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tutoring sessions | peter parker x reader

prompt: can I get an imagine where the reader needs a tutor for math so MJ volunteers Peter (knowing that Peter likes the reader)?! THNX SO MUCH

warnings: fluff?

notes: this was one of my first requests and i find it so cute, thank you so much to the anon who requested this! there will most likely be a part two if it’s wanted enough. oh, god, i hope you like this.

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Hands tangled in your hair, your fingers kneading into your skull, massaging the aching headache away before it even fully approaches; you’re stressed and a heavy sigh falls from your lips, a mixture of tired and boredom dragged into it in one simple breath.

You’re staring–staring, staring, staring–continuously at the pages and equations that are laid out in front of you on the work desk, and it all seems like jumbled garbage, the numbers making loops in your brain before they leave out through the other ear, leaving you no more educated or enlightened than previously. Your focus and frustration, both overpowering any trace of relief or happiness in your body at the moment, are concentrated into your pencil as it practically cuts into your notebook paper hard, making useless chicken scratch as you hold back the urge to let out a purely horrific scream of agony. You were ready to wave your white flag, and your tutor hadn’t even arrived yet.

You had been waiting in the music room for about twenty minutes, trying to do some of your AP Calculus work on your own, but quite obviously it was to no avail. Michelle, or MJ, told you that she’d meet you in here since it was quiet and she could properly teach you how to correctly calculate everything in time for the make-up exam you had to take in a few days time so that you could keep your 4.0 GPA and your spot in an advanced class. MJ seemed like a reliable person you could depend on, and so the fact that she still wasn’t here to help you with something you so desperately needed help with, was disappointing, and not to mention: a gigantic waste of your time.

The clock ticks, almost as if it’s mocking you, and you wonder if your Mom will kill you for making her wait outside in her car for as long as you did. The rustle of papers and the door being opened catches your attention, however, and you crane your neck to see who had walked in.

“Peter?” You’re confused, and the sight of him carrying a stack of textbooks with a pencil hanging out of his mouth doesn’t make the situation any better. “I thought MJ was going to…”

Peter walks over and places his things on a plastic chair before sitting next to you, taking the pencil out of his mouth to smile shyly, refusing to meet your eyes. “MJ told me that you, uh, needed help with Mrs. Garderner’s class and I’m getting all A’s in that class, so she figured that I could tutor you. If that’s okay.”

Your eyebrows knitted together as you thought of MJ. Her grades were just as good as Peter’s, and you and her talked more often–so, why would she randomly ditch and send Peter in her place? You’re not bothered or annoyed, considering that Peter was rather sweet to you and could take up interesting conversation when he was feeling less nervous, but you just didn’t get it.

What was MJ up to?

“Yeah, of course it’s okay,” you answer him as he takes out his notes and just stares at them in his lap, tapping his pencil against his jeans. “I just need this session to finish up early, because I told my mom last minute and she’s in the car waiting.”

“Oh, we could reschedule if you want. I wouldn’t want to keep you or your mom waiting,” he says and he finally looks up to meet your gaze. You grin at him to ease him up, and chuckle when he blushes. “I’m sorry about being late, by the way. I usually get out at 2:45 sharp and MJ told me literally as I ran out the door.”

“It’s fine, I’ll just text my mom and tell her that I’m running a lot later than I thought,” you inform him, taking out your phone to do just that and you glance at him, his hand nervously brushing a lock of wavy brown hair out of his eyes. “My make-up test is in a couple days, so I need to be tutored everyday until then. I told all of this to MJ, but I’m not sure if she told any of this to you.”

“No, she didn’t. But that’s okay, I’m sure I can squeeze you into my schedule,” Peter says playfully, and you laugh and raise an eyebrow.

“Wow, you’re getting cockier by the minute, Peter Parker. I don’t know if I want to actually go through with this tutoring deal now.”

“No! I mean, I was joking, [Y/N], I wasn’t trying to be arrogant or anything–”

“Peter, Peter,” you interrupt, cutting him off, “I know. Come on, chill. I’m as calm as they come.” You wink at him before giggling. “And don’t bring up that time I threw up during our field trip last month where I was super nervous, because I know you were there and by that amused look on your face, I can tell you know what I’m talking about. If you make fun of me, I really don’t think I can go through with us.”

“Us?” Peter asks absentmindedly as he opens up the right textbook after closing up the wrong one. He wonders if you notice how fast his heart is beating. The close proximity between you makes electricity run through his entire body and he finds himself tapping away his adrenaline via foot-against-tile to get rid of it.

“Yes, us,” you repeat, “I’m pretty sure we’re going to be best friends after these tutoring sessions. I could give Ned a run for his money.”

Peter chuckles. “Oh, I don’t know, Ned is pretty competitive.”

“I guess we’ll have to see if I ace this test first,” you shrug, tucking a piece of hair back behind you ear, turning towards your work so you can actually learn something with Peter here, and because of this you fail to notice him biting his lip as he admires you.

He wants to tell you how beautiful you look right now, and how fluttery you makes his heart in a way no one else can, and how much he hates MJ for doing this to him when she knows every single detail about how he feels about you–but at the same time, he’s so incredibly thankful because he could’ve never volunteered without a little push. And at this point, he’s staring, hopelessly staring, and he’s marking down the slope of your nose and the way you’re currently sticking the tip of your tongue out in concentration whilst writing down copies of his notes. He can’t help it, he can’t help but do his absolute best to refrain from bursting at the seams just so he won’t blow his cover and mess things up with you, and he finally looks away to get his mind off of you and onto what he’s here for: math.

He’s just your tutor, your friend who’s here to help, and he doesn’t know why he’s suddenly acting like this. God, he thinks, Spider-Man would handle this situation so much better than Peter Parker right now; and he’s so focused on not focusing on you, that he doesn’t even realize the look in your eyes as you turn to look at him.

“Are you okay, Pete?” you ask, and you take notice of the fact that he hasn’t said anything in the past five minutes. “Ready to get to work?”

He nods, and apologizes of course, because he’s Peter Parker and that’s his thing, and he steals a glimpse of you one more time, wishing he had Karen from his suit to give him the motivation to say how he feels about you. But he doesn’t, so he can’t. And so, instead, what he says in the end is just this:

“Yeah, let’s get to work.”

Dating Yoongs Includes...

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—being the first person he goes to when he’s in a really big slump with his music

—being his musical muse 🎶🎶😊

—having really deep conversations with him at like three in the morning

—falling asleep in each other’s arms when the conversation starts to die down

—waking up in the most awkward and uncomfortable cuddling position that leaves you wondering how da fuq did you fall asleep like this??????

—you two don’t sleep at all night

—y'all sleep in the morning cause you guys are more active at night anyways fuckin owls  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

—the cutest sleep deprived couple ever 😊

—a lot of teasing and random acts of playful violence like throwing him the softest things that are near you cause he said something really stupid/sexual/irritating in public

—him not being able to properly express his feelings so sometimes you doubt if he even loves you

—but then he’ll notice you doubting him and getting distant so he surprises you with cute shit like flowers, food, stuff animals, clothes etc etc 🔥🔥👌

—the couple that everyone thinks secretly hates each other but really y'all are both mushy love bugs that like keeping your relationship lowkey instead

—a lot of arguments about his health!1!11!

—"yoongi, you need to sleep. You haven’t slept in two days straight.“

—"I needa finish this one song for the album and I need it down in two weeks. Sleep can defiantly wait for now”

—this leads to small “breaks” every now and again 💔😭

—but eventually, you two will make up cause yoongi’s being clingy aff and even though you get mad at him you secretly love it and he knows you do

MAKE UP SEX1!111!!1!!!!

—getting texts from the other members saying crap like “yoongi hyung is in the studio again. he’s probably gonna stay late” or “yoongi doesn’t wanna leave the studio even if we’re going out to eat. Sav do something please”

—and to that you’ll have to come all the way to the studio to literally drag min yoongi’s cute ass out to go and be social and talk to people 💥👊💀

—weird ass antics that he does like sometimes he’ll hug you and be like “wow, you smell so good…”

—"wtf??? stop smelling me freak!!?”

—okay but calling yoongi baby or babe or honey or some other cute name just to get him flustered and blush in public

—"I hate you so much.“

—"I love you too, baby.”

—cue red face yoongi and gummy smile 😍

—absolutely does not allow PDA at all

—on rare days he’ll allow a little tiiiiiiny bit skinship (holding hands,, quick kisses) if he feels like it but other then that NOpE

—he’s usually the one to initiate it first so you know it’s okay to do it 😊

—okay but y'all don’t have cute nicknames like you’ll have the most shet eating crap names ever just to spite each other 🙃🙃🙃

—"come over here, my worm cake"

—"you look so good today, turtle boy"

—"trash princess!“

—"yes, garbage king?”

—the members constantly wondering if you guys are actually a couple or a pair of five-year-olds arguing????

—on rare days, he’ll play the piano for you bUT ONLY IF HE’S IN A GOOD MOOD

—but he’ll freestyle rap for you any day tho 🔥🔥🔥👌🏼

—and when you try to join in he’ll just stop and burst into laughter at how bad you are

—love making >>>>> rough sex

—but is ALWAYS down for hardcore sex any day!1!11!!

preeeeeeeeettty kinky 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

—will do what you want but to a certain extent (i.e. hardcore BDSM with whips, blood, candle wax, knives is a nOoPe!!)

—ass spanking 🍑💥👋

—soft boob grabbing

—soft kisses turn into heated making sessions 💗💋

—blow jobs are his favorite things 👄💨💦


—daddy kink afff 👀👀


—way too prideful to let you take over and you’re completely and utterly okay with getting destroyed by min yoongi 😇

—going to his hometown for the first time and Holly automatically taking a liking to your presence 🐶❤️

—catching him randomly staring at you like you’re the most beautiful person he’s ever laid eyes on and getting the urge to kiss the fuck outta your face but holds himself back and its true your beautiful love yah 😘


—soft!minyoongi only for you tho

—yoongs secretly being a cute lil fluff ball of softness that craves your hugs, kisses, just you in general  OMG MAH HERT 🤤🤤🤤

—not one to brag about your relationship and prefers everything to be private

—this cutie would never get jealous cause he knows that you’ll never fuck up the relationship cause he trusts you with everything he has including his poor damaged heart I’M N0t CrYIng wTf!? Ur cRYinG 😭😭

—takes a while for him to get used to all your fluffy antics and all that, but once he’s to you he’ll start opening up more about his past, family, childhood and how he misses his home


—whenever he’s fired up because idk??? the boys did something stupid??? he’d go straight to you to yell and scream and shout about how it pisses him off

—and rough sex to get out all his steam ofc ofc 😂😛

—constantly gives you music recs and you doing the same cause yoongs would probably go for someone who’s passion for music is probably as big as his

—if he really believes that youre the one (give him like a year or two) then he’ll make you meet his parents like ASAP!! 😶😬

—being extremely nervous on the day of the big milestone

—yoongs comforting you and trying his best to calm you down but he’s not very good at it so you end up literally almost breaking down in tears

—until finally he like, “Sav, please calm down, alright? you’re gonna walk in there and my parents are going to absolutely adore you. you know how I know? cause I love you with everything I have and even if they don’t —which I highly doubt in that— I’ll still love you with all my heart. you’re amazing, baby, and I’ll always love you no matter what”

—and at that very moment, you realize that damn… you’ve fallen in love with min yoongi and you’re so glad that he was there to catch you and return your feelings 💋☺️❤️✨

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jeez… this was alot harder to write than I’ll ever admit js

