wow i made this like last year


I’d like to share some (hopefully inspiring to others, as well as me!) improvement… on the left you see Obi more or less the first time I drew him in Nov last year, on the right is where I am now in Jan 2017. Same colours, just new lines. Just goes to show the progress I’ve made in a couple of months working on drawing his face! (Wow… that haircut I gave him before is way too close to the AOTC mullet, aka a punishment from God. Sorry Obi!)

Both of these are inspired by the Sith incarnation of Obi from Wicked Thing, by @imaginaryanon - you’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t read it yet. Do it now.

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2016 Art Summary~


This year hasn’t been the best for me in a lot of areas (including a lot of overthinking and insecurities about myself weighing me down to breaking points :c), so I didn’t create as much as I would’ve liked.
But I did finish those desktop buddies, did Inktober this year, and some things I created in 2016 I can look back on and be like ‘Oh that wasn’t as bad as I thought it was’
And wow there were backgrounds in some of these~! Also looking up font for some pieces was really fun? haha
And like last year, some of the art I did doesn’t feel like art I made this year for some reason XD;

Rant time.

Because recently I’ve been seeing a storm of “wow I feel so sorry for kataangers Aang was ruined because they made him such a horrible father!!!!!!!”


I’d like to start out by pointing out Bryke has stated that the notion of Aang being a bad father was exaggerated by fans.

Okay, here’s the deal.

Imagine you’re Aang. You wake up to a new world only to find out that you’ve been gone for a hundred years, your entire nation, your culture, every person you ever loved is gone. Completely wiped from existence. You are the sole survivor of a race of people, therefore you are responsible for keeping the values of your people and keeping their culture alive.

Then one day, you have a kid. Years later, you have another kid.

Both of these kids are not interested in your culture. In fact, they find it boring and want absolutely nothing to do with it.

You’d be pretty hurt, right?

So then finally, you have a third kid. Turns out, this kid is an airbender! The first airbender born in over a century. Wouldn’t you be thrilled? Not only is he an airbender, but is excited to immerse himself completely into air nomad culture.

It only makes sense that you’d have a closer bond with him than the other two.

This, in NO WAY means that Aang loved Tenzin the most. I’d like to refer to the scene where all three of the kids travel to the southern air temple. Bumi questions if Aang would’ve been proud of him. Kya’s response is “you KNOW he would be” even Bumi and Kya know that Aang loved them all the same.

“But Aang took Tenzin on vacations without the other two!” (I’m pretty sure these ‘vacations’ were just like, air nomad stuff anyway)

The family picture. If you remember the family picture, we see that Bumi is quite a bit older than his siblings. I’d put him anywhere between 10-13, while Kya probably no older than 4 or 5. And Tenzin obviously was a baby. By the time Tenzin was actually old enough to go on special trips with Aang, Bumi was in his late teens, and possibly could have already gone off to join the United forces.

And then there’s Kya. Take one look at Kya, would you even guess she’s related to an air nomad? She’s a waterbender, and like Tenzin with air nomad culture, Kya devoted herself to the water tribe. Like Aang with Tenzin, we also know that Katara had a special bond with Kya. Katara was probably in the exact same boat as Aang. She finally had someone to teach and share her culture with, not to mention finally having the mother/daughter relationship that was robbed from her as a child. People are so quick to attack Aang about this, but why not Katara? She seems just as guilty of it to me.

It’s perfectly normal for parents to have a closer bond with one child over the other. Heck, my mom has a more special bond with me over my brother, and my dad has a more special bond with my brother than with me. And this is perfectly fine. My parents love the both of us equally. But my interests are more like my mother’s, while my brother’s interests are more like my dad’s.

