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Liar Liar

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Hey guys! So, @needing-mendes-kisses has oh so sweetly requested a part two and I decided, why the fuck not? So, here’s a part two to this  and yeah! Feedback is always appreciated x

Shawn was still getting his ass handed to him for paying the bill, but it was worth it to him. Y/N’s mother had taken an instant liking to him as soon as they began dating and Shawn was beyond glad. That made him, almost 100% sure of the answer he’d get from her when he went to visit her today. The smirk on her face when she opened the door made him realize just how much of a splitting image Y/N was to her mother.

“Hi Shawn! What’s the occasion?” She asks as soon as he walks through the unlocked door and enters the kitchen.

“Uh, came to ask you something.” He stutters, sweaty palms rubbing against his jeans.
“Whatever it is, the answer’s yes.” Just like Y/N. Not caring, just answering so she stops being responsible for things. Then again, as long as it was Shawn, no one ever really second guessed him.
“It’s a pretty important thing though, for you to, you know, just say yes to.” His throat feels like someone’s dumped a bag of sand straight into his mouth and a cough swims out his mouth, turning her attention to him.

“Okay,” She hums, resting her arms on the counter, a sandwich in one hand and a bottle of water in the other. “fire away, kid”
“I wanna marry Y/N.” Bits of white bread and ham come flying out as she struggles to wash down the parts of her sandwich still left in her mouth. “Really?!”
“Yes, really.” Shawn sighs, folding his hands in front of his mouth, his lips tucked between his teeth, half out of untameable nerves, half out of habit. “I wanted to ask her father one day, but her mother is just as good . If not, better.”

“Jesus fuck, I thought you’d never ask! I’ve been WAITING for the day I—” A tear slips down her cheek and Shawn’s quick to hug her, a smile itching to spread onto his face. Her tears finally settle down a couple of minutes later, leaving hiccups in their wake as she releases Shawn from her grip.

“Yes, you have my blessing, permission, say so, whatever the hell you need! I just have one condition.” Her voice drops an octave or two and he begins to break into a bit of a nervous sweat.
“Don’t make me regret ever giving you permission, Shawn. Trust takes years to earn and seconds to break. Remember that.”
“You have my word. If I hurt her, you have every right to beat me with a household object, fuck up my car. Anything, all of it.” He assures her, causing her to welcome him into her embrace. “I’m glad you’re officially a part of the family. I thought I’d have to put her into speed dating if it wasn’t you.”

After rushing out of Y/N’s childhood home to beat the closing time of the jewelers’ for the ring he’s had on hold for the last 6 months, Shawn was finally home, jittery all over in every room of the little 2 bedroom townhouse. He couldn’t contain himself. He was about to propose to the love of his life in less than 45 minutes in the most nonchalant fashion ever. His excitement had to come out somewhere. He went to fiddle with a few chords on his guitar while he waited for her to come home.

When she finally finished her volunteer time at the pet adoption center, Y/N was about ready to die. She loved the furry and not-so-furry friends at the center, but right now? She smelled like dog shampoo and fish food and she was running on 4 hours of sleep. Shawn stayed late at the studio last night, leaving her to fight for sleep. She needed the rest and when she came home to find pizzas in the kitchen and a shirtless Shawn in gray sweats scavenging for plates, she knew it was going to be a relaxing night.

They laid staring at the TV, a box of pizza between them and the lamp on Shawn’s side of the bed dimmed. In this moment he knew it, half way through a rerun of Friends and a slice of pizza in his lap, he wanted to pop the question.

“Hey Y/N?” Shawn called, clearing his throat. His pizza was on the bedside table, now long forgotten.
“Yeah babe?” She replied, finally tearing her eyes off the screen. The stringy mozzarella cheese was hanging from her lip as her hands moved around the bed to find the remote. 
“Can you look in that drawer on your side and see if my guitar pick is in there? Couldn’t find it earlier” He says, her hands already reaching for the knob on the drawer.

Y/N finally sets her pizza down, glancing over in the empty space and her heart damn near stops. He’s gotta be fucking joking.”Shawn..” 
“Yeah?” He whispers, sitting up off the headboard.
“W-what’s this?” She implores, her voice already wavering.
“Open it and se—“
“Already one step ahead.” Her response is quick but soft, almost nonexistent.
“So, I couldn’t think of some clever, over the top way to wow you with a proposal. All I could think about was asking you to spend the rest of your life with me.” Shawn confesses, sliding up next to her.