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  • a/n: anon requested a soulmate Jihoon with some ridiculousness added into it
  • Soulmate au where you will occasionally do or say what your soulmate does or say
  • Jihoon assumes he must have murdered a whole village in his past life to be cursed with this
  • “WHAT THE FUCK” is his everyday sentence
  • Just wants to finish his English paper but he can’t really do it when his fingers are moving around the keyboard typing what he thinks is fanfiction
  • “goddammit”
  • After about five minutes he gets his control of his hands again and has to erase the full blown fanfic that is displayed on his screen
  • Was playing a shooter game with the guys when all of a sudden he stood up and started running and all the guys are laughing because they have never seen Jihoon run in his entire life
  • One time you were sobbing because you hadn’t slept in 24 hours and someone drank all the milk and Jihoon did not have a fun time
  • Jihoon is blubbering (but he’s not crying) his voice is coming all choppy and whining and Jeonghan is videotaping Jihoon screaming about how sad he was that someone drank all the milk
  • The boys have so much dirt on Jihoon to be honest
  • And Jihoon doesn’t really do anything embarrassing to be affecting you
  • but Jihoon sleeps a lot, which means you often fall asleep on the bus or in class (which you don’t mind at all) but it’s not entertaining when you’re falling asleep at work
  • once in class screamed “GET THE FUCK OUT SEUNGCHEOL”
  • you got scolded by the teacher after class about how inappropriate that was and that blaming it on your soulmate is not a legitimate reason
  • for some reason, Jihoon can’t fathom why you trip a lot and why does he have to experience the trip along with you
  • literally is walking in an empty hallway before he tumbles to the ground screaming “Fuck”
  • one night, a night that made Jihoon’s heart flutter, he couldn’t sleep at all and he didn’t know if you couldn’t sleep either or if his restlessness was keeping you awake,
  • but suddenly a small humming tune spilled from his lips, he quietly hummed the sweet tune and in just a few minutes, the tune disassembles from his mouth and he slips into a slumber with a smile on his lips
  • once petted Soonyoung’s head while cooing about how cute of a puppy he was (obviously he’s assuming you’re petting a dog)
  • luckily it was only soonyoung there and he threatened the poor boy that if he told anyone what happened, he’ll make sure he never lives
  • has to be careful when he drinks something because you like to be spontaneous with your actions and the last time he spilled hot coffee on himself
  • basically carries his whole closet with him because of you
  • Jihoon will sometimes use his soulmate as a scapegoat to be mean to the other members
  • *slaps Seungcheol*
  • “sorry that was my soulmate”
  • *moves the chair so Soonyoung falls when he tries to sit down*
  • “it was my soulmate”
  • “No one cares Wonwoo. Sorry that was my soulmate again”
  • Jihoon finds you
  • He finds you because he wants to censor you and your flamboyant actions from ruining another one of his sweaters
  • Remember how you wrote fanfic while he was trying to write his English paper, well Jihoon thanks the lord for google doc’s change history because he’s able to go back and replace all those words he previously deleted
  • Searches by the paragraph to find you
  • Finds your tumblr
  • Accidentally spends 100 years stalking your tumblr (SOMEONE AT MY NEW JOB DID THIS TO ME BUT WITH FACEBOOK ASDSDKJFH)
  • Also finds your other social media
  • stalks you once again on all of them
  • “dude Jihoon that’s just creepy”
  • Doesn’t care though because wow are you really his soulmate, you’re wayyy out of his league to be his soulmate is what he thinks
  • Gets scared because initially he was just going to outright say “I’m your soulmate” but after seeing your face and everything you post, he’s all nervous now
  • Creates a tumblr and befriends you
  • You only know him as @ woozi and that he likes and reblogs everything you do
  • But then Jihoon gets really addicted to Tumblr and starts reblogging his own things and then you follow him and start reblogging his stuff because damn he reblogs aesthetically pleasing stuff
  • Flashback to that late night when he couldn’t sleep and was humming that tune, well he decided to compose a little melody with that tune and you FLIP OUT when he posted it on his tumblr
  • When jihoon first got that message he didn’t really know how to respond so he just says it straight
  • “I’m actually your soulmate”
  • Before Jihoon knows it, he’s screaming and jumping everywhere (curtesy of you on the other end)
  • You two finally decide to meet at a nearby café, and although you don’t know what he looks like, he knows what you look like already
  • The moment he steps into that café, and his eyes land on you drinking coffee, a smile tugs on his lips because wow were you more beautiful in person, when you look up and meet his eyes, it just kind of clicks
  • When you two are together, everything just feels like it’s fallen into the right place for Jihoon, your crazy actions and words he doesn’t mind any more
  • When he’s with you, everything just fits, all movements and words fit together so perfectly, it’s like the reason for burst of actions/words beforehand was because he needed his other half
  • Together, random actions/words seem to cease
  • The more comfortable part of the relationship took a while to develop since Jihoon is more shy and introverted
  • But once he hits that point, boy is he savage as fuck
  • “I hit soonyoung today, I told him it was because of you”
  • “What the fuck Jihoon”
  • “He was annoying me, I also may have accidentally spilled coffee on some of the guys”
  • The first time he said ‘I love you’ he didn’t really say it to your face
  • you were sitting at home watching television when suddenly you just start talking
  • “I don’t know, it’s hard to explain what I feel with her. I like her. I want to be with her a lot. She makes me happy.”
  • There’s a pause which you can only assume is the other person talking.
  • “Love her?” You can actually feel the hesitation in his voice, “Yeah. I guess I do love her”
  • Your heart really swells at that statement and you can’t help but smile the entire day until he walks into your apartment
  • And you know how stubborn he can be, and how he would never admit it to your face
  • When he gives you a weird look, asking why you look soo happy
  • You just rest your head onto his shoulder
  • “I guess I do love you too”
  • Jihoon is bright red now and he’s cursing the lords for having you hear that but at the same time, he’s kind of relieved you found out that way because he was secretly afraid his lack of affection would take a toll on you
  • Soulmate Jihoon, despite catching you into your fanfictions early, loves you even though he doesn’t admit it a lot. His small affections of holding your hand, and forehead kisses make up for everything. And the fact that you take all the rap for his wrongdoings towards his member, makes him know that you indeed are his soulmate.
{ kingdom come }

pairing: polyhamilsquad x reader (john-centric)

prompt: none!

t/w: i don’t think there are any. it’s mostly fluff!

a/n: literally no one asked for this but i just really like small!john and you’ve seen a glimpse of how he acts in the past 2 chapters of five’s company. the proper thing for me to say is “i want to give you insight on how john is feeling/thinking because character development. wow!” but in reality, i just wanted to write some fluff with my precious baby

i write john with a bit of a little headspace so you’ll see a bit of those themes come out here!

also this title is lame but i was listening to kingdom come by the civil wars and it’s a nice song and kind of fitting for this.


inbox || masterlist

Alex figured John would be like this for a couple of days. If it lasted for more than a week then you would get worried.

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  • The most devious little shit 
  • like the amount of crazy adventures this kid would get up to oh my god
  • but it wasn’t like the wild type of stuff
  • it was like convincing his cousin that you’re supposed to shake soda before you drink it 
  • or telling one of the stable boys that his name wasn’t actually Jeonghan, that was just a nickname and he couldn’t actually tell anyone his real name
  • Idk why i made Baby!Han a pathological liar 
  • but as he grows up he becomes a bit more clever
  • as in his pranks aren’t so blatantly false 
  • Everyone is a little bit scared of Jeonghan tbh
  • like he’s the cutest but if he’s particularly bored that day then you better watch out. 

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aurelche  asked:

What about the RFA(V, Saeran) with an MC who jumped from her dimension to theirs to be with them leaving everything behind?

I’m sick! Yay! Life is just, just going great! Ahhhh!!!! Anyway, this sounds really fun and so I shall now do it! Sound good? Yasss!!! Sorry, in a sarcastic mood, but I hope you’ll like this anyway, and I hope it’s still up to quality!


  • He’s a hopeless romantic, so he’s called you an angel, something not from this world a ton of times, which just makes it more surprising when it turns out to be true
  • You’re from an alternate dimension, where there are many mythical creatures, unicorns, dragons, the whole lot of kid’s creatures
  • You were part fairy, which explained why you were so tiny, being only 5ft
  • You had come to this dimension to see if there were any fairies left to be taken to the magic dimension, but when you met Zen you decided to stay
  • You hid your wings with the magic you had, and was now living with him, happy and content
  • Zen nearly started crying when you explained it to him, he couldn’t help but feel guilty
  • Was he really worth you abandoning your whole world for him?
  • He didn’t think so, certainly not you, you were such a good person, they would certainly miss you, your parents, your friends, they all were left by you to be with him
  • And that broke him up a bit
  • He kept asking you afterwards if he was really worth it
  • He became quite clingy, always asking you about it, even in public every once in a while when you talked to someone else for long periods of time, or when you seemed to be wistful again
  • Sometimes when he became melancholy he’d ask you; “MC am I really worth it to you? I mean really?”
  • You took his face in your hands, and stared at him in the face, eyes locked on his
  • “Zen, I knew what I was getting into when I decided to leave my family. I was never more sure in my life about something until I met you and decided to make that choice. I will never lave you, you are my angel, my own personal angel. I love you, definitely enough to leave my family behind. I was going to leave them one day anyway, I was sure of that. So yes Zen, you are worth it, you will always be worth it.”
  • A line of tears  streaked down his cheek when he heard your kind words, and he buried his face in your neck
  • “Thank you MC.”
  • “Of course Zen, I love you.”


  • “Like the guys from Lolol!”
  • Yoosung, you don’t really understand magic very well TT
  • You told him how you would go back and forth between dimensions when you were younger, but when your parents found out they forbade it
  • Yoosung practically started bawling when you told him that, and how you didn’t do it for the longest time, until you turned eighteen, and snuck out at midnight
  • You planned on going back, but when you saw Yoosung and began to interact with him you immediately fell in love
  • He was definitely bawling when you said that, curling up close to you, you holding him softly
  • Sometimes when he was curious and you were in a mood for it you would tell him a bit about your world
  • “MC, is it okay?”
  • “Yes, Yoosung. In my world most of us are shapeshifters, those who aren’t are memory holders. I’m one of them, I can hold the memories of others, like storage, the ones that are important to people.” You would smile lightly and Yoosung knew
  • He knew that you were the one for him, the only one for him
  • Forever


  • She was pretty skeptical to hear you when you said that you were from a different dimension
  • “MC, this isn’t very amusing, if you want to tell me a story just tell me.”
  • “Jaehee, I promise that this is all real, it might seem weird right now, but I swear that this is real!”
  • “Okay, MC, look, I trust you, I always have, but this is a bit insane.”
  • She was being so dense that you had to literally show her how you could manipulate light and create something out of it, by your will
  • That made her shriek in surprise though, so maybe not such a great idea
  • “Jaehee! Calm down!”
  • “Have you always been able to do that!”
  • “Yes, that’s where I’m from. We’re all different elementalists, controlling different parts of nature. My part is light, I craft everything out of light. I left here to study the way light works here, naturally, and I saw you, and I stayed.”
  • “But who is going to d-do that!”
  • “My niece.”
  • “Niece!”
  • Once she calmed down and you explained everything she believed you, albeit she still stared at your hands, as if the light would spring from them immediately
  • You teased her about it a bit, but understood
  • It was a bit weird in the human world


  • “MC, are you okay?” Jumin’s eyebrows were practically touching his hair when you told him
  • “Yes Jumin, I’m fine!” You exclaimed, the stress catching up to you of this decision
  • “MC, please.” Jumin said, “I’m just worried about you, don’t get frustrated.”
  • “Thanks,” you replied, and sat down on the couch, they used to be leather, but you changed them, since you hated the feel of them
  • “So, time traveling dimension huh?” Jumin said, hugging you softly, you nodded
  • “I didn’t mean to come to this dimension, it was an accident really, but afterwards when I met you I couldn’t help but stay. My parents wanted me back, but I told them I had found love. And they conceded, as long as I visit them. And it’s one of the most important holidays next week, I really need to go back, just for a few days, just five days!” You began to stutter and trip on your words a bit, but he just hugged you harder.
  • “I understand, go to your family, this is important to you. I’ll make sure that nothing gets spread around when you’re gone. I’ll miss you, yes, but it’s more important for you to see your family, I mean, they’re so far away it seems, you should cherish every chance with them you get. I have no right to stop you.”
  • You almost let out a sob of relief, this was going so much better than you thought it would, since Jumin didn’t seem the imaginative type at all, thank goodness that he understood
  • You went to celebrate the festival of time, and he waited for you. It took five days, but to him it felt like longer to him
  • He was so happy when you returned, and you also admitted that you missed him very much
  • “Maybe one day you can come with me.” You suggested
  • “I’d like that very much.” He replied, and you smiled
  • “I missed you”


  • “MC, we need to get you an exorcist!” Was the first thing that came out of Saeyoung’s mouth
  • “Did Mint Eye do this to you? How?! How can you talk to Elizabeth!”
  • You shook him
  • “Calm down Saeyoung!”
  • You got him sat down before telling him it
  • You came from a dimension that was more connected to nature than Saeyoung’s
  • There were certain people who were so connected they could speak to all forms of nature; animals, plants, anything living
  • You had come down to study how humans lived without connection to nature and was horrified by the sight you’d seen. So, you decided to stay for a month, by the permission of your government
  • But when you’d met Saeyoung you’d felt something different
  • You’d felt trusting in him, unlike the other humans you had met
  • Your month was almost up, and you had to go explain and ask for an extension if not they’d be looking for you
  • You told Saeyoung and he began to weep a bit
  • “It looks like you really are a real angel. I’m sorry I’m tearing you away from all that you love.”
  • “You are all that I love, I’ll never run out of love for you, which is why I am staying with you. After I explain it to them I am coming back to you, back to my home, where my heart lies.”
  • He’d never felt so selfishly happy in his life
  • “Are you sure though? You’ve said yourself, this world is full of those who do not care.”
  • “Yes, but you and I can change that, if even a little bit. It is also my duty to help this earth, and that is what I am doing!”
  • “What we are doing.”
  • “Yes, we.”
  • “Forever and ever.”
  • “Forever and ever.”


  • He couldn’t see your handiwork
  • But he could definitely feel it
  • “MC, this jelly feels weird.”
  • The sculpture of water that you had been working of V’s face popped in your surprised, leaving him very confused and very drenched
  • “Oh, my God I’m so sorry!”
  • “No, no, it’s okay- “
  • He didn’t ask anything about it until he got out of the bath
  • “MC, what was that jelly? It felt awfully watery, and burst so easily!”
  • “Well, that’s, that’s because it was water.”
  • You sat him down after his initial shock, you were afraid he was going to break the counter the way it was already
  • “So, MC, can, can you explain please?”
  • You told him, looking him straight in the eye, for a part of you didn’t trust him with your most personal secret, you were nervous that he’d think you in need of mental assistance, like Rika…
  • You told him about the dimension where you lived, there were multiple kingdoms, each for a different element, and each generation there were a group of children meant to go to this dimension and use their gifts to help out the struggling planet
  • You were from the kingdom of water, and had been considered a prodigy, so you were sent to Earth almost immediately after the ceremony
  • “And well, then I got tangled up with the RFA, and well, here I am.”
  • “Wow.” Was all V said, looking at you in total adorative amazement
  • Sometimes when you worried about Rika he would say; “Your water cleanses me form her lies, she is not the way she was before to me, I love you now, and only you.”
  • You felt so lucky


  • Saeran had seen too many horror movies to not know where this is going
  • “MC, you can talk to spirits! Holy shit!”
  • He wasn’t sure what to think of that
  • Especially considering you were his brother’s friend from the hospital
  • He wasn’t exactly sure your role in the whole thing, but when he was comfortable enough to call you by your first name this was definitely a wrench in the whole “trust thing”
  • Of course, it wasn’t your fault, but it still unnerved him a bit
  • It was just too damn supernatural to him
  • He talked to you with more restraint after that, because he’d only caught you that one time, and even you seemed  a bit uncomfortable by that
  • But eventually you asked him what was wrong
  • “Well, it’s just, I’m not sure what you are to my brother, and well we’ve become friends, and, well, you can talk to ghosts!”
  • You flushed of embarrassment a bit, before walking up to him
  • “I’m sorry if that’s been bothering you.”
  • “Well, I guess what I really want to know, is how?”
  • You told him how your dimension was about two steps closer to the realm of death than this dimension
  • You could see spirits of the deceased, and talk to them as well. Some were better with it than others, and you were pretty damn powerful.
  • Unfortunately, spirits had begun to draw to you, and you had to leave to this dimension while everything calmed down since your “awakening” at nineteen, just less than a year ago.
  • “Oh.” Was all Saeran could make out, overcome by sort of awe
  • You just looked uncomfortable
  • “And, and my brother?” He ventured and you just laughed, hugging him for the first time, such an outward show of intimacy
  • He backed up before hugging you back
  • “Just promise me one thing.”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “That you aren’t talking to the grudge.”
    You just laughed

I said I’d finish this like 20 million times before I did! Yikes! Anyway I hope you still like! I know it’s a bit short, but I want to finish this, I mean it’s been so long and I’m so behind! Anyway see you tomorrow! Bye!


