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Moonlight Confessions

pairing: connor murphy x reader

word count: 865

warnings: like, swearing. do those need warnings? yeah swearing shield ur eyes children.

a/n: ok when was the last time i posted fanfic?? years ago lmao hello and welcome to my second one in forever !! someone hand me the tony for “Slowest Writer To Ever Exist On The DEH x Reader Community But Not The Entire Internet Because That’s Aiming Too High” it exists somewhere out there i can feel it,,,

dedicated to: @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou, who is absolutely amazing in every way!! she is !!!! wow gr8 !!!!! in all honesty maia, thank u so much for reading this and going “CUTE CUTE CUTE” ilu

“I think I might be in love with you.”

Connor turned towards you, wide-eyed and startled, maybe just a little unsure if he was hearing right. There were no angry accusations of “you’re lying” or “it’s not funny, Y/N, knock that shit off.” Hanging out on the edge of his roof, legs splayed haphazardly in front of you and head tilted upwards to the sky, everything felt softer under the glow of the 3 AM moonlight. Connor remained silent, a sheen of hope glistening in his eyes.

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“Family” Part Two

Words: 1,581

Norman Reedus x Daughter Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Link to part one

Originally posted by kendaspntwd

“You have got to be kidding me.” Anna showed up at my doorstep. It had been a few days since my encounter with my dad. I haven’t seen him since, he had to fly to San Diego for Comic Con, but he’d be back next week.

“Anna? What are you doing here? We don’t usually meet until seven.” I say, looking at the clock. It was barely six in the morning- the sun wasn’t even up yet.

“I told you to watch The Walking Dead, not have coffee with Norman fucking Reedus!” Her eyes are wide.

“How do you know about that?” I questioned her, letting her come inside. She obviously wasn’t leaving.

“Have you been online lately?”

“No, I’ve been busy trying to finish my homework. AP Calculus is kicking my ass. But that doesn’t answer my question.”

“Search up Norman on Google. Look at the recent media posts about him.” She looks at me weirdly. I pull out my phone, typing in his name. I gasp at the results- there were pictures of the two of us drinking coffee together, being swamped by fans, and getting into the taxi together. The headlines were worse. ‘Norman’s new woman?’ ‘Hot young girl getting coffee with Norman Reedus- See the pics!’ ‘Norman is dating a mystery girl!’

“Oh my god.” I want to scream.

“I just want to know how the fuck you managed to score him! I’ve been trying to get his attention through Twitter forever.” She seemed frustrated.

“Ew, listen, I did not ‘score him.’ We’re not, like, together.” I try to say calmly.

“I don’t understand.”

“Look, if I tell you something, you can’t tell a soul.” I tell her.


“He’s my dad.”

“No way.” She shakes her head. “You’re lying.”

“I’m not. I just found out.”

“Wow.” She seems like she can’t figure out what to say. “Okay.”

“It’s a lot to process, I know. Trust me.” I grab some water from the kitchen.

“I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to tell people.”

“People are going to treat me differently. I don’t want people to want to be my friend just because I have a famous dad.” I admit.

“Oh, hun.” Anna laughs. “People are going to treat you differently regardless. They think you two are, like, dating.”


I underestimated his fame.

People stopped me on the streets while I walked to school, asking me questions about my “relationship” with my father. I ignored them and just kept walking, but people still looked at me funny. The whole day throughout school, everyone looked at me weird. Some girls looked jealous, other disgusted. Most of the guys just smiled at me.

“So, dating a big shot, huh?” One of my soccer teammates came up to me in the locker room after practice. “I’m jealous. He’s like a sex god.”

I looked at her in disgust before slamming my locker door, walking away.

“Hey, Y/N, I’m sorry, that wasn’t supposed to make you mad.” She followed me.

“We’re not dating. Not even close. So please leave me alone.” I say with attitude, opening the door and walking outside. “And feel free to tell everyone else that. I’m tired of being stared at.”

I get in bed as soon as I get home, exhausted. All I want to do is talk to my mom, but she’s nowhere to be seen. I grab my phone, going through my twitter feed. It’s filled with people talking about me. Shocker. I don’t even read them. They’re probably just more bullshit rumors.

I was about to shut it off when a new post pops up- a video from the San Diego Comic Con. I click on it, seeing that it was the Walking Dead’s con. It starts off with the announcer talking to my dad, who is not paying attention to him at all. My dad was too busy messing around with the guy who’s name tag says “Andrew Lincoln.” I frown, realizing that this was the guy who I’ve been telling Anna is hot for ages, and he’s seemingly my dad’s friend. Crush gone.

“Norman, we’ve got a question from a fan.” The announcer says, and my dad starts paying attention.

“Hi, Norman! We’ve been all wondering- who was that girl you were with a few days ago?” This blonde lately asks.

“She’s my daughter.”

The crowd goes crazy. I guess they didn’t know I existed.

“You have another kid besides Mingus? What’s her name?” A fan yells from the crowd.

“I don’t know if she’s comfortable with me telling the world that.”

Then the screen cuts black, and the video is over. Half of me is glad he told everyone, so people will stop looking at me like I’m some huge seventeen year old slut dating an older guy. But another half of me is upset. My life is about to change dramatically. Suddenly, I’m not just Y/N anymore. People are going to look at me and just see Norman’s daughter.

I pull out my phone and call my dad.

“What’s going on?” He answered. There was talking in the background, like he was out with friends or something.

“I can call you later if you’re busy.”

“Give me a minute.” He says to someone in the background, and then the noise stops. “Sorry, all the cast members and I are together in the hotel room. Celebrating for the last night of being here.”

“Don’t apologize. I just needed to talk to someone. My mom’s not here, and I’m just super stressed out. People are stopping me on the streets and taking pictures of me. Everyone at my school are treating me weird. I don’t know what to do.” I sigh.

“Hey, look, I go through this all the time. So did Mingus. It’ll die down eventually.”

“Mingus?” I question.

“Yeah, I uh, I have another kid.”

“You’re a busy man.” I joke.

“Shut up.” He laughs. “You know, I fly back into New York tomorrow morning. Why don’t you come stay with me for a few days? I don’t have much to do, but I got a cat and a bunch of South Park recorded on TV if you’re into that thing.”

“I have school.”

“I live in a different borough, not a different state. You can still get to school. Hell, it’s only for a few days, you could skip school if you wanted and we could actually hang out. I don’t have long until I have to fly back to Atlanta to film.” He drove a hard bargain.

“Fine.” I finally say. “Can you just pick me up after school tomorrow? I don’t want to have to walk all the way home just to have to leave again.”

“I’ll be there. See you tomorrow, Y/N.”

“See ya.”


The next day was worse. People literally stopped me on the streets to take a picture with me, which was the weirdest thing. They all knew my name, so I guess someone spilled information to the tabloids.

School was about the same. People stared at me all day, but at least not in disgust this time. A few people tried asking me if they could meet my dad but I just ignored them. Finally the bell rang, indicating that school was over. Thank god.

“You coming to practice?” Anna asked me as we took our stuff out of the lockers.

“Nah.” I shut my locker door. “Got shit to do.”

“Coach is going to be mad.”

“No offense, but I don’t really give a flying fuck what coach thinks. I go to every single practice. I have never missed one, and I participate in every single game. Now, if you’d excuse me, I still have shit to do.”

Yeah, she is a little annoying sometimes, but I didn’t mean to be that rude to her. “I’m sorry. I just have a lot going on.”

“It’s fine. Go. I’ll tell her you got sick.” She smiles weakly at me.

I hug her before I go outside. I see a car sitting in front of the school with dark tinted windows. The window to the backseat rolls down, and my dad smiles at me.

“You ready?” He asks. The people outside gasp, but thankfully don’t freak out. I nod and get inside the car.

“Upper East Side, please.” He tells the driver.

“A driver, huh?” I raise my eyebrows at him once I get settled in the car.

“I’m not a pretentious douchebag, if that’s what you’re hinting at.” He laughs.

“Jesus, I feel like I’m in Gossip Girl. Serena, where at you?” I joke.

“What?” He asks.


We get to his apartment building a while later. It’s nice-definitely the Upper East Side. The driver let both of us out, and we walked up to his apartment.

“This is where you live?” I gaped. It was huge, at least for New York standards. It was also really messy, but the nice furniture and the cute cat meeting us at the door made up for it.

“Yeah, sorry it looks like a tornado blew through here. I’ve been sleeping all day and didn’t clean.” He admits.

“I don’t mind. You saw where I lived.”

“Want some food? There’s leftover Chinese in the fridge from lunch.”


I reheat the food, and then take a seat on his couch while I turn on the TV.

Maybe being his daughter isn’t so bad after all. 


A/N: here’s part two of HIMYM! sorry it took me forever to post!

  • PAIRING: Remus Lupin x Reader
  • SUMMARY: In which a 40-year old Remus Lupin tells the story of how he met his wife.
  • WORDS: 2013

Okay…so where was I up to?” Narrator Remus says, trying to remember what part he was up to in the story he was currently telling his two kids. “Oh right! So, when Y/N threw a drink in my face your Uncle Sirius came in…”

Sirius came in after he saw the scene that had unfolded between Y/N and Remus, “De…wait for it…nied! Denied.” Chuckling, he retorted.

