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Sex With Him Includes...

A collection of smutty, sexual, “13 Reasons Why” preferences of what it would be like to bang one of your favorite boys because why the hell not.

* * * * *

Clay Jensen❤️

- It probably starts innocently, like him, gently flirting as you help each other with homework at his house.
- He asks if he can kiss you.
- “Please do.”
- Every kiss you both have is deep, slow, and romantic, both your hands on his pink cheeks and his resting on your waist.
- You end up doing it on the homework you two should probably be working on.
- He tops.
- He’s the nervous type, so you take it slow.
- He’s not very loud, but you can tell he’s enjoying it by his closed eyes and slightly open mouth.
- It is no doubt that Clay is inexperienced, but that surely doesn’t mean a night alone with him all to yourself isn’t pleasurable.
- You rest one on one your hands on his neck as he slowly and gently thrusts.
- He’s a gentleman and always asks if you’re comfortable.
- “Are you ok?”
- “I am absolutely wonderful.”
- You lay by his side afterward, hand in his, as he fills the air with awkward and nervous comments and jokes.

* * * * *

Justin Foley💙

- The first kiss you both share is messy and graceless, and quickly turns into a hot and heavy make out session.
- The neck biting.. He’s like fucking Dracula.
- He’s definitely the dominant one.
- Lots of dirty talk on his part.
- He’d totally tie you up to the posts of his bed and use you. He’s the kinkiest.
- Out of all the boys, it’s Justin that’s most likely to do you against a wall in an empty closet with a house full of people.
- “Careful.” You tell him, in response to his loud, sexual grunts of pleasure. “If you’re not quiet, they’ll find us.”
- He smirks. “Let them.”
- He always smells like sex afterward, but you don’t mind. So do you.

* * * * *

Alex Standall💜

- He’s sorta awkward at first, especially when he places that soft, gentle kiss onto your lips. But it’s the cutest, sweetest kind of awkward.
- Lip biting.
- He slowly pulls your clothes off of you, making sure you’re okay with it before doing so.
- “Y/N, you are.. Just… Wow.” He says, getting a look at you. “You are stunning.”
- You run your fingers through his soft, bleached hair, gently tugging on it.
- Collarbone kisses.
- He’s tries his best not to giggle like an idiot when your fingers trailing down his pale chest tickles him.
- Trails of red scratches up his back from your nail.
- Short, breathy moans come from his vocal chords. You’re so close to him you can feel his breath on your lips.
- Lots of passionate touching.
- “I love you” Is said.
- Your fingers intertwine and lock with his.
- You take turns being dominant. He’s totally cool with letting you top. In fact, it turns him on.
- In the end, you lay next to him on his bed with your head on his shoulder as one of his strange CD’s play in the background. Deep conversations ensue as you ponder your existence and talk about if aliens truly exist. It’s casual pillow talk for you guys.

* * * * *

Jeff Atkins💛

- He places his hand on the back of your neck and pulls you closer when he kisses you.
- Strip teases.
- “Strip.”
- “Yes sir.”
- He asks you to rip his clothes off of him.
- He cracks up when you rip a hole in his shirt.
- “I didn’t mean literally.”
- Lots of compliments.
- “Damn, I’d say you were beautiful, but even that doesn’t cut it.”
- He calls you an array of different nicknames. Babe, sweetheart, hon, dear, every cute pet name in the dictionary.
- Hickies.
- He’s likes to do it rough, but not if it is too much for you.
- He lives for watching that look of pleasure spread across your face as you orgasm.
- Round 2 in the shower.

* * * * *

Zach Dempsey💚

- He’s the kind of guy that sneaks you into his room at night.
- He’s also far too tall, so he lifts you up and you wrap your legs around his waist so you can kiss him better.
- That kiss. That full, powerful kiss.
- He clears a spot on his desk and places you there as soon as he does so.
- It’s seems as if you two are always in the bedroom, but never in the bed.
- His thrusts shake the desk.
- “You like that?”
- Although he’s a gentleman, he’s got a bit of a daddy kink.
- He’s loud. It’s definitely a turn on.
- He’ll totally nibble on your ear.
- When you have both finished, he’ll take you out for some food- he’ll even let you wear his sports jacket.

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Question: does Keith ever actually agree to a cutesy nickname? Also, how quickly did Lance decide Keith needed one? I'm guessing, like, immediately, and when Keith hardcore refused to be called "babe", he just started being ridiculously gooey and gross with the nicknames because "I-actually-want-you-to-pick-one-because-I'm-sappy-and-romantic-that-way-and-also-this-embarrasses-you-which-is-now-one-of-my-top-priorities-in-life-so-honestly-it's-a-win-win" XDD

It took Lance and Keith about three weeks to settle into their status as “boyfriends.” 

After coming down from the high that was a romantic space ball, Lance found he had no clue how to be a boyfriend, and sort of floundered in awkwardness a lot, trying to hold hands but then changing his mind and doing things like pretending to pick lint off Keith’s jacket sleeve. 

Keith had moments of weird insult-compliments because he thought that maybe they shouldn’t fight anymore? So he’d start with, “Lance, you’ve gotta stop running your mouth … except, uh, it’s nice, sometimes, and I like looking at your lips saying stupid stuff?”

They got over this eventually, but Pidge and the others got so much amusement out of it that many inside jokes developed as a result. (“Hey Pidge, you know I love you ‘cause I’m constantly grooming your clothes!” “Aw, thanks, Hunk, I think you’ve got a funny face, but it’s nice to look at it!”)

There was some awkward maneuvering during meal times, too. (Do they sit together? Across from each other? “Okay, make up your minds, Lance, Keith, at this point you’re both just playing musical chairs.” “Bite me, Pidge.” “Insert obligatory innuendo about your boyfriend here.” “Wow, Keith is really red now — nice one!” “Hey, only I’m allowed to embarrass him like that!”). 

And, first kiss aside, there was a lot of: 

“Um, Keith, can I kiss you now? Is this a kissing moment?” 

“That was a pretty awesome shot you just made, so I think yes …” 

Also: “Keith, is there some kind of rule for making-out? Do we just agree together that this couch is a make-out spot?” 

“I don’t mind kissing you anywhere — I mean, anywhere on the Castle, not like, anywhere on your not yet at least, and Lance, stop freaking laughing and kiss me, you asshole.”

Not to mention they had to figure out where their boundaries were during super-important-Voltron-missions-and-meetings, as well as when they were just hanging out with the others during casual-nobody-is-trying-to-kill-us times.

Eventually, they both became at ease with certain levels of PDA, and they learn how to read each other’s wordless cues, and talk about other things that are important, like the how and when of personal space, how much time to spend in each other’s rooms, etc.

So, almost a month has gone by at this point, and Lance is comfortable and content, and just has to call his boyfriend something other than “Keith” or “Red.” But when he lets “babe” slip out, Keith immediately says, “Uh, no. Never say that to me again.” 

