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#10 Auston Matthews

Hi could you please do an imagine where you’re Auston’s best friend and he helps you through a sleepless night and maybe you realize you like each other? Thank you!

warnings: swearies bc I have a potty mouth

Idk what this is but at least the last bit is cute

song suggestion of the day: Laid by james (cover by catfish and the bottlemen bc i cant stop listening to them atm)

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It hadn’t been a great week if you were being honest. This wasn’t your first restless night but at least tonight you could find a little comfort in snapchatting Auston. He’d had the opposite problem and had pretty much just slept for three days straight so it was nice to talk to him again.

‘You look tired.’

‘wow thanks.’ you replied.

‘maybe you should sleep its already 11.40′

you laughed at that. It was cute how he’d say little things like that. He was always looking out for you and you appreciated it.

‘Maybe you should. Weren’t you trying to get back to a normal sleep pattern?’

‘don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon’ he replied. ‘but seriously, you look exhausted.’

‘fine I’ll go to bed if it’ll make you shut up about it.’ you replied, knowing that he was not going to let it go anytime soon if you didn’t.

After tossing and turning for what felt like hours, you were scrolling through instagram looking for something to do when Auston messaged you.

‘thought you went to sleep’

‘you stalker.’ you replied with a small smile. ‘can’t sleep’

he sent you a sad face. ‘why not?’

‘idk. Just can’t’

‘im coming over.’

You rolled your eyes at that. ‘no you aren’t. Go to sleep Auston.’

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It Was My Mistake

Pairing - Jungkook x Reader

Genre - Angst

Word Count - 2668

Part 1/1

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I smiled as I read the message that my husband Jungkook had sent me.

He had been so busy since his comeback that we hadn’t had time to see each other. It had been weeks since I spent time with him.

I was extremely happy that his group was becoming more and more successful, but at the same time I  missed him so much.

We lived together with our daughter, Hanna but he’d come home just to sleep at night and then leave really early in the morning.

Tonight though, he had the night off. We would finally get to spend some quality time together. Our daughter was spending the night at my mom’s for the night so everything was perfect.

I finished getting dressed and took the dinner out of the oven to let it cool off. Jungkook should be home anytime now.

About thirty minutes passed the time he was supposed to be home, I took out my phone and starting scrolling through my social media account.

I scrolled down until I stopped at a video a fan had uploaded of the boys at their fan meeting.

It was a video of Jungkook playing with some girls hair and the two of them smiling and laughing.

I then saw another video of Jungkook in an interview saying that he had “gotten better at flirting”.

Once I saw one video, I couldnt stop looking at others of Jungkook flirting with fans. It was really upsetting to me.

About two hours later Jungkook finally arrived home. I was sitting on the couch with my arms folding across my chest. I glanced over at the cold food that I wasn’t going to bother reheating.

“Jagi, I’m so sorry I’m late. Our fan meeting ran later than we expected. I bought you some flowers though.” Jungkook said handing me a bouquet of roses.

“What don’t you go give that to your fans?” I said as I arose from the couch and walked out of the room.

Jungkook followed me into the room standing up as I sat down on our bed.

“Are you upset with me because I’m late?” He asked.

“No, I’m upset with you because you have a wife but you continue to flirt with your fans.” I said.

“Baby, you know that’s just fan service.” Jungkook said sitting down next to me.

“Fan service or not that’s not okay. Jungkook everyone knows that we are married, your'e humiliating me!”

“You are being a bit overdramatic. Is it that time of the month?” Jungkook said squeezing my cheek.

“Stop joking it’s not funny and I am not on my period.” I said swatting away his hand.

“Do you know what its like to wait up for you with our daughter every single night when you are out flirting?” I asked.

“Y/n, I’m just doing my job. You never have had a problem with it before.” He said.

“You are taking the flirting too far. I get being nice to your fans but you have a wife Jungkook. Do I ever matter to you?”

“Baby, of course you and Hanna mean so much to me. But so do my fans.”

