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OMG 😭😢😭😢 this is the best thing that I've heard in a long time 😍😍 as i said before GUARDIAN IS LIFE 😢 ughhhh I just want to finish the first book and finish the other one today 😣 I'm not really good at waiting but i will survive 😆 and this is random bit I miss addiwed already 😭 ( i hope i wrote that right 😅 ) i sound sad but I'm very happy i love u thank you and because of you i love fantasy alot now i even bought couple of book 😄😅 wow i talked a lot 😂😅 sorry

alsdkfja ahhhh, thank you love! I’m happy to hear you’re excited about the second part of Guardian! 

Both Guardian and Addewid will be updated as soon as possible, thank you for being patient 💕

without going into too much spoiler territory can I just say I’m rly happy ffxv gave us a disabled character whose disability is a) not magically “fixed” and b) treated with respect by the people around them ??? This game also has four dude protagonists who express their emotions and are shown visibly crying when things get rough and not one joke is made at their expense??? One of the four main characters has feminine hobbies like sewing and cooking and there’s not one joke made about it–in fact he’s arguably the most respected companion in your party. Not to mention this game tackled how these characters deal with anxiety and grief, and even went so far as to call out one character for trying to use “tough love” as a means to help someone else cope because quite frankly it just wasn’t helping. Just wow thank u square enix.


Happy Bday Mark Tuan 😣💕

As I fan I would like to say that you are such a genuine person who loves us and everyone around you so much. You ask why we love you so much, and its because you are just such an amazing and kind person who works so hard for everything you want. Mark you deserve so much happiness and love and I really hope you get a lot of it today. Have a wonderful day angel, I love u so much!

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BTS reaction - when you leave them simple love notes on post-it's / what kind they'd Ike the most?

ThIS iS ReALLy Cute!! !!!

Jin - He would be the one who leaves you the notes for the most part. They would be really sweet and well thought out a lot of little compliments or little things he noticed about his s/o. He would also leave reminders about events or just like “don’t forget to bring the lunch i made you with you today! we don’t want it to go bad”.  he would like to get them but he would rather have in person romantic exchanges.

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Yoongi - He wouldn’t even notice them at first, but when his s/o find out that he doesn’t even notice them, he would start making it up to you by writing a song for you. He would low key save them all and wouldn’t show anyone bc it’s personal; it’s only for his eyes. The other members would probably find them at one point and tease him a bit about holding on to them all the time but he would just be like “ at least i HAVE AN S/O!”

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Hoseok - I feel like he would express that he really appreciates them, but deep down inside would appreciate them even more because he needs them. In exchange he would like take his s/o out for dinner for dance to their favorite song. He wouldn’t really leave notes but would love to get them!!

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Namjoon - He would criticize you on your use of improper grammar you used because he doesn’t understand it. Deep down thought, he would like them every so often but he would rather send his s/o songs or lyrics that reminded him of his s/o than leave notes.

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Jimin - MAN THIS BOY WOULD LOVE THEM he would be so flustered to get them and leave them !! but they would fuel him omg !!!  he would be so happy and love the appreciation.  Notes about how beautiful and ideal he is and ones that would just in general help him with his self esteem would be his favorite. He would have like a little baggy he kept them all in for when he misses his s/o or he’s feeling down.  He would like to leave like little cheesy jokes and pick up lines for his s/o

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Tae - WOULD YELL he would eat this shit up o mg !!!  would love to leave them more than get them. He would leave a lot of weird things he likes about his s/o and like little memories he has of them. He would love to get little jokes written by his s/o and probably keep them in his bag and show them to the others all the time like “look at what they left me!! They are so funny ah i love them so much i miss them!”

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Jungkook - would live for them omg ! he is such a low key romantic like wow ! he would be a lot more comfortable with lovey dovey notes and texts rather than in person stuff. He would like ones that are just like “you can do it”  “you got it” “i bet you look really hot today” “if you wear those ripped jeans i like today i’ll pick up your favorite food on my way home ; - ) or idk i’ll give you a handjob :) u didnt hear this from me ”. he would leave little drawings in exchange for his s/o to wake up/come home to

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