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Ok so I already head canon that Percy is sort of this enigma at school because he disappears for months on end, has been expelled from multiple previous schools, has weird scars and a tattoo, rarely talks in class, has a brooding resting face and looks like a trouble maker, and is just kinda known as this intimidating guy (but is super friendly if you actually talk to him) etc etc etc.

But I was rereading the Lightning Thief and it suddenly occurred to me that Percy could possibly have this huge rep as someone you definitely don’t want on your shit list and is seen as highly highly intimidating because now all I can imagine is some kid at his high school going “You know, Percy Jackson sounds really really familiar” and looking his name up on google or something and-

“Oh wow he was that kid that went missing with his mom a couple years ago”

“And there was nation wide man-hunt for them and he was all over the news”

“And… he fought a bus driver for control of a bus and… basically just caused this mile-long pile up to get away from his captor… who then exploded the bus”

“…And then this guy exploded the Gateway Arch. The Gateway Arch.

“And holy shit this kid finally got away from this psycho after having a shotgun-to-rifle gun battle in Los Angelos which ended in this huge explosion that destroyed five police cars oh my god”





March 22th, Wednesday - Friends and Enemies: “AU fanarts”, “AU fanfictions”, “AU quotes” and “Edits”. Friends and enemies refers to all other characters except for Sasuke and Naruto. 

Summer!SNS - Lineart (@kiraiki) / Color (@iin-desuyo)

Winter!SNS -  Lineart (@iin-desuyo) / Color (@kiraiki)

We decided that it would be really interesting to depict Sasuke and Naruto with contrasting themes of Yin and Yang by the use of symbols and colors to emphasize their parallel and opposite sides.

SNS-Week 2017

  • Wendy: *misses Acnologia with her attack*
  • Acnologia: Wow, that really blows
  • Natsu: I can't believe you made a fucking pun in the middle of this
  • Acnologia: Yeah, I'm really on fire here
  • Sting: Please shut up
  • Acnologia: I'm just trying to lighten things up!
  • Cobra: We are going to kick your ass so hard--
  • Acnologia: I don't think so, I think the scale is more balanced towards my side
  • Gajeel: Can someone shut this guy up
  • Acnologia: I only have a few screws loose
  • Rogue: I'm gonna kill him
  • Acnologia: Was my humor too dark for you?
  • Laxus: Fuck you
  • Acnologia: What shocking language
  • Wendy: this is my fault
A Babysitting Love Affair | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff
POV: Reader’s/First Person

A/N: This was requested by anon! I hope you guys will like this as much as my first one. I kind of ramble on but please bear with me lol.
Request: could i request a zach dempsey x reader where the reader is babysitting zach’s sister, and zach haven’t met the babysitter yet and one day he goes home early and falls in love with her?


“I’ll be there tomorrow morning Mrs. Dempsey.”

“Alright love, thank you so much!”

I smile as I close the door after Zach’s mom who asked me to babysit Zach’s little sister, May. She mentioned that she will have to go to Chicago for the weekend to take care of something and I was assigned to be May’s companion overnight since her brother is an extremely busy guy. The Dempseys are a close family friend, too bad I’m not really that close with Zach or May. It’s probably because we go to different high schools and it doesn’t really help that I can be anti-social at times. I know nothing about them, and they know nothing about me in return so it’s all good.


The next morning

“I’ll be leaving now or else I’ll miss my flight! Thank you so much again Y/N for babysitting. I’ll see you girls tomorrow morning alright? Feel at home love, my number’s on the fridge if you need me and I left money for any emergency. Zach won’t be here until dinner tonight. He has basketball practice.” Mrs. Dempsey says as she bids goodbye to Zach’s little sister and I.

“Got it Mrs. Dempsey! We’ll see you tomorrow.” I finally say with a smile.

“Bye mom! I’ll be good, I promise!” May puts her right thumb out to her mom and waves goodbye.

“So, what do you want to do today, May?” I ask her as we’re left alone inside the house.

“Hmm, I don’t really have anything in mind. Oh wait I know! Let’s style each other’s hair.” She suggests with a gleam in her eyes; she looked so excited.

“Sure kiddo.” I reply with a smile and we proceed to the living room to watch TV. May got all of her hair accessories from her room for us to use. She decided that it’d be fun to start with my hair first and put them in pigtails and so she did. She chose these pink puffy hair bands to tie my hair. May had long, black and shiny hair which reminded me of Katniss Everdeen so naturally, I chose to put her hair in a fish tail braid.

“Wow Y/N, you’re really good at this!” she beams after her make over.

“Why thank you, Miss Everdeen.” I reply with a bow and she giggles in response.

