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Honestly, I need to rant about how shitty of friends Archie and Veronica were tonight. They not only lied and went behind Betty’s back, but Veronica literally threw Betty under the bus, making it seem like she was involved with what THEY did. Betty believed Jughead. Veronica HEARD Betty say she believed Jughead. Heard her say she wanted no part in what was going on. But Veronica making that dinner comment made it seem like Betty was part of their little scheme to get inside of FP’s home. I don’t know. I’m just annoyed. I already didn’t like Archie and Veronica, but this really was the cherry on top.

When Betty said she never wanted to talk to them again I was like 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.

God I’m salty.

WOw FP IS BEING FRAMED??! WOW BETTY WAS RIGHT IN TRUSTING JUGHEADS DAD WASNT INVOLVED IN THE MURDER?? Smh. Literally last episode as well, Archie was a shitty friend to Jughead. Oh, and wait, he was shitty to him in the baby shower episode as well. LMAO PSA: ARCHIE IS A SHITTY FRIEND AND VERONICA JUST WASNT BEING THE BEST TONIGHT.

(in no way am I saying you can’t have these as your fav characters. Everyone has their own opinions, I just needed to rant)

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Hi, I watch the series, and I'm honestly baffled by how the writers make Eugene and Rapunzel's friendship/relationship so realistic with issues couples face in real life. I really hope to see them have a healthy friendship (even tho people erase him shipping Rapunzel with Cassandra) but idc, people can ship whatever they want. Speaking of Cassandra, what's that woman's issue? She doesn't open about herself but is quick to meddle into other people's affairs

Wow, that was a lot of stuff for one ask! lol

Here’s how the writers make it so realistic: the writers are real people, and they treat Rapunzel and Eugene like real people, instead of like stereotypes. They get into their heads and work out what a real person’s motivations and reactions would be instead of cliche, television reactions.

Rapunzel and Eugene already do have a healthy friendship, and we saw that in the first five minutes of Tangled Before Ever After. But yes, I’d like to see more of Rapunzel and Eugene spending quality time together, being goofballs.

The only affairs Cassandra is really meddling in is Rapunzel and Eugene’s relationship, but we have yet to see her actively tell Rapunzel that she shouldn’t be with Eugene. (She has told Eugene that she doesn’t like him for anybody, but there was no… serious trying to break them up from that statement, so much as the typical acid-laced banter.) She’s not really meddling, so much as making her opinion clear, which isn’t really the same thing. Asking Rapunzel to keep her secret despite the strain is was putting on the relationship was to protect her own hide, not to break them up.

“Cassandra v. Eugene” was on again last night, and watching the scene in the jail cell where they were talking about parents, she did talk a little, but she also pretty politely said, “I don’t really want to discuss this with you,” when she closed herself off. I think Eugene is more willing to be Cassandra’s friend than vice versa, but Cassandra seems pretty closed off in general, and you know what? She has every right to be. No one is required to share things about themselves that they don’t want to share. Even Rapunzel has things she’s not talking about. I’m actually not mad at Cassandra for saying, “No thanks, we’ve reached my limit of sharing.”

I do feel that she interprets much too much of what Eugene says as self-centered. I actually didn’t find any of the things he said he wanted for Rapunzel in Tangled Before Ever After to be self-centered, because they were all focused on Rapunzel’s happiness. It wasn’t like he said he wanted Rapunzel to be a good princess and to fit in. But Cassandra’s knee-jerk reaction was to accuse him of not thinking about what Rapunzel wants.

Eugene: I want Rapunzel to be happy.
Cassandra: Yeah? Well, what about what Rapunzel wants?
Me: … Does Rapunzel not want to be happy?

And in the jail cell, I can see Eugene’s point of view. He was a criminal a good chuck of his life. He actually very likely has a good chance of knowing what he’s talking about when it comes to prying doors open. And Cassandra turned that around on him, saying everything was about him again, because he wanted to show her the best place to put the jack.

So her issue here seems to be a refusal to let Eugene be right. But their fighting like cats and dogs relationship is not entirely on her shoulders.