She looks up at him for the first time in around the last hour and they looked identical. Half-dressed, greasy-lipped losers with tears of joy in their eyes.

 “I’ve been scared shitless for the last two hours trying to figure out how the hell I’m supposed to propose and what to say, how to sit, how to fucking breathe, but— Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, will you marry me before I shit a brick out of fear?” The words come out in a barely understandable fashion with all his nerves jumping off the walls.

“if I say yes, will you stop holding your damn breath? Jesus!” Y/N laughs, already slipping the ring on her finger.
“Yes, promise.”
“Then I’m all yours.” Of course they sealed it with a kiss. Oily, cheese flavored lips.
“i’m so happy you said yes, I thought I was gonna have to have an awkward run in with the jeweler at the store. He’s been ready to kick my ass for months.” Shawn joked, earning a slap on the chest from Y/N. 

Shadows and Darkness: One and the Same (ch.1)

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This fic is meant to be read in connection with my Azriel-centric prequel stories. I would highly suggest reading those first to get the full reading experience of this fic. 

It’s finally here, friends! Chapter 1 of the follow up fic to my Azriel-centric prequels which you should definitely read before reading this if you haven’t already. This fic will span across and after the events of ACOWAR. 

I really hope you guys enjoy this chapter, it will explain (almost) everything that has happened since the end of the prequels up until now concerning our dearest Lena. Enjoy!

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Rose x Ten, post GitF-au/fixit; angst, fluff, romance, more angst, and possibly some smut later, but this part (and all parts on is sfw (minor exception for brief language).

(see the end of this part for notes and special thanks)

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Minuet, Part II

Part I | Part II | Part III

Twisting in his grasp, Rose cranes her neck to look at him, finally, and there he is, all furrowed brow and tight mouth and eyes glittering with anger, and god, if she wasn’t so irritated with him right now, she just might kiss him.

“That’s what you were going to do, isn’t it?” she asks instead.


Eyes widening, the Doctor only has a moment to let his mouth drop open in surprise before another gentleman steps in—time to change dance partners. Rose slips into position with the newcomer without so much as a blink or even a glance in the Doctor’s direction, never faltering in her rhythm; a quick peek at the Doctor moments later tells her that he has allowed himself to be swept up in the tide of dancers, sidling up to his new partner across the room.

Rose turns away, swirling in her partner’s arms, but she can feel the eyes of the Doctor boring into her. She shivers despite the summer heat.

“That’s beside the point,” he whispers when they meet again, touching palm-to-palm first with one hand, then the other. “I’m a Time Lord.”

“Really? First I’ve heard of it,” Rose replies drily.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time, Rose. A very long time. I understand the risks.”

Rose rolls her eyes. “And stupid apes don’t.”

At least the Doctor has the decency to flinch at those words. “That isn’t what I meant.”

“Of course it is,” Rose sighs, and they both step back, granting a berth for other dancers to flit gracefully between them. “After all,” Rose continues when they reconnect, hands clasped, “I’m hardly one of the most accomplished women who ever lived, am I?”

