wow i think i'm so funny sometimes

theflyingpeach  asked:

Is it pretty common for infp's to struggle with expressing their emotions? I'm extremely sensitive and highly emotional, but I've been referred to as clinical when trying to express certain things and almost always brush anything 'heavy' off with humor. Do a lot of other infp's do this?

Oh wow, it’s funny you say that because I was just thinking about how I do this yesterday haha. Personally, I think I feel a lot of things really deeply, and it’s really embarrassing for me to admit I feel whatever I’m feeling so deeply to others, so, like you said, I try to express it through humor or sarcasm. Sometimes even when other people express deep feelings to me I get a little uncomfortable and want to change the subject because it’s almost too much to handle. I’m glad someone else goes through this too.

Does anyone else relate?