A couple of hours later and it was almost lunch time. May wanted to order pizza and so we did. She didn’t like vegetables so we opted for a classic cheese pizza instead. A few minutes later and the doorbell rang, I ran to the door to open it, with the money in my left hand.

“Thank you so–” I begin to greet the pizza man but a ginormous, muscular guy hovered above me instead.

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Reasons We Hate Mon-El

-He was this big cliff hanger that we were all excited to find out about and we were expecting something really cool (Ex. I thought it may be Krypto) and it wasn’t. It was a bland boring character who was a huge let down.
-He actually fucking said he wanted to go back to his home planet where he could objectify women
-His introduction to the show minimized the role of James, who played a huge part in Kara’s character development and was her love interest for an entire season. The show also wrecked that relationship with little explanation and left Karolsen shippers upset and confused.
-He owned slaves
-Literally all of last season Kara was learning that she was just as important as Kara as she was as Supergirl and the other night her telling Mon-El that having him and being Supergirl was enough. That is an entire lesson going to waste
-He never listens to Kara and goes against what she’s saying and then acts like she should be happy with how he’s acting anyway
-He fucking owned slaves
-He literally has no purpose except Kara’s love interest which not only makes her look bad but it’s a waste of a character who had the potential to be awesome (Ex. Mon-El could have become Superboy and gotten together with M'gann/Miss Martian. But that would have been an interracial couple and as we have learned by now. There’s a limit to how diverse a show can be) but instead he’s a useless and wasted character
-Ahem… he was a slave owner
-wow he’s only been lying to kara from the very start of their relationship about who he really is. straight people have this weird thing with “side hoes” and cheating tho so maybe being a fucking liar is just you guys’ thing idk
-Mon-El is a white man. Not to say that we all hate white men. But look at this little set of math equations I put together to explain:
•Kara+James=Interracial representation
•Kara+Lena=LGBT representation
•Kara+Mon-El=more straight white people with no on screen chemistry???

if I missed anything someone would like to add, please do
(ps mon-el owned slaves)

Lingering Effects: Arrow 6x01 Review (Fallout)

Hello friends!!! Missed you guys! Man it has been a long writing break for me. I hope I remember how to do this!

Another hellatus survived! Another season premiere! Six seasons - wow. We’ve put in a chunk of time with this show. What I admire about Arrow is they really pay attention to what worked and what didn’t in the previous season and try incorporate those lessons into the next. Arrow has five years of lessons informing their sixth season premiere and the episode reflected it.  

There is a seamless fluidity and confidence to “Fallout.” Arrow knows what it does best and what it doesn’t. The captain of the Arrowverse, the original DC TV show, “the veteran” is owning their experience. The cast feels incredibly well integrated, it’s fast paced, funny and emotional. Most importantly it answers the long awaited “cliffhanger” while still leaving some unanswered questions and launching new mysteries.

The term “Fallout” is an interesting choice for the episode title. It stuck with me as I watched because of the open endedness to the term. The definition of fallout is:

1 a :the often radioactive particles stirred up by or resulting from a nuclear explosion and descending through the atmosphere; also :other polluting particles (such as volcanic ash) descending likewise

b :descent (as of fallout) through the atmosphere

2 :a secondary and often lingering effect, result, or set of consequences

There is no conclusion or end to what happened on Lian Yu and what Adrian Chase did.  The characters are still falling through the consequences. Some are grappling more than others with the, but the lingering effects are shifting them all in new directions. For some, these new directions are wonderful. For others, it is like a radioactive particle slowly descending all around them… like a cancer taking hold.

Let’s dig in…

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Healing Hands (Part 2)

Ivar x Reader
Healing Hands: Part 2 of 2. 8,341 words.
Here’s Part 1 for anyone that missed it.
Warnings: A little angst, a lotta smut. I wouldn’t read this at work ;)
Wow guys, I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to finish this update! I really didn’t mean to keep you all waiting for so long but life kicked my ass a little bit this month. Thank you all so much for your support and all of your kind words, I honestly never expected such amazing feedback. I was so nervous writing for a new fandom but you all have just been so encouraging and so kind. I really hope that each and every one of you enjoys Part 2 and that it lives up to your expectations! Thank you again, everyone!
Tags: @skeletoresinthebasement @peculiarleah @ivartheboneme @theburningspirit  @splendor-e I’m sorry if I missed anyone!

The days that followed Ivar’s cruel rejection were some of the bitterest you’d ever known. You weren’t sure just what to expect from all those hours at the prince’s side but outright exclusion wasn’t something that had even crossed your mind. Everything seemed to be going so well. You and Ivar constantly lost track of time as you engaged in passionate conversations, talking about everything and nothing and whatever was left in-between. You knew Ivar well know, perhaps well enough to call him a friend and you had secretly hoped that he shared these feelings.

