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Mingyu • black/white → color •


star wars rule 63: prequel trilogy

This has been lying around my harddrive for way too long, but I finally got around to colouring it! (just experimenting with a bunch of different things and inspired by SW concept art books :))

…. sometimes I suspect the reason for all these AUs is partly an excuse to draw the Mustafar duel a million times in marginally different ways.

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ok so like,, completely random but i just wanted to screm some headcanons!!!!!! mostly im just loving the idea of femme nonbinary hunk bc like,,, thats me!!!!!! the big chubby nb gal!!!!! what a good kid!!! also!!!! i love lance!!! so much!!! genderfluid lance is my fave thing!!!!! lance in crop tops!!!! is the best!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok but like:

  • hunk coming out to lance at the garrison n lance being The Best n gives them hugs n says that their valid n still amazing
  • hunk crying bc they was so anxious abt the whole thing even tho they knew lance was a rad guy
  • lance using hunks pronouns straight away n he compliments her “hunk ur such a cute girl !!!” n “wow u kno i have this friend called hunk n theyre super rad” 
  • the two just sit there all night talking n laughing n painting each others nails , so basically a normal night for them
  • hunk being too scared to correct ppl on her pronouns but lance corrects them as soon as someone gets them wrong
  • “oh hunk is the engineer, hes-” 
  • “oh gosh im sorry hunk, theyre rlly good at that stuff, u should ask them” 
  • n hunk just beams n lance looks at them grinning bc “wow i love them sm”
  • lance coming to hunk one day n being like “hey how did u kno u wasnt cis ????”
  • hunk helping lance !!!! n telling them its ok to not kno n to b confused
  • lance figuring out theyre genderfluid n goes between boy n agender 
  • hunk doing the exact same as what lance did n compliment lance using their pronouns 
  • “i love lance, theyre super rad” n “lance, ur a super handsome person” 

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whiskey and dex?

To be honest, the first time Whiskey asked Dex to come over, he really did need help fixing the hot water tank.

The landlord hadn’t gotten around to getting it fixed yet, and Whiskey and his two roommates were forced to suffer through two days of cold showers before Bitty suggested he ask Dex.

He didn’t know Dex too well. They were teammates, sure, but outside of hockey, they didn’t hang out too much. Granted, the semester had just started and he’d only known Dex for a few months.

After Dex had fixed the water tank (it turned out to be an easy fix, it turned out; a valve had come come loose), Whiskey had invited him to stay for a bit after. They had beers on the tiny patio and it, surprisingly, turned into a great conversation between the two of them. Dex did most of the talking which Whiskey was more than okay with. He preferred to listen anyways. Dex had always seemed to intense before, but after that day, Whiskey felt a little more relaxed around him.

It seemed to snowball from there.

Whiskey found himself being so much more aware of Dex. Whenever he was in the room, it was like Whiskey’s attention was magnetically drawn to him. He couldn’t quite explain the feeling, but it was starting to feel a lot like the crush he had on Hayden Radcliffe in the seventh grade.

It was hard to find alone time to hang out with Dex. With a whole hockey team hanging around them and their very different class schedules, their lives didn’t really overlap too much outside of the rink.

Which was why Whiskey had to do some plotting.

He bought a bookcase. He really did need a bookcase because the books he needed for his English classes were quickly piling up, and his poor nightstand looked like it was one paperback away from collapsing. He could have put the bookcase together himself though, but he pretended that he didn’t know how.

“Sure, I can stop by on Saturday,” Dex agreed.

Except, on Saturday, when the doorbell rang, Whiskey found himself staring at Ransom and Holster in his doorway. “Brah, you need a bookcase to put together?”

“Uhhh.” Whiskey’s mind went blank. This wasn’t what he was expecting.

“Dex got busy. The fridge is on the fritz at the Haus, and Bitty’s throwing a fit over his ingredients spoiling, so he’s there trying to fix it,” Ransom explained.

“Oh, right, sure,” Whiskey said, trying not to sound too disappointed.

They did successfully put the bookcase together, for the most part, but only because Whiskey finally picked up the instructions and walked the boys through it step by step.

