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You asked about the colors of the memory balls? 
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Fighting with an iron fist (Part Two)

Note: Swearing, slight forced themes (no rape), slight violence. 

Words: 1275 (Yay!) 

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Dawnte unlocked the door to make sure no one was following you, or going to hurt you when he placed the key into your hand gently. “You be careful okay. Here.” He held out his number for you. “If you need anything, just call me. I don’t want anything from you in return. I just want you to be safe.” He said as you smiled. It was nice that he had cared so much, despite you being able to set yourself on fire at the snap of a finger, but we won’t go into that detail. You don’t understand, but part of you was glad you met Dawnte as you nod your head when he went to his car. You watched him as he got in waving before starting his car up. He left the hotel as you closed the door before letting out a sigh placing the keys onto the stand by the door.

You were still upset over the whole ordeal when your phone rang again as you growled lifting it up to see Steve’s name displayed onto the screen. You immediately answered it, because you knew Steve was always on your side when it came to debates between you and Bucky. “(Y/N)?” Steve’s worried voice made your heart snap as you slid down the door tearing up. “S-Steve..” Your voice trembled gently when you heard a sigh of relief course through his breathe. “Oh thank god you’re alive. You stormed out so fast and Bucky wasn’t far behind.” He said making you wince at the mention of his name. “What happened?” He asked softly.

“Bucky is a two-timing manwhore that’s what happened!” You spat angrily standing up as you paced the small hotel room. “H-He was just playing with me! I was just going to be a fuck to him!” You felt the carpet under you start to heat up as you grew anger. “You’re kidding..” Steve sounded genuinely in shock at that statement. “Yes! I came home early from the bar and he was having sex with some big breasted bitch!” You practically fuming at this point as you ranted to Steve who sighed. “Language.” He said in stern tone making you sigh before you slowly started to calm down. “I’m sorry.” You spoke softly running your finger through your hair.

“Where are you? I’m coming to get you.” Steve said as you shook your head no as if he could see you. “I’m not going anywhere until at least tomorrow to get my stuff and find a new place to stay. Hell I’ll move to frickin’ Georgia with my Aunt if I have to.” You said gritting your teeth so hard you thought one of them was going to crack under the force. “(Y/N), you can’t run from this forever.” He said softly. “I’m going to run until I burn out Steve.” You said before sitting on the edge of the bed. “I have to go. I’m going to bed. If that little metal armed fuck thinks I’m going to look at him, he’s sadly mistaken.” You said before hanging up.

You threw your phone onto the bed before sighing when the door open as you stood up seeing Bucky closing the door. Your eyes widened in shock that he was there when he shut it and locked it as you mentally cursed yourself for not locking it beforehand. “Get out.” You growled softly as he looked at you not moving. “Not until we talk.” He said in a calm voice as you gripped your fists fully prepared to knock him on his ass. “There’s nothing to talk about James.” You said his name like it was poison on your tongue as it rolled off the tip. “Just let me explain–” He started as you cut him off. “What is there to explain?” You threw your hands up at his unbelievable ignorance.

“She didn’t mean anything.” He said as you sighed rolling your eyes before letting out a dry laugh when you looked him in the eyes. “Obviously I didn’t mean anything either.” You said as your expression turned emotionless making him grit his teeth. “You mean everything to me! I love you!” He said grabbing your shoulders in a harsh grip. You struggled against him as he tightened it making you wince as the metal fingers dug into your skin. “If you loved me you wouldn’t have slept with her!” You countered when he smashed his lips to yours. You almost gave in, but you remember his lips on hers before you bit down onto his bottom lip harshly. He grunted which gave you enough strength to push him away from you.

He licked the dark red liquid that dripped down onto his chin as he glared at you angrily. You panted softly glaring right back at him as your eyes flashed orange for a moment. “Leave me alone you worthless piece of garbage. I hate you.” You couldn’t stress the word ‘hate’ enough as you stepped back hitting the wall in tears. Bucky looked at you before sighing as he ran his fingers through his hair when he walked over to you. “Let me fix this.” He whispered softly almost pleading as you looked in his eyes seeing love and hope in his eyes. “What’s there to fix Bucky? You think you can bend me over and fuck me in the ass and think that it’s okay?” You asked as his eyes widened slightly.

“What?” He asked unable to process your words as you pushed him back away from you. “I don’t want you in this room anymore. I’m not letting you hurt me anymore. So get out, or I’ll do something I might not regret.” You said in an angered tone as he pulls away looking at you. “We are on a team together, that’s it. You don’t look at me, you don’t talk to me, and you don’t even breath in my direction unless it’s about a mission. Do you hear me James?” You asked as your voice slightly cracks, but your expression is stone cold, meaning you meant what you said to him. Bucky nods licking his lips once more to wipe away the dried blood from your attack.

“So that’s it? It’s over?” He asked as you looked down to the ground when you looked back up to him. “It’s over, because you decided you wanted to get you dick wet.” You said before shaking angrily when you turned around to face the bathroom door. “Leave Bucky.” You spoke when you heard the lock click as the door opened and closed. You looked back to see he was truly gone as you covered your face before looking to the number on your stand. You needed to talk to someone who wasn’t an Avenger when you picked up your phone. You dialed Dawnte’s number before biting your lip seeing it was two in the morning. 

Just when you thought he wasn’t going to answer his groggy voice picked up the phone. “Hello?” He asked yawning as you twirled the ends of your cocktail dress. “I know it’s late and you probably have work and I’m so sorry for disturbing you, but I could really use your voice right now. I just need to talk to someone.” You said as he smiles on the other end. “Oh that’s okay. I’m actually off tomorrow so we could talk all you want.” He said as she heard some rustling of covers. Unaware to her that his form changed to reveal the God of Mischief, Loki, himself grinning as you started to rant about your now ex-boyfriend.

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It’s almost the end of the year, and I found these studies I did last summer and WOW I forgot I did these lol XD I wanted to track the progression of Takahashi-sensei’s style of drawing Atem, and holy crap it’s beautiful T w T

These are all from the original YGO and YGO Duelist manga c:

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