You had even started to wonder if Ivar was more than just a friend. Even before that final blissful evening, the chemistry between you both was undeniable. In all of your years of working with patients in all sorts of intimate situations, not one had responded to your touch like Ivar had. Not even the most flirtatious warrior would gasp and whimper in a way that only a lover would yet Ivar practically melted in your hands.

Then, there were the looks. He may have been a man of few words when it came to discussing anything emotional but disappointment was always noticeable in Ivar’s bright eyes whenever you bid him goodnight. Then every morning, that disappointment vanished again when you arrived and exchanged private, flirty stares that were completely missed by Ubbe.

There was no way of really telling where the shy smiles and tantalizing glances were heading but you were certain that they were heading somewhere. That was why Ivar’s rejection hurt even more. You tried to be rational by reminding yourself that you weren’t Ivar’s lover and he had no obligation to explain anything to you but rationality didn’t keep you warm on those cold, lonely nights. 

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Never Been Kissed | Seokjin

Kim Seokjin | Comedy | Fluff | Slight Angst | NBK!au | teacher!jin  

❝ As an aspiring reporter, working at one of Seoul’s top news casting studios seemed like a dream come true, that is until you actually start working there and get stuck doing grunt work from the mail room. So as it is, taking on a major project to go undercover as a high school student seems like a no brainier, your big break. If only you’d remembered how big of a loser you’d been in high school before accepting.

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pandiigirl  asked:

82 + 29 jungkook please?

Originally posted by jjeonguk

Prompt: “I was in the neighborhood.” + “Well, what do you want to do?”

Word Count: 3.1k

Genre: Fluff + bestfriend to lovers au

Warning: slight swearing (but not anything too explicit lol)

prompt list :)

“I’m coming over.”

As the three words left his mouth, you shot out of your bed, your blankets falling over to the floor as you exclaimed, “What do you mean, you’re ‘coming over’?!” 

“Well, I was just taking a drive and I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I’d come over to see you.” he said nonchalantly over the phone. 

Blinking your eyes in confusion, you repeated, “So your coming over? Right now?” 

“Yes, goodness, are you deaf? Be ready, I’ll be there in two. I wanna show you something.” he said before ending the call abruptly.

As you got out from your bed, slipping into your comfortable house slippers, you muttered to yourself, “He’s crazy. We just saw each other yesterday in class and he wants to meet again? What am I, his girlfriend?” 

Not that you’d mind that, would you now?

Scowling, you pushed away the voice in your head as you quickly threw on a sweatshirt you found draped across your chair.  


“Hey there beautiful.” Jungkook grinned as you opened the door, a grumpy look on your face. Slipping on your sneakers, you grabbed your things and quickly locked the door behind you. 

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Okay there are multiple pictures on Edgeworth’s unused design page that I can’t believe I missed before? I mean uh just look we got

“Pocket Cravat”,

Oh Holy Mother That Jacket Is… Quite Interesting“,

You Could Fit, Like, Five Dogs On That Cravat“,

Rockin’ The Ponytail & Giant Cravat“, and

What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets.

he doesn’t really look too much like Castlevania Dracula but I think he looks like a vampire-ish guy so


You can only be nice for so long when you’re a villain.

You’re a knockout | Jasiper Fan mix

I. Strangers - Seven Lions •  II. Rollercoaster - Bleachers •  III. Someone Like You - The Summer Set •  IV. Feel Again - One Republic • V. She’s Got You High - Mumm Ra •  VI. Hero Heroine - Boys Like Girls • VII.  Something I Need - One Republic • VIII. Do It 2 Me - Allstar Weekend • IX. Together - Calvin Harris Ft Gwen Stefani • X. I Want You To Know - Zedd Ft Selena Gómez • XI. Shup up and dance - Walk the Moon

listen here | cover is possible because my favorite blog here, the wonderful @cindersart let me use her beautiful and amazing art and I feel so honored, thanks so much!! All the credit belongs to her.

I hope you enjoy listening to this!


Request: Can I request an imagine where Jerome comes back from the dead and can’t remember reader who still loves him but then later something makes him remember and he apologizes and it’s all fluff, cuddles, kisses etc?❤️😂


That night still so clear in my mind. That night Galavan betrayed both Jerome and I. I was back stage just watching my lovely maniac preform and scare the rich bastards of Gotham when it happened. When the knife was plunged into Jerome’s neck by Theo.

Then and there it felt like my life ended. I had nothing. I was numb to everything. His cold eyes were the last thing I saw before I ran. I ran as fast as I could. I didn’t know where I was going. I didn’t care.

