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Red and Blue Make What

Since I won’t be able to use my laptop for awhile have a small thing from the Lost Light Apartment AU.

Megarod if you squint.

Once I can use my laptop again the fic should be up soon!

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“Dying your hair again?”

Rodimus startled, stained hands flailing as he caught sight of Megatron standing in the doorway to his bathroom, arms crossed while an unimpressed scowl twisted at his face.

His neighbour was holding a small bag in his right hand, but Rodimus ignored it to instead glare at his ‘intruder’.

“How’d you get in here?”

“You left your front door open.”


He had to quit doing that. It was only a week ago when Whirl took advantage of the opened door to sneak in and steal all his cutlery. He was still using plastic utensils and paper plates.

“Then what are you doing in here? Uninvited. I should tell Minimus that you’re trespassing.”

“I could hear you banging around and cursing from my apartment, so I decided to come over and tell you to shut up.”

An eyebrow was raised, “Well?”

“Shut up.”


Megatron rolled his eyes again, “Your hospitality is rude.”

Rodimus’s eyes went skyward, impatience jutting at his temper as he waved his stained blue and purple hands around in exasperation, “What? You want a tour or something? That’s the exit, tour concluded. Get out.”

Grumbling, he glanced back to his reflection , scowling at the drops of dye that were now running down his forehead.

He should have used gloves.

Megatron didn’t budge from his perch against the door.

“Need a hand?”

Blue hands tugged at a particularly stubborn strand of tin foil that wouldn’t come out of his tangled hair, before Megatron found himself on the receiving end of a nasty glare.

“What would you know about dying hair? Unless of course, it’s how you conceal your own grey hairs.”

Megatron dutifully ignored how the younger took great joy in sticking up a blue middle finger when he gave no response.

“You’re a thirty year old disaster,” He tutted.

“Twenty nine,” Rodimus snapped back defensively.

“My mistake.”

Rodimus scoffed, eying his neighbour distastefully, “And you’re one to talk, a hundred year old who should be lugging around a walking stick by now.”

“I do have a walking stick.”

Rodimus’s prodding hands froze, and he furrowed his eyebrows in surprise, “Really?”


The younger man huffed, scowling at his neighbour as he laughed at him. He shook his dripping hands into the sink, ignoring the splatter of colours on the white counter. The dye was already covering the walls, anyway.

Megatron leaned comfortably on the doorframe, smirking as he watched Rodimus struggle to turn the faucet on with his elbows.

“This happen the first time you dyed your hair?”

“No,” Rodimus grumbled, scowling when the faucets didn’t budge under his elbows grip, “But Drift helped me last time.”

Megatron nodded, “Ah.”

Another grunt as Rodimus struggled with the tap.

“What’s wrong with your natural hair colour?” He asked after a beat of silence.

The tip of Rodimus’s tongue poked out of his mouth as he leaned all his weight onto the faucet, only sparing half a glance to his neighbour as he continued to battle with the tightly wound tap.

Was he turning it the right way? Lefty Lucy, righty tighty?

“It’s boring. No one remembers brown hair.”

Megatron hiked an eyebrow, “Boring? As opposed to looking like a fireplace? And now a… lollipop?”

“Yeah? Besides, you can’t talk when you’ve got grey old man hair.”

Megatron huffed a laugh, idly swinging the bag against his thigh, “I suppose I am old.”

Hazel eyes squinted at Megatron’s reflection, “You’re just noticing that now?”

The smug grin left Megatron’s face, his neighbour huffing irritably as dark eyes narrowed at him, “You’re insufferable.”

“And yet you come up here anyway.”

Rodimus rose an eyebrow at him, (which may or may not have been covered in streaks of ridiculous purple and blue dye),”Well? You’ve berated me enough, go on your way now!”

Megatron gave the small bag in his grasp an expectant jiggle, the one Rodimus had forgotten he was holding, “I actually came to give you these.”

Rodimus eyed the bag suspiciously, finally managing to turn the tap on with a spray of cold water, “What’s in it?”

“You act as if I’m carrying a bomb.”

“With your history you could be! Wouldn’t surprise me, anyway.”

Megatron held it out, expression flat as he rattled it again, “It’s your cutlery.”

The tap rattled as he turned it off, the younger man frowning in surprise when he finally turned to face his neighbour properly, “My forks! How’d you get them back? How’d you even know they were missing?”

“Whirl was throwing them at me when I was getting my mail this morning, and I knew they were yours because the last ‘get together’ you threw, you told everyone to bring their own knives and forks.”

The younger man grinned sheepishly and reached for the bag, jerkily undoing the strap to peer inside. “Wow, they’re decently clean too.”

Megatron straightened his collar, “I took it upon myself to wash them, considering you never do dishes and Whirl could have done god knows what to them.”

