wow i really miss you guys

I know Gorillaz looks rough initially. Because the first thing you get from them is that there are zombies, a dude with black eyes and another green dude that likes to show his dick around

but saying it’s just that and it has uninteresting music is…  sad, honestly, because you didn’t take the time to look up what gorillaz really is

you’re missing so much stuff, you’re missing the large and super strong guy that loves wearing dresses and heels and news flash! it’s not used as a joke

you’re missing out the anxious cute boy who likes to wear make up and nail polish and! it’s not a joke!

you’re missing out the young smart woman that is not sexualized, encourages girls to join STEM fields. The young woman that loves her cat and would love to smash the patriarchy with her thighs at the same time.

and you’re missing our Murdoc Niccals. He… is something. Anyway a man with a complex personality and backstory that has sex with people regardless of their gender and is not ashamed of publicily say it. He’s green too.

Ok so I already head canon that Percy is sort of this enigma at school because he disappears for months on end, has been expelled from multiple previous schools, has weird scars and a tattoo, rarely talks in class, has a brooding resting face and looks like a trouble maker, and is just kinda known as this intimidating guy (but is super friendly if you actually talk to him) etc etc etc.

But I was rereading the Lightning Thief and it suddenly occurred to me that Percy could possibly have this huge rep as someone you definitely don’t want on your shit list and is seen as highly highly intimidating because now all I can imagine is some kid at his high school going “You know, Percy Jackson sounds really really familiar” and looking his name up on google or something and-

“Oh wow he was that kid that went missing with his mom a couple years ago”

“And there was nation wide man-hunt for them and he was all over the news”

“And… he fought a bus driver for control of a bus and… basically just caused this mile-long pile up to get away from his captor… who then exploded the bus”

“…And then this guy exploded the Gateway Arch. The Gateway Arch.

“And holy shit this kid finally got away from this psycho after having a shotgun-to-rifle gun battle in Los Angelos which ended in this huge explosion that destroyed five police cars oh my god”




Hi everyone! Cami here (・ω・)ノ 

Wow is been a year or more since my last FF and I’m really sorry! and thank you for sticking with me even though I haven’t been active much on here lately, I really miss doing Graphics and talk to all of you, because without you guys I’m nothing ♡ Thanks for the almost 32k like seriously I can’t believe it! (╥﹏╥) and I’m sorry for the crappy edit

Thank you so much, for everything and Merry Christmas and Happy new year  


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GUYS MY RFA VIP PACKAGE FINALLY ARRIVED!!! CRIES// after missing the other two chance bc they were sold out too quickly, I finally got it I want to cry, I am so happy. So yeah, here’s a short video of my genuine reaction. 

Warning: My voice is gross, you’ll hear me say “omg” a lot, and my gross fangirling over Yoosung lmao

[Yang Xiao Long walks around her room ,gathering Zwei’s things as Weiss Schnee enters the room]

Weiss- What’s going on here ?

Yang- Oh,hey Weiss !Dad just sent me a text……we need to send Zwei back to Patch

Weiss- Is that so…..

Yang- Yeah [chuckles] I’m going to miss the little guy……

Weiss- Hey Yang….why don’t you let ME take care of this thing you’re doing……

Yang- [looks up] Really ?

Weiss- Of course ! You’re my teammate, I know how much you love that little mongrel

Yang- [drops toys in box] Wow thanks Weiss  ! That’s really nice of you

Weiss- I know ^^ [points to door] Why don’t you go and grab a drink and relax

Yang- You’re right [walks to door] I need to relax and [Yang steps into the hall]

[The door closes and locks behind her]

Yang-  [ turns around and knocks on door] Weiss  !

Weiss- …….

Yang-  [knocks on door] Weiss  ! [knocks] Open up this door !

Weiss- [from inside]  NO!

Ruby - Yang !  [walks up to Yang] What’s going on ?

Yang- Dad wants us to send Zwei back, and Weiss isn’t taking it well

Weiss - [from inside] He’s my precious baby, and you can’t take him !