Lance took that as a challenge, and started tossing increasingly terrible names at him randomly and with much eyebrow waggling. Keith got annoyed, but he never took Lance aside to seriously ask him to stop, so Lance kept right on embarrassing him (and the others, secondhand), for about two weeks. 

And yes, romance was fifty percent of his enjoyment, but blushing Keith was absolutely the other fifty percent of his motivation — even if half of these blushes were less I’m-so-embarrassed, and more next-time-we-spar-I’m-going-to-kick-your-ass.

During their pirate encounter, Lance lets “querido” slip out — partially deliberate, partially a natural fall back into his native language, but as soon as he says it, Keith has a very visceral reaction, and that is it

Lance uses querido and cariño all the time. After they’ve been dating for even longer, mi amor slips in too. And maybe, further down the road, mi vida comes into play.

Point being, Lance cannot believe he’d neglected to use Spanish with Keith, especially considering that words of affection were the first he’d learned, since they’d been said to him by his parents and older siblings since he was a baby. He starts speaking Spanish not only with Hunk, but with Keith now as well, and it’s fun to whisper things into Keith’s ear, watching him turn pink, even when all he’s saying is, “Querido, next time you use my face cream without asking first, I’m going to flush your fingerless gloves down the toilet.”

And holy crap, I’m sorry! What a freaking roundabout way to answer your question. *sweats* Sometimes my brain does stuff without my permission. Damn. You’re awesome for asking stuff, and I’m sorry for being so damn long-winded! *hugs*


*Requested*  You are a Salvatore and you are dating Klaus without your brothers knowing about it. And when you finally talk to them about it you get in an argument with Damon and he says something to hurt you. So you leave and stay in Mikaelsons for the night and Damon comes apologizing.

Characters: Klaus x SalvatoreSister!Reader, Damon, 

Story Title: “Sleeping with the enemy” (Part 2 )

Warnings: implied smut (nothing bad), shirtless Klaus (I mean just look at the gif. Wow.),  uncomfortable Damon

Word Count: 800

A/N: I have no idea what happened here, but Damon and Klaus together just write things themselves. It´s always a pleasure having those two around eachother. Also, feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

Part 1

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Damon decided that he cannot leave things as they ended last night. Even Stefan urged him to make things right, even though he refused to join himself. But that was foreseeable with his history with Klaus.

Damon rings the white doorbell that blends in with the same colored exterior of the Mikaelson mansion. He contemplated on just walking in, but a house filled with temperamental original vampires might not be the best house to do that.

The door opens a few moments later with a shirtless Klaus greeting him.

“Would you look at that, the supposed fun brother here for a visit.” He smirks and opens the door “Do come in.”

Damon glances over his naked upper body as he walks by “You ever heard of a shirt?”

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Dear Journal,

This morning I woke up close to Sirius’ chest. I blinked and looked at the clock. It was 9 am. Was Teddy up? I shook Sirius’ arm to wake him up.

“Pads? It’s 9 am why haven’t we heard Teddy wake up?!” I said, starting to freak out.

“It’s 9 am?! But he should be up at this time!” Sirius said, standing up and running out the door to go check on Teddy.

When he opened our bedroom door, we both sighted with relief. Regulus was in the kitchen making cookies with a giggling Teddy in his high chair.

“Dadda! Padda!” Teddy said when he saw us.

“Wow.. are you guys okay? Looks like you just saw a ghost in there!” Regulus laughed while cracking some eggs in a bowl.

“We thought something was wrong with Teddy.. We didn’t hear him wake up..” Sirius said.

“Oh.. Well I picked him up when he woke up. We had a lot of fun, did we Teddy?” Regulus smiled, looking in Teddy’s way.

Teddy nodded and giggled. He was sitting in his high chair with both of his Padfoot and Moony stuffed animals beside him.

“Well, we’re gonna go back to bed and cuddle.. We haven’t had great sleep the past few days.. You two have fun.” Sirius said, winking at me.

He dragged me in our room and playfully pushed me on the bed.

“Well look who got themselves a babysiter!” Sirius laughed while kissing my lips.

“Mhmm..” I mumbled.

“What’s wrong love?” Sirius frowned.

“Teddy didn’t get his goodmorning kiss..” I said.

“Oh baby.. He’s with Regulus, look how happy he was.. You can give him a kiss later. Now i’m the one who wants a kiss! We barely had time to ourselves!” Sirius said.

“Are you jealous of Teddy taking most of my attention?” I laughed.

“No! I just want to be with you!” He laughed too.

“Cuddle me then.” I said, putting my arms around his bare chest.

“I’m tired.. Let’s go back to sleep..” He yawned, getting under the soft covers.

And we drifted off to sleep again only to be woken up by small hands on our cheeks a few hours later. It was Teddy. He was sitting in the fluffy sheets, looking so small as always. He was softly brushing his tiny hands on our cheeks to wake us up. Sirius hadn’t shave in a few days so Teddy was giggling at Sirius’ scrachy beard.

“Hey Teddy bear! C'mere and give dadda a hug.” I said, taking his little figure in my arms.

“Dadda.” He mumbled.

When he hugged me, i heared his little giggles in my ear. Merlin he was adorable. Sirius was still asleep so Teddy and I tickled him.

“Padda!” Teddy said, his tiny fingers tickling Sirius.

“Hmm.. is it already morning!” Sirius said, jokingly to make Teddy laugh.

And it worked. His contagious laugh brightened up the room. He always had a smile on his face.

“Where’s Regulus Ted?” Sirius asked.

Teddy’s mouth was shapped in a “o” and he put his hands on his mouth to hide the giggles.

Regulus jumped from under the bed which scared us but it made Teddy laugh.

Sirius grabbed Teddy and started tickling him. He was laughing and yelling. Suddently the phone rang and Regulus ran to get it in the kitchen.

“Who could that be?” Sirius asked.

Regulus came back with his mouth open.

“Boys.. Guess who just rushed to the hospital because his girlfriends water broke..” Regulus said.

“JAMES AND LILY?!” Sirius and I yelled at the same time.

“Baby Prongs is on his way!” Regulus laughed.

