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Happy Mother’s Day to the best super mom who would get his face smashed in and both arms broken for his kids.

The gift was a coffee mug because why not. He probably drinks at least 50 gallons of coffee a day anyway. 

haha every man i draw turns gay lol sorry not sorry

EDIT: wow I spelled his name wrong in the 1st panel fml. How the frick did I put “m” instead of “w” Jesus Christ. Now I have to fix that shit.

Miraculous 10 Year Reunion

Footsteps walked evenly up a strip of sidewalk, onto a porch, though a door, and into a home.  A hand sets down a purse on a table as an envelope drops to the ground.  A thin figure leans down to pick it up, bringing it to her bright blue eyes.

“What’s this?” she asked.  Tearing open the sealed envelope, she opened it to find an invitation addressed to her.  Dear Mrs. Marinette Dupain-Cheng, it read.  She frowned, they got my name wrong…

It’s our pleasure to announce that the graduating class of 2020 has it’s 10 year anniversary it Collège Françoise Dupont’s gym on Friday May 2nd at 6:00pm.  Be sure to be there!  And we’re excited to announce our special guest, Ms. Chloe Bourgeois, will be attending!  See you then!

“Honored guest, huh,” Marinette mumbled, looking over the rest of the invite.  “I’m surprised she’d find the time.  The busy Mayor that she is and all.”

Placing the invite on the table near the front door, she walked into the kitchen and towards the fridge.  It’d been a busy day at the agency, again.  She hadn’t eaten at all, let alone sat down.  Ah, the busy life of a designer.  Perhaps she would’ve rethought her carrier if she’d known it’d be this crazy.  

Before she opened the refrigerator door, she saw a note taped to it.  Looks like you left for work before I woke up… I’ll be home at 5:00.

She shook her head with a smile.  “I know you’re schedule, but you always write notes,” she said to herself, setting the note on the counter.  She glanced at the clock to see it read 4:45.  He’d be here any minute now.

Grabbing left overs from the night before, she shoved it in the microwave to warm up and sat at the counter to wait.  “High school reunion…” she said aloud in a daze.  “Has it really been that long?”

The microwave beeped and she grabbed her food, sitting at the couch and flipping on the T.V.  Just as it turned on, she heard the door swing open then close.  

Footsteps walked through the entry way and into the kitchen.  She looked up from the couch to see him put his bag on the counter.  His hand reached for the note that had been taped to the fridge.  He must’ve realized the only way for it to be on the counter was if she were home.  Turning around, he waved the note.  “I see you got my message,” he said.

She set her food down and smiled, standing up.  “I always do,” she said, walking up to him and kissing him quickly.  “Sorry, I had an early morning again,” she sighed.  “Once we release these designs, I’ll be free or a while, though.”

He grinned, pulling her close, “Good.  I’ve missed waking up to my lovely lady.”

“And I’ve missed sleeping in,” she sighed in exasperation, leaning in to hug him.  His chin rested on her head and her food was momentarily forgotten.  “Oh!” She remembered, craning her neck to look up at him.  “You wouldn’t believe what came in the mail today!”


“An invite to our high school reunion,” she said, placing her head back on his chest.  “Kinda weird to think that 10 years have gone by.”

“Wow,” he felt him inhale deeply, “10 years…”

“Yup,” she confirmed, “And they got my name wrong.”

“Spelling error?” he asked, leaning away from her after pecking her with a kiss on her forehead.  

She shook her head, finding her way back to her food near the couch.  Meanwhile, he looked in the fridge for food himself.  “No, everything was spelled correctly, but they addressed it to ‘Dupain-Cheng,’ and not ‘Agreste.’”

“Huh,” Adrien said mindlessly, putting his own set of leftovers in the microwave.  “I mean, it does make sense,” he continued after setting the timer to cook his food.  Turning to her, he shrugged, “You’re in the school system as Dupain-Cheng, I’m sure.  And since I quit modeling and everyone stopped trying to follow my every move, my life isn’t that public anymore.  I bet our class doesn’t even know we’re married, let alone teachers and staff of the school.” he offered.

She nodded, popping some baked potato in her mouth.  “I guess so,” she said in a daze.  “Wow,” she suddenly realized, “I haven’t seen Alya since college started.”

“Same with me and Nino,” Adrien pointed out, grabbing his food and sitting next to her on the couch.  “Crazy how everything can change in 10 years.”

“I feel terrible!” Marinette said with a frown, “We told each other we’d keep in touch.  But that’s when my internship started and, well, time wasn’t a very flexible thing then.”

He laughed, “I know, that’s when we first started dating.  It was nearly impossible to get a date with you.”

She smiled, “Hopefully I was worth the wait.”

“You were,” he grinned.  “So… when’s the reunion?”

“Next week on Friday.”

“During or after our normal patrol?” he asked.

“It’s at 6:00, so we’ll have to do an early patrol,” she offered.

He leaned over to turn on the T.V.  “The city can’t protect itself, after all,” he said.

“Oh the joys of being a hero,” Marinette laughed, leaning on his shoulder.  

