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Okay Jack, first off, it's great to have you back and answering questions again. Second, how great is it to be friends with Rapunzel?! What do you look forward to most about your friendship and what are you most afraid of about it?

"Most afraid of? Wow…should I be afraid of Rapunzel? She is a quiet one…

Anyway, hope it’s not too frustrating of me to say I haven’t really thought about it. 

It’s…it’s nice to have her as a friend. And that’s pretty much where I’m at right now. Yeah.”


"When I was growing up I was looking for something to fill the hole and for me that something was playing in the band", he says. "Now it’s almost like it’s a requirement. Even if you pretend it doesn’t, some part of you goes into each of the songs you write. So writing songs is something I’ve got to do, or I feel strange - it’s a compulsion!”  (x)

AAAAH I hope I’m not too late! 

Happy Birthday to the very wonderful Kat!

She’s really nice to chat to about all sorts of things, and a great source of inspiration. Her art is really clean, cute, and not to mention, simply AMAZING. 

Hope you have a great day, and stay cool, man. 

How 'Northwest Mansion Mystery' Made Me Feel

Beginning:  Oh, looks like we’re back to the old “monster of the week” formula.  Well, it’s a nice way to get back in the swing of things!  Plus there’s a cute Mabel side plot!

Middle:  Oh wow!  Pacifica gets character development!  And the Northwest family really is full of dicks!  I hope Pacifica gets to do adventures with Dipper, Mabel, and the crew in the future!  And it looks like we got to see a new side to Grenda!


i feel vaguely bad because there’s this really fancy ad post going around that’s basically supposed to make a pic turn into music
and while i was waiting for my photo to upload proper it was taking forever and i got distracted looking through the gallery and was all ‘wow there’s all these nice selfies like damn people why you so pretty’

and then i looked at the results of i uploaded because i couldn’t remember what i did and haven’t slept for about 20 hours and was it was just

i am bad at reading directions

You know, I know absolutely nothing about David Tennant, except that I really enjoyed his performance in Broadchurch, but wow…after comparing the photos of him and his wife to BC & SH? Quite a contrast, eh? I wish I could look away from this car crash, but it’s strangely addicting. I can’t imagine what kind of show they will put on at the Oscars.  I’m curious SoGo,  are you thoroughly sick of BC at this point? I would imagine it’s kind of hard not to be. Anyway, keep up the good work!


SoGo:  Thanks, anon!  I am hoping (expecting) him to take a nice long break after the Oscars - go away, let us miss him for a while, get ready for the baby. Hopefully he will blow me away in Hamlet, then there’s the Sherlock special and The Hollow Crown to look forward to!

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Hi just wanted to say I love your blog. Really cool posts. Was wondering if you could check mine out and give me some pointers and/or advice. It would be much appreciated! Xoxo, isabel

Thank you so much! So glad you like my blog! And sure, no worries, will open it in a new tab now! x

Ooh wow, what a beautiful blog! There’s really not much I’d say you need to do to improve! You have a nice clear background, which is just great as it goes well with most posts and makes your blog look calmingly clean and professional. Also, I think you have a nice balance of picture posts and written/quote posts, which just basically keeps your blog looking that extra bit fresh and interesting. :)

Hope you are having an awesome day! Take care! Xx

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hi there! im harmo and u follow me on my aiden and idk i just felt the need to drop by. bc ur literally my inspiration ?? like ive had dean a couple times but ended up never getting him right and u always make me wanna remake him. so ive done it again. ta-da!! i just wanted to say that i hope one day ill be as good as you :) thank u for inspiring me and furthering my love for dean! just a reminder u r fabulous. have a nice day !!

i really hope you don’t mind me posting this publicly i JUST NEED TO KEEP IT FOREVER BECAUSE WOW
ANYWAY i really admire your aiden & hsdkdl i think you’re p swell ?? i’m definitely looking forward to you writing dean ok he means the world to me & i’m glad you like my portrayal?? i just wanna do him justice because he’s my precious little princess (◡‿◡✿)
you’re rly cute & i hope you have a good day ok [gives you cupcakes]

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hi, i just have to say wow, you are seriously the most beautiful human being i have ever laid eyes on! every guy is lucky to even be able to see you each day... i admire them, really. i hope you have a nice day. im sure i'll never meet you but i just had to pass this message to you, i really like your blog as well and i'd really love to get to know you! please answer privately xx

You only know what I look like, you know literally nothing about me.
You can’t gain this much information about me from just looking at my blog. Any positive or negative judgements you have for me are completely unjustified. Why would you assume that I’m only interested in the men that are looking at me?
You’ve built me up in your head as an idealistic person that you honestly know absolutely nothing about.
This message makes me so fucking uncomfortable.