April 13th 1978

Hogwarts! Hoshi

anon requested: “Hi! can i request a Hogwarts Hoshi please? thank you so much💓💓💓” and “Heyyy! i really love your Hogwarts!Au and i was wondering if you could do a Hoshi!Hogwarts AU???? thanks in advanceeee”

  • honestly people don’t really know if he’s Hufflepuff or not 
  • like somethings yeah, and other times no…
  • like what Hufflepuff disco dances on the chairs at lunch 
  • people really only have two thoughts about him 
  • “sheesh people are trying to eat here" 
  • "lmao that Soonyoung guy is really funny" 
  • walking around the school, he’ll be really playful 
  • and seemingly not serious about anything at all 
  • but you’ve never seen him in class or working 
  • paying attention most of the time 
  • if he’s not, he’s probably goofing off with someone 
  • or trying to sneak in food and pass it around 
  • freaks out when he doesn’t have all the notes 
  • and goes beg someone wonwoo for them 
  • but seriously studies so hard for exams 
  • because he’s muggleborn 
  • and pretty open about it 
  • all about proving everyone wrong, that muggleborns can succeed too 
  • and gets really angry when some people bully others about it, or just any bullying in general actually 
  • he used to stand back, because he was scared to go up 
  • but one day in second year, he gained confidence and just exploded 
  • "you’re not even HALF the person he is" 
  • ever since then no one bullies anyone while he’s around unless you wanna face his wrath 
  • and 12 others 
  • Hufflepuff’s cheeriest beater 
  • hits the flying balls with a smile on his face 
  • still hella competitive though
  • if anyone can pull off being serious but bright it’s Kwon Soonyoung 
  • doing tricks on his broom whenever they win
  • with the announcer Seungkwan screaming in the background 
  • best subjects are Charms and Astronomy 
  • in his first year, they had to learn ‘incendio' 
  • a spell to create fire 
  • waved his wand around and said the word once and all of a sudden the desk was on fire
  • screamed his head off 
  • he was like okay Charms isn’t my thing 
  • a week later Jihoon was like 
  • ”??? it means you’re good at it, just learn how to have some control"
  • shows off to to all the new first years at dinner annually 
  • it’s basically a tradition now to have Soonyoung light the tip of his wand on fire and creating smores for everyone 
  • and consecutively getting detention 
  • in third year, he got this brilliant idea after he had got a high grade in astronomy 
  • for a while everyone was looking at him like wtf 
  • but he legit said it like 17 times a day though 
  • so they gave in 
  • somehow, it became understood you only call him Soonyoung if you were close 
  • or a teacher 
  • you’re a Gryffindor meaning you have Herbology with Hufflepuff 
  • you stand right across from him 
  • so whenever he makes a mistake and looks up in embarrassment to check if anyone saw 
  • you normally catch his eyes and offer an eye smile then put one finger over your mouth 
  • making him giggle loudly the first time 
  • "are bowtruckles funny to you Soonyoung?" 
  • Hoshi’s kinda notorious for ruining plants 
  • so you guys have these exchanges often 
  • but really the only things he’s good at is creating fire when needed, 
  • the only reason why he’s passing 
  • you guys have had this 'inside joke’ going on for about two years now, being in fourth year currently 
  • you both don’t really talk much outside of class besides the 'hey what’s up’ in the hallways 
  • but on this day he musters up the courage to walk up next to you
  • "heyyy y/n" 
  • looking away from your friend, you grin, "heyyy" 
  • glancing back at your friend, she wiggles her eye brows and leaves winking 
  • yeah you pray Hoshi didn’t catch that 
  • walking together, talking and making jokes, you eventually get to your class
  • "this is me, bye Hoshi~” you wave and walk into the classroom
  • “byee~” he calls happily before turning around and sighing 
  • not before being pulled to the side by Jun though 
  • “I see you there, make a move” Jun smirks 
  • Hoshi simply groans, ”she called me Hoshi though, i’m basically being friendzoned!!!“ 
  • "but you never told her to call you Soonyoung!!! you have to tell her!" 
  • "what if she thinks i’m weird!" 
  • it’s known between their group of friends Hoshi has a major crush on you 
  • "you can do it okay!” Jun cheers before walking into the class also 
  • and although Soonyoung didn’t show it, he was lowkey stressed for the rest of the week 
  • because how was he supposed know how you felt about him 
  • ooohhh but Jun knew but the sly fella wasn’t gonna tell Hoshi anything, gotta learn himself 
  • that doesn’t stop Jun from walking up to you in the common room one night 
  • “y/n!!!" 
  • you look up from your essay and give him a look, "what?" 
  • you unwillingly let him slide into the couch you’re sitting on 
  • "sooooo about Soonyoungie" 
  • you don’t show a reaction even though you’re freakin out on the inside 
  • "Hoshi? what about him?" 
  • "next time we go to hogsmeade, i’ll come over to you with Soonyoung and listen to me, MAKE A MOVE!!" 
  • "uhhh” you say speechless, you eyes wavering, “are you trying to break my heart?!?!" 
  • it’s obvious to you by now, Jun knows you have a crush on Hoshi 
  • well seems like he’s tryna put Hoshi im a position he doesn’t want to be in
  • "what NO never!! i’m telling, you. unleash your Gryffindor!" 
  • you roll you eyes at him, "don’t you have better things to do, i’m trying to finish this essay that’s due tomorrow" 
  • he simply smiles before leaving, and of course excessively whispers "Hogsmeade" 
  • yeah well that time came 
  • with Jun’s girlfriend dragging you to Hogsmeade and very obviously making the two of you sit in a specific four seater booth 
  • with her sitting across from you 
  • you stare at your friend, "Does Jun think he’s a master at love now that he’s got you?" 
  • you can tell you friend gets a tiny bit flustered, "ah what are you talking about?" 
  • "mhmm” you nod sarcastically, “well i’m getting a butterbeer" 
  • she shakes her head, "NO" 
  • "ooka-" 
  • "HI BABE” Jun suddenly comes over saying a little too loud, sliding into the booth next to her, “heyyy Y/N" 
  • this of course only gives Hoshi the option of sitting next to you 
  • you smile nervously, "hey Hoshi" 
  • "a-ah, hey y/n” he flashes the most adorable grin ever 
  • “sooo where’s the butterbeers at? excuse me can i get two butterbeers?”
  • he calls someone over then gives Soonyoung a smirk 
  • “can i get two butterbeers too?” Hoshi calls also 
  • 'okay??? like am I just supposed to assume he’s buying one for me?? or maybe he’s just thristy??’ you think 
  • “I-” you start 
  • “I got you don’t worry,” he says with a smile, cutting you off 
  • you laugh sheepishly, “ah you don’t have to, i’ll pay" 
  • he shakes his head, the corners of his mouth twitching up 
  • at this time the butterbeer arrives
  • Hoshi reaches in his pocket and quickly hands them to the waitress who’s already walking away  
  • "i can pay you back” you blurt looking into his eyes 
  • “it’s no big deal, here drink” he hands you the drink 
  • his eyes are the cutest when he smiles 
  • “well okay we’re gonna go do couple stuff so i hope you guys do too” Jun leaves you and Hoshi with that statement, taking his girlfriend and your friend with him 
  • you whip you head back at Hoshi who’s already looking at you 
  • it seems like the both of you just decide to ignore jun’s words 
  • with blush tinted faces 
  • “soo Hoshi-" 
  • "just call me Soonyoung” if possible the redness in his ears is more noticeable 
  • “a-ah okay, wow I’m getting cut off a lot today” you joke 
  • “my bad” he chuckles
  • the both of you sit there making jokes as you finish the butterbeer 
  • he stays sitting next to you and doesnt move across from you 
  • it might have looked uncomfortable to others but you were okay with it 
  • completely okay 
  • “let’s go look around!” he suggests excitedly 
  • when you both were walking down the streets, his elbow grazed yours 
  • you wanted to hold his hand so badly 
  • well he wanted to hold you so so much too 
  • you guys end up looking at candy 
  • “i love the chocolate frogs” you say looking at a box 
  • “i’m trying to collect the cards” he laughs as if he’s embarrassed 
  • “well if i get anyone important i’ll give it too you” you nudge his arm smiling 
  • making his heart jump 
  • soon it’s time to go back so the two of you ride the carriage together 
  • and as it’s time to part ways, you don’t want to leave 
  • not without something happening, what, you don’t know 
  • “i had a great time,” you say softly, wrapping your arms around him 
  • burying your head into his shoulders as you feel his arms wrap around you 
  • “let’s hang out again, anywhere, the hogsmeade trip is too far” he says by your ear 
  • “i’ll find you soon, soonyoung,” you depart with a smile on your face, winking
  • “i hope you do,” he laughs, showing off his brightest grin
  • you don’t turn around at the sound one of Soonyoung’s friends 
  • but you raise a hand to your mouth to muffle your giggle when hearing Soonyoung’s pleads to stop the teasing