A/N: tbh I wrote this at 10 pm and its a mess with hidden svt lyrics and memes. I thought abt memes and suddenly here’s a Vernon one shot. also have you seen vernon’s isac archery pics? really damn fine whoops. 

Pairing: Vernon and reader

Genre: Fluff  are memes a genre 

Word Count: 1367

Summary: Feelings are hard to deal with and Vernon tries to put them in the right direction by confessing to you. 

Most of the time, Vernon would tell himself that things would go smoothly. That last math test? It went fine. Avoiding responsibilities? That went fine. Sleeping in class? That went fine. But when it came to the topic of you, his brain couldn’t function properly. He really, really liked you. Sometimes he did strange things -the rhetorical equivalent of splashing in a pool- to get your attention. Blasting ‘Careless Whisper’ on his saxophone in band class was arguably the best of many. Not only did he get your attention, but he also embarrassed himself for the rest of the year.

Yesterday he barely managed to ask you over to his house. Barely. Before he called you on his cell phone, he had to watch Shia Labeouf’s infamous ‘Just Do It’ motivational speech to give himself confidence (twice. He watched it once more for good measure).

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Playing with fire, Part 1

Pairings: Eventually someone of the Avengers x Reader

Words: 1.6K

Warnings: Few swear words

Series in a nutshell: Reader is a 19 year old girl who -for everyone’s surprise finds out that she has the ability of controlling all the four classical elements –fire, earth, water and air.

A/N: NEW AVENGERS-SERIES, yay! Okay, so I’ve wanted to write this series for so long and since I finally got the true inspiration, -here you go. I’m not sure how long this series is going to be, so that depends on you. I hope you like it x

Part 2

(Gif from Google)

I let out a deep sigh, rubbing my face with my hands as the strident noise of my alarm clock dragged me awake. Whining, I pushed the button down and buried my face back to the pillows. Five more minutes of sleep never killed nobody, right?

Well, clearly I was the only one thinking that way.

“Y/N come on, you are going to be late,” I heard a worried shout coming from the doorway.

“Mom,“ I whined, not bothering to open my eyes. “Can I stay at home?”

“No, you cannot,” my mother let out a laughter, pulling my blanket away from me. “Get up, you really are going to be late soon.”

“Yeah, yeah,“ I sighed, before getting up with a deep yawn. School 1 – Y/N 0.

“Y/N!” I heard a familiar, soft laugh coming from behind me and turned around, deep smile taking over my face as I saw my best friend, Jenny rushing to me through the crowds.

“You can’t believe what I heard about Alice,” she lowered her voice immediately as she got to me, her eyes twinkling from excitement. It was clearly the favorite time of her day –the time for weekend’s gossips.

I laughed, rolling my eyes as I slammed my locker close. “I’m all ears.”

“So, you know this football player, Evan? I heard that at the party last Friday, right after we left, he and Alice had sex. YES. I can’t believe it either, she seems to be such a goody two shoes, but clearly she’s everything but that-“

“But Jenny,“ I frowned, as we walked along the corridors, heading to our chemistry class. “Evan and Alice have been dating since –what, the first year of College?”

“Yeah, I know, but still –and I heard that her family is super religious. I wonder what her mother would say if she heard-“

I laughed, taking a seat next to her as we got to the classroom. “We have about one more minute till the class starts, any other gossips of the year?”

“No, not from me but girl, don’t you think you have something to tell to me?” she smirked, raising an eyebrow. “About you and Jack? Come on, how did your date go?”

“Oh the date- I uhh-,” I grinned, sighing from relief as I heard the squeaky voice of our chemistry teacher coming from the front of the classroom.

“As much as I’m enjoying our little Gossip Girl-club there, we need to get the class started,” the Professor squealed. “Miss Olsen take your books up and start working.”

“And now we know where he uses all his free time,” Jenny rolled her eyes, looking amused as she pulled her book out of her bag. “Don’t get me wrong, Professor, I like Gossip Girl as well-“

“Miss Olsen, last warning!”

“So- back to the date,” Jenny smirked, kicking her eyebrow as I was measuring ammonium chloride mixture to our measuring glass. “I want to hear everything about the love story of the year.”

“Oh- yeah so- I kind of may have maybe happen to not to go,” I uttered slowly, flashing her an innocent smile.

“Wait- what?” she glared at me with her green eyes wide open, taking the glass away from my hands.

“I didn’t go,“ I grinned, shrugging. “Jenny don’t look at me like that, you know he’s the biggest jerk of the school.”

“Y/N,“ she sighed, rolling her eyes. “I’ve tried to be patient with you but you are really starting to piss me off. There is nothing wrong with Jack and you know that –for fuck’s sake everyone knows that. Half of the girls would kill to get on a date with him and the other half already did –and still didn’t get him, and you just dumped him because “he didn’t seem to be the right one”?”

“Jen come on, I never said that-“

“You didn’t have to, you have already said it with every single one of the other guys who have tried to make a move with you,” she snapped as she turned the Bentsen burner on, her eyes flaming from anger. “And you know what? There are no Prince Charming out there, waiting for you to get into trouble just to save you so you can fall in love, because it doesn’t go like that,” she retorted striking out a match.

I glanced at the match in her hand, my eyes widening as I realized that the wattage of the gas burner was way too high. “No, Jenny don’t-,“ I let out a shout, but it was too late. She dropped the match -and suddenly everything seemed to move on a slow-mode. As soon as the fire got on contact with the gas, it exploded.

Shouting warnings, I stepped back and shielded both, myself and Jenny with my hands, pressing my eyes closed as I got ready to the burning heat of the fire to catch us – but surprisingly, it never did.

“Oh shit,” I heard someone shouting from behind me, and I opened my eyes slowly, letting out a gasp as I saw a big, flaming ball of fire in front of us, hovering in the air.

“What the-,” I breathed out, glancing at my hands that were still raised to the air, headed towards the fireball. Taking a deep breath I moved my hands slowly, my heart stopping as the fire followed my lead.

“Y/N?” Jenny’s fear-filled voice called my name, along with shouts and mumbling of the other students.

I gulped, feeling my heart beating out of my chest and my hands starting to shake as I moved them slowly closer to each other, inch by inch, causing the ball of fire to shrink until there was nothing but smoke on the air and sweat on my forehead, as I collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

The Avengers Tower, assembly room

“Y/N Y/L/N,“ Tony snapped his fingers in front of the Avengers, causing a picture of a young girl to appear to the screens all around the room. “Age 19, lives at Manhattan with her mother –age 48 and a pre-school teacher. No siblings, hobbies cheerleading and reading. Has two dogs-“

“Get to the point, Tony,” Steve let out a sigh, rolling his blue eyes.

“Cap, you are –what, one hundred years old, I think you can wait another minute,” the man sighed, rolling his eyes back to Steve. “Yesterday a college at the middle of Manhattan was about to explode because of a mistake in chemistry class, but it seems that our girl stopped the explosion.”

“Stopped?” Natasha frowned, taking a better seat on her chair.

“Yes, stopped. Literally. Some kid got the situation on tape“ Tony nodded, snapping his fingers together again, making a video to start playing on the screens next to the photo. It was shaky and blurry, but it was clear that the girl really made a ball of fire to simply disappear.

“Wow,” Sam nod his head with a whisper, looking impressed. “Am I the only one or did y’all get shivers from that?”

“You think she can be dangerous?” Wanda frowned, staring at the screen as the video started to play itself again.

“She might be,” Tony shrugged, glancing at all of the Avengers in turns. “And that’s why she needs to be taken care of.”

The Avengers bursted into mumbling and calling out opinions, causing Steve to snap and stood up. “Let’s calm down –Tony, she’s just a teenage girl-“

“Who has no idea how to control her powers-,“ Tony pointed out, glaring at the blond.

“Steve’s right,” Clint raised his eyebrow. “We can’t just “take care” of a child, even if she was dangerous.”

“I’m sorry, but have you lost your ability of visual perception?” Tony snapped, pointing the screen. “Did you not see that tape? She stopped an explosion with just a movement of her child-hands. We can only imagine what else she’s capable of doing. I’m not saying that she is dangerous, I’m saying that she might be and our job is to make sure that we are truly prepared to everything.”

“Sweetheart, are you awake?” I heard my mom’s soft whisper coming from the doorway. I slowly opened my eyes, pain arching on my head.

“Yeah, I’m just tired,” I mumbled, letting out a soft laughter as I saw a flowerpot on her hands. “Aunt Tessie came to visit?”

“Yes,” she laughed, rolling her eyes. “I told her you were asleep and she seemed to understand –yet insisted me to give you this“, she nodded towards the sapling in her hands “this time it’s dahlia.”

“Oh, lucky me,” I let out a laughter, rolling my eyes before taking the flowerpot from her. Suddenly, I felt the palms of my hands starting to tingle and gasped, as the sapling started to grow fast in front of my eyes. I glanced at my mother, who were pulling my window open, and tugged the flower under my bed as fast as I could, causing it to fell down with a loud crack.

“What happened?” my mom frowned, turning around quickly.

“No- I mean I- it is okay,” I forced a smile to my lips. “I uhh – I just scared ‘cause I thought I saw a spider in the pot but it was just a dry leaf.”

“Watch out, I wouldn’t be surprised if there really were spiders in it,” she teased, walking to the door. “Just- try to get some sleep, okay?”

“Yeah, thanks mom,” I smiled, jumping up as soon as she pulled the door shut. With my heart beating like a drum, I pulled the flowerpot out of under my bed.

“What the-,“ I breathed out, glancing at the fully-grown flower and my hands alternately. Something was definitely happening to me and that something was freaking me out.

Part 2

Birthday (Youngjae Fluff)


I wrote the story for my ultimate bias Choi Youngjae. I just wanted to do something super fluffy, because I literally love this boy so much. He deserves the world and just, he’s so cute.

Also sorry for any grammar mistakes I didn’t really check it.

Word Count: 1800+

Genre: Fluffy fluff

You quickly put your shoes on and grabbed your keys. Pacing to your car you smiled. It was finally your boyfriend’s birthday. Today he was turning 20. You couldn’t help but have a huge smile on your face; you probably looked insane to some of the people you walked past. It was so nice of the rest of the boys to help you with Youngjae’s party. You had told them about the idea, and Jackson was the most enthusiastic about it. You really wanted to surprise Youngjae since the boy had been working nonstop recently. He was always at practice and you hardly had anytime to see him. You knew how stressed he was with the new comeback coming closer than ever. You thought it was a good idea to help him unwind and enjoy himself for a day. Feeling a vibration in your back pocket, you already knew it was one of the boys calling you.


“Hey (y/n) it’s Jackson.”


“So we need you to be over here by one. Mark was gonna stay back from practice to help you set up.”

“That’s perfect Jackson!”

“See you soon (y/n)!” He quickly hung up the phone, not giving you a chance to respond.

Getting into your car, you pulled out the list of items you had to get for the party. Your thoughts wondered as you still couldn’t think of something to get Youngjae. You had asked him what he wanted, but he didn’t say. He just said he wanted to be with you. It made you blush a little thinking about his words. He was so sweet, he knew you weren’t the richest person on the planet, with you starting college and only working part time. However you still wanted to get him something special. You sighed and decided to text Youngjae.

‘Happy birthday Jae!!!’


‘I have to work Jae, but I’ll see you tonight’

‘Alright jagiya’

You smiled to yourself, if only he knew about the surprise. Looking at your list of things to do, you decided to go to the store and pick up the cake, and a few other things. Maybe there you would get inspired and figure out what you were going to get Youngjae. The drive was quick, or maybe it was the fact that you were jamming out to Got7. Either way you got there quickly. You entered the store and paced up and down the aisles looking for Youngjaes favorite snack. You smiled picking up a few bags of the snack. You then entered the bakery section of the store. The lady was nice as you picked up the cake. However you didn’t pay much attention to her, because all you could think of was Youngjae. Your only hope was that Youngjae would enjoy his party.

After gathering all the items necessary to complete his party, you still hadn’t come up with anything. The boys had all told you what they got him. It was some new expensive singing type equipment thing. Something you could never afford. Youngjae had said he wanted to get something that had to do with singing, or something along those lines. In all honestly you had no idea what it was.

You had eventually collected all the stuff needed, although it wasn’t all that much just food. You texted Mark and let him know you were on your way over. He simply responded with a simple okay. You were like 90% sure he was still half asleep.

You sat in your car for a moment thinking. You had nothing for Youngjae. You decided to just have him choose something, or beg him to tell you what he wanted. Arriving at their home, you picked the cake up in one hand and held the bags of food in the other. You rang the doorbell and you heard Marks footsteps coming closer to the door.

“Hey (y/n)!”

“Hey!” He reached out and grabbed the bags you were holding in your other hand.

“Wow, you got a lot of stuff.”

“It’s just food.”

“Do we really eat this much.” You turned your head slowly and gave him a look that said are you stupid.

“You guys eat like a herd of cows. Yes you guys eat a lot.” He laughed and scratched the back of his head.

“I guess you’re right. We can’t help it you know.”

“I know, and I really don’t care. However some of my doubts that this will be enough food for eight people.”