Rodimus pursed his lips, placing the bag on the ground as he nodded in agreement, “That’s true.”

Silence filled the bathroom, the two staring at each other as Rodimus rubbed at his neck awkwardly, “Uh, thanks I guess.”

His neighbour quirked his lips in a grimace that wasn’t quite a grin, finally stepping away from the door, “Just throw those paper plates out. I know you reuse them for each meal and it’s disgusting.”

“Hey! I live a classy life!”

“Of course.”

Picking up the pieces

Requested by: anonymous

Summary: Josh is on tour and your having a tough time at home and somehow Josh still manages to make you feel better


Your Pov:

Lately I have been feeling low. Everything in my life felt like it was falling apart. My job, social life, family life just everything. The only thing that I didn’t feel like was falling apart was my relationship with my boyfriend of 2 years, Josh. Even though Josh was on tour right now with his best friend Tyler he still managed to be the best boyfriend ever. It was a Monday when I finally snapped. The day started off horrible. I woke up late, I spilled my coffe all over me, and when I finally got to work I had a huge pile of paperwork that needed to be finished by the end of the day. I could just tell this day was going to be bad. I was in the middle of doing the paperwork when my boss called me into his office to talk to me. “Great.” I muttered as I was walking to his office. “I wonder what I did now.” I finally got to his office and opened the door. “(Bosses name), you wanted to see me.” I said to him. “Ah yes dear, please take a seat.” He motioned for me to take a seat in the chair in front of his desk. “I wanted to talk to you about something very important.” He told me with a serious look on his face. “Lately I have noticed that your slacking a little bit on your work. Now I don’t know what the problem is but I think you should take a rest from work for a while.” He told me slowly. I looked at him in shock. “Is this your way of firing me?” I asked him. His eyes got wide. “No, no, no dear.” He told me. “It’s just that I think you need a little break, till you can function properly again and stop slacking off. I will call you again when I think you have had evough rest.” He reassured me. I slightly nodded at him and sighed. “Okay, I guess I’ll just leave right now.” I told him sadly. Why does everything horrible happen to me? I questioned to myself as I walked out of his office. I went back to my desk and grabbed my purse and keys. I put on my jacket and started to walk out of the building. On my way out I felt all my co-workers staring at me, it was very uncomfortable. I finally made it to my car and just sat in it for a couple minutes with my hands resting on the steering wheel. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Now what am I gonna do? How am I gonna pay for the apartment? So many questions were going through my head. The longer I sat there the more I needed to get out of there. I started the car engine about 15 minutes later and started to pull out of the parking lot. The way home was just a blur. I finally got home and walked inside. As soon as I stepped inside I started crying. I was just too overwhelmed with life right now. My boss was right, I did need a break. Still crying I walked over to the couch, sat down and took my heels off. When they were off I layer down and was crying into the pillows. Eventually I ended up falling asleep.

Time skip-EVENING

Your Pov:

