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The amount of bullshit that is curculating in the anti teen wolf tag is honestly amazing. If you wanne hate on teen wolf hate it for the fact that they literally casted aside Scott, their main moc, for Stiles his horrible and annoying white friend. Hate teen wolf for the fact that they wrote Kira, an amazing woc and the only asian cast member, off without giving her as much as a decent good bye to all her friends. Hate teen wolf for casting Kira aside because “they didn’t have enough time to develop a decent plot for her” but they did have enough time to include a brand new nazi cannibal werewolf villain that no one gives a fuck abt. Hate teen wolf for the fact that they have almost no representation for minorities and that they treat the representation they do have incredibly horrible. Hate teen wolf for forcing stydia down our throats whilst Lydia has clearly stated over the seasons that she had never been attracted to Stiles in any way. But instead i see people complaining about pack 2.0 and Mason and Corey and how they’re incredibly boring even though they are farmost the healthiest and happiest couple on the show, not to mention that they are interracial and both mlm! Hate teen wolf for their constant queerbaiting with your oh so precious Stiles! I see people making fun of Stiles’ slavic name. don’t get me wrong i hate Stiles with a burning passion, but calling his name ugly just because your american monolingual ass doesn’t understand it is just not ok. In conclusion: teen wolf/ the tw fandom suck

when pete went to go see panic! at the disco perform that very first day, ryan and brendon played their songs alone, together, acoustically. can you believe that ryan and brendon’s relationship ALONE was enough for pete to realize that they were going to be something special? their chemistry built panic! at the disco and I will never forget that.

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Name/Nickname: There’s this one friend of mine who called me nicotine and it stuck but im usually called nic

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Aquarius

Height: 165

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Favorite Color: blakc like my soul

Favorite Animal: BEARS 

Average Hours of Sleep: depends?? i have insomnia so sleeping at the right time is difficult but usually i tend to sleep 2-4 hours or none at all during weekdays and 18-21 hours during the weekends. i am questioning why am i still alive with this unbelievable sleep schedule

Cat or Dog Person: DOGGOS >:OOO cats are cute too but judging by my friend’s notorious cat, im convinced they are evil

Favorite Fictional Characters: needless to say, THE NUMBER ONE IDOL IN THE UNIVERSE uvu i love her so much. Izumi Curtis, Olivier Mira Armstrong, Tsunemori Akane, Tsukishima Kei, Trainer Leaf/Blue and FeMC from Persona 3. where are they??? why is FeMC not canon?? uuuGGGHHHh

Number of blankets I sleep with: Just one but it needs to cover my whole body

Favorite Singer/Band: -

Dream Trip: -

Dream Job: Game developer ;-;)/

When was this blog created: I think it was around sept last year

Current number of followers: 125

When did your blog reach its peak: i actually dont know?? maybe that nicomaki doods where they’re married and gaaaay

Birthday: January

Relationship status: Singlee

Siblings: 1 lil bro who gets on my nerves from time to time

Wake up time: 5am during weekdays and around 3pm onwards during weekends

Lemonade or sweet tea: Lemonade. i dont drink tea :^(

Day or night: Night because it’s quiet and everyone’s asleep

Calls or texts: text because i get really nervous when someone’s calling like oh ive done something wrong i need to prepare my funeral

Ever met a celebrity?: I rarely go out so the chances of that happening is little to none

Smiles or eyes: eyes. i feel self conscious when people smile because my brain automatically interprets that they are laughing at me.

Country or city: country. i like exploring the areas and hear people tell legends or creepy tales about a certain place

Last song I listened to: Blessing A Gift for You 

a little nancy drew sketch bc im having another art block

windy night

Ultra Sword Kirby - Requested by nashewninesix

Posting it as an photo post instead of an ask, to not butcher the quality, hope you don’t mind. Regardless i do hope it suits your fancy ~