“We can just get more if we need it.” You hummed a ‘mhm’ in response. Mark began to play some music as the two of you began to set up decorations. After a few minutes of the two of you playing around and singing, you paused.

“Hey Mark.”

“Hm?” He hummed as he was cleaning the room.

“Did Youngjae ever say anything about him, like, wanting something?”

“Well as cheesy as it sounds…” He paused, pondering whether to tell you or not.

“I don’t know if I should tell you, for Youngjaes sake.” You set down the bowl you were holding.

“What is it Mark?”

“I’m not su-“

“Mark~” You whined.

“Alright, well you can’t tell him I told you this.” You waited anxiously for him to tell you what it was.

“He just said he wanted to spend time with you.”

“You made me anxious all for that!?” You chuckled and smiled.

“I did, Youngjae is so cheesy.” You blushed a little. Youngjae was so sweet, he always did so much for you. He took you to nice restaurants that you couldn’t really afford. He always made sure you were happy and healthy. In all honestly you felt like you could never return the favor. You paused for a moment, but then returned back to setting up the food. Time quickly passed as you cooked and Mark cleaned.

After finishing you flopped yourself onto the couch.

“Whew” you sighed. “We’re finished.”

He let out a breathless laugh. “Yea, we are.”

Your phone began to ring, you knew it was Bambam when you heard the extremely annoying ringtone he set for himself. The ringtone was a voice recording of him going ‘dab boi.’ You sighed as you picked up the phone.

“Hey Bambi.”

“Are you guys finished?”


“Good were on our way back.”

“Already?! It’s only…”



“Anyways bye (y/n).”

“Bye Bambi.”

“Jeez Mark, I didn’t know I was cooking for three hours.” Mark chuckled.

“The time flew by I guess?”


You and Mark just sat on the couch resting for a moment; waiting for the others to come. The two of you enjoyed the calm before the storm. The storm of screaming that is, the screaming that would happen as soon as the six others stepped foot into the apartment.

Hearing the laughs and semi-screams coming from outside of the apartment, you and Mark looked at each other and took a deep breath. Hearing the door beginning to open a sudden burst of anxiety spread through your body. You lightly clenched your fists and stood up. Your heart raced as you saw Youngjae enter through the door.

“Happy birthday Youngjae!” The seven of you yelled in unison. Youngjae began smiling and laughing. He looked so happy and surprised. His eyes finally met with yours and you felt like crying.

“Youngjae!” You felt yourself yell. You ran over to him and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“I missed you so much.” He immediately wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Jagi, I, thank you for the surprise.”

“Cute!” You heard Jackson yell, your cheeks tinted into a slight red color. Then you, resentfully, let go of Youngjae. He smiled and kissed you on the forehead. You could hear Bambam and Jackson screaming and running around the room. You could feel Jinyoungs and Jaebums annoyance. You could literally feel how much Jinyoung wanted to strangle Bambam. It made you laugh a little. You could tell it was going to be a good party.

Everyone started laughing when Yugyeom had pointed out how both You and Youngjae hadn’t separated all night.

“I well…” You had nothing to say. You missed Youngjae and wanted to be with him forever. Youngjae chuckled a little.

“She is my girlfriend. I can’t just leave her alone with…”

“With who?!” Jackson yelled. Everyone started to laugh and Jackson acted as if he was serious.

“With who Youngjae?” You could feel yourself running out of breath. You were laughing so hard that tears started falling from your eyes.

“With you Hyung.” Youngjae laughed. Youngjae then wrapped his arm around you, holding you close. You rested your head against his shoulder. You could fall asleep like this, in fact it was ideal, and you wanted to fall asleep next to him. Before you knew it everything fell silent. You felt yourself quickly falling asleep. You wanted to wake yourself back up, but your eyelids felt so heavy, and Youngjae was so warm.

You woke up to the feeling of sweet kisses on your neck.

“Mmmm” You groaned. “Jae.”

“Morning jagi.” His arms were wrapped around you. Both of your bodies pressed together, it felt so nice. Well it was more like the two of you had to be so close or else you would both fall off the small bed. Again, you didn’t mind, you didn’t care, you loved being so close to him.

“Did I really sleep until morning Jae?”

“Well you slept through the night, and it’s currently noon.”

“Oh I’m sorry Jae. I guess my lack of sleep is finally catching up with me. I’ll make it up to you.”

“Make what up jagi?”

“Your party and stuff, I did sleep through it.” He lightly laughed.

“Funny thing, I, uh, actually fell asleep too.” You giggled.

“Really? Or are your just saying that to make me feel better?”

“No, I actually fell asleep right after you.” When you tried to sit up Youngjae only tightened his grip.

“Jagi just stay here. I don’t really want to deal with the others teasing’s just yet…” He paused. “Particularly Jackson Hyungs.”

“Okay Jae.” You laughed.

“Also jagi.” You hummed in response.

“Mark hyung told me you were stressed over getting me something, and I just wanted to say, I already have everything.”

“But Jae, you got me a gift for my birthday.”

“But jagi you made me an entire party, and got me a cake. And best of all I have you.” You smiled.

“I love you so much Youngjae.”

“I love you too jagi.” He then left another kiss on your neck.

“You know we can hear you right?!” Jackson yelled. You blushed.

“You two lazys need to get up we made breakfast.” Jinyoung added.

“Mmm, jagi don’t say anything, I don’t want to stop cuddling just yet.” He spoke quietly.


We are currently open for reaction requests look at the groups here. Also I hope you enjoyed the story!

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25 metres

title: 25 metres

word count: 4k

pairings/other notes: jikook, yoonseok, santa!jimin, elf!hoseok, elf!taehyung, manager!yoongi, sadcashier!jungkook, mall!bangtan. jungkook is a shy cashier and loves how the Christmas exhibition is only 25 metres away from the 7/11, especially when he can get the best view of the new santa with chiselled thighs.

a/n: hello! I promised 9th december but it’s 2 days later. haha. I’m not sorry. I stayed up again to write this, I’m super tired but I hope you enjoy it! should I make a second part? I got asked on ao3 to write a sequel but I think it fits better as a oneshot, maybe I’ll write a spinoff. anyway, thanks to all of you for being so kind! my first fic did p well, I was legit expecting only 10 notes but it got a lot more than that and it’s encouraging me to put myself out there. anyway, enjoy!

With you, shawty with you

With you, shawty with you

With you, under the mistletoe…

           the song has been on repeat for the past hour, and jungkook thinks he might physically tear out his ears if it means he doesn’t have to hear justin bieber wail anymore. he slumps against the counter, cheek brushing the cool plastic.

           just five more hours, jeon jungkook. five more.

           the bell at the door jingles, signifying the entrance of a new patron. jungkook hastily straightens the red hat on his head, sits up, and smiles as warmly as he can.

           “Welcome to 7/11!”

           A young mother pushes past the glass door, five-year-old in tow. the small boy is chortling as he fiddles with the reindeer antlers on his head, his mother smiling down on him with such love that jungkook feels himself melting a little. the brunnette places a coke down on the counter, fishing for her wallet. jungkook is eye-level with what seems to be a squirming lump, and he paints on the biggest grin he can muster.

           “hey there little guy! came from the christmas exhibition?”

           the five-year-old takes one look at the handsome jungkook, who is all angular features, with a smile so wide it radiates sunbeams. jungkook stares back at the curious toddler, pulling a funny face in an attempt to make him laugh. the child cocks his head, and opens his mouth. tears start to pool at the base of his eyes, and jungkook silently curses.

           “Mom!! stalker!

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Imagine Request: You have been casted in the newest film X men apocalypse. Over the course of the movie you and Evan become really close and hang out all the time and fool around on set. In the movie you guys have a lot of scenes together. You start to grow feelings but you know he’s with Emma. there’s been rumors about you and Evan liking eachother, and he breaks up with emma to be with you. You can make it more detailed and stuff haha. Can this be a long imagine thanks :)

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thewhitestars  asked:

Clexa: Clarke really, really likes to watch Lexa train. Lexa Likes to show off.

To anyone who asks, Clarke will say that this is the best and worst job she has ever had. She took it because she thought–hey, this will be easy. I can just chill behind a desk, maybe sell some refreshments–and for the most part, she had been right. She sits at the reception desk at the front of the massive university gym and rec center, and she signs people up for fitness or activity events, signs non-students up for paid memberships, signs alumnis up for discounted memberships, and sells people fruit smoothies, bottles of water, and the occasional banana. It’s all very simple, and she gets an hourly wage plus weekly credits to her student account.

Seeing all these incredibly fit people flaunting their incredibly fit goods through the gym, though, is a bit of a downer sometimes, because hey, that’s the quickest way to make you realize how incredibly not fit your own body is, right? It should really make Clarke want to work out, but it actually just makes her crave junk food. Pizza, she thinks. Sweet, greasy, cheesy heaven–she could be devouring such deliciousness while watching the deliciousness of the football team hammering away at the weights and supportively smacking each other’s asses when they switch off machines.  

On the flip-side, while seeing all these incredibly fit people flaunting their incredibly fit goods through the gym isn’t the best for her body image, it’s fantastic for her libido. Clarke never goes a day without drooling over some chiseled abs or a tight ass, and if she’s going to work out, well, there’s only one way Clarke can think that she doesn’t mind at all. She has gotten more numbers than she can count in the year she has been working here.

The best part about her job, though, can be explained in two words–Lexa Woods.

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Request: Arachnophobia

Request: can you write an imagine (reader x dean) and she has a severe case of arachnophobia (spiders) and she goes into the bathroom and theres one in there, or one on the floor in the bedroom or something and he tries to cheer her up and calm her down by being all cute and gentle?? thanks :-)

Word Count: 550

I’m very arachnophobic myself. They’re horrible little beasts. There’s one living in the corner and it just sits there and stares at me. If I stop posting, it probably ate me in the night:P I hope you like it, enjoy!

You’re a hunter. You’ve faced, literally, hundreds of hell spawn. You’ve held a conversation with Satan. You’ve beheaded vampires, burned corpses, dug graves, gunned down witches, spoken with all four horsemen, and faced off with a very angry Pagan god or two.

You’re not supposed to be scared of much, anymore.

Yet, upon walking into the bedroom and finding a ginormous black spider, terror is struck into your heart and you let out a scream.

Nearly instantly, Dean is bounding up the stairs, trying to find out what the threat is. The eight-legged horror is dangling from a thread of web, and it’s almost at your nose height, swinging threateningly.

You back away, and as your back hits the wall, you let out another cry. Dean bursts into the room, gun in one hand and the other poised to sweep you out of harm’s way.

“What’s happening?” He asks, moving close to you, putting himself in between you and the invisible danger. As the black thing extends its web, it catches his eye. You yelp again as it starts crawling grotesquely towards you, and you grab onto his arm.

“Get rid of it!” You cry out, taking a shaky breath. “It’s horrid!”

“A spider?” He asks, breathing a sigh of relief. It inches closer, and you wince.

“Get it away from me!” You whimper, taking a step away from the beast. Trying to control your breathing, you look around you for more arachnid invaders. “Burn it!”

He frowns, but picks up the spider by a leg and lets it hang from his fingers. He jokingly takes a step towards you, but as you pick up a lamp in defense, he thinks better of it.

“D’you think I’ll become Spiderman if I let it bite me?”

“I don’t care, kill it!” You say shakily, and he shakes his head.

“I’m not going to do that.” He drops the evil arthropod out the window, closing it as he takes a step back. He wipes his hands off on his jeans, before you let out a sigh of relief. It doesn’t stop the shaking, though.

“Wow, you got it bad.” He remarks, and you shrug.

“It’s scary.” You insist, running a trembling hand through your hair. He moves closer to you, wrapping you up in his arms.

“It’s okay, it’s gone now.” He promises, and you relax into him, trying to ignore the fact that there’s essence of spider all over his hands.

“Thanks.” You whisper. He rests his chin on your head, chuckling.

“But really, spiders?” He asks, and you punch his chest.

“They’re horrible and evil and a plague among humanity.” You mumble into his shirt, and he laughs.

“If you say so. Don’t worry about it, I’ll get rid of any spider that dares to come anywhere near you, okay?”

“You promise?” You look up at him through your lashes, and he nods.

“I promise. Every last one of the little bastards. No-one bothers my girl.” He assures you, and you smile.

“My hero, huh?” You laugh, and you feel him nod.

“Absolutely. All I need is a cape.”

“Real heroes don’t wear capes. Real heroes wear leather.” You grin, tugging at the open zip of his leather jacket. He grins, leaning down and kissing your forehead.

The Win of the Night

Member: Hoshi

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1000

There was a peculiar rumbling coming from the lower levels of the dorms that immediately let you know the boys were back, rowdy, and extremely excited. Wiping your hands on your apron hurriedly, you made a dash for the oven and checked to see if the celebratory cake you were in the process of making–in the span of the 2 hours since you had witnessed their win–was done. Grabbing your mitts, you quickly dragged the cake out of the oven, not caring if it had been cooked all the way, and smeared frosting all over the sides before splattering the decorations on top in a frenzied manner. The thumping grew louder and louder, but at this point you weren’t sure if it was the boys or your own heart you heard through your ears. You threw the apron off of your body and chucked it into the bottom pantry just seconds before the door burst open. 

“Yah, don’t even think about throwing the trophy around, it’s not a–Y/N? Y/N! We did it!” 

Seungkwan’s warm voice greeted your ears as you turned around to look at the rest of the members filing in with overflowing energy, Their eyes were wild, hair unkempt, clothes disarrayed, and yet this was the most handsome they had ever looked before, in your opinion. One certain member hadn’t come forward, however, and you were left to wonder where he was.

“Yeah, I saw! Congratulations, you guys, I literally jumped out of my seat and started bawling, it was such a mess.” you giggled as you neared the fridge. “And to show you how much I appreciate your efforts and relay my pride for this wonderful team,” you grunted as you lifted the cake in your arms with difficulty, “…I made this!” Presenting the iced vanilla dessert to the shocked faces, you again stopped to search for a certain pair of 10:10 eyes to no avail.