I woke up with a start. I didn’t know where I was at first. As I was looking around I realized I was in my apartment. At first I didn’t know how I got here but then after a couple minutes everything that happened in the last couple of hours came rushing back. My eyes started to get teary. I looked out the window and noticed it was dark outside. How long did I sleep for? I asked myself. I slowly sat up and reached for my purse that sat on the living room table. I pulled my phone out and checked the time. It was 6:30. Wow, I must’ve been tired. I noticed that I had 3 missed calls. Two were from Josh and one was from Tyler. I unlocked my phone and decided to call Josh back. He was probably starting g to worry since I didn’t call him this morning cause I don’t have enough time too. He answered right away. “Hello” he said. “Hey josh, it’s me.” I told him. “Hey baby. Why didn’t you answer your phone? I was getting worried.” He questioned me. “ I fell asleep, sorry babe didn’t mean to worry you.” I told him. “It’s okay, you always worry me.” He said with a chuckle. “Are you okay? You don’t sound like yourself.” I sighed. I guess I have to tell him all about my horrible day. “No im not okay.” I heard him sigh. “What happened?” He asked worryingly. “I have had a horrible day.” I took a deep breath and continued trying not to cry. “Everything that could’ve went wrong went wrong today. I woke up late for work, I spille y coffee all over me and to top it all off my boss let me go, kind of.” I told him. At the end of it I started crying. “Awe babe.” He said. “I feel so bad, I wish I could be there to make it better. I feel so hopeless sitting here traveling the world while your crying.” He told me honestly. I laughed a little at him. He was too adorable. “It’s okay babe. It’s not your fault and beside just hearing your voice brightens up my day.” I told him with a small smile. I heard him chuckle at that. “Well I’m glad I can at least do something for you, even thought you deserve so much more.” He told me. I just rolled my eyes at that. “I got a question for you Y/N.” He told me. His voice getting serious for a moment. “Yeah, what is it.” I was curious now. “ I was wondering if you would like to come on tour with us? I know you said no before cause of your job, but now that your not working you can come. And plus I wouldn’t be missing you all the time and I could cheer you up.” He told me. I gasped. Was he being serious right now. “Are you serious right now? You want me to come?” I asked him. “Of course I want you to come. I wouldn’t have asked you if I wasn’t being honest.” He told me. “So what do you say?” He asked again. “Of course!” I nearly screamed. “I would love too! As long as it’s okay with Tyler and Jenna.” I told him. He laughed at that. “Of course it’s okay with them. They both love you.” I laughed. It was true. “Okay then, I guess I’m coming on tour with you.” This day just got so much better. “Great! I’ll book you your ticket and send you the information tonight.” He told me. I nodded even though he couldn’t see me do it. “Start packing baby!” He told me. I couldn’t believe it. I was finally gonna see him after two months. I was so excited. “Okay babe, Thankyou so much for this, I can’t wait to see you. I missed you so much!” I told him with a small smile. “I missed you too. And anything for you.” I laughed. This boy was crazy. “Alright babe. I gotta go start packing see you in 24 hours.” I told him. He laughed. “Alright princess. See you soon. Love you so much!” I smiled. “I love you.” I told him. “Impossible.” He laughed. “Whatever you say babe.” I told him laughing as well. “Alright babe, have a good night see you soon! Love you again.” He told me. “Thanks, you have a good night as well.Love you too, bye!” I told him. “Bye babe.” He told me as I hung up the phone. I couldn’t believe it. I was going on tour with Josh. I had to be dreaming. Somebody pinch me. I laughed at myself. I got up off the couch and made my way to the kitchen, I was a little hungry since I haven’t even anything since breakfast. I opened the fridge and pulled out some leftovers that I had from the other night. I put it on a plate and then in the microwave for about 2 minutes. Once those two minutes were up I pulled it out grabbed a fork and sat down at my small island. I pulled out my phone and started eating. After about 30 minutes of going through all of my social medias I finished eating. I stood up and put my plate in the sink. I would would wash it later. I made my way upstairs and into my room. I pulled out a suitcase and started packing. After about 2 hours I was finally done. Phew, that was a lot of work. I thought to myself. I heard my phone ding indicating that I got a text message. I looked at it and saw it was from Josh. The message had all my flight information for tomorrow. I noticed that my flight was leaving pretty early tomorrow so I thought that I should probably get some sleep so I won’t be as tired tomorrow. I got undressed and put on some Pj’s and crawled into bed. I turned off the lights and found a comfy position. All of my thoughts were filled with Josh. I can’t believe I’m going to see him tomorrow. He truly makes me happy. He makes me whole. Whenever I’m with him I feel like everything’s going to be okay again. I slowly started to close my eyes and in no time I was fast asleep dreaming of being in Joshs’ arms again.

AN: Here it is! I hope it’s what you wanted! I tried my best. Please give me feedback it really helps. Please request also! Thankyou guys for everything💜you make my days better💜have a lovely day/night wherever you are!❤

Limerence - Chapter VI

Limerence Masterlist

Characters: Sehun, Suho, and OC (Ursula)

Warnings: This series contains mentions of assault, sexual violence, and stalking.

Word Count: 4.0k

Note: This chapter will switch POVs a few times, so fair warning about that.

Limerence:  The state of being infatuated or obsessed with another person, typically experienced involuntarily and characterized by a strong desire for reciprocation of one’s feelings.

-Sehun’s POV-

After I said my goodbyes to Ursula, I went back across the street to take a shower and waited for her bedroom light to go off, signaling that she had gone to sleep. I went back across the street and to the back door of her house. While she wasn’t paying attention earlier, I took her keys so I could get back in the house after she went to sleep. I unlocked the door and carefully shut it behind me, locking it back. I put her keys back in her purse and made my way upstairs.

I entered her room and found her fast asleep on her bed. I kicked my shoes off, took my shirt off, and laid in bed next to her. She was a heavy sleeper, so she didn’t even move when I laid down beside her. I snuggled into her bed sheets, kissed her forehead, and went to sleep. I could really get used to this.

‘Do you see what happens when you protect her? You protected her and you got to kiss her and you’re able to sleep next to her tonight. Keep this up and your relationship will go farther.’

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I will fight

 reader x Hamilsquad

A/N: I’d like to point out that my history stuff here might not be accurate! I know very little about American history but I tried to do some research. Also the sake of the story there are some parts innacurate on purpose (Like the hamilsquad all being at the same spot. But for the story!! )

James was a common first name at this time so that’s the name the reader decided to have as a fake name

and Johnson came from a last name generator

So the readers fake name is “James Johnson!”

