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I started playing WoW with my dad when I was 11 years old and we’ve shared an account for the pas two years. I’m 20 now and he just passed from pancreatic cancer last week. He used to run me through dungeons when I had low lvl toons. I signed on for the first time in a year or so and ran my first raid with some friends of his and mine. Hardest I’ve cried in ages - I like to think he helped me run through it.

I camped out for a rare pet for two hours and as soon as it spawned another hunter ran up and I told her that I’ve been waiting and if I could please have it cause I had to go irl and wanted to tame it already and she laughed at me and killed it SHE DIDNT EVEN TAME IT. I was really kinda sad , not even mad, why would she do that to me when I was being so nice.

Syn (Admin) - Never assume good intentions in players, if someone lets me know that something I can do easily will screw them over, I’ll do it, and so will a lot of other people. It’s hilarious usually, and we don’t have to see you face to face so we don’t have to feel bad about it.

So I’m going to get stupid sentimental and mushy here for a hot second, and I apologize ahead of time. I’m also doing this a couple days early, but OH WELL.

Friday is my second year anniversary of being in The Sunguard, and I just want to take a moment to basically gush and say how happy I am that I’m part of this fucking incredible guild.

When I came back to WoW and transferred to Horde-MG, I knew nobody. I had two friends that ended up not being the greatest of people and they more or less kinda ditched me and left me to my own devices. I had never RPed on WoW before, so I figured I’d go ahead and roam around SMC to see what it was like. I ran into two people and we ended up having some random RP. One of those people was korkrunchcereal on his character Tamurkhan in The Sunguard. Both of these people were extremely nice and engaging. We ended up agreeing to RP again later and this went on for about a month or two. During that time, they mentioned that I should apply to the guild but due to some bad experiences with my guild leader back on TOR, I was a little reluctant. Finally, I basically just gave up and said ok, not expecting anything too big tbh.

I ended up having an interview that scared the shit out of me because oh my god the writers were so intimidating and their characters were just LEAGUES better than what I could have ever created. felthier did the interview himself with azriah nearby and they just blew me out of the water. The interview alone was so good and honestly, that just kinda set the tone for everything else. It was awesome. And it’s never stopped being awesome.

Over two years, I went from knowing basically nobody to making some really, really, really fucking just…phenomenal friends. The guild has been such an awesome atmosphere both IC and OOC. It’s a collection of fantastic writers, AMAZING minds, and just all-around GOOD people. Whether it’s RP or just shooting the shit in guild chat, it’s always a good time. I’ve never felt more engaged, challenged, or safe.

So much hard work goes into this guild and it really, really pays off. The fact that I’ve been able to see it as an Emberward, Lightward, Dawnward, and now as a Sunward/Sub-officer is just really humbling. I mean, I really could go on and on, but I can just sum it up with: This is the best fucking guild I’ve ever seen or been a part of.

Seriously, just thank you for letting me be part of this all. After two years, The Sunguard really does feel like a second home to me.


“We ran into each other in Madrid. It was crazy, it was a total fluke. I was just finishing my year abroad, and he was backpacking through Europe. I was about to get on the train in Salamanca and I heard my name… and I looked up, and he was just standing there on the opposite platform.”

“Wow, that sounds amazing.”

“Yeah, it was.”


When Jordyn ‘known these people for two seconds’ can tell that Spaleb is meant to be!

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