Remus held up the business card his dream girl gave him up Sirius’ face, “we’re going out tomorrow night.” He smirked, putting the card safely into his jacket pocket.

Sirius felt hurt by him, “wait, I thought we were going to do something tomorrow night.”

Moony grabbed a napkin to wipe off the spilled Martini on his face by the girl, “believe me Pads I want to but she’s probably the one, just be happy for me for once.” Sirius just nodded, still feeling a bit bummed.

“The next day, I took her out to this small restaurant, out in Manchester.” Older Moony told his kids.

“Wow, that is one badass blue french horn.” The American girl said as she looked to her side to see a large blue french horn hanging on the wall, opposite the pair.

“Yeah,” her date answered, “sort of looks like some sort of smurf penis.”

“Teddy, a piece of advice. When you go on a first date with a girl, you really don’t want to say something along the lines of smurf penis. Girls don’t usually like that.”

She laughed, almost spitting her drink.

“But this wasn’t some ordinary girl.”

“Do you even have the Smurfs in England?” She questioned between fits of laughter.

He smiled, the chuckles dying down. “You’ll be surprised.”

On the walk back to her apartment the pair started up a conversation. “I gotta get one of those blue French horns for over my fireplace. It’s gotta be blue, gotta be French.”

“No green clarinet?”


“Come on, no purple tuba?”

The young woman gave the charming young man in front of her a playful death glare, “It’s a smurf penis or no dice.” To which he chuckled at the sentence.

A van came by, stopping right when it caught sight of Y/N. “There you are! We got a jumper back at the Tower Bridge. Come on, you’re covering it!”

Y/N just looked at her colleague that was behind the wheel in bewilderment, torn between her job and the amazing guy she met 24 hours ago. “Um, okay you know what, I’ll be right there.”

She turned to Remus, “I’m sorry. But, you should know I had a really great time tonight.”


At the trio’s shared apartment, James was sat on the cream-colored couch surfing through a muggle newspaper, Lily seated next to him an eyepatch on her left eye reading the daily prophet she somehow gets delivered at the apartment.

“Lily…” James started, scaring his fiance half to death.

“How long have you been sitting there? Stupid eyepatch.” She frowned, covering the eyepatch.

Right at that moment, Remus came through the brown wooden door, “Mum, Dad, I have found the future Mrs. Remus Lupin.” He joked. “James, how have I described my perfect woman?”

“Ah, let’s see…she likes dogs?”

The charming sandy-brown headed man nodded, “she has five dogs.”

“Drinks scotch?”

“She loves a scotch that’s old enough to order its own scotch.” Moony quoted remembering what his dream woman said during their fantastic time at dinner.

“Quotes lines from The Godfather?”

“Yup, ‘I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.’” He said imitating the character from The Godfather, Vito Corleone the same way Y/N did during their date. He sat down getting enthusiastic for what he’s about to say, “And I’m saving the best for last…she’s also a wizard.”

The couple beamed with happiness for their best friend, “That’s amazing! But the two of you literally just met, how did she come clean just like that?”

“She told me she had a hunch that she knew I was a wizard. However, she went to Ilvermorny whilst we went to Hogwarts.”

Lily interrupted the conversation, “Wait, it’s only the brick of 10:30, what happened?”

“She got called by her job.”

“So, did you kiss her?”

Moony shook his head, “no, the moment wasn’t right.” The young fiancees rolled their eyes, adjusting themselves in their spot on the couch. Remus saw their unimpressed faces and continued his sentence, “look, this woman could actually be my future wife I want our first kiss to be amazing.”

Lily awed, “Remus that’s so sweet. So you chickened out like a little bitch?”

The messy sandy-haired man lulled his head to the side, looking at the redhead before him, “what? I did not chicken out, y’know what…” he trailed off sitting up from his spot on the armchair, “I don’t need to take first kiss advice from some pirate who hasn’t been single since the first week of the 7th year.”

The redhead stood up to meet Remus’ towering height, “Rem, anyone who’s single would tell you the same thing. Even the dumbest single person alive, and if you don’t believe me call him.”

That’s when the man grabbed the telephone next to him and called the first person that came to mind when his friend said ‘the dumbest single person alive.’ Sirius Black.

“Hey, Pads, sorry to interrupt you on whatever…you’re doing. But, I need your opinion on something.”

The ebony haired man furrowed his brows through the phone, “wait who is this?”

Remus rolled his light green orbs, “It’s Moony.”

“Oh! Hey Moons, meet me at the bar right now. And suit up!” He yelled through the phone, hanging up.

“So, they’re thinking I chickened out,” Remus started, pointing at the redhead and brunet as the quartet was sat in their usual booth of their all too favorite bar. “What do you think?”

“I can’t believe you’re still not wearing a suit,“ Padfoot shouted at Moony.

Remus rolled his eyes, “she didn’t even give me the signal.”

Sirius aggravatingly set his drink down, “what is she going to bat her eyes at you in morse code?” He started to mimic exactly what he said, blinking uncontrollably, “Rem…kiss me. No! You just kiss her.”

“Not if you don’t get the signal.”

Sirius frustratedly grabbed James’ face that he was conveniently next to and locked lips with him to prove his point.

“Did James give me the signal?” He pointed at Prongs.

“No! I didn’t, baby, I swear to Merlin.” James gave a pleading look to Lily, who nodded her head at him giving him a forgiving look.

“But at least tonight, I get to sleep knowing James and me, never gon’ a happen. You should’ve kissed her.”

“Ugh, I should’ve kissed her.” Remus said looking down, “well, maybe in a week when she gets back from Scotland.”

“A week? That’s like a year in hot-girl time.” Sirius retorted making a face. “She’ll forget all about you, mark my words you will never see that one again.” The jet black haired man jabbed a stern finger at him, drink in hand.

Remus looked up at the television up at the bar area, “There she is.” The rest of the quartet’s turned towards the box TV. The screen showed a gorgeous girl standing in front of the Tower Bridge.

“Oh, she’s pretty. Hey bartender, turn it up.”

“…persuaded him to reconsider. At which point the man came down off the ledge, giving this bizarre story a happy ending. Reporting from BBC News, back to you Bill.”

“Wow and she’s American.” The redhead gushed.

Remus stood from his seat, “I’m going to go kiss her, right now.”

“Look, mate, it’s midnight. As your future lawyer, I’m going to have to advise you that’s fucking crazy.”

The light brunet man put his hands up in the air, “I never do anything crazy. I’m always waiting for the moment, more importantly, planning the moment. Well, she’s leaving tomorrow this may be the only moment I can get. I have to do what that guy couldn’t. I have to take the leap,” He paused, “Okay, maybe not a perfect metaphor ‘cause for me it’s fall in love and get married and for him, it’s resulting… death.” Remus furrowed his brows at his confusing speech.

“Actually, that is a perfect metaphor.” The ebony haired man said looking up at Remus from where he’s sat at, he then turned towards Lily and James raising his glass in the air, “by the way, did I congratulate you two?”

“I’m doing this.” Remus said about to walk out of the bar until Lily uttered a ‘let’s go’ grabbing her purse.

“We’re coming with you.” The redhead responded her purse in one hand, James’ hand in the other. “Sirius?”

“All right, but under one condition. You suit up.”

The quad was now in the taxi, about to drive to Y/N’s apartment.

“You suited up!” The ebony-haired man said happily from the back seat, “this is totally going in my journal!”

Remus was in the front seat when he told the driver to stop the car, “uh, pull over right over there.” He gestured to the parking space, “I gotta do something.” The light-brunet man told his friends getting out of the taxi.

He jogged towards the bistro the pair went to not long ago, “excuse me, sorry,” Moony uttered grabbing the blue French horn that was hung up on the wall, “enjoy your coffee.” He told the young couple he previously stood on their table to grab the fake instrument.

The waiter called out after him, “hey!”

The moment he got in the car he’s already telling the driver to step on it, his friends just watched him in wonder. “Everyone brings flowers.” The young man shrugged.

After the seven-minute car ride, they were right outside of her apartment. He huffed a breath of air he didn’t know he had been holding, “okay…moment of truth, wish me luck.”

Sirius was rooting for him, smiling a goofy smile, “Remus is gon’ a get it on with a TV reporter. ‘This just in,’ okay.” He held out a hand for his friends to high five.

Lily just looked at him from beside him shaking her head, Sirius shook his head with her realizing the pun he came up with was dumb, putting his arm down. “Kiss her Rem, and kiss her good.” The redhead gushed, fangirling already.

James encouraged him patting his back, “kiss the shit out’ that girl.”

Remus turned towards him, “Prongs, remember this night. When you’re the best man at our wedding and you give the speech, you’re gonna tell this story.” Then he exited the taxi.

The handsome dark-haired man shook his head, “why does he get to be the best man?!” He shouted after him, “I’m your best friend!”

Older Remus’ raspy voice started to explain, “As I walked up to that door, a million thoughts raced through my mind. Unfortunately, one particular thought did not. The fact she had five dogs.”

Once younger Remus had ringed the bell from outside for her to answer, the dogs started barking from the other side. He got scared half to death, “not good, not good, not good, nope.” Lupin kept repeating walking away towards the car.