I worked hard on this so I’d like it if you would take the time to read :)

Request:Ok dearheart I’d like to request female reader x Hamilsquad if you please. With # 183 If I die I’m going to huant your ass and # 187 If you die I’m going to kill you. Could the reader be a man in disguise (like Deborah Sampson) in hamiltime please and thank you!

Prompt:  #183 if I die I’m going to haunt your ass and #187 If you die I’m going to kill you. The reader is a man in disguise during Hamiltime

TW: Family death, Swearing,

Life had never been easy for you and at this moment it seemed like life just really wanted to fuck you over. You were an only child born to a farmer and his wife who were both dirt poor. When you were young your mother had died from an illness and now your father had too. You had to sell the farm and now you were barely surviving on the little money you had.  

Today had been bad, You had bought a little food and while walking back to your home in the rain you slipped in a puddle falling on your food crushing it and ruining your favorite dress..Well currently your only dress. You decided to end the night with going to the nearest pub, You sat by the booth drinking your drink when you heard a few men talking about the revolution. You had nothing and you could fight you figured you might as well prove yourself to be worth something. You approached the men tapping one on the shoulder

“Excuse me?” The man turned to look at you “What?” “How can I join the revolution?” The man looked at you for a second in disbelief before bursting into laughter “Would you look at that, Henri? A woman? Wanting to join the revolution. You could maybe join as a field nurse haha” You looked at him angry at his comment “I don’t want to be a nurse, I want to fight! I’m tired of the british fucking us over and I can fight just as well as any man!”

“Would you look at the language coming from that girl?” The second man said with a laugh, The first man cleared his throat before saying “Listen, girl. This is not a fight for women to get involved in. Women don’t fight, Just go home” That really pissed you off “You don’t think women can fight? Come on fight me let’s see how you will last!” The man just burst into laughter “Listen sweetheart, I’m not fighting a gi-” Before he could finish his sentence you punched him in the jaw, He looked at you shocked rubbing his jaw and stood up approaching you “Okay, You want to fight. Let’s go” Before he could hit back the other man grabbed him and held him back “Just let it go! She’s a girl!” You stormed out. You were gonna join this revolution one way or another but they were right. They wouldn’t let women join the fight. You had to change yourself. You had to.. Disguise yourself. With the rest of your money you bought some masculine clothes and cut your hair shorter and tied back in a short ponytail you had to join up.

You had succeeded in joining and had been placed in a department. You had been in this for about 2 weeks now you had really avoided talking to the others and so far it had been mostly training and planning. Currently everyone was sitting down eating. You got your food and were about to sit down until a voice called “Hey! New guy!” You turned to look at a man covered in freckles and had curly hair pulled back in a ponytail “Me?” You asked him “Yeah you! Come over here!” A bit nervous you walked towards him “What?” “Come on sit with us” “..Okay” You sat down next to the men “I’m John Laurens!” The freckled man said and then pointed to another man with a goatee who also had a ponytail “That’s Alexander Hamilton” The man looked up at you “Pleased to meet you” He said and Laurens turned to another man and placed his hands on his shoulders this man was bigger than the rest had short hair and a bandana on his head “This here is Hercules Mulligan” before he could say anything he turned to the final man who was tall and had big hair in a ponytail “And this here is Lafayette! And what’s your name?” “James Johnson!” You said a little too fast with your voice a little higher than usual. “Your voice is a little high” Hamilton commented “It’s a bit… Feminine” He said sounding a bit suspicious “Man, He hasn’t even hit puberty yet!” Mulligan said with a laugh while wrapping his arm around your shoulders, You laughed along he really did save your ass from suspicion there.  You spent the time eating with the men and chatting, They were really friendly but a bit loud after you finished eating and chatting with them you excused yourself and went back to your tent which you had to share with a few other men. Laurens turned to the other man to ask “ Is it just me or is Johnson sorta cute?”

“What?” Lafayette asked with a grin “What!” Laurens practically yelled back


A few days had passed and so far it had mostly been training and planning, You had taken every opportunity to spend it with the hamilsquad when you could. You were in your room putting on your jacket when John Laurens entered your tent “Hey, Johnson!” “Hello Laurens. Do you always intrude into people’s tents like this?” You asked him jokingly but you would also rather he not barge in. “Well you better get used to me barging in on your tent from now on” “And why is that?”

“Well, You have been moved. You’re in our tent now!” Laurens said with the biggest grin. It would be a relief to share a tent with your friends and you couldn’t hide your smile “Okay I’ll help you get your stuff” Laurens grabbed the few clothes you had, Some books and a sketch of your parents and you grabbed your sleeping bag and followed Laurens to the other tent “You don’t have a lot of stuff do you?” “Well grew up dirt poor, That’s how it goes” Before he could say anything you were in the tent and were greeted by the other men “Welcome to our tent!” Mulligan said with excitement “Hah thanks” You replied as Laurens showed you where you would sleep “Make yourself at home!” Lafayette practically yelled as you put your sleeping bag down.