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Alice_Mare Sentence Starters
  • "If you say you're dreaming, _______, then sure, this is a dream."
  • "Hold... my hand."
  • "I can see myself getting lost easily."
  • "Maybe God's just a sadist."
  • "I died a fine death a loooong time ago!"
  • "...______, those are underpants. Don't put those on your head."
  • "No flavor.."
  • "...That was a "this guy is a pain" face just now, isn't it?"
  • "Wow! I've never seen you before!"
  • "Will you put it on? Should I put it on for you?"
  • "He was murdered? Really?"
  • "B-be careful..."
  • "But he's always lying. Best not to believe a word he says."
  • "... Please forget about me."
  • "Being trash is the recipe for success here. It's easier to just go mad."
  • “What about the underwear that was with them? Do you put that on your head, too?”
  • "I don't really like reading stuff. I always liked TV better."
  • "People have a bad habit of trying to know things they shouldn't."
  • "Help me..."
  • "...That's scary. I wonder if I can sleep by myself."
  • "That's... odd. That you can speak."
  • "Man, it's always hard to get used to new stuff."
  • "How could you believe something you've never seen or experienced?"
  • “…? But I’m not dead yet.”
  • "This must mean... Yes. Very soon. It must be over soon."
  • "I won't do it again, I mean it... Forgive me...! Forgive me..."
  • "I was locked in my room."
  • "...Unfortunately, I can't move from this spot. It's a pain, it really is."
  • "I have to do away with that evil witch."
  • "If you mess up, it's gonna explode..."
  • "You've introduced yourself? How did it go?"
  • "It’s much, too much of a pain to go against the grain."
  • "They just say what you want, but when you say anything bad, you got a knife at your throat."
  • "Saying he never knew it is just an excuse."
  • "...Hey, how do you wake up from this Dream?"
  • "But won't I die from loneliness if I stop sayin' anything?"
  • "There's no time, no time. No time... the door."
  • “It’s alright. Even if you feel you’re unhappy as can be now, there’s lots of happiness to be had.”
  • “_________, do you… not care about us?”
  • "Sorry, I'm not good at talking... But I don't hate it...Really."
  • "Now if this isn't a strange little human I've never seen before!"
  • “…What’s the matter? Did you come alone?”
  • "Done your homework yet?"
  • "I told him that once, and he made a face like he'd eaten a grapefruit."
  • "... ... ...Was I needed, or unneeded?"
  • "You haven't been here long, but you seem to be used to things already."
  • "Is darkness supposed to be this comforting?"
  • "Oooh... my head's spinning..."
  • "Well, no need to steal, ‘cause you didn’t have much of it in the first place."
  • “Evil witch… Why are you always, always doing these things?!"
  • "I heard a loud crash. What were you doing up here?"
  • "I don't know why. But they're dead. All of them."
  • "If you're so curious, how about you check 'em out?"
  • "Maybe you're onto something, kid."
  • "...Oh, another visitor?
  • "So let's play! Let's play! Play play play!"
  • “Russian roulette! Let’s play it!”
  • "I-I... don't wanna. I don't wanna move from this spot!"
  • "Mother, father... I have to go."
  • "This place is chock full of weirdos, so I'm just one of 'em."
  • "... Goodnight."

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Hi there!!! I was the anon (Who was too nervous) that sent the friend-zone HC and It was perfect! I've read it like 10 times already and I couldn't get enough of it!! I just want to say that I love your college thing going on and can't wait for future post \^_^/. Also kinda wondering about a small jealousy HC but the guys can't do anything because the MC isn't theirs?? <3

Okay so first off, OMG U ARE SO SWEET THANK YOU *blushes*

I’m really glad you requested that headcannon, it was a fun one to do, and It makes me so happy to hear that the one who requested it likes it! <3

So since u said that you like the college MFW, I did do this one during the MFW college timeline

I also decided to write them from the P.O.V. of the boys, since this is my first angsty headcannon (YAY), and if they’re gonna be jealous we wana see it right?! ;)

Anyways here it is:


            “Hey! _____?! Are you paying attention?” I poked her.

            She jumped, and quickly brushed her bangs behind her ear. I sighed, exasperatedly. She was daydreaming again wasn’t she, I thought.

            “Sorry!” She apologized quickly, flipping through the textbook, “Guess it’s just hard for me to focus.”

            Hard for her to focus? I thought, Can you even imagine how hard it is for me when you keep doing this? I bit back my words as I tried not to look at her again. Lately I found my eyes wandering over her face, the way the light bounced off her hair, the way she slouched slightly when she was focusing. But even if I told myself not to look, there was still her smell, the sound of her voice. I’m gonna go crazy, I thought. This was absurd, no one had ever made me feel this uncomfortable before.

            “So… We were talking about conservation of energy?” She asked hesitantly.

            I rolled my eyes, “Wow, you really weren’t listening. Do you want to fail this test too?”

            Immediately her face fell and I filled with regret. God why did you say that? I scolded myself, you know she was really upset about that. Do you WANT to see her unhappy? What’s wrong with you?

“I’m sorry, Yamato,” She bit her lip and looked down, “Maybe I should just call it quits for today.”

            I blinked, “N-No!” I said, trying to backtrack, “You can ace this next test with a little more studying, I know you can.”

            “Really?” _____ finally turned and looked at me, her lips pulling into a smile.

            God. Damn. I found myself unable to breathe as the full force of her smiling eyes hit me. Quick, Say something!

            “Yeah, I mean even you could learn this stuff!”

            She huffed, back to her pouting face, “What the hell is that supposed to mean?!”

