wow i just have too many feelings about her


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What if Rick and Carol both apologize to each other? That seems kind of fair to me... Carol never really did say she was sorry for what she did. And Rick could apologize for not giving Carol a chance/banishing her.

In another development shocking to no one, I turned out to have a few more feelings about this than I originally realized. Word explosion of sorts under the cut. The usual disclaimers apply. Thanks for flying I Use The Word Queen For A Reason All Day Every Day Airlines, and have an awesome day!

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Ok, so the first 6 photos are all of Carmilla and Laura right before they start dancing. Look at their hands.They’re still holding hands yes, but it’s just one palm over the other. It’s only after Carmilla whirls around Laura that Carmilla interlaces their fingers because before they weren’tit wasn’t just I want to maintain contact it was you let me dance with you, let’s see what else and THEN Carmilla strokes her thumb over Laura’s. Laura start taking notes this is how you attempt a successful seduction oh my God I have a paper due STOP GIVING ME FEELS I need to write about other things than fictional lesbians BUT I CAN’T


I was going to make a post with a picture saying “wow sight check Laura” BUT THERE’S TOO MANY SCENES THIS EPISODE

Arrow Recap: 4x01

Now that I’ve had a full 24 hours to process, I may to actually able to formulate the words and feelings from the episode. As I rewatch it.

I love the way they start off each season with Oliver running.

Only this time, he’s running into a suburb. He’s running towards something, towards someone. 

And I will never get over the fact that she feeds Oliver. And his little bounce, hip thrust thing. It kills me.

They’re so comfortable, so content.

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Oh wow, been chatting to @stevecookfiction about FFXI and my old character Neela.

Fuck, I really miss her tonight for some reason.

We’ve been having mad chats about how I could delete my ‘main’ FFXIV character who I no longer play - mainly because my OCD makes me associate bad events with playing them - and remake Neela. Delete all the awful memories and feelings. Make it so they never happened.

I mean… Neela has bad memories attached to her too… But so many good ones. Like really amazing ones.

I just… I just want a character I don’t have any bad feelings toward. One I can reshape and rebuild into any world or setting. Like, a brand ambassador of 'Brand Chippy’.

I’m proper rambling now folks and for that I’m very sorry.

But, do any of you get that? The sudden need to change everything up again? Because you thought you had found what you were looking for… But really hadn’t.

Or when the bad associations get to much. Like a song you can’t listen to anymore. Or a place you can no longer go to.

I wonder if my first FFXIV character is that now; a place I don’t want to go back too….