Ruby - She’s grown really attached …..

Yang- I know right !

Ruby - [leans in towards Yang’s ear] Don’t worry Yang…I have a plan ;)

Yang - Sweet [claps hands together] No one can stand up to our sister tag team =D

[Ruby and Yang high five]

Weiss- [from inside] What are you two doing out there ???

Ruby- [knocks on door] Weiss ! I’m coming in to talk

Weiss- Ruby, I will launch you out that window if you try to touch Zwei. I’ve done it before, don’t think I haven’t

Blake- [from inside JNPRs room ] She has…. be careful

Ruby - [flashes a thumbs up, whispering ] Don’t worry guys, I’m a professional [turns back to Weiss] It’s only a talk !

[The door creaks open]

Weiss- Lock it when you get inside

{Ruby walks iniside and locks the door]

[Yang stands outside, smiling with pride as she waits for her little sister to calm their wayward teammate]




[9 hours later]

[Yang wakes up in the hallway, to the same situation as before]

Yang- [stands up] Ruby ? [knocks on door] Everything ok in there ?

Ruby - …….

[Yang jingles the doorknob]


[A bullet flies through the door , next to Yang’s head]


Ruby - YOU HAVE AURA ! [fires and misses again]

Weiss- MY ARMY GROWS BY THE DAY ! [evil cackling]

Yang- You little BRATS [hair bursts into flame as she begins pounding on the door]

Blake- [stern] YANG !

[Yang turns to face Blake, breathing heavily]

Blake- Calm down. A war’s not won in a day

Yang- [calming down] You’re right……

Blake- Come in here [motions Yang to come inside JNPR’s room] We have planning to do

[Yang turns around and walks into JNPR’s dorm room]

Writing Requests are OPEN

BTS reaction to dying your hair crazy colors:

Rap Monster:

“Maybe I should dye my hair that color too! We’d look awesome.”

Welcoming with a wide smiley is how he’d react to your crazy colored hair that he didn’t seem to miss one bit.


“WOW! It really makes your pretty eyes stand out more.”

Of course this happy virus is full of comments no matter what color you change your hair.


“Your hair looks like a desert… I almost want to eat you!”

He’d laugh but make good out of it by commenting you using food innuendo. He’d kiss your head a lot and joke around saying you smell like fruits.


“Awwww! We could have dyed our hair together but I just dyed mine…”

This guy has dyed his hair plenty of times so her certainly doesn’t judge.


“Ahhhh! You look adorable jagiya! Let me feel it.”

Almost like Taehyung, our ray of sunshine would be excited for you and excited to show you off.


“That’s new… It’s nice though. Almost like my mint colored hair I use to have.”

He’d smile at you a ton and think that the bright color brightens yours and his mood.


“This is different! Different isn’t bad but wow!”

His eyes would mostly never leave your head. While you didn’t mind the attention, it would freak you out a little how he’s always touching your hair.


Some screenshots from @waylightrefuge‘s Gala last night.  I had an absolutely wonderful evening, met some amazing people and the show was spectacular, kudos to the performers, you guys were incredible.  I’m sorry I missed the very last performance because the dog needed something and it was over by the time I got back, sadness.

The show started  just in time and everyone came inside as it started raining in the courtyard, it gave everything out the doors a really nice effect.

I’m really shocked there wasn’t a single griefer there trying to disrupt the RP or the show, everyone stayed seated, no one ran out onto the stage or spammed toys, it was overall a lovely evening.

Thank you so much for hosting this event, I had a blast! I really wish I could have stayed for the whole thing, I had to leave after the performance as it was starting to push midnight but I’m so happy I was able to make it for half of the event!


In the words of Jungkook, “I’m not good at taking selfies.” 

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˗ˏˋ holiday blogrates ˎˊ˗

baaabes it has been ages since i’ve done blogrates and i’ve really missed interacting with you guys! life is finally calming down and i want to try and be more active again, so here we go! * also i am usually thehound, in case you didn’t know!

r u l e s :
- mbf this holiday ho
- reblog this post
- send me your favorite thing about the holiday season! whether it’s a family tradition, yummy food or even the weather!

format under the cut!

