wow i really like the teaser

Boyfriend Mark
  • hello
  • omg i finally get to do this
  • like three people requested this
  • and i understand them all perfectly tbh
  • everyone needs someone as perfect and sweet as this lil angel in their lifes
  • btw i really miss his blonde hair
  • like you know the really blonde ramen hair that he had in my first and last
  • but anyways, i’ll just start writing this for once lmao
  • soooo, 
  • you kiddos probably met in school
  • let’s say that you’re a year younger than him so you didn’t go to the same class than him
  • but you were donghyucks seat partner ;)) yeAh
  • you get along well really fast and in one of the recess he decided to introduce you to all the dreamies
  • and yeah, he was the one who introduced you to our markimoo
  • and when you first saw him you were like damn boii
  • because he’s so handsome??? i mean what¿?
  • you really liked his soft features
  • like his skin is so gorgeous and his skin tone it is too 
  • and did you notice how beautiful his lips are? and he has amazing cheekbones
  • i’m looking at his firetruck teaser pics for inspiration as i write this and omg
  • he’s so handsome??? like?? what??? when¿?
  • his whole face was just so perfect and you just
  • “wow, i love you nose and your hair look really goodd?? do you bleach it often?”
  • what lmao
  • he though that you were really spontaneous and funny and he just adored you since the first second you opened your mouth
  • you on the other hand were already so embarassed jesus christ
  • but he just laughed and both of you started to talk about each others hair the whole time
  • and donghyuck was there like ¿?? what in flirtation
  • is that meme too old for me to use or
  • the dorms were really close to ur home btw and donghyuck would always walk you till like half of your way until he has to change directions
  • and there were only two or three days at week were your class and mark’s would go out of school at the same hour and today was one of those days ;)) wink wonk
  • in the end of that day, in the place where hyuck would normally change his directions and let you go mark decided to accompany you
  • donghyuck wasn’t feeling it so he just left both of you alone and went to the dorms to sleep lmao
  • and from that day mark would always walk you home whenever he cans and omg, every day you get to know each other so much
  • and obvs y’all exchaged numbers too
  • and you would be texting to each other all the time i swear
  • and the members loved you but they were so tired of hearing so much about you coming from mark lmao
  • “y/n you’re an angel but sometimes i really hate you”
  • “what? why?”
  • “because there’s ths guy called m..”
  • he’s so obvious and that made you feel a bit more confident to do little things to be closer to him like idk start skinship and text him first
  • and after like a month and a half after, once he was a 100% sure of his feelings for you and was conviced by his soulmate aka jaehyun, he finally confess
  • “i-i have been liking you for some time now and, i-i just though it was something important that you should know, i understand if you don’t want to keep being friends with me so don’t worry about that”
  • he was so nervous, you have no idea
  • and even if he always was really obvious with his feelings you still felt relieved after hearing his confession
  • but you get really nervous too because you knew that now it was YOU time to confess
  • “i-i like you too mark, and, you never heared this from me but this feelings are here since the very first moment i saw you”
  • his eyes started to shine and his smile was so beautiful and wide and you were internally dying because of how handsome this child is
  • and you started to date that day aw
  • and you get your first kiss the next week
  • he walked you home like he always did and since you started to date it  was a bit more awkward?
  • but he grabbed your hand that day and i swear he never stop smiling in the whole way
  • “guess we are here”
  • “i guess we are”
  • “i-i’m happy that now we’re.. well.. you know.. hehe”
  • jesus christ
  • “yeah, i’m really happy too”
  • a few seconds of silence and awkward giggles happened
  • “okaybyemarkhaveagoodlifeseeyoutomorrowbye”
  • and you just entered to your house lmao
  • your relationship is the cutest thing ever leT ME TELL YOU
  • he’s not jealous or protective or anything like that at all 
  • he trust you with his entire life so he’s always sincere with you and never keeps any secrets from you
  • and he’s also not the clingiest person but he loves it when you start skinship
  • like, he’s not the biggest fan of it either but he’s always down for your soft caresses and your koala hugs you know
  • he would always want to protect you and would always take care of you
  • you would be blessed to have an angel like him by your side tbh
  • okay and the enddd
  • i hope y’all like this <3 it was fun to do lmao
  • byeeeeeeeeeee <3
UFC - Michael Latta

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Notes: Such an original title, eh? I’m so creative wow. Regardless, here’s a cute lil Michael Latta imagine! Hope you all enjoy.