The taxi was right next to him, the windows rolled down so he could hear his friends yell, “No! Get back in there! You’re wearing a suit!”

“Remus?” Y/N said, questionably from the window of her apartment on the second floor.

“Hi.” He greeted rather sweetly. The girl smiled at him, secretly asking in her mind why the hell he was outside of her apartment all dressed up on the brick of one AM. “I was just uh…” Remus wasn’t really good with words no matter how many books he’s read, without thinking he just held up the French horn.

The Y/H/C headed beauty beamed with surprise and happiness immediately understanding, “come on up.”

“And, that, kids is the true story of how I met your mother,” Remus told his kids.


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Three’s a crowd| Monsta X Minhyuk, Kihyun & Wonho Scenario

Group: Monsta X
Scenario: Three’s a crowd
Members: Kihyun, Minhyuk & Wonho
Genre: Fluff?
Word Count: 1832
Description: Minhyuk and Kihyun both figure out that they have a crush on the same girl. They both don’t want to back down and plan to meet mc to find out who she likes the most. The loser has to buy ice cream. However, someone else ends up coming in and it get’s a little complicated. Request prompt here. 

“Minhyuk-ah, I’ve got something to tell you,” murmured Kihyun as he looked over at Minhyuk who was currently lying on the couch, a bowl of chips resting on his chest, his legs propped up as he flipped through the pages of his manga. He turned to look at Kihyun, chip in his mouth as he nodded his head slightly.

“So, there’s this girl right. I really like her,” he mumbled, leaning in as if he was saying a secret. Well, it sort of was considering if the other members found out they’d tease him forever about it. She was a girl that went to the same college as them. They had quite a few classes together as well. He pushed Minhyuk’s legs out of the way and sat down in the seat where his legs once wore.

“So?” asked Minhyuk, voice muffled as he munched on his chips, resting his legs along Kihyun’s lap. “Did you ask her out yet? What’s her name?” he asked, dusting his hands as he sat up slightly and glanced over at Kihyun, tilting his head to the side and letting out a long yawn.

“Wow, your interest astounds me. Listen!” he snapped, smacking Minhyuk on the leg as he grumbled out. He fished his phone out of his pocket, scrolling through the pictures to find the selca he took with her not too long ago.

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I set myself a target to write 60 fics based on various prompts before I left for uni, and although I only write one and a half, I’m quite proud of this one so I thought I’d post it on here because I need validation. Anyway, enjoy!

Ship: Drarry

Fanbase: Harry Potter

Based on a prompt: “Is that what you’re trying to do? Trying to make me hate you?”

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Confessions: Mark x MC Fanfic

Hey, folks! Happy Wednesday! So, I have my second 200 Follower Giveaway prompt locked and loaded. This prompt was requested by giveaway winner @kittenmusicals! She wanted a oneshot describing what could have happened if MC had made it to Mark’s house after the date last chapter and he actually got the chance to tell her how he feels. 

Hopefully this is okay. I’ll admit, this is my first #lovehacks fic and I struggled a bit trying to capture voices and personalities, but I hope it’s not too terrible. And, I hope it’s good enough for you @kittenmusicals! Thanks and please leave feedback, suggestions, and just enjoy it! :)

Mark stood in the now empty apartment, gazing around triumphantly. Somehow he’d managed to get Cole to leave without too much of a fuss and he was grateful for that small miracle. He was extremely anxious but he had to get this right. This was important. As he gazed at the dimmed lights, the lit candles and the wine chilling nearby the couch, he grimaced.

 “Wait, what the hell am I doing?! She’s going to hate all of this!” he thought aloud. He had let Cole’s ‘vision of intimacy’, as he called it, cloud his judgment and suddenly the living room looked like something out of a cheesy  romance novel to him. He ran around feverishly blowing out scented candles and turning on lights. He tossed the wine in the fridge and turned off the music. Then he nodded in satisfaction.

 “Okay. Way better.”

 At that moment he heard a knock on the front door and his stomach tightened. She’s here. God, she’s here.

 He stood by the door, his hand on the knob, and tried to calm his hammering heartbeat. Tonight would be a major turning point for him and his best friend. Either they would be moving forward as more than friends or they’d be working to maintain a friendship knowing unrequited romantic feelings existed. The risk was huge but he’d been harboring this for years and couldn’t contain it anymore. Time to put on his big boy pants and tell her the truth.

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If I’m Being Honest...

[Tododeku, BNHA]

A03 Link

Chapter 1

Bright sunlight made Todoroki squint as he stepped through the hospital’s automatic doors.  

It was a beautiful day - surprisingly cool for June - with a pleasant breeze tossing Todoroki’s bangs.  Even the hospital had seemed cheerful, his mother smiling softly as Todoroki opened her window, then laughing behind her hand as the wind caught the curtain and smacked her son in the face.  

She had been laughing more and more lately, each giggle (and occasional snort) threading one more stitch across the fractures of the past between them.  After all, Todoroki had heard that broken bones grow back stronger.

Closing his eyes leisurely, Todoroki basked in the sunlight.

A short buzz in Todoroki’s pocket interrupted his musings, and he pulled his phone out.   Midoriya Izuku , the screen read.  Speaking of broken bones…

As Todoroki typed in his passcode, another buzz rattled the phone, also courtesy of Midoriya Izuku .  A perfectly suitable contact name, intentionally dull so as not to raise any suspicion.  Kirishima had more than provided a cautionary tale last year, when Ashido had discovered that his contact name for Bakugou was “BakuuuBabe”, accompanied by a rather unfortunate string of emojis (the water droplets especially stood out).   For nearly a month, a chorus of “Bakuuu!”s chimed whenever Bakugou entered a room or hallway, like some occult ritual.  

A couple charred streaks remained on the hallway floors to this day.  Needless to say, Todoroki wasn’t about to go putting Midoriya’s contact as ‘light of my life’, ‘reason green is my favorite color’, or any of those other intrusive thoughts that spun right ‘round like a record through Todoroki’s head whenever he was around the boy.   Midoriya Izuku was proper, professional.

(Midoriya Izuku somehow still managed to send a pleasant chill up Todoroki’s spine.)

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clumsy! minghao

so i’m lowkey depressed bc i was almost done with writing this and it was going so well and my tumblr glitched out and deleted it and i almost cried. but it’s whatever i’m still gonna write it.

i’ve had this idea in my head for a while but never wrote it then when i finally did write it it got deleted but it’s fine i’m fine 

summary :minghao loves to dance but he’s terrible at it. he joins your brother’s dance crew and you’re stuck tending to his wounds when he hurts himself.