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Just wow. Jack, Robin. You guys have blown my mind. What an incredible journey from start to finish. You guys are seriously mad geniuses. I’ve love love loved being able to watch all the videos associated with Anti. I loved that I had to make sure I kept my eye out for any clues or tricks so I didn’t miss them. I really feel like I just watched professionals put together a short horror skit from start to huge amazing finish. I am so incredibly thankful for the two of you. Always working your hardest day in and day out and also taking an idea from the community and literally running away with it. I just can’t say enough good things about all of your hard work. Thank you guys for everything. You’ve made this crazy Halloween obsessed chick incredibly happy all month long! Xoxo

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Requested by @imaginarylock (I can’t tag you for some reason?), I hope you like it <3
So.. Sorry for disappearing
I had an accident and injured my right arm+hand (the one I use to draw :c), so I spent the last few weeks trying to rest and not move it a lot, and it was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be
Anyway, I’ll try to be more active now things are starting to get better <3
I really missed you guys and I hope you’re all doing great c:

Fifth harmony group chat part 1

CamilaCabello added LaurenJauregui to “bananas run the world”
CamilaCabello added DinahJane to “bananas run the world”
CamilaCabello added AllyBrooke to “bananas run the world”
CamilaCabello added NormaniKordei to “bananas run the world”

Camila : hey guys 😊

Normani : what is this

Dinah : wow what

Camila : yo I thought it would be cool if we had a group chat! :D

Ally : Mila we see each other like 24/7

Lauren : not on our vacation!!

Camila : ^^

Ally : fine

Normani : this doesn’t make sense lol , you can simply call if you miss us

Camila : yeah but it’s cool!!

Dinah: it’s not

Normani : ^^

Dinah : at least change the group name..

AllyBrooke changed to group name to
“God bless fifth harmony”

Normani: really ally??

Ally: yes!!!

Ally : amen

Dinah : wait let me choose

DinahJane changed the group name to
“Fifth suckers”

Dinah : THAT’S cool mila

Camila : it’s not !!

Lauren: ^^

Dinah : yo camren be quite

Lauren : oh my god annoying

Camila : lmao

Normani : oh hi lauren , since when are you alive again??

Lauren : shut up mani!!!

Ally : calm down people

Lauren : no just bc I’m not online 24/7 like you does NOT mean I’m dead …!!

Dinah: we’re just worried chill lolz


Lauren : not really funny

Camila : guys please no fight

Ally : please

LaurenJ. changed the group name to

Camila : LAUREN😍

Lauren : yes?

Camila : nothing ..


Ally : what?

Lauren :what?

Normani : what?



Lauren : oh shit

Ally : what?

Normani : what?

LaurenJ. Changed the group name to

Normani : perfect!

Ally : same

*amount of time later*

Normani : yo mila could you add me to the admins ?

Camila : why?

Normani : just do it

Camila : nahh

Normani : god damn camila , DO IT

Normani : if you don’t do it I’ll leave

Camila : pff fine

*CamilaC. added NormaniK. to Admins*

Normani : lol thanks

*NormaniK. removed CamilaC. from chat*

Lauren : are you kidding

Normani : she should’ve done it when I told her

Lauren : she did!!

Ally : add her mani

Normani : no she’ll have to deal with it now

Lauren : rude

Normani : I’m not!

Lauren : yes you are!!

Ally : mani please

Normani : FINE.

*NormaniK. added CamilaC. to the chat*


Lauren : my words..

Normani : HAHAHA

Camila : fuck off mani , add me to the admins NOW

Normani : wait let me think of that ..

Camila : don’t you dare

Normani : nope!!

Ally : Mani ..


Ally : HEY let jesus out of this!!

Normani : chill lmao

*camila c. left the group chat*

Normani : 😂😂😂😂

Lauren : why are you like this

Normani : like what

Lauren : like this!!