Some days later you had adjusted to sharing a tent with them and it was honestly much more comfortable than sharing a tent with men you barely knew. It was  night and you were all going to sleep the men took of their shirts and got into their sleeping bags, It didn’t take long for Mulligan to fall asleep but Lafayette, Laurens and you were kept up by Alexander talking

“Alex, Please. Please stop talking” Laurens said sounding very tired.

“One more thing-”

“Alexander! Sleep!” Lafayette interrupted which finally shut Hamilton up. But it didn’t take long for him to start talking again.

“So I was wondering, Johnson” There was a second of silence after that “Johnson?..James?..James Johnson!”

“Jesus, Alexander he’s probably asleep” Laurens said which made you realize Hamilton was calling out your “name” It was still taking you a while to get used to your fake name “No! I’m sorry I’m awake!”

“What took you so long to reply?” Alexander asked sounding a bit annoyed. “I was just daydreaming, Sorry”

“..Allright.. Anyway I was wondering why do you always sleep with a shirt on?”

“What kind of question is that?” Lafayette asked him

“He’s always wearing the same shirt, All day and all night. Why don’t you take it off when you’re asleep”

“Wow, Hamilton. I didn’t realize how much you wanted to see me topless” You joked which made him a bit flustered and at a loss of words

“Wow, James. You actually managed to make Alexander Hamilton shut up. Well done” Laurens said with a laugh and you were glad you managed to dodge the question.

It was morning and you were all getting ready for the day ahead you all got out of the tent at the same time and had some breakfast and sat down with it and talked

“So, Johnson. Why did you join up?” Mulligan asked with a mouthful of food

“Ah wow. I needed to prove myself I guess. I’m dirt poor, My family has passed away and some assholed told me I couldn’t fight but I’ve proved them wrong hah”

“What? Why they say you can not fight?” Lafayette asked genuinely surprised

“Because.. I come from a family of poor farmers?” Your answer sounded more like a question and you felt bad for lying to them, But you couldn’t tell them you’re a woman. You don’t know what consequences you would face

“That’s ridiculous. Don’t listen to what anyone says, You have just as much right to fight as anyone else!” Hamilton said quite seriously.

Before you could finish your breakfast you heard the sound of a gunshot, All of you ran out towards the sound. There was a raid from the British forces, everyone ran to grab their guns and General Charles Lee gave orders to shoot. You could barely hear what people were yelling over the sounds of bullets, people everywhere around you were getting injured but for once you had them outnumbered and you were confident you would win this fight until you heard the sound of a gun go off and not a moment later you were in the ground, You felt intense pain under your rib, You couldn’t stop yourself from screaming. You had been shot “Johnson!” Lafayette yelled as him and Laurens came running towards you. “Retreat!” You could hear coming from the British, They had lost too many men and they weren’t going to win this fight. Lafayette and Laurens slowly tried to help you up. “No! Just leave me to die!” You shouted at them, You were scared they might find out about your secret. “No! We leave no man behind” Mulligan said as he was walking towards you, You whined as they walked you to the doctors tent. Your whole body was starting to feel numb from the pain and soon everything was black.

The doctor had to remove your shirt to get to the wound. He had saved you. He managed to get the bullet out and wrapped bandages around your body. But he had also found out about your secret and told the General.

You woke up and were still in pain, You looked at the bandaged wound and you knew instantly that you had been found out.

“Hey” The voice from Hamilton came from your right

“Jesus, Hamilton. You scared the shit out of me” You looked at his direction and there he was with Laurens, Mulligan and Lafayette all sitting by your bed waiting for you to wake up. You tried to sit up but the pain pushed you back

“Be careful!” Lafayette said worried

“I am in so much pain I might aswell be dying”

“If you die.. I am going to kill you” Laurens said in a bit of a serious tone but he still had a small smile

“Hah! if I die I’m going to haunt your ass” You shot back

It got quiet for a little bit after that

“So.. You know” You whispered.

“Yes” Lafayette replied “I am a little saddened you hid this from us but I understand”

“You’re not angry at me?”

“Why would we be angry? You’re a great soldier and a great friend and I’m honored to have fought along side you” Hamilton said

“Hell, I knew since I saw you, Of course we are not angry” Mulling reasured

“And!” Laurens added “You’re one of the best soldiers I’ve seen in a fight.”