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BTS reaction to someone attractive at a fansign

A/N: I’m sorry this is so short I wasn’t really sure how to expand on this.

Yoongi/Suga: He’s not really the type to get flustered like if you were really flustered he’d smile and compliment you maybe, Min Yoongi is a really cool guy, you’re probably the one getting flustered if I’m completely honest. He also remembers fans really well so you can sure as hell bet that not only is he gonna remember you he’s also gonna remember your name. 

Seokjin/Jin: Also going to be pretty normal about it. Might flirt a little like he’d maybe tell a cheesy joke or something to try to get you to laugh. He’d definitely tell you that you were pretty. From his point of view he’s got nothing to lose, he knows that you already like them. Would maybe ask you who your bias was. 

Hoseok/J-Hope: Sunshine is gonna talk to you a lot more than normal like he’s always really fun but he’s gonna try to be just a little more fun so you’ll remember him out of the group. Would also ask you who your bias was, secretly hoping that it was him. 

Namjoon/Rap Mon: He king of being cool but at the same time I feel like he’d be really flustered? Like okay maybe not REALLY flustered but man is going to stammer a bit maybe as he’s talking to you because wow look at those visuals??? Would honestly want to ask you a lot but wouldn’t be able to think straight enough to actually get it out? Am I making him too nervous? I feel like he would be though? Nams seems like the type to wonder if pretty people are out of his league and that’s why he might be so nervous. 

Jimin: Also gonna be a bit flustered but in a cuter giggly way. Like he’s laughing way too much why is he laughing so much? Why am I making Jimin a nervous giggler I don’t know he laughs a lot I can see him being a nervous giggler. The type to like fantasize about conversations with you long after the fanmeet. Would barely have any conversation with you during the fanmeet because he’s not sure what to ask you other than the basic questions that he asks everyone. Is gonna really hope that you come back to another fanmeet tbh. 

Taehyung/V: He gon flirt. Like Taehyung isn’t that shy like he’s very straightforward in my opinion so he seems the type to unabashedly tell you that you’re really pretty. Again he has nothing to lose, he KNOWS that you like him or at least his group so he’s not gonna hold back. If he’s your bias then he’s probably gonna full on flirt with you like he’s wishing he could get your number or something but he’s not sure if you’d keep his number a secret, good looks doesn’t mean good person but dang those good looks. 

Jungkook: He’s gonna stare. Like he’s really gonna stare. You guys have all seen those fancams like he’s the type to just admire the pretty ones even if they aren’t in front of him. He just gets that dazed look in his eyes like wow you’re beautiful oh my god and he’s not really gonna do anything because he realizes that he’s an idol and you’re a fan and he’s gotta be professional but he’s just going to make the most of the time that he does have and he’s gonna stare. 

Dating Sungwoon includes

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genre: n/a
member: ha sungwoon
word count: 638
requested: no
side notes: n/a

- debates on who can reach the top shelf easier
- Lots of flirting and cheesy pick up lines on his behalf
- stupid things like catching you when you fall
- then saying “ oh look you fell for me again ”
- in which you reply “ you should’ve just let me fall instead of this torture.”
- but deep down you can still feel the butterflies
- will never get used to his cheesiness no matter how long you’ve been dating
- likes to joke around a lot mainly because he’s the mood maker
- tries to cheer you up even if you’re only slightly upset over something.
- supports you on all your decisions
- and will try to help you with them along the way.
- neck massages when you’re stressed
- long talks on random things like your day
- while you lay your head on his lap as he plays with your hair
- you visit the dorm a lot mainly to hang out out with the other boys
- since you’re chill and all with each other and you’ve known some of them since you were both in diapers
- game nights with all of Wanna One
- you and sungwoon are always a team
- because of course who else would you pair up with, duh
- some nights end up with sungwoon being too attentive to a video game with jaehwan
- you end up going to the store with jinyoung, jihoon, Seungwoo and Daniel
- Sungwoon got highkey jealous
- “ Did you fall for their height already (y/n) ”
- “ Or is it the visuals?” 😤
- “ love me instead I’m better, there’s more love packed in this small body ”
- lots of laughs
- and since he’s one of the older boys in the group there wouldn’t be many fights/ bickers about useless things
- will hint at you to wear his hoodies by
- “ accidentally ” leaving his whole bag of hoodies at your house
- you’re in love because they smell like him
- you wear them when you hang out with the boys a lot
- results in lot of teasing from the boys
- but you could care less
- treats you like a princess
- attempts to bake you cupcakes when your birthday is coming up
- messes up and burns everything
- you have to clean up with him in the end.
- but let’s be honest any time spent with him is a present for you already
- you really adore him maybe even more than he adores you
- but he assures you that’s not possible
- never a lack of communication
- nor affection
- you both communicate really well so there’s rarely misunderstandings
- both get every point you want to across
- lots of cuddling on the couch
- spooning, y'all lots of it
- snuggling into his chest on the couch
- at home movie dates when you want casual
- or fancy as hell when he feels like it
- walks at the park will do as well
- you go to the amusement park so much you swear you can recognize employees by now
- why are you both so cute jsjsjsj
- hypes you up no matter what you do
- everyone rolls their eyes at him but have to admit you look pretty good
- competitive board games
- punishment for losing is more like a prize when he gives you a peck on the cheek
- “ I’d happily let you win then.”
- grabs your hand when he needs assurance or just because he wants to hold it
- drawing circles with your thumb on his hand is a hobby now
- such cuties I’m yelling wow
- cheesy but he means it
- a sunshine
- is it sunny today or is it just Sungwoon
- lots of back hugs when you’re cooking breakfast
- everything he does is purely adorable okay
- I wish I was y'all wow
- love him and keep him a sunshine okay

Jisung | Minhyun |  Seongwoo | Jaehwan | Daniel | Jihoon | Woojin | Jinyoung | Daehwi | Guanlin

Episode 8x01

Okay so I just watched the new episode, and wow I actually really enjoyed it!!!!