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I just wanted to thank you for bringing a Blizzard employee presence to Tumblr. Seems they're all on Twitter, and try as I might, I just don't enjoy the platform. It's refreshing to see someone be able to answer questions without a limitation in characters used.

I’m here to talk to my favorite community, but there’s an important distinction I’d like to make. I do work at Blizzard, I am a designer on WoW, but this blog is not a place to ask general ‘you’re a developer, how does this work?’ questions that I get a lot. I can’t speculate on why a design decision was made. I can’t talk about lore things that aren’t already in the game. I can’t talk about the future in almost any meaningful way, else I will lose my job. 

So… I really appreciate the sentiment, I do! But this is a personal blog, and I can’t stress enough that I am extremely limited in the ways I can talk to you guys about the game. Thankfully I have that lack of character limit to properly frame how I intend to interact with the community. It’s certainly great for avoiding misunderstandings, that’s for sure. :)

people who dont look at the rules in adoptable forums are the bane of my mcfreakin existence……..I try to be nice and generous with my time spent on pixel work bc it is calming, and i do enjoy making people happy, but I really dolike it when users, you know, pay.

not request a new gene for the adoptable (always 20kt but i did the gene for 13kt bc yknow, it wasnt hard so i thought id be nice), comment that ‘wow, 40kt for one pixel adopt, one new gene on said adopt, and two new pieces of apparel (one being a festival crown, which is hard to pixel), that’s expensive, but ill pay it’

and then when i post it they say its perfect, and then PM me that they dont really like the gene i did, so would it be ok if they just didnt pay for it?

and yea i know its my fault for saying sure whatever but i was having a bad day and just wanted to be nice. So they ended up paying like 27kt for what should have been 47kt.

so lesson learned, if youre a pushover people take advantage. i understand im fully at fault here but im just. tired and wish people would be nice.

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Have you ever gotten in a place where you just feel like people can't stand you and even people just not opening or replying to freaking Snapchats of all things makes you go "wow they hate me because I'm annoying and awful and talk too much" because I'm in that mood tonight and I wish I freaking wasn't cause I'm usually better about liking myself but today just... sucks Sam today really really sucks do you have any advice for turning bad days/moods around 😣

Ahh dude that sucks. Chin up! Everyone has there shit days, trust me.. EVERYONE.
Turn your phone off and take a little break from social media and try not over think everything. Call a friend, go over their place and just hang out and talk it out. Also remember that you’ve made it through even your worst days so far, and you’ll continue to do so. You got this x

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I was really hesitant to watch your animatic because the song is a slight trigger for me but I was fucking blown away by the version you used and your art and editing and I just..... I was almost sobbing because I loved it so much

omg wow!!! this is such a lovely message thank you so much! 

one of the comments i get a lot is “wow you really managed to make a super happy upbeat song into something super depressing” lmao and i mean i honestly might like chase’s version better than the original! he’s just so talented and his major to minor covers are TO DIE FOR and like hey the video had a happy ending, didn’t it??? keith and lance live happily ever after, don’t they?? 😂😂

i’m soo so glad you enjoyed it and that it didn’t trigger you or anything. thank you so much for taking the time to watch it and message me 💜💜 

Remember in 2012 when you really wanted someone to follow you you’d make a post being like ‘wow xyz is so cool, i look up to them so much’ or something and then tag their URL.. then if you were lucky enough they would follow you back and you’d screencap the thing saying they followed you and caption it being like ‘:O omg!!! i love u frick frack’ or whatever and theyd reply being like omggg i love ur blog u r sO CUTE… how weird was Tumblr back then tbh lol

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i hope this isn't annoying, but i looked into naturally occurring aphrodisiac toxins quickly, just out of curiosity, and found that Cantharidin (found in several species of blister beetle & the Spanish fly) can mimic the effects of sexual arousal and historical records have shown it used as as an aphrodisiac agent buuut it is also super dangerous and can cause really Really bad blistering of the skin in most organisms

Not annoying at all!

And that, wow, that sounds way less fun. It makes you horny but also hurts like a fucker, huh? Thank god I got Magical Bullshit on my side.