  • oK so
  • let’s say you have a twin brother or something who dances
  • but you do nothing at all don’t dance
  • but your parents think that you have to get out and do something 
  • and they also think that you have to be connected at the hip too like sometimes they even make you wear matching outfits
  • and you’re like it’s weird mom stop
  • so since you were like 5, when your brother started dancing, you’ve gone  to every. single. dance practice.
  • so you knew the guys of your brother’s dance crew well 
  • and you also sorta had a knack for caring for people 
  • AND their coach found out and he has LOVED you for it for the past like forever because HAYYY you can take care of the boys now and he doesn’t have to hire a nurse
  • (apparently his ex wife is a nurse and they freak him out now yikes)
  • but like one time he gave you 40 bucks because you puT A BANDAID ON  YOUR BROTHERS PAPERCUT
  • so since then you’ve enjoyed coming to the practices bc like woah,, i got the big bucks now :)))))
  • and you knew all of the guys in the dance crew so well so you didn’t have to worry about it being awkward when you tend their wounds
  • until one day,,,,,,
  • you’re sitting off on the wall next to the first aid kit while all the boys are stretching and talking before practice
  • and coach walks in with this guy
  • and you’re like woah woah woah it’s been the same for like twelve years why add another person now?????
  • coach introduces him as minghao 
  • and he sounds so sad when he says his name and you’re like what
  • then he’s like “despite minghao’s past,,, difficulties,,, with the sport of dance,, we will give him a chance in this crew….”
  • then everyone just mutters around and you see minghao’s face flush red as he ties his shoes
  • and then you start blushing???
  • you’re brother asks you why and you’re like secondhand embarrassment for the guy
  • but you’re really blushing bc he’s a really cute guy like what
  • then the practice continues on as usual
  • but you find that when they’re dancing, your eye is drawn to minghao?
  • bc like he’s really
  • bad
  • like he s u cks 
  • and you’re like wow no wonder coach sounded sad to introduce him
  • and you cringe so hard at him that you have to close you eyes for a second 
  • but as soon as you open them the first thing you see is minghao on the ground holding his ankle 
  • and you’re like woah what the what did i miss
  • and coach literally is crying on the floor
  • you could have sworn his hair wasn’t that gray before like he must be really stressed with this kid
  • he sounds insane
  • he keeps saying stuff like “mINghao. you wERE ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE w a L K ING AT THAT SPOT HOW DID YOU TWIST YOUR ANKLE???”
  • and minghao is just avoiding everyone’s gaze and holding his ankle
  • the coach literally crawls on hands and knees over to you and begs at your feet to take as long as possible to help minghao with his ankle
  • and he legit tells you he’ll give you a thousand dollars
  • and then you snap back out of it and internally you’re like oH MY GOD there’s a hURT kID this is mY JOB IM SUPPOSED TO HELP HIM
  • solike you crouch down in front of minghao and lift his face a little and he won’t look you in the eye but you can see that his are glossy and you hear a sniffle
  • then you legit melt
  • you feel so bad for the kid he’s probably in a lot of pain
  • so you grab his hand and wrap his arm around your shoulder and struggle to help minghao out of the practice room and into the break room
  • you set him down in a cushie chair and prop his leg up on your knee 
  • but when you look up the poor baby is bawling his eyes out 
  • and you’re like oH NO NO NO wHeRe DoEs It HuRt
  • and he points to his ankle while rubbing his eyes and nose 
  • and after you have it all iced and wrapped and stuff 
  • he’s still sobbing?
  • and you’re like so cautious because you don’t want to trigger more tears
  • so you just softly say “is there anything else you need?,,,,,”
  • and at this point he’s kinda calmed down a little??
  • so he like hiccups out the word “talent” and you almost laugh before you realize how sad that is
  • like dang lol
  • and you’re like “no no no baby no you have talent,,, maybe just not in dancing”
  • and he looks up at you with a blush, intrigued
  • and you’re like “well i haven’t necessarily found my talents yet, so maybe you’ve just been looking in the wrong place like you don’t need to keep dancing if you’re bad at it and always getting hurt”
  • and his face is finally dry and he’s like “well what do you think my talent could be?”
  • and you’re like idk minghao there’s so many out there that you just have to explore
  • and it’s silent for a bit and you’re both looking at your feet
  • well you’re actually looking at his foot which is still on your knee
  • and you’re like he has a cute pinky to-
  • minghao yells all excited and you get the living daylights scared out of you
  • and youre about to shush him but you look over and he’s smiling for the first time since you met him earlier today and you’re like aww
  • and now that you’re looking at him he starts blushing and he’s much less sure of himself
  • like completely different from the minghao from a second ago
  • “"well-i uh- i was wondering- since you haven’t found your talents yet- uh- do you wanna explore them with me sometime?? like we could play soccer or scuba dive or go to a painting class or something?”
  • and you’re internally screaming because he’S SO CUTE
  • and you turn to look at him and you’re like “minghao i would really really love to do that”
  • and then you sit there for a second just looking at each other
  • then he scREAMS?
  • and you’re like “woah buddy calm down i know you’re excited”
  • and then he’s like “nO y/N your elbow is diGGING INTO mY ankLE”
  • and you’re like woah woah sorry
  • and then he just gets all cute again and he’s like 
  • “but i am so excited that i could scream”
  • and he opens his mouth to cheer
  • and you z o o OOOOM to put your hand over his mouth 
  • because you were NOT about to be teased by your brother for agreeing to go on talent exploration dates with clumsy minghao


Meeting Dan & Phil for the first time - Part 1

Summary: Basically you are Chris Kendall’s (crabstickz) best friend and is meeting Dan and Phil for the first time and end up getting on especially good with Dan (wink, wink)

Warning: Nah man, you’re good

Word count: 1.4k


Tonight was the night. The night you were meeting Dan and Phil. Chris was so excited for the three of you to met and just couldn’t wait, but you were extremely nervous. 

It was the second night of Vidcon and you were getting dressed in your hotel room as Chris cheerfully walked in. “What are you so happy about?” I asked as I sat on my bed tying my black Converse. “Oh, you know… Just going out for dinner, and you meeting Dan and stuff… And yeah, Phil too of course.” He said as he walked into the bathroom, not bothering closing the door behind him. 

You and Chris had known each other since you were literally babies. You grew up in the same neighbourhood and went to the same school and just ended up being friends. You weren’t a Youtuber yourself but you really enjoyed the business, if you could call it that. You had been in some of Chris’s videos and people seemed to like you, strangely enough. You also went with him to almost every Youtube convention so you weren’t anonymous to the people and had met quite a lot of Youtubers. But for some reason not Dan and Phil yet.

“May I ask why Dan is so much more special then Phil?” You asked Chris as he fixed his hair in the mirror. “Oh, no reason. No reason at all… Nope, nothing at all” He said suspiciously. You could always easily see when he was lying. “Chris James Kendall, what the freaking hell are you not telling me right now?” I said with a bossy voice, which I knew scared him a little. “Okay, okay… I’ll tell you. Well, I may have heard from Phil that Dan kind of have been stalking you on every social media since he heard he was going to met you”. “Wait, what?” You said surprised. “So Phil thinks that he has a crush on you now” Chris said. “Well, this night is gonna be fun then” You said smirking. “Oh no, what are you on about?” Chris said looking at you. 

* Outside the restaurant *

“PJ! Sophie!” You said cheerfully as you and Chris arrived a little late at the restaurant. Blame the California traffic. You hugged them both, being happy to see them. Even though you saw them just a week ago or so. “Hello, Y/N. And how are you this fine evening?” PJ ironically asked. For some reason the two of you thought it was fun being ironically polite with each other. “I’m very fine, thank you.” I smiled at him. “Now, let me introduce you to Dan and Phil. I think you will get along with them really well since you’re all giant nerds.” PJ said making us all laugh. “Dan and Phil. We finally meet, what a pleasure.” I said and reached out my hand for them to shake. “Good thing to know about me, Y/N, I’m a big hugger!” Phil said and went in for a hug. “Wow, I like you already” I said making us laugh. “Come on, Dan. Don’t be shy, I don’t bite” I said and winked at him as I leaned in for a hug. He awkwardly laughed and hugged me back after a awkward second of him just standing there. “Well, should we all go in then?” Sophie asked with a happy smile, as always.

We all went inside and ended up with me sitting across from Dan and Chris beside me. “So, how did you two meet?” Dan asked me and Chris as we sat down. “You’re asking us like we’re dating” I said and laughed. “Oh, well aren’t you?” Dan asked and me and Chris looked at each other before bursting into laughter. I’m not even joking when I say we were literally crying. “Oh, Dan. You poor little guy. What made you ever think that we were dating?” I said as I calmed down. “I just thought since you’re always together and stuff, I don’t really know…” He said a little embarrassed. “Just relax, Dan. She’s still on the market” Chris said and winked at him. “Shut up, Chris.” I said and hit his arm. “Me and Chris have lived two houses away from each other since forever and just ended up being really good friends. So I  followed him to London and here I am with my best friend since kindergarden or something, I’m not even sure how long it is.” I said and giggled. “But don’t worry, we heard that one before. Our families even thought we were having sex one night when we were in like 10th grade!” I said and looked at Chris making him laugh at the memory. “Oh, yes! That’s a really good story. So one night…” Chris started. Honestly I couldn’t really focus on the story. I was busy checking out Dan. First of all, he’s much hotter in real life. But more awkward then he seems to be on the internet, but to me that’s a charm I guess. I think once you get to know him he’ll open up a bit more.

For the rest of the night I got really well along with both Dan and Phil. Phil was a really cool guy and had a great personality and smile. But Dan had a great music and fashion taste. And I guess I just clicked more with Dan. We also found out they were only a few hotel rooms away from us so we decided to hang out tomorrow too. But that didn’t mean we were done for tonight. After a few drinks I was in quite a good mood, and flirty…

“You have great eyes” I said to Dan not thinking. It really just popped out of me. “You have a great smile” He said back with a smile. “And you should get a room” We heard from Chris. I laughed but Dan ended up red as a tomato. “You shouldn’t be so awkward all the time, Dan. I know you probably can’t help it but you need to just laugh about things like that instead of going quiet. But that may be me just being really outgoing. But I’m guessing you already knew that about me” I said and smirked at him. “What do you mean?” He asked, not having a clue that I knew about him stalking me online. “Oh, I may have heard a few things” I said and he froze. “Phil, what did you say about me?!” Dan said giving Phil an evil look. “Well, I may have told Chris that you stalked Y/N online for a while, but he said he wouldn’t tell her!” Phil said raising his voice at Chris. “No… But… I… Uhm…” Chris had no response. “Okay, but to be fair it was only so it wouldn’t be awkward meeting you and having no idea who you were, alright?” Dan said trying to get out of the situation. “Well, I’m sure you know plenty of stuff about me now, don’t ya?” I said and winked at him.

* Back at the hotel *

“I knew you two would get along well!” Chris said excited as we walked to our hotel room whispering slightly since the  others were still behind us. “Oh gosh, you probably made us a ship name already, didn’t you?” I said and laughed.

“Well, it was nice meeting the two of you!” I said as we all stopped outside me and Chris’s hotel room. “Yeah, you too!” Phil said smiling at me and Dan being to awkward to say anything. “We’ll see you guys tomorrow, right?” I asked and they nodded. “Good night then” I said and gave them a quick hug but as I pulled away from Dan I gave him a quick wink before we disappeared inside the door.

“Oh my gosh, he’s so hot” I said as I closed the door behind me and just standing there in some kind of shock. “Fuck yes, sadly you have more of a chance of fucking him than me. I’m jealous of you, really” Chris said making me laugh. “Go to bed” I said and ruffled his hair and walked to my own bed. I laid down and just stared at the ceiling smiling, cause how could I not after such an amazing night…


I’m thinking about writing a Part 2 for this?? Like they day after when they’re hanging out and they start getting a bit closer and get to know each other and stuff. Just let me know if you’d like that :)

enbarr-deactivated20170330  asked:

Minty prompt: "We're neighbors and my dog keeps digging under the fence to go into your yard because he like, inexplicably loves you, I am SO SORRY."

