wow i love this scene so f*cking much!!!!

The Final Episode of the 4th season of "The Walking Dead"

*spoilers ahead*


I think I can die right now! My feels are about to explode!

Ok, first af all I should say that it was 5 AM in Russia but I just couldn’t sleep! Not now when my babies are in danger, cause you know… the season finale… somebody was going to die…

It started from the flashback with Hershel, and my heart skipped a beat… I miss him so much!

So… everything was fine, I was happy to watch some adorable Richonne and Carl… and then that assholes showed their f*cking faces! And then Daryl (Oh my God) “my great redneck love” f*cking Dixon came from the dark to tell that pieces of shit to beat him instead of his friends!

My poor baby Carl!T_T No, no, no, HUGE F*CKING NO!! Take your f*cking hands off my baby you stupid piece of crap!

Nooooo! Stop touching him!!

And then papa Rick just f*cking ripped Joe’s throat apart with his teeth! And eviscerated that pervert like a f*cking samurai! HARAKIRI MOTHERF*CKER!

You’re such a badass baby! Well done! You are not a monster! You are just a good father! That asshole deserved what he got!

And that scene with Rick and Daryl’s conversation… About Beth and others…

“You’re my brother”

“She’s just gone”  

Oh, God! *ugly sobbing* LEAVE ME HERE TO DIE! T__T

My poor Bethyl heart! He’s sooo upset! He’s suffering! He’s just… Oh, my baby boy, come here! Let me hug you!

Let me hug ALL OF YOU!! I love you so much my precious babies!

And after that they went to that creepy Terminus. I knew that was something wrong with that place! It’s f*cking zombie apocalypse, where could you find such huge pieces of flesh meat?

Wow! Stop it! Glenn’s backpack? Hershel’s watch?! Maggie’s Daryl’s poncho?!! WTF?! Don’t tell me they’re already dead! They can’t be already eaten by these freaking freaks!

And then they run, shout, shoot and run again… Oh, no! That cannibals are trying to catch them! It’s a trap! Noooo!!

And… wait! This is suspicious! Why did they show us so many Beth in that flashbacks? What if she’s dead and they’re gonna see her head as that was written in all that foilers?

Aaaand finally! They were catched but (Oh, My God!!) reunited with the group! Hallelujah! They are all still alive! All of them! Even Gleggie, cause I’ve thought that one or both of them will die! But they are alive!

And noboby dies this season! I’m so f*cking happy!!! T_T


You’re so right Rick! They’ll pay for what they’ve done to all of you!

And even despite the fact that we still don’t know where Beth is I love the finale! That was scary, stressful but still amazing!

And, you know, I can live with that more than half an year. I will look forward for season 5 even more to find out what is going to happen with my babies next. And I’m pretty sure that this is only the beginning of Beth’s story! And I’m definitely sure that Bethyl is a real thing! Don’t even try to dissuade me! My shipper’s heart is stronger than anything in this world!

Sorry for the f*cking huge ammount of abusive language, that’s not me that’s my feels. Sometimes they make me blush XD

And yep, my English is still poor. It’s not treatable unfortunately…

So now I’m gonna try to sleep though I don’t think I can manage to do it now =_= 

Gonna make another Bethyl video… for sure!^_^