Asshole on OkCupid: Hey you look really nice I’d like to get to know you! :)

>discovers chick is not interested in him

Asshole: Fucking bitch I hope you get raped! That will teach you to reject me!

Asshole on tumblr: Oh wow you look like a nice blogger! :)

>discovers that person is not interested in feminism nor is a feminist

Asshole: Fucking bitch I hope you get raped! That will teach you to reject feminism!

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My crush is super adorable only two years older than me. He's probably short-ish and has a really nice smile. He's really silly and looks super adorable with his hair (kinda reddish-orange). Wow I'm talking about ilhoon from btob. Oops

LMAOOOOOOO I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO THAT IS BUT i know he’s an idol damn ok um!!!!! dream big man!!! hope everything works out~~~

tell me about your crush/day/week/life/self/anything on/off anon?

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does it even need restated? you're a person as wonderful as your writing is beautiful, and that sets both pretty damn high on the scale. so on days where your confidence wavers, think back on this, and think on the number of people who look up to your writing, even at its imagined worst. you're amazing, and that's all you need to think, even on the bad days. -flings anonymous love confetti-

o-oh my goodness, I definitely didn’t expect this sort of thing in my askbox but oh wow anon this is so incredibly nice???? Thank you so much for your nice words oh goodness gracious you really made me smile with this, and I am so grateful for the support of those who follow and enjoy my writing. 

I hope you have a really wonderful night nonny!

oh? [‘he flashes a nervous grin at the female, bowing right back before leaning back against the wall] I don’t usually look this rough but shit ma you caught me off-guard. I hope my voice doesn’t sound too bad in person. It’s nice to meet you formally though, Heeyeon right? We get messages about when we’re gonna bring you gals on the show. Did you tune in last week?

Oh really? this is cute ( ’ she chuckles lightly, covering her face with both of hands before running them through her hair. ) Your voice sounds amazing and just so familiar, what do I do, it’s like I see you everytime, wow. hah, our fans knows how much we love your show and listen to it always that we can and maybe they are trying to make you guys make my dream come true ( ’ grins sightly. ) ah yea yeah yeah, I did.

Hey hey

1. First impression: wow his hair is floofy
2. Truth is: You’re super chill and rad, and I hope we can get to know each other better sometime!
3. How old do you look: 15, 16
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Heck yeah
5. Have you ever made me mad: Nahhh
6. Best feature: Hmm your skin is actually really nice
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: I might have at some point a while back
8. You’re my: friend and mutual
9. Name in my phone: I don’t have your number
10. Should you post this too? Well I mean you already did so

Send me a ”hey”


hey!!!!! ok so we haven’t talked in a bit and i feel bad like wow i should start a conversation darn it???? but i don’t bc i don’t start conversations and idk. idk this happens a lot we should talk again sometime and play the game i’m winning or smth hehe :9

ur really rad to talk to tbh u make me a laugh a ton and i hope we can chat again soon!! also ur themes are always really nice looking btw

We want you back, Ben

Wow, it’s really difficult to catch up with all the sceptic posts! You guys are so fun! I’ve reached the moment when I can’t look away. I admit I was really disappointed with Ben after Saturday, and I still think he is partially responsible for this whole clusterfuck, but then I saw Family Anon weighing in through BTT to remind us all that the Dorkybatch we’ve been missing is the real Ben, and I calmed down. (Thank you Family Anon, you’re amazing!) 

I really hope that the nice Ben comes back while the skunk vanishes in oblivion, where she belongs.

Benedict! Again, I know you’ll never read this, but man, pull yourself together and fight back! We miss you! You can do it. FOCUS!!!

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my crush is a boy who im kind of in denial of having a crush on. i don't want to date him but I just want to be around him, he isn't hot but passing him in the hallway makes my heart race. we used to have really nice talks but now he has a girlfriend and blows me off and it makes me very sad :( he sings and plays the guitar and is so sweet and caring like if you look the slightest bit upset he'll ask if you need to talk wow i adore him!!!! total personality crush!!!

ahhh i’m sorry anon :-( i doubt its not that personal, he might just not want his gf to think he’s still interested in u by talking to you? that would be kinda dumb but u never know..he sounds so nice tho!!! i hope you guys can start talking more and maybe something will happen between you guys. also about the in denial of having a crush on him thing, i’m guessing deep down you’re just trying to protect yourself from getting hurt. you shouldn’t tell yourself you don’t like him if you actually do (sounds like u do) but just don’t get your hopes up super high to then feel really let down if nothing does happen