I found a small abandon apartment in a part of town that was left to rot. I stayed there for I don’t know how long. Months and months without care. I didn’t leave unless it was to get food, and even then that was a night. It was one night when it all changed though. I saw him. Theo Galavan being shoved into a truck by Penguin, and non other than the famous Jim Gordon.

I felt the rush go through my body. I ran to them as fast as my legs would carry me. They stare at me with wide eyes. “(Y/N).” Jim speaks surprised. “Yeah yeah I’m not dead. We’re all surprised. But he should be!” I scream and point at Galavan just imagining the many ways I could make him pay.

Gordon and Penguin look at me and motion for me to get in the car with them. We drive to the docks and take turns of playing Hit the Rick Dick named Galavan. Jim pulls out him gun but is hesitant to shoot the asshole. “Give me that! This isn’t child’s play!” I grab the gun from Jim and aim it at Galavan. “I can do it!” Jim fusses back. “Oh please. You do it and you can kill me as well, but if you can’t and I do it. You owe me something.” “What do you want?” Penguin asks. “A job with the GCPD.” I say causing Jim to scoff. “Please. They’ll never let you in.” “My records clean. Nothing ever been caught for. Never been arrested. No proof anywhere.” Jim looks at the gun and grabs it. “Deal.”

Jim raises the gun and aims it at Galavan. Seconds go by without him pulling the trigger. “Oh come on!” I huff and steal the gun again and shoot Theo Galavan in the head. I smile as the blood flows from his body. I twirl the gun on my hand and smile at Jim. “So when do I start?”

Months of working at the GCPD was actually good. I got myself a proper place to live, and now I’ve got money for spending on things I want. I’m getting my life back, but it’s still not the life I want. I want a life with Jerome.

I had gotten hope when I heard about someone trying to bring him back, but sadly his dead body lies in a room in the GCPD with his face cut off. I’ve sat in here just staring at him. Longing to see his eyes and hear his laugh.

Lee walks in and huffs slamming a latex glove on the table. “Hard day?” I say covering Jerome’s face. “You have no idea.” “I think I do.” I sigh and go over to my bag getting out a gift card for a free coffee. “I’ll be back with a pick me up.” I say and walk down the street to get a coffee.

Once I get the coffee’s I quickly go back to work to help Lee with the body of my dead boyfriend. I walk into the room only to see Jerome’s body gone, and a dead cop on the floor.

A hand wraps around my mouth causing me to drop the drinks in my hand. “Boo.” A dark voice says in my ear. A voice I know. A voice I love to hear. I turn around and see him. Jerome. A wrapped up faceless Jerome, but he’s still mine. “Jerome.” I say still stricken with shock. “You- how- I-” I stumble back and hit the table. I fall to the floor and everything goes black.

Lee’s POV:

I walk in to see a sight I never thought I’d see. (Y/n) on the floor, and Jerome picking her up and setting her on the table where his dead body once was. I close the door catching his attention. He points the gun at me and laughs. “Someone better tell me what the hell is going on.” He says laughing.

I don’t complain, I don’t struggle. I tell him the entire story of his death. “Ha, ha, ha Wow. Well, that is quite a story. You know, I know I’ve been dead, but doesn’t that seem kind of crazy to you? Hey, maybe you’re dreaming. Try shooting yourself. Huh. Oh Nah. Hey, tell me more about this cult. They think I’m pretty great, huh?”

I roll my eyes and check (y/n)’s Heath. “They’re a bunch of raving lunatics and idiots.” I state the obvious. “Lunatics and idiots? Ooh, my kind of people. Sorry. Head’s still a little fuzzy. You know, I was just reborn. Last year was nothing but darkness as far as the eye can see.”

Jerome looks me up and down. “Hey, did you and I ever, uh.” He sticks out his tongue and places the gun to where his private area is. “Oh, God, no.” I scoff.

“Why? Gingers not your type?” “No, but they are hers. She’s the one you did it with.” I say pointing to (y/n). Jerome strolls over to her and looks at her then laughs. “Oh, I remember. Well not her. Never seen her before, hm but I’d like to.” He starts to lift up (y'n)’s shirt, and I slap his hand away.

He turns to me and points the gun at me. “You’re Jim Gordon’s little Twinkie. How’s it going between you and Jimbo? Huh? You still together or-” “No.” “Aw. That sucks. I really liked you guys. What happened?” “He killed my husband on our wedding night.”

Jerome starts busting out laughing. “Glad you find it funny."I say rolling my eyes. "I do. I get why you don’t. Wow. You miss a lot being dead.” “You know what? Go ahead, enjoy it. There’s about a hundred cops on the other side of that door ready to kill you all over again.”

