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Im Youngmin as your boyfriend

- so turns out he actually takes the same bus as you, and for a while he’s been admiring you
- making sure you have somewhere to sit, even if it means he has to stand for the whole journey
- however, your always too tired to even realise what’s going on
- but its the day of ur job interview and lmao you woke up late!
- and so guess who forgot their bag which contains all their belongings, including ur phone and wallet?
- hahAHAHAHa you…
- ur at the entrance of the bus and of course everyone’s looking at the strange girl who doesn’t have a bus pass but is still trying to get in…
- and all of a sudden someone from behind pays for your bus fare
- your too embarrassed to even look them in the eyes but you still thank them
- what makes it worse is the fact that the bus is extra crowded and you hate standing because you can hardly even reach the handles that dangle down for you to hold on
- “just hold onto me”
- you see an arm held tightly onto the handle and you can feel the other arm wrapped loosely on your waist
- lmao by loosely I mean awkwardly propped on your waist unsure how tight or loose to hold you, as well as unsure where exactly to prop their arm…
- nevertheless you’d rather not embarrass yourself even more by falling over so you start to hold tightly onto him
- can I just say, a wHOLE LOADA STARING
- when you finally have enough courage to look them in their eyes you realise they’ve been looking at you this whole time
- BLUSHING!!!!!!
- warning- youngmin likes to smirk… a lot
- you can feel the laughter coming from his chest
- he follows you out the bus and claims he’s going wherever you are
- ‘I’m youngmin by the way, what’s your name?“
- “why do you keep following me?…”
- your so embarrassed and you really don’t want him to see how red you are because of him
- “fine. You caught me, by now I should probably be in my lecture… But before I go, at least let me get your number.”
- how could you say no???
- and before you both know it your pretty much texting non stop and he asks you out on a date
- your first official date is at a PC bang, and yes he was planning to be romantic and teach you to play one of the games called over watch
- but sIKE, you were a frequent PC bang user back in the day of high school and let’s just say, your way better than him
- “but I just wanted this to be romantic and I wanted to teach you, I was planning so much and now you’ve just completely beat me…”
- youngmin whining, with his lips pouted and hair in a hot mess
- before you knew it, you had your lips on his
- fIRST KISS!!!!!
- you could just about reach his lips but after a few seconds youngmin already had his hands wrapped around your waist
- “youngmin… I’m sorry that you sUCK AT OVERWATCH!”
- you try your best to run away but he catches up to you instantly
- and yay, second kiss
- this time he’s confident and in charge, hands placed lightly on your cheeks and yours were tightly around his body
- “wow, you’re an absolute beast on overwatch- it makes me like you even more…”
- confESSION!!!
- its official y'all are bf and gf!!!!!
- changing his relationship status on all social media
- as well as bragging about you a lot
- “yah, woojin! My girlfriend can actually play overwatch aND SHE’S REALLY GOOD, what can your girlfriend do? SiKE I LIKE YOUR GIRLFRIEND SHE’S REALLY NICE please stop hitting me…”
- smiling youngmin means your most likely smiling as well
- you can’t help but get lost in his eyes when they crinkle as he smiles
- normally silences with youngmin are the kind which are enjoyable, no awkwardness just a sense of understanding
- he walks you home when its dark and at times like this he’s quite protective, youngmin more or less always has his hand around your waist when your walking home
- which your fine with tbh
- but in general you guys trust each other but sometimes you feel that youngmin is way too chill when your around guys, and you’ve realised he doesn’t really care or get jealous
- “do you even like me? It just seems that sometimes you don’t even care when I’m around these strange men!“
- “are you being serious right now? You don’t even understand how crazy I feel when I see you around these guys but I trust you and I don’t want to be that annoying over protective boyfriend… I trust you, y/n and you should know that i only have room in my heart for you.”
