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  • What Sansa Says: Bran is home...he has visions now.
  • What Sansa means: Hoooo boy okay Arya I am G L A D you are home so I don't have to deal with this Three Eyed Raven shit by myself I love our brother but WOW lemme tell you it's been a day since he's been home and I cannot with his cryptic messages THANK YOU ARYA FOR COMING BACK-
“ew, gross” ― tom holland

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warnings: this doesn’t have any warnings because i’m a clean girl lmao but I did mention boobs once and there are a few swear words so yeah i guess that counts?? all of this is just pure fluff. 

pairing: tom holland x reader

summary: You have your own way of telling Tom you love him. It started off in high school and as your relationship went through ups and downs you never failed to remind him how much you adored him ― in your own way of course. 

word count: 3.8k+ 

author’s note: hiii guys this is the first time i’m ever posting a full writing thing? i literally wanna thank anyone who gets through all of this i love you from the bottom of my heart :( (if u leave me feedback i will love u even more). btw i wrote this at like 3 am when i was half asleep and this might be the only thing i ever post bc i threw all my ideas into one cause i never have time to write. ok thats it i love you sm bye !!!

two months

“Would you stop fixing your hair, Y/N? He’s gonna be here any minute.”

You sighed, rolling your eyes at your best friend. “That’s the whole point, Sabrina. He’s almost here and my hair looks like this!”

“He’s crazy about you,” she said. “He’s doesn’t care about what you look like.”

She was right. You were being silly and you didn’t know why. It wasn’t like this was your first date with Tom, but it sure as hell felt like it. Your hands were shaking from how nervous you were and you couldn’t stop nitpicking every little thing wrong with your attire.

It drove you crazy how much you still wanted to impress him.

“That’s him,” you picked up your phone, reading his text. “I gotta go.”

“Have fun!”

“I will!”

All your nerves had died down the second you walked out and saw him, leaning against his car. His dad had bought him the car as an early birthday/graduation present and you could still remember how excited he was when he saw it. Once you got close to him, he wrapped his fingers around your jacket, pulled you close to him and said,   

“You look beautiful, love.”

His comment made you blush. It made you blush so much that you hide your face in his neck, making him laugh. He loved making you blush just for that reason, it made you all cute and flustered and if he was lucky enough, you would kiss his neck.

That was the first blush of the night.

The rest of the them were spontaneous. They happened at random times like when you would gaze out the car window or grab his free hand while he drove. Those small moments were when he wanted to remind you how beautiful you were and you didn’t realize you adored this aspect of him so much until you were sitting in a cafe.   

It was the same cafe you two would visit after school to work on your assignments. Honestly, the place didn’t help you stay focused, you just loved their hot chocolate and spending time with Tom.

It’s where he decided to bring you tonight, for your fifth date as an official couple, but who’s counting?

“I don’t like british tea, Tom, you know this.” you pouted, looking at the cup in front of you. 

He laughed, shaking his head because you always complained about his tea. In fact, you’ve been complaining about it since freshman year, saying there was too much sugar and milk. Being the American that you are, you liked your tea plain.

“Try it for me, Y/N. Please.”

“Fine, but you have to try this for me.” you pushed over your plain tea to him.

“No way”

“Yes way”

“No way,”

“Yes way”, you continued. “It’s the least you could do and- Tom!” you shouted when he picked up the sugar.

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When you’re minding your own business and then the Preciousmetal feelings hit HARD

three little lines

just three little lines hold so much
an entire group
a community
a world
a clique
three little lines have never been so powerful
no other lines could make me feel more
these lines make me proud
they make me strong
like i am part of something greater than myself
the symbol represents peace
and perseverance
it inspires me to keep going
an entire band can be contained
in three little lines
head up
breathe in
all together now


everyone’s talking about armin in ep. 35, but does anyone else see candy in a naked apron in the nathaniel illustration?? Cuz I do and I can’t unsee it….

I often find myself wondering if Jake is okay :/
(ALSO, @richardgoranski Because i legitimately just saw you would love to be tagged in BMC art in general, so here ya go buddy) 

You’re so cute, even when you’re being an awkward dork and asking me to stop you from being an awkward dork you’re cute.

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Do you want Keith to be a paladin again?... because I do and I'm sad.


I believe that the team will, at some point, help Keith through his issues. Whether it’ll be a conscious effort or not is a different thing - so far they have proven to be pretty blind as a group. Shiro and Coran both realized a few times when someone is feeling sad and tried to cheer them up but that’s it. And Keith isn’t the type to mimic Lance and just explain what’s going on in his head, especially since he doesn’t see any fault with his way of thinking. 

I want Keith to come back to team Voltron. I didn’t dislike him joining the BoM this season because he got a lot more experience and we got development for him. No, hear me out, we really did :P Up until now Keith knew that he didn’t belong to the team, that his way of thinking was different. But now that he’s with the BoM they validated his “I’m expendable”-thoughts and we saw that he was ready to kill himself for the sliiiiiiightest chance of saving the team/the mission. (He was aware that he most likely wouldn’t succeed but he had to TRY at least because hey, he is expendable and a slight chance is better than no chance, right?)

Keith is falling deeper into that hole and that’s development. Not the development we might want to see but still development. And that sets us up for an amazing journey of discovering his worth in the future, something that only Voltron can show him. Voltron, that literally can’t work if one of its limbs goes missing. 

Just as I believe that the lion switch isn’t permanent, I believe that Keith will return to the team. And honestly I can’t wait for that :’D I want to see a happy, healthy and at peace Keith by the end of this show sndfbhjdksnf