wow i made another edit why

🔈 As usual, turn the sound ON 🔈 

Poor Duster, all he wanted to do was smoke and chill alone, after a long day of work. But Kumatora had to come and ruin everything by seducing him?!

Here is another cringy video editing practice of mine.

Below, I posted the individual frames without the crappy VHS effect, if this can be relevant to anyone’s interest.

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hello everyone~!

I’m here to present to you kim-jongiin’s 2ND follow forever! Woo~ My blog turned one years old not too long ago, and I just wanted to celebrate it somehow…. c:. In such a short amount of time, I was able to meet some great people on here even though I don’t talk much…… lmao. (Please come talk to me because I’m really not that bad! T3T hahaha)

Anyways, another reason why I wanted to make another FF was because my first one was so bad lol. I made it during Christmas, when everybody changed their URLs, so I honestly forgot a lot of people.. :( not to mention my edit was extremely ugly hahaha so I wanted to make up for it! :)

I’m really thankful to all of you who decided to follow me, even though my blog isn’t that great lol (seriously i dont even do anything besides reblog lol). But anyways, thank you all! I’m also nearing my next thousand followers and like… wow how… hahaha~ Thank you all once again! You guys are amazing! I love youuuu~ ♥

To my amazing irl friends, I love you guys so much ♥

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If I forgot some people, I’m really sorry!! T___T You guys can check out my blogroll as well to see all the lovely people I follow ♥ Thank you guys once again! :)

-Sarah (kim-jongiin)