You smiled as the men complimented you “Keep ‘em coming boys” You joked

“So.. What’s your name?.. Your real name?” Alexander asked

“(Y/N) (L/N)”

As soon as you said your name General Lee came walking in the tent “Well miss, You’ve got yourself in some trouble. Disguising yourself as a man to fight? You won’t face any charges but you have to leave as soon as that wound heals”

Hamilton got up and yelled in Lee’s face

“What! You can’t send her home! She’s one of the best soldiers we’ve got!”

“Well clearly not as good as you think since she got herself shot.”

“Oh I oughta shoot you in the jaw” Laurens growled

“Is that a threat?” Lee asked

“Maybe it is”

“Laurens please” You said “Please don’t get yourself in trouble because of me. I got myself into this. I’ll leave as soon as I can”

The men were visibly upset when you said this and tried to argue to let you stay but Lee was set on making you leave.

A few weeks passed and your wound had gotten a lot better. You still had to stay in the tent for most of the time and you got bored a lot but your friends came to see you as often as possible. They didn’t seem as upset as when they first came to visit which was a relief for you. They would always inform you on what had been happening , Tell you funny stories and read to you.

You knew it was soon til you had to leave and you were dreading it, One day when you were laying in bed and reading your friends came running in the tent

“(Y/N) (Y/N) (Y/N) Guess what! Good news!” Laurens shouted as he was practically bouncing around the room

“Hah, What?”

“You get to stay and fight with us” Mulligan said sounding just as excited as Laurens

“Wait! What and How and Why?”

Hamilton cleared his throat before saying “ You are looking at our new Major General.. Lafayette!”

You clapped for him as he took a small bow “Merci, Merci” (thank you, thank you)

“What happened to Lee?” You asked

“Oh he was a coward. But that doesn’t matter! “ Laurens claimed

“You didn’t kill him did you?”

“What No!” He responded. “Well not entirely” Hamilton said with a smirk. “But what matters is you get to stay!” Laurens continued

“But you still sort of have to keep your gender a secret. We could get in some trouble” Lafayette said while sitting at your bed. “Now you need a little more time to heal but we look forward to seeing you back on your feet fighting with us,mon amie “

You nodded “Thank you! I won’t let you down”

The men stayed and chatted a bit longer with you and eventually ended up sleeping in the tent with you for the next days until you were good enough to get back into uniform.

You were ready to fight or die alongside your friends.

((A/N: I’m sorry the ending is a bit sloppy. It’s 4:30 and I couldn’t really think of how to end this. But I worked hard on this and hope you liked it! Thanks for reading! Oh and sorry this wasn’t really shippy, I’l be posting something more character x reader soon :) ))

anonymous asked:

I feel so ugly all the time and I can't stand it

every morning when you wake up I need you to look in the mirror and find one thing you love about yourself. it could be physically or not. this morning I looked in the mirror and thought “I love the color of my eyes”. yesterday I told myself “I love the fact that I try to find one thing to be happy about on a bad day”. I need you to do the same. tomorrow, wake up, and as your brushing your teeth or combing your hair, I want you to look closely at yourself, and instead of thinking “wow this zit on my forehead is awful” or “god I wish my waist was smaller” I need you to find one reason to love your reflection. and I’m asking you to do this everyday, because eventually those thoughts will fill your mind, and it will become a habit to think nice things about yourself. I love you, and you should love yourself, too.

sammy wilkinson imagine

a/n; this wasn’t requested but i cut my hair today randomly and wanted to make a cute little sammy imagine inspired by my wild actions (as marie calls it) but either way, i hope you like it! -ely


I was having a small crazy moment in the house all by myself. I was laying down in the couch of Sammy and I’s apartment. Sammy was my boyfriend for almost a year and even though we had our problems from his career and my job, we dearly loved each other.

I usually went to the studio with him since I dearly enjoyed hanging out with him and the rest of the guys but something got to me this time. So this morning when he left, I simply told him that I could be fine and that I wanted to stay here by myself.

Honestly, I wanted to stay here because I didn’t feel like seeing anyone. Social anxiety really really sucked at times.

Even though I was just laying on the couch, I decided to get up and go to the bathroom to just go stare at myself through the reflection. And oh wow, how much of a mistake that was. I began to see all of my pores filled with anxiety, all of my blackheads, all of the weird parts of my face and hair that I really didn’t like.

UGH UGH UGH. My hair. I hated my hair. It was extremely curly yet kinda straight at the end. It was kinda short but then again it wasn’t short enough. Everyone knew I didn’t like how long my hair was yet Sammy liked it so I kinda always refused to cut it. But something took over me. Screw what Sammy likes about my hair.

I grabbed some scrunchies, scissors and sat on our bathroom sink. I put my hair up in a high ponytail with one of the scrunchies and grabbed the other scrunchie and put it on my hair as well so I could see how much of it I wanted it gone.

“Babe, I’m home! The guys really missed you– babe..? Where are you?” Sammy’s voice echoed through the apartment and I cursed under my breath since I figured he was going to come into the bathroom and see me doing my crazy wild decisions.