Jesus christ. This is a real passage from a New York Times article today, about researchers going to Ethiopia to do a study on sweatshop laborers. They expected to find that sweatshop labor, while exploitative, was actually good for workers, summing it up with this quote:

As the economist Joan Robinson said, “The misery of being exploited by capitalists is nothing compared to the misery of not being exploited at all.”

The article repeatedly discusses how surprised the authors were to find that “being exploited is good for poor people, actually” is not true on either an individual or a systemic scale. 

Wow! Like, I’m not pissed they did the study— always good to have more data just generally— but what does bowl me over is how much credence rightist economists get when all they’re doing is inventing hypothetical situations to buoy a viciously unjust status quo. like, it’s hard to make a really rigorous study of economic and social realities when you’re down there licking the capitalist’s boots. 

fave beauty and the beast (2017) things

  • the prince’s fabulous make up
  • “if he could earn their love in return”
  • belle’s blue dress
  • “hmm… ‘je ne sais quoi’?” - “I don’t know what that means”
  • even the freaking ducks are singing
  • “it’s never gonna happen ladies”
  • gaston asking belle if she’s busy and belle saying “no”
  • otp gaston x mirrors
  • belle’s disgusted face when gaston gestures from his lower body to her when saying she should only be concerned with her own children
  • “no one can change… that much”
  • “madame gaston, his little wife, uGH
  • the whole scene with maurice in the castle
  • m a u r i c e
  • philippe, everyone’s hero
  • belle smashing lumière with a stool
  • “the east wing, or as I like to call it, the only wing
  • ‘G A S T O N’
  • gaston lifting both lefou and a lady onto his shoulders
  • “I’ve been told I’m clingy, but I really don’t get it”
  • “he’ll blame me!” - “yes I will make sure of it”
  • “maestro, play quietly please” - “oh quietly, sotto voce, of course. are there any other tasteless demands you wish to make upon my artistry”
  • be. our. guest. be our guest put our service to the test
  • maurice trying to remember the way to the castle
  • “you really wanna marry into this family?”
  • “gaston, stop it. breathe. think happy thoughts. go back to the war! blood… explosions… countless widows…”
  • the nose boop
  • luke evans’ acting in that scene… hilariously creepy
  • “romeo and juliette fucking sucks here’s my huge library full of much better things to read” basically
  • beast is making jokes now
  • beast knocking out belle with his huge ass snowball like chill man
  • beast walking around the castle grounds with philippe and talking to him
  • belle watching that from the window and looking beautiful as hell like wow I knew I was gay but that was a solid reminder
  • “no? too touristy?”
  • the way lefou says maurice’s name and smiles when seeing he’s alive
  • waiting heeere. fooor. eee.ver.mooooore
  • luke evans singing
  • “there’s a beast running wild there’s no question, but I fear the wrong monster’s released”
  • stanley rocking that dress and owning it that’s my boy
  • lefou teaming up with mrs potts
  • “I am. not. a beast.”
  • L E F O U 
  • “turn back into a clock, turn back into a clock”
  • human plumette is so beautiful I wanted to cry
  • “how would you feel about growing a beard”
  • rawr

this looks really bad but i trIED WH O OPS

 i wanted to animate thomas  really badly because like,, aghhghg 


hes a great person and all the times he’s said nice things about my art, its made me continue to draw, and since i started watching him everything in my life got so much better?? like wow aaagh ,,, recently he’s been saying suCH NICE THINGS about my art and it makes me so happy and makes me cry tbh because like,, he’s always there for everyone its so sWEET I CANT

so like,, thanks for lighting up my life, thomas 

everything you’ve done has helped me through so many dark times 

Because of you I joined a groupchat about you and it inspired me to make an actual Twitter account instead of a side one, and ever since all the people in the community have made me feel so welcome aaaaa

i’m gonna end this here because im ranting whoops,,, anyways i hope u like it ,, aa aa a @thatsthat24

