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how both teams react to their s/o having a nightmare about them leaving/going far away?

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Makoto: He holds them close until they stop shaking and gently strokes their hair. When they finally tell him the reason behind their panic, his heart nearly breaks, but he puts on a gentle smile and touches their foreheads together. “That’s so silly. I wouldn’t ever leave you. I love you, after all.” He kisses their head. “And I’ll always be with you no matter what.”

Haruka: He’s at a complete loss of what to do since it had never occurred to him that he would have to reassure his partner that he wouldn’t leave them. So he wraps his arms around them and uses a hand to wipe away their tears. “…I won’t go.” He says with a blush, honestly feeling flattered that he means so much to them that a dream like that could make them so distressed. He squeezes their hand tight. “I won’t go.”

Nagisa: He was sleepy at first, but seeing his partner trembling with tears in their eyes would wake him up right away. He sits up with them and holds their face in both his hands, wiping the tears off their cheeks with his thumbs until they tell him about their dream. “What?! That’s crazy!” He exclaims. “You’re perfect, ___-chan, why would I go away like that?” He smiles and hugs them tight. “I’m right here, see?”

Rei: “Please, tell me what’s wrong.” He begs them with nothing but pure concern in his voice as he holds them to his chest. When they tell him the truth, his jaw drops. “I-Is that true? Me? How big of an idiot must I be for such a thing to happen?” Deep down he’s somewhat happy, and he sits up to embrace them in a loving hug. “Please don’t worry about something like that. I’ll be here as long as you need me.”

Rin: “Shh…” He tries to quiet their soft sobs as he runs his fingers through their hair. When they admit to him that they thought he’d left them, he pulls back in shock to look at them. “Seriously? T-That’s…” The words won’t come out smoothly. “Why the hell would I leave you?” He isn’t sure what else he could say to comfort them, so he blushes and pulls their hand over his heart. “…Don’t think about it. Just close your eyes and focus on me. I’m not going anywhere.”

Sousuke: It was quite worrisome that no matter how long he held them for, their shaking wouldn’t subside completely. Usually when things like this happened, he could make them feel safe, but now he wasn’t sure what to do. So he gently pried their hands away from their face and kissed them until they breathily admitted the source of their worry, and he takes it completely seriously and squeezes their hand tight in his while keeping eye contact. “That won’t happen.” He kisses them again. “Ever.”

Nitori: “Please don’t cry. It’s okay, it was just a dream.” Although it naturally pains him to see his partner upset, he’s somewhat glad he’s able to comfort them through times like this. He holds them close and rubs their back with a small smile, but freezes when they tell him. “Eh? You had a dream I left you?” He’s in shock that something like that would ever happen, even if only unconsciously. “There’s no way that would happen. Because…” He blushes. “I love you too much for that.”

Momotarou: “What’s wrong? Are you hungry? Does your stomach hurt? Did you have a bad dream?” He guesses blindly, but wipes their tears away with his thumbs; he must be just as upset as they are, but the moment they vent out the content of their dream he’s flustered. “M-M-Me?! Really?” His eyes fill with tears and he sniffles and wipes them away. “C-Course that won’t happen! Just look at how big of a mess I am without you! I promise I won’t go!”

Seijuurou: “Hey, hey… Everything’s fine now. Relax.” He sits them in his lap and hugs them, kissing their tears away when they slip down their cheeks. He raises his eyebrows in surprise when they tell him they thought he’d left them. “Whoa, me? Wow. Aw, how stupid do you think I am?” He laughs softly and taps their nose. “Me, break up with you? Not in a thousand years.” His eyes soften affectionately. “Don’t you know why they’re called dreams? Because they’ll never come true.”