wow i love this scene


all you do is yell at each other; you are not friends.
                                 no, we’re  f a m i l y .


You know, This is a fools errand. We’re not going to accomplish anything in this mess. I should be out there- Dodging an evil ghost who want’s you dead? No, you’re safe here. Safe and entirely ineffective. Your daughter needs you. My daughter needs The Hollow to be purged from this Earth! 

wow voltron had such a good romantic scene in season 1. i love romantic scenes don’t you love romantic scenes? two guys looking into each other’s eyes…holdin’ hands… under a purple light which is their colors mixed together…. amazing right? such a good moment of pure love… #blessed


# she’s so adorable here, bye!

underrated shiro and black lion things i really like: protecting one of the other lions and carrying them to safety when they shut down 

like i love this scene, but i remember thinking: wow, lucky that it was just red. you know, the smallest lion. like, any of the bigger ones went down, black probably wouldnt be able to carry it. but then yellow, the heavy hitter armored one, gives out and 

i really like this parallel. its interesting how both pilots react to it too. with keith he reacts like its some kind of mechanical failure, starts jamming the controls and yells like its a broken machine. You don’t see him really checking in with red until after he crashes on that planet, where he promises to get her fixed. hunk however, sounds more like he’s talking to the lion like another person, trying to encourage them. he also doesnt attempt to mess with the controls becuase he knows its out of his hands and puts his trust in him instead. kinda neat.

also!! look at how upset and then angry shiro gets. i know people like to think he has endless patience and is always so controlled but if anyone on his team goes down he looks ready to start wrecking shit 

this is also the second time shiro and black have carried keith to safety. no wonder black lets him pilot, shes already given him a few lifts lmao. but really just add this to the pile of black paladin keith foreshadow