Dinah : wtf

Dinah : STOP SPAMMING GUYS I’m tryna speep!!!

Ally : what happen again

Ally : I only left my phone for 2 minutes


*Normani k. added Camila c.*

Camila : what!!?

Normani : chill omg

*Normani k. added Camila c. to admins*

Normani : happy now??

*Camila C. removed Normani K. from group chat*

Camila : yes.

— Others parts under my hashtag #Camrensflatline 😊

So I wrote a fic based off this really cool idea by @cindersart (make sure to check out their blog!) love hearing from you guys, I read all your comments, so make sure to let me know what you thought! I had originally posted a longer version, but switched it to the shorter one. If you want to read the original let me know. p>

Thalia missed her best friend.

She sat in the shower stall of cabin one, cool water pouring over her skin. A rag was tossed aside, laying in defeat. She couldn’t get the stupid words off her skin no matter how hard she scrubbed.

This sucked. Sure, she had planned on getting tattoos as soon as possible. But they were supposed to be things she decided on. A sleeve depicting the night sky, moonlight cresting behind swirling clouds. A lightning bolt on her left wrist. Maybe a Panic! At The Disco lyric on her ribs. But not this. These weren’t even tattoos. They were deep, dark pink scars.

“TS <3’s KG” was carved on her upper thigh. “Chris was here” diagonal on her back. A poorly drawn manticore on her lower stomach. Those were the worst. She didn’t mind the “Bring her home safe” on her wrist. And the “Thank you” on her hip was okay too. She felt like that one was addressed to her. Thalia supposed it could be worse. There weren’t any spelling errors, which was a miracle considering demigods had been the ones carving into her wooden flesh.

But then there was the one that bothered her the most.

“Family, -L” was carved the deepest, just under her left collarbone.

She prodded at that one once more. “Luke,” she whispered to no one. “Where are you?”

Thalia had asked for him soon after she had woken up. Annabeth was holding her hand, and she looked to the boy named Percy with a pained expression. “Annabeth, he’s not…?”

“No. He’s not dead.” She heard someone else murmur “might as well be.”

“Where is he?”

“Thalia, there’s time for explanations later. Let’s get you into camp. You can go to your cabin and clean up, rest up a bit. We’ll meet in the big house this afternoon before dinner to discuss everything.”

And here she was, two hours later, still in the dark. This wasn’t fair. Luke had been hers for years.

Thalia got out of the cold shower, toweled off, and put on some clothes Annabeth must have left out for her. A black tee shirt and jeans. Thank the gods she didn’t leave her one of those bright orange shirts.

She started rummaging around the cabin. There had to be one-

A golden drachma was sitting in the bottom of one of her dresser drawers. Perfect.

She walked back into the bathroom, started the shower, and tossed the coin in with a shaky hand. “Oh Iris, goddess of the Rainbow, accept my offering. Show me Luke Castellan.”

Her heart was beating out of her chest as the picture began to take form. He was standing with his back to her. Even without seeing his face, he looked so much older. His blond hair was cut short. His shoulders had broadened out. She had been gone a very long time.

“…Luke?” She said tentatively.

He turned around quickly, startled. His mouth hung open. “Thalia?”

“Oh my gods Luke,” she said, unable to hold back a few tears.

“You’re real? I mean you’re really here? Alive?”

“I mean, yeah?” She laughed. He smiled at her. “Luke, where are you? I’m at camp, why haven’t you come to see me? No one’s told me anything yet. I don’t even know how long I was a tree.”

Luke didn’t say anything for a minute. “Thalia, I’m not at camp.”

“Oh gods, are you on a quest? Are you safe?”

“No, I’m not on a quest,” he struggled with his words for a moment, until his eyes settled just above the collar of her shirt. “What’s that on your skin?”

“Oh. All the carvings people drew on me left scars. I think I know who this one is from.”

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize you’d ever come back, let alone that you would and it would leave a scar.”