- I’m so happy that Steve mentioned to Tani how Chin didn’t want to be a cop again either, but now he’s leading his own task force. It’s amazing, honestly. And Kono doing her thing, shutting down a sex trafficking network??? At least the show gave them a very good reason to leave the team. I’m so proud of them. Kono and Chin, we all miss you.

- Danny being so passionate about the restaurant warms my heart, I absolutely love seeing him like that!!!! Also, the “You want m- me???” YES STEVE of course he does, you idiot <333

- You know what? I actually think I’m going to like Tani a lot, she’s badass and I think her story is going to be very interesting!!

- Danny looked so worried when Steve said he was going back outside!!! Also,  the way he talked about Steve with Tani?? “That’s the thing about Steve, he has this ability to show up in your life right when you need him.” I wanted to cry because wow, I’ve honestly missed them so much. Just in case you guys didn’t know it yet: I love both of them with my whole heart.

- Okay, Steve, I love you but we need to have a talk. The least you can do when someone (ESPECIALLY WHEN IT’S DANNY) tells you to “do them a favor and stay alive” is answering them!!!!!!! Tell them it’s going to be okay!!!! Give them a hug!!!!! Don’t just walk away!!!!

- I really need more of Danny/Lou friendship in my life!!!! Absolutely loved their moments in this episode.

-”I believe in you, I believe in us, and that’s all that matters.” Steve are you kidding me?? You actually want me to cry, don’t you????

- So yeah, in the end this was actually a very good episode!!! But I still miss Kono and Chin a lot, obviously. <3

my impressions of the btob members after seeing them irl for the first time
  • eunkwang: he is really so cute irl and exudes warmth... his smile is so wide and genuine and he 100% has an undeniable positive vibe to him. he is extremely bright and just seeing him made me happy.
  • minhyuk: he has a very small face and looks just like he does in photos. his stage presence while performing is no joke and he was literally bursting with confidence up there. he was so sweet to us too.
  • changsub: i didn’t see him that close up since he wasn’t at the press conference but when he came towards my area he looked really soft and kind? like being with or near him you would be safe. he is also very funny without needing to try.
  • hyunsik: okay, wow. i can’t say if this is just my bias speaking here but hyunsik seriously took my breath away. he is absolutely stunning irl and his skin literally glows. cameras can’t even begin to capture how he looks irl. he is just beautiful and every time he looked my way i completely froze.
  • peniel: he has a small head and really broad shoulders. his smile is very cute and friendly and he talked to us a lot. he also seemed so comfortable (and confident during ‘that girl’!!!) which made me happy.
  • ilhoon: omg he is literally tiny irl... i mean most of btob are small anyway but he is noticeably small even with them. his sharp features really stand out and his eyes and smile in particular are beautiful. he quite often talked to us in english too.
  • sungjae: he looks exactly like he does in photos tbh he is very handsome and he really does have large hands. he also looked broader from working out and he made so much effort to speak to us even when he couldn’t figure out the words he wanted to say.
  • conclusion: every single member seemed genuinely warm and wonderful in person. the concert venue was not full by any means, yet they still said that more people had come than expected. they made numerous efforts to communicate with us through different languages although they had a translator, and as performers their stages were practically flawless. any time that they didn’t sound like their official tracks, it was because they sounded even better. they were everything that i thought they would be and more.
Random Dialogue Prompts #4

“I hope you like my owl.”
“By day I’m just another loser…but by night I’m even more of a loser.”
“On go, we’re going to kill these two people, ready?”
“She is not the best choice in any scenario.”
“Just do me a favor and follow these spiders.”
“‘Squirrels’ is not an excuse!“
“Wow, Hogwarts is a lot bloodier than I thought it would be.”
“I’m a good-… I’m an okay person, I don’t need this in my life.”
“I’m thinking of starting a kickstarter to put him down, wanna donate?”
“I don’t think that’s a good ide- wow look at him go.”
“Have you been looking at that all day?”
“Well, you’re a bore.”
“I like things that go boom.”
"You make me sick. I love it.”

“Family” Part Two

Words: 1,581

Norman Reedus x Daughter Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Link to part one

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“You have got to be kidding me.” Anna showed up at my doorstep. It had been a few days since my encounter with my dad. I haven’t seen him since, he had to fly to San Diego for Comic Con, but he’d be back next week.

“Anna? What are you doing here? We don’t usually meet until seven.” I say, looking at the clock. It was barely six in the morning- the sun wasn’t even up yet.

“I told you to watch The Walking Dead, not have coffee with Norman fucking Reedus!” Her eyes are wide.

“How do you know about that?” I questioned her, letting her come inside. She obviously wasn’t leaving.

“Have you been online lately?”

“No, I’ve been busy trying to finish my homework. AP Calculus is kicking my ass. But that doesn’t answer my question.”

“Search up Norman on Google. Look at the recent media posts about him.” She looks at me weirdly. I pull out my phone, typing in his name. I gasp at the results- there were pictures of the two of us drinking coffee together, being swamped by fans, and getting into the taxi together. The headlines were worse. ‘Norman’s new woman?’ ‘Hot young girl getting coffee with Norman Reedus- See the pics!’ ‘Norman is dating a mystery girl!’

“Oh my god.” I want to scream.

“I just want to know how the fuck you managed to score him! I’ve been trying to get his attention through Twitter forever.” She seemed frustrated.

“Ew, listen, I did not ‘score him.’ We’re not, like, together.” I try to say calmly.

“I don’t understand.”

“Look, if I tell you something, you can’t tell a soul.” I tell her.


“He’s my dad.”

“No way.” She shakes her head. “You’re lying.”

“I’m not. I just found out.”

“Wow.” She seems like she can’t figure out what to say. “Okay.”

“It’s a lot to process, I know. Trust me.” I grab some water from the kitchen.

“I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to tell people.”

“People are going to treat me differently. I don’t want people to want to be my friend just because I have a famous dad.” I admit.

“Oh, hun.” Anna laughs. “People are going to treat you differently regardless. They think you two are, like, dating.”


I underestimated his fame.

People stopped me on the streets while I walked to school, asking me questions about my “relationship” with my father. I ignored them and just kept walking, but people still looked at me funny. The whole day throughout school, everyone looked at me weird. Some girls looked jealous, other disgusted. Most of the guys just smiled at me.

“So, dating a big shot, huh?” One of my soccer teammates came up to me in the locker room after practice. “I’m jealous. He’s like a sex god.”

I looked at her in disgust before slamming my locker door, walking away.

“Hey, Y/N, I’m sorry, that wasn’t supposed to make you mad.” She followed me.

“We’re not dating. Not even close. So please leave me alone.” I say with attitude, opening the door and walking outside. “And feel free to tell everyone else that. I’m tired of being stared at.”

I get in bed as soon as I get home, exhausted. All I want to do is talk to my mom, but she’s nowhere to be seen. I grab my phone, going through my twitter feed. It’s filled with people talking about me. Shocker. I don’t even read them. They’re probably just more bullshit rumors.