            “I mean with me as your teacher you can get it!” I felt the corners of my mouth tug up as our banter returned to how we normally spoke. Good, I thought. This felt natural.

            Suddenly, her phone buzzed. I watched her fingers fly to snatch it at lightning speed. When she saw who it was her face lit up.

            What is that face?! I thought, feeling my chest tighten. I didn’t know why yet, but a feeling sat in my gut when I saw that look on her face as she hurried to reply. I didn’t know she could smile like that, her face radiated joy.

            “Who was that?” The words slipped from my lips although I knew I wouldn’t like the answer.

            She slipped the phone back across the desk quickly, “Oh, just my boyfriend…”

            There it was. The bomb. I tried to keep my face neutral, but her words already faded into static. Boyfriend? I thought, When? Who? The questions kept coming but I knew I wouldn’t ask. I couldn’t ask, or I’d give myself away. And there she was, looking so happy, the happiest I’d seen her.

            But it wasn’t because of me.


            I sat, sipping coffee in the same corner I’d sat in for the entire year. Every morning I’d walk down here, get my cup, and write for two hours before my afternoon English class. That was my routine.

            But today, I hadn’t even brought my notebook from its case. Why bother, I thought, You know the words don’t come to you anymore. They don’t flow like they used to. The ideas are gone. It had been days since I’d been able to even touch a pen to paper. In the beginning, I’d tried, but ended up just staring at the blank, unstained pages.

I gripped the cup of coffee tighter, staring at the couple a few tables from mine. I couldn’t hear their conversation over the blurred voices between us, but I didn’t need to hear to know how things were progressing. The dialogue and words flowed through my mind, painting the perfect picture of them.

What would I do? I wondered, as before my eyes it flashed: scenario one. I’d leave my coffee, walk to the table, declare my feelings, and she’d gaze up at me with those darling eyes, and allow me to whisk her away, and we’d live happily ever after.

No no no, I thought, quickly dismissing that scenario. Not even in my corniest drama would that work.

Scenario two, I thought, letting the story unfold in my mind. When I declare my feelings, they both look at me with gaping fish-eyes, the awkwardness overwhelms us, and I, Saeki, make a deprecating joke to pretend I don’t care and walk off.

Well, it kind of fits… but it’s missing something, I thought, wrapping my fingers around the mug in front of me as I took a sip. Then the real story came to me.

I’ll sit here, and I’ll watch. I realized. I wouldn’t make a scene, but I wouldn’t let go of my feelings. I would if I could, I thought, laughing bitterly to myself. That was it, I’d sit, in my spot, and I’d watch. I’d watch the first girl I ever truly loved, my muse, smile with another man.

Just as the idea finished, I looked down at the notebook that now laid open in front of me. I didn’t remember when I pulled it out, or when I’d started writing, but there they were in front of me; my words, my scenarios, my honey.


I was on my way to our shared government class when I saw her. She had her back turned to me, but I’d grown to recognize the way the lights reflected off her hair.

 ”Oh, _____!” I called.

As she turned to face me, I almost froze in my tracks. I’d grown more sure over the last few days, sure that my eagerness to see her, and desire to see she was well cared-for weren’t the feelings I had as a big brother. Maybe I’d originally seen myself in that light, as this was the role I’d naturally assumed many times, but she meant something more to me now.

The smile that had stretched across my face when I waved to her slid right off my face as I looked away from her face and saw the guy standing next to her. They were standing close, too close to be friends. My eyes came to rest on their intertwined fingers.

“Oh, Takao!” She waved back at me as I slowly let my arm fall.

I wanted to run. I wanted to turn my back on this scene and never look at it again. I even started to wonder if I could dash straight into the lecture hall. But my feet didn’t listen. Slowly, I approached them.

“Hey,” I felt the plastic grin stretch my cheeks.

She turned to the guy at her side, “Oh, this is Takao! Remember? I told you all about him,” She introduced me, “I don’t know where I’d be without his amazing study sessions.”

I could only nod, still feeling the smile tugging at my face painfully.

“Really?” He said, looking me up and down.

She continued, “Yeah! He’s going to be a lawyer so he knows his stuff.”