He tried again when he told Dex that he was having serious concerns with the furnace because he was hearing “noises”.

Dex did come over this time, technically, but he also brought Bitty who had been worried about him. Bitty smothered him in extra blankets and pie. “You should report your landlord. Furnaces are really dangerous if they’re not properly maintained,” Bitty said. “I hope you haven’t been too cold. It’s been so chilly these last few days.”

“I’m fine,” Whiskey said mournfully as he ate his pie.

Finally, Whiskey had to do something drastic.

Climbing under the kitchen sink, he took the wrench and loosened the fastener that held the faucet in place, just enough that it would look like he’d sprung a leak, but not bad enough that it was irreparable. Turning on the tap, water began to spray everywhere. Satisfied with his work, he called Dex.

“I don’t know what happened! Water’s going everywhere!” he explained frantically over the phone.

“I’ll be over in five,” Dex said.

It was supposed to be going really well until the small spray suddenly erupted into a fountain of gushing of water, and Whiskey found himself to be really panicking. He spent several minutes with towels held over the spout to try and slow down the flow.

“Oh, thank god,” he said when the doorbell finally rang.

Dex efficiently shut off the water before fixing the tap. Whiskey had a perfect view of Dex’s ass when he was bent under the sink. When Dex finally got up, Whiskey schooled his features into his best attempt of nonchalance.

“I think one of your roommates is playing a prank on you,” Dex said, wiping his hands.

“My roommates?”

“There is no way that faucet could have come loose like that without someone fiddling with it.”

Whiskey could feel his face heating up. “Oh,” he managed.

Dex had an unreadable expression on his face for a moment. “Can I have some water? I’m suddenly thirsty.”

“Yeah, of course.” Whiskey reached up into one of the cabinets to grab a glass, and when he turned around, Dex was right behind him. Whiskey squeaked in surprise, but managed to hold onto the glass.

“I hope I’m not reading this wrong,” Dex said, and before Whiskey could process what he meant by that, Dex leaned in and kissed him.

When Dex pulled away, his ears were pink and he looked nervous. Whiskey barely caught his breath, but he wanted more. He pulled Dex back by the collar of his shirt, wrapped his arms around him, and they both forgot about the wet kitchen for a while.

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It always made me sad that, despite being so much like Goku in appearance and personality, all Goten knew about Goku for the first seven years of his life was what he learned from stories. Most of which he had been told by his brother. And, because of Gohan’s stories, Goten had the image of this great hero, of this angel that could always, no matter what, swoop in and save the day. That he could do anything. That dads could do anything and could do no wrong. That no one could defeat them - which is an odd perception for him to have, when you think of the fact that Goku was dead. Goku had died, so of course he couldn’t be the strongest (and, even if he was, he would still have faults, still couldn’t possibly do everything). Of course he couldn’t always be there to save the day. Of course he wasn’t perfect. Dads aren’t perfect - they aren’t angels like Gohan had him believe. 

And Goten learns that the hard way. Because Goten, even though he didn’t know Goku, believed in him. Believed that he was the best. Because Gohan told him that he was. But Gohan died. And Goku didn’t save him. Gohan was Goku’s son and he should have been there to save him. But he wasn’t. So Goten’s image of his father is completely shattered, his trust in him is broken in the few hours that he’s known him by the time this scene rolls around. And - even though Goten gets that faith back when he finally sees Goku in action - this scene break my heart because Goten, up to this point, was always, always believing in him. So he can’t at all understand how Goku could let him down.


i thought of this & laughed

Lmao, Why Would You Comment That

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Remus:</b> Hey Sirius, do you know what material my shirt is?<p/><b>Sirius:</b> Definitely not boyfriend material. Why don't I help you take it off in the bedroom?<p/><b>Remus:</b> Wow, that was smooth. But I was asking because I wanted to know what settings I should use for the washing machine. Which is where I should put your dirty mind to clean it.<p/><b>Sirius:</b> Oh shush, you love my dirty mind. *winks at remus*<p/><b>Remus:</b> *rolls eyes* Whatever you say snuffles.<p/></p<p/>

*casually makes an appearance*
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in like 3 days ill finally have flying in draenor and will be free from this nightmare