I was about to shut it off when a new post pops up- a video from the San Diego Comic Con. I click on it, seeing that it was the Walking Dead’s con. It starts off with the announcer talking to my dad, who is not paying attention to him at all. My dad was too busy messing around with the guy who’s name tag says “Andrew Lincoln.” I frown, realizing that this was the guy who I’ve been telling Anna is hot for ages, and he’s seemingly my dad’s friend. Crush gone.

“Norman, we’ve got a question from a fan.” The announcer says, and my dad starts paying attention.

“Hi, Norman! We’ve been all wondering- who was that girl you were with a few days ago?” This blonde lately asks.

“She’s my daughter.”

The crowd goes crazy. I guess they didn’t know I existed.

“You have another kid besides Mingus? What’s her name?” A fan yells from the crowd.

“I don’t know if she’s comfortable with me telling the world that.”

Then the screen cuts black, and the video is over. Half of me is glad he told everyone, so people will stop looking at me like I’m some huge seventeen year old slut dating an older guy. But another half of me is upset. My life is about to change dramatically. Suddenly, I’m not just Y/N anymore. People are going to look at me and just see Norman’s daughter.

I pull out my phone and call my dad.

“What’s going on?” He answered. There was talking in the background, like he was out with friends or something.

“I can call you later if you’re busy.”

“Give me a minute.” He says to someone in the background, and then the noise stops. “Sorry, all the cast members and I are together in the hotel room. Celebrating for the last night of being here.”

“Don’t apologize. I just needed to talk to someone. My mom’s not here, and I’m just super stressed out. People are stopping me on the streets and taking pictures of me. Everyone at my school are treating me weird. I don’t know what to do.” I sigh.

“Hey, look, I go through this all the time. So did Mingus. It’ll die down eventually.”

“Mingus?” I question.

“Yeah, I uh, I have another kid.”

“You’re a busy man.” I joke.

“Shut up.” He laughs. “You know, I fly back into New York tomorrow morning. Why don’t you come stay with me for a few days? I don’t have much to do, but I got a cat and a bunch of South Park recorded on TV if you’re into that thing.”

“I have school.”

“I live in a different borough, not a different state. You can still get to school. Hell, it’s only for a few days, you could skip school if you wanted and we could actually hang out. I don’t have long until I have to fly back to Atlanta to film.” He drove a hard bargain.

“Fine.” I finally say. “Can you just pick me up after school tomorrow? I don’t want to have to walk all the way home just to have to leave again.”

“I’ll be there. See you tomorrow, Y/N.”

“See ya.”


The next day was worse. People literally stopped me on the streets to take a picture with me, which was the weirdest thing. They all knew my name, so I guess someone spilled information to the tabloids.

School was about the same. People stared at me all day, but at least not in disgust this time. A few people tried asking me if they could meet my dad but I just ignored them. Finally the bell rang, indicating that school was over. Thank god.

“You coming to practice?” Anna asked me as we took our stuff out of the lockers.

“Nah.” I shut my locker door. “Got shit to do.”

“Coach is going to be mad.”

“No offense, but I don’t really give a flying fuck what coach thinks. I go to every single practice. I have never missed one, and I participate in every single game. Now, if you’d excuse me, I still have shit to do.”

Yeah, she is a little annoying sometimes, but I didn’t mean to be that rude to her. “I’m sorry. I just have a lot going on.”

“It’s fine. Go. I’ll tell her you got sick.” She smiles weakly at me.

I hug her before I go outside. I see a car sitting in front of the school with dark tinted windows. The window to the backseat rolls down, and my dad smiles at me.

“You ready?” He asks. The people outside gasp, but thankfully don’t freak out. I nod and get inside the car.

“Upper East Side, please.” He tells the driver.

“A driver, huh?” I raise my eyebrows at him once I get settled in the car.

“I’m not a pretentious douchebag, if that’s what you’re hinting at.” He laughs.

“Jesus, I feel like I’m in Gossip Girl. Serena, where at you?” I joke.

“What?” He asks.


We get to his apartment building a while later. It’s nice-definitely the Upper East Side. The driver let both of us out, and we walked up to his apartment.

“This is where you live?” I gaped. It was huge, at least for New York standards. It was also really messy, but the nice furniture and the cute cat meeting us at the door made up for it.

“Yeah, sorry it looks like a tornado blew through here. I’ve been sleeping all day and didn’t clean.” He admits.

“I don’t mind. You saw where I lived.”

“Want some food? There’s leftover Chinese in the fridge from lunch.”


I reheat the food, and then take a seat on his couch while I turn on the TV.

Maybe being his daughter isn’t so bad after all. 

boey + asking out his crush

ask: anon: “OMG YAY. Boey working up the courage to confess to his s/o??”

a/n: i dub the rest of this week fe week in honor of echoes coming out!!

  • the poor boy is terrified of rejection, so asking out his s/o is like… a month long affair.
  • he tries to drop hints so they might pick up so he doesn’t have to flat out say it. though, the hints are super vague, so he’d definitely have to end up spelling it out for his crush.
       + let’s be real he’d probably start insulting them and call it flirting.
  • gets really blushy around them and mae will tease him for it relentlessly. though, she will give him advice on how to confess to them because “she’s not a big jerk” 
       + “wow, if i knew you were scared of girls too, i would’ve helped you a lot earlier.”
         “i am NOT scared of girls, mae!!!” 
  • when he does confess finally, he’d try to follow her steps, by complimenting them and telling them everything he likes about them, but will forget everything and basically grab their shoulders, and yell “i LIKE you, okay?”
       + crush just… bursts into laughter and he turns even more pink because they look so cute when they laugh. of course, they say yes.
When You Cuddle (EXO)

“I was wondering if you could make a how they cuddle you one (like the got7 one) for exo? I love your stories they’re so well written!!!”

(gif credits to the original owners)

He would be definitely be super romantic. You’d be leaning into his side, resting your head on his shoulder as he holds you close to him. He would often peck your cheek or your nose just to remind you that he’s paying attention to you. It’ll be pretty vanilla and will only ever take it further if you were to instigate because I see him as the perfect gentleman.

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(wow okay y’all sleeping on leader of the year)

It’d be the cutest. You’d definitely be resting your head on his shoulder and lots of cute giggles. He’ll probably even rest his head on your shoulders a few times and blush like crazy whenever you look at him. He’s a shy boy but he’s also so clingy so he’ll pine for attention then be all bashful. Just nuzzle into his shoulder and he’ll just fall apart bc ur cute and he cannot handle.

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 (the cutest pixie)

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Figment//Isaac Lahey - Part 2

Characters: Isaac Lahey, Stiles Stilinski, Ghost!Reader.

