wow i make depressing things sorry

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man im still shocked i have a best friend and i LOVE her so much and im kinda going through a depressive period of time so im having kind of a bad time but she's making things a lot better and easier on me and just. wow i love her

adfghd i’m sorry to hear you’re doing bad but YES love your best friend, that’s so important, having someone who always cheers you up and is there for you and makes you smile even though you feel like crap. Best friends are important and I’m really glad you give her this appreciation!! And know that you’ll fight through this honey c:

(crazy random shoutout to my moose @amazingstuartwhoisnotonfire  get your ass over her before i need to go back to school ok i miss you)

Sleepover Time!

A singular lesbian saying that the slur “d*ke” doesn’t bother her doesn’t mean other lesbians won’t be hurt when you call them that

A person with depression sayings that the slur “r*tard” isn’t hurtful anymore doesn’t mean other and/or more severely mentally disabled people share that point of view

A group of girls jokingly calling each other sluts can’t give you permission to yell “bend over” as you’re driving past a pretty lady

A couple people do not represent the entire group they belong to and cannot give you permission to do things that others from that group say makes them uncomfortable

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Is there anyway you could share your story and explain the girl from your songs and what she meant to you?

guys can we please please please kill the idea that i am some ultra artistic and mystical sadboy who dedicated years of his life writing 200 songs about ONE girl? i know that’s a weird request or even a weird thing to complain about but i swear i’m not trying to be mean. it’s just i get messages and emails every day from strangers like, “wow….just found out about this project….i am SO sorry…..who was she man??” and it makes me feel so strange!

my “story” is that i’m mitch and i’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for a lot of my life just like so many of you and that’s literally all. the rest of my life is watching desperate housewives on netflix and eating cereal and talking to my cats. this isn’t about one girl, that would be crazy. i’m just some guy writing about his life and his exs and the people he cares about. i thought we all had that in common. i don’t want people to look at me like i’m some rare and special thing because literally the whole point of flatsound is that i’m not.