Positive things about the signs
  • Aries: You have this positive energy and are a really fun person to be around. You make most people happy and you're great at complimenting people. Nobody feels bored around you specially because you know how to party and make everything super fun. You're really fun.
  • Taurus: You definitely give the best and most fun presents. You can make smallest things look so much worth it with all the love and time you worked on the present to make it meaningful and beautiful. Your doors are always open for those in need and you can make your home feel like home to others. You're really kind.
  • Gemini: You have a great sense of humour and make almost everyone around you laugh. If someone is having a gloomy day you can make them forget all their sorrows and misery with your jokes and charming personality. You're definitely the best first date (and ofc more dates ;)) for people because you can make awkward situations almost funny and make people forget that few minutes ago things were awkward. You have a great smile. You make people feel all fuzzy and warm.
  • Cancer: You're someone people find easy to rant to. Probably because you're a great listener and try your best to support people when they're feeling blue. If someone would call you in the middle of the night and ask you to come over, because they're not feeling so good, you will be there with ice cream and you're ready to let the person spill all what is troubling them. You don't judge people and try to give people a chance. You really do have a heart made out of gold.
  • Leo: You're really loving and caring to those you love. You're generous and try your best to make people comfortable. People find you soothing and super charming. You're just a big kitty who wants to hug everyone, except those who hurt people you care about, then you roar!
  • Virgo: If someone stands up for their friends that would be you. Nobody can hurt the ones you love, that's just not going to happen on your watch! You make people feel really secure and you bring people comfort. If someone wants to watch a movie you might not be all that interested in, you watch it anyway, but of course discuss it heavily afterwards ;). You have the ability to discuss about things without making it an argument. You're a peace maker.
  • Libra: You're great at comforting people and make them forget their sorrows, however people who hurt you or your friends you don't let go so easily. Nobody can get get away with being mean! You easily charm people and you show most people kindness and try your best to be understanding and forgiving. You're really sweet.
  • Scorpio: You're really ambitious, if you have laid your eyes on some specific goal you try everything in your power to make it happen, no matter what! Since you have such a strong will power a lot of people look up to you and admire you. You're loyal to your friends and family and almost nothing can change that. You're sort of like a fluffy ambitious dog!
  • Sagittarius: You're almost always in a good mood. Like wow all Sagittarius' I know are always smiling! Everyone around you will sooner or later start smiling because you bring such positive aura. You stand up for people even those you don't know very well because you believe in justice. And you can be really convincing let me tell you that.
  • Capricorn: You're really passionate about things you love and give it your all into almost everything you do. You're really friendly and people flock around you, it's really hard to not like you.
  • Aquarius: You're really smart, like a wikipedia woah! If it's about a random fact you'll know about it. You love teaching people around you and people really appreciate you for it. Almost no one sees an Aquarius mad because you almost never are. You're really chill and people find it cozy to be with you.
  • Pisces: You have a really strong personality. It's hard to forget about you. Just like Scorpio you are very ambitious and try to make it to the top. You'll definitely succeed in everything you put your heart to because you're really strong. Don't forget that!


I have known Jonas for a really long time and we’ve been wanting to work together again (…) But the way we usually work is he likes to download from me all the visions of the song. I took him from a bunch of different scenarios and he helped to weave it together into a story. That’s what I like about him too, he has a very cinematic approach, but he doesn’t forget to make it a real music video.


HYUKOH — Leather Jacket / TOMBOY / Wanli万里

How strangely beauitful, the moon in front
The boats engulfed by the dark sea under
Yesterday’s regrets gone with the sky
All of today’s gone with the sea

“It’s been over a year since my divorce. I’d been married for fifteen years. I was pretty beaten down. Some days I would feel so lonely that I couldn’t even sleep. A friend of mine from work told me to download a dating app. I tried for a long time but nobody was answering me. It was making me feel worse. I wanted to delete it but my friend convinced me to keep trying. Then on January 28th, I saw her picture and gave her a ‘heart.’ And she sent me a message. I said: ‘Wow, this is really happening.’ It’s like she’s an angel who came from heaven to bring light to my life. I love my chocolate bonbon.”

(São Paulo, Brazil)