- you both apologize to each other and make up
- but what’s a make up witHOUT any make up sex…
- lemme just say, youngmin likes to take charge…
- and by now your neighbours clearly know his name .-.
- but just in case you haven’t realised what I’m hinting at; a whole loada love bites and delicate kisses on your body as well as hardcore exercise
- “yOUNGMIN, look at all the red marks I have on my neck from last night. Do you realise how hard it is for me to cover it up with makeup?!”
- “well you weren’t complaining last night”
- and there it is again, his smirk is now even more prominent and mixed with his perfect bed hair and morning voice…
- well one thing leads to another and your late for work, again…
- cute café dates and surprise the cafés you normally go to are cat cafés!
- rather than being focused on what your talking about he seems busy with stroking a nearby cat but now this gives you a chance to admire him
- “admit it, I look really cool right now”
- hE was right, with his satoori and his jawline and the cat…
- “you’re the lamest person I know”
- “y/n you make my heart flutter whenever you act like this, so cold and cool… Wow- 100% tsundere style, I’m in love”
- youngmin teasing you was something common but he really did mean the last part…
- you rolled your eyes before a laugh finally erupted out
- journeys on the bus together consists of sharing earphones and normally fighting over who gets to pick the music
- “but youngminnnnn, you love me right? And so you’ll love anything I love, and I love jiyoung oppa so let’s listen to some of his music!!!”
- youngmin doesn’t respond and you notice him flinch at mentioning love but try your best to ignore it so you just change the music to your gdragon playlist
- your walking home together and he’s still not responding
- “youngmin, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you talking… Are you just going to continue like this? Really?”
- you try your best aegyo to persuade him to open up but unlike usual, it has failed
- “yah do you know how you make me feel? Whenever I’m with you its like I can’t even feel my heart anymore, what do you want to hear? That you’re right? Because you are, I’m probably talking absolute bullshit right now but I just really like you- no, I love you.”
- you pull his face close to yours
- “me too, I love you”
- there’s a smile on his lips whilst you kiss
- “but seriously, y/n why do you call gdragon ‘oppa’ but not me?”
- “because your lame”
- youngmin also likes to play with your hair
- whilst your waiting in line his hand is around your shoulder and reaching to fiddle with your hair
- one night you’ve decided to try and get him to braid your hair
- at least he tried…
- he also likes whispering in your ear, knowing especially how ticklish you are
- passerby’s would think he’s saying something dirty but in reality its just dumb jokes
- “y/n you no longer have to watch asmr videos, I will be your asmr and im available 24/7”
- “hahaha very funny.”
- sharing clothes! He lowkey leaves his jumpers at your house so you can wear them… But he gets highkey turned on whenever he sees you in his clothes
- youngmin also endulges in couple items, making sure to drag you to buy matching t-shirts as well as matching phone cases
- “look, I sent this picture to my mum and she says we look cute… I would’ve expected her to cringe”
- “y/n! How could you do this to me?! Sending her a photo which I probably look weird in- I’m her future son in law and…”
- he stops at ‘son in law’
- “oppa, what are you even- psh, son in law?…”
- awkward silence
- “you finally called me oppa, that’s all that matter right now and we can discuss the future… In the future…”
- his smile reaches his eyes and your heart instantly melts
- “well, youngmin- son in law doesn’t sound that bad, right?”
- all of a sudden youngmin is on one knee and his hand reaches his chest pocket
- “Y/n, will you… ACCEPT MY HEART?!”
- Instead of pulling out a ring box like you were assuming he would, he pulls out nothing but his fingers in the shape of a heart
- “wow, I’m in love with such a loser”
- aNd you both spend the night in each others arms with an empty pizza box and mulan playing on the TV
- your both in love with each other and thats all that matters right now but as to what the future may hold… Well, who knows