He’s in the kitchen, making breakfast when you show up at the counter. He glances up at you, “Jesus Christ.” He jumps. ​

“Sorry. I probably should’ve said something.” ​

“That would’ve been nice..“ He looks over at you. “So, tell me something.“​

“Anything.” You nod. ​

“When did you die?” ​

“Oh wow, um….about a year ago.” ​

“Jesus, I thought you were like a hundred years old. Also, am I offending you by saying Jesus? Am I going to get struck down or something?“​

“Nope. I’m seventeen..I guess. I was sixteen when I died. Um, no. I mean, I won’t strike you down. Someone else might.“​

“Oh.” He nods sarcastically, “Nice to know.”

“Do you want to know why I’m here?” You sit at the counter.

“Yeah. That’d be nice.”

“You have issues.”

“Wow, thank you.” He cocks an eyebrow.

“I mean, you do…but I mean, issues I’m here to help you fix. Mend your mind, in a sense.” You try to correct yourself.

“Mend my mind?”

“Isaac, don’t ask me.” You shrug.

“You know my name?” He looks shocked.

“I’m sitting on a barstool in your kitchen while you make yourself an omelette. Yes, I know your name.”

“I think you’d like my friend Stiles. He’s actually not my friend. More of an annoyance.”

“Oh yeah, I like Stiles.”

“You know Stiles?”

“I know all your friends. Now, back to the reason I’m here..I’m basically your guidance counselor. I won’t say guardian angel because that’s a whole different level of a ghost. Guidance counselor is a good metaphor.”

“Guardian angels? I’m really losing my mind.”

“Just…give me a chance. I’ll disappear and night so you can sleep and I’ll be here when you wake.”

“Okay. That’s fair.”

“Is Derek here?” You look around and Isaac shakes his head.

“No, he left not long after you did last night. I haven’t seen him since.”

“Okay, that gives us more time to talk.”

“What’s your name?” He asks.

“Y/N.” You state.

“Pretty.” He nods.

"Thanks.” You smile up at him and he returns it.

“Can you like…touch things? Is that weird to ask?”

“No, I can’t…I could, some ghosts can..I’m new so I can’t.”

“So like..” He walks over and puts a finger on your arm. It goes through you, as if nothing’s there.

You look down at his arm inside of you. “Thanks for that.”

He quickly retracts his arm, “Sorry…you just..look real. You don’t look like a look human.”

You shrug, “I was human. This isn’t a movie, Isaac. Ghosts don’t a have a white sheet over their head.”

"Yeah. Sorry.” He shakes his head and sits beside you. “So..what do we even do?”

“I’ll follow you around, y'know..make snide remarks only you can hear.” You joke and he laughs.

“Why me? Why do I get you?” He looks at you.

“We’re suited for each other. That’s why.”

Isaac nods.

"What else do you want to know?” You ask him and he shakes his head.

“Nothing…I think that’s it for now.” He shakes his head.

“Okay. What are your plans for today?”

“I have a pack meeting at…” He glance at the clock. “Wow. I’m late. I have a pack meeting in ten minutes.”

“Lets go then.” You stand up.

“You’re coming?” He raises an eyebrow as he puts his plate in the sink.

“I told you I was. I’m your Velcro now.”

Isaac puts his jacket on. “Okay.”

Derek had given Isaac a car while he lived with him. He was in and out a lot and he’d told Isaac it was only fair that he wasn’t stuck. Isaac didn’t tell you this, you’d watched the interaction.

You get in the car and he looks over at you, confused. “Can’t you just like…pop up there?”

“Yes. But I’d rather ride with you.” You shrug. He opens his mouth to speak and you cut him off, “I know that look on your face. Don’t say it. Don’t make me pop out of this car. One dirty joke and I’m gone.”

He puts his hands up in defense, “Okay okay. I won’t say it.”

He drives you to Scott’s. You’d seen him come her a couple of times. You’d never followed him inside. The whole drive consisted of the two of you laughing and joking.

“You’re late.” Stiles glares at Isaac.

“I’m five minutes late…” He rolls his eyes.

“Late is late.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did my dad dying and me having to move into Derek’s inconvenience you? I can find real estate in the neighborhood if you’d like.” Isaac retorts and you giggle.

“How many times are you going to play that card, huh?” Stiles crosses his arms.

“Until I’m tired of it.” Isaac sits on the couch and you sit beside him.

He gives you a look before whispering, “What if someone sits on you?”

You laugh, the cute expression on his face making the question even funnier. “No one will sit here. Just trust me.”

He shrugs and turns to Scott. “So, what’s going on?”

Scott explains everything, plans for future attacks. You listen closely, not that any of it applies to you. You can sense Isaac’s mind filling with information. You watch his expressions as he soaks everything in. You watch as he learns. This was all you’d wanted for the past five months.

All you had hoped for was one interaction with this human boy, and now you’re going to protect him.

Keith is tired and done and very much ready for a hot shower and sleep. Then, his eye catches on the Earth calendar in the corner of his room. They installed them after they forgot people’s birthdays one too many times in the year they’ve been in space.

But that’s not the most important thing right now. Right now, it’s Valentine’s day and Keith has completely forgotten about it.

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anonymous asked:

Okay this a super specific ask but I love your high school headcanons so for madara hashirama and tobirama, how do you think they would text a s/o? What are their texting habits? Emojis, no emojis? Read receipts and what not?

oh shit this is cute


•Too many emojis. His favorites are 😌 😃 ❤️ and 🌝 . He always sends the moon one to Tobirama and Tobirama gets pissed off because it looks like such a smug emoji 

•And you already know he has a million emojis next to his s/o’s name 

•Will double text with no hesitation whatsoever. He doesn’t care. He just wants to talk to his s/o. He’s so cute

•Good morning and good night texts are to be expected. Even if his s/o doesn’t answer him right away. And he remembers important events too so they should expect texts like “good luck on your test today!!!” or “let me know how the interview goes” like FUCK what a considerate boy

•Meme lord. Sends tooooo many memes. Has a meme for everything. Even if it’s not common memes, he has memes that are mostly inside jokes with his s/o and he knows exactly what to send them to get them cracking up. It’s just fun texting Hashirama. Text him if you’re having a bad day, he’ll cheer you up

•If we’re talking high school, Hashirama texts in class. Like constantly (if he can get away with it) He knows better than to text during an important lecture though

•Sends his s/o a lot of selfies, specifically if they ask “What are you doing?”. Hashirama figures a visual is much more fun than explaining it through boring text (he definitely prefers calls to text messages btw)

•Hashirama has his read receipts on, hence why he’s bound to answer asap. He doesn’t want his s/o to think he’s ignoring them. Now if his s/o has read receipts on, Hashirama gets anxious. Especially before the relationship where he’s just crushing on them a little. If he sees they read his message and they don’t answer him, he’s kinda like…. oh. ok. He’s pretty good about staying rational and not jumping to conclusions, so he won’t automatically get paranoid about “omg they don’t want to talk to me omg omg”. It’s just that he really likes talking to them so he gets a little bummed out when they leave him on read