A/N: (for the lovely haimaee​) This was one of the cutest prompts I’ve received for these two goofballs. But this is actually my first time writing a Minty-Centric fic??? I really hope you guys like it! This fic made me discover my new obsession of Minty with dogs so thanks a lot for that. (also this is unedited because I’m lazy af sorry)

Summary: Miller has developed very strange feelings for his cute neighbor, Monty. Monty’s dog happens to be in love with him? Fluff ensues. 

Word Count: 2k+

Miller slumped against the worn leather of the couch in his father’s livingroom, flipping through the channels. There was supposed to be a hockey game on, but he couldn’t seem to figure out which network it was on. Eventually, he gave up his search and wandered into the kitchen to get something to eat.

He stopped himself short when he heard the sound of a dog barking at his door. He furrowed his eyebrows and turned towards the sound.

Upon opening the door, a stumpy little beagle that couldn’t have been more than a few months old tumbled through the doorway and under Miller’s legs, almost knocking him off his feet.

“What the hell?” He wondered, cautiously stepping closer to the god where it was now resting more calmly on the linoleum flooring of the kitchen beside the counter. “Where’d you even come from?”

Miller walked back to the open back door, looking out into his fenced in back yard. Upon further inspection, he noticed there had been a rather sizable hole dug underneath the left side of the privacy fence.

The dog must belong to the Greens next door, he figured.

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Surprise Guest.

A/N: This imagine briefly references a sensitive topic.

I was busy engaged in a laugh with my friends, so glad to be reunited with them for an evening where all of us would be together. One of my old high school friends was getting married and it seemed to bring out everyone from my past. Old friends I hadn’t seen in years, acquaintances I remember having brief conversations with, and of course my few friends from childhood who I was still close with and were now sitting with me at the reception enjoying a nice dinner.

The mood in the room was joyous as everyone carried on in conversations, laughs and drinks. A few people even mingled around on the dance floor. I was so busy laughing I hadn’t even noticed him walk in until he was stopped mid-crowd, his eyes stuck on me and his feet planted to the spot where he stood and paralyzed by surprise.

It seemed I was as well as my eyes locked onto him. It had been years since I had seen Mats. It was like seeing my high school sweetheart all over again which he was, our relationship extending a few years past those childish years before we ended.

Back then, he was a totally different person than the one I heard about now through other sources. Back then, he was a bit wild and ruthless. We would get in arguments and Mats would have no issue ignoring me for days before finally returning my calls. He had a way to twist my heart and throw it onto the ground but when he showed up to pick it back, it was as if I forgot all of the bad he did.

Back then, he would flirt with other women at parties we went to without even caring that I was in the same room. I blamed it on him being young while my friends blamed me for accepting his behavior. We were complete opposites with him being the popular, outgoing guy and me being the sweet, reserved girl that managed to reel him in. I thought I could tame him but I was sadly mistaken.

Our rocky road lasted four years off and on before I severed our ties for good. It hurt but I eventually realized the good it would do me to let him walk out of my life.

Now all of those skeletal emotions found their way rushing back. I was literally stuck on him as Mats began walking forward to me. I could hear the gasps behind me of my friends who now realized who was also in attendance at this wedding.

“Y/N? Wow, it’s been forever.” And forever it had been. After our breakup there was no communication between the two of us. He never saw me and I only saw him from the many publications I found him in. He opened his arms, awaiting a hug which made me stand to my feet to reluctantly hug him back. Just one inhale sent me spiraling in my mind, that strong scent too intoxicating to ignore.

“It has.” I backed away and out of his grasp, watching as he smiled my way and then briefly waved to my friends who he must have recognized. It made sense why he was here. These were all of his old friends too. I just wasn’t expecting or thinking of the possibility he would show.

“How are you?” He stuffed his hands into the pockets of his slacks. “I’m great. How are you?”

“I’m just fine. Thanks. Hey, we should dance,” he pointed off to the nearly empty floor of people who moved about the room in motion. “We can catch up and stuff.” Mats held out his hand waiting for me to take it.

I did.

He led the way onto an empty space of the floor and away from any crowd of people, wanting to have my full attention. He grabbed for my hand and began to slow dance to the music playing, gripping me closer to him by my waist. “So how are you really doing?” It was as if he questioned the validity of my first answer but I truly was doing great. I had a lot of positive things going on in my life.

“Really, I’m perfect. I just got promoted at my job, me and my husband are happy, I’m pregnant finally…” It seemed as if my words rushed out far too quickly, like I was talking to a best friend over coffee instead of to my ex-boyfriend who now held a stunned expression.

Probably shouldn’t have mentioned a husband and pregnancy in the same sentence, huh?

Mats searched to find the right words to say until he faked a smile and stated, “Congratulations are in order, I guess.”

I knew it was a sore subject. Not necessarily the husband portion but the pregnancy was. I knew it from the brief glimmer of hurt that shone in his eyes when he heard me utter that word. It wasn’t that I thought he was bitter I had moved on. Our relationship ceased ages ago but the fact I was now with child brought back painful memories of a time we struggled through.


It was the one event that brought us closer, that fueled our love even more, but I eventually realized nothing could sew together our broken pieces. When I found out I was pregnant, just like any young woman I was nervous. I couldn’t dare to think of what my life would be like less than 9 months later when I was in a dissolving relationship. When I told Mats we were expecting he was neither mad nor happy but rather dull on the announcement as if he really didn’t care but that changed once the first month passed.

He began waiting on me hand and foot, finding time for me regardless of how busy his schedule was so that he could make sure me and the baby were okay.

But there came a day where I felt painful aches and knew something was wrong. The doctor confirmed I had had a miscarriage. It was the worst day of my life and still holds that title to this day. Through that rough time, we found comfort in each other but it only lasted but so long before we were right back on the downward spiral.

“Thank you.” I gave a half-smile and continued dancing. “How many months are you?”

“Just four,” I answered. Awkward silence fell between us after as the only thing that could be heard was the conversation of those around us and the music. I wasn’t sure what to say or what to do.

Mats decided to take over. “Does he make you happy?”


“Your husband.”

His question made me question his intention with asking. There had to be a reason but I was afraid to ask. I simply responded. “Yes, he does. Are you in a relationship?” I felt since he was asking questions, I could do the same.


It was a simple no with no explanation behind it. No ‘I’m happily single’ or ‘I’m fresh out of a relationship’. Nothing.

We continued to dance further until the tug of someone grabbing my hand whirled me around. My eyes met Jordan, my fiancée who stood with an apologetic grin on his face. “I’m so sorry I’m late. Work held me up.” He drew his eyes from me and to Mats who awkwardly stood next to us, offering a polite smile to the gentleman he didn’t know.

“Uh…Mats, this is Jordan. Jordan, Mats.” I didn’t dare label them by their titles. In fact, my fiancée never knew the identity of the ex I used to mention in conversations about my past. All he knew was what went on in our relationship.

Jordan held out his hand for my ex to shake which he did. “Huge fan. Congrats on the World Cup win.”

“Thanks, my man. I appreciate that.” Mats awkwardly smiled, not knowing what to say aside from that. Jordan turned to me, giving me his full attention. “Wanna go introduce me to your friends?” I reluctantly nodded knowing that this meant leaving Mats. I turned to look at him, giving a half-smile.

“It was nice seeing you, Hummels.”

“Nice seeing you too, Y/L/N.” My eyes couldn’t help but look back towards him as Jordan pulled me away and to the other guests.

At that moment I was thankful because I knew if I let my mind wander to the thought of Mats and I becoming something again, it would lead to dangerous things.

gif credit to marckoreus

Scandal Review, Episode 415, The Testimony of Diego Munoz

Well this was a really strange episode for me. Overall it was ok, but the funny thing is, it had a lot of wonderful, strong, emotional moments, and those alone should have been enough to make it better than just ok, but somehow, all the parts just didn’t knit together like they should, despite the beautiful scenes and stories within the episode, 

Anyway, let’s do this thing.

What I Hated


Once again, he was the most pointless character in the episode. 


1.  Susan Ross: “Well uh, anyhoo, so that just happened

I died for Susan Ross at that point. Died. For. Her.

Then I laughed, and freaking laughed. Shit, that mess was funny.

2.  Olivia’s flashbacks while sat on the floor of her apartment, drinking cheap white wine, and wielding a gun.

Somebody call the police! Baby girl ain’t right! She was drinking white wine y’all!

3.  Olivia:  "I was kidnapped and held hostage by a team of mercenaries

Cyrus is the worst. How are you going to ask your friend to work for you when she’s going through so much?  I swear, I’m so mad that he even rang her, like bitch get the entire fuck out of here.

4.  Rose:  ”Are you the nice lady that looks in from time to time on Lois?“

Ahhhh, poor Liv, yet another thing to feel guilty about. Can my girl catch a break or what? Those flashbacks she had of Lois were very disturbing to me.