This statement gets his attention and he shuts up. “I see your point. It’s a business. So, when I was last, you know, uh, alive, I was about to kill Bruce Wayne. I suppose I didn’t manage to. Theo Galavan killed me, that jug-eared Judas. Well, I suppose I should start by killing him.” He says pacing around.

"Theo Galavan’s dead.” Jerome stops and looks at me. “Oh Who beat me to it?” (Y/n) groans and lifts her body up. “I shot him dead the first time.” SHe says giggling. I walk out as fast as I could, but before I can make it to the door I get a scalpel right next to my head. I look back to see (y/n)’s crazy smile. She places her finger to her lips and makes a shh sound. I gulp, nod, and walk out.

(Y/n) POV:

Lee exits the room leaving Jerome and I alone. “Ah finally. Sleeping beauty woke up.” I giggle as he walks closer. “Remind me. What’s your name.” I look at him confused. He must’ve lost him memory from the trauma of basically being frankenstines monster. “(Y/n) (y/l/n). We met at the circus a long time ago. We were together for a long time. We loved each other.” Jerome smiles and laughs. “Hm. Fuzzy memories, but we’re getting there. Tell me something else. First kiss. First time. First fight. Nicknames. Give me something.”

I giggle and pull him closer until he’s standing between my thighs. “First kiss was the night we met. First time was the night we met. We’ve never had a fight and you call me doll, babygirl, sweetheart, babe, sugar, and I call you J, handsome, love, Ging, babe. Ya know the normal.” I shrug and wrap my arms around his neck as his go to my hips. “(Y/n). I remember. Oh do I remember you doll. Oh baby all the fun times we had! You didn’t move on to anyone else did you?” “No J. Never.” “Good. You’re mine doll. Always will be.” He forcefully pulls me into a kiss. It being so difficult seeing as he doesn’t really have any lips. He pulls back and laughs. “Oh doll face we are gonna have some fun…right after I do something. Where is my face?” I laugh and jump off the table. “Come on J.”

Originally posted by gotham-daily

my reaction to ACCEPTING ANXIETY

- that title though - the last one was excepting anxiety, and this is Accepting Anxiety… love.
- Roman’s 30 second recap of the last video was gr8
- “You made that joke in the last video” “I know, it was just to re-establish where we are in the present timeline.”
- nice Stranger Things reference Thomas
- “No, the room just varies based on whatever your current location is” brings up so many questions. Are the decorations just for this specific room since Thomas spends so much time there, or are they a part of Anxiety’s room that follows wherever Thomas goes? If the latter, what happens if Thomas is in a room with no place for curtains? What happens if he’s not in a room large enough for all of these decorations?? The rooms must look like a mess if Thomas leaves his living room ever. Also, what happens to the decorations if Thomas leaves the living room while one of the sides is in their room? Does everything just shake and start to change while they shriek “nOT AGAIN”?
- Patton has freaking arachnophobia, which means the sides can have phobias, which makes me wonder what the other side’s phobias would be. Would Logan even have a phobia, knowing that most phobias are highly illogical things?
- “Those are just silly cartoons, they’re not even realistic! But if need be I WILL destroy them for you Patton.” awwwwwww
- Patton really has a serious phobia here which again, is it only because he’s Thomas’s emotional side? I am really fascinated by the potential for the rest of them to have phobias.
- That eyeliner tho
- Thomas immediately freaks out about his outfit and hair once Anxiety shows up, not when he enters Anxiety’s room. So where the heck was Anxiety?? Does he have to make eye contact or something with Thomas for the effects to kick in? Is proximity not enough?
- If only it was that easy to comb hair
- “quack.” “duck out?” “quack quack” PATTON PLS
- Princey stumbles over his words in this - is it because they’re in Anxiety’s room or because he liiiiiikeeeeeees someone and doesn’t understand those are his feelings towards them and has trouble being nice to them because of it??
- Both Logan and Roman have points, but they’re not saying them in a way for the other to actually hear them
- the eyeshadow that they’re all accumulating is really fascinating in that it’s showing up more and more as they argue. Roman’s is almost as dark as Anxiety’s by the time the room visit is over. Also, Thomas himself didn’t aquire any eyeshadow, which makes sense given that he didn’t really argue or talk negatively in this video, just acted as a moderator between the sides and told those speaking negatively (*cough* ROMAN *cough*) to shut up. However, Patton had eyeshadow, and he was nothing but encouraging towards Anxiety. Therefore it could also be that he accumulated it because of his fear towards the decor.
- a cotton headed ninny muggins
- Roman had a point, but he then he went too far and started calling Anxiety names (creepy cookie is the name of my new cookie company I just now decided)
- Anxiety is being self-reflective and bringing up good points. He becomes better for this. The next episode is Roman being self-reflective and becoming better for it.
- Logan that’s a fairly dark tangent. also, you startled Anxiety????
- he’s such a nerd he made a chart
- “ow loud noises!!!” Patton just described how all of us who deal with auditory overload feel most of the time
- “There’s ways that I can work on that, Anxiety, but I’d rather work on it with you than without you at all!” this sentence can be used for many, many things in life and it is a very good line.
- Yeah Logan’s eyeshadow is also getting really dark after he spoke for a solid thirty seconds without stop
- “EE - equals MC SCARED” good line.
- that echo tho
- Anxiety would be a splendid breathing coach
- Anxiety’s eyeshadow is lessened outside his room and the other sides eyeshadow are totally gone
- “the great spider threat of 2017” pATTON PLS
- Brad Pittiful. Wow. Roman has really outdone himself.
- Anxiety looks exhausted
- He has totally made a pros and cons list of himself. That’s why he was able to immediately be like “here’s another pro of me I know you guys just finished telling me some but you missed this important one”
- I mean. we all knew. the name. it was time. it made sense.
- “You’re great Patton” YES
- “Logan? Shut your ever-flapping gob talker, okay?”
- I have not seen anyone theorize about this name
- Virgil.
- “Why is that so funny?” “Um.. because… well, it’s not.” SHUT THEM DOWN THOMAS
- okay Thomas it was amazing you brought light to anxiety disorders and put up helplines. Thank you for this.
- Princey buy your own posters
- Patton you are the most amazing beam of sunshine and ily2.
- Who drew that card??