Her heart felt like it would explode. He looked so concerned. Gods, she missed him terribly. “It’s fine. I like that one, and I can live with the others. But you didn’t answer me. Where are you?”

Suddenly, there was a bang on the door. “Thalia? It’s me,” Annabeth’s muffled voice carried through the door.

“It’s Annabeth. I’ll be back in a sec-” she turned to look at him.

“I’m sorry,” he said, and disconnected the image.

“What?” She asked, but he was gone.

Annabeth let herself in. “Hey. The meetings going to be at the big house in twenty minutes. But I thought I should swing by to see you before that for a bit.”

Annabeth walked to her, giving her a smile. It was a little bit sad though. Why was that?

“You’re so beautiful,” Thalia said to her. “I can’t believe how much you’ve grown. You don’t look that much younger than me now.”

“Thank you,” she was quiet for a moment, until she surged forward, giving the older girl a tight hug. “Gods, I’ve missed you so much.”

“How long was I a tree?”

“About six years.”

“I’m 18? That’s unreal. I don’t look 18,” she laughed. Annabeth did too, but it had that hint of sadness again. Thalia didn’t want her to be sad. She didn’t want to acknowledge the bad news she felt was coming. But before she could say anything else, Annabeth said “I need to be the one to tell you the truth.”

“The truth about what?” Though she already knew her reply.

“The truth about Luke.”


Everyone kept saying today was a day of celebration. They had won the war. There was an enormous feast at Camp Half-Blood, and an even larger fire afterwards.

Thalia didn’t go to the fire. She walked past her fellow sisters, cloistered together on one of the benches, straight for the Zeus cabin. She knew she belonged in the Artemis cabin. But there was something she needed.

She walked into her old cabin. The low lighting felt very cold tonight. There were still a few of her possessions scattered about. She walked forward to the dresser. Placed in the top left drawer, there were old pictures of hers that Annabeth had saved, and pictures from her year at camp and semester at school. She ruffled through them, until she found it: a blurry Polaroid of a blond fourteen year old, hand stuck forward towards the camera. His grin wrinkled the long, white scar that marred his face. His shaggy blond hair hung in his face. He had his right arm wrapped tightly around a twelve year old girl, pulling her in closely to him. She had a small smile on her face as well, and was looking up at him lovingly. Written in scratchy handwriting was “Luke and Thalia, Aprel 15.”

Thalia stared at the photo for a long time, before suddenly clutching it close to her heart. Sobs racked her body worse than any other time she could remember. She wept for the family she had lost. And for the first time, she began to regret her decision to accept immortality.



     ─── ❀ okay, wow. i am speechless. this is about to get sappy af so get those tissues out, lovelies !

first of all, i’d really like to thank all of my followers for being interested in my muse ! you guys are the sweetest && holy moly— there’s over 100 of you !! how did that even happen ?? i’m amazed, truly amazed. <3 <3 <3

i really love writing flora && i love seeing people enjoy her. this lil blog is my happiness corner && that wouldn’t be possible without such kind peeps around the dash !!

now here’s some mentions of my dear mutuals that make my experience on this site really great ( in no particular order ) ! i love all of u guys so so much !! you’re all the best ! free hugs && kisses for all.

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Well thank goodness then! Cause they're so many other clauses after her anyway. Besides I highly doubt you would even have a chance with her.

Claus: Excuse me? You wanna come say that to my face, nonny?!

Lucas: Oh dear.

Claus: Honestly, it should be the other way around! She has no chance with me. I’m too old for her; she’s still in her preteen build while I’m a full-blown adult. And that’s fine anyway, since I don’t like her that way. But insult me again like that and I won’t hesitate to blow your sorry head off!

Lucas: P-please excuse him!! Claus, you shouldn’t threaten people like that! They could take it seriously…!

Claus: Come at me, shrimp! I have a fully-charged arm cannon and lightning sword with your name written all over it!

So we are always talking about how gay the guys in Hetalia are which, ok, fare, but the girls too??? Are like??? Really really gay???