“Wow, I scoffed. You are ridiculous. You know what I dont even want to spend the night together anymore.”

“Are you serious? I rushed home for this Y/n.” Jungkook said.

I ingnored him slipping on some shoes and grabbing my purse.

“Where are you going?” He questioned.


“Jagi, come on don’t be like this I really wanted to spend time with you tonight.” Jungkook said grabbing my hand.

“Why don’t you spend time with your fans.” I said pulling away and walking out of the door. I heard Jungkook say something but I left before he could follow me.

I honestly didnt have anywhere to go and I was starting to feel a bit bad for going off on my husband. But he wasnt taking me seriously. I felt like he needed to put me above his fans.

After walking for a while I ended up at a bar. I was on my second shot when someone tapped lightly on my shoulder.

“Y/n, can I sit?” The man asked.

“Jin oppa of course you can sit down.” I said smiling up at him. I was actually glad to see him here.

“What are you doing here alone? I thought you had plans with Jungkook.” He said.

“We got into an argument, I left.” I said taking another sip of my beer.

“Ugh, that really sucks.” Jin said waving to the bartender to come over.

He ordered us a few more drinks and within minutes I was started to unwind.

“You know he really doesn’t understand what it’s like to be at home all day. I love our daughter but sometimes I just want some adult companionship.” I told Jin.

“Yeah, I can only imagine. But Y/n, I know Jungkook wants to be there more with you both. Hes just so busy with our comeback right now.” Jin said.

“I know, I just feel like he doesnt put any value on our relationship. We’ve been together since we were children oppa. Maybe he’s getting sick of me and thats why he flirts so much.” I said.

“No of course not. He loves you, he talks about you all of the time.”

“Really? What does he say?” I asked slightly smiling.

“His fans ask him how he likes being newly married and he loves it. Besides all of the nagging.” Jin said chuckling.

“Nagging?!” I said the smile wiped off of my face completely.

“Oh yeah he told some of our fans not to nag their future husband like you nag him.” Jin told me.

“That asshole. He’s never complained about my nagging before.” I said taking another shot. I was started to feel lightheaded now.

“I’m pretty sure he was just trying to he funny though.” He said taking a shot as well.

“Ugh, I dont wanna talk about him anymore.”

“Okay we dont have to. What do you wanna talk about?” He asked.

“How about why you are at a bar alone?” I asked.

“I didn’t have the best day today.” He replied drinking again.

“What happened?”

“I guess nothing in particular, I just feel like our fans only care about the young memebers. For example this fan rushed through talking with me because she said she wanted most of her time with Taehyung. It happens a lot.” He said.

“I’m sorry oppa.”

“Its fine. I dont know sometimes I just wonder if im good enough to even be in Bangtan.” He said.

“Don’t say that! If it helps I’d spend my time with you if I ever came to a fan meeting.” I said smiling at him.

“Your just saying that to make me feel better.” He said.

“No, I’m sure. I think you are the most attractive, caring member. And besides who could deny you with pink hair.”

“Thanks Y/n that means a lot.” He said.“

“Jungkook had know clue what he’s missing out on right now.”

“Haha now your just saying that because you are really drunk.” I said.

“I am really drunk and so are you. But that doesnt change the fact that you are extremely sexy to me.” He told me scooting over closer to me.

“Thank you.” I said biting my lip and looking down.

I dont know if it was the liquor or the fact that I was extremely upset with Jungkook, but I was turned on by Jin calling me sexy.

Jungkook hadn’t called me that recently, and it felt good knowing someone thought about me in that way.

Before I could process what was going on Jin was leaning down kissing my lips.

He left me gasping for air when he finally disconnected his lips from mine.

“Lets head back to my apartment, shall we?” He said.

The next morning I woke up with an excruciating headache. I had no clue where I was until I rolled over to see a seemingly naked Jin laying next to me passed out.