All in all, a solid video.

soulmate! yuta

Originally posted by chocosicheng

  • in this soulmate au, you can hear your soulmates thoughts in your head, and they can hear yours, it’s also a non-idol au
  • at a young age, you were always cautious to not say something stupid you didn’t want your soulmate to hear, but after a while you were like, he’s my soulmate,,, I CAN SAY ANOTHER GUYS HOT AND HE’S STILL GOTTA LOVE ME
  • and yes, you did hear their thoughts and you were NOT ready to meet him,
  • they were always insulting someone or something, and they were bRUTAL
  • you’d think that was a bit harsh, but you would hear his thoughts saying not to worry and that he could’ve been more savage 
  • but at the thought of you no longer caring about them hearing your thoughts, the reason you realised this was because your soulmate had no filter, or a really bad filter
  • you’d hear them checking out other people, mentally roasting people for anything tbh, jUST ANYTHING, so you just didn’t care anymore
  • so at one point they’d start hearing screeching and other inhumane noises
  • he would also hear all the math equations you’d be doing and he’d scold you, because he doesn’t want to be thinking about math whilst he’s playing soccer
  • and it’s really cute how passionate your soulmate is about anything he loves, which is also why sometimes you gotta calm him down with your thoughts
  • he’s always thinking about some soccer stuff, and if you don’t know the game you’re really confused because what the hell is going on, 
  • but if you do understand soccer, the two of you will have an intellectual conversation about it causing you to drift off into thought during a class, and now you missed out on half the stuff you should’ve learnt 
  • which is how you met your soulmate during a soccer game
  • one day your best friend suggested you go to the soccer game to check out some cute guys  (wow i feel bad for her soulmate)
  • some were average, but there was one that was so fINE 
  • and in your head you were like hOLY SHIZZLE THATS ONE FINE MAN
  • of course your soulmate heard and was like, heY I’M YOUR SOULMATE
  • but you just told him to shut up while you sat on the bleachers with your friend
  • a bit into the game, you heard your soulmate check someone else out and you were like HEY
  • but before you could continue scolding him, the cute player winked at you and you mentally scREECHED
  • starting to panic and freak BECAUSE PRETTY BOY WINKED AT YOU
  • and he’s like hey calm down, my winks are bETTER, but you again told him to shut up
  • continuing to nudge your friend and ask who number 26 was,,
  • from what your friend said you had learnt, his name was yuta nakamoto and he was an exchange student from japan
  • repeating his name you heard his voice say, ‘why are you repeating my name??? how do you know my name??’
  • you: because that’s number 26′s name and he’s cute
  • yuta: tHAT’S ME 
  • and you’re like fuckfuckfuck, so as soon as the game ends, you rUN BECAUSE YOU WERE CAUGHT CHECKING YOUR SOULMATE OUT 
  • but too late because number 26 has grabbed your wrist and is now smiling at you, and of course you think holY COW HE’S BETTER UP CLOSE WHICH HE HEARS
  • but it takes him a minute to register that he’s standing in front of his soulmate, because all his actions connect with your thoughts and he gets so greasy about this
  • i think it’d be pretty easy to see how yuta would be in a relationship
  • he’d be so loving and soft, dON’T EVEN FIGHT ME ON THIS
  • he’d always want to cuddle and compliment you
  • he’ll always bring up how you always check him out, but in his thoughts you can always hear him saying how much he loves you
  • sometimes you’ll be buying milk, or something until you hear him thinking of some surprise for you, and you think, ‘Yuta, I know you’re planning a surprise’
  • and he’s like,,, well shit
  • i could go longer into this but
  • tl;dr yuta and you had a slight awkward meeting, but he’s the sweetest boyfriend always there to cheer you up, and check you out.
Jackson as your boyfriend