“Wha-wait-how did you even have enough time-” Joshua was cut short in his confusion as the remaining boys made a bolt for the cake, showering you with thanks and praises all around. You nodded in a motherly manner and left to grab some plates before Seungcheol spoke.

“You know, you guys are a perfect match. Soonyoung hasn’t stopped crying since he gave the speech. He was sitting in the car the whole time sobbing into his hands like a baby. Is this the birth of the crybaby couple?” He teased before digging into the cake. You sighed in disbelief before feeling a tug on your sleeve. Turning around, you finally saw your boyfriend, albeit with his head down, gesturing towards the bedroom. 

“Hey, guys, I’ll be back in a bit, alright? Keep eating, there’s more juice in the fridge if you run out! I stocked up today!” The boys, sensing you and Hoshi needed some alone time in order to console him, simply nodded before resuming their eating frenzy. 

As you made your way into the dorm room, you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your torso from behind. It took minute to realize that they were shaking ever so lightly. With a little “aww~”, you turned around and led a sniffling Soonyoung to bed before laying down with his head on your stomach. Never had he looked more like a child than in this moment, as he stared up at the ceiling, disbelief still coloring his features. His arms tightened their hold on you and as he stayed there, you played with his hair.

“Want to talk, hun?”

With a shake of his head and a shaky sigh followed up by a “not yet”, the both of you lay there until he could calm down. Gradually, his teary eyes, runny, red nose, and lip biting subsided and there was a welcome air of tranquility in the room. Suddenly, you felt a nip at your side and looked to find the source. Hoshi was unconsciously pinching your thighs lightly and you couldn’t help but smile endearingly at the action. What a small, vulnerable child. He was exposing so much to you in this moment and you had never felt more touched. 

“…did you ever think we could make it?”

You were taken aback by the question and had to process it before replying. “Well of course I did! Have you seen your talent!? You guys are going so far and I can’t tell you how proud I am.” 

“But it’s just……it doesn’t uh,” he shifted so that he could face you. “It doesn’t feel real. Just yesterday we were talking about how maybe the next comeback would be our time, but…” As if he had a lump in his throat, Hoshi stopped talking immediately and fell into the softness of your tummy that he loved so much for comfort. 

With a sigh, you stroked the tears off of his watery eyes and kissed his (albeit a tad sweaty) smooth forehead. “You don’t know how proud I am of you, Soonyoung. Do you realize how much you inspire others around you? I mean, starting off with having no knowledge in the dancing field to becoming a well recognized choreographer in such a short amount of time? It makes me believe I can actually go out and achieve my dreams, too.” 

“And what are your dreams?”, prodded Soonyoung, a playful glint in his damp eyes. “Marrying me? Raising ten children by the seaside where we can go off catching fish every morning for breakfast?”

“Well, that doesn’t sound too bad, actually.” you mused, ruffling his hair.

“Then it’s a deal. We’ll take our leave tomorrow.”

You chuckled at your boyfriend’s cute banter, and ran your fingers through his dirty hair. He giggled and leaned in further onto your lap, content with where his life was leading him. He had his 12 best friends and his one and only woman by his side—what more could he ask for?

“You know I love you, right?” 

“Of course I do.”

Thank you to anon who requested this! We loved it! - Chorizo

- Written by Admin Cap

Fighting for an 'Us' [f.t Taehyung] - Part One

Part One/Part Two (coming soon)

“Darkness can not drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate can not drive out hate; only love can do that.”

- Martin Luther King Jr.

Only God knows how frustrated you were right now. You still can’t believe what, Minah, your dearest best friend, had just done. Not in a million, no, billion years did you ever imagine this to happen. But you should’ve known better. She was Kim Min-Ah after all..

The day started off just fine. You and Minah were walking around in the shopping-mall, trying to find a pair of bikinis for your upcoming trip together. You didn’t really like the idea at first. Not because you didn’t like to hang out with Minah but because you would be the third-wheel if you came. Her boyfriend was coming along too and two of your friends who were also a couple. You obviously didn’t want to be even more of a lonely awkward person that you already were. But with this great friend of yours not accepting a “no” as an answer and kept talking until my head felt like blowing off. You obviously couldn’t say no.

“You invited him?” You yelled, shocked. “Are you freaking insane?

To your total horror, Minah just grinned back at you before throwing an arm over your shoulders.

“Oh come on. He’s asked me if he could come.” She said. “What was I supposed to do? Say no?”

“Yes! Of course you should have said no!” You spatted, still annoyed by her careless act. “He’s my ex-boyfriend for God’s sake! We haven’t spoken for months and I’m not completely over him yet! I don’t want to meet him and get myself confused all over again!”

Minah snorted before throwing you a glare. “You need a closure, _____. A proper one. You can’t move on because you guys never broke up, did you? You just switched into your I’m-gonna-ignore-you-shithead and stopped talking to him.”


“I know what you saw and I’m wanna chop his balls of too because of what he did.. You can trust me on that.” You knew MInah was serious because first off, she’d never threaten to chop someone’s balls off before. Not even when her boyfriend and you ate all her Skittles the other day. And secondly, she’s just not a violent type of girl. “But you both deserve some alone one-to-one time to sort things out because I strongly believe Taehyung is not that type of guy. He really loved you, ____.”

“I know what I saw, Mina-”

You both stopped walking. Minah placed a hand on top of your shoulder before speaking.

“Yeah, but just trust me on this one and give him a chance to explain okay?”

With a heavy sigh, you agreed.


The day you guys met for the first time since that happened was as expected, awkward. Taehyung had been trying to talk to you all day. You had caught him staring at you several times and each time, he held your gaze and refused to turn away.

You were doing a pretty good job ignoring his existence but you knew you had to talk to him sooner or later. Minah was right. You needed a proper closer to be able to move on. What happened had been tearing you apart and you believed strongly you could pick up all the pieces without him.

Even if it still hurt.

That night, you guys, or to be exact; Minah decided it was a great idea to go to a night-club which you could hardly agree.

You didn’t like crowded places. They made you feel dizzy. Especially if there’s loud music too.

You were boring. That’s why you didn’t have lots of friends. You could hardly have a conversation with someone before making everything awkward by either insulting them or saying something real stupid.

Maybe that’s why he decided to cheat on you.

Maybe she made him realise you weren’t good enough for him.

“I’ll be right back!” You told Minah who was barely paying attention to you because she was too busy shoving her tounge down her boyfriend’s throat. Maken a disgusted face at those two, you turned around and stumbled towards the stairs which lead to the exit.. 

Once you were outside. You leaned against the nearest wall and tried to catch your breath. You always knew you weren’t much of a sporty kind of girl but this was ridiculous. You couldn’t even walk the stairs without feeling you had run two freaking miles.

“_____.” A way too familiar voice said beside you.

You turned your head slightly to see who it was. You didn’t even know why you bothered to do so. His deep voice was his signature.

It was a painfully beautiful melody to your ears and toxic arrows to your heart.

A sad smile was placed upon your plump lips as you looked back up at the pitch black sky again.

“Never knew unicorns were real.”, You breathed out before reaching your hands out to “touch” them.

Yup. You were drunk as fuck.

But did you give a shit about that?

Nope, you didn’t.

“You’re drunk.” Taehyung sighed.

You bursted out laughing. “Well, well, aren’t you a genius.”

“I’ll take your back to the hotel.”,

You didn’t even bother to fight back. You let him help you get to the taxi and carry you up to your room when he thought you were asleep.

You were surprised yourself that you hadn’t passed out yet since the amount of alcohol you had tonight was literally as much as the amount of water you’d drunk all your life.

You were standing in front of your door when Taehyun gently put you down on your feet. He still had an arm around your waist to support you but his other hand was busy searching for something.

Wow, wow, wow.” Your sudden outburst stopped Taehyung’s hand from rooting through the pockets of your jacket.. “Bro, we’re not together. Stop touching me.”

Your eyes were half-closed and so was your brain. But you could still hear his light chuckle from beside you.

It made your heart swell.

“You’re so adorable.”

It was hard to breath properly.

“You should stop that.” You mumbled just as he found the card to open your door and lifted you up into his arms again. “Breathing is important, I can die.”

Taehyung’s POV

Taehyung looked at you, amused by your changed behaviour. He didn’t even try to fight back a smile because why should he? He had been yearning to hold you in his arms since you left that night, to be this close to you again. Taehyung knew this moment wasn’t going to last forever. Tomorrow, when you finally come back to your senses again, you’d be giving him the cold shoulder like you’d been doing since you guys. He was going to let that happen. He was going to fix this. He’s going to take you back.

Because you’re worth it.


[Writer’s Note]: Not really satisfied with this one but I really wanted to post something becaue I’ve been getting so much support from you guys. As a new blogger, it’s a dream-come-true to see so many people like what I’m doing (or writing). You guys are truly my inspiration and my energy to keep going. This morning, I woke up, feeling like shit but once I saw all the notis on my phone. I literally squealed.

Thank you, guys, so much for supporting me and my works. I love you!



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Chapter 1 - Can A Man And Woman Ever Be Just Friends?

Disclaimer: Hello everyone! This is the first chapter to the series prequel of The Thing Is… I Love You. This work is purely fictional - any mentions of real persons or events are coincidental. Please read, reblog and enjoy :).

Sprawled against the warm leather of the car, I watched as the raindrops slid slowly down the window. We hadn’t been on the road long, a mere fifteen minutes, but it was already pouring. The rain was so thick I could barely see past the glass. At this point though, I didn’t care. I was exhausted.

I was coming straight home from the 2014 Golden Globes. It went about in the most spectacular fashion. From the glittering parade of designer gowns to the prestigious awards, the night didn’t disappoint. Although I’d established a solid acting career, I didn’t feel like one of the ‘elite’. I was still the young girl from Louisville, Kentucky.

As the car stopped briefly at an intersection, I found myself reflecting on the event. The first category they presented was the award for Best Supporting Actress. I was so deeply engrossed in staring wide eyed at my favourite actress Meryl Streep that I almost didn’t hear my name being called over the microphone. I blinked, glancing around the table in confusion.

Nick had squeezed my waist, leaning close so he could whisper in my ear. “Go on, babe, you’re up. You’ve won.”

He kissed me very briefly, surprising me, before giving my butt a gentle pat. Too bewildered to even object, I hitched up the skirts of my white tulle Dior gown and clumsily made for the stage. As I walked, several hands patted me on the back. My heart stopped when Meryl Streep herself pulled me aside, her feather-light fingers brushing my bare shoulder as she whispered her congratulations.

My hands shook as I slowly climbed the steps. No way in hell would I let last year’s spectacular fall happen again.

A beaming Tom Hanks pressed the small yet heavy Golden Globe into my hands. I stuttered my thanks as Sandra Bullock, THE Sandra Bullock, kissed my cheek. Clutching the globe tightly, I addressed the audience.

“Wow. Uh, thank you so much for this.” I suddenly became very aware of how breathless my voice sounded. “God, I don’t know why I’m shaking but yeah, um, thank you so much. I wanna thank David O. Russell, you’re a brilliant man in so many ways.”

The crowd was filled with several smiling faces; all of which telegraphed genuine pride. I paused for a second, collecting my thoughts. I knew at least half the room, having only interacted with the other half in passing.

My heart beat along to a strange rhythm. I was euphoric, literally on cloud nine. And yet, I knew something was missing. Or more accurately, someone.

“Uh, I wanna thank my family, my team. I would not be up here without you guys. Aargh. Who else? OH yeah! I wanna thank my fellow nominees, it’s such an honour to even be nominated with you. I am inspired by your work so thank you.”

I swallowed, hoping I could inject some much needed volume into my voice. “Oh god, I’m still shaking! Seriously, please don’t do this again. It’s freaking scary.” I say breathlessly as the crowd roared with laughter. I held up my Globe in gratitude as music echoed across the great hall.

Miss Golden Globe, a pretty young lady whose face I didn’t recognise, led me briskly from the stage, escorting me to the press room. I blinked rapidly, eyes watering; almost blinded by the lights. Journalists were clamouring, like angry bees, taking my picture, hurling questions in my direction.

“Jennifer! Hold it up for us!”

“Smile, this is for People Magazine!”

“You look gorgeous, Jennifer!”

“How do you feel about winning the first award of the night?!”

“Tell us about your acceptance speech. Are you really still that nervous?”

I felt the adrenaline recede from my system as I shuffle slowly along the platform towards the microphone. Flushed from my speech, I spotted my assistant and friend, Justine, lurking in the corner. She beamed at me, hands outstretched, preparing hold the Globe while I addressed the press.

Acquiescing almost immediately, I passed the little marble-gold award to her, then turned to face the media. I narrowed my eyes, squinting against the blinding glare of the cameras. “I’m sorry. Could you please repeat the question?”

“Oh, tell us about your speech. Are you still really that nervous about talking in front of crowds?”

I felt a momentary stab of irritation as I glanced down at the young woman who posed the question. She held a silver iPad in her hands but it wasn’t the gadget that captured me. It was the badge on her lapel; the yellow E! embossed in a gold circle.

The gossip channel held no attraction for me, it never really did. A derisive laugh escaped my lips. They saw me as an actress; not an actual human being who suffered from the occasional stage fright.

“Yeah, I mean, talking in front of a big group of people is nerve wracking.” I say petulantly. “Especially when the people watching you are your favourite actors. People you’ve admired since you were a little kid.”

Luckily, they didn’t detect the obvious petulance in my tone. Eager to coax more answers from me, they scrambled among themselves, debating on who should ask me next. I shuffled my feet restlessly, waiting.

“Jennifer, you’ve had a stellar award season so far. Firstly, congratulations. Second, what do you plan on doing after? Do you have a post-ceremony relaxation routine?”

“Well uh, I dunno. I’ll probably catch up on my drinking. There’s so much alcohol there callin’ my name, you know what I mean?” I laugh, longingly picturing the glass of champagne I’d left, still full, sitting on the table.