“Oh my god.” I said grabbing the sheets off of Jin to cover up my naked body.

“Oppa, wake up!”I yelled hitting Jin repeatedly.

“What is it?” He mumbled, before finally opening his eyes.

“What did we do?” I asked burying my self in the sheets. I was trying to wrap my head around what had happened. The last thing I remember was making out with Jin in front of his apartment door.  

“Oh no.” Jin said falling off of the bed once he realized what had happened.

“Jungkook is going to kill us.” I said rubbing my throbbing head.

Jungkook’s POV

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Jungkook was feeling bad about what had happened with Y/n last night. He had stayed up all night looking at the videos of him flirting with the fans and thinking about how he had hurt y/n.

He saw a video were he warned his fans against getting married, because they would only have to deal with nagging.

He felt horrible for saying that. He knew it was a lie and he didn’t mean it, Y/n never nagged him.

He had only said it to be funny because his fans complained that he was too quiet and didn’t talk enough during the fan meetings.

He had been going out of his way to please his fans and totally throwing his wife under the bus.

Jungkook decided he would do whatever he needed to do to make it up to y/n.

The next morning he did laundry, cleaned the house and even made breakfast. Y/n didn’t come home last night but she probably would be home soon.

Moments later he heard someone unlocking the front door. He knew it had to be y/n.

“Jagi, I’m so glad you are home.” He said as she entered the house.


“Are you okay? Where did you go last night?” He asked.

“I um, spent the night at my mothers.” She said as she stumbled to the bedroom.

“Are you alright? I really want to apologize to you about what Ive been doing.”

“I’m actually not feeling well. I’m just going to take a shower and then get some rest okay?” She said.

“Yes baby get some rest.” Jungkook said. She was wearing the same dress that she had on the previous night and she didn’t look well at all.

He decided to go pick up there daughter from Y/n’s moms house while she slept.

“Hi daddy’s baby girl.” Jungkook said hugging Hanna.

“Hi daddy, I missed you.” Hanna said.

As they drove home Jungkook caught up with his daughter asking her how she was doing in school and other things like that.

“Where’s mommy? I miss her.” Hanna asked.

“She’s st home resting. Didn’t you just see her this morning?”

“No. I haven’t seen mommy since yesterday when she dropped me off at grandma’s house.”

This surprised Jungkook. Y/n wasn’t the type of person to lie to him. Especially about something like that. What did she have to hide?

When Jungkook got home Hanna had fallen asleep in the car so he put her in her bed. He then went to check on Y/n.

She was still asleep, which was surprising to Jungkook. Her phone was ringing so he searched her purse for it so that the ringing wouldn’t awake her.

Once he found it he saw that she had two missed calls from Jin. Jungkook wasn’t one to snoop but he thought it may be important so he read their text messages.

As Jungkook read the messages, he started to get upset. Is this why y/n lied about where she was last night? Y/n shuffled in the bed awakening from her sleep.

“Baby, what are you doing?” She asked sitting up in the bed.

“What did you do to me?” He asked.

“Jungkook what are you talking about?”

“You told Jin you cant believe you did this to me. What exactly did you do y/n?” He asked.

Once y/n noticed he was holding her phone she immediately jumped out of bed and rushed over to Jungkook.

“Please let me explain.” She said with fear in her eyes as she held Jungkook’s hand.

“What did you do? Tell me right now.” Jungkook demanded.  

“Last night when I left I went to a bar and I get really drunk. Jin joined me and got really drunk as well. One thing lead to another and…”

“You fucked him didn’t you?”

Y/n looked down refusing to look at him.

“Did you sleep with him or not Y/n. Answer me!” Jungkook said his voice getting louder.

Y/n just nodded her head as a tear fell down her eyes.

“Im so sorry. We didn’t mean it I promise.” She said holding on to him.

“So you were quick to get mad at me for flirting but you had sex with my best friend? How could you?”

“Please understand that I was drunk. I had no clue what I was doing.” She said begging for his understanding.