College!AU Leo

so i have bts x forest fairy!au and seventeen x prince!au so here is some vixx (because i love them and they also deserve an au series) 

  • major: childhood education/literature 
  • minor: theater 
  • sports: captain of the soccer team 
  • clubs: choir club / book club because hakyeon made him join and then ditched him for another club but leo genuinely likes the nice group of people who run the club and their book picks are good so he stayed
  • so basically he wants to teach elementary school when he graduates and tbh when he declared his major the head of the department was like……….the soccer star of our university……..want to be…………..a teacher?
  • and leo shrugged because he doesn’t have to justify himself he loves books and he loves kids teaching was an obvious choice for him but he just gives the head of the department a nod and they’re like i mean i guess and leo is like ty professor gtg to soccer practice
  • in all his classes he’s pretty quiet and the professors never get it because all his written work is fantastic and everyone keeps urging him to drop childhood education and pursue like a PHD because his writing is just fantastic 
  • and someone once said like his genius shouldn’t be “wasted” on “teaching kids” and leo just grew cold immediately and was like you can’t fucking waste anything for kids, they’re the future, they’re the most important and almost knocked that guy out but that’s another story
  • but yeah he rarely participates but when he does and actually the first time he does his voice is so,,,,mellow and soft and the entire class + teacher is like,,,,,,,nevermind we can definitely see you as an elementary school teacher
  • also no one notices but his pencil case is covered in cat paws because he thinks it’s cute but he hides it so no one  finds out esp anyone on the soccer team
  • well actually vice captain xiumin knows but he won’t tell on leo
  • and you know one day you end up having class with him and at first he comes in and your first impression is he is very…..athletic looking and tall and you’re kinda like why is he taking a lit course about kid’s books but you’re like you know what i don’t judge
  • and then when he talks for the first time you’re like oh he’s……so cute wtf
  • and then he shows up one day to class right after practice in his soccer uniform and you’re like h O L Y S HIT
  • because he’s wearing the shorts and a tight fitted t-shirt and his hairs a mess and in his face and he has his duffle bag over his shoulder and his muscles are just…there and you’re like goodbye
  • and he sits next to you because your seats near the door and he doesn’t wanna make any noise crossing the room because he’s a little late and all of a sudden you hear his soft voice like “hey,,,,,what did i miss??”
  • and you kind of get flustered because he doesn’t really talk to anyone in class especially not you since you originally sit far but you’re like oh!!! not much just last weeks homework,,,here are my notes!!!
  • and he smiles at you and it’s the first time you’ve seen him smile and you have to like catch your breath because it’s such a gentle, small gesture but it makes him glow and you’re like do not fall in love with this dude do not fall in 
  • but when he whispers “can i copy them after class if you have time?” you’re like frick it im falling f R I ck it
  • and so you stay afterwards and leo is like jotting down what he needs and you notice that he takes his pencil out of this bag thats????covered in cat paws and you’re like wow cute!!!
  • but you don’t notice you said it outloud and all of a sudden this big dude that you thought never gets shy or anything turns the brightest shade of pink and he’s like ,,,,t,,,,thank you
  • and you’re like STOP BEING CUTE I SWEAR in your head this time but you’re like oh no problem!! do you like cats??
  • and he just perks up like !! i really like,,,,all animals,,,,but cats are,,,,and he kind of motions the paw thing that cats do and you’re like holy shit this boy has a soft voice and a SOFT heart can you FRiKCINg believe it
  • and you’re like that’s true cats are really cool and he’s kind of like …..quiet but like it’s not uncomfortable like you can see the hint of that smile again
  • and like when he’s done he bows and is like i have to go change out of this uniform (and you’re like no you don’t but moving on)
  • and you’re like ah!! yeah!! see you next class?? and he’s like yep and waves and you have to stand there in the empty classroom grasping your chest because fucking leo is adorable goodbye
  • and after that you guys like casually talk outside of class before it starts but you’re like it’ll probably never be more than that untIL one day leo’s like we have a soccer game coming up this saturday,,,,do you like soccer?? and you’re like watching it is fun yeah and he’s like,,,,,you should come watch me i mean our game you know support the college team hahahahaha and you’re like oh….o h ……. o H and you’re like o ok!!!
  • and he gets really smiley and keeps biting his lower lip back and it’s so cute and he’s like ok ill see you there then give me your number so i can text you were it is
