wow i love this show already

wow straights don’t know how lucky they are. they are literally represented everywhere. u listen to a song on the radio ??? s t raight. u watch a tv show ??? 3 wild straight couples appear. u watch a movie ??? there is always a straight love plot squeezed into the story. u read a book ??? hello™ there are the straights again. like they don’t even have to search for things ??? while i need to graduate lesbian detective school to be freakin able to find one decent piece of lesbian fiction that i haven’t read 39290480939 times already because there are literally no alternatives ??? straights just need to open any book in the bookstore and there is already a straight romance flourishing on page one. imagine what that must feel like ?? can’t relate

you: wow yoi didn’t end on a gay enough note :////

me, an intellectual: Yuuri and Viktor’s entire relationship was based off of trust and emotional support which makes it one of the most romantic and loving relationships we’ve seen in a long time especially in a sports anime where they are known for queerbaiting fans and the last time i checked Viktor and Yuuri were engaged so if that ain’t gay-


Namjin moments in You Never Walk Alone preview show aka Namjoon is so whipped

feat Namjin’s club president

Honestly it’s incredible when my Straight friends are like “you should watch this show in it!! It has a gay couple in it!!!”

Half of me is like “wow!! I love that you saw this and wanted me to see this kind of content I am so happy to be the gay friend that people think of.“

And the other half is like "YOU MORTAL FOOLS. Did you think there was a queer couple on television that I didn’t already know and have strong opinions about??? I /AM/ WLW MEDIA CONTENT. I KNOW ALL OF IT. I’VE SEEN ALL OF IT. NO FICTIONAL LESBIAN CAN ESCAPE MY NOTICE.”

“Fancy some chips?”

I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night thinking about this question… (Is it normal for a person to wake up just to think about a scene from a tv series???) Anyway, I thought about this question Sherlock asked to Molly, and I came to realise he actually was inviting her to have dinner! (I know. Now you’re thinking: “Wow, this girl is really slow!”)

But what I’m trying to say is that, this WAS an invitation that was REJECTED by Molly because of her new relationship with Tom, so Sherlock’s plan wasn’t just “solving crimes”, but also “having dinner”. And of course, he probably knew Molly’s answer beforehand (or maybe not!) because he had already deduced her engagement, but I just think this is an attitude that shows us he actually enjoys her company. And I believe it’s just lovely, isn’t it?


You do not have to look like a Victoria’s Secret model. 

“Wait…did she really just say that?”
 "As if we all don’t already know that…?“

Though some of us are secure in who we are and love ourselves immensely, I know that I am not the only one who is feeling a little insecure and not as great I should be about myself as this VS Fashion show airs tonight. The pictures of “perfection” are beginning to flood every social media outlet in our lives more than they already have.

God created us in HIS image.
He made us the way we are.
He looked at us and said, "Wow she is beautiful!”
The creator of the world thinks YOU are beautiful and perfect. Our beauty is found in the fact that we don’t look like everyone else, but that we are unique and special in the eyes of the King.
Please don’t forget your value and beauty. It is far too important to forget.

 -31 Women (Jordan)


the best part about rereading book 1 & 2 was noticing that pattern


ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ  #BurgerKingYoungKDay

It’s hard to put my thoughts into words, maybe because words aren’t enough? 23 years old and you’ve already achieved so much. Since the first video until now you showed us how much you grew up and how talented you are. You always showed us such a sweet and strong side of you but we all know that sometimes it’s hard for you. You’ve been working so hard over the past years and there’s no doubt that your efforts have paid off. Thank you for being born or else we wouldn’t have known what true talent is. Thank you for always working hard on your amazing voice and instruments. It must be difficult to be an artist especially with the pressure and cons that come along with it. I am so glad that you didn’t give up because we all know how many years you’ve waited for that special moment. I hope you will always keep going and chase your dream, please never stop. Keep slapping that bass and never get tired of it because your talent has no limits and i’m sure that we didn’t see everything of it yet. From your personality to your voice, you are perfect and i want you to know that. Thank you for always giving 200% in everything you do. Thank you for always keeping us sundays in mind. Thank you for making DAY6 what it is today, because without you and your amazing self it wouldn’t be the same. I wish you all the happiness in this world because you truly deserve it. Happy birthday to the person that makes my life better and better every day just by being part of it, hope you’ll have an incredible day and keep doing what you love the most, i love you a lot, and i really mean a lot. Best of luck for the future! ㅤ ㅤ  ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ     ㅤ Always by your side little bun

당신이 이것을 읽지못할지도 모르지만 저의 작은선물을 좋아했으면좋겠어요!
제가 데이식스 을 알게된이후로 더욱 행복해지고,당신이해주는 모든것에대해서 감사해요, 당신이 많은사랑을받고있다는걸 알길바래요! 좋은하루보내요. 최고의생일을 축하했으면 좋겠어요~ 사랑해요!♡

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Continuing from my messed up mermaid AU ask, at least a fish head/human leg Victuuri merman would have the booty if nothing else. We know how much butts are emphasized here XD (Everyone in fandom; Shut up, Grace, and just write your fanfic so we can see it already)! Also, never watch YOI and true crimes shows at the same time.You have weird dreams if you do.

hahahaha the booty is all that matters~~

wow i feel like those would be some pretty incredible dreams,,,,,,, are victor and yuuri buddy lawyers cracking down on lawbreakers??