Please take into account that he was the Avatar on top of this. Not to mention he had the entire weight of his people’s future on his shoulders. It was very important to him to teach Tenzin everything he could so that Tenzin could uphold his people’s culture and values. And because of that, he probably was SOMEWHAT guilty of choosing to spend time with Tenzin than his other kids. Which, in all honesty, ALL parents are guilty of doing to some degree. (Yes, probably even Katara with Kya)

Aang was not a bad father. He did the best he could. He loved all his kids the same.

so the part about episode 100 that made me really emotional (aside from the obvious cecilos getting married thing. that happened. wow.) was when cecil talked about the last few years and how they might have been difficult but that it’s going to get better and with carlos by his side he’s able to face all difficulties. I just felt like that described 2016 pretty well and even though it was a shit year, there’s the sliver of a possibility that it’s going to get better and even if it doesn’t, we can get through this shit together.

songs i repeat listened to this year (like sometimes ¾ times in a row cus i liked them so much)

Porches - Mood

the electric keyboard @ the start made me wanna hear it 50 times when i 1st heard it

Blouse - Into Black

the start guitar!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!! best 2010s goth song ever

The Sundays - Can’t Be Sure

i love her voice!!!!! and the last minute of this song kills me its so happy

Cigarettes After Sex - K

just released like a month ago wen i 1st heard it i loved it. lyrics r kinda cringe (like most of their songs) but dam if this isnt one of the nicest songs to come out of this year its really calming

Pure Bathing Culture - Pendulum

i 1st heard this like 5 months ago n didnt like it, but came back to it a few weeks ago and its actually really good. great dream pop chorus!!! (fuk tumbler doesnt let me put any more videos in)

Airiel - In Yr Room

even tho its like 9 minutes long, ive listened to it 15 odd times now becuz its so good and doesnt feel that long at all. its the best post-90s shoegaze song for me to be honest, check those guitars!!!


Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you all had a spooptastic day! This was a lot of fun to draw, so I hope you like it! I mean, compared to last year’s…lol, this one is much better, yeah? I’ve improved a lot :0

This is also my way of saying thanks for 700 followers! Holy wow! I can’t believe this…I am so grateful that I’ve gotten this far, and your support is super duper appreciated! Thank you, thank you! //bows gratefully

Not much on updates, but I’m still taking votes for ask redraws if you were thinking about participating ^^ The reason I haven’t closed it yet is because I’m so busy…but as soon as I have more free time, I will definitely start on those!

Thanks again, everyone! HAPPY HALLOWEENY!  🎃 🎃 🎃 ))


@dorkstar-brat tagged me for the six selfies from 2016 thing. Have my face.

Every time I cut my hair, I look more and more like Eddie Redmayne, I swear.

Look, okay. This year has been absolute shit almost all the way across the board, but you know what? I’ve uncovered more about myself than I have in any other year I can remember. I’m still getting used to the whole idea of being nonbinary, but I like it. I really do. And I like myself more, too. Last year, I wouldn’t have probably been able to find six photos of me that I like; this year, I had to cut some out.

I’ve made some amazing friends, I’ve gotten more relaxed and happy with my cosplay. I’m gonna move soon, get out of my house and get my career moving. Wow. This year might have massively sucked as a whole, but personally? It’s been pretty good, I think.

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Not Ticklish

Originally posted by hansolence

Pairing: Reader x Vernon

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 866

A/N: Hello! I actually wrote another scenario, wow. Look at me, I’m a writer now lol. Anyway, I hope this is going to be as good as the last one and a bunch (yes, a whole bunch) of upcoming ones. I’m thinking of writing a bigger story eventually~ Big thanks to @hansolmates for proofreading <3

“Alright,” you sighed. You draped your handbag over your shoulder and made your way to the door, “I hate to leave but you’ve got to get ready for your flight.”

Your boyfriend stood right behind you, pouting like a five-year-old, “But, it’s not even close to six!” He firmly wrapped his arms around your waist, squeezing you like a teddy bear.

You loved it when he gave you back hugs. Your tendency to be overly serious would always vanish at his touch. Of course, this time it did just as well. You automatically placed your hands over his and shut your eyes, taking in every moment. The fact that’d you’d be missing him was overstated.

“Stay,” he mumbled into your back, pressing his forehead against it. Not letting go of your waist, he placed his jaw in the crook of your neck, his lips gently brushing against your skin. You immediately flinched and let out a giggle, leaving him a little confused.

Vernon was the most ticklish person you’d ever met, besides yourself. And somehow, after all of this time that you two spent together, he didn’t know that you were just as ticklish, maybe even more.

