wow i love youu

ahhh, i hope this works ‘w’;; so i was like, “jeez, adachi is having such a hard time right now, i wish i could give him a hug” so i figured a drawing would suffice. i kind of made you a weird mashup of you and your oc…i’m sure you’re not that short. we could just say i’m on a stool or something.

but i hope you like it!! i couldn’t get it out of my head because i was working in the fucking yo-kai watch section of target today and kept seeing YOUR ICON’S FACE and was like “MAN I HOPE HE IS OKAY i should draw him a thing.” so i did.

okay, i’m going over here now. stay strong! and i hope you have a good rest of your day :D

holy wow your art is gorgeous and holy wow you are a sweetheart and holy wow and wowie zowie and ugh i am so bad at saying thank you like a normal person but wow thank you ;;… i love it it made me smile really wide ; ;…!!

lflkgalekglk. thannnk youu..