wow i really need to make a personal blog

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Hi! I'm sure you get this a lot, but I've just seen your ACNL map on my dashboard and I was wondering how you made it. c: I'd love to do something like that to help me plan my town but I wouldn't even know where to begin! I looked through your "anne plays new leaf" tag but couldn't seem to find anything on how to make a map like that, I'm sorry for bothering you if there's a guide or something on your blog already that I just couldn't find;; Thanks very much!

oh wow, i wasn’t expecting that to get more than maybe a handful of likes lol.

hello, though! i hope you won’t mind me publishing this on the offchance anyone else is curious–it’s really quite simple, actually, but i’ll give a few tips. there are probably better ways to do this, but this is how i go about it.


firstly, you just need MSpaint, and some patience.

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technically 10.1K now but sHH 

okAy so I hit 10K wh aT ??? literally thank you sososo much it mean’s so much to me that people find me somewhat interesting enough to follow yells. i appreciate you all so so much. thank you x 8724538751<33

anyway, since starting this blog back in 2014 i have met the most incredible people who i love for forever and i am very thankful for them all!

here are all the people who i enjoy being pals with, talking to and just seeing on my dash,, this is gonna be long wow; 

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Personal Random Thoughts n’ Stuff

Wow! I haven’t used Tumblr in a while. I really need to start getting back into it, mostly because this is where I can imagine me posting things I’d consider more “adult” orientated, I suppose. It also doesn’t limit me to like… 120 characters like some other social media sites do *coughTwittercough*
I’m not sure if other YouTubers do anything to this extent such as a “tell all” blog. Some are afraid to share their most sincere thoughts… especially when it comes to those who make Minecraft content. We tend to watch what we say when it comes to speaking publicly because like it or not, it can and will always be used as ammo against us in some way shape or form. So even though I’d love to spill the beans on everything, to some extent I have to hush hush, but I’ll be as open as possible here. I’ve always wanted to connect with my audience on a more personal level and I feel at the moment this is the easiest way for me to do so.
So… a lot has been going on. There are lots of changes behind the scenes. We have two new people with us working on content. Needless to say they have been awesome and a huge help! I’m planning on doing a vlog on them on my vlogging channel and showing what our current office looks like, so expect that whenever my face heals. I have really bad eczema going on right now on my cheeks, kinda self conscious about that. Yes even adults get self conscious about that kind of stuff.

“JESS! Why don’t you just vlog this instead of postin’ on Tumblr!?”

As I stated before, bad eczema, also I’m not amazing at vlogging, how you define “amazing” is really up to you. Believe it or not I get very shy with a camera being pointed in my face or pointing a camera in my face. Once I’m able to have time to vlog more often I feel that it will be something I get over quickly, but only time will tell.

Ah, yes… another thing. It has been brought to my attention that there is some NSFW MCD/MyStreet stuff going around ere’. All I have to say is… I’m like 1,000% okay with that. Go nuts. Make a tag for it (recently discovered UnderTale had one, go figure). Artists seem to think they can offend me by anything they make - you can’t. Draw whatever you want. I’ll always love it because you took the time to make it… that means…. no joke a ton to me. (as long as it isn’t hate-related towards any real person because I will have something to say about that). Don’t be afraid to express yourself. Unless you’re drawing Travis… you should be afraid of that guy. XD (I’m joking). I would highly prefer it if the NSFW stuff stayed here on Tumblr tho, but it’s your art and I’m not gon’ tell you where you can and can’t post it. 

Let me know if you want to hear some more inner thoughts that I normally wouldn’t have time to vlog about because I’m always busy 24/7, like no joke. Also if you would prefer if I even talked about more mature-themed topics as posted above. Eventually we’d launch a general gaming channel that would be more liberal than the main one, keeping the main channel all ages appropriate. 

Hey everyone ^___^ I told myself I would make another follow forever either when I hit 1000 followers or stayed on this website for a year. So here I am! I’ve been on this website for quite some time and honestly I have had the chance to interact with some really great people. Honestly when I started this blog I was like wow what am I doing here there are so many nicer blogs than mine am I really needed. I mean I still think that but now I think about how lucky I am to have this tumblr or not because what is a life because I was able to meet all of you<3

Honestly every single person I have interacted with on this website, and even the people who silently follow me, you all make my day. Each and every single one of them. I come home to smile at the messages you send me or the posts you reblog and whenever I feel down you give me a thousand shoulders to cry on. I don’t know where I would be without you guys. 

AND I HONESTLY DON’T DESERVE ANY OF YOU I AM SUCH A STARCHY POTATO I DON’T KNOW WHY ANY OF YOU BOTHER PUTTING UP WITH ME AND MY LAMENESS OTL but I really love you all for it. Thank you all for being some of the best people in my life.

Okay I talk too much. HERE WE GOOOO


Italics: Blogs I admire and wish I was because they are so fantastic and make me want to cry from joy for being able to follow them


ace-loves-xing / afrozenocean / aishbaek / askxiuhans / baekaid-o / baekhyun-ahbaek-me-a-cake / bubbletea-hun/ byunbaekhun / cassiopeiastarlight/ chanyeolismysexualfantasy / chanyeol-hyung / chanyoell/ chenchencrazy / chenup / cumbaek


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I’m honestly so sorry if I didn’t include your name BUT PLEASE KNOW I LOVE YOU ALLLLLL I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. Also I made this in a bit of a rush so if anything is wrong please feel free to let me know!