“Do you have any other projects in the works right now? Projects which could attract the same Oscar buzz?”

“Yes I do, although I don’t know if the 'Oscar buzz’ part is true. I’m shooting the last Hunger Games movie which has been split into two parts. But we’re filming it in one whole bunch so yeah, very busy.”

“Has the film been disrupted because of the awards?”

“No, I don’t think so.” I frown, biting my lip. Production was currently on a two week break to accommodate the hectic awards season. We were still based in Atlanta and had at least another six weeks there before moving overseas.

“Okay, ah, how do you see your future in the film industry? Is directing a movie something you’d consider later on?”

“Definitely. I’d do directing at some point, yeah. But I’m still a newbie at this stuff so I think I’ll keep learning for awhile. I’ve worked with incredible directors so I’m learning a lot from them.” I reply cheerfully; Francis’ face was vivid in my mind.

“Jennifer, over here! To your right.”

I started shuffling in the opposite direction before bursting into laughter. “Oh my god, you said right and I went the other way. Hah. Anyway, I’m sorry. Interrupt me quick!”

“You were at the Governor’s Ball last year, your family was there too. They were having more than you celebrating backstage.”

“Because they didn’t have to go through this. It’s hilarious. I really miss them though. I don’t know what they’re doing now so I’m gonna call em’ right after the press thing.”

“As a young actress, how do you stay grounded?”

“Family. They’d stop me before I get my head stuck up my own ass. Plus, I have a group of really good friends. Friends I’ve known for a long time..” Despite my lighthearted remark, I felt my heart clench painfully. I guess I’d be lying if I didn’t wish he was here too.

Amidst the rapid-fire interrogation, I thought of my loved ones. My family. Throughout my career, they’d remained steadfast in their support for me. This was the first awards ceremony they couldn’t attend. My parents. My two older brothers. I missed them all and wished, more than anything, that they were standing here there beside me.

When the press conference concluded, I slowly made my way back to the great hall. Nick was enjoying himself, deeply engrossed in an avid discussion with Amy. He kissed me briefly when I got back, then resumed his conversation. I sat down, fingers curled around the champagne glass, feeling a bit lonely.

The rest of the night passed by quickly. I watched esteemed actors win well deserved accolades. I didn’t stop acting like an obsessed fan all night, somehow neglecting my costars as I stalked my favourite actors. When the event concluded however, I was strangely relieved.

Nick didn’t stay long; he was flying out early the next day to attend the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. So he bundled me up in the town car, still wearing his black blazer. The blazer had since been clumsily folded up and put away.

It was still pouring outside. Sheets upon sheets of rain pelted the window, obscuring the glass, making clear vision difficult. From what I could see though, the roads were still wet. There was barely any vehicles on the road, save the limousine, traffic was almost non-existent.

The car pulled into my street, cruising slowly past the darkened houses until it parked beside front gate of my condo. I didn’t live here alone, I shared the apartment with Justine. I couldn’t find her after the backstage press conference at the Globes; for some reason, she’d disappeared.

Don, the driver, flitted to my side, kindly offering his arm as I climbed awkwardly out of the vehicle. He held a large black umbrella over our heads as we approached the gate. Through it all, I didn’t stop talking, thanking him for being my chaperone.

“No problem, Miss Jennifer.” He smiled, somehow reminding me of my father. “Please don’t apologise. It’s an honour for me to escort you. Plus, it’s raining. You wouldn’t want your lovely dress to get wet.”

“Okay, if you say so.” I reply, shuddering in the cold. “Thank you again. I hope you didn’t wait too long. The awards show took forever.” I dig through the silver purse for my keys. “I can take it from here. Go home, it’s late, your family’s probably waiting up for you.”

“Are you sure, Miss? I can wait if there’s no one at home..”

“Very sure.” I smiled warmly at him. I paid him handsomely, making sure I added a generous tip. He waited until I was safely inside before departing. Such a lovely gentleman. Definitely a father.

I clambered up the steps of the front porch, slowly; gritting my teeth as I concentrated on not slipping in my sky high Louboutins. I peeked through the window, seeing that it was dark inside. So Justine wasn’t home.. Oh well, maybe there’s still time for a pizza.

The lights flickered on all at once as I pushed open the door. I let out a high pitched shriek, clutching my chest as my family members came into sharper focus, screaming the word 'surprise’. I laughed through my tears as several sets of arms embraced me.

My mom, Karen, was the first to claim me. She looked younger than her fifty one years, her golden hair shining. She peppered my face with kisses, the way only a mother could. “Surprise!” She cried. “Congratulations, darling. We are so proud of you.”

“Oh my god, I didn’t know you guys would be here! When did this happen?”

“Well it wouldn’t be a surprise if we told you, now would it?” My father Gary’s blue eyes, so like mine, twinkled mischievously. He folded me into his arms for a tight bear hug. “We landed in LA this afternoon, booked a room at a hotel downtown.”

“Really? Oh my god, you guys should’ve told me. There’s plenty of room here.”

“Yes but like Dad says, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we told you.” My eldest brother, Blaine, teased. He ruffled my pixie cut, easily avoiding the punch I aimed at him. “Congrats, little sister. You look nice!”

“Thanks, bro. Where’s Meredith and Bear? Are they here too?”

“No, they’re in Louisville. They couldn’t make it but they wish they could be here. I know Bear misses his Aunt Jen.”

“Aw, well I miss him too.” I say, thinking of my cherubic, golden haired nephew. He was five years old and already a precocious child.

“Look who it is, it’s Bambi!” My brother Ben crowed, nudging me playfully in the ribs. Ever since I tripped at the Oscars in 2013, he’d taken to calling me 'Bambi’, which I secretly liked but never admitted out loud. “I saw what you did to Taylor Swift. Interrupting her, how dare you?”

“Hey, I was joking around!” I protested indignantly. “Come on, she found it funny. Plus she was very sweet about it.”

“Considering the last time we talked to her, you fangirled so much, you freaked her out.” A familiar voice teased. My heart thumped to a strange, irregular rhythm at the sound. I turned, slowly.

I’d know that voice anywhere.

There he was, standing beside my brother, hazel eyes gleaming. He wore his favourite black leather jacket and a pair of matching motorcycle gloves. He was still devastatingly handsome but it wasn’t his obvious good looks that captured my attention. It was the warm smile on his face.

“JOSH!” I shrieked joyfully, flinging myself at him. He wrapped his arms around my waist, holding me close. He even smelled the same; like cinnamon. The tears started again, mingling with my laughter. “JOSHY! OH MY GOD! What are you doing here?!”

“Hey beautiful. I wanted to surprise you. Congratulate you on your award.” He chuckled, planting a kiss on my forehead. “I’m so proud of you!”

I beamed at him. “Thanks. Holy shit. I actually can’t believe you’re here! I didn’t think you’d be in LA right now.”

“Me neither. I flew in from Madrid and was going to go straight ahead to Union but then I thought I’d stop by.”

Oh, Madrid. My heart clenched painfully again. Better shut that door. He was here now. It’s all that matters.

“Don’t cry, you. It’s your big night.” Josh chided gently, brushing away my tears. “Besides, I ordered a late night feed for everyone. Feel like some good old Pizza Hut?”

“GOD YES.” I started marching towards the kitchen as fast as my dress would allow when suddenly my mother’s voice stopped me in my tracks. I turned sheepishly, catching her stern gaze.

“Jen, change. You don’t want pizza toppings all over that gown, now do you? Go now. We’re still gonna be here by the time you finish.” She said briskly, giving me a slight push in the opposite direction. “Actually, you might need help unzipping the dress. Come on, I’ll go with you.”

With no other choice, I marched up the stairs, my mother trailing behind. In my bedroom, I quickly singled out my favourite sweatpants and Louisville High sweatshirt. My mom held me by my shoulders, spinning me round until her soft fingers found the zipper.

I waited impatiently as she unzipped the dress, somehow reminded of my years as a teenager in Kentucky. After every prom, every high school dance, this was something my mom did, no matter how old I got. It was the way we talked. She’d ask me if it went well, whether I had a good time. Being the only women in the family; we shared a close bond.

Living a few states apart made me appreciate my mother’s presence even more. Once I was out of the dress, she stayed to replace it back in its plastic sheath, smoothing the folds until all the creases were out. I quickly changed into my sweatpants while she hung the dress on a hook by the door.

“Thanks for helping me out, Momma.” I say affectionately, carefully removing the Neil Lane earrings. “I missed you a lot. You know, this reminded me so much of prom. Do you remember?”

“How could I forget, honey?” She smiled fondly at me. “You’re as beautiful now as you were back then. Now I’m not just saying that because I’m your mother.”

“Yeah, I know. So how did you guys get here? Did Justine swing by to pick you up?”

“No, actually Josh did. He got in touch with her, I guess. When he did swing by, he told us he was ordering pizza, in case we were hungry.” The look in my mother’s eyes was unmistakeable. It was a look of pride, wistfulness.

“He’s great.” I say honestly. “I actually can’t believe he did all this for me.”

“Well, sweetie, he’s got a big heart. Like you. Now come on, otherwise they might eat all the pizza. And we sure as hell can’t let that happen.” She winked at me playfully, making me laugh as we descended down the stairs.

Sure enough, we found the boys playfully squabbling over the pizza. At least my brothers anyway. Josh was sitting with my dad, trash talking one of his favourite teams, the Louisville Cardinals. It was something they often did, something that made my father see him as another surrogate son.

I sat down beside my best friend, pulling the box of cheese pizza towards me. I dug into it without hesitation, nibbling on the delicious crust. “You’re not really insulting the Cardinals, are you? They’re on pretty good form at the moment, aren’t they Dad?”

“Well I think it’s time they change coaches.” Josh said, raising an eyebrow. “In basketball anyway. They gotta knock the number ones off the leader board at some point. Come on, I can’t even remember the last time the Cards won a championship.”

“Twenty thirteen, mind you.” My dad retorted playfully. “Since 1982, the Cards have been in the top five. You weren’t even born then, son, so you wouldn’t know.”

“Oh no he didn’t..” I teased in singsong as my brothers laughed.

“Yeah well, the Cats are gonna kick ass this season. I know they will. They’ve recorded over 1700 wins. AND they’re two time National Champions. I mean, granted this was back in '62. Nick Van Exel was a graduate from Cincinnati, he’s been coaching the Texas Legends since forever. We got Cats champions in the NBA, man.”

“Wow, when did you learn all this stuff?” Blaine asked, impressed.

“I do watch ESPN sometimes.” Josh chuckled. “Plus, you know I got this from my best pal, Google. Just then. I actually got scared.. I’m like 'Oh, shit. I need more basketball trivia. He’s gonna kill me with his awesome knowledge.” He shared an impish smile with my father.

My father, bless him, smiled back. “Okay enough sports, we can talk some more after the Cards kick your ass next month. Jen, honey, tell us about the Globes. Did you have fun?”

Josh pretended to be offended as he reached for another slice of pizza. “I’ll take that bet. You’ll be sorry you ever cursed the Cats.”

“Bring it on.”

“The Globes was fun.” I answered loudly, giggling. “I had a great time, acted like an obsessed fan. Stared at Meryl Streep for hours. No joke, I watched her eat, drink. I was THIS close to following her to the bathroom.”

“You’re such a weirdo.” Ben quipped, shaking his head as he chewed noisily.

“Ugh, I should not be allowed near people ever.” I laugh. “Meryl’s gonna get a restraining order put on me, I swear. But she actually congratulated me when they called my name. I almost passed out.”

“Speaking of.. I’m surprised you didn’t fall over on your way up there.” Blaine teased, roaring with laughter at the way my face reddened. “I remember last year your dress got caught on the step.”

“This year, I made sure the Dior people didn’t give me a train. Freaking hate big dresses. I swear, it’s the last time I’m wearing a dress that makes me look like a pastry.”

“Did you eat enough while you were there?” My mother asked sternly. She knew I had the tendency to neglect the basic human needs whenever I got overexcited.

“Yes, Mommy. Amy made sure I did. It’s the motherly instinct coming out of her. She was all bossy. Her partner, Darren, apologised afterwards. He said it’s because Aviana started eating solid foods recently so Amy’s making sure she eats it all.”

“Who’s Aviana?”

“Amy’s three year old daughter.” I smile, remembering the first time I’d met the bubbly little girl with tufts of bright, strawberry blonde hair. She looked exactly like Amy. “She’s a cute kid.” I snapped my fingers, remembering something. “Oh! Guess what? I met Sam Worthington.”

Josh sat up straighter, swallowing the mouthful of pizza he was eating. “You did?! Oh my god. That’s awesome.”

“Uh huh. I even got a picture with him.” I say happily, fishing my phone from the pocket of my sweatpants. I scroll quickly through the images until I found the picture, then scooted my chair closer to his. “See? We took a selfie.”

“Wow, very nice! Did you tell him we loved him in Avatar?”

“Yeah, I did. He said he really liked The Hunger Games. I almost passed out then too, I was like 'Oh god, Jake Sully just told me he liked the Hunger Games’. I texted you as soon as he left. I’m like 'Holy shit. Josh has gotta hear this.’”

He smiled, his eyes glowing. It sent a strange yet welcome warmth searing through my veins, making my heart beat a little faster than usual. “Oh yeah I did get your message. You texted me from the bathroom… I’m all 'Dude, shouldn’t you be up there presenting?’”

Laughing, I nudged his shoulder. “Well, I needed to pee. But I also needed to text you. So I thought, 'Why not do both?’”


I took another bite of my meat lovers pizza, ignoring the knowing look on my mother’s face. I had no doubt that she observed the casual exchange between us. The affectionate, almost tender, way we touched.

Despite the lateness of the hour, the conversation flowed easily. I served some coffee and rolls when the pizza was finally gone, beaming fondly at my loved ones. They chatted happily about the goings-on in their lives; so far removed from my own.