“You are a hypocrite. And here I was feeling bad for flirting… you know what? Im out of here.” He said this time storming out of the apartment.

Y/n’s POV

I broke down crying. Had I really ruined my marriage over a drunken mistake?

Jungkook had left the house steaming. I had never seen him that upset before. The saddest part about this was that I was pretty sure most of his anger was just hurt he felt.

I had betrayed my husband in the worst possible way.

I took out my phone to call Jin and let him know what had happened. He said he would try to talk to Jungkook. I knew though, that once he was mad there was no calling him down.

The day went by excruciatingly slow. I texted him, called him, but he wouldn’t reply. I couldn’t blame him though. I’m sure he was in a lot of shock about what I had done.

A little after midnight he finally walked through the door. When he came through the bedroom door his expression seem softer.

“You’re still awake?” He asked taking off his jacket.

“Yes I couldn’t sleep I feel so horrible.” I told him.

“ I know you do, I talked to Jin hyung. I know you guys were both really drunk when everything happened.”

“Listen y/n, it’s going to take a little while for me to get over what you did. I know you’re upset and drunk but that doesn’t excuse the fact that it happened. I also will take some responsibility and the situation because it’s my flirting that lead you to cheat on me.”

“Please don’t blame yourself for this it’s all my fault. You are a wonderful husband and father to our child. I’m an idiot for not saying that I’m taking you for granted.” I said.

“I’m just as much to blame here. I never told you how much I appreciate all the work you do for me and Hanna. You are a great wife and a wonderful mother I love you so much and I love Hanna so much I’ll do whatever it takes to save this family.”

“ I love you.” I said as I wrap my arms my arms around Jungkook’s waist.

“I love you more. Everything is going to be just fine I promise.” He said kissing me softly on my lips.

I deepened this kiss falling onto the bed with him.

Jungkook and I have been through so much together. He loves me regardless of all of my flaws. He has taken care of me and our daughter through thick and thin and I know that regardless of what happens to us we will be together forever.

Maybe we are fated to always be with one another, I’m not sure. What I am sure of  is that we will always love one another and we will always be by each other side forever and always.

A/n - Sowwy about the corny/trashy ending

INFJ and ENFP conversation
  • ENFP: Hey I've got you something.
  • INFJ: why...?
  • ENFP: Just take it
  • INFJ: Did I do something wrong?
  • ENFP: ughhh just open it!
  • INFJ: oh it's a gift card for bookstore
  • ENFP: Yea you seemed kinda stressed so thought that might cheer you up.
  • INFJ: wow, thank you so much, I can buy this book I've been wanted to read, and that book, oh and the other book! So excited!
  • ENFP: Oh, There's like 10$