His footsteps echoed along the hall and he stepped inside of the bathroom, quickly finding me in the bathroom with scissors in my hand. “Baby..what are you doing?” He said through slight chuckled and I sighed and put the stuff down.

“Do you ever just get so upset about your whole entire appearance and want to just change it all? Well babe, that’s exactly what’s going on right now. I’m cutting my hair.”

Sammy just erupted in laughs and grabbed the scissors from the sink. “Yeah, mami. I completely understand what you’re saying. I’m here now though. Let’s cut your hair.” He kissed my forehead and began cutting my hair carefully.

I smiled to myself and looked at him through the reflection of the mirror. He didn’t like my hair short but he was still cutting it for me. He was still doing something that made me happy. I had the world’s greatest boyfriend. “Baby..?”

“hmm..” He replied back with his furrowed eyebrow from how focused he was.

“Do you think this was a crazy idea?”

He laughed and nodded his head. “I know it was a crazy idea. You’re ultimately wilding right now with everything. But I still love you  and will always want to be with you so I’m going to be here and support you with your wild decisions.” He laughed again and when he was finally finished, he gave me a full kiss.

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Normally I'm not that into human versions of monster characters, but your Sans is so spot on and perfect. I love the concept of the unchanging smile being a protective mask just nice job wow

I actually told myself I would never draw one, just because I love the monster designs in UT sooo much and I find the whole monster-lore thing incredibly interesting. 

But after seeing so many neat interpretations and talking to @retrodynamics all morning about species swap ideas, I just… had to try my own! I’m surprised how much fun it is to think about this stuff, esp with Dani haha.

"Lemme show you my love..."


Congo! Its a smut.


Why is he making me so sick all the time? I thought.

Why don’t we ever get physical? I mean…you know, we love each other…but I really wanted to take our relationship to another level.

I don’t even know whats gone wrong with me these days…I’m finding him too attractive. He’s constantly smirking when we catch our eyes.


And he is making me drool too much now.

Oh gosh.

I even tried to talk about it indirectly, but he always somehow manages to change the topic without even making me realize… I’m craving for him now.


Another day.

It was a Saturday eve, all works accomplished, house was clean, rooms were made and everything was perfect. We were lying on the couch, without any distraction, watching ‘Titanic’.


‘I will never let go jack…’ said the lady in the movie.

I was literally crying like heck.

“Aw y/n, look at you” he laughs out louder than required.

“Hey! Shut up, i have feelings!” I said him but still crying.

“Oh yeah, like I don’t even have any.” He said

“I don’t really think so” i teased.

“Oh-ho, which one do you want?” He asked me smirking.


I leaned in closer to him wiping away my tears and getting my ego back, almost climbing over, with one of my hands on his right shoulder and my face right in front of his.

“I dare you to show me your Love” i whisper.

Pretty good move y/n.

“Oh yeah” saying this he closes his eyes and without realizing crashed his lips on mine.


He put his arms around my waist and makes me fall on the couch. On top of him, having my hands over him, kissing him gently yet violently, i realized where this was going.

Oh yeah!

His hands nuzzled on my waist whilst embracing me tighter which let me out a hot breath in the kiss. He then moves his cold hands under my shirt. His hands were too cold! He began to take off my shirt, but i stopped him.

“What is it babe?” He asked me with concern.

“Not too soon my darling…you made me crave too much, now its my turn.” I cleverly told. I got up, and said - “take me if you can my love” i winked. He was still grinning, “I will my lady” he gets up form and comes near me, but I run away! Ha! “Catch me if you can!” I laugh out “Hey!” He says. Running around the whole house, throwing pillows here and there, i ran upstairs towards my bedroom.


“Where will you go now?” He sung whilst closing the door. I giggled. He walks to towards me chuckling. I felt myself bushing heavily as i moved backwards. I kept moving back but it came to an end, and he came all over me (no pun intended).

Hmm so, lemme show you my love, my lady.” He kisses me again. And here he was again tugging at the hem of my shirt, and finally removing it as I do the same for him. His body was in full display, it was damn turning me on. He then carefully picks me up in bridal style and carries me to the bed. I just laid there seeing him shirtless, do something.

He turns off the main lights and lit some aromatic candles.


He puts on some light romantic music.


He exits the room for some reason. He took sometime to get back. I starting biting my lip at the thought of it. He enters the room and shuts the door back.

My heartbeat was too uncontrollable.

“All set ma’am, i got you” he says.

“Yes you did it” i smile.

He walks towards me and climb on the bed next to me. He positions himself laterally and starts saying some sweet nothing.