  • u betta have an unlimited plan 
  • cause this boy never stops texting you
  • or snapping you
  • and the messages are very diverse
  • sometimes he misses you
  • sometimes he just really needs to show you this dog he saw
  • sometimes it’s just a lot of emojis 
  • 😍🎀💕🌸💞❗️😘💋☺️🌸👅💏👌🏻💞🙌🏻💖💘‼️😻🌸🎀🎈💝💋👅💏🎀🙌🏻💖💞‼️‼️‼️
  • gets sorta annoying at times but it’s just because he loooooooves youuuuuuuuu
  • sigh
  • you love him too but like. why
  • hates it when people stare at you or flirt with you in front of him
  • doesn’t hesitate to put an arm around you and glare
  • or just flat out tell the guy to go away lmao
  • he’s really big on pda
  • always touching you in some way
  • holding your hand when you’re walking
  • resting his hand on your thigh when you’re on a bench eating ice cream
  • will grab your face and kiss you deeply in the middle of the sidewalk
  • and his hands might start getting a little too curious if you get me
  • so you’re like jacksonnnnnn
  • unless ur into that
  • in which case he is down to pull you into a changing room or something
  • ;)
  • sometimes he comes up behind you when you’re pouring cereal or something and literally sweeps you off your feet
  • and carries you over to the couch or bed 
  • because he wants to cuddle
  • and he won’t let you go for at least 2 hours
  • sorry about the cereal, it’s gonna have to wait
  • have you seen his arms? yeah, he’s got you trapped
  • watching movies together is one of your favorite things to do
  • but you gotta do it at home
  • because jackson screams and yells at the characters
  • so cinemas aren’t exactly your biggest fans
  • takes your relationship very seriously even though he jokes around a lot
  • and goes all out!!!!!!!!!! with romantic gestures 
  • you come home to see every inch covered in roses
  • and he’s sitting there in a suit with the biggest damn box of chocolates you ever did see
  • with a rose between his teeth probably
  • and candles flickering everywhere 
  • and he’s just like
  • “I love you.” 
  • and he’s smiling and his eyes are crinkled and you can tell it’s genuine
  • because he’s constantly amazed by how amazing you are and he thinks he really doesn’t deserve you and wow he’s the luckiest guy in the world
  • to put it simply
  • is the most extra boyfriend 
  • but it’s worth every second of ridiculousness for the way he reaches out for you when you get up at night to pee because he misses you already 
Happy (belated) 4th of July - Clark Kent x Reader

“Can I request one for Clark? Where the reader kinda lived next door but Clark and her have been best friends since the kents found him. And he told you his powers before anyone else because he trust her and loves her more than Lana?” for @brooke-supernatural16

First. This Clark is the one from Smallville because it was requested like so, and because fuck yeah Tom Welling was a great Clark Kent. Second, I wanted to write something for the fourth of July but I was SO NOT feeling it on that here we are, a day later, I found something to still write about the fourth even though we’re not anymore and boom. Anyway. I hope you’ll like it and blahblahblah : 

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The day Clark arrived on Earth, you were looking at your bedroom window. 

Of course, you were way too young to understand what was going on, being only but a one year old child. Already at that early age, you were curious about everything, and had stood up in your crib to look out the window when you saw a light going through the sky…Pretty.

Though you were only a small toddler, this memory somewhat stuck with you, and you often referred to it as your earliest memory, though you never really knew how to explain it…So you just went with : “My first memory ever is of a shooting star in the sky. The most beautiful one I’ve ever seen”. 

Only a few days after this “incident”, you first met Clark. 

You couldn’t remember that day, but according to yours and his parents, it instantly clicked between the two of you. So far, you refused to play with any other kids at the day care where your parents had to leave you because they both worked…but with Clark ? You brought your favorite toy to him and, though at first he was a bit confused, he quickly warmed up to you. 

Conveniently, you were his next door neighbor, though “next door neighbor” in Smallville meant that your house was a bit less than a mile away from his. Oh the many times you ran to his house, or he ran to yours…Sometimes, you’d meet in the middle, having had the same idea to go see each others. 