“Y/N,” he started, tilting his head slightly. You noticed that a sneaky grin had spread across his face and you bit your lip, realizing what you had just unwillingly revealed to him. “Are you by any chance ticklish?”

“NO!” you flinched, trying harder to escape his grasp. But he held on, grinning all the while.

“I am not ticklish at all, Vernon. Not even a little bit, okay? You’re the ticklish one.” You kept rambling on about how you were absolutely not ticklish, repeating the word over and over again. You’d hoped your endless blabbering would distract him in any way and loosen his hold on you.

“Okay.” He said, finally letting go and took a step back. You turned to face him. With a suspiciously nervous smile on your lips, you waited for any kind of reaction.

His dark caramel eyes were glued to yours, a faint glint of mischief gleaming in them. He raised his brows playfully and that’s when you realized what he had in mind.

“Vernon,” you croaked raising your hands in surrender, “Don’t.”

And before you could turn and run in any direction, he swooped you off your feet. Something resembling a shriek escaped your mouth as he hung your small figure over his shoulder. You were more concerned about him losing his balance than the tickle attacks that you knew were coming any moment. But he held on quite firmly, chuckling at the incoherent curse words that you kept mumbling in-between screams and giggles.

“Not ticklish, Y/N?” He laughed, barely keeping his balance as you started wiggling out of his grasp.

“No!” you yelped, laughing and clutching onto the back of his shirt.

Your denial wasn’t getting you anywhere good and that’s when his hands moved up your waist. You absolutely hated being tickled. You were actually terrified of it because it never just made you laugh; it made you cry.

Your shrieks and laughs filled the room. His fingers surprisingly gently ran up and down your back and waist. How his balance wasn’t yet faltered was a mystery to you. And just as that thought popped into your head, the back of his knees found the edge of the bed.

He fell back on the unmade mess of sheets, with you still in his arms. Once another scream left your mouth he froze, propping himself up quickly. Gaping at you with wide eyes he asked, “Are you hurt?!”

You buried your face in your hands, not looking up at him until his alertness faded. The moment his grasp on you loosened you shot up, “Ha!”

The words oh shit formed on his lips as you propped yourself on your knees and draped your arms around his neck.

“I’m… sorry?” he bit his lip, smiling innocently.

“Too late,” you grinned and dropped your weight onto him. You ran your fingers all over his body, ignoring the exact same shrieks, that he made you utter just a couple of seconds ago, come from him.

“Are you not ticklish, Vernon?” you laughed as you placed little kisses on his neck as well. Your hair ends brushing against his flushed cheeks.

“Not…at…all!” he interjected between his loud giggling and twitching. You kept on tickling him, knowing you’d eventually break through his stubborn protests.

In less than a second, he raised his hands in surrender, laughing with each word “Fine! Fine! You win! You win, Y/N! Just please stop!”

You abruptly stopped, a satisfied grin lining your lips. “I’ll miss you,” you cooed breathlessly and lowered your face so it was just an inch from his.

His expression relaxed into a sweet, warmer one, “I’ll miss you too,” he replied as he cupped your cheeks.

He gave you a quick peck on your lips before dropping his full weight down on the mattress, “But, let’s never tickle each other again.”

“Hey, you started it,” you complained and plopped down next to him. Wrapping your arm around his torso, you eventually agreed, “but yes. No tickle fights…Ever.”



So last year I drew a short comic based off of the Stucky pic I made for the Brooklyn zine and I JUST got around to finishing it wow. After watching Ant-man I was like “…wait didn’t I want to draw that stucky thing???”

Here are the cover/inner color pages for the comic! I’m trying to figure out the best way to post the actual comic pages. It’s 13 pages long, which means it won’t fit into one photoset post– anyone who knows more about this drop me a line, I’d really appreciate it!

Anyway, planning to get this printed and ready for SPX 2015. Agghh busy busy.