Mentions: Tom Wilson

Warnings: Like mentions of fighting but not between the couple

Requested: Yes | No

Up Next: Artemi Panarin OR Kasperi Kapanen

Teaser: “Honestly, kids, there’s so many people watching, and I really don’t think (Y/N) plans on switching from a UFC fighter to a porn star.”

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unlessimwrongwhichyouknowimnot  asked:

Just saw a description of a new ABC show called The Good Doctor. Apparently Freddie Highmore plays "a surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, [who] moves to a quiet country town for work, where he struggles to connect with those around him, but excels professionally." I like Freddie Highmore, but the description turns me off.

the teaser trailer is here 

yeah im … really hesitant based on that description and the teaser. they both feel very othering. very Neurotypical Gaze-y. the teaser especially is like “wow autistic people are so different that we (the Normal PeopleTM) cant even comprehend how they see the world!!”. like the tagline specifies that he’s different from other people. and i cant really tell if theyre going for the “differences can be a strength, we need to celebrate people that are different from us and show that theyre also regular people” route or the “autistic people are SoooOOooOOoooo Different from Us Normals, lets make a show about an autistic man that was obviously not made for autistic audiences but rather NTs” route 

so yeah im. very hesitant, based on what i’ve seen 

im really this hypocritical like e*ols were here celebrating their anniversary and i saw like two posts on my dash and im like god theyre so annoying who cares//: and now bts literally just released a 19 seconds teaser for an mv for a song they already had an mv for and were all spamming about it like theres no tomorrow like wow our fandom really is that bitch

The teaser for Eclipse is on Vlive and wow… This really look so different and as aesthetic as the other MVs ! Also I’m think KimLip is a Owl ??!
EDIT : maybe not a owl but a feline ?! Like she look fierce like one and when I look at it twice this would be more logical, especially if she’s a rapper !

anonymous asked:

what do you think of kim lip?

Like the rest of her members, she’s extremely gorgeous!! Where do they find these beauties??? Oh and in her teaser pic she reminds me of Girl’s Day’s Yura during their “I’ll Be Yours” era lmao - probably just because of the hairstyle though…

I’m really happy for Kim Lip!! But I’m also really sad that they haven’t stated Jinsoul as an official member afdkjoigjdfdgoi like wtf how can they play with my heart like that ??????

jeonjungrude  asked:

OMFG THAT little trailer / teaser FOR FUTURE HEARTS WAS AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It seriously felt like a real drama or something!!!!!!!! Iet my sister see it and she went "wow is that a new drama i so want to watch" hahahahah 😂😂💖💖🙆🏼🙆🏼👍🏼👍🏼💯💯🔥🔥😘😘😍😍

omgggg that’s so freaking sweet! I’m really glad you both liked it!

The Lucky Monsters

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A/N: Wow, this week really proved the fact that I am a landfill for EXO. Like, when I start work, my money won’t even exist because it’s going straight to their pockets.Anyway, I obviously had to write something the lines of the teaser for this request. 

Sorry to the Anon that asked for this. I’m so extra.

Also, there are legit 12 doors in the hallway of the “Lucky One” teaser, if you didn’t know….

Fight me SM

~Admin Allie

Part |1| |2| |3|

You don’t know at which point in your life that you grew accustomed to men and women carrying around guns while covered in riot gear. And you honestly didn’t want your mind to backtrack to that point anyway.

It’s been four years since you’ve been able to call your life normal. Four years since you could see the sun and breath fresh air. You missed everything about your previous life, but there was no use in thinking about it since this was all your life would ever be from now on.  