Vietnam is like all blushy blushy how cute is that like omg

Taiwan calm down your gay is showing. Also even Belarus is blushing like ok.

Wow Monaco okay. Also I love how they are all so supportive of each other I just ;;;;

Liech you bad bad girl were you staring..?? Also at this point I feel like everyone has a bit of a crush on Ukraine omg

I’m not crying you’re crying

Where are my tons of gay heta!girls fics jfc they deserve better, we ALL deserve better

  • httyd: wow look at all this heterosexual stuff. look. see here all the guys love astrid. stoick misses his wife. just look how heterosexual they all are. how nice
  • httyd 2: ok so we might have lied, gobber *might* be gay. if you interpret a passing comment the right way but it could mean a bunch of other things too. FINE we'll confirm it outside the film
  • race to the edge: everyone is so fucking queer i swear the entire island is made out of rainbows or some shit. here have some gay flirting is that not enough??? HAVE A GAY KISS HERE YOU GO

I was asked by @ivecarvedawoodenheart for my most recent ask post. I had to google the prime numbers between 1 and 59 so thanks for that :)
1. selfie
See above

2. what would you name your future kids?
Oh wow. I dunno. Prolly something old school like Gavin or Bronwyn. But I’m not really a “kids” person.

3. do you miss anyone?
My sister. She just moved away for work and i miss hanging out with her

5. is there anyone who can always make you smile?
The permanent roommate is good for that. I like that guy

7. what was your life like last year?
Honestly? Pretty much the same as this year, although this year I am more motivated for change

11. are you listening to music right now?

13. how do you feel right now?
Pretty great

15. personality description
I took a test at work that says I’m an ISFP. Other than that? I’m chill enough when things are going well, but I’m determined to a fault. And a little bit petty

17. opinion on insecurities.
Everyone has them? I honestly don’t know how to answer this one. I’m 150% one of those “fake it til you make it” people, so I think i come across as super overconfident, but really that’s just practice having no fucking clue what I’m doing

19. have you ever been to New York?

23. fear(s)
Umm…being alone in life, failing.

27. things i hate

29. favourite film(s)
Pride and Prejudice.

31. 3 random facts
Pigs ejaculate for about a half hour. A dislike of cilantro is genetic. You are more closely related to a mushroom than a plant

37. favourite actor/actress I’m bad at this because I am so faceblind. That guy who plays Thor has a nice face

41. relationship status

43. favourite song ever
If you can find the recording of Voces8 singing “Lux Aeterna” it’s that one

47. turn ons
Dirty talk. Umm oh god I don’t know. My husband???? He does good stuff

51. starsign

53. 5 things that make me happy
My lease pony. Dogs. The sky in summer. Stars. Weightlifting

57. favourite animal(s)
Horses. Dogs. All of them. I will cuddle anything that won’t bite me too hard

59. why i joined tumblr
Honestly my sister told me about it, and then I discovered fan fiction and stuck around

The Right Guy

Prompt: “Can you do an imagine were the reader is Kluas’ bestfriend and kol’s former fiancé and when they need help Klaus calls her down and realizes that Kol and Devina are together and instead of leaving Klaus managed her to stay by telling her he’s inlove with her then Kol realizes he made a mistake? Please love?

Warnings: Kol Cheating

Word count: 812

Requested by Anon.

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indeed I wa-oof *pats his back a little awkwardly* eat the cupcakes? Sure I can help! Though, instead of magicking the cupcakes, why don't I magic you guys? :D *snaps her fingers* I can make you guys coporeal for a few days... if mun allows (kitterah)

*Poof!* The boys don’t look any different… did it-

“Waaaaaaaah!” *crash* 

Oh dear… that was not a good moment to be floating, Time!

“Oh wow, thank you Miss! Here, you should have one of my cupcakes!” Brown and the others proceed to start scarfing down the cupcakes. There might be some tears being shed, it’s kinda been a while since they’ve really been able to eat something!