  • and that is how you get leo’s number and tbh you squeal about it into your pillow when you get home (he does too, but you just don’t know that)
  • come game day you’re like at the place and the soccer team is out on the field doing stretches and you see leo and he looks so,,,,cool and calm in the uniform with the captain arm band and you’re kinda swooning because wow
  • and then he sees you and waves and xiumin next to him raises an eyebrow and when you go over to wish leo luck xiumins like WELL WELL LEO TELL ME ABOUT THIS CUTE PERSON and leo is like ,,,,,,,they,,,,,,are from my class and are nice,,,,,,,,,
  • and xiumin’s just smiling @ leo like mhmmm mhmm tell me more and you’re like ???? and leo like pinches xiumin’s nose and is like shush it and you’re even more ????? but you’re like good luck!! !!! and leo gets flustered again and even though xiumin is pinching his nose he’s like “leo’s gonna shoot the winning goal for you now~~~” and leo is like i s2g xiumin i will shove this soccer ball down your throat but anyway
  • you go back to the bleachers and watch leo play and he’s so competitive and it’s a whole new side of him and you’re like,,,,wow,,,,,
  • and just like xiumin says he gets the winning goal and you jump out of your seat and as leo runs to highfive the rest of the team he looks up at you and like runs his tongue over his lips before waving and you’re about to fall off the damn bleachers god damn iT LEO
  • after the game the team goes out to eat and you’re like ahh well ill see you in class but xiumin is like JOIN US and leo is like ,,,,yes,,,join us
  • and you know it’s a bunch of rowdy boys and leo tries to keep them calm but the food comes and he forgets completely because he starts eating like a damn animal and you’re like how do you fit so much food,,,,but then you’re like right he’s six fucking feet tall
  • and you’re sitting next to one of the players named ravi and he’s elbowing you like “hey hey i see you looking at leo, are you guys dating??” and you drop your chopsticks and are like wHAT no n o… noo hhaha and ken from across the table is like “really??? i would think hyung is in to you alot if he invites you to the games. he’s never done that.”
  • and all of a sudden the whole table is focused on you and leo and and you’re like getting super red and leo finally stops eating like…….guys shut it or ill kill you and they’re like o K hyUNG mhMMMM 
  • and afterwords everyones saying goodbye and leo’s like hey let me walk you to the train it’s late and you’re like oh ok and you’re chilly and he lets you wear his jacket that he has from the team with his name on the back and you’re screaming internally but you know 
  • and when you get to the train you’re like it was fun!!! ill see you in class??? and he sorta doesn’t say anything and you’re like ????
  • and all of a sudden he leans in to kiss you and it’s short, but it takes your breath away and when he pulls back he’s red but he’s like
  • “is it ok?”
  • and you can’t even speak you just nod and he pulls you in around the waist and holds the side of your neck and his kisses are so gentle that it makes you wanna melt into the ground holy shit 
  • and it’s just very,,,,,,,,,,cute the two of you
  • like next class he switches his seat to be near you and you two cutely talk over books you like and are reading and leo tells you excitedly about his nephew and you get why he wants to be a teacher
  • like whenever you two are walking out off campus and a group of school children walks by he’s always smiling and patting one on the head and you even learn that he helps coach the youth soccer team down at an afterschool club at a public school
  • and leo asks if you wanna join book club with him because they’re reading this cool novel he’d think you like
  • and when he’s like “oh i have theater class” you’re like ????? you’re a theater minor and he get shy all over again like musical theater and you’re like lEO you can sing????
  • and he’s like im in the college’s choir too haha
  • and you literally go “how are you so perfect and talented”
  • and he just puts his head down on the table and is like skhflwe im not
  • and you’re like yes!!!! yes you are!! and you like pat his hair and he just does the smile where he bites his lip
  • and also you two like religiously buy each other coffee now that you’re dating 
  • like if he’s running late - you meet him with coffee. if you’re running late - he meets you with coffee
  •  and when he finally tells the soccer team you’re dating ravi says he called it and that leo should make him captain now and leo just rolls his eyes and xiumin is like we should celebrate by making leo pay for our lunch yes yes
  • and you agree with xiumin and leo’s like how could you and you’re like tehehe
  • you go to leo’s theater productions and most of the roles he gets are when they put on musicals and his voice is the most beautiful thing 
  • and you notice how he sings when you two are studying in the corner of the library, just softly and it’s so calming????
  • you get him cute cat stationery and he puts his head down in embarrassment but you know he loves it
  • you guys probably like go to teach abroad together one summer and it’s SUPER CUTE and yeah im dead college!leo everyone 
The Substitute Brother