You two were so close, that you were the first and only person, besides, obviously, his parents, to whom he talked about his powers. You guys were seven when he described to you what he could do, and at first, you thought he was joking, until he took a piece of metal and broke it in half…Wow. 

Being the comic nerd you already were, you got overly excited. Of course, you’d never talk about it to anyone, but Hell, sometimes, you’d just ask him to go “super” and do something cool, just for the sake of it. 

When you were sad, instead of comforting you with his clumsy words, he would lift tractors or something. Strangely, it always worked, no matter what, it would always bring a smile to your face. And though he’d never admit it, making you smile made him incredibly happy. 

You were pretty sure you spent at least three quarters of your life in Clark Kent’s company…Well, up until you both turned seventeen. 

You were his first friend, and though Pete and Chloe joined rather quickly, as the years went by, you became his best friend…but of course, as it happens many times between such best friends, someone came in and ruined everything. 

In your case, that someone was called “Lana Lang”.

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Party Like A Stark

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Peter Parker x Stark Reader

Part (2/6)

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

Summary: Today is your 19th birthday, and you also happen to be Tony Stark’s loved daughter.  What’s a better way to celebrate this special day than a party?!  All the Avengers and family friends will be there, even your secret crush Spider-Man.  You’ve always wanted to meet the famous spiderling, but little did you know you already know him.  Your party will definitely be one to remember.

Warnings: still lots of fluff!!


AN: Guys I’m literal trash ahahah this fic is going to be a bit longer than expected because there’s just so many things that pop in my head !! I mean I love writing this story so much, that’s why it’s so long!  I hope you guys don’t mind having to wait longer for the smut!!  I don’t know i think it’s worth it because peter is just so precious and I love the reader’s relationship with everyone! well anyway, enjoy!!

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Day6: best friend Brian

• meeting each other at uni bc you were both the two odd ones out
• you’d notice how he had lots of friends here and there, but never really hung out w/ them outside his schedule
• he’d usually be walking around with a guitar slung around his shoulder every weekend
• one time you ran into his back and almost broke the guitar in half, and if looks can kill……………
• but he’s really chill tho, bc he realized you didn’t do it on purpose so he’s like “it’s all good, I think it was my bad actually”
• but yall exchanged smiles every now and then during your shared classes
• and not really talking to each other until he finds you struggling with this English paper, and he’s like “bruh me too………you wanna help me w/ this paper and I can help you out w/ math???”
• you wouldn’t figure out how tf he knew you were struggling at math, but you wouldn’t be complaining tbfh
• so yall would tutor each other for weeks on end, eating nothing but *healthy* junk food, Ramen, and coffee
• but one day it’s like he disappeared from the face of the earth when he was gone for almost 6 months
• you didn’t really ask anyone bc it’s not like you knew him like that anyway ??? But it was still weird
• when he finally returned, you’d be all “???” And he’s all “….???? I was recording w/ the boys :’)”
• aaaaaand, fast forward to today……….where you’re basically his biggest fan / hype man / bestie / the person who saves his butt every time he didn’t do his hw
• he’d actually introduce you to the guys really quickly, one day when they flew in to visit him at campus
• “ahh, so THESE are the dorks that you hang out with when you’re not here……..I thought I was missing out lmao” *jae chokes* “wow I like her”
• lots of days spent in the dorms doing nothing but playing video games and binge eating ice cream
• he really is a life savior when it comes to difficult subjects that you’re struggling with
• he’s just really lazy to do his work sometimes so he’d always ask you to help wow
• you encouraging him to perform during events at the campus, and when he does it’s like dang!!!!!! I’m his biggest fan that’s my boi!!!!!!!!!!!
• you embarrassing each other so often that people start avoiding yall
• literally everyone thinking that you’re dating, bc the amount of skinship is bordering on cringy relationship levels
• piggyback rides are your preferred transportation methods
• him coming up with dumb af nicknames to call you when your crushes are around ffs
• him laughing like crazy bc you’re blushing like crazy
• having a cute handshake that only 10 year olds would dream of having aww
• both of yall trolling jae on his twitter and him getting yall back w/ some shady ass tweets
• feat. Jae dragging poor Dowoon into it as well
• knowing how to get on his nerves “hey, young k!!!!!!! wassup youngin”
• one time he didn’t speak to you for a month bc you told the waiter it was Brian’s birthday, so the whole restaurant sang and made a fuss over him
• “is2g we’ll never speak if you do that again ;(((((”
• being really happy to see him after months of him recording and touring
• and him probably bringing back lots of presents bc no matter how embarrassing and teasing he is, Brian would still spoil his bestie 💜

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