wow i should be ashamed of myself

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you're a (white) grown-ass woman arguing with teenagers online and dressing up as a muslim woman of color for funsies. do you have any self awareness when you say the word "embarrassing"

These are my favourite hateful anons, because they’re actually trying to shame me for this stuff! 

Something you’ll learn when you grow up is that cosplay doesn’t become less fun as you get older. It’s still fun to play dress-ups. It’s still fun to roleplay characters! Ana Amari is super badass, sassy, strong, and a bunch of things I hope I am when I’m 60. It’s great to have her in a popular game, representing older women and giving us a role model! 

There is literally no harm in cosplaying someone who is not your ethnicity as long as you do it in a respectful and appropriate way - which means no brownfacing or racial stereotypes. People cosplay outside their race all the time - just go to any convention. It’s silly to suggest that me cosplaying outside my race and religion in the way that I did it is somehow harmful. It’s not. 

Secondly, the ‘you’re a grown woman arguing with teenagers!!!’ thing is ageist in both directions. First of all, grown women are entitled to opinions, and they’re entitled to defend themselves when anyone (even teenagers!) attack them. They’re also allowed to defend other members of the community when they are attacked. ‘Haven’t you got better things to do?’ Yup, I sure do. I choose to defend members of the community when I could just thinking, ‘wow, you’re an idiot’ when someone insults them and go offline and do something else. I’m not ashamed at all of staying to defend people, even if the person I’m defending my followers and myself against is a teenager.

Teenagers are capable of holding harmful opinions and saying and doing harmful shit. They shouldn’t get a Get Out of Jail Free card just because they’re teenagers. Their words still hurt other members of the community. They’re still excluding and marginalising others. Regardless of your age, you should be held accountable for the shit that comes out of your mouth. 

Finally, I can guarantee that my level of self-awareness is much less embarrassing than that of someone who sends someone anonymous hate trying to make them feel ashamed of themselves ;)


|| Genre: college! AU + fluff

|| NCT Jaehyun × OC

|| Warning: None.

|| A/N: Well… this was not a planned piece lol. Just sorta happened, but mostly a word vomit. Quality is probably lacking. Anyways, I think it’s fair to say I don’t exclusively write for Infinite, I’m a multifan after all. However, I don’t write for everyone, just whoever I think suits the visuals in my mind of the male lead tbh. On a bright note, wow I have finally written more than once in a year. I hope I can continue this into 2018 ^^;; TLDR; Enjoy.

“Did you hear?” The girls in my figure drawing class are all half-whispering excitedly as I walk in. I wonder to myself why they seem so thrilled for the day. If anything, they should all be ashamed of themselves.

Originally, class was supposed to be canceled for the day, being that our professor has an art convention to attend as a special judge. But the poor performance of the class as a whole during our last portfolio check led him to reschedule the class, under the watch of a first-year lecturer.

A first-year lecturer. It makes me seethe.

As third-year students, we shouldn’t have to be holding “remedial” sessions to go over basic anatomy like this. But apparently most of my classmates can’t seem to handle that. It’s frustrating to think that they’ve managed to get passing marks up till this point. Either the professors have been too lax in their grading, or my classmates have just gotten lazy in the integrity of their art quality.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s irritating. I shouldn’t have to be on campus at the ungodly hour of eight in the morning today. I’m even more irked because I was one of the few students who did well on the recent portfolio check. But for the sake of “fairness,” as my professor termed it, the lesson was mandatory for the entire class.

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okay random stuff for you: I've been drinking caffee for years but idk i was never really that into it and I only drank it during weekdays. And then i found this one caffee shop near my college and they sell this amazing tokyo chocolate and raspberry coffee. I'm so obsessed with it. The barista working there already knows me and im not sure if i should be ashamed by the fact that she's expecting me every monday and tuesday or nah.

I find this so adorable anon! I’m not much of a coffee drinker myself, but it’s always amazing when you find that one drink that makes you go WOW you feel? That coffee actually sounds amazing and it’s weird cause I kinda wanna try it out of curiosity now haha 😁 (also I love how the barista knows you LMAO)

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to counter your last anon: thank you for your blog, it has helped me so much in the last year to get more comfortable with myself and to actually feel comfortable in my skin for the first time in my life, it helps so much to see other people and have my first reaction be "wow, they're gorgeous" because it makes me look at myself and realize that I should be saying the same things about myself

right?! having that realization is SO wonderful and awesome.  I’m so glad that you’ve started to find that and I wish you all of the luck and good vibes on the journey that is self love.  it really does help an incredible amount to see other people who look like you just living life and not being ashamed.  I’m glad I could help with that in any way<3