(Lance + Pidge)

Summary: Lance finds Pidge in a sad state missing her brother, so he decides to be a substitute brother for her, and cheers her up in the way a brother would.

(Quick Author’s Note: The relationship here is entirely platonic. Also there needs to be more Lee!Pidge so I am doing the world a great service. You’re welcome)

(Not to author from me: Thanks for the submission! It’s adorable<33)

Another day, another unsuccessful search. Pidge was typing away at her laptop like always, glasses sliding down her face somewhat as she stared at the screen. She knew her family was out there somewhere, and she wasn’t going to rest until she found them. However, in being so focused on her task, she didn’t notice when someone came walking into the Green Lion’s hangar.

“Hey Pidge?” Lance’s voice startled her, causing her to jump and drop her laptop. She quickly turned to face him, a look of alarm and annoyance on her face.

“What is it, Lance?” She asked in an irritated tone. “I’m kinda busy here!”

“I was just looking for Hunk…” Lance trailed off as he noticed something off about her. She had dark circles under her eyes, her skin was even more pale than usual, and she looked a lot scrawnier than he remembered.

“Uh, are you alright?” He asked. Pidge flinched slightly at his question, her annoyance instantly changing to confusion.

“Since when did you care?” She asked right back. He was somewhat surprised by how defensive she was being, and his hesitation caused her to pick up her laptop and go right back to work.

“Hunk’s in the kitchen.” She said in a monotone voice, not even looking at him. “He’s probably baking something or other, as usual.” Lance frowned slightly at how quickly she brushed him off. He knew he didn’t talk to her much, but he didn’t expect the cold shoulder.

“Pidge, are you sure you’re okay?” He asked. Pidge still kept her eyes on the screen.

“I’m fine, Lance.” She told him sternly. He crouched down next to her, his eyes going from her to her laptop and noticing she was rewatching the footage of her brother being saved from the explosion.

“Hey, I know you miss him, but you gotta stop and rest.” He said in a soft tone. Pidge was completely caught off guard by how much he seemed to care about her, since he never really paid attention to her before. She looked up at him in surprise, her glasses sliding down her nose just a bit before she readjusted them and looked away.

“I just want to know he’s okay.” She muttered. “I…I just want my brother back.” Lance once again hesitated, a feeling of sympathy tugging at his heart. He knew what it felt like to miss his family, but his wasn’t held captive by aliens.

“You know what?” He said, catching her attention again. “Until we find him, I’ll be your brother!” Pidge couldn’t help but laugh at his statement.

“Are you serious?” She asked in disbelief. “Why would you want to do that?”

“Because I know a sister in need when I see one.” He replied. “I have four of them, after all.” Pidge was still in complete disbelief at his idea, but decided to play along.

“Alright, fine.” She said with a smirk. “So what happens now, brother?” Lance raised an eyebrow, knowing exactly what her tone meant. A playful smirk appeared on his lips as a plan formed in his mind.

“Now, I do my job and cheer you up!” He replied, scooping her up and pulling her toward him. Pidge’s laptop once again fell to the ground as she yelped in surprise.

“Lance, what are you-ah!” She let out a squeak as Lance suddenly dig his fingers into her sides, spidering them up and down at a rapid pace.

“I’m cheering you up!” He replied with a grin. “What’s it look like?”

“Lance, c-cut it out!” Pidge stuttered slightly over her words, squirming in his grip. She hadn’t expected him to pull something like this. She slammed her arms to her sides, but found it only pinned his hands there, still fully capable of tickling her.

“Oh come on, Pidge. You can’t hold out on me!” He teased. “Where’s that laugh?”

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FT Angst: We Were Friends

A/N: Merry Christmas! :D *is only a little bit sorry*

Okay, in all seriousness, this is going to be my Christmas fic. Present particularly for my waifu @giupear because she inspired it~ And also this is a thank you for 958 followers So late I know I’m sorry I’m a horrible person *cries*

And for those of you that wanted/need to read this: @atrailof-whispers, @itschildofthefairies, @fairytamashii, @miseryinthenight, @kagero-assassin

I hope you guys enjoy! I had to rush to post this, so there will be mistakes >.

Rated: T for harsh language, graphic violence, and graphic injuries
Character(s): Gray, Natsu, Juvia, Lucy, Happy
Gratsu brotp, Gruvia, NaLu
Synopsis: Do you remember when we were actually good friends? …Yeah…me neither. Because you and me…we were never actually friends to begin with, were we?

Dead silence.

It hung in the air, still and lifeless. One probably could’ve heard a drop of water onto cloth a mile away. It pervaded the area without mercy, standing as its unmoving sentinel. No one dared to break this stillness.

After all, there was no other reaction that was quite as befitting for the truth.

Our entire lives…our entire friendship…our entire understanding of our world…

It was…all a lie.

Gray could no longer take the pressure.

