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So a few days ago I finally reached 1000 followers. I know - a thousand. Wow. What an amazing feat.

But I have to say, I never thought I’d ever reach this amount of followrs ever again. And I know a lot of the people who follow me probably don’t care about me personally, but there are still some people I would like to say thank you to, and show some appreciation for following me and inspiring me, and for being just, awesome people. :)

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wow check out that fancy graphic friends!! i reached 400 followers :”)) which is something i never thought i would ever achieve and i am so grateful for each and every one of you, u make tumblr such a happy fun place for me to be and are so kind to me always! so i wanted to make sure i sent some love back your way too. ♡♡♡ 

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(Sebastian Stan x Reader)

A/N: Thank you @chuckversusmyblog for the request, I hope you like it!

“Wow that was the lamest joke I’ve ever heard!” You say giving a sympathetic laugh to Chris, your costar in the new avengers movie you’re shooting.

“Okay, okay, give me one more shot.” He says while grabbing your hand gently to prevent you from walking away.

“Fine.” You whisper followed by an exasperated sigh.

As Chris tells yet another awful joke, you can see your boyfriend Sebastian out of the corner of your eye glaring at the two of you from across the room. You knew he got jealous easily, but you never thought he would mind you hanging out with someone who you’re both close friends with. You give a fake laugh and tell Chris that his joke was good resulting in him doing a victory dance that was just as bad as his jokes. Once finished celebrating, he gets called over by the directors telling him that its time to film a scene that requires his presence. You bid farewell followed by a short, friendly hug and part ways. As you make your way over to Sebastian you can tell he’s upset; arms folded tightly over his muscular chest, eyebrows furrowed and lips curved into an angry frown.

“Hey babe, what’s up?” You ask him wrapping your arms around his shoulders, knowing full well ‘what was up’.

He remains still with his arms folded looking straight over your head, paying you no attention, “Nothing.” He states with no emotion.

“Don’t lie to me, I know something is wrong. What can I do to help?” You whisper in his ear seductively while running your hands down his back to land on his ass, giving it a firm squeeze.

“Don’t tease me y/n.” He growls back at you, backing out of your grasp, “You and Chris, what was that about?”

“What are you talking about, you know I would never do anything with him.” You say looking into his beautiful icy blue eyes while placing your hand on his bicep tenderly.

“You were flirting! The hand holding, the hugging, the giggling…” He trails off running his hands through his thick brown locks.

“I was not! He grabbed my hand to stop me from walking away, I hugged him to say goodbye and giggled because his jokes sucked. I’m really sorry if that upset you babe, how can I make it up to you?” You question sincerely, genuinely worried that you’ve hurt your boyfriend’s feelings.

“Did his jokes really suck?” Sebastian asked you with a smille forming on his lips.

“Definitely. Yours are so much better.” You say smirking followed by standing on your tippy toes to softly place a kiss on his perfectly pink lips.

“Good. I was starting to get jealous, I know you’d never do anything but you’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met and I never want to lose you.” He says grabbing your hand as the two of you walk off to grab lunch, “Remember how a minute ago you asked how you could make it up to me?”

“Yeah. Do you have an idea?”

“I know just the thing.” He replies with a smug smile across his face as you walk towards his trailer.

Let’s just say you two didn’t spend your lunch break eating lunch. ;)

Into You.

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“Different people awaken different beast in you.”

Summary: Jackson the guy who’s known to get around is not the type to stick to relationships. But will happen when he falls for one specific girl? Read to find out what happens.


Previous Parts:

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Part 12~

Part 13 Part 14 Part 15



“One last ride before we leave?” Jackson suggested and you looked at him.

“What ride?” you asked looking around. He grabs your hand and leads you to the ferris wheel.

Luckily there wasn’t a line. You two got on the ferris wheel and you began to look at the beautiful view in front of you.

The carnival looked beautiful at night especially when there neon lights in all sort of directions.

You went around at least 2 times till the third time seemed to stop at the top since more people were getting on.

Jackson looked at you and you looked at him.

“Y/N…. I need to tell you something,” Jackson says.

Your heart was racing at this point..


“What is it?” you asked nervously and he looked straight in your eyes causing your heart to melt. 

“I know it’s going to sound weird coming from me… but I really like you Y/N..” Jackson confesses causing your eyes to widen.

“What?” was the only words that managed to escape your mouth.