Any other day I probably would have felt awkward, but happy at her praises, but today they just hurt. Her words dug into my heart like an icicle and all I could do was stand there and smile. My jealous side wanted to rip her hands from his, to confess my feelings, but something stopped me. Just look at her, I thought, See how happy she looks with him? It was my own fault. I’d held back for a week because I wasn’t sure if she saw me as anything other than a big brother. Now I knew that she did.


            I hate this, I thought. I knew that at any minute she would walk through that door and we’d be forced to work together. It’s just a lab, I told myself, it’s no big deal, you never cared before. As I prepared myself to work alongside _____, she walked in.

            I immediately dove under my coat. With my face nestled into the fabric, I hid my eyes in my arms. I knew it was immature to pretend to sleep, but I just couldn’t face her. Every time I saw those eyes, nose, lips, my heart hurt.

            Why do I feel this way? I thought, pulling the coat around me. It wasn’t right for me to feel this way. I had seen the smile on her face as she walked hand in hand with him. I’d heard her laughter, and the way her voice pitched up ever-so-slightly when she talked about him.

            You couldn’t have made her feel that way, Ren, I told myself, Everyone says you’re so childish. I agreed with them, here I was hiding from her because it hurt too much to look.

            He makes her happy, and you’re just going to have to live with that. I told myself, even though I felt the unfairness of it all running through my veins. I’d never felt so passionately about anything. Not my research, that I’d come all this way to achieve. Not my kingdom, and all the people in it that I cared about.

            I was almost prepared to throw it all away for her, when I’d seen her and that man walking hand in hand. I’d never be able to get that image out of my head, the way they were huddled together, steam rising from their cups of coffee, laughing.

            You could never give her that, I thought, Even if you wanted to try and take a commoner as your girlfriend, she’d have to go through the rigorous princess training, and possibly opposition of my parents…My parents, who had already picked out a noble girl as my princess. That was why I hesitated to make my feelings known, and now it was too late.

            “Hey, Ren?” I heard her ask.

            Her voice stung me deeply as I was trying not to think about her. It’s better this way, I tried to convince myself, He’s making her happy.


            When will she be here? I wondered, shifting eagerly from foot to foot at the entrance of the dining hall. _____ always came to get lunch at around this time, so I’d been sure to wait so I’d catch her. At first it had been just for someone to have lunch with, but now I knew that I looked forward to our lunches together all day. I was almost bouncing on the balls of my feet with anticipation. What was that joke I thought of yesterday? I tried to remember, I’d wanted to see her laugh when I told it.

            As I looked out into the crowd of students, I caught sight of her face. Oh! I raised my hand to wave, when I saw her laughing and playfully hit a guy’s arm. My hand fell loosely to my side as I watched them.

            They both walked closely together, conversing. I couldn’t hear what they were talking about but I didn’t need to. My stomach twisted painfully as I watched, and yet I couldn’t stop looking. No… Wait… I wanted to call out to her as she walked in the opposite direction, passing the dining hall, passing where we met every Tuesday and Thursday.

            Before I could stop myself, I was turning away from the dining hall, wading through the crowd, so not to lose the sight of her. Why? I knew what I’d seen but I tried to deny it.

            _____ and the tall guy walked into one of the on-campus restaurants, looking up at the menu together. They then walked up to the counter and placed their orders.

            But… You can’t eat lunch here, we’re supposed to eat at the dining hall, together, like we always do. I felt my heart and gut twisting at how wrong the entire scene was. She was laughing at some other guy’s jokes, smiling at some other guy, eating lunch at some other place with some other guy, during our time!

            I stopped. “our” time? I thought. No, I didn’t own her. I’d never asked her out, we’d never done anything other than eat lunch together at the same time on the same days, but it had become a habit, something I relied on.

            I couldn’t call her and I “us”, or call lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays “our” time, I realized. The evidence was right in front of me, she was “us” to someone else.

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What do you mean when you say that some aspects of percabeth bothers you? I still ship them a lot, but i've felt sort of the same thing after rereading the series and can't quite put my finger on it. (but don't feel pressured to answer if it makes you uncomfortable) :)

it’s fine anon, i’ve resisted getting into specifics because i didn’t want to spark confrontation or make anyone else upset, but if you’re curious it’s fine, part of me does really want to get it out and i hope it helps you if you’re feeling the same way?

just… don’t hate read this, okay? it’s fine if you want to weigh in constructively or offer something that maybe i’m not picking up on. i’d appreciate that, actually. but i don’t feel like being argued with and definitely don’t want to be yelled at.

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