He starts pouring rose petals on my face, my exposed stomach and chest. I shut my eyes. He kisses me again and after some time, i felt his hand undoing my jeans. I quickly removed it off. He kisses me the right ‘down there’. I was slowly moaning and melting for him. He removes my panties, spread my legs, and noticing all my ‘down there’ area. 

“Too wet you are my lady…” he says in the sexiest tone.

I mummer a “hmm”

“Is that all for me?” He asks again while kissing my inner thighs.

“Yes love…Take me already now” i whispered.

He giggles and begins his work.

It was pure pleasure. Pure ecstasy. Pure love. He come back to me tenderly planting kisses all over my face making me smile. I felt a penetration. He was fingering me. He slowly adds more fingers making me slightly screech. I bit on his lower lip and clenched my toes.

“Hey hey hey, relax y/n, just relax.” He soothes down my nerves and kisses me tenderly.

“Just trust me, and relax. Okay?”

“Yeah” i say back.

“If you don’t want it now, its okay, just tell me…”

“No, no, i really want this please.”

“As you wish, but tell me if you want me to stop…’cause I don’t want to hurt you…” He says. I smile and nod. He gets off the bed and gets some protection on. He climbs over. “Y/n I really love you…” he says. I wrap my around his torso and say “Me too…darling please make love to me” With this line he shallows himself in me, making me shut my eyes, throwing my head back.

“You okay there?” He asks.

“Y-yeah…I’m fi-fine” i reply back ignoring the agonizing sensation.

I soon felt my pain leaving and it getting replaced by some feeling, which was too good to be expressed. I was getting possessed by his love. What a feeling. He changes my position, and let me dominate him. “Ride me baby” he moans. I start grinding him, and slowly picking up my pace. I start riding him hard, until I felt a knot getting tangled in my stomach.

“Oh I’m feeling it…” i whispered to him.

“Bring it on love” he says back moaning sexier than ever.

My brain and my body was shutting down slowly, also my eyes were getting bright, that was the ultimate thing ever! I felt myself cuming. “!” I scream out, which made his reach his high. We both were having a sudden death moment.

But wow. That was something I really needed.

I collapsed beside him. He turns his eyes towards me.

“Are you happy now?” He asks me breathlessly.

“Happy? I’m in heaven!” I told.

“Aw…” he says me as he give me a hug. I was got too tired so I shut my eyes instantly hugging him back playing with his sweated hair.


I woke up feeling quite different, but he was not next to me. I picked up his T-shirt from the floor which then I wore back. I went to the bathroom, and saw HIM shirtless, looking in the mirror.

“OH hi y/n” he says seeing my messed up reflection.

“Hi…” i reply scratching my head.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“I woke up this morning, and saw these red things on my body! What is this even?” He asks me turning his tone high by the end. He had hickeys all over.

I laugh out.

“Wait… too have these!” He say turning away from the mirror and pointing me.

I touch the marks, and say “These…are the things which implies that you are MINE.” I smirked.

“Wat” he was still confused.

He’s so innocent! i ‘aww’ at him and hug him.

“Its nothing.” I say him soothing his back and grinning at his unintentional memory loss. 



Hope that made your feels tickle. 

Bye bye ._.

(im such a pervert) 

Flammkuchen with pear, blue cheese and red cabbage
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Hormones. Wow. I don’t even know how to write about it. Let me start by telling you about myself. I am a morning person, at least Tomasz says so. If you ask me to get up at 5 am and do something early, I’ll be more than happy to do so. I’ll be smiling and I can even bring some sandwiches and hot coffee with me.

I do get up quite early on everyday basis. I make breakfast, sing in a kitchen, chase my cats and enjoy a morning light. But going back to the hormone subject. Wow! This is something. I’ve met with a friend yesterday and I told her how cool it is to be pregnant - no pains, no disadvantages, no hormonal roller coaster. Well… today I was punished for it. Or Tomasz was. I got up, started to make a breakfast, asked my boyfriend to help me (he’s not a morning person really but he’s sweet enough to agree each time I ask) and then it has started. There was so many unique/strange/scary emotions in me that I was flying above my kitchen - taking pictures, laughing, then screaming on poor Tomasz, crying, then being totally satisfied, then again hitting the sad tune. What is going on with these emotions! I’m caring around few kilograms of a human inside me and I think that it should be enough. Why my body messes up with my head and heart? I will never know. But send some good vibes to poor Tomasz, because it’s much harder for him than for me ;)

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New York Surprises (Tayvin AU) Part 9


I took a deep breath.

“You’ve met them already…. They are James and Eliana, or Jay and Lia. They are obviously my kids and are the most important people in my whole world.” I told Adam.

“Yeah, they seem like great kids, Taylor. Really cool kids! You and their father must be very proud of them” Adam replied, smiling at me with his perfect smile that made my cheeks flush, although I could tell it wasn’t completely genuine.

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