“I like you Y/N and I know I’m terrible at showing how I truly feel towards you but I’ve been trying so hard. You make me want to be around you all the time… You make me want to be good, good for you.” Jackson says and you felt your heart racing.

You wish you could say the same. Yes you like Jackson so much you would accept his confession but… Jackson is Jackson…

Jackson is still the same Jackson you met. He’s the guy who sleeps with girl after girl… He was the guy who couldn’t commit to any relationships. 

When was the last time Jackson was ever in a relationship? What if you did accept Jackson’s confession and you gave him a chance? Would he hurt you?

Would he cheat behind you back? 

You would of accepted Jackson if you’d were to see at least some changes but yesterday he prefer hanging out with someone else besides you and it was probably a girl… 

Probably that girl he had his arm around…

“Jackson…” was all you could say he looked at you making you feel guilty for the choice you were about to make… 

“How do I know you really mean all of this? You have lied to before in the past. You can tell me one thing but say and do another…” you said as you watched him look down. 

“Jackson I would be lying if I told you I didn’t like you. I mean I do but you treat women as a game. You use them and leave them, how do I know i’ll be different?” you blurted and he began to look out in the view without making eye contact with you.

Silence appeared..

Just then Jackson looks at you. “What if I prove it to you?” Jackson questions as he looks at you with pleading eyes. 

“Well you can try… I mean if you are successful then maybe I will be willing to give you a shot.” You admitted and he smiled. 

Next thing you know the ferris wheel began to move. You were still surprised at the fact that Jackson admit his feelings towards you. The ride has come to end and Jackson grabbed your hand and helped you off the ferris wheel.

You both began to walk as you still were holding on to your stuffed animal Jackson won you. You couldn’t help but to glance at Jackson and just admire how cute he was.

Maybe Jackson can change. Maybe what Jackson told you was true.. 

At this point you don’t even know anymore.


“I had fun,” you smiled at Jackson as he looked into your eyes. “I did too, probably one of the third funniest night i’ve had in this campus,” Jackson says and you looked at him curiously.

“Third?” you questioned him and he nodded. “Well the first time was that day at the beach we spent together and the second time was our movie date,” Jackson smirks causing your cheeks to turn bright red.

“Hang out, not date.” You corrected him and he grins. “A date to me. After all we did share a kiss,” Jackson says causing you to give him a glare and you both laughed. 

You looked back at Jackson and he lowers himself a bit to reach your height. 

“I know you said you wanted me to prove myself that I changed and i like you and everything but would it hurt if I get a kiss?” Jackson asks and you giggled from shyness.

“I swear your something else,” you mumbled while smirking. 

“Ah you have something on your shirt,” Jackson says as he points at your shirt. You looked down and the next you know you feel Jackson lifting up your chin with his finger and he pulls you into a kiss.

You felt like your heart was going to burst any moment. Your mind lost all the thoughts you had and you felt relaxed under Jackson kiss.

You both pulled away and you playfully shoved him.

“You got lucky,” you smirked and he nodded. “Well I had to get a kiss eventually right,” he smirks and he winks at you.

“Slick fucker,” you giggled and you opened your dorm door and looked at Jackson. 

“Have a goodnight.” You smiled and he smiled.

“See you on our next date,” he says and you closed the door feeling like the happiest girl on earth.


You were at the library trying to study for your quiz but your mind was somewhere else. You were here thinking about Jackson instead of literature. 

Why was it so hard for you to just agreed and be with him? Ah maybe Jackson did change? After all he did choose to be with you instead of hook up with other girls on the time you both hanged out.

You closed your textbook and looked around.

You needed to talk to someone or you will explode. But who could you talk to? 

You could call your roommate but she had class. You can call Jaebum but that would mean you would have to tell him who you like and you didn’t know if that was the right thing to even do.

You rested both of your hand on your hand and took a deep breath.

Just focus on school right now.. 


Your roommate point of View

The moment Jackson texted me telling me he confessed to Y/N was the moment I nearly jumped out of my seat. I knew Jackson liked Y/N and I knew she liked him but I never expected Jackson to confess to her.

But then when Jackson told me that she rejected him and wants him to prove to her that he really likes her made me not blame her. 

Jackson does have a reputation. If he genuinely likes her he would do anything he can to show it. 

I felt someone tap my shoulder and I looked over and it was Mia.