•Absolutely awful at texting. He’s just not the the texting type. Before he and his s/o start dating, he’ll probably be more of an avid texter, simply because he’s keeping up with them and they’re in that shaky phase where he’s trying to make an effort because he really likes them. So he wants to talk to them as often as possible and wants them to know that he cares

•He’ll be so anxious waiting for their texts though lmao. He’ll be lying in bed at night just waiting for his crush to text something, and once he gets the text he’s like FUCK finally. But then he doesn’t reply for an hour because he doesn’t know that the hell to say. What a dork

•But once they’re actually a couple, he goes back to being a shitty texter. Poor s/o

•He has read receipts on. Will read a text and not answer. Even if it’s his s/o. But if his s/o does the same to him, he gets all pissed. But he refuses to double text unless it’s something really important. So he just sits there all pissed off waiting for them to answer him

•He’d prefer calls over text, though he’s not likely to answer calls either. He’s pretty much the type who just doesn’t have his phone on him. It’s not so much that he’s ignoring you, he’ll just forget (also his phone is probably on silent all the time. Let’s just say he’s in this groupchat with Hashirama and he can’t handle all the notifications because Hashirama texts SO MUCH)

•Doesn’t use emojis. Doesn’t even use :) or :( his texts are so bland

•He’ll text his s/o “text me when you get home” just to know when they’re safe. But that’s the most they’ll get out of him. They could say “I’m home” and he’ll reply “okay” but if they try to continue the conversation after that, it’s not worth. He’s already put his phone down and won’t pick it up again for a few hours. For someone who wants to keep tabs on literally everything and everyone, he’s awful at keeping up with his phone


•He’ll definitely hit his s/o with that read and no reply. It’s not always on purpose, he just forgets to reply if something else distracts him. And when he finally texts them back, there’s no “Sorry, I was busy”. He just continues the conversation. Which is a little frustrating? 

•He’ll also be the type not to reply to his s/o for a few hours, then text them something random and start a completely different conversation. You could say that most of the texting will be on Madara’s terms. And he’s sort of a mysterious texter? He’ll have you thinking he’s not going to reply, but then he does. It would make his s/o a little anxious, but they’d just have to understand Madara just doesn’t keep up with texting 

•Also don’t even think about pulling that “Oh, Madara’s going to take ten minutes to reply to me? I’ll take twenty to reply to him” shit. Because he will know. And it will annoy him. He will 100% leave his s/o on read for a full day if they try that with him

•But yeah he does get a little pissy if his s/o leaves him on read. At first he’s just like okay… whatever. But an hour passes and he’s looking at his phone like… I know you didn’t just read and not reply to my text. Honestly, he’ll tell them that. He’ll send them “I know you read that. Answer me, right now.” So demanding even over text, wow Madara

•He’s more of a late night texter. During the day, he’s doing other things. But he’ll reply more often to his s/o at night. Lots of long conversations with Madara will be at like 2 am. It’s like he never sleeps? Yet he’ll scold his s/o for being up so late and tell them “Go to bed right now. It’s past your bedtime”

•Also, Madara’s really just the type who would rather spend time with his s/o than text them throughout the day? So that’s another reason he won’t text too often. His s/o will probably be with him during his free time anyway, so there’s no need to text them that often

•Always uses proper grammar. No text talk. It’s a little odd, but it fits Madara

Idol on a Plane

Walking down the plane you were looking for your seat number. 

Looking at your plane ticket and then back up at the seat numbers you finally saw your seat. There was already someone else sat in the seat next to yours, his head was hanging because he was playing with his phone; he had dark brown hair that was messily spiked up, he was wearing black glasses and a white tank top. 

You weren’t sure of how to get past him to get to your seat, you awkwardly walked up to your seat and shyly let out a “Excuse me”. Hearing your voice he looked up and said “Oh! Sorry!” and quickly got out of his seat to let you pass.

It was Xiumin from EXO, not sure how but you managed to keep your squeals in when you saw his face, oh my god, it’s xiumin okay, _____, breathe, he’s human, he’s like you except a lot of people know him and he’s rich and famous, no big deal you thought as you tried to control your breathing while going to your seat. “Thank you” you smiled at him, you pressed your lips together and looked away when he sat down. His movement made his cologne drift towards you and wow did he smell nice. 

Keep calm, it’s okay. You don’t want to scare him, just act normal 

“I see I finally have a flight partner, I thought I would be sat on my own” he said to you, oh my god he’s talking to me. 

Slightly laughing you introduced yourself, “I’m _____, nice to meet you”. “I’m Minseok but most people call my Xiumin" 

Stifling your giddy giggles you let out a "I know”. Looking at you with a small smile and curious eyes, Minseok said “So you’re a fan?”. Do you say yes? Or just say you’re aware of his status? 

“Well I guess, yeah, I mean I like your songs and stuff yeah but not like…a mad fan just…umm…” letting out a frustrated sigh you covered your face with your hands, you had tried not to seem weird but it went wrong.

Hearing him laugh beside you relieved you of the worry, “It’s okay as long as you won’t take pictures of me sleeping” he joked and adding a little push on your shoulder. Smiling to yourself you thought of how sweet he was. 

The next few minutes consisted of you and Minseok just talking about simple things like what it was like to be an idol, your favourite foods, what you’d do for fun. Your conversation had been going so well neither of you realised when the plane was about to take off, the air hostess had to come over and ask the two of you to do up the seatbelts. The sounds of the other exo members snickering at the two of you could be heard.

Without realising it the plane had taken off.

Normally you’d feel sick whenever the plane took off but this time you didn’t because of Minseok. 

“What are you going to do during the flight?” Minseok asked you with his head thrown back against the seat, his adam apple bobbed up and down as he talked, you couldn’t stop looking at him. “Ummm…I’m not sure, what are you going to do?” there was nothing to be awkward about even though he was an idol and you were just a fan who just met. Turning his head to look at you he looked you in the eyes but you quickly looked away, “I don’t know” he replied. He hummed in thought.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

It’d been about an hour since the plane had taken off, seeing as the flight was at night you were rather tired and everyone around you was either sleeping or quietly listening to music; even Minseok was drifting off to sleep. The atmosphere itself was sleepy, it was affecting you; your eyelids were heavy with sleep and they quickly shut, within a few minutes you were asleep, dreaming. 

Minseok was just about to fall alseep when he felt something on his shoulder, reacting quickly he turned and was met by the sight of you sleeping, your head had fallen on his shoulder in your deep slumber. Being cautious of waking you up he shifted in his seat to lower his shoulder, letting your head lean on his shoulder in a comfortable way. 

He closed his eyes and laid his head against the seat, the movement of the plane had his head rocking from side to side, lulling him to sleep. His head rocked to the left and softly bumped into yours, unconsciously he moved his head to place his cheek on top of your head. Breathing in the scent of your shampoo made him smile sleepily. 

Surely enough, Minseok had fallen asleep to the movement of the plane, you were both dreaming soundly. 

That night you had fallen asleep with your head against Kim Minseok and he liked it.