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This Has No Plot.

AN: this has no plot. I write before bed when I can’t fall asleep and I forgot about this one. Anyway, there’s no grand scheme…


Sasuke subconsciously tried not to move too much as he noted the dark clouds and how dangerous they appeared right outside the bus window. They were steadily covering the blue sky that was once there and it had gotten significantly darker.

…but he didn’t want to ruin the nap that this stranger was having on his shoulder.

Granted, he wasn’t even an affectionate person to the people in his life, and so, in any other situation he would have pushed the girl off…but she was different. She smelled like a memory he couldn’t pinpoint. Far, deep down inside his brain… It was a pleasant memory and that was the only thing he could recall.

She had gotten on the bus a few stops back and he noticed her bobbing head. She was exhausted. The girl had on a green rain jacket, seemingly wet blue jeans and black rain-boots. Her hair and most of her face was tucked in the hood.

What was it?

Dark eyes scanned the bus. Ten people. It was the night shift. It was about to pour down. This girl had to have missed her stop.

Sasuke sighed and wondered what kind of girl just falls asleep on a stranger’s shoulder. Her tiny hands were loosely holding her umbrella and she’ll shift but stay asleep if the bus hits a bump.

He turned to her a bit and tried to take in her presence. It was killing him! What was the memory?

Suddenly she jolted awake and stared at him with large opal eyes. Her mouth parted upon realizing they were really damn close to each other. Her face turned red in embarrassment and the grip on her umbrella tightened. She glanced away and winced out the window, just as the sky opened up and rain started to beat down on the bus.

“I m-missed my stop,” said the girl.

He knew it.

“I…I’m sorry,” she continued.

He didn’t care.

“I was pretty tired, wow.” She whispered before pouting.

None of that mattered.

“Do I know you?” He asked.

He had a one track mind.

She blinked a few times and shook her head. The hood fell back and navy hair poured out. Wow. “I don’t think so,” she replied.

“Aa.” He said before rolling his tense shoulders. “This route goes in a circle. There are three more stops then it goes backwards,” he told her.

She nodded and looked out onto the passing buildings. “I can’t believe myself,” she nearly silently mouthed to herself as she rubbed her forehead. “Stupid, Hinata.”


A memory.

He reluctantly pulled the string for the bus. He probably should make sure she got to whatever she needed to go but…that seemed a bit creepy and besides its not that deep. The bus started slowly down. He stood and turned to her, “Stay awake.”

Her cheeks warmed as she nodded.

Sasuke pulled up his hoodie and proceeded to walk down the street. He forced himself not to watch her leave. Once he took another step, it came back.

He was little, maybe five years old, maybe. They were going on a field trip and he had to sit in the front because Naruto obviously got him in trouble. He plopped down next to a little girl with a raincoat on…which he found stupid considering it was sunny all day.

He had started getting sleepy and woke up after hearing a mix between children shouting about thunder and the thunder itself. He was lying on her shoulder. “I…” He started.

She looked over at him with a smile. “It’s okay. Go back to sleep.” She encouraged.

He did.

She smelled like vanilla and flowers. She still does.

He watched the bus disappear into the night. “Hinata…” He mumbled before realizing he was still standing in the rain. At least he repaid her.