“I know you and Jackson are close so I was wondering if you could invite Jackson over to my dorm when you see him,” Mia says smirking and I couldn’t help but to laugh.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen,” I said patting her on her shoulder and she looked at me confused. 

“What?” she says with disbelief. “You see Jackson is slowing starting to someone, so if I were you I would back away,” I smiled supporting my roommate. 

“Who?” she says crossing her arms and I ignored her. 

I honestly secretly want Jackson and Y/N to already be a thing already. 


Mia Point of View

Jackson seeing someone? That’s a straight up lie. I’ve hooked up with Jackson so many times in the past and never has he ever been serious with a female. I glanced Jackson who was seats away from me and questions began to run in my head.

Something is fishy.

As class ended we all got up and I gathered my things. I waited till I seen Jackson walk out of the class and I followed him. If she doesn’t want to ask Jackson for me then I will.

“Jackson!” I called out causing him to stop and look at me. 

“Oh hey,” he smiles and I waited for him to give me a hug like he usually does but nope he doesn’t.

“Do you want to come over to my dorm tonight?” I asked as I wrapped my arounds his neck and blinked innocently.

He slowly sets my arms down and looks at me. 

“I’m sorry but I pass.” he says and walks away without saying anything else.

Did he just reject me?!

I followed him again and just as I was about to say anything I hear his phone ring. I hid behind a wall nearby and couldn’t help but to overhear his conversation with whoever he was on the phone with.

“Y/N wants me to prove myself to her. So I’m going to need help planning tonight.” Jackson says and my eyes widen.



Your Point of View

“How was the quiz?” Your roommate asks as you laid down on your bed looking at your ceiling. 

“Brutal,” your responded hearing your roommate laugh. “Wow, never thought I would ever hear that word leave your mouth,” you roomate teases causing you to roll you eyes.

“Jackson has been in my mind the whole time. I think I failed that stupid quiz,” you nagged and before your roommate could respond you hear your bell ring.

“Is that your knight and shining armor at the door?” your roommate says and you grabbed a nearby pillow and threw it at her.

You walked over to your door and as soon as you opened it your found no one. You looked around and still there was no sign of a person. You looked down at the floor and find flowers and note.

You crotched down and picked up the flower from the floor and the note. You walked in your dorm and gently placed the flowers on your bed and looked at the note.

Meet me at parking lot at 8. See you soon beautiful~

You smiled at the night and you roommate and ran over to you and grabbed the note from your hand. 

“Next date so soon?” you roommate questions as she smirks at you. “Maybe,” you murmured as you admired how beautiful the flowers were.

“It seems like Jackson is actually trying.” She says and you sighed.

“I think…. I’m going to give him a try,” you as you you smelled the flowers.

You roommate looked at you as her eyes widen and she begins to jump up and down.

“You’re going to give him a chance?” she asks excitedly and you nodded. She grabs you and pulls you into a hug while jumping causing you to jump.


(Listen to nothing like us by JUNGKOOK COVER WHILE READING THIS)

Where was Jackson going to take you this time? What was he going to do and say? How was Jackson going to react when you finally accept his offer? Questions continued rushing through your head as you walked your way to the parking lot.

Just as you arrived you see Jackson from a far causing a huge smile to spread across you face.

But before you could continue you stopped as soon as you seen another female next to Jackson. You stopped and hid behind a car hoping he didn’t see you.

You couldn’t help but to peek what was happening..

“Admit it, you enjoy spending time with me,” the girl says as she wrapped her arms around Jackson’s neck.

“Yes I will admit we did have fun,” Jackson says causing your heart to ache.


“Then walk me to my dorm, let me remind you how much fun we used to have,” she says getting closer and closer to Jackson.

Was Jackson going to accept her offer?

You felt your phone vibrate and you pulled it out and it was Jaebum. You looked back up and the next thing you know you see Jackson and the girl kissing……

You felt like your whole world just dropped. You closed your eyes feeling tears already falling down your face. 

You got up and ran off. 

What a joke…

You were about to let him in your life….