okay but kingsley shacklebolt is so important though???? he’s literally the minister of magic for years, and before that he’s a prominent and respected auror, and before THAT he was probably the coolest most intimidating kid at school (until you got to know him and realized that he’s actually super nice and caring and has the best sense of humor out of everyone in his year). he was in the order of the phoenix both times, and we know he’s friendly with sirius bc of his interaction with harry about motorcycles in the fifth book. so kingsley’s most likely no more than a decade older than the marauders, he has a good sense of humor, he’s snarky, and he demands respect. the marauders would love him. they 100% liked to try and push his buttons in the order, because goodness gracious what other fun was there to have at those grim meetings, and they loved it even more when every single time they approached him, he kept his cool and sent them roaring laughing with his casually sassy responses to their antics. we dont know anything about his family but like there’s so much to explore there??? also, relationship status???? hi i’ve just now realized how very wonderful a bisexual kingsley shacklebolt is?????? i mean come ON how surprised would men be when they learn that kingsley shacklebolt with his deep voice and intimidating stature slept with the bloke with the blond hair from DMLE last night???? and kingsley would be super casual and lowkey about it, but like you knew from the look on his face the instant you said something homophobic that he was about to sass your ass into never-ending shame. also, what about kingsley’s relationship with harry???? he would have to know about harry and his well-being at all times, especially the summer after the battle of hogwarts, because how else is he going to know when to schedule appointments with other world leaders? after all, they’re all going to demand to get a good look at this harry potter boy anyways. might as well plan ahead. and again, kingsley is probably such a caring person so of course he looks after harry? and that’s despite being, you know, a busy minister of magic and all that. because when harry’s pushing himself too far for his own good with hours at the ministry and trying to fix the world, ron and neville can only do so much. they’re hurting, too, and it’s a group effort, healing from the war, and so kingsley’s nice to harry and supportive of him in his auror studies as well as with everything he does to catch up from missing his seventh year. but he’s also just supportive of harry in general??? he’s one of the first adults to finally sit down and just share about james and lily. especially james. just little memories here and there that harry appreciates so much that it hurts. and later on, when harry’s in a better place and wizarding britain on a whole is a little more stable, they have a great relationship. harry loves goofing off and teasing kingsley and pulling stupid tiny pranks and it feels so good and looks so right to kingsley and everyone in the auror department who quickly grows to care about harry. because harry finally looks like a kid doing kid things and just laughing like a massive goofball because he just stole kingsley’s paper weight for the third time that week. and kingsley loves to joke with harry about what a pain he is, but knows to tread lightly–for the first couple of years, at least–because harry’s had so many people actually think that he’s nothing but a worthless problem. okay wow goodness gracious this got long but i have so many thoughts on harry and kingsley’s relationship and kingsley in general that i didn’t realize i cared about so much until now???? i love kingsley shacklebolt so much guys like rip he’s a blessing we need to appreciate him more please

Dahlia Is A Bad Fantroll 2015



Her hair isnt naturally red. Click here to read why her hair is dyed that way!

Her tail is fake and was given to her by her moirail. Click here to read the full thread that has almost 600 notes and includes 5 different chapters that are stuffed full of character development!

Why are her eyes bright pink? Find out more about it by clicking here!

And click here to find out why I decided to keep her mutation!

And heres my never ending cat tag for braymax cause no hard feelings yeah? Click here for cyats.

Remember when we were kids and we used to do research projects..

And they always told you to chose your sources according to their accuracy? They always made sure that the webpage you chose to take information from had a work cited page with reliable information.

Well here it is.

I would like to point out that not only is the fantrolls please stop explanation only 2 sentences long and the fantrolls please continue explanation is an entire paragraph…but if you would kindly refer to each link above you will see that while Dahlia at first glance looks like a nightmare she truly has enough information and explanations to back her up.

But I dont really need to defend myself do I? My reputation in this damn community is sparkling clean and frankly I dont give a damn rather you find her appalling or not.

In fact I made a whole tutorial on WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER GIVE A DAMN! GO AHEAD AND CLICK HERE TO SEE IT (Honestly you should read this I compare fantroll making to porn and thats truly one of my best accomplishments of all time)


I just wanna remind everyone that I’m a real person with real feelings so heres my face can you believe it. Its almost like behind every computer is a person with feelings and things to do in their life and problems and wow REAL…HU..MAN..S???? WOW

So heres what I do give a damn about. When I went to Acen (The best anime convention ever) I cosplayed Dahlia. I met up with 2 of the most friendly homestucks I have ever met. They pulled me aside and began to ask me about fantrolls. One was already in fantrolls and told me they actually had to leave the fantroll community because of how much hate they got.

That made me sick. I understand fantrolls please stop isnt hating on the individuals themselves but they are fueling the fire because once you make those characters public you instantly put a target on whoever owns that character.

The second one began to ask me on how to get into the fantroll community but after overhearing me and the veteran fantroller talk I could tell she was second guessing herself and you know what

I COULDNT EVEN FUCKING BLAME HER?? You gotta have tough skin to be in this hell hole 

But the point of this post is I just wanna stand by what I said in that tutorial I listed above, what I told that person at Acen, and what I’ve told everyone whos ever come to me with the fear of getting hate;

Fuck em.