My father was amidst yet another project at his construction firm. He was building townhouses for a real estate company. He talked animatedly about concrete, bricks, cement. While my brothers rolled their eyes, I found myself listening aptly. Normality was so rare these days; my father’s talks brought that closer, even if only for a brief moment.

Blaine was navigating parenthood with my sister-in-law Meredith. So far he helped Dad out at the firm while raising their five year old, Bear. His wife was still on indefinite leave from her job as a paediatrician, holding play dates, forging friendships with other young moms in the area.

Although the summer had long since passed, my mother was still busy. She planned ahead for the coming season; adding more activities, booking venues, hiring new counsellors. As a teenager, I often assisted her, going along as a trainee counsellor when my brothers couldn’t. Now that we had our own lives however, she had a team of college graduates around her.

Wedding bells were ringing for my other brother, Ben, and my future sister-in-law, Carson. Like my parents, they still lived in Louisville, never straying far from their roots. The ranch ceremony would be held in the spring. This was something I couldn’t miss, being one of the bridesmaids.

Everyone was happy, healthy. Just as I hoped they would be.

Try as I may, I couldn’t stop myself from yawning. Against my will, the exhaustion was creeping back into my system, extinguishing what was left of the adrenaline. At first I thought I was doing well hiding my yawns, but when I stretched, my mother flicked her fingers.

“Oh, someone’s sleepy.” She said, rising from the table.

“No. No I’m not.” I protest feebly.

My mom laughed, shaking her head. “Sweetheart, you’ve been yawning for the last, oh I don’t know, ten minutes now? I think it’s time you call it a night.”

“But come on, stay. It IS a weekend, isn’t it?”

“Yeah but we’ve got a plane to catch. There aren’t many flights headed for Louisville.” Blaine reasoned, getting my mom’s message. He started gathering the empty plates, piling them on top of each other.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. It’s late anyway. We know you’ve had a long day.” Dad replied, kissing the top of my head. “You actresses need your beauty sleep.”

“Especially you. You get so crabby in the morning when you haven’t had a full twenty hours’ rest.” Ben teased, carrying the empty coffee pot into the kitchen.

“I do NOT get crabby.”

“Hah! Okay. You don’t get crabby.”

Shaking my head, I stood up to help clear away the mess. I’d spent years being the brunt of my brothers’ jokes. There were nights when I even cried over them because I was too young to understand. But now that we lived separate lives, only seeing each other when there was free time, I missed them so much more.

As tired as I was, I felt guilty having my family clear the table. But my mother insisted I relax while the men helped her with the work. So, I hung around in the living room, drifting in and out of sleep. When they were done, they each prepared to leave, grabbing coats, beanies, gloves.

My mother pulled me into her arms, holding me tight. “You were wonderful tonight, Jen. I’m proud of you, alright? Don’t forget.” She whispered, stroking my hair. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Mom.” I say, feeling my throat constrict. “I’ll see you in a few weeks.”

“Take care, squirt.” My father said, embracing me. “Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Work hard but stay relaxed, okay?”

“Sure, Daddy. Thanks for coming. Really. I missed you guys tonight.”

My brothers were next, tackling me so fast I was lifted off my feet. Laughing, I screamed, begging them to put me down. When they did, they both ruffled my hair. “Go and sleep, little sister. Congrats on the Globe.” Blaine replied, grinning.

“Yeah, it’s a miracle you didn’t fall over, Bambi. Really shocking.” Ben quipped, pulling his beanie low over his head.


“Coming, Mom!”

I chuckled, watching my family walk down the path. Five minutes later, they all but disappeared into the night, leaving behind a trail of white smoke. I shuddered, closing the door. The house seemed colder without them here, less lively.

Desperately craving some warmth, I shuffled into the kitchen. To my surprise, Josh was still there, washing the dishes; his elbows caked with foam and soap. The sleeves of his plaid shirt were rolled up, revealing his fair skin.

He smiled when he saw me come in. Warmth gushed through my veins, turning my limbs into jelly, making my hands tingle. My heart skipped a beat, thumping along to some strange rhythm. I smiled back, grateful for his presence.

“What are you still doing here?” I ask, combing through the cupboards for a mug. “It’s late. You should go home. I can do all that in the morning.”

“No, don’t sweat it, Jen. I got this.” He reached for the last plate, coating it liberally in dishwashing liquid. “You’re exhausted, so I don’t mind.”

“But, you know..” My voice trailed into nothingness. There was no point arguing. I sighed, conceding defeat. I brewed some hot coca and poured myself a mug, sitting at the kitchen counter with my fingers curled around the handle. “Thank you, though.”

“You’re welcome.” He smiled, drying his hands on a dish towel. “Wow, that hot cocoa smells good. Can I have some too?”

“Help yourself.”

Once he had filled up his own mug, he joined me in the living room. We sat together on the couch, talking quietly, sharing stories. Like my family, he enquired about the Globes, wondering if I had a good time. I said I did but when I reflected on the memories, I suddenly found myself wishing he was there.

If it were up to me, I would’ve stayed up longer. Exhaustion crept back into my system, making me feel so sluggish I almost spilled my hot cocoa. He pushed it out of the way before it could fall on the rug.

Strong hands steadied me by the shoulders. Half a second later, I was lying on my back, my head pillowed by a cushion, with a blanket spread over me. I vaguely registered the sound of boots scraping across the floor. Oh no, was he leaving?

“Wait, don’t go.” I say, heart thundering in my ears.

“Relax, Jen.” He murmured gently. “I just moved my boots. I’m not going anywhere, okay? Shh. It’s alright.” He sat down again beside, shifting so that he cradled my head in his lap. His soft hands brushed my hair soothingly. “Shh, it’s okay.”

My body calmed at his touch, my heartbeat returning to its regular rhythm. I yawned, turning so that my face was almost touching the fabric of his shirt. My skin tingled as he pressed his lips to my forehead.

“Stay.” I whisper as the tendrils of sleep pulled me under.


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So... you said Francis/Charles reminds you of Echo/Narcissus? Tell me more. I'm intrigued.


Alright, friends, stick with me, because we’re in it for the long haul. I’ll even properly capitalize things, just for you, since this is A Proper Analysis™. Also all quotes are from the Raeburn translation of Metamorphoses and the UK copy of The Secret History.

So first things first, I study Classics (and drama but Classics is what’s important here). I focus on the Roman side of things, rather than the Greek (don’t shoot me!), mostly the Julio-Claudians, so this is going to be coming from the Roman version of the myth. This term I’m in a class on Ovid’s Metamorphoses. I had read the Metamorphoses a few times before, but this is way more in depth since the class is devoted purely to that poem. I recently wrote a paper on “extreme people” in the poem, and focused on Echo and Narcissus, specifically how Echo is not what she seems on the surface. NOW LET’S GET STARTED, SHALL WE?

The thing about Echo and Narcissus is that people have an image in their head already, a preconceived idea of what these two characters are like, when in actuality, they’re very different (at least Echo is) than what people think when they hear the names. Echo wasn’t just a passive nymph who was super cautious and very timid like people make her out to be. And Narcissus wasn’t completely heartless in his choices, although he definitely could have been kinder to Echo. Echo covered up for one of her fellow nymphs when she thought Juno was going to catch the nymph with Jupiter. She protected her friend and the consequence was that she lost her own voice, she was doomed only to repeat the ends of what she heard. And even though her autonomy is seemingly taken away from her, she still tries to take what she wants. She sees Narcissus, this god-like boy, and she wants him, so she puts herself out there. And then we have Narcissus. He was doomed since his birth to be his own downfall if he “knows himself” (we’ll talk a bit about how this means different things in different versions later). He knew he was handsome, and he scorned all of his suitors, men and women alike. Yes, he was a little shit, but you would be too if you had

“rippling curls like the locks of a god, Apollo or Bacchus, cheeks as smooth as silk, an ivory neck and a glorious face with a mixture of blushing red and creamy whiteness”

I mean, WOW. Basically what we have is a nymph who knows what she wants and is never apologetic for it, and a boy who is too handsome for his own good.

After Echo sees Narcissus, who refuses to be with anyone at all, she follows him, repeating his words. He eventually asks her to come forward so that he can see who she is, he literally says “we must come together!” kind of deceiving knowing what’s coming right? And when she bursts forward, ready to give Narcissus her entire being he actually scorns her, saying she’ll never “enjoy his body” which sadly she has to repeat which makes things pretty awkward. Echo leaves Narcissus, but still harbors this bitter love for him that ultimately makes her waste away until she is only a voice. And yet she still cares about him. She watches him fall in love with his own reflection, sees him trying desperately to kiss and touch the reflection. Narcissus stays in front of his reflection in the water, slowly wasting away as well, destroying himself because of his own selfishness, and Echo watches, she watches and she is moved to pity, because she still cares so deeply about this selfish, beautiful boy. And yet she knows she can’t help him. Even though he was horrible to her, it doesn’t matter, she still feels sorrow for him, she even mourns him when he finally dies.

“Echo had watched his decline, still filled with angry resentment but moved to pity. Whenever the poor unhappy youth uttered a pitiful sigh, her own voice uttered a pitiful sigh in return.”

She was the only one to say goodbye to him as he was dying, she was the only one who actually cared, even though, until his very last breath, he cared about no one but himself.

Do you see where I’m going with this? So then we take Francis and Charles.

Francis, our Echo, bound to follow and love our Narcissus, despite how selfish and careless he is. Francis, our Echo, being bold with his love, taking whatever attention he can have from Charles, giving himself up readily for him, even though they both know that our Narcissus would never really give anything in return. Francis, our Echo, still loving Charles, always loving Charles, bitterly, coldly, but no matter what, because

“Just when I’ve managed to harden my heart, he’ll turn around and be so sweet. I always fall for it. I don’t know why.”

Francis, our Echo, believing that, despite the selfishness, there must be something good in Narcissus, because how can someone so beautiful be rotten?

“I tend to equate physical beauty with qualities with which it has absolutely nothing to do with. I see a pretty mouth or a moody pair of eyes and imagine all sorts of deep affinities, private kinships.”

And Charles, our Narcissus, in love with the reflection of himself, “he was her brother and they did look an awful lot alike.” Narcissus who, in some versions of the myth, is actually in love with his twin sister and not merely his own reflection. In some versions, incest is the crime, not just narcissism, to use the word directly from his name. Knowing himself means knowing the one who looks strikingly like him, seeing his reflection in someone else and becoming obsessed, loving his twin. Charles, our Narcissus, who is his own ultimate downfall, his own worst enemy, whose passion wrecks his life. Our Narcissus who only cares about himself, who leads people on with his beauty, hiding the selfishness with golden hair and a charming smile. Charles, our Narcissus, who acts as if he cares about our Echo, in private, only to scorn him and develop sudden bouts of amnesia when the apparent affection is brought up again.

Francis and Charles, our Echo and Narcissus, who watch each other waste away, bitterly, angrily, never really able to let the other one have what they want.

I sort of like to imagine that years later, after the end of the book, Charles has left that older woman he was with and Francis maybe realized that he can get by on his own and divorced Priscilla. Maybe they’re both struggling with money and having trouble getting by, but it’s better than being trapped with someone you don’t really love, isn’t it? And Charles finds his way to Francis again. Maybe he tries to apologize to him, finally, and maybe they sleep together one last time, but Francis doesn’t need Charles anymore, he has himself, and now Charles doesn’t even have his reflection. So they say their final goodbyes, their roles being reversed.

“[Our new Narcissus’s] final words, as he gazed once more in the pool, rang back from the rocks: ’Oh marvelous boy, I have loved you in vain!’ Then he said, ‘Farewell.’ ‘Farewell,’ said [our new] Echo.”

So yes, Francis/Charles reminds me of Echo/Narcissus, in the sad, no one gets a happy ending sort of way that I love so much.

Mary tries to take control of the reunion scene in TEH

Sherlock revealing himself in TEH is an intense moment, a bit painful to watch. It is quite interesting to look at Mary’s reactions during this scene.

First, I have to say, I’m convinced Mary went upstairs as John tried to propose to make Sherlock watch the proposal happen, and break his heart indirectly. It works a bit, even if Sherlock plays the jerk as he did with every girlfriend of John and enters in direct competition with her for John’s heart and attention

As Sherlock appears at the worst moment during John’s proposal, Mary makes a funny face

She’s like “wow, future husband mine, you’re SO gonna freak out!”. Of course, she recognized Sherlock and I’m sure she’s looking forward to John’s reaction here. She finds it funny (like Sherlock), and she quite misses the dramatic impact of this moment for John, I think. Or she doesn’t care. She’s looking like him and wonders if he’s going to cry, yell or faint. It’s a game for her.

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Camila/You: Best Friends?- Part 4
A/N: wow I’ve never had so many declarations of love before! Seriously you guys are awesome okay so this chapter is going to pick up a little, Camila is already starting to get a little jealous of you and Lauren what will happen when you start spending more time with her? (No love triangle I promise)

Best Friends?- Part 4

When I turned to face the door and I found Austin standing there with a smirk on his face I couldn’t help but feel like I was going to vomit. The way Camila dropped my hands to run to Austin left a pit in my stomach and my heart separated in two all over again. Camila squealed and hugged Austin, he quickly reciprocated the hug his hands moving a little lower than they should be. I rolled my eyes and turned away from the scene as Camila and Austin chatted amongst themselves, from the corner of my eye I could see Lauren doing the same thing instead she added a loud scoff causing me to laugh. My laugh was a little louder than intended because Austin and Camila turned to me with confused looks, I smiled and waved trying to play it off but Austin narrowed his eyes at me oh this was not going to end well.

“Y/N! Come here I want you to meet Austin” Camila yelled and I internally groaned.

“Mila we met already but it would be my absolute pleasure to be reacquainted” I said with heavy sarcasm earning a jab from Camila as I stopped next to her.

“Hi nice to meet you” Austin said in an icy tone, douche bag was all I could think of the moment his pubescent boy mouth opened. That’s what he looked like to me a little boy; I met his glare and narrowed my own eyes earning another jab from Camila.