5.  Rose: “Lo calls me every morning to tell me what she had for breakfast. We meet for lunch. We power walk in the park, we take turns cooking dinner. We go way back. I know Lois like I know me, and I haven’t heard a word from her in three weeks. I went to the police, and they said maybe she went on vacation. Lo and I go on vacation in August. I told the police that, then they said, maybe she needed some time alone. Look, this is her wallet, it was right there on the kitchen counter. Now what kind of time alone could she afford without her wallet?. Something’s happened. Something’s not right.”

I didn’t really notice this monologue the first time I watched the episode, but it means so much now that I know what they were to each other. More on that later.

6.  Huck: It’s good to leave the house, have a routine.

Huck knows. He really knows.

7.  Olivia:  "Lois is dead, they dumped her somewhere. The kidnappers took us out of the building in an ambulance. They shot Lois, duck-taped me, put me in a body bag, then put Lois’s dead body in the bag on top of me to act as a decoy.“

The fact that Liv was so matter-of-fact about recounting what had happened to her, hurt my soul.

8.  Huck: ”She came in, that’s something.

Is it though Huck?

9.  Holly:  ”You owe me twenty bucks don’t you?“

Who’s the redhead? David’d new secretary?  I like her!

You know what I loved about her the most? That she wasn’t TV skinny. She was a curvy girl, the likes of which you don’t often see in Hollywood unless they’re telling a story about a fat girl being bullied by skinny girls.

10.  Kim handing over the B613 files to David.

Seriously girl, you’re a mother, and you haven’t thought about what having those kinds of files and disclosing them would do to your life? Girl, you do not love yourself enough.

Honestly, if it was me, the moment I read those files, I’d just pretend I’d never seen them in my life before. Deny, deny, deny. I certainly wouldn’t be taking them to no attorney general, putting my black ass in the line of fire. 

11.  David: ”Your husband is?
Kim: "Diego Munoz

Wow, so Huck’s real name is Diego? Quite a few people called it on Tumblr, but it still seems odd for Huck to have a real name. One that’s not Huck. I mean…

12.  News anchor: “The laugh heard round the world

This will never be funny to me. Hey, even Jimmy Kimmel got in on the act.

13.  Leo: “Let’s start with gay marriage.”
Susan: “That’s easy, who doesn’t love a gay wedding
Leo: “You Susan, you

So many lols. Poor Susan. She totally screams Democrat to me, but then we have Fitz who’s about as Republican as Rosie O’Donnell…

14.  Cyrus: “You date him? Really Red, that turns you on?

Cyrus Beene, queen of mean who happens to be marrying a prostitute but I’m aschleep tho. And so damned shady.

As much chemistry as Abbeo have -  honestly, I found myself thinking the same thing, even though I quite like them together, I don’t want this to be a long term thing. It’s odd….

15.  Leo “We are not going to lose this.”

Leo still feeling salty as fuck about not walking Sally Langston into the Oval Office.

16.  David: “Feels like a movie. I’m sitting there and a woman comes in and says the single most terrifying sentence I’ve ever heard. I have B613 files, I have b613 files. I see dead people, we’re going to need a bigger boat.”

So many lols at David freaking out. He literally has the backbone of a jellyfish. 

17.  Huck: “He’s me. I’m Diego Munoz.

Oh god. Now everybody knows…

18.  Leo: “What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do. What are you gonna do?”
Susan:  “I quit!“

Leo does the most here. There was no finesse involved in prepping Susan at all. What kind of fixer are you if you don’t realize that different people need handling differently? Susan didn’t need tough love, she needed clear instructions, and asking her to fake it was never gonna work.  Leo desperately needed to dial it back a little. Poor Susan just couldn’t take it anymore. I’d have quit too.

19.  Kim:  "I am sorry if I overstepped, but I am on your side. I believe you now.

Oh Kim. She had a point, but damned, I just couldn’t risk trying to expose a government shadow group, that specialize in torture and murder. I mean, you don’t have to be an astrophysicist to work out what that would mean for your well-being.

20.  Leo: “Maybe she’s not the right person for the job?
Abby: “Or maybe you’re not? You’re fired

Yesss! Leo was truly terrible with Susan. Although, maybe firing your boyfriend just before bed wasn’t the best thing?

21.  Rose: “I know what we’re dealing with here miss Pope, I know she didn’t just get lost. I know she’s gone. I can feel it. But I still need to know what happened.”
Olivia: “You have a key to her apartment, you’re her power of attorney, the two of you had a routine, an entire life. Together. But you were just…friends.”
Rose: “Well maybe a bit more than that”
Olivia: “But you didn’t live together.”
Rose: “We met at sixteen. When her parents realized how we felt about each other, they picked up and moved her out of state. I couldn’t blame them. That was sixty years ago. It was hard enough being black, let alone black and gay.”
Olivia: “I can only imagine”
Rose: “I never stopped loving her. Even when she got married and had a whole other life without me. When John died, she wrote me a letter, I was on a plane an hour later. But no, no, I never moved in. She kept that damned place way too hot.”
Olivia: I’m going to so my best to bring her back to you, but Rose, if somehow I can’t, I don’t want you to be waiting forever.“
Rose: "I waited over forty years for my Lois, Miss Pope. Believe me, I can wait a bit longer.”

Oh I loved this scene so much. So much

I couldn’t help but draw parallels with Olivia and Fitz. Was this some kind of message to the fans? Is Shonda trying to tell us to hang in there?

Did any of you suspect that Rose and Lois were anything other than best friends? I can’t say that I did. Not at all. But wow, it was so touching, and way to go Shonda for even introducing this story line. It’s not something that’s tackled everyday on TV. If ever. When was the last time you watched anything on TV about old gay couples?

Rose was of a generation where it was hard enough being black, but being black and gay? But yet she didn’t give up on her and Lois. She waited for her because she loved her, there was nobody else that would do for her. I loved that she didn’t even seem to think of her waiting for Lois as a sacrifice, she just seemed so clearly determined to be with the woman she loved. And getting to know Lois through Rose, she painted a picture of two people who loved each. Who had loved each other through the most challenging of times. Who wouldn’t want to root for that?

Surely this entire scene was some kind of message for Olivia? Maybe she’s going to eventually ask herself how long she’s willing to wait for love. True love, not the boots-in-the-air thing that she has with The Human Vibrator.
There have been so many Olitz parallels this season so far, so many moments that hark back to Liv and Fitz and their relationship. So many questions. If Olivia had really chosen herself, why are we getting bombarded with all these Olitz-isms? OK, we know why, because Shonda Rhimes is an emotional terrorist.

22.  Abby: “You won’t even have to set foot in the White House I promise.

Everybody and their dog loves to come to Olivia with their problems, I wish they’d see how much she’s struggling. Maybe Abby does see, but she must know how much being involved with the White House takes out of her.

23.  Abby: "You’re not doing this for him, you’re doing this for me and for Susan Ross, and for you.  Just because I don’t work at OPA doesn’t mean we don’t talk. Huck says, you carry a gun round inside your apartment.”

And Abby manages to win me round again. I have to say, I really love how well the writers have developed this relationship. I love how their friendship has finally matured and grown into so much more than it was when Abby worked for Olivia. It’s been a really fantastic to see their dynamic change, despite their mini betrayals of each other in the past.

24.  Susan: “I don’t want to turn out a soulless monster like that Leo Burgen”

Lol. Did you all peep that look on Abby’s face? Surely this relationship can’t last more than three minutes longer? I can’t really stand David, but I think Abby deserves way better than Leo. He’ll always be sleazy to me I’m afraid. Although, I can’t deny that they’re hot together.

25.  Olivia: “It’s ok to be afraid. Sometimes the fear keeps us safe, sometimes it holds us back.”

Didn’t that remind you of Fitz’s 211 speech about fear being what makes us human? Ma feels…

26.  Susan: “You don’t know, that’s the truth. It’s not like selecting a combat strategy, or deciding whether or not to launch a nuclear weapon. It’s not something anyone can practice. The world is changing everyday. Like anyone else sitting behind that desk in the Oval Office, I’d have to take all of the information from the brilliant people around me, process it, and make a smart, thoughtful decision. And that’s what I’ve been doing my entire life, making smart decisions. That’s the skill that’s brought me here before you today, to this very moment. So if being smart and informed, and and thoughtful is the job requirement here, all I can say is, I haven’t failed yet.”

Go Susan! I can’t wait to see how her relationship with Fitz grows. He desperately needs an ally who isn’t constantly trying to steal his job, or undermine him, or manipulate him.

27.  Fitz: “So the senate hates me?”

Dude, you took the country to war for reasons that nobody truly understands, what were you expecting?

28.  Fitz: “Does Olivia know that the president of the United States does not beg?

Erm, Fitz, Baby, that’s kinda what you’ve been doing from the moment we met you. Begging. Olivia. To have you. To marry you. Yeah, you beg alright. I’m not mad about it, I’m just saying.

29.  Olivia: “It wasn’t the war, it was the way you went about it. One minute you say we’re never going into West Angola, then three days later US soldiers are dying on their beaches, a week after that, you change your mind again and you bring the troops home. Never mind the Democrats, you made a mockery of Democracy.