Theres an option on the fantrolls please stop blog to remove a post but…

Im gonna keep it there.

I want it to be there because (If i do say so myself) Dahlia Sawyer is a damn good fantroll that has enough pages of information and RPs to back that up and I want to prove to the fantroll community that you can receive hate and you can be shit on for your character design and still have a damn good mother fucking fantroll.

Because making a fantroll is a lot like making porn

Some people will be into it

Others wont

But as long as you yourself like it

Then who the fuck cares.

Being in the closet like..
  • Me: The discrimination against the LGBT+ community is a huge problem that needs to be addressed. LGBT people go through so much shit and it's not fair at all!
  • Someone: Wow you're really pro gay, you must be an ally right?
  • Me: Yes, I am just an ally, i am so straight, none of these problems effect me directly at all. *laughs uncomfortably*

westerhos  asked:

Not sure if you're able to answer this...but thought I'd try! You mentioned the other day that you've received pre-screenings of the second half of that season. Any wee tidbits you can give us about what's to come? :)

hahah oh shit i saw your reply to me watching ep 7 oh man. I’ll say that eps 5, 6, 7 are all like INSANEly good. holy fuck its just so much. whats more is that the non-book elements they do add to the show this season all make sense and are continuous and are well thought out and just THIS SEASON IS REALLY GOOD YOU GUYS like fuck I thought ep 5 was good and then I watched 6 and theN SEVEN felt like it was like HOURS LONG bc so much happened i don’t understand how they managed to stretch time, fitting all those things in without it feeling rushed at all (which is my qualm about episode 2 and kind of 4) and I always had a problem with the pacing in season 1b but wow they manage to get the show right this season its just so good theyre doing it right thats all i can say 

@ people who are saying stupid shit about “About Ray”

“Um you shouldn’t cast a cis female as a trans boy js’

has it ever occurred to you that dysphoria exists. It’s the reason laverne cox’s twin brother played her pre-transition  because the creators of the show didn’t want that happening to her. You people wanna whine and complain about not having representation, but cry some utter bullshit when we finally do get representation. 

“Two cis people wrote the script so they know nothing about trans people” do you know how Hollywood works I’m just curious? “Trans people saying ___ in a ____’s body isn’t transphobic, but if cis people say it, it is” I….what? *sprays you with water* no. Think about the dumb shit you just said. “ The trailer says transphobic things like “I lost my daughter” and ect” congratulations. Actual trans people actually hear that and the movie is probably addressing the issue of people who don’t accept it. A movie addressing transphobia is actually really good.

“It’s implying that trans boys look like cis females” First of all, no. Second of all are you saying that a trans boy CAN’T look like that? It’s wrong for a trans boy to look like that? Are you the same person who tells trans boys they aren’t trans because they wear makeup or wear dresses? Wow. You seem like the problem here. 

I don’t know. There’s so much more I could address about the stupid shit I’ve seen, but whatever. Just the shit I’ve read is so ridiculous and it’s like, please sit the fuck down and think logically for a second and not like an immature fucking child.

anonymous asked:

also "wow i feel so much attraction to girls" is such a mouthful??? literally what is the problem with them saying "wow im so gay"

nothing. nothing is wrong with it. as most bi girls are, you are attracted to the same gender, and therefore experience ~gay attraction and gay feelings. you arent “less gay” than lesbians. basically lesbians experience only gay attraction and bi girls experience gay attraction AND ____(whtever other genders ur attracted to). its not like a scale of straightness and gayness.