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NetizenBuzz Comments on MAMACITA Music Video Teaser
  • [+290, -16] : Super Junior has finally escaped the box!!!!!!
  • [+275, -22] : There's a different feel to this... Seems SM actually paid some attention since it's their first comeback in a while ㅋㅋㅋ
  • [+291, -40] : Finally SM's supporting Super Junior ㅋㅋㅋ There's a reason for their long running success. Hit daebak.
  • [+268, -22] : Definitely a concept that only Super Junior can pull off ㅋㅋㅋ Daebak for the 7th album!!! ㅜㅜ
  • [+240, -18] : Just saw the teaser, really looking forward to the transformations!! I want to hear the song soon ㅎㅎ
  • [+88, -5] : What? This is a new song teaser and not a movie trailer? The quality's amazing
  • [+94, -11] : I like that it isn't your same average concept!!!
  • [+93, -15] : The fun concept definitely fits their image!
  • Via @ana.

find back the pure me;

 I cannot get out of this lie;  

   give me back my smile. [pt. 1 of FA]

{Please do not edit, use without permission or repost my art!}

ize interview teaser - jeonghan

you must feel more idol-like when you finally get to have a name for your fanclub.
i think that would be really great. i would think “wow” when everyone’s holding up the same lightstick. i i would be really touched. i might even cry. i think it’d be really nice to see that many people holding the same lightstick to cheer on for seventeen.

trans by mountean
t/n: this interview must have been held before the fanclub name and lightstick were created.

The One who Suffered

Happy birthday Toasty ! (I don’t know if you received that already, but my computer crashed and… Well, I’m not sure of anything, so I chose to submit it twice. Sorry if you’ve already got it !)

I really wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done to me, you probably don’t know that (actually i’m fairly sure you don’t know that) but you’ve been a great source of both motivation and inspiration to me, and to see your art almost daily make me incredibly happy. I wouldn’t draw as much as I do now without you :) Anyways, I know it’s a bit shitty, but I made you this drawing. You’ll probably get a lot of Ancestors today x)

So yeah, I wish you the best birthday possible, a lot of cool things you like (given the fact that I don’t know if you want love, money, puppies or strip-teasers) and good luck for all your projects ! Thank you very much for everything you’ve done ! :D

-submitted by the-nothing-maker

It actually didn’t turn up before so I’m glad you re-submitted it, wow! @o@ It’s really humbling to be someone’s inspirations and really awesome to get art like this of my favorite character!  Thanks so much for putting so much work into a birthday present for me~


Happy birthday my prince(ss)! 

Alright, my prince! Wow are you seriously getting old? I don’t really know how to exactly profess my undying love for you. But oh well here it goes.

I love you. You’re my inspiration. From the moment your first teaser was released, I knew I’m going to be by your side, supporting you and cheering on you. You have such a delicate face, like a doll’s but I was so amazed at how you move, at how you dance smoothly and powerfully at the same time. I was even more amazed that you have an angelic voice and a kind heart. And you even play sports! You’re not just a pretty face, but a talented person as well.

You’re the hyung your dongsaengs would love to play with but they would never forget that you’re their older brother that looks and takes care of them too. This kind of relationship really makes me really go “awww ♥ (¯`v´¯)”. 

The way you treat fans is really nice. It honestly makes me feel like it would be nice to simply talk to you even if you’re a celebrity. Like you’d make sure your fans are comfortable with you like a friend ;; (I feel like crying now)

This part would be a personal message regarding soccer. As part of my university’s soccer team, every time I fall, every time I fail to goal, every time I feel like quitting, I would think that you would be there watching me telling me not to give up because this is the sport that we both love and I shouldn’t succumb to failure. That I should stand up and enjoy the game, and give my best shot.

Continue to inspire more people, Lu ge!

And yes, you are manly 

so we all know how much my mom LOVES suho but she totally didnt believe that he was blonde so i showed her the teaser pic and i was like

‘mom look! suho’s blonde!’

'where is he?!’

*points to suho*


'yes that’s him’

'really? that’s him????!’

'yeS! that’s suho!’

’…MY SUHO??!’

’………….yes your suho…’

'ohmygosh he looks like sehun!’

*stares some more* 'wow he looks really different like that…’ *giggles*