OKAY I posted Part 1 of this comic! Split it into two parts– will post part 2 tomorrow to give you guys a break from all this posting spam :P

EDIT2: Part 2 is now up!


make me choose - prompto or noctis requested by kightsy

[FULL TRANS] 160508 HYYH Epilogue in Seoul Ending Ment - J-hope

Wow, so we really made it to the Gymnastics Stadium.

When we went up for “Run” earlier at the last concert, I made eye contact with Rap Monster, our Kim Namjoon. How should I say it? I was really really happy. I don’t know why did I feel like that but, you know Namjoon cried yesterday. Thinking of it, we have been living together for quite a long time, 7 years right? 7 years. Living 7 years and going through things together, making it to where we are now, so when “Run” started, we looked at each other and smiled. Why was it like that… I was choked up.

Really, I’m truly grateful that BTS can come to the Gymnastics Stadium, perform our music to this many people and receive love like this.

I said this yesterday, through the “Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa” album, I can feel that happiness is such a small thing, but at the same time, it’s significant. Winning 1st place, topping a famous music chart, receiving global-scale recognition and even performing at the long-awaited Gymnastics Stadium, I’m really really happy that we got to all those things.

It’s a pity that this dream-like “Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’ series has to come to an end.

This happy feeling seems like a formula right? It’s thanks to ARMYs that we can stand at this place. Thank you. My goal is to show you guys something even better than “Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa”. With ARMYs, I feel like that goal can come true. I’m grateful for all of that. I love you all.

And thank you, for being with me in my youth, my bloom, my most beautiful moment in life.

Young Forever. Thank you.


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✖️Name: liz
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NAME.    nannie.
PRONOUNS.    she  /  her.
SEXUALITY.    dudes  af  always  n  forever.
TAKEN OR SINGLE.    single  ayyy.


ONE.     i  have  more  cds  than  i  have  space  in  my  room.
TWO.      i’m  going  to  new  orleans  soon  as  i  can  afford  that  € thousand - smth  flight  ticket.  ty  atlantic  ocean.
THREE.    my  last  name  is  the  name  of  a  french  liquor.


HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?).     i  think  about  four  years,  now ??  smth  like  that.
BEST EXPERIENCE.     this  blog  in  general.  i’ve  developed  so  many  different  things  on  frank  &  i  feel  like  he’s  a  character  i’ll  never  get  tired  of  writing  as.  also  cause  i  made  a  lot  of  new  buddies  on  here  &  wow  i  feel  blessed.


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ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S).     ◕ω◕  hmmm  haha…   nope.  pretty  much  the  opposite  i’d  say,  which  is  what  makes  it  so  fun  to  write  him.

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Every 10 questions?

thank you!!

1. You woke up naked next to the last person you texted, what would you say?
uhh @bruiseb0y ??? i would kiss him for like 12 hours oh my god i wish

10. When is the last time you saw your sister?
like 2 years actually

20. Does anyone like you?
damn i mean i hope so

30. Do you like text messaging?
depends on who

40. What made you start liking the person you like now?
i have,,, a bunch of crushes but ill sum it up to my partners and 2 big ones
al ( @cosmic-cvnt ): their personality and general ability to light up a room, their eyes their smile and compassion for everything
vik ( @bruiseb0y ): his sense of humor, his smirk, his bedhead, wow i mean just… have u seen him💙💙
elijah ( @ilovefrankiero ): his smile,💕 his sarcastic air, 12/10 makes me laugh
cedric ( @liifeu ): his love for hsm probably??, his manerisms, his eyes wow dreamy, hiS SMILE HAV U SEEN IT
xixi ( @cirqkeus ): their welcoming presense, their confidence, their,,,,,, stare? idk

50. Anyone you’re giving up on?
uhh, not recently

60. What do you carry with you at all times?
a pocket knife, a lighter, chapstick, a rock

70. Would you rather listen to Luke Bryan or Lil Wayne?
still dont know who?????

80. Are you from the south?
im from Hato Rey, Puerto Rico so???? idk

90. Have you ever snuck out of your house?

100. Are you friends with people on facebook that you actually hate?
i cannot admit or deny

send me numbers 1-104!!!

remember Ginban Kaleidoscope

In honor of my original fav figure skating anime, i made this:

-consider an au where victor is a ghost haunting yuri

-picture their 100 day-limit together

-imagine what their little inner conversations would be like (“yuri! i never knew you were such a huge fan! love the posters! ❤” “omg victor pls no”)

-awkward escapades and shenanigans in the onsen/restroom

-and every time Yuri skates, they’d be in absolute sync and everybody would be like “shit he’s just like skating legend nikiforov the guy who died last year shit wow amaze”)

-being one with skating with victor makes yuri self-conscious at first, he keeps comparing himself to victor, but victor helps him realize that he’s talented all on his own, he just needs a little bit of a push in the right direction

-they actually don’t even need a love confession because they just know, they feel each other’s emotions changing and growing and it embarrasses the shit out of them both but it makes them happy as fuck. THEY JUST KNOW.

-yuri duo going to a summer festival together even tho it’s technically a date because yuri feels embarrassed going alone (and flirting with himself)

-victor taking over whenever yuri gets some shit thrown at him by haters and going full-on aggressively over-protective Russian bf mode

-yuri calming him down and holding him tight in a dream they share that night

-end of the 100-day limit and Yuri bags the Grand Prix senior division c/o Victor’s training (and cheerleading) and nobody knows why he’s crying and sobbing like a baby even tho he won

-victor telling him that he’s so so proud and that he doesn’t ever wanna leave but he has to

-“i only spent a hundred days with you, and yet i can’t imagine an eternity without you.”

-that fuckign congratulatory kiss and a goodbye that tears Yuri apart inside because he’s so happy that victor can finally move on, but he’s devastated because he’s lost half of himself

-flash forward years later when Yuri’s much much older and a skating legend of his own, he’s in a wheelchair on a balcony overlooking Hasetsu

-he’s tired but he’s happier than he could ever have been

-he closes his eyes and he says, “it’s been a lifetime.”

-“and it was well worth the wait.”

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Nicknames: Al, Alas, and my family calls me Kel 
Star sign: Aries
Height: 5'3″
Time right now: 9:27 pm
Last thing you googled: working principles christology 
Fave music artist: idk….probably Abba because I like every Abba song. Also Queen/ Nirvana/ Fall Out Boy/ Elton John (im gay)
Song stuck in my head: Riptide - Vance Joy
Last movie I watched: John Wick 
Last TV show I watched: Brooklyn 99 or Fresh Prince 
When I created this blog: In like November last year. I made my first blog years ago though.
Do I get asks regularly?: A few times a week actually!
Why did I choose my url: Daxir is my death knight OC from WoW and incredibly dear to me…I started using his name for everything 3-4 years ago and it stuck
Gender: male (I’m trans in case people somehow thought i wasn’t lol)
Hogwarts house: Gryffindor
Pokémon team: Mystic but it doesn’t really mean anything to me
Favorite color: Grey
Average hours of sleep: Anything from like 5-12
Lucky number: 14
Favorite characters: Anders and Zevran (Dragon Age), Koltira Deathweaver, every blood elf but especially Lor’themar (and recently, Rommath), also every. single. death knight. NO exceptions I love them all (Warcraft). Most of the characters I’m in to these days are my own OCs or my friends though. I haven’t picked up new non-OC favs in a looong time (exception of Rommath but he doesn’t count cause he was just hiding in plain sight)
Dream job: Working for a charity that helps LGBT people/ especially trans people, or teaching and working with teenagers. Mainly I want to work with teenagers either teaching RMPS or being a guidance counsellor
Number of blankets I sleep with: 2 always

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 No door knobs, no letter box,  painted windows. Twenty-three and twenty-four Leinster Gardens: the empty houses. They were demolished years ago to make way for the London Underground, a vent for the old steam trains.

Only the very front section of the house remains. It’s just a façade. Remind you of anyone, Mary? A façade.

friends/people seemed to like this, so I’m gonna go ahead and leave this here. PLUS you guys seemed to like that one doodle of Dan I made last year so here’s a better one. I tried to go for more realistic this time rather than my own style though, but you can still see my style in there I guess?? anyway, here you go! | Dan Smith - Bastille