A week a flown by in a flurry.  Marinette finished her designs a day before the reunion, luckily freeing her up for a quick patrol and then time to get ready for the party.  After getting ready, they made their way to the car.

“You’ve got the keys?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’ll drive,” he said, hopping into the drivers seat of their Corvette.

Marinette laughed as she sat on the passenger’s side.  “You like this car, don’t you?”

“Any man likes his car.  Especially if it’s a sports car,” he said matter-of-factly.

“I’ll admit,” she began, “This was worth not going out to eat for a while.”

They began to back out of the driveway and turn out of their court.  They lived in a family-friendly neighborhood.  Most houses were filled with young kids or young couples looking to start a family.  When they had bought this house, that was their plan.  But they both decided that their schedules were too busy still.  They talked about kids a lot… but nothing more than fantasies.

Their conversations were filled with old high school memories and Adrien’s childish teasing about Marinette’s crush on him, which was quickly backfired with her reminder of Chat Noir’s crush on Ladybug.  They laughed at the irony of back then.

Before long, they arrived.  There stood the school in all it’s glory.  Besides a few little changes, it looked exactly how they remembered it.

“Wow,” Marinette said, “It hasn’t changed a bit.”

“Yeah, and look,” Adrien said, pulling up to the front of the school, “Valet parking,” he said.  

He put the car in park and gave the keys to a rather excited looking young man.  “Here you go,” Adrien said as he placed the keys in his hands.  “Do we go through these doors?” he asked, pointing towards the front doors.

“Yessir,” the valet-parker nodded.

Adrien said his thanks and offered his lady his arm.  “Shall we?” he asked in a very Chat-like way.

“Oh, very smooth, Chaton,” Marinette said lowly while gently grabbing his arm.

He winked playfully as he opened the doors for them.  They walked down the halls in silence, their footsteps echoing loudly.  They looked at the walls to see unfamiliar faces of the current students.  It was strange.  It was as if they’d never actually gone here.  “Things move on pretty quickly, don’t they?” Adrien asked aloud.  Marinette only hummed in response.

They quickly found their way to the gym where the party was being held and heard the music and voices of everyone inside.  Adrien briefly hesitated before opening the doors, “Ready?” he asked, looking at his wife of 7 years.

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Greek to Me

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Member: Exo Lay/Yixing

Type: Fluff

You really didn’t want to be there. 

The loud music blared from the speakers as the smell of cheap liquor filled your nose. Your face probably showed your disgust, because people stayed clear from you and your scowl. You were leaning against a wall silently scrolling through your social media apps, refreshing each one over and over again hoping to find something interesting. 

You stared at the five percent left and groaned, closing the apps and shoving your phone in your pocket, crossing your arms and taking a look at the scene around you. You were in the dining room, against the wall of the stairs, and from where you were standing you could see a group of people playing some game that involved salt and lemons, another group that seemed to be smoking weed, and a few others dancing and grinding on each other. Then there were the random floaters who’d be going from group to group, getting high then dancing with a lemon still in their mouth. 

In all honesty, you didn’t really have any idea what was going on. Some friends of yours had dragged you here, somehow forgetting that you weren’t exactly the partying type. They’d disappeared into the crowd of frat boys and under-dressed girls.

Overall, the atmosphere wasn’t as…exciting as you’d pictured. Your idea of frat parties was developed through movies and what others had told you and this, even though you weren’t a fan of parties anyways, didn’t seem like exactly what you’d expected. 

Maybe you just hadn’t seen enough. Maybe if you’d left your spot on the wall you’d actually have fun but the idea of waking up hungover and smelling like weed didn’t seem appealing to you. Honestly you’d still probably wake up smelling like weed but hey at least you wouldn’t be hungover. 

You felt a something hit the wall behind you and you turned to see a guy on his phone, his back against the wall. His eyes squinted for a second before he cursed, shoving his phone into his pocket before turning and giving you a surprised look. 

“Sorry, I didn’t see you,” he said, and you shrugged. 

“It’s not like I own the place,” you muttered, before biting your tongue. “I’m sorry that was rude.” You saw him chuckle, and you let your eyes graze over him, taking in his appearance. Tall, lean, muscular arms, dark hair, dark eyes, sweatshirt, hair covering his forehead, mouth curved up slightly as if he was still laughing at-

“Are you checking me out?”

You choked on your own saliva, your body folding over as you coughed and you felt his hand land on your shoulder as he apologized, asking if you were alright, You straightened out, swallowing hard before responding. 

“Do people still say that?” you asked, making him laugh outright. “And, well no, I wasn’t  exactly. I just like looking at people. I mean-”

“I know what you mean,” he smirked and you looked away, having a feeling that the conversation was over. Apparently it was not. “So um, I’m Yixing?” He spoke as if he was asking a question, like he wasn’t sure if you were actually willing to talk to him. 

You looked back at him, looking at the little smirk on his face as he leaned against the wall next to you, and realized you could probably use the entertainment. You introduced yourself, trying to sound as polite as possible. 

“I know who you are. I see you around campus a lot. I just don’t usually see you at these uh established events.”