Ohmahgerd! I never thought people would even like my shitty doodles!!! Wow thankyou all! And thankyou @luxter77 (the first person to ever follow me❤) idk what i should do for this milestone yet.
Here are some of the amazing artists and people that follow me (i wanted to add more but i ran out of room >:v) so yeah go check em out and once again thank chu all >3<
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I just woke up to find 100k of you incredible people following me. WOW. Guys, I am speechless💛

When I started this account, I never ever in a million years thought that so many people would be interested in my journey! Especially not that I’d write an Ebook, start YouTube + grow so much as a person🌝
I am SO GRATEFUL for every single on of you, all your endless support and the ‘family’ that this community has become for me🌿💫💫 To celebrate, I’m holding a 100k SHOUTOUT COMP. if you’d like to enter:
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honestly i never thought i would ever reach 10k, im still ??? wow there are 10k people that follow me and actually like what i post and reblog? i remember last year on my birthday i reach 6k and it hasnt even been a year yet and i’ve already reached 10k, im still shocked. i dont really care about numbers but this is such a milesone for me so i just want to say thank you. thank you to those who still follow me when i used to be in other fandoms. i would list people that make my dash look nice but honestly i would just end up listing everyone on my blogroll, so please check that out.

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again, thank you so much for following me and my little blog 

hi guys!! linds here with a follow forever! wow, i never thought my blog would grow as big as it did, especially since i had no intentions of properly using this blog, but i am now at 3k followers :o it’s only been 10 months & i have made so many friends, so many memories, & have gotten closer to seventeen, all with this blog. it is my baby tbh, and i cant thank you all enough for helping me make it what it is! carats are some of the sweetest/most helpful/most encouraging people i have ever met, & without you guys, my tumblr experience would be nothing, & that’s why i included every single person i follow in this thing [sorry, its lengthy!] however, this really goes out to ALL of my followers, i appreciate each and every one of you ♡

creds to my lovely friend dian @dirty-jamjam17 for the beautiful banner! ^^

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I hit 8k!!! holy fuck!!! I love all you bbies!!! I literally can’t believe that I have this many followers? Why do you guys even follow me honestly? Like wow I never ever thought that I would have 10 followers, let alone fucking 8 thousand. 8k amazing bbies!! I love each and every one of you, and I’m always here for you if you need to talk or anything, basically you can think of me as your fairy mememother :-) also shoutout to my mutuals cause you guys are the best and I love you so much you the real mvps 💕💘💙🌟💖 

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I never thought I’d ever get this far, thank you everyone for following me, I love you all! I was already happy when I first hit 1k followers, I would never have thought I’d get 1M in a year wow!

Thank you everyone for all the love, in return I’d like to give shoutouts to followers so describe your blog and ask me for one by fanmail (so that I know you’ve already been following :))!!

Thanks everyone!! <3

So I recently hit 1,000 followers and I’m honestly amazed. 

This blog has been around for quite some time but never really got attention until a few weeks ago when I started making graphics and gifs. Since then I’ve met so many amazing people and found so many beautiful blogs!! I’ve felt more welcomed on this site than I ever have before and I actually look forward to getting on here everyday!! I never thought that making a couple gifs of my favourite characters would lead to this, but I’m so glad it did. 

Thank you to everyone who follows me whether you are new or have been with me for years. Thank you to everyone who reblogs my things and messages me! I am unbelievably grateful to all of you!! I honestly just can’t believe there are a thousand different blogs that follow me. Like wow. I love you all. THANK YOU SO MUCH! (I’m sorry I’m so cheesy)

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and in case I missed anyone (which I probably did, I’m so, so sorry) check out my blogroll for more wonderful blogs I follow!! Thank you again.❤️❤️


I’M SCREAMING OMG !!! I just reached 4k followers THIS IS SO INCREDIBLE I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT!??? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I never ever thought my little blog would ever get this far :’D Thank you all so much for following me, reblogging my gifs, sending me messages and everything!! Honestly it makes me so happy I love you all !! ಥ⌣ಥ 


HOLY MOTHER, I NEVER THOUGHT THIS WOULD EVER HAPPEN. I HIT 7K FOLLOWERS! WOW LIKE WHAT EVEN, TBH. I’ve had this blog for a little less than a year, next month would’ve been my one year anniversary of starting this blog and I really can’t believe how far it’s come. Thank you guys soooo much for continuing to follow me despite my laziness to edit my scenarios, to post when I can, and to delay scenario requests for months at a time. I love you every single one of you guys and also, don’t forget, always feel free to message me! I’m always on! I LOVE YOU.

bold = faves (literally like my soulmates)

I most definitely recommend following every single one of these people because I love them. A lot.