Wow! Already so much love! I’m already getting fan submissions! Seriously, thank you sooo much! (Ok Katie, no need to cry) ;w;
If you have any fan submissions, please show me~ It really means a lot when people use me as inspiration for projects!
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Supergirl Vs. Captain America

Prompt: Hey darling I love your account! Could you do something where the reader is apart of one of the DC tv shows and dating Chris?♥️ 

Author Note: I hope you enjoy! And I’d love to read your feedback.

Warnings: None.


“Welcome back to your favorite show, where we have your favorite stars, so welcome to our guest, Miss y/n l/n.” Jimmy Fallon said before the audience started clapping. You walked through the set and said hi with your hand. “Definitely one of the favorites” he said laughing.

“Oh, don’t start, you don’t have to keep telling me that kind of things, I’m already here”

“I know and it’s like… wow! I can’t believe it.” You laughed.

“It’s not like i’m a dive or something”

“Well, you’re Supergirl and also you and your boyfriend are the, and I quote, the hottest couple”

“The person that said that maybe was looking at a picture of him and you”

“Oh, my God, I can’t believe that you said that!” he keep laughing.

“Well, he talks about you all the time so I figured out…”

“No, no, no” he interrumpted you “Do we have a picture?” He asks to someone on the cameras. “YES! yes we do. Look!” He pointed to the big screen and there was Chris, your boyfriend, and you. “Even with all the love I have for that man I just couldn’t compeat with that”

“Aw” the audience melt. Chris was sharing a look with you, he was holding your waist.

“I love that picture, one of the paps that I actually like” you explained.

“I know you two are quite private about your relationship, and you rather to share things before the gossips starts, but let’s pretend that there’s just you and me” you made a funny face and the audience laughed “You two are so in love, I can tell.”

“Well, yeah, I’m amazed by the person he is and all the things he does, you know? I’m his number two fan, because I know his mom is numer one. We’re trying to make it work since he’s Marvel and I’m DC. Our fights are just wonderful”

“I bet so. Becasue when he came you sent him a little present, what was it? he asked you.

“A Superman shirt” you said blushing.

“He did the same for you, so let’s see what he left for you” Someone in the crew bought you a control and the doors started to slice, there was like a safe-deposit box.

“What am I supposed to do?”

“Push the button, but first go to the box” You did and pressed the button. It started to open and showed Chris, shirtless, it was like he was recreating the scene of ‘Captain American: The first avenger’. The audience started to scream and you were laughing so hard.

“Ma’am” he said walking towards you “I’m here to someone from the dark side” his chest has even shining, like the movie.

“I think you are mixing movies” you replied, he made a little smirk. He dodged you and took Jimmy into his arms.

“I’m here to save this man from you, you are temting him to quit me and Avengers to join you league. Goodbye, ma’am”. Your belly ache of you laughter, Jimmy had his hands around Chris’s neck. Suddenly Chris put him back to the ground and came back to you.

“You are saving a man, Captain, shouldn’t be here”

“I’m off the character, just wanted to tell you I love you” he said as he lended down and give you a kiss.

“I love you too”

“I love you too!” Jimmy screams.

“Back to character” he took some distance and got back with him “I’ll see you later, Supergirl”

“Watch you back, Rogers” then the camera follows them going out of the set, and then came back to you “I guess I have another show, can we change the ‘Jimmy Fallon’ thing with my name on it? I hope we can have it done by the time we get back”

I kind of already said this but one thing I really love about kihyun is that he’s rly truly unapologetically himself…he’s not afraid to dance embarrassingly on camera or get (jokingly) angry or smile his big goofy beautiful smile or throw his head back laughing or admit to being the talented singer he is or….want chicken when they’re on the beach fkwhjfjf….i love that he shows us his personality and doesn’t care what others think…he spoils us monbebes with so much love even if people think he’s being corny….i love kihyun :(

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Bakushima (obviously) or Bakushimanari?


NOTP || Just no || Meh || Neutral || Good Potential || Ship it || OTP || JUST FUCK ALREADY (im sex-repulsed but the sentiment stands)

Bakushima!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is legit like my only major ship right now, of any fandom. I’m neutral/positive to pretty much most pairs. But like wow I love this ship, I need Bakugou to experience mutual trust and respect and love and who better than Kirishima, one of the few characters in canon who he actually shows any sign of respect to, like yes plz give it to meeee I would die for their happiness


NOTP || Just no || Meh || Neutral || Good Potential || Ship it || OTP || JUST FUCK ALREADY

I would want to see more Kaminari and Bakugou interactions in canon for me to decide on this ship, but I definitely ship it, anywhere from a little bit to a lot depending on how it’s portrayed!! Because I ship Kiri with Bakugou, and I also totally dig Kami pining after Kiri, but also love triangles are boring and polyamory is definitely a thing so!! (It’s also entirely possible that having grown up in a household and culture with strict monogamous representation has unfortunately affected my view of this ship, which is a damn shame and I am actively trying to correct this thinking… so this ship will probably grow on me as time goes on!)

BTS- Looking at your drawings (Reaction)

✥ JIN: The boy got surprised when he saw the pile of drawings on your coffee table. While you were busy cooking something, Jin appreciated every single drawing you made and asked himself why you never told him about this talent of yours.

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Wow when Magnussen says ‘you wouldn’t care if [your drug habit] was exposed’ implying that he cares about his love for John being exposed. If this was a Bro Show, then why would he care about people knowing that he cares about his best friend John??? Everyone already fucking knows that anyway!!!
So. Why. Does he. Care. About. It being. Exposed