like, also, so this is about girls saying things like “omg im so gay” about their gf or something…. like that is correct. youre not bisexual for your girlfriend… bisexuality is your label/identity however you call it, just like lesbian is. no bi girl is petitioning to say “omg im such a lesbian for my girlfriend”….why…would they invalidate themselves lol. saying “omg im so gay” is expressing your same gender attraction in a moment about something which is …. wow! allowed! bc u experience it! also, theres a difference in using it offhand and using it as a label. the term Gay can be used in both ways, which is i think where ppl have a problem. but i dont see bi girls going around ID’ing as gay like thats not what this is about…. no one is “appropriating” lesbian-only terms or w/e.

and like, on a similar note, i ID’d as bi for a short time, and i used that time to get comfortable saying things like “im so gay” because,, i actually am gay, but the term lesbian scared me and i was working through compulsory heterosexuality. so i dont even see the point in reserving the term “gay” for lesbians bc like…. its so exclusionary to questioning women.

anyways its a dumb argument i dont even know why im having this conversation bc the people on the other side of it are terfs but w/e tldr protect bi girls


would Hansol love me yet part 4 

alternatively titled: yo what is up heres my face again

i got an anon asking for a mirror selfie so i assumed this is what they wanted lmao. And princelyjeonghan (you are like the cutest munchkin ever btw ily) wanted one too so heres four! c: (lmao breaking my pattern with the 6 selfies wow) ~♡

“Hurt” A Hayes Grier Imagine (Part 2)

Part 1 

When people would reblog part 1, they would ask to make a part two but I never really got to it. But, someone requested a part 2 in my ask box and I realized that this way over due and I’m sorry! But here’s your long over due part 2 (that rhymed haha).

Warnings: Its sad. And it doesn’t really end the way you might want it to end so you might get frustrated.


Next day coming to school was awkward considering Hayes kept looking at me.

I decide to shrug it off. I like him so much, but even if I do, he’s said so many things to me that are just unforgivable.

I had lunch with Y/F/N and she would tell me Hayes would always glance at me.

The day passed by quickly… which was weird. Maybe it was due to the fact that Hayes didn’t trip me today or the popular girls didn’t shove me.

As I was about to leave, Hayes sees me and he says a quick bye to his friend and talks to me? “Hey Y/N.” He says trying his hardest not to be completely awkward.

“Oh uhm. Hi?” I say hesitantly.

“So Ive been meaning to tell you… I like you. I don’t know why I was so rude before. But i wanted to start fresh. And maybe in the future we could be something.” He says confidently. I look at him, dumbfounded.

“Rude? Rude?! Hayes. Calling someone worthless is not being rude, its being an asshole; a bully. I have a problem with my body Hayes. I hate it so much. You were just another reason to hate it more. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought ‘Wow. You are ugly. No wonder why Hayes reminds you everyday.’ I want to be confident Hayes. And whenever I feel like maybe I am, you ruin it. You crush it.” I say tears in my eyes.

He looks at me with the most guilty look I have ever seen. I could see he was genuinely disappointed in himself. “Please, don’t think that. You’re beautiful-”

I stop him. “If I was beautiful, you wouldn’t have treated me like that. Do you take a flower, step on it; destroy it, and try putting it back? I can’t look at myself without cringing, I feel like I deserve the worst. I almost took my life… Because I believed you. God, honestly… I thought maybe it wouldn’t have effected me so much if you weren’t the guy I’ve liked for three years. Maybe it wouldn’t have. Do you know how hard it is having the one you like spit out such horrendous words at you? We will never start “fresh” Hayes. At least not in this life time…” I say tears in my eyes.

“Wow. I am such an asshole… I am so sorry. I really don’t deserve you… I can’t believe I made someone feel that way about themselves. But I will try my hardest to fix everything. But just hypothetically.. do you think anything could happen between us in the future?” He says, gentling his voice on the last sentence.

You connect your lips as a tear falls.

“As of now. I don’t think so. But the future is the future and we’ll see. But please. For now and a couple months… Leave me alone. Im going to try and gain my confidence back.”

He looks at you sadly. Looking at the broken mess he made. A broken mess he never genuinely meant to make and wants to clean and fix so badly. 

Too bad. He hurt you too bad.