Olivia, Darling, I’m going to give you a pass because PTSD, however the sole reason that Fitz is even in the White House is because you made a mockery of democracy, and if Fitz wasn’t so mindful of your feelings, he’d use that comeback, because it’s surely the truth.

30.  Fitz: “You know why I did it”

Oh Fitz, even my neighbor’s dog knows why you went to war, but oh the feels.
And the look on Abby and Cyrus’ face, awkward much?

Guys,can we talk about how much chemistry these two people have without even saying a word? I had so many feels about this one small, tiny moment.

And can we all admire the fact that Fitz simply has no fucks to give when it comes to who’s in the room when he wants to reach Olivia? I am going down with this ship y'all.

31.  Olivia: “Go to the Hill and beg them to forgive you. Otherwise you’re gonna lose the Democrats and Susan Ross.”

Soooo…..Is Olivia really telling Fitz that he needs to beg for her forgiveness? I’m not a fan of that idea at all, because at the end of the day, this is the guy that she fell in love with. This is the guy that she broke all her rules for. He’s idealistic and romantic, and he’d burn the world for her, we’ve seen that for four seasons, and so has she, so she knows that leaving her to die at the hands of the hostage takers wasn’t ever going to be a viable option for him. The man risked his entire presidency to help her terrorist mother, by flying her out of the country.  He was never going to let her die, and Olivia knows that, and yes, she bears the guilt of that. Fitz doesn’t have to beg for forgiveness, he did what he had to to make sure she lived, sure it wasn’t great for the country, but I’d have done the same thing and I can’t be mad that he chose to save her.

If Scandal writers allowed conversations to take place in a natural way, Fitz would have asked her what she would do in his position, if he was the one being held hostage. But alas, poor Fitz is never allowed to fight back against any of the women on the show. The writers need to let him have the last word sometimes. It’s wholly unnatural that he’s always the one with the door being slammed in his face.

Anyway, as usual she’s the only person that Fitz will listen to, so to the Hill he goes.

32.   Javi:  "Hey Mom, can I still go to Jay’s house tonight?

Seriously, can we talk about the fact that Kim didn’t seem overly concerned about letting her son out of her sight, after what had gone down that day? Also, he seemed perfectly fine after watching his dad kill a guy by slicing his neck open, using shards of glass from a broken window. Just saying.

33.  Huck smiling.

Has that ever happened in the present day before?

34.  Huck: "I had a choice, I made it, I chose Liv.


35.  David: “Was there a hole?”
Huck: “Yes

Oh this entire scene killed me.

36.  Huck: “It was too dark to see. It was black, it was always black in the hole. I know it was small. 4ft 9ins on the East and west wall, 6ft, 3.5 inches north south. I measured it every day. It’s important to have a routine in the hole. If you don’t have a routine, you go crazy. 

I measured the walls every day. I cleaned, I exercised, I took walks, a different country every day. You have to use your imagination, it’s all you have. I walked through 195 countries in the hole. I liked being in the mountains. I liked the snow. It’s important to have a routine. I ate lunch at the same time every day, even when I didn’t have any food, even though I had no idea what time it was. I built things in the afternoon, a bookshelf, a desk. I watched the sunset. That was important. I listened to the birds. I cleaned up files on my computer after dinner, then I sleet, I tried not to dream. And every morning after I woke up, I wrote a letter to my wife and son. And I folded the letter up and I put it on the book shelf and I measured the walls. It was a new day, it was dark, always dark, just pitch black, empty, it was small, you couldn’t move, you couldn’t see. I had my routine, this was my routine. This was how I would describe the hole.”

Oh, my. God. I sobbed. Seriously, Guillermo Diaz killed this scene.

Kim crying killed me too. Jasika, can you stay a while and teach Scott Foley how to emote? Just saying…

37.  Susan Ross is confirmed as VP

38.  Mellie: “Can you push back my eight o’clock, this is too good to miss”

I said it last week, but Susan Ross will be a formidable opponent and the fact that Mellie can’t see that is just another indication of how tunnel visioned this woman is. 

39.  Rose: “Miss Pope,me what happened to my Lois?

Awww man…..

40.  Olivia: “They found her on a bench in Georgetown. Waterfront Park. The one next to the river, she had her head tilted up to the sun, her eyes were closed. The medical examiner said she’d had an aneurysm. One of the best ways to go, it happened so fast, there’s not a moment of pain.

That was a sad and beautiful lie. And I was good with it.

41.  "You left way too soon Lo. Why did you have to go and do that? Now I’m alone, I’m all alone, Lo.“


42.  Olivia’s flashbacks to the island:

As usual, Olivia’s flashbacks started with The Human Vibrator and ended with Fitz. I always feel like she’s always trying to put The Vibe into the picture because that’s who she should want, but the picture always changes and Fitz is there.  If I was a more trusting sort, and if Shonda hadn’t let season three happen, I’d say that there’s only one way this can end, but I know better, so I’ll just be on my ship, with life vests and paddles at the ready, in case Shonda decides to capsize it for good.

Random Thoughts

1.  Even on my second watch, I maintain that this was an uneven episode that should have been brilliant because of some of the emotional beats that it managed to draw out,  however it wasn’t cohesive enough to warrant being anything other than just ok. It felt transitional, in a season where we seem to have had quite a few transitional episodes. No doubt things will ramp up, but sometimes it’s nice to not have everything being crazy balls all the time.

2.  Was it me or was Olivia constantly checking her phone, waiting and watching for Fitz to call? She can’t have been waiting for Jake because her ass can have him any time. 

3.  I hate that B613 is still a thing on this show, however if this is a way to kill it dead for good, I’m all for it. It really needs to die this season. Like, really.

4.  Why was The Human Vibrator so pressed about David going forward with trying to bring an end to B613, wasn’t that what he was trying to accomplish a few episodes ago?

Ugh. God I hate Jake.

5.  Ooh child, things are gonna get easier now. Man I loved when that song came on, but are they gonna get easier now? I think maybe not. Certainly not for Olivia.

6.  I’m so happy that Olivia threw out that freaking cushion, and she’s back on her drug of choice. Well - she’s not back, but at least she’s back to drinking expensive red wine and eating popcorn. Guys, it’s something. 

7.  I watched next week’s promo with Lena Dunham’s character, and actually, it looks like it’s going to be a fun episode. Also it looks like Liv is going on a date or being hit on in a bar, while the one-and-a- half men in her life drink to the fact that she doesn’t seem to give two fucks about either of them right now. Either that or they’re agreeing to bury the hatchet and let bygones be bygones. That would be nice. No more fighting over Olivia like she was a bone would be perfectly splendid.

8.  I couldn’t give two fucks about the writers introducing Mellie’s sister, but I am interested to know whether they’re going to forget about her former DAR blue, old money background (as per episode 218), and turn her into a former trailer trash girl?

Anyway, bring on next episode! In the mean here are some Olitz and Jamie and Claire gifs to end this review with, it’s been a while…

Surfbort. Lol

all I feel in my stomach is butterflies (the beautiful kind)

“W-wow.” His stutter had all but gone now, but if there was one person that was capable of leaving him speechless, it was Jemma Simmons. 

Post 2x22, in which Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz go on a date. {ao3}

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Maddy's 420-follower FOLLOW FOREVER !!! 

     sO I’M FINALLY DOING AN FF BECAUSE I CAN. LAUGHS MANIACALLY. also 420 followers fu ckin bLA ZE IT. Since I had an immature laugh at that number I am ff-ing because… because I can. [ “I DO WHAT I WANT, THOR” VOICE ] 

     So. This is the first time I’ve done an ff and to be honest I don’t really know what to say to you all, ‘cause my talking-to-people skills are about as good as my photoshop skills. Catch me in-character and I’m a suave charming ginger motherfucker, catch me out-of-character and BAM, awkwardnessx83743819204738. Sigh. But that’s enough about m–

                    –Okay, if you’ve been following me for a while and actually thought I was going to stop talking about my perfect ginger self that fast, you haven’t been paying attention. [ imperiously adjusts crown ] 

     aLRIGHT I PROMISE I LOVE YOU GUYS and this is for you not me after all, but you see I kinda have a story I want to tell first. It’s about a girl who had rather little success with indies. First came an old blog a long long time ago, made on impulse before she could really even write well, and of course, that blog didn’t give her a good experience. Then, years later (literally), a friend (lookin @ u miche) convinced her to try making an indie again. So she tried making a Foxface, but her muse disappeared. She made a Loki, and she kind of left it, but she swore she’d go back– it’s just that playing such an extremely popular character made her nervous and stressed. And then, one day, she went through the 'favorite’ tag on her personal blog, and found a fire!Hans video she’d put there. And an idea came to mind– why not try out the ginger douche? She had muse for the ambitious lil shit, so she might as well get over her nerves and give it a try. She didn’t know what she expected. 

          It certainly wasn’t painful Panic! At the Disco inspired plots or a Hans Harem or role reversals that rip your heart out or jokes about Hans becoming mayor of Night Vale or dark!Anna group verses that have barely started but are already making you sob. 

               But goddamn is she glad that’s what happened, because the people she met are some dynamite gals (and guys) and she’s really glad she talked to them. 