You raised and eyebrow quizzically. “You know who I am?” 

You saw him swallow, his cheeks turning slightly pink as he responded, “Um well sorta. I knew your name and stuff. I always see you drinking coffee on Thursday mornings at the same time. The barista always spells your name wrong, huh?”

Laughing, you choked out a response, “What are you, stalking me? And yes, no matter who it is, they will always spell my name wrong.”

“Imagine how I feel. Yixing isn’t the most common name you know,” he scoffed, and you felt yourself smile. He reciprocated it, and you watched the dimples form near his mouth. 

“Wow,” your hand moved to touch one of his dimples and he raised an eyebrow, his smile faltering and you pouted. “No, no smile again I wanna see it.” You poked his cheek and suddenly felt your face heat up, realizing how uncomfortable he must be. You apologized, pulling your hand back.

“What was that about?” he asked, and you looked away, suddenly feeling shy. 

“Um, I don’t know I’ve always loved dimples. I get a little touchy when I see them, I’m sorry.”

He laughed again before grabbing your hands. You looked up at him as he brought your hands to his laughing face, putting them on his cheeks. You felt your face get hotter as his hands stayed on your wrists, keeping your hands on his face. “You can touch them as much as you’d like. Nobody’s ever taken that much interest in my dimples. I’m quite honored actually.”

You bit your lip as he finally released your wrists, and you found yourself playfully pinch his cheeks before retracting your hands again, still slightly embarrassed. 

“So,” he began again, seeing your sudden awkwardness. “What brings you here?” 

You shrugged, trying to relax yourself so your face wouldn’t feel so hot. “My friends said it would be fun. They lied.”

“You’re not having fun with me?” he asked, his voice oozing with fake hurt. His hands moving to his heart and his lips forming a pout. “And here I thought you were starting to like me.”

You laughed, shaking your head and reaching up to pinch his cheek again. He chuckled too, his hand reaching up to grab yours holding it for a second. You pulled away slightly but his hand stayed on yours, and you felt his thumb rub the back of your hand gently as he opened his mouth again-

“Yah, where have you been?” you heard your friend’s voice from behind you, making Yixing automatically drop your hand as you pulled away to turn to her. “We were worried about you. You’re bored right? I’m sorry…” She looked at you apologetically, failing to notice Yixing standing next to you, rubbing his neck awkwardly as she spoke. 

“Um, I’m fine. I’m not really bored actually,” you said shyly, looking up at Yixing. Your friend’s eyes traveled from you to him before her lips formed an “o” shape, as if she’d realized that something was going on. 

“Well I guess I’ll just…go back then…have fun kids…” she muttered awkwardly and you laughed, watching her step back and turn away. 

Turning back to Yixing, you saw the blush creep up on his cheeks as he moved back against the wall again. You joined him, your shoulder right up against his and you smiled, a finger moving to poke his cheek. 

“‘Have fun kids’?” he repeated and you shrugged, biting your lip. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“At least she didn’t say ‘Use protection’,” you joked before covering your mouth with your hand. He immediately started cracking up, and you sighed, wishing you could control your tongue just once. 

You watched him laugh, his dimples more visible than ever as you stood, letting a smile creep onto your face as you joined him. His laughter was more infectious than you thought, and when he looked at you again his eyes bright and his smile wide you realized that maybe this party wasn’t so bad after all. 

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Shayne Gostisbehere Appreciation Post

Because A) He should have won Rookie of the Year, and B) I can.

This here beautiful specimen of a man is Shayne Gostisbehere. I will probably spell his name wrong. My apologies. Anyway, he’s THE BEST DEFENSE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, FIGHT ME.

He’s also a grade-A dork and we love him very much. I mean, how can you not? Look at that smile.

Dork. I mean. Wow. Look at him. Cutie. My gosh.

Face of an angel. Honestly. He’s also amazing at hockey. He got an assist on the most beautiful goal of the season. It was a thing of beauty honestly.

I mean, honestly. Look at it. It’s amazing. Honestly. At the end of overtime, with like, ten seconds to go. I don’t remember the specifics, but look at it. Beautiful.

He also loves dogs. Honestly. He is wearing Cooper as a hat. Look at this dork. I mean, he has an Instagram page dedicated to his dogs. I mean, his girlfriend (i think?? idk maybe his wife?? nobody tells me anything) probably runs it, but still. Honestly. Dork.

Look at these dorks. I mean wow. Dorks. Do you see the account name? My gosh I love this dork.


He smile. Cutie.

He volleyball. with American patterned shorts. F L O R I D A B O Y

Look how happy he is. Honestly. Thank you, Shayne Gostisbehere, for existing, for being adorable, and for saving our sorry rear ends this year. You’ll always be rookie of the year to us.

Look at the pain and fear in his face he looks so scared and vulnerable and you can almost see the regret in his eyes like “crap, I’m going to die because I’m an idiot and that’s led to the school being destroyed and it’s going to destroy me goodbye, cruel world, goodbye, At-chan” ……..

wtf is wrong with me why am I making this post?