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Hey everyone!!! I cannot believe that i am making this post. I never thought that 2k of you would ever follow me.. Like?? thats crazy to think about, like that many people can see what i have to say & probably, at least somewhat, care about me. LIKE WOW! I would like to stress how grateful i am for every one of you! It means so much to me  ❤ 

Now, please bare with me, i have no clue how long this is going to be..  

I’m going to start with all the lovely mutuals i gained from some of the group chats i have been in over the past couple months!

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I hit 10k followers guys and I find this completely unbelievable. I never ever thought starting a blog I would end up with so many people following me that’s like 10 times the amount of people in my school!!! WOW :) To celebrate I’m doing a follow forever. Thank you everyone for making my dash so beautiful! 

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to 5sos-official because you’re the reason I made this blog and I don’t know what I would do without your music!!

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I love every single person who follows me

I follow over 900 people so if we’ve spoken before or you classed us as tumblr friends, i still am your friend, I just might have missed your url as I was going through! I’m really sorry if that’s the case :’( pls forgive me!

ps. thanks h-alsey for my edit :)))

wow look it’s the laziest graphic ever shoutout to pixlr express hello!! so i hit 100 followers and i thought it was pretty great so i decided that i would do something to celebrate, so here’s a lil follow forever. i’ve never done one of these before so the formatting will probably be crappy and i’ll probably forget a bunch of peoples so forgive me for that, but thank you all so much <3

&&: my wonderful rp partners (1x1 or in a group or otherwise, both past and present, bc you guys are honestly so great and thank you so much for everything you do):

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&&: my lovely mutuals (we may not talk, but it’s always a joy to see you all on my dash)

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So this happened recently...

I cannot believe that this is even real. 4.5k! WOW. I never ever thought this day would come, and I am totally humbled by each and every one of you. You all have been nothing but gracious, kind, and welcoming to me since I created this blog, and I thank you so much. Thank you to the people who continue to follow me and support me. I truly appreciate each and every one of you!

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        wow okay how did u all find me. i’m a meme

               so when i started this blog, this blog was a bet with myself. and never would
               i have thought to get 146 followers, OR 1K???? what is wrong with you all.
               but seriously though thank you all so much i honestly am not sure what to say.
               this is the first time i ever got 1k and i certainly didn’t expect to get them with
               mettaton as a muse in the first place. but let’s cute all the sentimental crap and
               and get on with the 


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WOW!!! Thank you all so much for following me! I never thought I would ever be this popular lol! I hope my blog makes everyone happy, because being a part of this community definitely makes me happy! 
































































































(P.S. Sorry if I missed some people or put your username wrong, I can’t keep up with all of y’all changing your names lol!) <3

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i can’t even remember when i did the last follow forever but it was around christmas and i think i was at 5k??? jfc. wow. i hit 12k yesterday and thats wow!!! so thank you alL SO MUCH for following this trash, i appreciate you all so much. i think without tumblr i would be so much worse off than i already am, y’all have helped me through stuff and i’ve become very attached to this tbh. i’ve become friends//mutuals with some people who abt a year ago i thought i’d never believe i was good enough to talk to and have got more support than i ever thought and wow i’m rambling ok <3

squad goals ☼ (ie people i talk to somehow wow what heros)

☼ puddle0frainbowslarry-x-af  ☼  tuesday-walkerlike-totally-phanphantasticalities

rad people ☼ (no order because as i’ve said i’m trash)

☼ hearteyeshowell  ☼ philslesters  ☼ plantboylesterdauntlester//oxfordcontrasilverluminositythatsmistertoyougalaxyphan  ☼ lesterotic  ☼ planetkxdthe-phamily-businessphan-you-notkaleidanscope  ☼ northerndanpourdanhowellpngdanscrotchsentacoragsiesdanteasersinternetcultleader  ☼ dostmotherknowyoukeltbhhowellsprincessphanallamallamaunfortunatelyphanspaceprincehowell ☼ and many more omg ☼


danisnotonfire​  ☼ amazingphil  ☼ evanedinger  ☼ doddleoddle  ☼

where else to find me

d+p only blog  ☼ aesthetic blog  ☼ fic blog  ☼ writing blog  ☼ twitter  instagram 8tracks 

thank you again. so much. thank you.