The Ice Devil Slayer whipped up his gaze, tightened in a murderous scowl with his teeth bared. He could feel his veins popping in his rage—so much so that he hardly noticed that he was being held back from charging his former friend and pummeling him within an inch of his life. If it hadn’t been for her hold on him, he would’ve snapped much sooner than this. Even till now, he wasn’t sure if he’d been grateful for that or not.

“The fuck is your problem, Natsu?!” Gray shouted, finally breaking the silence and fighting against his restrainer. “Is this some sort of joke to you?! You think we’re playing some kind of game?! Where do you get off spouting all that bullshit?!

“Gray, my dear; please!” Juvia pleaded, holding him back as best as she could. “There must be some explanation for all this! Let’s listen to what else he has to say!”

Gray huffed furiously, refusing to take his glare off of the pink-haired Dragon Slayer standing mere paces away from him, his expression unsettlingly stony and blank as he stared back. Gray’s outburst hadn’t phased him a bit, which only infuriated him more, but he worked to keep his anger in check. He knew that exploding like this would do little to convince Natsu to explain himself, but even so…

He’d never felt more betrayed by anyone or anything else in his entire life.

Gray exhaled once more in order to rein in his temper before speaking again, his words restrained. “Natsu…what the hell went on between you and Zeref back there, huh? What did he say to you that convinced you that sacrificing yourself in order to kill him was a good idea?!”

Yet again, Natsu didn’t even so much as flinch at his questions. He simply cast his gaze downward without a reply, his eyes still hollow and empty. All of the life that had once burned brightly in them had gone…as if it had all been nothing but a memory. The right side of his face was torn open, and he was injured so badly all-around that it was a miracle that he was still conscious, much less standing. Happy was a sobbing mess on the ground next to him, with only Lucy there to comfort him the best she could (she’d been one of the intercepting party members after the First Master noticed them returning, along with Juvia and Gray himself).

The young blonde rose to her feet with the weeping blue Exceed in her arms, watching her teammate in obvious concern. “Natsu…”

It was clear that something had happened during their encounter with Zeref. Happy’s tears alone proved that. The lack of answers was unbearably grating—on all of them. What could possibly—


The three of them started all at once. Gray’s breath caught at the sight of Natsu’s face.

There was no way…was Natsu…smiling?

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anonymous asked:

Guang-Hong, Emil and Phichit having a crush on s/o and someone calls them out on it.

This would be my worst nightmare tbh. Also, I find my headcanons drag on for so long, so there’s more under the cut!

-Okay, but Guang-Hong is super obvious when it comes to crushes, I shit you not
-He smiles a lot, and blushes so much you probably think red is his natural color
-He gets! So! Happy! When! You’re! Here!
-You probably think Guang-Hong is just a regular ball of sunshine well u aint wrong
-Everyone knows about it
-The fucking i c e knows
-A lot of people push him to confess to you!!! Like boi, do it nOW
-Guang-Hong always just responds, “I will, I’m just waiting for the perfect moment!!”
-boi what do u think this is, a movie?? 
-No one belives there’s gonna be the perfect moment, shit like that doesn’t happen will nilly, you gotta ACT brah
-So, while he’s at practice, you drop in to say hi
-!!! omg!!! it’s yOU!! he skates right to the edge of the rink in a spray of ice, grinning from ear to ear
-The others just share glances, like “here we go again”
-”Y/N! It’s so good to see you, I’m-”
-He fuckin f r e e z es midway towards you and his smile is g o n e
-the world has come to a standstill and he thinks his heart has stopped
-His hands are shaking, and he looks like he might cry
-At this, you immediately notice, and despite not wearing any skates, you try and make your way towards him
-Of course, you slip and fall, but you do your best to skoot your way, but your butt is starting to get cold
-Guang-Hong notices you scooting ridiculously towards him and even though he’s teary-eyed, he makes his way to you, worried you’ll get sick, and starts helping you up
-”I’m sorry,” He chokes out, “I wanted to tell you at the perfect time. It’s ruined now.”
-Now you get pissed at the guy who spoke up, and you start yelling, lots of times just sayin “FUCKIN F IGHT ME SHITLORD” that guy has like, fuckin left brah
-This makes Guang-Hong giggle, and laugh, and as he sniffles, he hugs you
-”Thank you.” He says, “It’s okay. Could… Could I have your answer?”
-You tell him, and he’s got the biggest smile you;ve ever seen on his face.
-It’s like the sun itself

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