“Soooo Y/N is going to be on tour with us! I asked her to come and I was more than excited when she said yes” Camila said with extreme excitement and I smiled at her cuteness as her brown eyes lit up. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw Austin’s eyes go wide, I could tell he didn’t like me already which didn’t bug me at all considering I couldn’t stand him.

“Oh that’s great… I can’t wait to get to know my girls bestie” he said with sarcasm as he wrapped an arm around Camila’s waist. In that moment I couldn’t stand him even more, I nodded my head at him and gave my best fake smile.

“Great” was all I could say before I walked away from the pair wanting to rip my eyeballs out. I walked towards the bathroom and slammed the door shut so hard I hoped Camila would hear it just so she knew how pissed off I was. Why was he here in the first place? The tour didn’t start for another week did he really need to show up here? My breathing became ragged and I struggled to find my breath. Looking at Austin and Camila, seeing the look on her face and that smile I thought was only reserved for me plastered against her face when he walked in literally made me sick.

I had to sit down so I slammed my back against the wall and slid down it trying to catch my breath. The words ‘my girl’ echoed through my head and the more they repeated the more I felt sick. I couldn’t help but feel like it should be me not Austin, it felt wrong to watch them like it just didn’t fit right. My heart felt like it was going to stop beating any second; I refused to go back out there I couldn’t look at those two again without wanting to burst out into tears.

15 minutes had passed with me sitting on the bathroom floor, I had my head in my hands but it wasn’t until I felt an arm on my shoulder that I jolted up. Lauren was kneeling in front of me hand on my shoulder giving me a look of pure compassion. I looked into her green eyes and I felt immediately comforted by her and I gave her a real smile.

“Hey” was all I could say as she brought her hand up to wipe the tears from my cheek.

“Hey you’ve been in here a while?” She questioned and I nodded.

“Well I was feeling… Sick if you know what I mean” she laughed, I gave her a small smile as I stood up. I took a minute to look at Lauren, she was a little bit shorter than me and her hair was a little messy from rehearsal but she still looked beautiful.

“Oh I know what you mean” she said looking me dead in the eye.

“Laur how did you get in here?” I asked and she quirked her eyebrow.

“Um it was open” she said, I silently cursed myself I didn’t lock the damn door. I huffed in anger at my stupidity and turned to face the mirror bracing the sink with both hands.

“Hey c'mon let’s get out of here” I nodded my head and let her take my hand as she guided us out of the bathroom. When we stepped out into the room I felt Camila’s eyes on me instantly but I refused to look up as Lauren dragged me towards the door.

“Y/N, where are you going?” Camila asked softly, I walked up to her and gave her a short hug before I stepped back with Lauren.

“I’m feeling kind of sick, so I’m going back to the bus” I said while looking at Austin because he was the reason why I was sick in the first place. Camila followed my gaze and huffed.

“Okay…” Was all she could say before Lauren grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the studio. I didn’t look back once because I knew if I did Camila’s expression would kill me as she watched me and Lauren leave hands latched.

“Thank god were out of there” Lauren spoke up as we reached the bus.

“Yeah I know, I didn’t think I could last that long with Austin in the room” she nodded her head agreeing with my statement. We stepped into the bus and I felt relief wash over me but before I could get to my bunk and wish this day was a dream Lauren stopped me.

“Get dressed were going out” she said seriously and I gave her a confused look but had no time to question her as she made her way to her bunk. I followed suit and tried picking out what to wear, she didn’t say where we were going so I decided on a pair of denim shorts, white converse, a tank top and sweater. I dressed for comfort I know, but I wasn’t going to change now. I stepped out and found Lauren sitting on the couch waiting for me; she seemed to have the same idea as me when I saw what she was wearing. She decided on white shorts, a tank top and leather jacket considering it got cold at night; I smiled at her as I approached and she looked up with a certain glow in her eyes.

“Good you’re ready c'mon” she said and grabbed my hand again.

“You’re getting used to holding my hand eh?” I asked and she shrugged.

“Well I don’t have to hold your hand” she retorted releasing my hand, I frowned and reached for it again interlocking our fingers.

“Yeah you do” I told her with a smile and I turned to see her fighting her own smile. We walked down the streets of LA for half an hour before Lauren decided to speak.

“Turn this way” she said pointing to what looked like an abandoned building. I halted my movements causing Lauren to stop since our hands were intertwined.

“What?” She questioned and I gave her a wide-eyed look.

“You’re kidding right? That place looks like it hasn’t been lived in since 1892” I said in all seriousness and she just laughed.

“Don’t tell me you’re scared?” She said in between laughs and I rolled my eyes.

“No it just doesn’t look safe” she looked at me like she was trying to defer if I was lying or not, she smiled and hooked her arm around mine. The minute she did that my thoughts were brought to Camila that was something that only we would do to each other and doing it with Lauren just didn’t feel right. So I slowly pulled my arm from hers and gave her a smile to reassure that she didn’t do anything wrong. The look on her face seemed hurt but when I grabbed her hand it quickly disappeared.

“C'mon do you trust me?” She asked and I nodded giving in to the absurd idea of entering this abandoned building. When we stepped inside the first thing I heard was a crack in the floor board, I knew this wasn’t going to be safe. We continued walking towards the stairs when I looked up there seemed to be about 3 flights, I sighed as we climbed them.

When we reached the top there was a door, Lauren smiled before she opened it and I just shook my head still not fond of this idea. She turned the doorknob and I was greeted by a breathtaking sight, the view from the top of the building was absolutely incredible.

“I told you to trust me” she said and I couldn’t help but smile.

“Wow Lauren, this is incredible how did you find this place?” I asked and she smiled hesitantly.

“Camz and I went on an adventure one day and we came across this place, we were skeptical just like you at first but it was totally worth it.” She explained I smiled at the mention of Camila.

“This is the place where we come to talk and to think, I thought it would be a good idea to bring you here” she said as she took a seat on the edge patting the empty space next to her.

“Why would I need to talk?” I asked as I took a seat.

“I never said you needed to talk did I?” She said and I swallowed the lump in my throat. I looked out at the amazing view and I couldn’t help but think about Camila, here I am with a beautiful girl and a miraculous view and she’s the only thing that crosses my mind.

“So are you going to deny your feelings for Camila again, or are you gonna tell me the truth? Because normal people don’t just get sick looking at their best friend’s boyfriend” She said with a laugh and I sighed, there was no point in hiding it from Lauren she clearly knew.

“Fine, you’re right I have feelings for Camila.” I admitted with a heavy heart, she put her hand on mine and I smiled at the gesture.

“Are these recent feelings? I mean you’ve known Camz your whole life and now you have feelings? Or was it always there?” She asked I nodded my head.

“Recent, maybe 2 years ago I realized I liked her much more than a friend? I don’t know I mean, I’ve known Camila my whole life and to suddenly have those feelings it scared the crap out of me” I said and she nodded her head urging me to continue.

“So I decided to hide it, I couldn’t tell her I didn’t want to ruin our amazing friendship but it’s getting harder and harder to hide and now with Austin in the mix I’m on the verge of having an emotional breakdown.” I said and she laughed at the last part but little did she know that was the god honest truth.

“Y/N, I get why you don’t want to tell her but do you want to be with her?” She asked I took a good 5 minutes to really think about it. Did I want to be the only person to make her smile? Did I want to be the only person to hold her and kiss her? My answer was simple.

“Of course I want to be with her, I want to be the one to hold her and take care of her, I want to be the only person who can make her feel better when she’s down, I want to be the only person to kiss her perfect lips, I want her, all of her I never wanted anything so bad, I’m just afraid of ruining our friendship.” I expressed with so much passion that Lauren looked at me wide-eyed but with a megawatt smile.

“Well then since you want her so badly and I like you a lot better than Austin, I only want the best for Camz and to me you are the best thing for her. I see the way she looks at you Y/N you need to take a risk, she has feelings for you I know it she just needs a little… Push” she said the last part with a manipulative smile and I got nervous.

“What do you mean a little… Push?” I asked hesitantly and she smiled wickedly.

“What I mean is let’s get you your girl” she said as she got up bolting towards the door. I got up and ran after her not knowing what she was doing.

“Lauren what are you saying?” I asked, she stopped and smiled back at me.

“I’m going to help you get Camz! C'mon you chicken!” She cried and sprinted out the doors of the building I followed behind her closely. For some reason we ran all the way back to the tour bus laughing, I caught up with her just outside the bus and I grabbed her, picked her up and threw her over my shoulder. The action felt familiar and I remember doing this with Camila, my smile faltered a bit but I continued to laugh at the way Lauren was trying to fight me.

“How strong are you?! Put me down!” She cried and I continued to laugh as I put her down, she slapped my arm hard once her feet found the solid ground.

“Asshole! You scared the crap out of me!” She said and I gave her an apologetic look.

“Aww Lo did I scare you a little too much” I said in a baby voice and she flipped me off.

“Whatever, oh and by the way we have an audience” she said before walking past me and into the bus, I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion before turning around and noticing Camila in the window. I huffed and made my way inside the tour bus. The minute I entered the bus Camila came straight towards me, I could tell she was trying to hide her anger but she was never good at hiding her true emotions.

“Where were you? I thought you were sick?” She asked and I rolled my eyes.

“I was sick but as soon as I left the studio I started feeling incredibly better.” I said with heavy sarcasm and she scoffed at me.

“That doesn’t answer my question as to where were you?” She questioned me again, I looked her dead in the eye and I melted at the sight of her shimmering brown eyes.

“I was with Lauren, we hung out a bit tried to get my mind off of the fact that Austin decided to make a surprise appearance or did you 'forget’ to tell me he was coming like you 'forgot’ to tell me you two were a thing?” I asked using air quotes, she looked at me hurt and broken I knew I was harping on this Austin and her couple thing but I couldn’t help it.

“I-I didn’t know he was coming, I didn’t forget I didn’t know” she said and I nodded.

“I don’t like him Mila, you saw the way we were talking he clearly doesn’t like me and I clearly don’t like him.” I told her and she frowned.

“I know you don’t like him Y/N, but could you at least pretend? For me?” she asked and I huffed giving in. Even though I couldn’t stand the boy I had to at least pretend because making Camila happy is what matters.

“Yeah sure, I’ll try” I told her with a smile and she embraced me in a hug, I smiled and hugged her back. We stepped back and I went to the couch to sit down, she followed and sat down next to me.

“So what did you and Lauren talk about?” She questioned and my eyes went wide but I covered it up quickly.

“Nothing special just getting to know each other you know?” I told her and she nodded.

“How was Austin’s visit?” I asked with venom laced in my voice and Camila just rolled her eyes.

“I know you don’t want to talk about Austin but I appreciate the effort” she said and placed a kiss on my cheek. I could feel my face heat up and a huge smile grace my face.

“But to answer your question it was nice, he only stayed for a bit then I watched a movie with Dinah. But tomorrow Austin and I have a date.” She said so nonchalantly, I had to swallow the words I wanted to utter so instead I smiled trying not to seem to broken about the mention of her date.

“Cool, Camila I have to ask you something” I said and I saw her face go from happy to worried.

“Okay shoot” I swallowed hard.

“Has he kissed you?” I asked and her smile returned which made my heart sink.

“No he hasn’t, I’m still virgin lips and I would’ve told you already if he did. I want to make sure that when I have my first kiss it will be with someone who genuinely cares about me.” She said and I smiled wishing that it would be me and hopefully whatever plan Lauren had in store could help me.

“Okay good, I’m glad” I said and she smiled resting her head against my chest. I sat there enjoying the warmth my best friend was giving me in the moment, it wasn’t until I heard her speak that I was broken out of my state of serenity.

“Y/N, do you like Lauren?” She asked me suddenly and I gave her a puzzled look.

“Of course I like Lauren she’s amazing” I told her and she shook her head.

“No I mean do you like, like her?” She re asked and I furrowed my eyebrows. There was no doubt that I was attracted to Lauren but did I like her in that way? Did I want more than friendship?

“No I don’t Mila, she’s just a friend and she’s going to stay that way.” I said, I could tell she was trying to fight her smile because she had warned me twice before about Lauren.

“Okay, who knows maybe you’ll find love on this tour? Maybe one of Austin’s dancers!” She exclaimed and my smile faltered.

“Yeah maybe” I plastered a fake smile on my face and nodded.

“Okay well I’m off to bed, I’ll see you in the morning” and with that she bounded to her bunk and shut the curtain. I sighed taking in her words; 'maybe you’ll find love’ was all that echoed in my mind.

“I think I already found it” I whispered softly before getting up and making my way to bed.

A/N: YOU admitted to Lauren that you like Camila! I wonder what she’s got in store! How will she help you get your girl? And how will Austin and Camila’s date go? I think I’m in love with all of my readers you guys are incredible! Tell me what you thought of this chapter it seemed a little slow to me but next chapter is full of interesting stuff like some you and Austin drama? Maybe some fighting? ;) Tell me what you think of this and I’m still incorporating some of your suggestions. Feedback means a lot so please let me know what you think! Ciao for now

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Open When You've Had a Bad Day

This took a turn that I was not expecting. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I’m sure you’ll tell me.



The minute Mamrie enters the cabin, she can spot the destruction from the doorway. Purse spilled across the floor, papers all about the living room, heels haphazardly strewn along the hallway, one close to her and the other closest to the desk. She spies Goose sitting next to the counter glancing around the mess in confusion, looking up sharply at her with her little head cocked to one side when she hears the sound of the door shutting.

Mamrie closes her eyes and hunches her shoulder up when she herself hears the sound, bracing for the impact of the storm. Opening one eye slightly, she breathes a sigh of relief when the fiery blonde is nowhere to be found. The next steps she takes are timid, one foot in front of the other, pausing to check and see if her presence has been known yet. This continues on for a few more steps before the redhead throws her hands up in the air, annoyance wracking her body.

She’s Mamrie fucking Hart. And this is her best friend. Who is acting ridiculous.

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