                    And if you haven’t figured out our hypothetical girl is me, you really haven’t been listening. 


precious lovelies (in no particular order): 

thehumanxmonster – this is kenna. kenna is my girlfriend. i don’t think this needs much more of an explanation tbh you can just tell from that how fab i think she is. anyway. she’s the sherlock to my james and the steve to my bucky and man kenna i l y. (also. dude. i don’t think we’ve rped much with bruce 'n hans, though. bruce and hydra!hansy need more interaction. for reasons. we must fix this problem) 

redledgerx – miche you’re the one who got me back into indies and i lovehate you for it. it’s made my life so much better but at the same time it has rUINED ME YOU LIL SHIT. but you know i love you anyway. and you’re actual tasha romanoff i’m pretty sure so i mean if i didn’t love you you’d probably like hunt me down and kill me. so. anYWAY I AM SO GLAD WE HAVE BEEN FRIENDS man i am so glad kenna found more on that chatzy because w o w what would my life be w/out you guys. ily2 bae

banishedking – you little ginger prince you. i am so glad i didn’t freak out and go “oh god, another hans, i won’t follow them i’ll be self-conscious” because the decision to follow you was the best worst one i’ve ever made. best because ily, worst because goddamn hanses what are they doing they’re ruining our lives. i still can’t believe you wrote me that marina drabble okay i read it a lot and cry. you gave me marina-inspired hans emotions and tbh that has made me your friend for life, you’re never getting rid of me meHEHEHEHEHEHEH. but anyway ily [ contented ginger noises ] 

primxvera – H E L L A. C H I L L. u r hella chill renata. it’s tru don’t doubt me. anyway you listened to me yell at you that one time when i had that hansanna dream that didn’t make sense but wAS CUTE and putting up with that must have taken like 743819473/10 patience so i applaud you. anyway the fact that our friendship started with panic! at the disco and crying over she had the world is the most perfect thing cries sobs panic! will make me cry forever now because of you and your anna o kay. i don’t even know our friendship is mostly panic! and hella and crying over that one thread and that’s the best kind of friendship there is. 

ofsophistication // duodenary – LIZZZYYYYY. gonna go with @-mentioning anna and alex here because they’re the blogs you seem to be on most rn ahah. I could probably have done entropy but you know, i’m lazy so. can i just say that i’m so glad you wanted to plot with mischief because if you hadn’t we might not have started talking and i aM SO GLAD WE DID. because you are fantastic and gr8 and amazing and meheheheheh i am so happy i got you to make dark!anna because dark hanna is the b e s t. but you know i’ll probably make like 50 more blogs because of u so it all evens out. this summer will be fab. f a b. 

wintermonarch // xpoppins – gISE. ohmygod you are fantastic okay. because you were one of the first people to talk to me on hans okay? like i think you followed me on loki and when i made hans you were like “hELLO FRIEND” and we started making plots w/ hans and elsa and lOTS OF HELSA PAIN [ sobbing in distance ] and i’m just so happy that you approached me and took a chance on my hans because wow you are fantastic and we need to do all of the things. all of them. and you’re a perf elsa and a perf mary poppins like wow amazing how do you do?? i think it is sorcery. must be sorcery

fetchinglyfeisty – tEAAAAAAAA. you are the best okay. and you put up with my appearances and disappearances which makes you great? and you make me laugh and also cry because of our role reversal au which stabs my heart out. and hans’s. c: anyWAY you are the best for putting up with me and you were also one of those first few people to approach my hans? and tbh you’re just really sweet and ily okay. we need to talk more !!!

lucemxsanctus – yoU AND YOUR ZELDA ARE PERF OKAY. and you’re way too nice to me all the time? like you’re so sweet omg and i love talking to you 'cause it brightens up my day. and we really need to talk more because you’re pretty great! and we need to do that masquerade thread. i shall try to get a starter out for it by this weekend, okay?! because i need it in my life. sob s. 

icesalis – oh my god so you were one of those first people to approach my hans too and let me tell you, when you followed me back i was all “wHOA she’s one of those super quality elsas [ screams, hides ]” and then you messaged me I think and we started talking and now we’ve got that super-painful plot and that hilarious wickedish thing and i need to write responses for you omg but shhhhhhhhhh. you’re extremely fab and we def need to talk more because you’re super nice o kay. 

sohraneny – (bucky’s the blog i follow on hansy o kay.) kyle you bae. i don’t think we’ve rped much on hansy (wHICH WE NEED TO FIX) but i would fEEL WRONG not including u in my follow forever bc u b a e i love you. mischief and kate cause me pain okay? why must you do this to me. i’m going to cry over them for 37418943 years and it’s going to be aLL YOUR FAULT. but omg mischief and war are gonna be so fun. and basically wow we need to do all the rps because of reasons. all of them. 

dearxlisteners – wHOA SO when i saw you on my dash i was like “hELLA CECIL I’M FOLLOWING THEM” but i didn’t actually expect you to like talk to me lots bc i’m a disney rper and you’re night vale and i’ve found that people are less likely to want to plot w/ random crossovers like that?? and it makes me sad?? but anyway lIKE i followed you and then you sent me a meme and i was like “!!!!!!!!!! CECIL !!!!!!!!!!!” and then we started talking and it spiraled and man i am so glad you messaged me because cECIL AND HANS ARE ADORABLE LIL SHITS and goddamn you’re fab and your cecil is fab plz keep being fab. 

xpraeliator – dUDE YOU PUT UP WITH MY CONSTANTLY MOVING BLOGS AND NOT BEING ON LOKI AND YOU STILL LIKE ME AND WOW. that makes me really happy okay. because i am a shitty friend and you should probably hate me bUT you don’t and i love you for it. you’re stuck with me forever now okay. i’m still going to be fickle and jump blogs and be annoying, but know that ily a lot and we’re always gonna be friends okay.? okay. oka y. you’re fab. t h ank u 

and also – about 2487312907438219047381209473  of you that i forgot bUT YOU ARE STILL ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL AND I WILL LOVE YOU FOR THE REST OF TIME. 

more precious lovelies (in no particular order): 
(this is a mix of blogs I look up to or have talked to or just who are lovely in general and i love 'em) 

fregnetefritiden || clumsyx || abscial || flynrder || regaliis || theximperius || deusxsubridens || untamedxsoul || mxgido || egbxrt || shellfishytails || bookwxrm || stabbingtxn || rex-stellarum || solemquis || derrecho || kristxff || nabxru || artillxry || kempybowe || lionheartmerida || voleravecesprit || actualreallivepeople || xthirteenth || aureusfleur || reindxxrwhisperer || camillaofarendelle || casecraving || caesxries || inthealleys || bxnnibels || mementoxmei || hoffersdottir || dxadem || negativisticism || kristcff || despicable-moon-thief || pxntmercy || ignatiius || clawsunderthesemitts || wxlle || speakshxrmind || ofwxnder || zxnyan || princessoftheisles || burningroyalty || sanguisuuga || loverofwarmhugs || constantquibbling || redstarved || notyourjudas || edhelernil || pourxamour || bxmbastic || carminelocks || drakedomitor || thesnowkingofarendelle || notimefordancin || veryinterestedinyourhair || xninths || dracxtrainer || the-cupid || finiis || dalmatianxplantation || memingxr || flettetsoldat || witchofthewesternskys || xreine || xligned || hraustr || vivyre || spareheiress || ofmidian || versipelli || duxrubra || frecklesandsandwiches || puristmalfoy || mothergothell || duxindigens || crestingcresta || xcompletelyordinary || notthatyoureawkward || thewomanbehindtheiron || charscime || empressium || about a bazillion of you that i forgot ||  eVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE FOLLOWING ME, WOWOW. 

     { I could be a useful and helpful person by putting you all in alphabetical order. 

                                             But I’m not a useful and helpful person, I’m a lil shit, obviously. } 

scottinpanties  asked:

hannah montana and SKITTLES

“Wait…are you asking me out on a date?" Scott stares at Stiles in a mixture of happy disbelief. It’s finally happening, but he has to still himself to not get too excited just yet, because he has to absolutely make sure that this is real. 

Stiles blushes, which seems to be a good sign. He shuffles nervously on the floor, putting his hands in his pockets and pulling something out, two slips of colorful and laminated paper–tickets probably, familiar looking, oh fuck no. 

"I figured I’d go all out with the romantic gesture and all and take you to the one and only sold out Noah Dakota concert!”

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jump (the difference between before and after)

A/N: I wrote a thing. I’ve never written fanfiction before but I had a lot to say after the Faking It pilot. This is probably a one-shot but it might be more if I think of something to add.

“I, too, remember the feeling. You are caught between all that was and all that must be.”

            ~Haruki Murakami, Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World

The French have a phrase, ‘l’appel du vide’, which literally means ‘the call of the void.’ It’s used to describe the instinctive urge to jump down from high places. Amy read about this psychological phenomenon, how perfectly sane people with no desire to die, walk to the edge of the cliff and suddenly experience a strong desire to leap forward into the unknown.

Now, standing in the midst of leftover confetti, a while after the last high school student left the homecoming pep rally, Amy can feel herself inching closer to the precipice. She’s trying to understand how she got here, to the point where she feels the metaphorical wind sting her face as she places her toes on the edge, stretching her arms wide, letting the depth overwhelm her.


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