hands up to grip Jongin’s forearms as his boyfriend starts to snap his hips forward, rolling them in a way that has the tip of his cock prodding against Kyungsoo’s prostate, causing his boyfriend to let out a high pitched moan, lips opening to let out more sounds, cheeks, neck, and torso completely flushed the prettiest pink Jongin’s ever seen. “Jongin, more! Again, again!”

Jongin gives Kyungsoo what he wants, tan hands sliding down to grip the elder’s plush, firm ass, squeezing the flesh in his palms as he thrusts harder and faster, making sure to slide his cock in and out so that Kyungsoo can feel each slide, rolling his hips to hit that stop yet again. Kyungsoo’s toes curl in delight, eyelashes fluttering against his cheeks, chin tilted up towards the ceiling. Sensual, throaty groans spill through his lovely mouth, ass pushing forward to grind against Jongin’s cock, greedy hole sucking more of the cock sliding in and out of it.

A familiar burn begins to collect in the pit of his stomach that has Kyungsoo whimpering and screaming Jongin’s name loudly, thighs moving to wrap them around his boyfriend’s slick waist, hitching his body up to hide his face in Jongin’s sweaty neck. He now bounces on Jongin’s lap desperately, rolling his ass in fast circles, moaning sensually, groaning throatily against the younger’s left ear. “Jongin,” his voice is lusty and deep, sounding hoarse from the constant yelling. “You’re so good to me,” he praises his boyfriend, hands gripping Jongin’s shoulders, whimpering when his boyfriend lies flat on his back, planting his feet firmly on the mattress and begins to snap his hips up, veiny hands spreading Kyungsoo’s ass cheeks wide.

“Gonna cum deep in that sweet ass of yours, Kyungsoo,” Jongin groans, chest heaving and heart working over time to keep a steady pace. Soon enough Jongin begins to feel that familiar burn collecting in his lower belly and his hips stutter, dick twitching in Kyungsoo’s pulsing hole, spilling translucent white into his whimpering boyfriend. Kyungsoo clenches hard around him, hitching moans spilling from red lips. There is a sticky wetness now coating their chests but they’re fully satiated, completely breathless and sore.

Their muscles feel like they’re on fire.

“How was that, baby Soo?” Jongin asks a little after five minutes of trying to catch their breaths. He watches how Kyungsoo lifts his head from where it was hiding previously and smiles shyly at him. His cheeks are still flushed, lips now a pink color, sweaty brown hair clinging to his forehead.

“I love your dick, it is the best I have ever had and the only one I will ever want.”

Jongin snorts, rolling them over as he begins to soften and slips out of Kyungsoo spasming hole. He gives the elder a soft kiss on the lips, wrapping a loose arm around the smaller male to spoon him from behind. “What about me?” He chuckles, nuzzling his nose down Kyungsoo’s sweaty neck.

Kyungsoo giggles cutely, turning over so that he’s facing Jongin, lifting his thigh up to wrap it around the younger’s nude hip. He kisses his boyfriend sweetly, smiling in the kiss when Jongin holds him close to his still sweaty torso. “I only want you, Jongin.”

(Note: Taken from my aff page lol)